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Obsession For My Little Brother - 5


PJ Franklin <>

It seemed a bit too soon to leave the house to go to the wrestling matches, but I was already having to waddle out to the car with Aaron and his friends on account of my freshly laundered one size too small jeans. They were barely wearable before I had unwisely creamed them, now they were riding up my ass crack, rubbing on my butthole and roughly compressing my junk out front like a pair of ill-fitted ballet tights!

I had to be careful to not bend over too far for fear I would rip the seat out! I tried to reason that I was told to not wear a jock or underwear under the jeans before we left because there simply was no more room inside my jeans for them; however, the way Aaron and his friends giggled and grinned among themselves when they gave me the bad news had me super worried.

I had also tried to leave my special T-shirt at home, putting on a plain white one under a non-descript jacket. Jules caught me on that one,

"Wear the spanking-T little boy or you're gonna get another ass whippin' before we leave!" he sternly teased me!

"Yes sir," I carefully replied, blushing like hell at how easily the words just slipped out of my throat like I had been caught doing something really naughty.

Sitting in the back seat between Jules and Russ was another torture. My butt was still a little tingly from paddling, the itch was really irritating and now the friction on my butthole was starting to stir my cock.

"Please be careful Aaron!" I pleaded from the back seat and just then Aaron gunned the engine while in reverse and shot us backward into the street,

"Aaron!!" I shouted as the car jerked around.

"What's the matter pussy-boy, don't want a fun car ride?" Josh teased from the front seat as everyone laughed at my expense.

"Keep your trap shut Donny, I can drive better than you!" Aaron glared at me. I slunk down into my seat both to avoid his glare and to take the pressure off of my compressed ass and crotch.

I immediately knew we were not headed for the school and soon ended up parking in Russ's home driveway. I was told to get out of the car and frantically tried to determine that somehow his parents and especially his big sister were not home.

It's really sad when you feel like you've needlessly expended any amount of luck on something as stupid as hoping for isolation; but I did get lucky, no parents, no sister. I was marched into the front room and told to "stay put" while Russ took everyone else down a hallway and out of my sight.

When they all re-appeared I saw the looks on their faces and felt something really evil was afoot. I could not have guessed what happened next.

"Time for punishment Aaron, "Russ said with a huge smirk in his voice.

I started to shake a little by him just saying those words. He was holding something behind his back, I thought some kind of spanking implement.

"Strip those jeans off now boy!" Russ commanded. I nodded and figured I was getting another ass whipping of some kind and amount.

"Yes sir," I respectfully said and in a way it was a relief to peel down the tight jeans and release my uncomfortable flesh.

"On your knees!" Russ commanded as the others nodded and grinned their collective approvals. I did as he said and looked up at him as he stepped forward.

"Lookie what I have for you!" and then my eyes were totally punished by the sight of the most horribly frilly pink girls undies!

"Now BEG me for the privilege of wearing these under your super tight jeans you little pussy boy!" Russ commanded.

"No! No! Please Russ! Not that!" I whimpered. I could do a lot but not this! I was a boy! I did NOT fantasize about wearing girl shit!

"I SAID BEG!" he shouted.

I bit my bottom lip. I had to do it, but it was awful, "Please Russ, please may I please wear girls undies!"

"Not so fast! Tell us all why you like them, huh? After all, these are my sister's, don't you just love them?"

I cringed, Russ's sister Amanda was a total bitch! I was trapped! Aaron was staring at me as well, not a good thing!

"Um … they're so … um … pretty and pink and … " and I choked a little.

"And what, huh? Tell us so we all can see you ENJOY IT!" Russ pushed.

And just then I looked down. My fucking dick was getting excited. I hated the way I was losing control of everything!

I closed my eyes. Maybe if I put on a good show, they would be satisfied and leave me alone!

I reached out and tried to grab them,

"Please Russ, please sir, I need them I want them! I love girls panties! Please, please let me wear them, PLEASE SIR!"

