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Obsession For My Little Brother - 3


PJ Franklin

“Ouuuuu!"came flying out of my mouth as my hands flew back to my derriere, I was suddenly awake from sleep. Bad dream? Nope, no sleeping nightmare, it was all too real!

Each ass cheek was recalling my punishments from the day before plus the new sting of two hard spanks. The cause of my new suffering was standing at my bedside, Aaron's hands solidly on his narrow hips having delivered my little wake-up call times two,

“Rise and shine buttwad!! I'm not gonna waste away half a Saturday working on Dad's shit like we always do. We got other stuff to do, so get your ass out of bed, NOW!"

I always sleep nude and kick off covers in my sleep and in this case, I was still on my tummy, my butt an easy and obvious target. I wanly looked up at Aaron. Jezuz! How does he always look so damn hot and sexy and so early too?

He was shirtless, torturing me with his developed pecs and sure signs of a six pack, but my eye drifted quickly down to the prominent soft bulge in his favorite soccer shorts, taunting me with its likely future need. I slowly sat up, that is winced-up, my morning wood pretty randy as usual and then I stood up next to him.

“And after we do chores, we're going shopping and then some of the guys are coming over to watch some football this afternoon as usual … and tonight, I'm driving us in the car to the match," Aaron stated with unusual pleasure in his face.

I cringed first at the thought of having some of Aaron's college football fanatics over while Mom and Dad were not here, but that was not my real concern,

“Oh come on Aaron, you don't have a license to drive and why are we going shopping? Did Mom leave a list or something?"

“No, no list and you are going to pay for your new clothes and yes, I am driving tonight, so get over it!"

“New clothes? I don't need any … “ and then Aaron's hand shot out and landed four more spanks in rapid succession sending me up on my tip-toes, my hands flying back to protect my stinging ass from more. One thing was for sure; my mind was instantly emptied of further protests, at least for now.

“Mind yourself Donny unless you want to start out the day over my knee! Now put your jock on and your runners and get to the kitchen to eat something before we get started."

“Fine! I'll just dress now then" I said and reached for my T-shirt which was quickly snatched from my hands.

A finger pointed at me, “No, no other clothes big brother, only your jock until we go shopping."

What?! Oh god. Naked? I knew I had to shut up about it and hope the chores did not involve any or only a few quick trips to the front of the house where others could see me.

Nearly two tortuous hours later …

It turns out that Dad needed a whole lot of crap put on the curb from the garage and back yard. So, guess who was both mentally exhausted and physically spent from darting like a mischievous little boy in and out of the privacy gate back and forth to the curb?

Yea, me. As it was, Aaron made me do most (really all) of the work while he talked on the phone with his friends and it was doubly hard and nerve wracking trying like hell to avoid being seen essentially naked, my bare ass hanging out from my jock strap!

Was I successful to keep my dignity? Hell no!

“Nice ass Wagner! Did you forget to dress this morning!?" Kyle Petrie laughed hysterically from his car as he slowly drove by me. The haughty junior jock jerk lived at the end of the block, thank god he wasn't one of Aaron's peeps.

Others just shook their head, the adults looking like I should be arrested, any kids looking like I was a complete loser. Since when had our quiet street become a major boulevard of traffic?!

* * * * * * * * * *

All I could do was to try and concentrate on safely driving us to the mall, fully boned up on account that I could no longer enjoy my usual morning wank-off. I got to wear clothes to the mall, but Aaron made me wear my jock strap under a slightly tight pair of old jeans from when I was his age and not my usual comfy boxers.

This did not even count that my butt was still healing from the punishments from the day before and the jeans were worn out in such a way as to be really scratchy and made my butt itch! I was not used to this bare ass on denim thing.

“Horny much?" Aaron sarcastically commented with a half-cocked smile from the right seat. I felt like an older teen chauffeur for a younger, snobbish teen idol.

I said nothing, using the heavy traffic around us to turn my head and pretend I heard nothing. Then Aaron's voice wafted over, sounding just a little pissed off,

“You know Donny, I was thinking that we shouldn't be so hard on your dick today and give it lots of rest, what do you think?"

