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Obsession For My Little Brother - 2


PJ Franklin

Aaron let me stand on the wall for nearly ten minutes, my punishment pain having turned into this really hot, erotic ass-glow that made my dick rock hard. My shaved pubes made everything doubled, both for turn-on and for worry about what the guys would say in gym class in school the following week.

One thing was for sure. My arms were starting to seriously ache and threatening to make my dick totally limp; but just then I heard Aaron's voice,

"OK Donny, hands down, come on back please," I heard Aaron's "adult" voice. I walked back to him.

"How do you feel?" he asked. It was still hard to grasp that my fifteen year old little brother ever thought about feelings per se, much less mine,

"Pretty good Aaron," I replied trying hard not to sound too brown-nosey.

"Good for you, and I see Mr. Pud there is not too unhappy with things."

I looked down at "Mr. Pud" and half-smiled at it like a kid saddled with a beloved, but very naughty puppy-dog,

"No, pretty happy down there I guess."

"You did good Donny. OK. Now like I said before I want you to have some fun, so out with it, what would you like to do?"

The question made me feel like I was ten years old and Dad asking me what flavor of ice cream cone I wanted and I actually felt a blush coming on. There was no point (and a lot of available pain) for not being truthful, but I just couldn't look him in the eye right then,

"Um … I've always wanted to know what it would feel like … to wrestle with you Aaron. I mean, I don't know anything about wrestling but what little I've had in P.E. classes in school, and at that I was pretty pathetic. I guess, I would want you to … um … you know, get me under control and then grab at my testicles and you know, make them hurt a little and stuff."

My explanation felt awkward, but it was the best I could do. At least I finally did look up at him at the end to avoid looking like I was ten years old. Aaron got this funny smirk on his face, but it didn't seem particularly mean-spirited,

"Sort of like a serious game of grab ass, only on your nuts, right?" he responded causing me to dredge up long held fantasies about naked hot guys in high school locker rooms doing lots of grab ass as well as other things! I nodded silently in the affirmative.

"OK, tell you what. Over time I'll teach you how to wrestle properly and if you want to work at it, well, who knows what that might lead too. OK brother, put on your jockstrap, I'm going to strip down to mine too and now you can stare and look all you like, OK?"

Aaron's generous offer made me forget about next week in gym class, tomorrow or anything but the excitement of the right now! I slipped on the new jock strap suddenly realizing how much I had hated using jock straps in my gym classes over the years.

I smiled more widely now, the supporter's pouch was barely large enough to contain my erection and the crinkly nylon strap fabric felt oh so good rubbing over my dick's sensitive skin; but my attentions to myself were quickly diverted as I watched my hot little brother strip down and slip on his jock.

We had been naked together before, lots of times as kids, but not for a long while. My jaw dropped at Aaron's muscle development the most. Did he lift weights at school?

"So, what do you think, huh?" he asked, his hands confidently resting on his hips.

"Um … wow. You are pretty … pretty hot, I MEAN, really good looking!" I hedged.

"Tsk, tsk big brother, time to get over yourself. 'Hot' is just a word, what did I tell you?"

I sighed, "To be honest and hot, I MEAN, not hold back!"

So this is what a dork feels like, me stumbling over my words. Donny half-smiled as he rolled his eyes a little and rightfully so,

"Right and thanks for the compliment, OK Donny, listen up!"

Then we got down to it. Both from standing and kneeling positions, Aaron patiently taught me some opening positions. He told me that he didn't expect me to do anything much when we grappled and certainly not to try and prevail beyond my means.

He said my job was to try and defend and showed me how to attempt to do that. I knew I could at least challenge him a little with defense.

Then we went at it, skin to skin for real! My heart was pounding a mile a second in my chest and my dick was throbbing away in my jock strap. I then realized that Aaron's dick was soft and had been the whole time. Something inside of me was glad that he was not turned on, but I couldn't figure out why I felt that way.

