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Obsession For My Little Brother - Part 10
PJ Franklin <>


From Part 9 of Obsession For My Little Brother:

Aaron and I retreated to his room. I had rarely felt nauseated when facing one of dad's punishments. I sure did now. Aaron went and sat on his bed, I could see his face, red and angry, I mean so pissed, I thought he was going to have a stroke. I felt so sorry for Aaron and I wanted to kill Josh, murder his ass, at least as much as dad was going to murder ours.

"I swear on my life, we are going to get even with Josh for this. I don't know how, but he is going to pay," Aaron said and looked at me,

"Big brother. For once, I'm sorry I got you into all this shit. It was fun for awhile, hot even. This is too far. This is not your fault. I'll talk to dad … " I held up my hand,

"Aaron, I'm a big boy. I cannot and will not let you go down alone, not that dad would let me. I'm just saying, I'm in this fifty-fifty with you, you just have to find a way for us to get back at Josh."

"Don't … fucking … worry about that. It will happen … " and then his face fell, "If we survive dad's punishment that is."

Even I was uncertain what our old man was going to do to us. Oddly enough, it wasn't the ass beatings that I knew we would now both get; it was whatever else he might do to make our lives miserable, no matter that we probably deserved it. I went over and sat by Aaron and put my arm around him, he didn't look very good now, his ire for Josh postponed,

"I won't let dad get carried away with you Aaron," I said having no idea if I could really keep dad from doing his worst to either of us.

"Thanks Donny, you're a good big brother. I wish I was more like you," he said quietly and then we heard dad's extra heavy footfall coming down the hall …

* * * * * * * * * *

And now, Part 10 …

Dad's footfall came right into Aaron's bedroom. His lecture was long and severe. Dad stood in front of us holding the spanking paddle in his fist, his knuckles turning white off and on, that is while he wasn't pacing up and down in front of us. By the end of it my ears were well spanked, so were Aaron's. We had to reveal everything about our existences including our sex play of the past weeks and I mean everything including who was involved with the digital camera disaster.

Aaron took the brunt of who was involved outside of our family, I took the brunt of my responsibilities for Aaron and the parts I could have prevented or controlled inside of the family. Oddly enough, dad had no problem with the sexual nature of what Aaron and I were doing with each other, "boys will be boys" kind of thing including the incestuous nature of it, but did object to us allowing Aaron's friends in our house for sex play.

Then, when dad threatened to call Josh's and Russ's families concerning the digital camera pictures, Aaron flew onto the floor on his knees in front of dad and begged him to just leave well enough alone. I thought Aaron's drama excessive, but did agree with him that their families should not be involved and besides, I knew that he knew that we wanted some kind of revenge on Josh that could not involve any parents or other adults.

"Fine then, but you both are going to pay dearly. After I blister-paddle and spank both of your bare bottoms, you are both grounded from any contact with your friends for one month solid. During that time Aaron, your grades had better be pristine mister, I mean stellar. You are lucky I am letting you remain on the wrestling team as well. Donald, you are in charge of Aaron's academics and believe me, if he screws up, I will beat your ass just as much as Aaron's and you both may find yourself grounded for the rest of the school year!"

Dad had laid down the law hard but his acceptance of what Aaron and I had done together gave me a great deal of relief indeed. Dad stepped back and told us to strip naked. He ordered me to the far corner of Aaron's room and to keep my "mouth shut, no matter what."

That did not portend well for Aaron, but there was nothing either of us could do now to lessen the white heat that Dad would be giving to both of us. I stripped naked and went to the corner, my cock hard as stone no matter the anxiety I felt about the future and how this all would be resolved concerning Josh's abhorrent prank on us.

I hate to say it but as dad then started Aaron's paddling, my cock started to leak. Aaron broke quickly and I could hear him thrashing about, kicking and bawling and crying his poor eyes out as dad paddled his ass. I knew also that dad was working over Aaron's thighs, Aaron begged him not too,

"Please daddy! Not my thighs, please, please no daddy!" but that did no good.

My shame and guilt then built rapidly as dad stopped briefly and announce Aaron's spanking.

"Please daddy noooooo! I can't take anymore, please can't I do it later?" he begged.

My cock twitched even worse and I nearly lost control of it until dad started to spank over Aaron's paddled rear with his hand. Aaron wailed loudly until he could not wail anymore. When dad finally did stop, I felt like a horribly terrible big brother for having let my own lusts get so out of hand that I had been helpless to not say "no" to some of what had transpired and maybe prevented this result.

