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Obsession For My Little Brother - Part 8
PJ Franklin <>


From Chapter 7 …

Mom and Dad were gone at the crack-ass of nearly dawn. As usual they left money for the day and said they would be back late that night. I was glad for that in one way, but not in another, but had no control in any case. The morning went well, better than expected. We even got some study time in for a couple of quizzes and a major test at school for Aaron the next week.

We took the money and I drove us to get burgers and shakes, Aaron said not one word about letting him drive. We came home and I thought things were doing really well. I went to do my own thing for a while and Aaron his and then in the early evening I went to ask him what he thought he wanted to do and there he was on the phone. He saw me,

"Ooops, gotta go Russ, I'll talk to you later man!" and hung up. I flushed and frowned at him,


"It was just a short call bro, no need to get your shorts in a knot!" he shot back defiantly.

I stood there, "And against Dad's rules!" I reminded him.

"Yea, I guess. The question is, what are you gonna do about it? Rat me out?" he challenged me.

I guess you can only take so much for so long. I guess at some point you just have to admit that hiding in corners is no longer good for you,

"No, I'm not going to rat you out Aaron. I'm going to do as Dad asked me and tell him that you fucked up, simple as that," and turned to walk back to my room feeling awful inside.

"Wait!" he said. I stopped. His tone seemed different. I turned.

"Please don't tell Dad, Donny," he said standing up.

"I have to Aaron! I don't need to be breaking Dad's trust."

"You won't … that is if you punish me, then we can just forget it, right?" he asked.

"What's the catch, you cannot be serious Aaron," I said enjoying Aaron's discomfort.

"No catch. I'm serious. Dad would do a lot more than just wail on my ass again. You can do it instead and then not say anything. Isn't that fair?"

"Oh come on Aaron. You know I would get turned on and start wanting to do other things. Hell, I was watching you get paddle swats from Coach and … I wanted to paddle you and … whatever, " I finally admitted right up to the edge of the abyss with a sheepish finish to my heady confession.

"Whatever? What whatever Donny, huh? Out with it!" he smirked at me.

I took a big deep breath, I was going to tell him, actually tell him and maybe get my ass kicked, but so what?

"OK, I wanted to punish you and fuck YOUR brains out for a change!"

Aaron looked at me as an evil grin spread over his face, "That's really fucked up bro… you doing all that to me? Are you crazy?"

His tone battered my ears. I could back off now and he would punish me and that would be that. I stood there ruminating, imagining, wondering, trying to be realistic. I looked at him and finally I spoke …

Now, Chapter 8 …

"Yea, maybe I am crazy Aaron, but for once I am going to do the right thing and tell dad, so you do whatever you need to do to me Aaron," and stood my ground, my bluff out in the open.

There was this long moment of silence between us. Wheels turned, I could hear them and then the corner of Aaron's mouth curled up, his hands rhythmically clapping, golf applause style,

"I'm impressed. Finally, my big brother has grown a set. So, Donny, outside of the fact that nobody, much less you is going to be porking at my backdoor, what do you say? Have a crack at beating my butt, spanking me and we call it good and leave dad out of it? Come on, you know you want to big bro," he grinned. Damn I loved the dimples aside his mouth when he grinned like that.

I guess I had learned something in my political science class about compromise, "OK, done. I get to beat on your butt as much as I want and you have to take it without whining or I will still tell dad and risk worse."

"Who said anything about whining, do your worse, enjoy it!" he said with about half as much smile on his mug. Once again, something just wasn't right, but I couldn't put my finger on it.

Anyway, we met up again in my room, the spanking paddle this time in my fist and not his. Was I geeked? Of course I was, geeked and aroused like nobody's business, but I didn't flaunt it much, well sort of. I was wearing a loose pair of soccer shorts commando style and I did make my little brother strip off naked and ogled his magnificent stuff before I drew him across my knees.

I did kind of press my tented shorts into his side just to kind of rub it in kind of thing and I did stare down longingly at the incredible sight of my brother's hot delicious looking mouth watering ass and I did think about giving his hole a thorough tongue bath before …  whew! … anyway.

