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Obsession For My Little Brother


PJ Franklin

Note To Nifty Readers: Even though this story appears in the nifty gay/authoritarian section, it contains sibling incest as well as instances of corporal punishment.

It was getting worse by the month and then the week and finally on a near-daily basis. My self-shame was stacking up like poorly played Tetris blocks and the only saving grace was my ability to keep a very low profile within my family of four. Mom cared a lot about my little brother and me, but Dad was the real power and parental disciplinarian for his sons.

As long as our school grades were up to standards, Dad's trigger to lowering the boom for other less than pristine behaviors was not high. If you screwed up in school, however, trouble was especially close behind!

Fortunately, I was a straight A student. Theoretically, I could get away with a lot even where Dad was concerned; but I was not at all sure I could get away with my secret obsession and vice, should either Mom or Dad find out.

Be all that as it may, I could no longer get home from school fast enough to hide out in my room and do my thing. I had tried to stop my habit, I really did, but I could not and now it was too late. I was addicted.

It was always the same. I would put my books and binders on my study desk and then sit on my bedside a short while trying to break the cycle. I would try and think about something else; but when you try so hard to not think about a thing, it only makes you think about it all the more. Finally, you give into it and it starts.

Once again, I gave into it. I started as usual by staring at my closed bedroom door, my heart pounding away at a furious clip, my imaginings picturing what should happen if somebody walked in on me in the middle of my sexual gymnastics, but just not anyone. It had to Aaron, my little brother, to catch me, not my Dad. Sick, isn't it?

No matter, now I had to stand up and push my trousers down to about mid-thigh, still wearing my briefs, socks and shoes. By now my dick was hard as nails in my white briefs, both straining and leaking into the front of the fabric.

I would see the wet spot and my shame would deepen and intensify; but shame never stops anything. Somehow shame makes it better, more worthwhile and intense. Shame would force me to continue my fantasy to want, even need to be punished for what I was doing to myself and for the risks I was taking.

I would look at the door once more and something somewhere even deeper down wanted the door to open, wanted Aaron to catch me at it and him punish me. Not Dad, but Aaron. Aaron should be the one to confront me and punish me like all bad, naughty and perverse big brothers like me needed (wanted) to be punished.

I could feel my lips move and purse and I would chew my lower lip and then lower myself down to my back on the carpet. I would lay on my back in the middle of the room perpendicular to the doorway so that if he entered, he would clearly see me debasing myself and take action right then and there.

Then I would pull my legs up and push my trousers down below my knees and curling my back and pelvis up into a tight ball, splay my thighs and knees as far apart as I could putting a good solid stretch on my briefs so that my erection and balls lewdly tented my shorts. It would be then that I would imagine Aaron walking in on me and quickly take control.

Next, I would form an open and ready claw with the fingers of my hand and put that hand about one inch from my balls and imagine Aaron kneeling there beside me and it was his hand now and he would look at me and scowl and shake his head side to side. He would say (and I hissed quietly to myself as I did it),

"Look at you, just look at you! … You're seventeen and my big brother for God's sake Donny! You're behaving like some kind of immature self-abusive pervert!"

Then I would attack, my clawed fist would grab my nuts hard and squeeze and pull and yank my nuts until the pain and pressure started, then let go. Then I would reapply it again, only harder and pull and yank and with each yank, my cock would get closer and closer to the edge of ejaculation, but never over the edge, not just yet.

Then I would slip my briefs down to my knees, bunching them up with my trousers and then close my thighs up tightly together and then force my hard cock with my nuts out through and back between my thighs putting my tender genital flesh on a nice hard stretch. I would then re-grab my nuts at the base of my dick from the other side with one fist and finger my boy hole with my other hand,

"Take it Donny! … Take it up the ass! … Take your punishment! … " I would hiss Aaron's voice to myself and then while my fist ravaged my nutsack, I would finger-fuck my rectum and very soon, my cock would explode in spasm after spasm of cum, drenching the back of my legs, the excess dripping to the carpet below.

But I had many ways to do this, sometimes on all fours, doggie style, but that was harder to do. I would sometimes remove all of my clothes and do this all naked from the get go and imagine Aaron finding me totally naked like that. The risk of embarrassment was massive!