On the way to exchanging places, I winced. As Aaron walked by, his hands on his face still crying, I had never seen his ass so damn red, swollen and yes, starting to bruise. I expected the same and marched up to dad. Dad looked at me. He looked exhausted and completely unhappy with having to punish us. I loved dad for that.

"Donald Alan, I expected so much more from you. Now get over my lap young man!" and I got myself into position. As I did I could see Aaron standing in the corner, his hands gently rubbing on his painful rear end, but just then he kind of shifted his weight and what was it that I saw just then? His cock, totally erect?

I closed my eyes, so very glad for Aaron at that moment. At least he could enjoy some sexual pleasure from his beating, maybe also from mine. Dad started in on me. I tried hard to resist crying, kicking and carrying on, but there was only so much I could stand and finally did just like Aaron, cried, bawled, begged and I even tried to get away off dad's knee.

All that stupid maneuver gained me was my old man jack-knifing my sorry ass over his front knee, locking the back of my knees down with his other and talk about sorry. I was paddled stem to stern, crown of ass to the middle of my tender thighs. Like Aaron, I yelled until I could not anymore and I had not yet had my spanking.

"Please daddy no more!" I begged him as I lay there helpless.

"Sorry son, Aaron was spanked, so you shall," he said and started in. I guessed later that wrestling had made Aaron maybe a little tougher than me. Dad's spanking hurt so bad over my paddled rear that I turned into a scared, bleating ten year old and I screamed for him to stop,

"Pleeeeasssee Dadddieeee, no morreee!"

Dad paused, "You have earned this Donald!" he said loudly, but suddenly I heard from the corner of the room,

"Dad! Please! Donny has had enough, Please stop!" Aaron said and it was not a request, more of a demand.

Even in my state of total despair and misery I looked up, stunned, even shocked. I made eye contact with Aaron and he looked pissed! I could not believe it and instantly figured that dad was going to flip totally out on his youngest.

"You had better not take that tone with me Aaron!" Dad said back to his son.

Aaron closed his eyes to calm himself and then re-opened them, "I'm sorry daddy. I just … can't stand to hear Donny scream like that," and his face totally changed.

"That's better. All right then, I can respect your feelings Aaron, you're done Donny," he said and helped me up. I was so thankful, so moved by Aaron's intercession that my eyes misted as I hugged my dad. Aaron even came over and we three hugged together.

"Stay in here until you're ready to come out. Please don't ever make me do that again, both of you!" Dad said and kissing our temples, left the room to us.

I got a huge lump in my throat, but predictably before I could get carried away with thanking him, Aaron sniffed and smirked, "Not one word Donny," and I knew what he meant.

"I'm exhausted," I said and flew onto my tummy on his bed, making sure there was room for him. When he didn't follow me, I looked and he was standing next to the bed nursing a full boner looking pretty hot and horny for something he was looking at, my beaten ass.

I took a pillow and put it under my hips, centered on the bed and spreading my thighs widely, I just buried my head into the pillow and waited. I did not have to wait long and felt him climb up onto the bed. I figured to get a good hard unrelenting ass fucking from behind on the spot and was ready for it.

"Turn over Donny," he said. I looked at him and obeyed. I turned over onto my back. He grabbed my ankles and threw them up onto his shoulders.

"I need to fuck, but I want to do it this way," and proceeded to start to enter me. As he did, he lowered his body into mine, chest to chest and before I knew what was happening, his mouth was on mine his tongue inside my mouth.

I automatically wrapped my legs around my muscular little brother's hot body in a state of bliss. To say that we kissed liked lovers as he fucked me would not be true. We kissed in a way that was a total turn on and sexy, but I was beyond any need on my part to feel like this was anything but a sex act. Oh, it was an unbelievably hot sex act, but just that nonetheless.

When Donny got close, his head came up and he closed his eyes into his own space. I smiled up at him admiring his good looks and rights to get anything out of this he wanted.

"Yea, fuck your bitch bro, fuck him hard," I said quietly.

"Yeaaaa," was all he said and then really started to pound his cock in and out so fast that I felt like he was paddling my insides with his hard meat. Maybe he was.

When he shot his load, it took like a full minute or so it seemed. When he finished, he pulled out of me and rolled onto his tummy besides me, eyes closed, head turned away. I figured he did that to spare any needless pressure on his still sore ass. I know my ass was still pretty sore.