I let it fly, the paddle that is. I popped his fanny with the notion of making him not only squirm, but yelp and throw his hands back if I could. He put up a good fight at first, but then I started to hear the grunts and then groans and finally,

"ok, OK! I get IT! IT HURTS! STOP!" he yelped at me turning his head. Aaron's face was red but he wasn't angry, just concerned looking.

"Damn right it hurts," and then I started back in, more pops up and down, side to side. This was not only fun for me, it was very therapeutic feeling. Now Aaron's hands did fly back and I caught them, but he did not try and get away from me. Points to Aaron for that and because of that when he allowed me to control his hands and wrists, I popped him a half dozen more times and then stopped.

"Learned your lesson?" I teased him with a small smile. He looked at me, growled a little and then lightened up, "Yea, never give you the chance to do this again."

"Fair enough," I said and then let him get up. Aaron pawed a little at his sore cheeks. I noticed his dick was half-hard. I gave into it,

"Want me to take care of that?" I said looking at his dick and then at his face.

"Sure," was all he said and I got on my knees as he crossed his arms pretending it was just another ordinary BJ.

Well, it wasn't. I used my hands and gently pawed at his beaten butt cheeks and even gently reached back and swept my fingertip gently down over his butthole. Rather than protest, he just moaned, loudly and his hands, rather than forcefully directing my head and face-fucking me, it was me who was directing how much and how fast I was sucking on his cock. He came like a horse, that was certain and I swallowed, still like a slut, that was also certain.

* * * * * * * * * *

So, was the peace restored? Well, yes and no. Yes, concerning Dad. As far as he knew, everyone had behaved themselves that weekend and the fighting incident at the wrestling match was forgotten. No because of what happened next at school the following week. I seldom ran into Aaron's friends, Russ, Jules and Josh for obvious reasons. If I did, I was most likely greeted with a knowing smirk, but not always. Sometimes there was a real smile and "Hey" attached to the smile.

I was walking down a corridor to my next class, math. There came Russ headed right for me in the opposite direction. I suddenly remembered how it was that Aaron got spanked by me that prior weekend. It was because I had caught him on the phone talking to Russ. So Russ looks at me and I stop him in his tracks,

"Way to go," I said.

"What are you talking about dude?"

"Aaron, talking to him on the phone this past weekend. That did not work out well for Aaron."

"What the fuck are you talking about? I didn't talk to Aaron over the weekend, not since last Thursday here at school."

"It's OK, you don't have to fake it, Russ," I commented over my suddenly racing pulse.

"You're right. I'm not faking it. I have not talked to Aaron since late last week, I gotta go," and he left me and my gaped mouth in his wake.

Aaron had made it up. He faked the phone call to Russ. What … the … fuck? Was this some kind of plan of his? Was he just screwing around with me? Why would he let me do that and not tell me what he was doing? After all of his bluster about me being honest with him, why would he try to bait me into spanking him like he did? I tried not to be too analytical and decided it best to just file it away. It could just be an aberration and not a pattern. I bided my time.

A few weeks flew by. Everything seemed normal. I was back as my little brother's bitch boy, servicing him when the 'rents were not around, getting a few spankings over Aaron's knee and benefitting with his dick in my mouth and up my ass. Nice. I had quite forgotten about the telephone incident with Russ. Also, Dad seemed a lot less interested in following Aaron's progress with grades and such. Granted, it was still several more months until official end of term grades would come out, but all the same Dad seemed to let us alone.

Then one afternoon Aaron appeared in my bedroom, door closed. I was studying and looked back at him, "Hey."

"I fucked up. I did bad on a couple quizzes in Mercer's class. I haven't been studying as much as you suggested."

I was flattered that Aaron was confiding in me, so much flattered that I didn't stop to question it,

"That was not our agreement to keep things out of dad's sight, Aaron."

"I know," he said, his body language seeming to agree with his discomfort, "I'll do whatever you say Donny. I'm sorry. I let it get away from me."

I got not so much greedy as too focused, "Aaron, I can't let you get away with it, you need to be punished."