Yea, that's right, a seventeen year old boy like me imagining such perverse things about his fifteen year old little brother, Aaron. It was always Aaron punishing me, torturing me, making me do things, making me take his punishments, making me do things with him. That's what happens when your little brother is this hot jock boy, a boy admired by his peers for his prowess on the high school wrestling mats.

Just a freshman is Aaron, but already he's the talk of the gym, the talk of not only other freshman jocks, but the older jock boys as well and he's my little brother and I am obsessed with him and the shame of it is both awful and irresistible.

As always, after my torrid sexual ritual was complete, I would clean things up and I might take a short nap before I would end up in the kitchen and inevitably mom or dad would come home and pass through, smiling,

"How was school, honey?" or "How was school, son?"

"Just fine Mom!" or "Just fine Dad" I would reply and then they would disappear.

Aaron would finally come home, alone or with one of his jock friends. If there was a friend, I would be cool and behave myself and not look, but if it was just Aaron, it was hard not to look, to stare at his hot jock body. I had not been endowed with his body, his muscle development. Even at two years older than Aaron, I was already modestly smaller in size all the way around and that would get more pronounced over time.

"Hey," he would say and go to the refrigerator and his ass would face me and I would stare at it, his beautiful bubble butt.

He would catch me staring and my eyes would divert, but I knew he had caught me looking. At first I knew he didn't know what I was doing, but over time his looks back at me were getting longer and more penetrating.

Was he figuring me out? Did he know about me already? Did he know that his older brother of seventeen was having dirty and nasty thoughts about him? Could he read my mind?

Then he would retrieve whatever caught his eye and appetite from the refrigerator and turn and eat it right in front of me. He would now stare at me like I was some kind of curiosity. I could feel his eyes just boring into me.

I would either say something or just leave the kitchen at that point believing that if he stared long enough he would read all my shameful and naughty thoughts about him and call me on all of them.

The worst days and times were the weekends when I was left alone with Aaron, Mom and Dad gone out for the night or even for the whole weekend. I was supposed to be in charge, I was older. I was the A student, Aaron got C and B grades. Mom and Dad thought I was more mature than Aaron, that was a laugh.

I never said a thing to him on those weekends. Aaron could have friends over no matter if he was supposed to or not. What could I say, how could I enforce my authority? What authority could I possibly yield over my little brother, me thinking of him as I did?

It had been tolerable weeks and months ago. If he and I were left alone for the weekend, I could make due and just jack off in the shower alone, I didn't need to do it on the floor of my bedroom at those times.

Sometimes I would lock the bathroom door knowing he was merely feet away on the other side of the door and assume my position on the bathroom floor, fist my own scrotum, finger-fuck my hole and make my dick shoot cum, all the while imagining it was Aaron fucking me up my ass.

I liked that, knowing he was close by. But as time advanced I wanted to take more risks. I wanted him to be in his room next door to mine or just down the hall in our recreation room and me doing my perversities behind my bedroom door.

Finally, it no longer felt avoidable, his discovery of my naughty habits was or seemed inevitable; but on that one night that it all came to a head, to a peak, it did not happen like I thought it would. We were sitting on opposite ends of the couch in the front room watching a DVD movie together.

I was totally distracted, horny as hell. We would be alone till Sunday night and it was only Friday night. For whatever reason, Aaron did not have a friend or two over which was really unusual.

I needed relief, I wanted relief. Couldn't I just stand and casually walk down to my room while he watched the movie? I tried to and by golly I did get up from the couch, but what happened next I could never have predicted.

I stood and started to walk towards the hallway entrance on the way to my bedroom and then Aaron's voice assaulted me from behind,

"Hey Donny, going to beat-off are you?"

I stopped in my tracks and instantly felt a cold chill. I turned and faced him,


"Beat-off. You know, jack- off, masturbate, have a good wank?" he sarcastically clarified.

"None of your business Aaron," I said, desperately trying to play the role of authority.

"It's not? Really? … Hmmm, that's a surprise since you undress me with your stares all the time."

"What?" I replied trying to not to sound too defensive.

"Look, I'm no prude Donny. Just ask me politely and I'll gladly let you suck my dick or whatever gets your rocks off, I'm not stupid, man."