Russ wadded them up and threw them at me, "What a wuss, sure have a ball pussy-boy, put 'em on!" he laughed.

"Hopeless!" Josh said. "Pathetic!" Jules added and Aaron just rolled his eyes, "What a wiener."

Just handling them was creepy, but nothing like feeling the smooth, silky surface pull up over my ass and my dick. I was used to cotton, these were some kind of sheer, slippery fabric crap. But the worst was just looking down as my erection now shamelessly poked out the side making the awful white frills stand out even more. I'd rather been paddled for an hour!

I thought I just had to wear them for a while in the privacy of Russ's house, but then he told me to put my jeans on. I looked at Aaron and begged him with my eyes and was turned down. I put on my small jeans and had to stuff some of the frilly fabric edges back into the jeans at the end.

Aaron looked at my swollen crotch, "Don't even think about creaming off now Donny. You'll really regret it!"

I thought there was no chance of that. I was aroused in my pants, but not in my mind. I was too scared.

Time seemed a blur now. What should have been great fun anticipating ogling hot high school wrestlers in tight erotic singlets had turned into a frantic mission to hide both my presence in the gymnasium as well as my own clothing humiliations.

Aaron and his buddies disappeared into the boy's locker room to prepare for their match with a cross-town rival. I found what seemed a safe corner to lurk as students and family filed into the gym.

Fortunately, nobody I much knew ever came to these things. Finally the match got underway and when it did, I forgot about naughty T-shirts and frilly girl panties.

Aaron, Jules, Josh and Russ all filled out their gear in a way that took my mind off everything but the way their jock bulges and perfect round asses filled their singlets. One after the other, all four boys made me wish to God that I was each of their opponents, getting my body pretzeled up into positions I thought best suited for a hot male-male sexual liaison rather than a "family friendly" high school sport.

Needless to say, they all were triumphant as was most of their team that night. Everyone's eyes were on them and not me and I thought I had survived until at the end I was told to "get my ass into the locker room."

I had never been invited into the humid inner sanctum of jock nakedness after a match. My eyes were instantly filled with the sights of naked boys fresh from the showers, snapping towels at each other's naked butts, limp penises flopping wildly about. I just stood there a few long moments, my mind drooling when a firm hand grabbed my arm,

"Over here big brother and stop staring!" Aaron hissed. I huddled myself, jacket closed, at his locker as he toweled himself off.

Jules, Josh and Russ showed up not long after having dressed in T's, soccer shorts and runners. Then around the corner came wrestling Coach Taylor. I gulped.

"Great match boys. And who is this?" the large man looked at me.

"My big brother Coach, Donny," Aaron said all eyes on me.

I slowly stood and extended my hand, "Nice to meet you Coach!" I said.

If I could impress Coach Taylor in front of my brother and his friends I might actually work my way back into their good graces. Coach Taylor extended his right hand to shake mine.

Suddenly I saw a ring of keys in his right palm fall to the floor. Without thinking, I quickly bent over to pick them up. A grand gesture, right?

When my ears filled with the loud ripping noise from my compromised jeans, my chance at redemption ripped right with them.  Loud guffaws were quickly silenced when Coach saw the pink panties through the wide gap in my seat and Aaron's scowling voice filled my ears,

"Donny! What the hell is this? You came to the gym wearing girls underwear?! This is humiliating!!"

"But I … I … but … " I stammered about as helpless as I had ever felt!

"I'm sure your father will be very interested in this young man!" Coach Taylor said, " … and what is this?" Coach said pulling open my jacket revealing my T-shirt's unique theme!

"Donny!!" Aaron with great displeasure.

"It' just a dare, a joke sir!" I said, my voice fading at the end.

"A joke?! I have a good mind to call your Dad now young man!" Coach Taylor boomed.

"Um, you can't sir! He and Mom aren't home until tomorrow!" I said with great alarm!

"Then who is in charge?!" Coach asked.

I looked at Aaron, then at the other boys and quietly said, "Well, I was supposed to be sir."