"I figured you would say that. Happens that Dad is still at work, Mom is out visiting. Now is a good time," he offered.

I jumped at and on it. Aaron even went and fetched the spanking paddle. Talk about turned on. Talk about letting your dick do all of your thinking for you. I had Aaron back over my knee and this time I got even more aggressive with my "foreplay." I gently lectured him even as my hand was wandering all over his ass. I even tickled his backdoor and he though he frowned at me with his face for it, his ass wiggled ever so slightly in favor of it. Then I paddled him, hard, really hard. This time, I got Aaron, my stout studly little brother, to tears.

Oh yes, I was then on my knees as usual, but this time … this time, after I really pawed at his beaten ass cheeks, I went for his hole with my finger-tip while my mouth was on his dick and not before. This time I got the tip just inside of his tight hole.

"Stop that!" he barked at me and slapped my hand away. I did stop, but only for a moment. I sucked him down to his pubes, in effect making him vulnerable. I fingered him again, only at the right moment just before I knew he was going to flood my mouth with his juice and jammed my finger far up his hole!

"AHHHH!" he yelled but too late. He started to shoot and as he did, he fucked his OWN ass on my finger without me moving it! I swooped my finger out and left him to his involuntary need to finish the BJ. Then after, he jumped back a little and looked at me kind of pissed off.

"What? I just gave you the ride of your life Aaron. It's just sex, get over it," I said in Aaron-ese. He looked at me, flipped me off and left the room without saying even one word! I sat back. I had won … I HAD WON! … well, one round; but then it instantly occurred to me what to do next.

The very next day I found Mr. Mercer's class and Mr. Mercer. I didn't have to say a thing,

"Say, Donald. Thank you for helping Aaron. His grades have soared! He seems very happy with it."

I tapped my foot, "No bad quiz grades or anything this past couple of weeks?" I asked to confirm.

"Nope, not a one. That is one smart boy, glad to see it," Mr. Mercer gushed.

I grinned, I was not pissed, just wizened and took my leave. Aaron had tried to fake me out, again. The real question was why and what, if anything, should I do or say? Clearly though, something had changed with Aaron in his relationship to me, to our little secret agreement, one that seemed not to involve Russ, Jules and Josh though I was not naïve and would be wary of a potential for double-cross.

The very next weekend came, Mom and Dad would be gone from Friday after work to Sunday. I was in our house alone with Aaron that evening and as usual, he was on the phone with one or all three of his buddies, Russ, Jules and Josh. I listened in a little on some of his chatter and it was evident that at some point, they would all three be over here thinking they were all going to gang up on me, probably the next day, Saturday.

I was also aware of an impending wrestling match on Saturday night. If I was going to make a move, I had to start now. I waited until Aaron was back on the phone, I didn't care with who and I walked into the room and snatched the phone from his hand and said into the receiver,

"We'll get back to you!" and hung it up and stepped back. Predictably, Aaron jumped out of the chair with this really angry looking face,

"DONALD ALAN! What the hell do you think you are doing?!" he postured.

"You did not talk to Russ on the phone a few weeks ago. I know, I talked to Russ and he denied it. I didn't think much of it until you told me you flunked a couple of quizzes with Mercer. I did talk to Mercer, on purpose. Guess what Aaron, no flunked quizzes. What's up bro? Huh?" I challenged him.

"Great, so all of a sudden you're a genius. Go ahead, spill the beans. Tell Dad, tell anyone you like. I'll just tell them about you, including at school," he smirked and I rushed at Aaron and pushed him to the wall and held him there both fists knotting up his shirt,

"I should kick your ass Aaron, but you'd best me. I will tell Dad. I will tell him that his son, me, is a fucking faggot. I'll tell Mom as well. I'll also tell him that you took advantage of my vulnerability and hurt me, even if you didn't. How do you think that's going to turn out? Huh? And as for school, they have rules about that sort of thing, so don't go threatening me with that. I'll just move on to another school if need be, so don't go flaunting that bull shit," and let go and backed way off to give him some space.