I instantly blushed! Had I been that transparent? What about me made him assume that was what I wanted to have happen?

"Aaron, you're so full of crap," I said, trying to sound dispassionate.

He grinned in a way that was mildly threatening,

"Oh right, I'm full of crap and you're my big brother, beating off as he is thinking about his own little brother."

"Aaron, that's enough! You don't know what you're talking about!" I persisted, but felt my bravado slipping away.

Then he stopped the DVD movie player and stood up from the couch and faced me,

"Oh yea? Care to prove it?"

"Prove it? Are you nuts?" and I turned and started to walk away from him, more fearful than thrilled that he was calling my bluff!

I kept on walking away from him down the hall and went into my room, but didn't close the door trying to conjure up new words and logic to throw him off the scent. He followed however and just stood in the doorway and stared at me. I grew increasingly uncomfortable and sat on my bed and faced him, my chest pounding with increasing anxiety.

"Look Donny, it's no shame really. Why not let's cut the crap here. Mom and Dad are gone, I haven't got any friends over. You want to get it on? … hmmm?"

"Aaron, just go and keep yourself busy and leave me alone, OK?" I said in my last gasp efforts rebuff Aaron's challenge.

"Naw, this is good. Come on Donny, come on older brother. I know you're aching for it. You know it, I know it."

"What? You're talking crazy man, just go and watch a movie or something!" I replied.

He just looked at me a moment and then walked into my room and closed the door,

"Donny look. You know I could say something to Dad or Mom or I could have a friend over or two and tell them that you'd probably get off on sucking their dicks too."

I looked down, red faced, wishing I'd never done anything to gather his suspicions, my fun fantasy about him melting into a very uncomfortable reality. I was still trying to divine what it would take to get me out of this, but I was coming up empty. Even Aaron could see that now,

"OK bro, look. If you're honest with me, it will always be a secret between us, brother to brother'; but you gotta fess up man, you gotta let me in, OK?"

"Aaron! Get out now! Leave!" I said more assertively, but he just got this patronizing look,

"And miss all the fun? No way! Donny, you know you want to, you've known a long time. I've known a long time."

I said nothing, but inside myself, now I was terrified. He knew, he really did know about me! I'd never said a thing, not really, just maybe got caught staring at him some? Maybe my body language had given me away?

"Have I ever said anything to anyone?" he continued.

"I don't know, have you?!!" and that was my first mistake and revelation. I just blurted it out and pretty much gave myself away to him. He looked at me, his face not really changing expressions while I felt myself sink helplessly into a deeper pit of despair.

"No man, I have not and I could have. I shouldn't tell you this Donny, but my friends talk about you. They do and I deny everything they say. Do you want to know what they say?"

Oh god, this was getting worse by the second,

"OK, what do they say Aaron? Huh?" I said as sarcastically as I could dare under the circumstances.

"They say, hey Aaron how often does your big brother suck you off ? Or, have you fucked him up his ass yet? Does he eat you out?"

I shuddered and could not look at Aaron now. Was I that transparent, even to Aaron's peeps? How could that be? Maybe he was just making it all up, manipulating me, giving me a bad time about what he thought he knew about me? How could I know for sure?

"I say, no way man. He's my big brother, he's not into that. He would never think such things about me, his little brother. That's what I have to say Donny. So whether you like it or not, I'm already taking the heat for you, denying to them what we both know is the truth."

The truth? Yes, the truth. I looked down, hands covering my face, unimagined shame increasing by the second. This was all too real. This was the inevitable confrontation that had been building for weeks, months and yes, years.

"So what if it is true, then what?" I offered uncovering my face, but not looking at him, my stomach in knots and somewhere up near my throat.

"That's easy big brother, I'm not stupid. I'm sworn to secrecy, but I take over, take the pressure off you, but you'll do as I tell you to do. I'm the boss."

The boss? Isn't that what I had imagined? Wasn't that Aaron's personality, dominant and mine submissive? It felt all too natural and now inevitable.

"That's nuts Aaron," I said in a last ditch honest effort to deflect my little brother's building authority and power play over me.

"Maybe it is, but it's the truth Donny," and then he turned, opened the door and walked out.