What did I think? I was used to beating off at least three times a day for months now. My nuts had been driving me insane BEFORE I had allowed Aaron into my secret (and safe) life of imagined sexual kicks, much less now!

I just closed my eyes but for just a moment and begged Mom and Dad to come home as early as possible on Sunday. Maybe an earthquake or a convenient alien invasion to distract him?

“Sure Aaron, whatever you say," I said shrinking down into my seat, managing some surprising calm on the outside, but on the inside my gut was churning and after the morning I just had, I had a real sinking feeling about the rest of the day.

* * * * * * * * * *

We arrived at the mall without further conversation and all seemed well until we started out at an otherwise a cool mall kiosk that custom made T-Shirts with anything you wanted. In fact, Aaron knew the guy and after he told me to go stand out of the way by some fake potted tree, he engaged the guy. By the looks on their faces, Aaron had cooked something up for me that was not going to be to my liking.

The kiosk was quickly forgotten however as he then took me into this kind of smallish out of the way low end  kids clothing store, the one you don't want to be seen by your friends entering because it is neither cool nor chic in any way.

Worse? There were Moms and their young sons, all looking a lot younger than me, all of them hating being there, obviously having wanted to be in the high end teen clothing stores and not this one.

Just being there among them at my age was bad enough, but when Aaron started to lead me around by my nose just like those Moms were leading their kids and he was choosing all of my “new" clothes for me, I felt like melting into the floor.

Then I noticed that something was not at all right with the stuff he gathered!

“Aaron? That's not my size, I wear … “ and was abruptly cut off by a sharp verbal knife,

“Donald Alan Wagner! I don't need any lip from you, you've been cross and contrary all morning long! It's a good thing we're in public because if we were at home, I'd give your naughty bare bottom a good hard spanking!"

The whole store stopped what they were doing, all of the young boys in my line of sight staring at me with shit-eating grins. But I was too stunned by Aaron using my full formal name out loud in public to mind their scornful, snotty looks. It was just like when Mom or Dad would scold me over the years when I was in big trouble!

Then, out of the corner of my eye came what looked like an older female shopkeeper. I was sure, POSITIVE in fact that she would confront Aaron both with his outburst and hopefully for him looking so young and disrespectful towards me, his obvious elder.

Maybe this unreasonable power play of his would be at least temporarily shattered and though I might have hell to pay later, I would but for a brief moment get just a little pleasure from her scolding him.

She came up to us, “May I help you sir, is there a problem?" and that was addressed to Aaron! Sir?

“I am so sorry Mam, you see, he's my older brother and he's well … um, it's a long story and well, my parents, they're away and all and … “

The lady put up her hand and went on a manic rant that left me speechless,

“Don't say another word young man, I completely understand. When I was a little girl, my older sister, well she was … let's say, kind of not all there and I had to help with things like this too. And don't worry about talking aloud about spankings. When my boys act out in public, Henry is ten and Billy is twelve, I keep a small hairbrush in my purse and even though stores now-a-days don't like it, I pull that brush out and use it right then and there sometimes! Why, I've had Moms take their naughty boys into the back dressing room and give them a very good spanking, right here on the premises!"

You should have seen the priceless look on Aaron's face, a cross between wanting to back away from “crazy- ass shop lady" and “Is this my lucky day or what??!"

As for me, I was entirely preoccupied repeating the phrase “OH shit!" over and over in my mind, my knees physically trembling a little and worse, my naked butt cheeks involuntarily clenching against the denim of those old jeans causing my dick to automatically start to harden right there in front of her!

And then she rounded on me, her bony finger pointing,

“Young man! If I were you, I'd mind your manners while you are here in MY store and give him the respect he deserves!"

The look on Aaron's face now was “Jackpot!" and the boys around us were grinning, giggling or whispering words like “loser," “dweeb," and “retard."