And we just stood there, a stalemate if you will. He looked down, then off to the side, leaning up against the wall before he walked forward and sat in the chair, hands in his face. He looked up, shrugged,

"So, what now?" he said rather calmly.

I was not all that happy with my angry response to him. I actually went up to him and kneeled, "Look, Aaron. I'm sorry, I got carried away; but it really bugs me that you've lied to me twice, both leading up me spanking you. I'm your big brother. I'm family. I would die if anything happened to you Aaron. I love being your bitch boy, but you said to be honest. Is it so much for me to ask you to do the same?"

He sat back, his legs spread, but I ignored that, "Would you believe I was just trying to please you?"

"No, not for all the money in China," I replied.

"Good. Because, to tell the truth, its just all bullshit anyway. It's just sex. I thought it would be fun to play the other side. Yank your chain a little the other way."

I stood up, "It worked. It was fun until it confused me, so what now?" I asked.

"Do you want it to be over? Pretend it never happened?" he asked with a conspiratorial grin.

I grinned, "No, not really, just so long as you understand that I'm not afraid of it, of myself or you anymore."

I wasn't entirely sure that I believed all of what I had said just then, and doubted he did either but I went with it and was not surprised when he did the same,

"I have an idea. Just go with it, OK?" and knowing Aaron as I did, I nodded. He picked up the phone and dialed up the gang, one after the other, "Be here oh, about three tomorrow. We'll have us a little fun, if you know what I mean," and obviously was greeted with great delight by all three boys.

"What are you up to now bro?" I smirked, feeling really edgy in a way I had never felt before.

"It's a surprise. A big surprise, for you AND for them," he replied.

"Oh?" I asked feeling my dick start to swell and he jumped up from the chair headed for the kitchen right past me. I followed,

"Not going to tell me?" I asked trying not to sound needy or greedy as we entered the kitchen, Aaron's head disappearing into the frig, "We ain't got shit to eat, let's go get burgers," he said.

"First you tell me what's up!" I demanded.

"Or what? You gonna spank me?" he smirked.

"Yea, I'll spank you and make you tell me, " I grinned.

"You and whose Army. Tell you what Donny. After we eat, we'll wrestle. If you can best me, anyway you can, I'll spill the beans."

"Deal!" I grinned and in a few more moments we were in the car, me driving and feeling amazingly good. I glanced over at Aaron several times having never felt this close to him before. He would look back at me, his tongue wagging.

"What?" I grinned.

"Nothing!" he said.

We got our burgers and shakes and took them home and ate them at the kitchen table. Then it was time, time to try and wrestle the truth out of my little brother, if I could. We stripped naked and put on jock straps. For once, I was not boned up. I was too nervous, nervous that I might lose and nervous that I would win. Maybe I just wanted to win a wrestling match with Aaron and didn't care that it turned me on.

Anyway, we faced off in my bedroom, I was already sweaty, but so was he and it was going to be difficult to fight off how sexy he looked and smelled. It started, we collided and from the get go, I felt like I could win, but only if I got dirty. We played it straight for a bit. I was now stronger and wiser and more importantly, patient.

We huffed and grunted and I kept my balance. Things got hotter in the room and more slippery. He dove at my legs and I fell down. He made a grab for my nuts but I was ready for him and blocked his attempt and then on my knees I dove for his legs and in one of the few times ever, he lost balance and fell on his ass, his momentum carrying his knees up and back and I pounced.

I not only grabbed at Aaron's big nutsack, all packaged up nicely in the jock strap pouch, I grabbed it solid, rolled his ass and pelvis up and back and then kneeling at his side, squeezed down on his nuts very hard!

"Give in?!" I panted with gusto.

"No!" he replied thinking that he could take the pain. Maybe he could there, but I had the advantage. I poised my other hand's thumb right at his butthole which was wide open to me and pressured the surface,

"Give in Aaron or I'll push my thumb, all the way in!" I threatened. Our eyes met.

"You wouldn't dare," he said and then I saw it, his dick. He was now hard as a rock!

"Your dick says I should," I said calmly gaining more breath.