I just sat there, numb feeling. I figured I was toast. I had no idea if Aaron was being kind or malevolent or considerate or had set me up and if he was, what could I do about it now? Nothing, I could do nothing.

I finally stood up, feeling reconciled to my fate. I figured if I could somehow please him in the ways he wanted to be pleased, maybe I could buy some peace for myself, but at what price?

Isn't this what I had yearned for all along? Could reality possibly approach my fantasies about him? Could I trust him? Would he blackmail me? I had no idea about any of this, because to tell you the truth, I didn't know him as well as I might have.

Even being in the same family, we grew up apart and into different social worlds, especially at our school. My world was of academics, introversion and mousy physical appearances. His was of athletics, charm, personality and a world of open popularity. I could not compete with that.

I walked out to the front room. There he sat on the couch looking calm and in control, the exact opposite of me. He had turned the DVD movie player back on. I looked at him. He paused the movie and looked at me a little impatiently,

"What!" he said with significant irritation with the interruption.

I felt as if he were my Dad or another older male authority figure at that moment, man, I felt like I was two foot tall and seven years younger. The problem was, now I was getting turned on as well.

He was getting to me. I was rapidly losing the battle and giving in, not by inches or yards now, but by miles and more.

"OK," I said.

"OK what, Donny?" he said impatiently.

"I'll … I'll do what you say, what you tell me to do, just please, don't tell Mom and Dad or anyone anything, ever."

He finally shut down the DVD player and stood with his hands solidly on his hips,

"Don't worry. I'm good for it. Now go to your room, I'll be there in a minute."

I nodded and all the way down the hall my cock got harder and harder. I felt like the caught boy I had always envisioned. I was afraid as well and it felt sensible to be afraid.

I had no idea what I had just agreed too. I went to my room and left the door open and sat on my bed, my stomach churning up a storm.

When he finally appeared in the doorway my dick and stomach took another lurch. Aaron was standing holding our Dad's old spanking paddle, a device that had the ability to turn any boy of any age into a blubbering mess. It was smaller than say a school coach's paddle or a fraternity paddle.

It had holes in it, but it was smaller, more like a big hairbrush. At any rate, Dad had used it on me last several years before and it had forced me to cry my eyes out. He had used it on Aaron as well, and Aaron had bawled his eyes out too!

In any case, it was now in Aaron's hand. There was something else too; he was holding a jock strap. The jock strap came flying my way. I caught it and looked at it. It was brand new.

"From now on, your lessons will include you in your jock and nothing more," he instructed,

"And this paddle will become your friend too Donny, this is what I will use to discipline you for my pleasure and punish you for disobedience."

I just looked at him. How could this all be? What had he known about me and for how long? How was it that he seemed so interested in dominating and punishing me, his older brother?

Aaron now came into the room and shut the door. He put the paddle between his knees and stripped off his shirt and pulled off his sweats. He was wearing a pair of his cool high school wrestling team gym shorts. I had to admit, he filled them out magnificently.

"There, is that better? You like me like this don't you Donny?"

What could I do now, lie? "Um, yea, I suppose," I half talked, half choked on my words.

"You suppose?!" he replied with the beginnings of a disapproving scowl.

"OK, yes, you look great," I said with a horrid chagrin and fiery blush, but I was not lying. God, he looked so hot and sexy!

He nodded, "Punishment paddlings will be given on your bare butt in the position I tell you, but for starters you will be taken across my lap and paddled until you are crying and I see that you are truly sorry. Pleasure paddlings or spankings will be also be administered when and how I see fit. You will have to show your appreciation by doing what I say, are we clear?"

His instructions were so detailed, clear and well thought out as if he had been thinking about this sort of thing for months or years before. I was amazed, confounded and dumbfounded, but I nodded,


"Excuse me? That would be 'yes sir' or 'no sir' or even 'yes Aaron' or 'no Aaron.' No more casual shit."

"Yes Sir," I said quietly but felt a huge submissive shudder under my little brother's control.

"Hmmm, your dick is rock hard isn't it?"

"Yes Sir," I mumbled to his statement of fact, it certainly was.

"Good, I figured it should be by now. OK, now listen up. You're going to have to show me what gets you off. I need to know everything so you better not lie to me. I'll know if you are and you don't want to test me Donny. This paddle will put you in tears pretty fast, I think you know that."