"Some role model you are for your little brother young man. A T-shirt about spanking and wearing girl's underwear? If I were your Dad, you'd be getting a whipping of major proportions!"

"I'm sure he will!!" Aaron glared at me, the other boys looking oh so happy at my predicament.

I was not willing to risk Mom and Dad finding out,

"Please sir! I made a huge mistake, massive poor judgment! My Dad will kill me. Please, please, can you please just punish me yourself and not tell my Dad?!"

I was frantic and apparently it worked. Coach Taylor looked at me, then at Aaron, "What do you think Aaron?"

All eyes were not on him. Aaron sighed,

"Well, to tell the truth sir, I think it's better that Dad not find out. I'm sure Donny has learned his lesson … if you give him a good hard paddling that is!"

I looked at Aaron, bizarrely grateful for his support just then. Coach Taylor looked thoughtfully at each one of us, then at me,

"Very well! But only this time. Into my office ALL of you!" he barked. I blew out my cheeks with relief, but that relief did not last long.

When we got to into the office, I saw Coach's paddle hanging on the wall in back of his desk. It was twice as large as anything at home and looked very painful.

"Get those jeans off mister, but since you seem to like girl's panties, leave those on!" he commanded as he walked from in back of his desk to my side.

I shucked the torn jeans. Aaron took them from me.

"Bend over the end of the desk Donny," Coach commanded. I did, my cowardly penis huddled up nearly invisibly into my body.

I got into position and Coach walked around in back of me. Suddenly, the pressure in my ass crack tripled! He had grabbed the back of my panties and pulled them upwards! Now I had a huge wedgie of girl panties exposing my tender ass cheeks!

"Ten hard ones mister!" he announced. I formed two fists, placed them solidly on the desktop and pressured my forehead down into them.

"You are a disgusting little boy Donny!"  THWACKKK! … WHAPP! … two searing swats blistered my butt!

"You had better right your ship young man, you are supposed to be a role model!"  THWACKKK!! … CRAACCKK!!

"Yes sirrrrr!" I whimpered loudly, finding it impossible not to clench my newly throbbing butt cheeks!

"Girl's panties! Are you some kind of pervert?!"  CRAACCKK!! … SMACKK!!

"No SIRR!!" I yelled and my knees were jumping and my hips weaving side to side!

"The only truth in it is your T-shirt!!"  WHAPP!! … THWACKKK!!

"YEESSSIRRRRR" I replied tears running down my face.

"The very idea boy!!" and Coach delivered the last two swats … CRAACCKK!! … SMACKK!!

"OH! OH! Thank you sir! I'll never do it again sir! I promise sir!" I said jumping up and down, my hands flying back to my seared tail to rub at my tortured butt cheeks!

"You had better not and me find out! Now out of here ALL of you!"

* * * * * * * * * *

Sitting in the car on the ride home from Coach Taylor's paddling was a bitch! Aaron had given me a pair of soccer shorts to wear and I still had the panties on as well. My ass was sore and itchy and by the time we reached home I was so very ready to get out, it all felt like extended punishment.

"Go to your room and behave!" Aaron commanded.

"Yea, march dumbshit!" Josh spanked my ass hard to propel me down the hallway, everyone chuckling at my expense.

I entered my room and slipped into my bed on my tummy. I reached back to peel down the soccer shorts so that my hands could soothe my sore cheeks; but when I went to pull down the panties, I paused because my dick was hard again! I despised the panties knowing whose they really were and yet their soft silky surface felt so good against my dick.

"No, no, no!" I pounded my fists into my bed pillow as I shamelessly humped my dick inside the sensuous female garment against the bed covers below.

"Stop it Donny … " I tried to chide myself, " … haven't you had enough trouble today?" but I could not resist humping a bit more so I lay my head down, closed my eyes and gently humped the bed promising myself to not go too far.

I occupied my mind over the next minutes with a review of my day under Aaron's control including my punishments, but especially having to suck off Aaron and all of his friends. That really made it hard not to go all the way and cream the panties!