I gulped, enveloped by a sheepish cloud and quickly nodded at her, my brow furrowed by the horrible realization that if Aaron wanted to, he could do just as she suggested and my dick would be at risk to betray me without question as well!

“Thank you for your understanding mam, say, you wouldn't happen to have that hairbrush here in the store?" Aaron asked with his mind-controlling puppy-dog eyes and dimpled grin.


“Why yes I do! Let me get it for you!" she said with sickening satisfaction.

Now the boys around me started to snicker and their Moms stared at me disapprovingly as if my behavior was leading their precious sons down Perdition's godless path.

My fists clenched and I closed my eyes and wished I could transport to anywhere, just not stay here. The lady quickly returned and handed Aaron a thing that was not small! Just how big was this lady's purse?

“Now, do you have a good hairbrush at home like this?" she asked Aaron. What was she? Some kind of idiot? Didn't she see that he was just a kid too and not a parent?

“Why no mam, we have a very good spanking paddle, but for some reason, Donald Alan here has not taken properly to it!" with his voice raised like so that no word was lost on any straining ears.

“Then you keep that and use it! I can get another very easily!" the lady said but was not finished, “And, if you decide, you may take him to the far back of the dressing room row and well … try it out!"

What?! What kind of business was this?! And she was a BITCH for giving Aaron another weapon!

“Thank you mam, you've been a great help and we're going to buy some clothes, after I deal with Donald Alan in the back," and he grabbed my upper arm and I almost stumbled for how much I started to shake and could not resist his physical command of my walking much less the feeling that I was just Aaron's “younger" kid brother getting a good lesson in humility!!

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Moms and boys following us, not all of them, but just enough that whatever I was headed for, was going to be well overheard!

* * * * * * * * * *

“Please Aaron, I'm so sorry! Please don't do this!" I said now on my knees begging him aloud behind the closed but very sound-leaky shuttered changing room door.

I heard my own words and they were sincere, but deeper down there was this tiny little demon yelling, “You know you want him to do it!" I screamed at the little bastard in my mind, “Nooooo! I don't, this isn't right!!"

He loomed over me, foot tapping, arms crossed and his fist holding that “giant" wooden hairbrush that I knew could bring me to tears.

“No, do it! Whip his sorry ass!" a boy encouraged from outside the door and the other boys snickered or outright guffawed.

Aaron's head turned just slightly towards the boy's voice and the corner of Aaron's mouth lifted, a look of power came over his face that made me get a cold shiver and just then, he glared down at me,

“Donny! I will not put up with your attitude, but given the fact that you needed paddlings twice yesterday, I will not use this fine hairbrush right now, but … you are still going to get a bare bottom spanking, stand up!"

Funny how grateful I felt that my bottom was to be spared the brush, at least for then. Suddenly, small things mattered no matter how childish they were and I felt at the moment.

Thankfully, there was not room to put me over his knee, but neither did that or I stop him. He pulled me up and turned me to the wall next to the mirror length back wall,

“No pants for you mister!" and he pulled my jeans down off of my jock-strap framed bare bottom.

I tried to just squeeze my eyes closed to shut out the temptation to look in the mirror as well as block the embarrassment of who I knew was listening to all of this on the other side of the door, but curiosity got the better of me. I couldn't help myself and teeth gritted like crazy, I just had to turn my head to my right and look at the mirror's reflection as Aaron's hand blurred its way up and down my rapidly reddening cheeks!

“Maybe you'll think twice next time!" he said after a pause and I noticed my dick was only maybe half-hard, but I already knew that was temporary.

He started up again and I gamely fought off saying anything and especially begging for him to stop, but I wanted too, it hurt!!

“Now, can we please just shop and stop disturbing all of those fine people out there?" he said finally stopping the last barrage, my backside just glowing like crazy!

“Yes Aaron," I practically whispered, sniffing back some snot feeling two foot tall and just as young as those boys who had listened in.

I tried comforting myself by thinking that at least none of my friends or Aaron's would be in a shop like this and that I had not recognized any of the boys I had seen so far.