We grappled arm to arm for awhile standing up and then he took me down and pretty easily too. When he did, I felt this sense of helplessness, but not threatened, just totally under his physical control; but I did what he instructed and diffused my center of gravity close to the floor and made it pretty tough on him to turn me over and pin me.

"Very good Donny! You've got more potential than I thought," he said sitting back on his rump and looking at me as I lay prone on my tummy, glad for the respite as I did not have a lot of endurance. Aaron's praise did feel really good!

"OK, now I'm gonna finish this off Donny. Fight me off the best you can."

We started again standing; but this time Aaron cut loose. I suddenly understood quite rapidly that good wrestling is a balance of strength, agility, speed and decisiveness. Aaron had all of those attributes in spades.

In about fifteen seconds I was totally in his grasp and at his mercy, almost completely upside down, thighs widely splayed apart and shoulders down for the count. I had tried but certainly was too incompetent to fight back.

I felt his fist latch strongly onto my nuts through my jockstrap pouch, his fingertips digging so nicely into the base of my sack. Then he skillfully brought me to the edge of pain and back again several times.

It was so much better than when I did it for myself and a definite recipe for my balls to unload should he choose to let me, but then I realized that I had not asked to go that far!

"OK Donny, satisfied?" he said after another round but not letting me move from my vulnerable position. Now I had my chance,

"Um … could you do that some more so that I can get off?" I boldly asked, proud of my bravado.

"So like, you want me to take you all the way by doing this with your nuts?"  Aaron confirmed, me getting super excited,

"Yes please Aaron!"

"Fine, but it will cost you Donny. We can stop here without penalty, but if I let you cum, you're ass is mine and I mean another serious punishment paddling, harder than the last one. You're choice!"

Oh fuck. I wanted to cum so badly and him manipulating my nuts to do it was a total goal, but could I stand another punishment paddling? As it presently stood, my ass was probably not going to sport any black and blue that the guys would see in the gym at school.

But if I got more (and the weekend was hardly getting started), I probably would sport the embarrassing evidences not to mention my shaved pubes. But I already knew what I was going to say,

"I want to go for it, please Aaron."

Aaron did not further comment and went to work, only he changed positions and straddled over my upside down torso in such a way that his naked jock-strap framed ass was right over my face! I could see into the depths of my little brother's butt crack and especially his perfect teen rosebud all within a few inches of my mouth!

My mind took a real hard lustful turn and I wished like hell he would just squat down and force me to lick off his sweaty crack and clean his musty bung hole with my tongue! But just then, I felt his fist grasp my testicles.

His fist squeezed, pulled, and yanked on my boy orbs, but quite carefully really. He would grind his fingertips into my sensitive perineum and oh boy did my dick like that! But where had he learned how to do this stuff? On himself? With others? No way on the latter.

The jockstrap pouch seemed confining at first, but the woven synthetic nylon pouch actually caused a lot of very nice friction. Then he tested me and really squeezed to the edge of my capacity.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" I was finally forced to verbally concede the pain and he would back off and then did it again!  Two more times he turned on the hard pressure, but didn't go overboard putting my dick right on a knife edge!

"OK kiddo, here you go!" Aaron announced and then to my great surprise, he reached inside of my supporter pouch, his bare hand on my naked nut sack!

That alone felt spectacular, a real first for me, but he was not finished. Aaron then forced my dick clean out and back from the pouch, causing it to rub really hard over the edge of the pouch providing the last extra friction and tipped me over the edge!

My groin exploded into this mind-bending, body trembling orgasm that had cum spewing like a geyser down my leg and onto the floor. Aaron finally let go of me and I fell down onto my back. I shook and trembled so hard because it felt so damn good, so much so that I almost felt like crying.

I couldn't help but to fist my still raging-hard organ to milk the last drops out and did, actually forgetting that Aaron was right there watching me. No other human had ever seen me touch myself, but Aaron seemed unconcerned as if it was no big deal.

I finished and just lay there on my back panting for air, Aaron sitting up on his rump and not panting. Nothing had been said for those few long moments. The room felt like a furnace not to mention a few long trails of sweat streaming down both of us.