I finally stopped. I had to or risk shooting a load without Aaron's permission and as it was, I had two more punishments to go.

I reached back and felt for my sore cheeks. The panties were in the way, but instead of slipping them down as I should have, I grabbed at the center and gave myself a gratuitous wedgie as Coach Taylor had done.

Oh that felt good so good in my ass crack, the smooth silky fabric rubbing so nicely over my butthole. I squeezed my cheeks together and that felt even better. I reached back with my hands and gently pinched at my sore bottom as I murmured,

"You are a bad boy Donny! You need a spanking!" and then started to hump the bed again.

"You sure fucking do!!" the loud voice boomed behind me! I nearly jumped out of my skin swiftly flipping over to my back!

Aaron and Josh were looming over me, soon joined by Russ and Jules.

"Well, well Donny, can't give it a rest for five minutes huh?" Aaron scowled.

"I didn't do anything!" I complained.

"So what if you didn't, you're dead meat anyway! Your turn to punish numb-nuts, Josh!" Aaron announced.

"Oh yea! Get up and march to the kitchen, bitch!" Josh ordered me.

The kitchen!? I went, Josh and the boys following.

"Let's see. What can we find in here to punish you with, hmmm?" Josh said and started to open drawers. I cringed when he came upon an obvious choice and held up Mom's big wooden spoon!

I could remember all too well, Mom had used that very spoon to pop her sons on their bare bottoms or legs. The curved convex surface seemed ideal to reach places that I hoped Josh was not familiar with.

"OK, here's the thing Josh. Let's leave his butt alone this time," Aaron challenged Josh.

Josh looked at Aaron a bit confused, but Jules was helper boy, "No problem man, does his butthole count?"

"Yea, how about his dick and his balls, do they count?" Russ suggested.

Oh fuck! I looked at Aaron easily giving away my dread. He of course grinned, "Nope, have at 'em!"

"Hey, I gotta idea!" Jules said and the boys all huddled away from my hearing. What torturous punishment was I in for now?

"Josh, you stay here with Donny, we'll be back in a bit. Make us snacks bitch! If he gives you any lip or trouble Josh, use the wooden spoon!" Aaron suggested.

I hated that Aaron was driving the car with me in it, much less without me now. Dad would kill me if anything happened with Aaron driving, but there was nothing I could do about it and helplessly watched them leave.

I had never been alone with any of Aaron's friends and I felt even more nervous being alone with Josh. I had sucked his dick earlier in the day and my mind's fantasies about having to do more with him doing more than just sucking dick were running wild in my head.

"Gezuz Donny, making snacks turn you on? What's with the boner?" Josh rolled his eyes at me as he sat slumped down in a kitchen chair, knees widely spread, lewdly holding the wooden spoon upright with two hands tucked tightly up to his crotch.

He was bare chested in a loose pair of wrestling program gym shorts with some kind of red sexy bikini underwear underneath. Like Aaron and the rest, he was pretty well hung and I could almost make out the outline of the big dickhead I had sucked on earlier.

"Nothing," I said looking at him, my eyes casting glances at his crotch for a few moments before I returned to making five P, B and J's.

"Nothing my ass. Admit it Donny, you're getting your rocks off with all of this, but I will say this, you are a good cocksucker. Bet you'd love to suck mine off again, wouldn't you?"

I blew my cheeks out. My boner, as Josh put it, was throbbing again. I swallowed hard. I turned my head,

"What if I do?" I asked him and then went back to my chore, sure that he was going to give me some sort of smart-ass answer.

"Take your punishment good and you can feed on my big meat … Donny-boy!"

That meant he would use the spoon to roast my tender butthole and my nutsack; but it wasn't like he wasn't going to anyway. The sandwiches done, I sighed,

"OK, I'm ready for my punishment Josh."

"A good hard whipping on your hole and your balls with this spoon, now get on your knees and beg for it!"