I looked at his beautiful ass, even fantasized what I would do with it if he ever let me. Suddenly I heard,

"Your turn, fuck my ass Donny."

I blinked, "Excuse me?"

"Clean your ears out bro, I said … fuck my mother-fucking ass, mount me and fuck me, now!!"

My mouth fell open. Fortunately my dick was ahead of me and instantly in a state of emergent hard horniness. I got up on my elbows at first and then up on my knees. I looked down at his ass, my mind still in a state of bewilderment at what he had asked.

"Do I have to do everything?" he said and then as if perturbed and got up on his knees, head down and ass up in the air. Talk about hot!

"There, is that better? Want me to go get you a drink and a cigarette for after?" he smirked at me.

At that moment, I understood. In no way, shape or form was I on top. I was still my little brother's ass boy, his bitch, his sex-toy. I was doing as I was told. He was experimenting.

"OK, I'm good," I smiled and got behind him. I looked down at my bro's red ass and entered Aaron slowly and made sure he didn't hurt too much as I entered. He even helped and when I started to fuck, he got in rhythm with me but was not with me. He closed his eyes, this peculiar smile on his face like a million miles off. I made sure that my cock was sliding over his boy gland to pleasure him. It worked,

"Yea, just like that and when I tell you, pound your cock in and out really fast. I want to try that," he said and I most certainly complied.

I did as I was told and fucked my hot little bro just as ordered. He did tell me to pull out before I shot my load and I did and was told to beat off laying on my back. I did that too and in fact he masturbated himself next to me. He never did share with me how it felt to get fucked and I didn't need to know.

* * * * * * * * * *

I'll tell you one thing, my little brother is no wuss and no hypocrite. I was still in charge of his grade performance at school while we were grounded from friends and stuff and he had to perform or else. I was not about to let him slack on any count and he knew it, but I was not sure he really respected what that meant until he screwed up.

About a week later, he brought home his last couple of quiz results from several teachers. They were awful. I had taken a lot of time studying with him and shook my head,

"What is this shit? You studied. What happened?" I asked Aaron.

He shrugged, "Don't know, I tried, but I guess I just don't have it," he said lackadaisically. I got pissed, whipped my black leather belt from my jeans and grabbed his ear,

"Don't have it my ass. To your room Aaron, time for a good hard whipping," and expected him to pull away, but he did not. He just went with me.

I marched him passed dad's open study room door, "What's going Donny, Aaron?" he asked. I stopped us but didn't let go of Aaron's ear,

"He screwed up a couple quizzes he should not have, Dad," I explained.

"I see. That sucks for him, carry on son," and smirked at us.

I smiled at dad's comment and then walked on, ear in hand until I reached the door before letting go, "Get in, strip off," I said bluntly.

Aaron did just that without saying a word. I noted his hard cock but I stayed fully dressed, albeit turned on in my pants. I put Aaron over the end of his bed as we both had done many times with dad, doubled up the belt and went to work, whipping on Aaron's upturned naked butt cheeks.

I did a good job too. Aaron tried not to react, but he had too. I waited until he was fully crying and begging at me with his eyes. To his credit, he did not move a muscle or try to get away,

"Do you get it? Making good grades even with quizzes is important?" I asked him, his ass pretty marked up.

"Yes Donny, I do," he said sincerely and then I nodded, "I think you need a spanking too, just like dad does."

Aaron did not complain. I must say that this part was threatening to make me cum in my pants, but so what if it did? I took him across my knees and he was very cooperative to a fault. He did not move a muscle as I spanked him with my hand all up and down his ass cheeks, but not that hard. I wanted to more enjoy this part and did. About half-way through I could not prevent the inevitable, paused and enjoyed a rip-roaringly good orgasm soaking my underclothes, then resumed a few more spanks.

When I finally stopped I said, "OK, now, you will go study. No more bad quizzed Aaron or I will use the paddle next time," I warned and stood. He hugged me, "Thanks bro," and then slipped on his boxers not once commenting on my wet jeans.

That night after mom and dad went to bed, I was still studying in my room doing a paper that was due in a couple days. There was a soft knock on the door,

"Come in?" I asked quizzically. Aaron never knocked, but it was him. He came in wearing practically nothing as usual and by the looks of it quite horny. I would have expected him to have jacked-off a couple times after his punishment from me.

"So, done with homework?" he asked me rather plainly.

"Might as well be, what's up?" I asked and then smiled at my pun.

"I am," he said and stood there.

"I'm your bitch boy in charge of hot sex," I said with a corner of my mouth turned up. I knew why he was there.