His eyes looked at his dick and then at me and then I had a decision. Did I really want to force my brother to say what I wanted him to say? I had already won. I made the decision. I let him go, let his body fall harmlessly to the floor. I stood up and walked to my bed and sat, relishing my victory. He just lay there on the floor and put his hand behind his head a moment then turned to his side on his elbow,

"DONALD ALAN!" he shouted at me. I looked up at him. He smiled,

"Proud of you bro," he said, jumped up and sat right beside me and put his arm around me,

"The truth?" he said quietly.

"Yes please," I replied.

"No kid brother wants to lord over his big brother. Not really. It's not natural, but you kind of made me."

"Yea, I guess I did," I admitted and felt his arm slip off from my shoulder. I put mine around his just then,

"And no big brother wants to feel like he plays second fiddle to his little brother. It's not natural."

"But you don't. You're smarter than me Donny, I … " and I cut him off.

"No Aaron. I'm not smarter, just … different. It's not about being smarter than the other guy. I don't want to lord over you. I just want … for us to get along, be friends. Not let others get between us." I said and even felt a little misty eyed just then.

"You won. So, you want to know what's going to happen tomorrow?"

I smiled, "No, don't tell me. I like surprises. What I want to know is what is going to happen tonight," I said expecting nothing, but knowing Aaron as I did, nothing would not be on the menu.

"Tonight huh. Well … " and just like that and out of the blue, my little brother's mouth was on mine and his tongue inside of my mouth.

I was too stunned to do much for a few seconds, but I got my bearings and pushed him back onto the bed and as we were still naked and sweaty I threw caution to the wind and kissed him back, hard and deeply. I came up for breath and looked at him, really looked at Aaron deeply in the eyes,

"You sure you want this?" I asked. He smirked up at me, "Don't be a wuss now Donny. You see something you want, go for it. I'll either fight you or give in. We both have a choice," he said. When did my little brother get so wise? So I went for it, I pressed my lips down on him again, only he turned us over and now he was on top, but our kiss unbroken.

I felt his dick as hard as mine laying across mine, his hips jutting expressively upwards as well. My hands were all over his body now, but especially on his ass and I used my middle finger and threatened to push it in.

"You want my cherry big brother, you're gonna have to fight me for it," and clenching his strong ass cheeks forced my finger out.

"No way, you're gonna beg me for it Aaron," I smirked right back at him and deftly turning us to the side, I put Aaron off to belly down on the bed top and me on top of him, my mouth all over his ass, my fingers prying his cheeks apart and my practiced tongue already sliding deftly up his fuck tunnel, make that MY fuck tunnel.

"Nooo! STOP!" he said as I pinned his upper body down with the meager yet effective skill I had developed at his insistence over the past weeks.

I didn't stop. I slid my wet, sloppy mouth muscle in and out of his boy shoot. He moaned, loudly, "Stop … stop … " his responses getting weaker as his pelvis got into a rhythm with my efforts and I felt for and grasped his dick, the "truth-teller" and he was hard as a rock. I kept it up until his pelvis started to masturbate inside of my fist and then I stopped, all of it and got up out of bed and looked down at him, his ass so appealing, so vulnerable just then.

Aaron turned his head, "I suppose you expect me to beg for you to do that again?" he said not moving a muscle, his face scarlet with whatever it was he was feeling.

"Yea, I do," I said and stood my ground feeling pretty studly just then and went for it,  "better yet, you eat me or we eat each other at the same time, 69," I suggested, "It's just sex Aaron. I'm the gay guy, you're the straight guy no matter what."

He looked at me, wheels turning and I bet against myself, "I don't know man. That's going over to the other side."

"No, it's not Aaron. It's just stupid sex. Come on, you're a stud in every way, that never changes."

He sighed, "OK, I'll try it, but if I don't like it, we stop."

I thought my chest would burst with excitement, "OK," I said and slowly got back into bed with him.

