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Obsession For My Little Brother - Part 9
PJ Franklin <>


My heart was pounding so hard I thought I was going to pass out. Damn, where are my clothes? I had them on just a second ago, I'm buck-naked. Where am I anyway? This room is pitch black. What's that sound? Wait, there's some light in the same direction as the sound. I followed the light, walked right into it and then all of a sudden there was raucous laughter all around me and it was like broad daylight. I was at my school, in the auditorium, on the stage and all of the seats were filled with the entire school student body.

"Donald Alan Wagner, you are a disgusting pervert!" the voice yelled. It was dad; he was standing on the other side of the stage, my mom next to him and Aaron next to her. I looked down, my cock was hard as a rock and try as I might, I could not cover myself, my hands and arms frozen at my sides. Everyone could see my naked ass and erect cock.

"See, I told you Dad, he needs to be spanked," Aaron said to my father with unusual glee as my mom dabbed a hankie at her teary eyes, "Somebody please do something about Donny. He needs to be disciplined!"

"Spank him!" the audience started to chant, "Spank him! … Spank him! … "

"Aaron, you're the disciplinarian in the family, be my guest," Dad patted Aaron on the shoulder.

"Please honey, teach your brother a good lesson," Mom urged Aaron.

"Don't worry folks, after all he's my BITCH!" Aaron yelled and the crowd started to chant, "Bitch! … Bitch! … Bitch!"

I couldn't help myself. As Aaron started to walk towards me, I started to chant with them, drawn in like a moth to the flame, "Bitch … bitch … bitch …"

"Rise and shine!!" the voice said. My eyes flew open and I bolted upright in bed, "BITCH!"

"What was that son? Bad dream?" the voice said. I looked towards my bedroom door. It was my Dad and he was smiling,

"Get your butt out of bed. We've yard work to do. Mom has breakfast all ready, move it mister!" he grinned and then disappeared.

Wow, what a fucked up dream that had been. I swung my legs around, stood up and my eyes still blurry from sleep wandered out into the hallway and headed for the bathroom door.

"Donald Alan!" the stern voice said. "What?" I weakly replied and looked up just in time to see Aaron, just as naked as I was and just as boned up.

"Wake up sleepy head, time to do yard work," he mockingly deepened Dad's voice as he walked into the bathroom ahead of me. I followed closing the door behind us and stared at my little brother's gorgeous bare ass as he tried to tame his unruly hard cock to pee into the toilet bowl.

"Shit," he cursed as I walked right in back of him, "Need some help with that?" I said and slapped him on his naked butt cheek pretty hard.

"Hey! Watch it!" the back of his hand covered the spot and then his hand lashed out to spank mine, but I blocked his attempt.

"Ha, you missed!" I grinned. He turned and so did I. We locked up arms to tussle,

"Stop messing around Aaron, dad'll get pissed and whip both our asses," I giggled, successfully fending off his attempts to slap my ass and thighs which was not doing either of us any good to get rid of our woodies to pee.

"You'll have to do better than that," Aaron smirked and slapped my side instead, I thought a little too hard.

"Cheater!" I yelped and pushed him.

"Fuck you!" Aaron pushed me back.

"Cut out the horseplay both of you. Aaron, language! Get your business done or do you both need a spanking?" Dad yelled at us from the other side of the closed bathroom door.

We instantly stopped, "Sorry Dad," I said loudly, glaring at Aaron who said the same to dad and glared back at me. I lightened up and whispered,

"You need a spanking," I smiled feeling pretty proud of my effort to hold my own.

"No, you need a spanking," Aaron also smiled, both of us giving up on our woodies and stood side by side pushing our unruly cocks down and trying to pee the best we could. Aaron finished before me and as he left, licked my ear with his tongue and bolted from the bathroom laughing his ass off.

I wiped my ear and looked at my hand and his spit. I was peeing now and couldn't help myself. I licked my hand clean of my brother's spit and wished that he were at my side. I would have tired to suck face with him right then and there.

We all had one of mom's big delicious Saturday morning breakfasts and then the males all hit the yard to mow the lawn, trim some hedges, move some crap to the curb and my all-time favorite, pull weeds. I hated pulling weeds and so did Aaron so guess what, that's what Dad started us to do, together,

"And no horseplay boys, we're going shopping later and do something as a family, so buckle down please," he cautioned us.