He grinned, "That's right, time to put out, get undressed bro and on your knees," and I was all too happy to comply.

I got on my knees and pulled down his soccer shorts. I went to work immediately using my mouth to please him, my hands carefully aside his strong thighs.

His hands were guiding my head and he was controlling the action, "I think you need a reminder of who your ass belongs to, get me your belt like you used on me today and get over the end of the bed Donald Alan."

All I could do was smile and do as I was told and soon found my ass ready for a whipping from Aaron, him standing by my side, his hand feeling up my butt, a finger roughly probing my hole, "I'm going to whip your ass and then fuck you just like this, over the end of the bed."

I swallowed and nodded, no need to reply. He started the whipping and put his arm into it. It hurt like always but apparently he was far more horny for fucking than whipping my tail. The whipping seemed short lived as he soon tossed it aside and got on his knees behind me and started to eat out my hole. I moaned like an expensive whore should at his skilled manipulation of my senses. I could just feel my butthole opening up for his future entrance.

"I changed my mind bro, get into bed, we're gonna suck ass together, 69," he announced.

I was in bed about 2 seconds later on my back. He pounced on me like a cat, his ass over my mouth and my thighs pulled up with his head angled down into my boy pussy. We adjusted things a bit and I swear for the next hour, we stayed entwined in a tight ball-licking , tongue-fucking butthole and sucking cock session. We used our hands to slap each other's butt cheeks but said not another word, only moaned (me) and he chuckled and sighed a few times.

He never did fuck me that night actually. When it came time to cum, he made me lay on my back alone and curl back my pelvis so that my cock was aimed at my own pie-hole and then made me masturbate my juices into my own mouth as he watched. It was pretty hot. Then he straddled over my chest and masturbated his cock, his semen ending up in my wide-open mouth, also very hot. I expected him to scatter off and out of my room to his own bedroom, but he did not. He stayed awhile and cuddled me from behind. He never said a word and I didn't need to hear any. I only needed to feel his re-hardened cock nestle into my ass crack as I fell asleep.

* * * * * * * * * *

I would so love to announce that Aaron had the perfect plan to get back at Josh shortly after for what he had done to both Josh and us, but he did not. After our grounding was over, I would encounter a very sheepish Russ at school once in awhile but we would barely say hi. I did not see Josh though I did his big brother Mitch now and again. We were not friends even though we were in the same grade. Things did not get better, they got worse.

On that terrible night, I got home from school, dad was not home and strangely neither was Aaron. I thought nothing of it until the car drove into our driveway. I heard the car door slam really hard and the kitchen door slam as well. What the hell? I came out of my room just in time to see a tear-stained faced Aaron run into his room and slam the door shut. Dad followed, looking terrible.

"In my study, Donny," Dad said and then told me what had happened with Aaron at school.

Aaron had unwisely gotten into it with Josh in the middle of wrestling practice. Things got out of hand verbally and Aaron decked Josh, I mean sent him to the hospital with a broken nose. Coach kicked Aaron off the wrestling team on the spot. Word got to the principal's office over the altercation and Aaron ended up, you guessed it, punished. He was paddled on the spot and then suspended from school for a month. Dad was called of course and to his credit did not punish Aaron any further. I felt heart broken for Aaron and sad for my dad as well to have to put up with all this nonsense.

"I'm so sorry dad," I said.

"Save it for your brother, son, he needs it more. It's just life sometimes," he said and I quickly left the study and went to Aaron's room. I knocked and opened the door. Aaron was on his tummy and crying inconsolably into his pillow. I hated Josh all the more just then.

I sat on Aaron's bedside. He quickly turned over, "I wanted to kill him on the spot," he said. I nodded, "I know. I'm sorry about the team," I offered. He looked at me, "A bunch of pussies. They all sided with Josh," he said dismissively.

"What did principal do?" I asked.

"Ten swats, over my jeans," Aaron said.

"A piece of cake," I said. He nodded, "Now I'm suspended. I still need to keep up with studies," he sighed.

"I'll make sure you get things done."

That was that, the end of the thing with Josh, right? Wrong.

The very next day at school, Mitch, Josh's big brother accosted me in the hallway in front of the cafeteria. He called Aaron a "cowardly fag." I lost it on the spot, I mean I didn't say a thing. I wound up and punched Mitch in the mouth, teeth came flying out of his maw. He dropped like a rock and I was instantly surrounded by a crowd of yelling peers and a short moment later, angry teachers.