"Yes Sir," I said more directly and truly did respect the paddle that he was holding.

"That's a lot better Donny and I never ever want you to forget that you are seventeen and a straight A student and here you are, needing your younger brother's counseling, discipline, punishments and attentions, am I right?"

"Yes Aaron," I said and my head dipped low as the humiliation continued to sink deeply inside.

"Hey hey, it's not all that bad Donny. Look on the bright side. No more sneaking about after school and that reminds me, your days of solitary masturbation are over, done, OK?"

"Yes sir," I said and found myself beginning to be totally drawn into trusting him and maybe even enjoying it.

"What will happen if I catch you beating off on your own?" he asked in a testing way.

"I'll be punished, Sir, with the paddle on my bare until I cry."

"That's right. OK now where were we? Oh yea, OK. Out with it, all of it!"

I began to relax and let my fantasies come to the front of my mind as when I used to do this alone. Now Aaron was right there with me on the verge of making it all a reality. So, I just started in. I decided to tell him the worst of it or what I considered to be the worst.

I told him how I squeezed on my nuts and fingered my hole and in what positions. He just listened without expression. I told him indeed that being spanked or punished was a close second and thirdly about being forced to do sexual things with him.

At the end, I felt both relieved and totally humiliated as if I'd opened Pandora's Box with no knowledge of how this would all turn out.

I must have looked really low and vulnerable to Aaron. He responded in a shockingly supportive tone,

"Hey Donny, big brother, there's no shame. You'd be surprised, you're not alone you know."

I looked at him. Was he lying to me? What other guy ever had my perverse thoughts? Nonetheless, It made me feel better for him to say what he did.

"Um, thanks Aaron. That's quite generous of you to try and make me feel good about it."

Maybe there was a glimmer of hope that this would turn out OK after all. Maybe I should be feel grateful and relieved that I wasn't hiding from him anymore and that he understood.

"Yea well, you'll show your thanks by your behavior Donny. Now get up, strip naked and put on the jock. I want to see how it looks on you."

I stood and disrobed in front of Aaron. He was staring at me as was his right. I felt like a piece of meat or was kind of modeling for him. His stare had an objectifying feel to it, but even so, my dick got harder as he did.

When I got completely naked he made me stop and went over and sat on the bed and pulled me to between his knees. Without talking, his hands started to check me out. His left firmly pinched my boy nips then slid down to my pubes. I had a nice boy bush.

He announced, "Hmmm, I think your pubes will have to go."

"Huh? I mean what, Sir?" I asked both alarmed and totally turned on by the thought of it.

"I'm going to shave your pubes off Donny. In fact, we'll shave you good front and back including your ass."

I blushed, my dick responded, but I was very concerned about this news,

"But Aaron! What about P.E. at school? I still have junior P.E. classes, the guys will see."

"So what. Just tell them to fuck off and mind their own business. Tell them you got crabs from porking some girl and had to shave for hygiene," Aaron chuckled and seemed unconcerned.

Then my little brother's hands went to my dick and balls in front and my butt and butthole in back. I had to admit I liked his pawing about.

"You been sticking anything up your asshole besides your finger?" he asked sort of clinically.

"No Sir," I replied and really paid attention now.

"Good, good. That means you're still a cherry virgin. My big brother has never got laid by boy or girl. Well, you can forget about a girl being your first time, that's for sure," and my mind was having to absorb the fact that little brother Aaron intended to use me, his own big brother, for a sex toy!

Then his hand started to knead my butt cheeks,

"Nice ass Donny, you'll hold up OK for spankings and paddlings," then he slapped my bare butt hard twice, one on each side.

His hand was much stronger and painful than I could have anticipated. I winced a little, he noticed.

"Stings doesn't it and if I needed or wanted too Donny, I could spank you to tears. So don't fuck with me!"

"No Sir!" I said quite convinced and despite my mental ambivalence, my dick was raging hard by now. When or how had Aaron learned that he liked such things, to be so sexually dominant over another male?

"Yea, the more I think about it, let's get rid of your pubes and your pit hair Donny. You'll look much more appealing to my friends if you look younger, but are still older."