I made sure Aaron was on top, A, and B, that I had my tongue thoroughly pleasuring his hole before I then watched, amazed as my hot little wrestling champ lowered his head. I elevated my hips as well as I could and kept up my rimming and then I felt it, just a slight lick aside my hole at first, then more towards the middle. I could feel him sniffing, getting used to my smell down there and then he did it again and then a furtive quick lap over my butthole,

"Oh God Aaron, that is so fucking hot" and then turned up the heat, I licked him stem to stern, base of his nuts to his hole and jammed my tongue inside his hole, in and out a few times.

Suddenly, Aaron moaned and then copied me except not inside my hole. I checked, his dick was not only hard, it was leaking! I patterned around his hole again, he did the same. I paused,

"Damn Aaron, that's damn hot and fucking mind blowing!"

"Oh yea? Watch this," and then he did it, real sudden like and plunged his wet mouth muscle in and out of my hole, tongue-fucking me like a mad-man!

"AARON! OH JESUS BRO!" and then I got back to it as well and we were blood brother on blood brother ass fucking each other with our tongues.

I stopped, panting for air, he had outlasted me! His head turned, "GET your FUCKING tongue back into my hole! PLEASE!" he shouted but before I could, he was back in mine! It was like another contest, a competition. I should have known.

But finally, he stopped and was gasping for air like he had just wrestled out of his class. I said nothing but rolled us to our sides and willing for it to stop.

"You, get on top, sit on my face, make me do it," he said out of the blue. I gawked, what the fuck?

"WELL?" he demanded and I moved, moved fast and got on top and squatted my ass over his face and looked at him as he looked up at my butthole, just a few inches from his mouth. The look on his face was kind of, like he was going to do something far out of his comfort zone, but I bit my lips,

"Eat my ass bitch!" I said.

"No!" he replied, but didn't move.

I grabbed his balls and squeezed, hard, "I SAID, eat my mother-fuckin' ASS!" and then lowered my cheeks down.

"NO!" he resisted again and that despite the pain I was leveraging with my grip on his nuts, so I pulled up his hips, elevating his ass and spanked him with my hand, hard, again and again, "I SAID, eat my ass! And spanked him some more and looked at him.

He got this silly defiant grin on his face, "That all you got bro?" and I jumped out of bed and looked and found my belt, doubled it up and brandished it, "This is what I got, a good ass whipping until you do as I say!"

I fully expected Aaron to jump out of bed and try to take it from me, but he didn't. He turned over and put his bare ass up on a pillow, "Go ahead, I dare you!"

I flew the belt as his hot ass, confused at what he was letting me do, but not any less aggressive and whipped his tail hard for a good twenty strokes and stopped. He looked at me,

"Again!" he said defiantly.

I jumped on the bed, "TURN OVER!" I commanded and he did. I climbed up and straddled him pulling his legs up and back again and lowered my ass then whipped his ass again, even a couple hard licks across the back of his thighs,

"EAT ME!" I shouted and lowered my ass and finally I felt his hands grab my hips and his tongue snaked inside my hole without hesitation.

"Yea, that's it, EAT MY ASS!" I shouted out to him and kept him busy pumping my fist up and down his steel-poled prick.

This lasted a few moments longer and then he lay back, panting, "Fuck," was all he said. If there was a time I was ever going to get this done, it was now.

I twirled around and grabbed his sack, hard, again. He winced and looked at me, his face looking vulnerable. I used my strength and a little adrenalin I think and flipped him over to his tummy. He didn't resist me as I lay myself right on top of him, my dick nestled into his ass crack,

"Yea, fuck, that's what I'm going to do with you now Aaron, fuck you, right up your hot ass," I hissed. I expected him to resist, to curse me or threaten me or push me off. He could have done any of it, but instead, he splayed his thighs, scooted himself up on his elbows and buried his face into his hands, his way of saying, "If you're going to do it, do it now for God's sake."

I was trembling so hard all over I thought my dickhead would never find his butthole, but it did. I was gulping for air now, every little bit counted. I pushed, hard, to get my dickhead through his tight hole making sure I had him pinned down. Good thing I did.