I was hauled to the principal's office and sat down. Dad was called. I sat there feeling a sense of pride in what I had done. I might be severely punished, suspended, grounded and even charged with assault and battery, but I didn't care. No stupid moron was going to call my little brother a "fag" cowardly or otherwise and get away with it.

Dad made another, I was sure very tedious, trip to the school and we met with the principal. He was of course aware of the altercation between Josh and Aaron of the day before and none too happy. I explained that I was minding my own business when Mitch said what he did. Just about then, Mitch's father arrived. Talk about uncomfortable.

Mitch's dad got into it with my dad and the two of them with the principal as I watched and listened to the three adults exchange threats and wave their arms (Mitch's dad that is) wildly about. It made my thing with Mitch and Josh's with Aaron seem like child's play. At the end, Mitch's father stormed out saying, "See you all in court!"

I was not suspended on account of "circumstances," but I was made to write a 2000 word essay about the evils of violence in society. I didn't care, I would do it.

"I'm so sorry dad," I said sadly in the car, "I guess I'm going to get spanked and grounded at home," getting myself ready.

"No, no way. All you did was to react to a very hurtful remark made about your brother by a boy who has that man as a father."

I choked up, "Thanks dad," was all I could say in the moment and be so glad I had my dad and not Mitch's.

When we got home, Aaron was in the kitchen just as surprised to see me with Dad as I had the day before. We told him what happened, that I decked Mitch after his comment.

The corner of Aaron's mouth came up, but he dare not gloat in front of dad who then disappeared. After he did, Aaron stood up and hugged me, "I love you Donny. I can't believe you decked Mitch, you're my hero!" and he kissed me on the forehead and then backed off and started to laugh, "I can't believe it, yesssss! You stud!" and I started to laugh with him.

It had been a bitch of a day at school and I still had homework and went to it after dinner. I had that paper due and was just about to finish it when Aaron barged into my room,

"Up front and center bitch," he said. I looked at him, "Aaron, I would love to play, I have a paper due bro," and sighed.

"I said … up and front bitch!" and he stood back hands on hips looking stern. I nodded, stood and faced him, "OK, I'm all yours," I said resigned.

"Oh, you can finish your paper I guess. I just thought maybe you wanted to take a shower with me. I was in the mood to sex your ass up tens ways to Sunday in the shower after what you did today," and started for the door.

"Hey, wait a sec!" I yelped and grabbed his arm.

"No, no, you have a paper, that's more important," he smirked.

"The fuck it is!" I replied and started to strip. Aaron stripped too and we rushed to the bathroom and locked the door. Aaron was already for me actually.

I had not had my body hair shaved in quite a while. He treated me to an over-the-knee shaving and yes, our parents were in the house, but they had their own bathroom. I got so turned on that I shot a load over Aaron's knee. He just laughed and said I would be spanked later for it.

After he shaved me baby smooth we got into the shower. He asked me what I wanted to do and that was easy. I was on my knees instantly and sucked him hard. After that, he took me from behind in the shower, fucked me royally good but he jerked me off at nearly the same time and I shot my load shortly after he emptied his balls deeply into my butt.

I actually had plenty of time to finish my paper that night before I crawled into bed on my back, exhausted, but before sleep took over, Aaron popped unannounced into my room again, whipped the covers off of me and without saying a work went down on me, I mean sucked the living daylights out of my cock and ate it all! I was so shocked, I had no time to say a thing before he was gone.

I mean, I just lay there staring up at the ceiling, stunned. I guess if you're the boss, you can do anything you want any time. Aaron was most certainly the boss, that was for sure.

* * * * * * * * * *

The fall and winter school terms zoomed by to spring break of the following year. Aaron survived his suspension and got back to school none the worse for wear. He would be on the wrestling team again the following fall term but for then concentrated on studies. He was a star. I was proud of him on the one hand, but comically missed punishing his ass when he screwed up.

Every year dad would haul us all up to Lake Pomeroy during spring break. It was very cool. We would rent a cabin and rent boats and fish, swim and stuff. Most years Aaron would bring one of his friends with him, Russ, Jules and yes Josh. Obviously Josh was completely out of the question and this year Aaron did not want to bring anyone else with him.

Dad had paid for fixing Mitch's teeth and there was no further legal bullcrap to wade through. We all just felt like leaving well enough alone and moving on, even Aaron. That was great until on the first night up at the lake, we spied Josh and Mitch together walking on the road towards a cabin just down from ours. Shit! It was like old wounds opened up on the spot.