“Corner time for you!" and he made me step out of the pants at my feet and then took me out of the room and stood me nose to the wall next to the door, my naked, red seventeen year old buttocks in full view of everyone!! Fuck!!!

“Stay here and don't move a muscle!" and then he left me alone like that! This couldn't be happening to me!! It wasn't legal for him to do this to me, was it? Couldn't that crazy-ass shop lady get in trouble or something for allowing it?

Now I did squeeze my eyes shut like I used to do when I was five and afraid of the Boogey Man. Well, no Boogey Man could match my little brother now!

“Way to go loser!" one boy said before his Mom scolded him just a little and lead him away.

The others just giggled or snorted and otherwise seemed to get bored with me over the short time except for one boy who when I glanced to the side to look at him, looked about ten. He was a ginger (a red-haired boy) and I secretly hated gingers because when I was seven, one got me in big trouble with Dad for something I didn't do. Dad spanked the living daylights out of me right in front of his grinning face!

His eyes widened as he looked at my now very overly full jock-strap pouch. I was trying to keep myself and it as close to the wall as possible.

“Hey Mom! Why is this kid's dick so hard? Hey mister, are you a PERVERT?" he asked in this awful high-pitched piercing voice.

“Peter, get away from him! Right now!" a Mom's voice scolded.

The other Moms in the vicinity all huffed or clucked and “tsked" their tongues bringing back a vision of when I was like eight and Mom would do that just before saying to me, “Just you wait until your father gets home young man!"

The boys jeered, whistled, chortled or blurted more humiliating words at me, making comments about my red spanked ass, some of them just making my dick react even more excited like, “Hey kid! You like being spanked? What a freaking whack-job!" or worse.

I swallowed and closed my eyes to try and ignore him and all of them in back of me besides being preoccupied with a dick that was ragingly angry with me now. It really needed satisfaction and I was inching closer to the edge, no matter that I didn't want to.

My mind was kicking its feet like a five year old over his Dad's knee, the spanking too awful to stand anymore, wanting the awful discomfort just to be over and done! I could not even imagine the trouble I would get into with Aaron if I lost control standing out here!

Just then a bigger boy arrived by the smaller boy's side,

“Peter! Go back to Mom, Scram!" and the little boy took off.

Thankfully the bigger boy did not look familiar and he wasn't a ginger, in fact he was pretty damn cute, but I still  started to get a real sinking feeling.

“What the fuck are you doing flashing yourself to my little brother!? Hey! Don't I know you?"

I turned my head and started to panic but I gamely tried to stay calm,

“No, no. Hey look, I'm kind of busy here, could you just … “

“Yea! You're Aaron Wagner's big brother! Shit!" he hissed at me. Oh God! Another one of Aaron's millions of peeps?

“No, no, I don't know any Aaron Wagner … please … “ and then he got in real close and his hand came out of nowhere and grabbed my testicles!! What the fuck!? A complete stranger grabbing at my nads?!

“We don't like faggots around here, are you a faggot?" and then he squeezed and I tried to resist, but it was too late!

He let go and I let go, more like blew my load. My orgasm took me over completely, mind, body and soul as the kid stepped back,

“What the fuck!? You ARE a pervert! You deserve a spanking!" and then he off and walloped me on m sore spanked ass with his hand really hard like five times and I could do nothing as semen soaked my jock pouch and spewed the wall in front of me!

How could such a great feeling also feel like a complete and total loss of my tender ego and manhood! It was all too late, Aaron was going to kill me!

“Donny!!" the voice sharp and familiar.  It was Aaron. I froze. He was at my one side and the store lady at the other. I was dead meat! I squeezed my eyes shut and waited for him to explode!

“I'm so sorry Mam, Donny, he has this delicate medical condition with his genitals, he loses control, it's a brain thing … the doctors are not very hopeful, “ Aaron said in even adult tones.

“Oh, don't worry Mr. Wagner, I completely understand. I'll get this mess cleaned up …

“Oh no mam, Donny knows he has to clean it up. It's happened before, right Donny?"