I kneeled on the hard kitchen linoleum in front of him, my cock madly twitching inside of my shorts,

"Please Josh, please sir! May I please be punished hard with the spoon!" I said and shivered all over.  Josh grinned,

"That'll do! Now get those clothes off and over my front knee, legs spread wide and your balls back where I can get at 'em!"

I pushed my hard-on back, my balls jutted up above them and with my thighs spread wide, Josh had all of his targets in sight. I pressed my palms to the floor and steeled myself for a rough ride.

"Perfect! Now, you're gonna get it good!" and then Josh started to pepper my hole and my balls back and forth. The pops were hard, rapid and plentiful.

"Ouuu! OUU!! OUU!!! JOSH!" I howled as my hole quickly lit up like he had put a firecracker in the center and lit it off! My ball sack was throbbing and stinging as well. The spoon was just like a painful little paddle.

"Oh yea, you enjoying this?!" he asked, pausing and my tender tissues and nuts throbbing like crazy!

I caught my breath, "Ye … yes sir! Thank you sir!" I said hoping to mollify Josh's demands. My cock was half hard during the fiery licks, now it got totally hard during the pause.

Just then Josh grasped my nutsack with his fist, "How about a little penis spanking!"

"A what?!" I gasped and then felt Josh pull my nutsack up and back which pulled my erection out and more to the rear.

"You heard me. It's your cock that gets you in trouble boy! It needs to be spanked with the spoon!" Josh clarified.

"No Josh please don't!" I said automatically.

"Oh yea!" he said and then he flicked the spoon's business end three times right onto the tender underside just in back of the head! … Whap! Whap! Whap!

"OUUUUUIEEE!" I howled, it stung my dick like hell!

"OH yea, again!" and he popped my poor weiner another three shots!

"AAWW!!" I yelped loudly.

"That'll teach you. OK cocksucker … ten more pops on your balls and your hole and you can suck my dick!"

Finally! I was towards the end of my ordeal and I waited. The pops came fast and furious and I gritted my teeth and took my punishment! God it hurt!

"Good, good! On your knees boy! You may pull down my shorts and suck my cock!"

Nursing a sore hole, roasted balls and a red, tenderized penis (that was STILL rock hard), I got on my knees as Josh set the wooden spoon on the kitchen table in back of himself and jutted out his pelvis.

My breath quickened as I reached for his shorts and slowly pulled them with his red bikinis down to his ankles. His big limp dick flopped out. I looked up, his eyes were closed and he had this cheesy grin.

I carefully lifted up the base of his dick and then started to lick the wrinkled shaft up and down.

"Yea, that's it," Josh kind of hissed. His penis liked it, it got hard fairly quick and I put the head and a part of the shaft into my mouth and used my tongue to swirl about the head.

"OOhhhyeaaa, suck it!" Josh said sharply so I did. I sucked down more of it and was even careful with my teeth and started to face fuck myself on Josh's thick shaft.

"Oh boy! Oh yea! Getting' close!" he said and I went down further. Soon I would be swallowing Josh's boysperm!

"Real close!!" he said again and then … Josh pushed me away from himself, jumped up and stood to the side, his hand furiously masturbating himself.

What?! I watched him come to orgasm and spray all of his stuff on the kitchen floor over quite a wide area!

"Now lick it up, all of it!"

I groaned. Talk about punishment. Good thing the floor was mostly clean, no matter, I had no choice, I had to do what he said and got to work as I crawled around on all fours finding every speck of Josh's boystuff.

* * * * * * * * * *

Aaron, Jules and Russ returned home safe and sound without any driving incidents a short while after I had finished cleaning the kitchen floor of Josh's semen spatters. Josh told them all about it and everyone cracked up and Aaron smirked,

"New way to keep Mom's kitchen floor clean, hey Donny?"

I could only groan and nod my agreement. It was then that Aaron thrust a brown paper sack was in my face,

"Your third and final punishment big brother … and … the perfect training tool to prepare you for servicing my dick properly!"