I shuddered hard and my eyes widened. His friends? He was going to display me and make me do things in front of or with his jock friends? He noticed my reactions,

"Don't be so surprised Donny. I'm thinking you could provide a few of my buddies with some fun, but I haven't decided yet, we'll see."

My increased worry over the possibility of public humiliation was interrupted by two more stinging slaps across each cheek. I winced again, but the sting had this way of penetrating through to my dick and balls and even sink down into my butthole and up inside.

I had to admit to myself that I liked it, a lot! I craned my neck around and saw four nice red handprints on my own ass.

"Like that Donny, huh?"

I sighed and decided I had better tell Aaron the truth.

"Yea, I do," but apparently not with enough enthusiasm. He gave me one more very hard spank, it really stung!

"Come on man! Give it up! It's OK now, remember? Just tell me honestly. Do you like seeing your own seventeen year old ass red from your little brother's spanking attention?"

Oh god! It was amazing how easily he had figured me out ? I blushed big time, almost as red as the handprints now,

"Yes Aaron. I really like the idea of being spanked by you, across your lap," I sighed.

He condescendingly grinned,

"There, was that so hard? And don't worry, your secret is safe with me big bro!"

His hand just rubbed up and down on my back above my ass. Somehow or other I actually did feel reassured.

"Look Donny, believe it or not, I know this is not as easy for you as it seems. You've behaved very well so far and it's a lot to take in, so tell you what; after we take you to the bathroom and shave you, I am going to let you cum and get off anyway that you want me to do it with you. Remember, no solitary wanking, OK?"

I nodded to him my understanding and we went to the bathroom together. I felt like a little eight or nine year old "Johnny" being taken to go to the potty by his Mommy.

I just stood upright in the bathroom as Aaron lathered me up then using the safety razor carefully started to remove my pubes. My dick started to twitch madly. Aaron noticed,

"Don't worry Donny, you might actually shoot off a wad while I'm doing this, you won't be punished for it if you do, that is, unless you want to be punished," and he just left it at that, not looking up and speaking in rather mundane and matter-of-fact tones.

He was pushing all my buttons now. I could just picture me getting a spanking, bare hand to bare ass over my little brother's hot jock knees in the bathroom just because I spontaneously ejaculated during my shaving. The humiliation sunk in and redoubled itself,

"Um, maybe yes … um, Sir," I finally said carefully. He looked up at me as if I had interrupted him a little,

"Excuse me little boy?" Aaron asked using a diminutive tone of voice. I knew he would make me be more specific, so I clarified without hesitation,

"That is … um … I think I should be spanked if I cum without permission, even spontaneously. Maybe even punishment paddled," I said hoping to please him by my suggestions, but also getting a huge spike of lust between my legs for saying it aloud.

His eyes gave me that look that parents sometimes give their kids when they go a little too far in their requests or comments, but not far enough for chastisement,

"Well, we'll see. If you are in good behavior, I'm sure we can arrange a nice brisk and fun spanking. I don't want to suppress your cock's natural sensitivity Donny, I really want you to be able to spontaneously cum. That's not a sin and I don't want you to purposely link a punishment paddling to that. However, I can tell that you have a huge curiosity about punishment paddling, don't you?"

I had to admit, I felt outwardly terrified of the paddle, but deep down inside I wanted my little brother to paddle the daylights out of me,

"Um, I know it sounds stupid, but … " and he cut me off,

"Donny! Never use that word in association with what you feel or want, just state it plainly. Don't pass judgment on that shit, OK?"

When had Aaron at fifteen become like some old and wise parent or mentor?

"Um, OK, sorry, Sir. What I meant to say is yes, I am curious about what a punishment paddling is like."

"That's lots better. Well kiddo, I'll have to think about it, but at least you're being honest and I like that a lot, OK? Now turn around and grab your ankles, it's time to shave your butthole."

The idea of being shaved by my little brother had never occurred to me before now, but Aaron's new demand took a hold on my libido as if it was a primary turn-on.

"Sir? Wouldn't it be better, that is, I'd like it better if I could just lay across your knees for shaving my bottom, it just sounds better to me I guess."

Aaron looked at me and nodded, "Very good Donny, I like your attitude and your willingness to make good suggestions, OK then, over you go buddy!"