I sighed. I was so confused and brow beaten. I had no idea what Aaron's ploy was now, it didn't matter,

“Yes sir, yes mam" came flying spontaneously out of my mouth as my mind totally cringed. I had just called my little brother “sir" ??

“Oh, OK! I'll go get some rags."

“Thank you mam, but that's OK, don't bother yourself. Donny knows that he has to use his own garments for that. I'll dress him up in his new clothes afterwards."

My stomach knotted up really tightly now. What was he going to make me do??

“Oh very well then!" she said like a total clueless ditz and left.

“Get in the room!" Aaron said very tensely.

We went inside, me bathed in a thick white ooze of shame, head down and expecting a full blown lecture and worse right then and there.

There was this longish pause during which I could not look up at him. His arms were folded and he heaved this great big sigh,

“Donny, it's not your fault. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have left you alone, the temptation to … “ and then I looked up and blurted out of nowhere like an idiot,

“But I didn't! I swear Aaron, some kid that thought he knew me and you, he … he … “

“He what? What did he do? What's his name? I didn't see anyone I know in here Donny? What are you talking about?"

“I don't know, he looked your age," and then my head dropped back down. I didn't want to risk Aaron to think I was lying. If the kid got away with murder, then he got away with murder.

Aaron's finger rather gently lifted my chin back up. Truthfully, right then I was on the very tender edge of frustration and dejection and even tears, very shaken.

His hand gently squeezed my shoulder JUST like Dad had in the past, his voice manly and commanding,

“Donny, you gotta be truthful now, did you or did you not masturbate yourself on purpose and are afraid to tell me?"

What could I say? What would Aaron really believe? What did I want him to believe? And yes, what was I really afraid of?

* * * * * * * * * *

Longish story, short. Aaron helped me to dress in my new undersized white briefs and jeans. Then I had to take the stinky, cummy jock strap and clean up the rest of my blown load into the jock pouch and when I was done, he held out an opaque white plastic bag,

“Put it in here, this is going to be a part of your punishment at home. I think you know how."

My tummy clenched hard. I had never before thought of what I now feared that he had in mind, but instantly knew what he would make me do. Yet another battle for my soul started, this one I knew I had to beat away or risk becoming, well, I didn't know what really!

I had completely forgotten about the T-shirt kiosk, but Aaron didn't forget. We went back to the kiosk and I paid for my new T-shirts, but not before I was made to look at both of them. What I saw made that  battle for my soul intensify by ten fold. The first white T said on the front in bold big black letters:

Well Spanked!

Below the “Well Spanked" letters was a huge black down pointing arrow towards the obvious. On the back of that T-shirt was the phrase:

Needs More Spanking!

Once again, the black arrow pointing to the obvious. I was chagrinned enough with that T-shirt, much less the next one:

I'm A Good Boy, Please Don't Spank Me!

And on the back:

I'm A Good Boy, Spank Me Anyway!

My dick was raging hard by now of course just looking at these monstrosities. I just stared at each one, incredulous. This was a joke right? RIGHT?? I didn't dare say anything to Aaron at that moment and kept my outward calm,

“Thanks Aaron," and then quickly stuffed them in their bag as we started to walk to the car, hoping to God they were just to wear around the house in front of Aaron without anyone else on the planet seeing either of them on my body.

Around the corner of that thought was the cold truth, several in fact. I couldn't bear right then to look around that corner.

* * * * * * * * * *

Readers: Help Donny and Aaron out! Donny is going to need more T-Shirts made over time at the mall kiosk with clever sayings similar to those above. Send Mr. Franklin your suggestions by Email ( )for front and back.

Mr. Franklin will decide which ones and when they get into Donny's story closet collection, a few of which Aaron will make Donny wear in future story chapters. Have a handle ready for Mr. Franklin to give credit to those that get chosen for either role and wish to have recognition. All submissions will be acknowledged, but please do not be offended if yours does not get chosen or worn!

Aaron grins , “Get busy and Thanks!" Donny says nothing and just looks totally chagrinned.

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