"Good, wasn't it?" he finally asked sounding more like a smug movie critic and otherwise unmoved. Then he tossed me a T-shirt left by the side of my bed.

I used the T and wiped up the expelled mess grinning ear to ear, truly happy with what we had done, but was still thinking about being forced to eat out his hot jock butt.

"Yea, it was great. Thank you Aaron, that was very hot."

"You're welcome."

I then remembered my obligation and started to regret it some. I had already ejaculated twice. It wasn't that I hadn't beat off multiple times in one day, but never had two punishments and especially now that I knew what he was capable of, another paddling would not be so erotically pleasant as the first.

I sat up, "Guess I'm in for a good hard spanking?" I said gamely, maybe trying to avoid what I thought he was really going to give me.

"Yup," he said standing up and procured the paddle, "Follow me!"

I did and Aaron went down the hallway away from the kitchen and front room all the way to the end and into Dad's office! We never went in there, we weren't allowed. I stood in the doorway,

"But Aaron, you know we're not supposed to be in here without Dad!"

"Oh really? Dad can see us right now, can he? Just get your ass over here, now!" and my heart started to pound.

I was equal parts aghast as well as totally fascinated with my little brother's daring. Worse, he was pulling out the chair that Dad always used to spank us both in the past!

He sat, "Get your ass over my lap Aaron and no more lip. From now on, when you're in here with Dad for whatever reason, you'll remember that your little brother gave you a good whipping using the chair and in his office!"

I had no idea how much of an impression Dad's office had made on Aaron. I thought I was the only one who respected and cringed when I was in here.

I walked over biting my lower lip, my dick hardly able to get half-way up now. Aaron grasped my arm and pulled me the rest of the way over, tipping me over his front thigh and then locking down the back of my knees with his other strong jock leg.

"Hands back Aaron," he said and as I did so, I swear that I felt fearful, just like I did every time with Dad.

Aaron's strong hand easily held my wrists to my lower back.

"You're probably going to show some marks off in gym class on Monday, too bad Donny!" but I was not worried about Monday.

Aaron stared to paddle my butt and from the get go, it hurt like hell!

"This is to make sure you understand who's in charge!" Aaron said with a raised voice as he peppered my poor rump!

"OK! OK! OK! Please Aaron!" I squealed, but that paddle kept up pace and spread up and down crown to thigh for a hot fiery pass before he paused,

"No pain no gain big brother! You want to spew your stuff, you're gonna pay for it!" and I felt my face wince and tears start to flow as he did it again, yeouchhhhhhh!

"I understand! OK! It really hurts bad Aaron!"

He paused, "It's supposed too!' and then started in again, the pause barely worth anything and started a new barrage that didn't last as long. By now I was lurching and physically struggling against his grip on me not because I wanted or thought to escape, it was just instinct against the hard stinging licks!

"OK … you're looking pretty torn up back here Donny, so I'll stop. Just remember big brother, there's lots of this available if you care to screw up!"

"Yes Aaron, " I said having barely suppressed several sobs and felt his grips loosen on me then he helped me up.

My hands gently felt my punished ass cheeks. They were sore, swollen and a bit beyond beet red! It was pretty clear to me that Dad had never blistered my butt like Aaron just had. I tried to be positive about it, maybe the marks might distract from my shaved pubes in gym class.

"OK Donny, it's time for me to get my rocks off, let's go to my room," Aaron said and kind of just left the room.

I was scared to death that Dad might think we'd been messing around in his office and was careful to put everything back in place before I hustled to Aaron's room. When I got there, Aaron was sitting at his computer and when I saw what he was doing, my stomach kind of flew up into my throat.

"Aaron! You know Dad would beat your ass and ground you for life if he finds out you have porn on your computer!!"

"And is that your problem?!" he said, pushing back his chair and thrust down his jock strap turning to reveal himself to me.

OK, I knew what my little brother's dick looked like limp, but I had never seen it erect. Now he was rock hard and as Dad would say, Aaron (like myself) was a chip off the ol' block, very well endowed thank you very much!