I went to lay over Aaron's lap and as I did, I pushed my dick and balls backwards through my thighs and lay myself over. But as soon as I did, I knew that I was in great danger of spontaneously ejaculating from that position.

Maybe I should have said something, but I choose not to. Aaron went to work silently and slowly over my ass cheeks with the sharp razor blade then headed to my butthole. I was OK with the former, but when he started to trace that steel around my hole I just could no longer help it.

It was the position and my nakedness and the shaving and how we were talking together, just all of it. At least I warned him,

"Oh god, Aaron! I'm gonna shoot!"

Aaron quickly put the shaving tool down, but I couldn't stop myself. I lurched a bit and shot a huge wad and made a mess all over my thighs and some on his leg and the floor. Aaron just held me steady, said nothing and let me finish.

"Wow Donny, that was quite an experience huh? But tell me, did you do anything on purpose that you could have prevented to cause that to happen?"

I had instant guilt. I knew I really had and there was no point in trying to hide it,

"Um, yes sir. I knew that if I pushed back my nuts and cock back like I did, that I would probably shoot off. I did it on purpose and didn't say anything on purpose, Sir."

There was a slight moment of uncomfortable silence,

"Hmmm. Well firstly Donny, again, you have a great attitude and that goes a long way, but you did fuck up. Next time, if you want to do something like that just ask for permission. Never hide that again. I may not let you, but you have to deal with that on your own. OK, let's finish up your shaving, then we'll discuss punishment."

"Yes Sir, thank you Sir," I said rather automatically, but honestly and still having my dick and balls pointed back,

"Um, Sir? Should I put my penis and testicles somewhere else?" and my dick was still very hard.

He noticed how I used my words. He grinned a little,

"I like that Donny, 'penis and testicles', I think you should always use proper language. No swearing or street language concerning your body, OK? And since you asked, no, you may keep them as they are. I know you'd like me to play with your balls in this position wouldn't you?"

"Yes sir, very much!" I replied enthusiastically, feeling more natural and certainly more relaxed than I had felt in months if not years!

"OK,well, for now, reach back and spread your butt cheeks really wide and keep real still, I'm gonna finish shaving your butthole."

"Yes Sir," I said and did as Aaron asked. Aaron then finished shaving my butthole.

After that he had me stand and raise my arms and he shaved my underarms, it didn't take that long for that. Even at seventeen, I did not have a lot of other body hair.

"There, how does that feel now?"

I had to admit, I felt like a million bucks. That shaving procedure was really much nicer than I could have imagined. He could tell I liked it too.

"Go ahead look in the mirror; you look a couple years younger now Donny, at least."

I did and I was amazed. My pubes were gone, my dick was still rock hard and he had even shaved what hair I had on my balls. I looked and felt great! I smiled at my little brother,

"Thank you Aaron, it actually feels really good."

"I'm glad, now hop in the shower, clean up, towel yourself and go to your room naked. I'm going to have to punish you for your inappropriate behavior and I haven't decided what that will be yet, OK?"

"Yes Sir," I said and watched him leave.

I had to admit that whatever anxiety over the power Aaron was wielding over me was so much better than slinking around, sneaking peaks at him and masturbating myself. I stood in the hot running water and contemplated my impending punishment. Would he paddle me or spank me and maybe both?

I was not in control, even of my dick at that point. I just shook my head at my dick. I blamed him for everything, but that just made me smile a little for having thought it. I didn't dawdle, quickly cleaned up and then got out and toweled myself off.

I paused before I opened my bedroom door however and wondered where this all was leading too. I started to wonder if Aaron might actually consider exposing me in front of some of his jock friends. As apprehensive as that felt, deep down I think I kind of wanted it to happen, but would say nothing to him, at least not for awhile.

I opened my bedroom door and Aaron was sitting on the bedside, the paddle in his lap. I had to admit, I was afraid, but I closed the door and waited, my dick misbehaving all the while.

"OK Donny, front and center," Aaron instructed. I sheepishly walked to him, hands clasped behind my back and my head lowered. When I looked down, I could see Aaron had Dad's awful spanking paddle.

"Do you remember how Dad used this paddle on us Donny?"