I took the bag and slowly opened it. My chest ached when I saw the contents, a dildo of considerable size and a tube of KY-jelly.

"Jules will be doing the honors!" Aaron announced and I was ordered to the bathroom for my ordeal.

Stripped of what few clothes I had, I laid across Jules lap like I had for Aaron when I got shaved of my butthole hair. The K-Y jelly was cold but warmed quickly on my hole, my thighs spread. Jules pressed the artificial cockhead onto my hole. I knew I had to relax and really try to take it.

"OK Donny-boy!" Jules said and then started to press the head inward.

At first, it felt kind of good, but then it started to stretch my hole and hurt some. Then more!

"Take it Donny! This is punishment, just like a hard ass-whipping! Do it Jules!" Aaron commanded.

Jules shoved it inside my resistant sphincter and my butthole lit up like a hard paddle had swatted it, "AHHHHHHHHH!" I howled and my hands flew back. Jules caught them. He had already pinned my legs down.

"Relax Donny!!" Aaron hissed at me!

"I can't! Take it out! Please!" but Jules just held it there as tears ran down my face to the floor!

"Shut up! Take your punishment big brother! Feel it!" and I did. I felt every moment of ass-searing pain, at least for a few more impossibly long moments and then the awful pain let up just enough.

I looked over and up at Aaron, "Please Aaron, it hurts, please!"

"You'll be just fine … Jules, ass-fuck him with that thing!"

I gritted my teeth expecting even worse pain, but as Jules moved the fake dick further inside, it started to feel ok, and then good even. I relaxed and then I did something I would have never expected, I arched my back and pushed my ass back into the thing.

"Yea that's it big brother, fuck that thing, make it hurt!" Aaron encouraged me.

I gulped and then pumped my hips back, "OUUUUUU!" I yelped but I had done it to myself. I did it again, "AAAHHH!!" but the hard pain only lasted a little and then I whimpered to Jules,

"Fuck me Jules! Punish my hole please!"

Jules must have squirted more jelly on the shaft as it felt cold for a bit more and then he started to fuck my butthole, in and out! I had fooled about with a finger or two of my own up my butthole, but nothing like this!

"All the way Donny!" Jules announced and shoved it all the way in, "OUUUUUIEEEE!" I cried out, but again the sharp pain was like a hard paddle swat and the harsh pain didn't last.

Then Jules pulled it all the way out and pushed me on the floor. I ended up on my back and then he tossed the dildo onto my chest,

"Do it to yourself!" he told me. I looked at Aaron and he grinned, "Do it!"

My dick was getting hard again. My butthole was sore but not enough to not want to try and fuck myself. I drew my legs up and back and then picked the dildo up and aimed the head at my hole and pressed it inward. It hurt only a little as I pushed it in. I seemed to know when to relax myself just right now.

The head of the fake penis went in and I started to fuck myself with everyone silently watching. My dick started to harden now as I slowly pumped the thing in and out. I was starting to enjoy it when Aaron said,

"Stop!" and I did.

"Take it out, now!" he demanded and I did and looked at the others as he told me, "Clean yourself up, go to your room!" and everyone left.

* * * * * * * * * *

I ended up on my bed, tummy down, only my bedside lamp on for light. I think it must have been at least fifteen minutes wondering what was going to happen next before the door opened, but only one boy walked in, Aaron, my little brother.

He came over and sat at my bedside as I turned over onto my back.

"Where are the others?" I asked.

"I send their asses home. Their fun was over, for now anyway … so you've had quite a day and a night big brother."

I nodded, he was right of course,

"You gonna fuck me now?" I asked.

"Is that what you want?" he asked me in return.

"You mean I have a choice?" I asked again.

He grinned, "For such a smart guy, you sure are dumb sometimes. You know you want it, the choice not if, but how!"

I smiled, "Wrestle me Aaron. Force me to take your dick up my ass. I'll do my best to resist."

He smiled, "That's my boy, that's what I figured, come on," and I followed Aaron out to the front room.