"Those assholes," I hissed. Aaron's hand came up, "Patience big brother. Let's watch them, see if they do anything at all for us to pound their sorry asses into oblivion so even their parents could do nothing about it."

"That's a tall order," I commented, but admired Aaron's patience.

"We'll see. I think they're up to something, I just know it," he said. I loved it when Aaron got that look in his eye.

"Quick, rush back to our cabin and get dad's video camera. I'll keep up with them, I think they're headed for the end of the road."

I flew like the wind and retrieved the camera and ran back. I got lucky and caught up with Aaron another quarter mile down the road ending up at the end of the road where there was but one cabin lighted up. We had never been down that far that time of night, but patiently crept in as they entered the cabin.

We snuck up and heard voices, more than two. There were no vehicles, motorcycles or even bicycles.  That was very strange indeed. The voices got pretty intense. What I thought I heard was Mitch and Josh threatening somebody, but who? The more we listened, it became clear. They were blackmailing two younger boys! What the fuck? Aaron looked pissed, so was I. We kept our cool and snuck around towards the back of the cabin at the back deck.

It was pitch black outside so that we were hidden from sight but could still see in at the large glass sliding doors at them. Fortunately, there they were in full sight of us. What happened next made me so angry, I almost lost my cool, but Aaron did not. He took the camera and started to film as Mitch and Josh made the two younger boys, easily about fourteen years old strip naked.

Then Mitch and Josh made each naked boy bend over the back of the couch and stared to whip their butts with belts. It would have been hot but obviously the boys did not like what was going on and were crying and looked pretty distraught. Had they stopped right there, I supposed that there might be nothing more that we could do about it, but it didn't stop there.

Both Mitch and Josh stripped off naked then. I was starting to tremble, anticipating what came next. They made the two boys kneel and started to slap their faces and then forced them to start to suck their cocks. They were begging and crying but that only made Josh and Mitch angrier. I was about to intervene, but Aaron held me back.

I was glad he did. The purported cock-sucking did not materialize and instead, Josh and Mitch turned both boys on their knees to the couch and sporting hard cocks each, prepared to butt-fuck them. The boys were screaming for their attackers to stop, but being smaller, Josh and Mitch used their superior strength to keep them in position. Aaron finally nodded to me, bit his lip, stopped filming at the right moment and then we rushed up to the deck and pounded on the glass. All hell broke loose inside as we got lucky, the sliding glass doors were open and we burst inside.

"Don't say anything Josh, Mitch, we have it all on tape," he said coolly.

The two boys, Ricky and Paul were shaking but also in control, "They caught us having sex and threatened to tell our parents. They made us take punishment so that they wouldn't tell."

"That's not true. They begged us to play with them!" Josh whined.

"Give me that camera!" Mitch tried to grab at the video.

I slapped his arm and grabbing his shirt made like I was going to punch his teeth in again ruining his repaired damage, "This time, your fucking dad will have no say after I tell the police you were abusing these boys!" I screamed at him.

"No, no, OK! Please, come on guys, can't we settle this?" Mitch said cowering.

After I got the boys' names and where they stayed and their phone numbers and all, I promised them in front of Josh and Mitch that we would get them a copy of the video if they wanted or, if they wanted just to see them get punished, we would hold off on that part. That made the boys happy.

"Do you guys want to see us punish these two? It won't be pretty," Aaron promised. The boys grinned. That would make them very happy and they could just let the thing go.

By now, Josh and Mitch were both trembling like bugs about to be squished under our shoes. Aaron and I took up the same belts they had used on Ricky and Paul and Josh and Mitch lie side by side buck naked over the back of the couch, hip to hip.

I stood by Mitch, Aaron by Josh. We started their ordeal. We swung the belts one after the other, the excess of one belt going over to painfully clip the other boy's ass or thigh. The pace quickened and after just about ten licks both boys started to complain of the pain and Josh even started crying after about twenty licks as Ricky and Paul stood naked still side-by-side stroking hard cocks.

Aaron and I continued the assault, belt lick after belt lick until both Josh and Mitch were in tears and begging for mercy from us. Aaron nodded and we stopped,

"You're far from done," and motioned to Ricky and Paul. They came around and we gave them the belts. Then they added another dozen licks, not near as hard, but very satisfying nonetheless upsetting to Josh and Mitch.