How could I forget? Dad would use it like a hairbrush with rapid short strokes that could put me in tears inside of a minute or less time of its use,

"Yes Sir, he would tan our hides kinda fast like, sometimes really hard."

"That's right. Hurt like hell, huh?"

"Yes Sir," I replied respectfully my chest aching with dread.

"OK, I want you to keep that in mind for the future Donny. The next time you misbehave and even if you confess to me before I catch you, your bare behind will catch a real hard rump roasting just like Dad used to give us. I'll have you in tears and snot and your ass will be very sore. This time I am going to give you a short but hard dose of it then I am going to give you a good sound spanking, bare hand. If you behave during your spanking, we'll have a short cooling off period then we'll have some fun for you OK?"

I nodded, grateful for the reprieve. I knew I really didn't want that hard rump roasting that I was sure that Aaron could deliver every bit as well as Dad had in the past. I even managed a smile,

"Yes Aaron, thank you."

Aaron then looked up at me and for the first time that evening looked thoughtful,

"You're really taking all this seriously aren't you Donny? It means something to you."

And that got to me a little. He hit the nail right on the head. I know I looked real sheepish and felt really vulnerable. I nodded and softly said,

"Yes Aaron, it does."

Aaron just nodded,

"OK brother, over you go and I'm not going to hold you down this time, but in the future, your punishment paddlings will require that."

I lowered myself across his knees. I felt very anxious, but no longer frightened and made sure my butt was well presented. I felt his right knee hitch my butt up some and then gasped a little and felt my stomach lurch as Aaron rubbed the paddle on my butt,

"OK Donny, ready yourself," and I did.

Aaron launched my punishment. He used the paddle just like Dad had, hard and fast. Oh boy, I was in pain inside of fifteen seconds. He must have popped me nearly twenty times in that interval and my ass was on fire, my dick went limp too.

I tried to hold it in but after just thirty seconds I was wiggling and wincing hard and then at forty-five that was it,

"Oh god, Aaron!! Please, it really hurts!!"

He stopped and set the awful thing down,

"Good boy Donny, but let that be a warning. I don't think you want ten continuous minutes of that same treatment do you?"

"No Sir! No Sir, I don't!" and I was serious. My ass was on fire just with less than a minute of that rapid butt beating.

"OK, now, I am going to spank you. Do you want me to hold your hands back?"

That was my cue to say,

"Yes Sir, please!" and I put my hands to the small of my back. My dick was limp after the short roasting, but now it got really hard, really fast, even though I knew it probably wouldn't last long.

I felt his strong grip firmly secure my wrists.

"OK Donny, a good hard tanning now."

I tried to prepare myself. The spanking started and I was once again amazed at how hard his fifteen-year-old hand seemed and how much endurance he possessed. The spanks were profuse, fast, diversely placed and it was a good thing he had my wrists pinned.

The stinging spanks were building on each other and peaking into a crescendo that exceeded my ability to withhold verbal comment and I would most assuredly have thrown my hands back to try and block the spanking,

"Oh please Aaron! I'm so sorry! I'll behave, I'll do betterrrrrrr!" and his spanking was just furious and hard and even at seventeen, I could not take that much hand spanking from my strong fifteen year old brother!

He stopped, "I know Donny, I'm sorry but you're not done."

The spanking started again, I could not even stop myself from trying to wiggle off his lap and he paused briefly and shifted me to his front knee and dropped his very strong wrestler's knee over the back of mine. I was pinned down good. He said nothing and started again. I had no choice but to let my tears go and my pleas continued,

"Please Sir, please!!! Please Aaron!! It hurts!!" and went limp and outright bawled. Then he finally stopped and let my wrists and legs go free. I quickly stopped my blubbering.

"OK Donny, get up. Corner time, hands on head."

I knew what that meant. I got up and obeyed and walked nose to the wall, glad for some alone time to gather my emotions and thoughts. As the pain reduced, the glow on my backside flowed right into my dick and balls with predictable results, now I was super horny.

But as I looked down on my shaved pubes and twitching erection, I actually did feel a lot better, cleansed of guilt about my fantasies about Aaron anyway. He seemed OK with it all and now I had no choice but to trust him. I didn't want Mom and Dad finding out and preferred he not tell any of his friends, but I wasn't in control of any of that now.

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