* * * * * * * * * *

The best part was that Aaron was stripped naked with me. We collided and he didn't beat around the bush. He took me down to the floor pretty quickly.

I was able to fend him off for short while, but as we became slippery from sweat and me tired from the long day, Aaron wedged himself back between my thighs, me helpless on my tummy and too tired to resist anymore.

He wrapped his strong arms around my thighs and saying nothing mounted me from behind, pulling me into his hard dick. He grunted hard and pushed himself inside of me. I cringed hard and whimpered but pounded my fists on the carpet instead of saying one thing.

Aaron grunted and hissed and pumped and I felt him deep inside of me.

"This ain't gonna take long!" he commented and then growled as he then pumped my furiously in a series of short deep thrusts,

"Oh yeaaaaaaa!" and then I could feel his dick pumping inside of me, emptying his balls and coating my insides!

He pulled out quickly and then rolled over onto his back, "Yeaaa, you're a great fuck big brother, nice and tight!"

I lay face down still and looked at him, "Glad you liked it," I said and managed a smirky smile. I had enjoyed it too. I guess I was a cocksucker and a fan of butt sex as well.

"Go to bed," he said to me.

"Can I jack off?" I asked.

"Yea, have fun then go to bed!" he said getting up, gathering up his clothes and walked down the hallway to his own room.

I watched Aaron disappear and then went down the hallway and inside the bathroom and immediately spied the dildo. I grabbed it and for the first time took a long look at it.

It bore a remarkable size and shape of Aaron's hard cock. I blushed as I thought of what I wanted to do to try and get myself off and turned on the shower water hot and steamy. I climbed in and washed myself off and then stood up again the shower wall and started to pressure the dildo against my sore butthole.

"OH yea Donald Alan! Take it up your ass pervert!" I said aloud myself and actually started to hump the shower tiles with my hard dick.

Suddenly the shower curtain partially opened, "Get on your knees and suck my dick big brother! Fuck yourself with that dildo and jack off at the same time!"

It was Aaron of course! Yes!!

"Yes sir!!" I said brightly, got on my dick in front of my naked little brother's hard cock and immediately went to work.

I closed my eyes, one hand on my dick, the other poised with the dildo on my backdoor and my mouth ready to engulf Aaron's erection!

I pressed the dildo in and muffled my cry of pain with Aaron's cock in my mouth as I pushed the dildo head painfully through my sphincter. Aaron's hands urged my efforts,

"Suck me off boy!" he hissed.

The painful ass spasm calmed and I started to gently force fuck my own butt with the dildo as my balls started to churn and I went down further on Aaron's cock.

"Now beat off! Cum! Now!" Aaron demanded.

I started to beat myself furiously off as the dildo head seem right about at my boy gland. I had not noticed how nicely sensitive it was at that spot and just about the time Aaron shouted,

"Yea! I'm gonna cum!" my butthole twitched just right and I was engulfed by a painfully good orgasm and shot my sperm onto the water runny shower floor as Aaron's monster pumped boy juice down my throat!

* * * * * * * * * *

It was now just past midnight and Sunday morning. Laying in bed alone, the dildo, K-Y jelly tube and girls panties safely hidden from parental discovery, I reviewed in my mind the last two days of being under Aaron's control.

I worried what was going to happen when our parents returned home later that day. I worried about school and about Aaron's friends and if they were going to start telling other boys about me.

Then I worried that worrying was just going to get me into more trouble and I should accept the fact that my life had changed in just a few short hours and I should get on with it. I sighed, closed my eyes but in my mind, I was in Aaron's bed with him, my mouth pressed into his butt crack and my tongue lustily eating out his musty boy-hole.

I just sighed as my eternally hard dick told me that I had better just stop it or I'd never get any sleep, but don't think that I didn't consider getting up from bed, going down the hall, cracking Aaron's door open and saying,

"Hey Aaron, mind if I munch on your hot rear while you sleep?"

I shook my head, giggled at myself, turned over and let sleep take over.

PJ Franklin

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