Talk about shutting me up. I just gawked and my penis started to harden again.

"What's the matter Donny, nothing more to say about Dad? See something you want? So you know how to suck dick?"

I swallowed through a dry throat, "No, I don't" I said just a little shyly. I could neither imagine sucking on Aaron's monster much less taking it up my ass even if I wanted to.

"Good, 'cause you're gonna learn. Ever eat your own cum?" he then asked my eyes scanning his naked front side head to toe.

"Um, once. Tastes kinda funny," I said feeling weak in my knees for how hot I thought my little brother's body looked.

"Do ya think?!" Aaron said a bit sarcastically, "Too bad, you are gonna eat my spunk and your own as well, get used to it, starting right now. Get over here and on your knees!"

I walked over and glanced over at the computer screen. Some hugely hung guy was having his way with two blonde women with breasts as large as bowling balls. I was glad I wouldn't be able to watch even though I could hear the guy's loud moans and the women's screechings.

I kneeled in front of Aaron's erect penis, mine rock hard because of his and well, being made to do things for him.

"Open your mouth and I'll be with you in just a couple pulls!" Aaron grinned.

I had no idea what really to expect as I waited, the one-eyed monster aimed at my tonsils. Aaron looked over at the computer screen and then his hand slipped behind my head. I stiffened up a bit thinking he was going to shove that thing down my throat without warning.

"Calm down Donny, I'm not going to fuck your face, tonight that is," and then he started to stroke on himself and looked over at the computer action,

"Oh yea, fuck that hot … wet … girl pussy!!" and then he looked down at me.

"Just think Donny, someday soon, I'm gonna fuck your BOY pussy, make you scream like these women!"

Oh Jezuz! His words paddled my mind with their implications. I tried to be offended, I tried to be disgusted, but just then one of the women screamed,

"Oh god! Take it out, it's too Big! Oh Fuck!  OH GOD! … FUCK ME!"

I had no idea I could ever have anything in common with a female porn star and I closed my eyes imagining Aaron butt-fucking me doggie style.

Just then, Aaron exploded, "OH yeaaa, eat my shit!" Donny said and it was a good thing my hands came up to his hips just then. I was at risk to masturbate myself, but quickly became way too busy processing not only the taste of my little brothers flowing semen, but the sheer volume of it.

I tried to swallow, but it kind of gagged me and much of it came spewing out onto his floor. Aaron appeared not to care, occupied by his orgasm and getting as much out of it as he could.

"Whew, that was good, but you're gonna have to do better.  Now clean up the mess! I'm starved!"

He switched off his computer, "And don't you dare touch your dick for the rest of the night!" and walked out of the room, I presumed to the kitchen.

I fell onto my back and stared at my erection, "Sorry Pud, just go away, my ass is too sore to make you happy."

I cleaned up the mess on Aaron's bedroom floor and just about the time I walked out the door, he came down the hallway,

"Mom and Dad left money to eat out. Get cleaned up and dressed, you're gonna drive us to get burgers, shakes and fries!"

We did and we both acted as if nothing had happened at all while we were out. After we got home, his instruction was pretty plain,

"Get your ass to bed, Dad left a list of crap for us to do tomorrow and I got a match at the school tomorrow night," and then he disappeared presumably to talk to his friends on the phone for the rest of the night.

I took a shower and didn't even get hard. My ass was still very sore and flecks of black and blue were already appearing at the edges of Aaron's attentions.

As I gingerly sat on the edge of my bed I at least gave myself a break. Second guessing opening Pandora's (Aaron's) Box was not an option. It was too late and quite frankly, the turn-on was fantastic, at least so far.

I wasn't so sure about sucking and fucking and all that, if Aaron was serious. You can have fantasies, but the real thing might be real different and not what you think!

And as I lay down under the bed covers on my tummy, I could not help but cringe at the thought of anyone else finding out or getting involved in all of this. A feeling of helplessness came over me, but I wasn't in control of any of it now. I gave my sore rump one last gentle rub and went to sleep.

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