"OUUUUU! FUCKKK!" he yelled, his head thrown back. I stopped. He was trying hard to let me, I had to try as well. I wrapped my arms around him.

"Just push back, let it happen, it'll hurt like fuck hell, but you're tough Aaron, the toughest guy I know," and his tension seemed to reduce some.

I felt the difference and then inch by inch I slowly entered him and his hips started to move with me. Now his head was sideways on top of his flattened out arms and hands, eyes close, biting his lips, working it.

"Oh fuck yea Aaron, you look amazing, you feel amazing," and his eyes opened looking at me suspiciously wincing when I pushed my dick forward a bit and then out some. "It's just sex little bro, but I'm gay, remember? Only a gay guy can truly appreciate what you are doing Aaron, you're fucking awesome man," and then I pushed all the way in. He grimaced, "FUCK! I could never make it in the porn industry."

I laughed, "They hell you couldn't. You'd be on top, you'd look fantastic," I said.

"You're just saying that because you want to dump your load in me," He said and I thought a moment.

"No, I don't have to do that. I'll pull out if you want," I offered.

"I'm getting a little sore," he said and I slid myself out, "Move over," I said and he slid over. I lay on my back and grasped my dick, slick with butt juices.

"That wasn't so bad. Thanks, you were … pretty cool," Aaron and I took that as high praise.

"It's enough, for now anyway. Hey let's jack off together," I suggested and he nodded.

Only after he turned over, he put my hand on his dick and his went on my dick and we stroked each other off. It was fucking prime, I'll tell you that much.

* * * * * * * * * *

Say and think what you want about incest, brotherly lust and such. I lay in bed that night after mom and dad got home wishing like hell that I was in Aaron's bed or he in mine. I was in love with the little bastard and I don't mean brotherly love. I mean love, love. Sounds stupid and it is, but that's the way I felt.

My dick was hard, but I didn't fucking care. Know what I remembered the most about that night? He kissed me first. He laid his beautiful lips onto mine and in doing so "told" me how he felt. Oh, I know he wasn't in love with me, but just that he offered, showed he cared about how I felt. Would it last? Probably not, but I was a teenager. Nothing lasts when you're that young.

I don't know what time it was, maybe around 1 AM. I was starting to get sleepy, but not one second had passed for the last couple hours that I didn't think about Aaron. Suddenly, the door opened and quickly closed. I saw him move to my bedside, it was Aaron!

He didn't say anything, he could see I was awake. He pulled back my covers and saw my naked hard pole. He looked at me, he looked kind of wild. He was wearing a pair of boxers and then slipped them off and before I knew what was happening, he slipped into bed onto his tummy pushing me to the side by default.

"Fuck me Donny, please, fuck my ass, hard, cum in my ass please, don't say anything, just do it," he said. I could tell by his voice he wasn't fucking around.

I got on top of him, mounted him, stretched my length over him, my dick at the ready at his back door. Then I nestled my head right down next to his and started to push in. I covered his mouth with my hand and the rammed myself inside past his muscle. He screamed into my hand and broke out into a sweat. I uncovered his mouth,

"Kiss me," he said trembling and I did. I covered him lips with mine and his tongue slipped into my mouth and that is when I started to fuck him in earnest.

We sucked face and started to fuck Aaron and not gently. I got up a total head of steam and got right to the edge,

"Oh God!" I hissed and it started. I flooded Aaron's insides. I had never felt that good, that powerful and yet at the end of it all I could think about was Aaron and how he felt. I collapsed on top of him. His eyes were closed and he opened them,

"Yea, that's it," he said with a small smile.

"Want me to suck you off?" I offered.

"No, but I don't want to go back to my bed yet," he said. I smiled and turned him to the side and cuddled my little brother into myself. I even felt for his dick and he wasn't hard, not at all. Somehow that pleased me, a lot. He didn't stay long, but towards the end I was slowly smoothing my hand from his chest and down to his pubes and back up again. I felt his hand on mine and immediately withdrew it thinking I had gone too far. He grabbed it, paused and then kissed it. Then he wordlessly slipped out of my bed and disappeared through my bedroom door.

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