Next, we made Josh and Mitch stand up and go across our knees, Mitch across mine, Josh over Aaron's. Ricky and Paul grinned ear to ear as we spanked our bad boys, again to more tears and begging.

We stopped and stood them up, "Please, no more! We've learned our lessons!" Mitch whined, his face a mess of snot and tears.

"You only think you have. Now, the best part. You were going to rape these boys. Now you both will be raped or we will tell their parents and the cops what you tried to do!" Aaron threatened. That sent both boys to their knees begging for it not to happen.

I towered over Mitch. He was a good looking guy and being a virgin, it would be very painful for him to take it up the ass. My cock was hard in my trousers and ready to nail his worthless red ass. So was Aaron ready to nail Josh.

"Wait," said Ricky, "I don't think those two are worth butt-raping, just make them suck cock and eat cum, ours too!" he suggested. I liked that suggestion, so did Aaron.

Ricky stood by me, Mitch grateful to not be butt-raped, his mouth open. I slipped my cockhead into his mouth and then warned him against doing anything to hurt my dick, make him suck cock. I even made him gag a couple times. Finally though, he had to try and swallow my load. He did a terrible job of course, so did Josh. Then Mitch and Josh had to suck off Ricky and Paul. They did no better with them.

I was happy to let them go, no more revenge, but Aaron would not have any of that,

"You assholes get the fuck out of here. You will never say a thing about these boys. You will never acknowledge any of this happen … but, Mitch, when we all get back home you will be visiting my big brother one more time for a repeat ass whipping and suck his cock off, you too Josh with me. After that, we'll all be even. We will be making copies of this video. If you do as you say, we'll get rid of the master and the copies, agreed?"

Josh and Mitch fell all over themselves agreeing and scattered from the cabin in a hurry.

"Who owns this cabin anyway?" I then asked Ricky. Man, what a cute boy!

"My dad does. We were messing around in her last night. They must have followed us here and all," Ricky answered.

"Well, you guys take care and have some fun. We'll take off now. I've got your addresses and stuff," I said.

"What's your hurry?" Paul then asked and Ricky nodded. I looked at Aaron who looked at me, "What do you mean?"

"You guys are hot, how about we play around some?" Ricky asked.

"How old are you guys?" I asked.

"I'm fourteen and a half, so is Paul," they said. I screwed up my face a little, "I don't know, you guys are pretty young and all."

"That's nothing. We fool around with a couple cousins of mine, they're both like seventeen," Paul said.

"Your call big bro," Aaron replied. I shrugged, "OK!"

Shit, both of these boys as young and cute as they were knew more sex than Aaron and I. We ended up in one bed, Ricky sitting on my face and going down on me as Paul did the same with Aaron. That little side-by-side 69 style oral-anal session was super sweet. It was getting late however and they both wanted to fuck and then take off like it was nothing. So we did. Side by side, I mounted Ricky from behind and Aaron mounted Paul. I have to say, Ricky's butthole seemed a tad loose to me. He had no problem taking me in and did all the work, so did Paul with Aaron.

"Kids, they think that's all there is to life but sex," Aaron dead-panned on our way back to the cabin, Ricky and Paul having remained back at the cabin. I laughed, "Yea, I know."

* * * * * * * * * *

Just the day before dad drove us all home, we met up at the boat docks for a brief time with Ricky and Paul. They were with their parents. Ricky whispered in my ear, "Meet us at the cabin, tonight way after dark," he said. I nodded my agreement.

Sure enough, when Aaron and I arrived, the two younger boys were all about another four-way.

"So are you guys real brothers?" Ricky asked. I looked at Aaron and he nodded to me. I turned to Ricky and Paul, "Blood brothers for sure."

"That's so hot!" Paul said, "We're friends, but I wish he was my brother. Man, what is it that you guys do with each other?" Ricky asked.

I shrugged and told them pretty much most of the details of our sex lives together during which they both gawked admiring at Aaron and I rubbing their hard dicks through their cut-offs.

"That is so fucking awesome. Damn. Hey, we want to be your bitches, at least for the evening," Ricky said, Paul nodding enthusiastically in agreement, "Well, that means you'll both get spanked, for fun of course," I replied.

"Spank me, fuck me, do anything!" Ricky grinned and Paul agreed.

Just like before, Ricky had taken a shining to me, Paul to Aaron. We put our "bitches" through their paces that night, that's for certain. It was really hot and fun to take Ricky's pants down, strip him naked, tell him he was a naughty bitch boy and then angle his hot little fourteen-year-old bare bottom up over my knee. I perved out on his butthole with my mouth and tongue for a long time. He moaned like an old whore.

Paul was pretty much enamored of Aaron as well. Aaron was not quite as gently with Paul as I was with Ricky, but Paul seemed to get into it without any trouble. I spanked my boy, spanked him good and then stood him up and we sucked face. Damn he was a great kisser and taught me a few things. He sat in my lap and I played with his small cock and we shared stuff about school.

Then we went to a bedroom by ourselves for awhile and 69'd. I seemed to impress him with my prowess in bed and he respectfully asked me to fuck his young ass again. I lay on my back and watched as he mounted himself onto my cock from above. Aaron and Paul found us and slid in next to us on the bed and Paul got up on Aaron as well. It was great fun watching the two younger boys bouncing happily up and down on our cocks.

Needless to say, leaving those two hotties behind and going home the next day was a bummer to the max.

Neither Josh or Mitch was stupid enough to not show up at the appointed time for their supplemental discipline with us. Dad and mom were gone that following Sunday and two sheepish boys walked into our home that afternoon tails between their legs still. I have to hand it to Mitch, in front of Josh he told me he was wrong for having ragged on me about Aaron and would have done the same thing had I publically said what he had. He also said he was an idiot for having even thought about trying to blackmail the boys up at the lake.

"Can we just get this over please?" Mitch asked us. Josh nodded his agreement albeit with not nearly the maturity or respect.

"Sure, it's going to be simple, "Aaron said and produced our digital camera, "You both are going to strip off naked. You are going to spank each other's bare butts and then perform whatever sex acts we tell you. I am going to take pictures to make sure none of this ever comes to the light of day."

I grinned. Aaron was a master of revenge indeed. They had to agree but the expressions on their faces was so distraught I almost felt sorry for them until Mitch popped a woody when made to spank Josh. Josh's cock was limp and boy, was he pissed at Mitch,

"Jesus Mitch! What the fuck man?" he complained.

"Shut up!" Mitch barked back and spanked Josh, pretty hard so that Josh was kept busy with his stinging butt.

It was much more funny then when we gave Josh a belt to punish Mitch back. Mitch lost his woody as Josh not only whipped his tail but bitched at Mitch the whole time, "Damn it Mitch, why did you have to have a hard on!" Aaron and I laughed our asses off and took pictures.

It got worse for poor Mitch. He enjoyed sucking off Josh a little too much we thought. Josh thought so too and gagged Mitch nearly to death getting to his ejaculation which made Mitch cough and sputter. Funny though, Josh looked a little too practiced sucking off Mitch, his big brother and that sent Mitch into a spate of questions about what he had been up to with his friends. It was hilarious watching them leave the house still arguing about it.

"Do you wish we punished them ourselves?" Aaron then asked me after they pulled away from the curb, Josh and Mitch still ragging on each other.

"No, not really. It was more fun watching them bitch at each other, " I grinned.

"In the house bitch boy, I'm really horny now for some hot ass," he smiled. I felt his pain in that manner as well and we retreated and went at it as usual.

The following week at school, everything thing seemed pretty normal for a change. I would see Aaron's friends now and again sans Josh who I was sure would go out of his way to avoid me. The one guy that got really weird was in fact, Mitch. One day he found me alone sitting under a tree reading a book during some free time. He plopped right down next to me. I looked up,


"Hey man," and he looked around us as if the police were near-by or something, "care to get together, have a little fun?" he said without looking at me. What the fuck? Even I looked around us as if I was in the Twilight Zone,

"You mean sex?" I asked fairly incredulous and sure that was not the question.

"Yea, but like, don't tell Aaron or nothing, OK? Just you and me," he replied, still no eye contact.  Damn!

"Mitch. You're not gay," I said.

Mitch looked at me, just looked, stared even and then sighed and looked ahead, "Yea, well. Let's just make sure Aaron and Josh think that, OK?"

His answer made my pulse race,

"Mitch? I said, you're not gay," I repeated.

Mitch then looked flustered and looked around us again for spying squirrels or something,

"I'm not so sure man. Hey, I gotta go. Call me, OK?" and handed me a phone number, got up and left me staring after him.

I looked at the number and by then he was out of sight. Just the thought of Mitch being a closeted fag like me left me in a state of horny bewilderment. One thing was for sure, this was one secret that I was pretty sure I was going to indeed share with Aaron. I was in no mood for any tricks, but why would Mitch trick me like that? Maybe it was true. Maybe.

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