"Oh? What are we going to do Dad?" Aaron looked at me. Suddenly I remembered that Aaron's friends were supposed to come over later.

"Mom wants us to see that documentary movie that won some kind of humanitarian award or something," Dad said less than enthusiastically. Aaron made a disgusted face out of Dad's sight,

"That's a chic flick Dad, do we have to?" Aaron complained loudly.

"Not so loud son! Yes you do, so get with the program," dad said and walked off.

"What about this afternoon?" I said to Aaron as we were pulling weeds side by side.

"That's fucked. I'll call Russ," he said a bit dejectedly. I was dejected feeling too, "You gonna tell me what we were going to do with them?"

He grinned, "Screw that. You're going to have to wait to find out now," he smirked and then we continued to fill up the small wheelbarrow with the newly pulled yard debris. When it was full, I stood up to take it over to the compost heap on the other side of the yard. As I did, I walked it right past Aaron.

Suddenly, I was lurching forward tipping the wheel barrow forward, most of the weeds and dirt inside tumbling out onto the lawn, me flat out on my tummy, my face ground into the turf. Aaron had tripped me. He was on his back laughing his ass off. I sprang up,

"Mother fucker!" I yelled, grabbed a handful of the strewn weeds and dirt clods and hurled it at him hitting him square on his face, "Ha! Got you bitch!"

He sprang up and hurled himself at me and we went tumbling down right into the mess of weeds and dirt on the lawn and rolled around trying to smack each other upside the head.

"Donald! Aaron!" Dad's voice interrupted our tussling, "Get up both of you, what did I tell you boys?" he asked sternly.

"No horseplay," Aaron answered meekly. Dad sighed, "Clean this mess up and finish weeding, no more warnings you two, next time it's a whipping for both of you," and Dad walked off.

"Shithead," I mumbled to Aaron.

"Asswipe," he mumbled back, but we were both smiling, Dad had let us escape.

After we finished we went indoors to shower and get ready. I wanted desperately to get horny with Aaron in the shower together but that would make us late and Dad would have our hides. As it was, Aaron was barely able to slip in the phone call to Russ to cancel our plans before the trip to the mall with our parents.

Shopping was cool for both Aaron and I that is until mom directed the family shopping party to the cut-rate clothing store, the same one that Aaron had humiliated me with that stupid shopkeeper lady a while back,

"Um, mom, could we please go to the one inside the mall?" I asked alarmed looking at Aaron, "Yes, please mom?" Aaron asked.

"What on earth for? Those stores inside are overpriced," as we followed her inside hoping the lady was not there.  She was.

At first we were able to avoid her as the place was a bit full of other families she was helping. Aaron and I tried to hide on the opposite side of the store from her, he was no more happy to be there in the lady's presence than I was, but eventually we had to try on clothes for size. Even then we were able to avoid her until check out. Aaron and I tried to sneak out of the store and would have made it, except finally she remembered,

"Say, aren't you the nice boy who was in charge of your brother?" she asked Aaron and I in front of dad and mom.

"Who? I have no idea what you're talking about," Aaron replied as I prayed to God for her to shut up.

"Yes you are, how is he doing? Did you use the hairbrush to spank him?" she asked. I about shit my pants.

"What are you talking about mam?" Dad asked the lady, his face full of suspicion.

"Why, your son here," pointing at Aaron, "He had to spank your other boy (pointing at me ) here in the store, a few weeks ago."

"What is this all about?" Dad wheeled on us as mom looked entirely perplexed.

"Nothing dad, she's crazy!" Aaron replied.

"Crazy?! Well, I never!" the shop lady raised her voice.

Dad sighed, "I don't know what in the world you two are up to, but I will find out later!"

Somehow, we dodged yet another bullet by telling dad and mom that we had indeed been in the store and some other kids had been messing around while we were there, but she mistook us for them. That seemed to satisfy him, mostly. Afterwards, we got to eat a late lunch in a nearby restaurant and then, the movie.

I sat there next to Aaron and my parents in the barely occupied smallest theater of the multi-plex bored to death. I really could care less about the plight of some tribe of Indians along the Amazon River even though I probably should have. About halfway through, Aaron started to poke me with a finger as I was eating popcorn. I poked him back,

"Quit it," I whispered.

"No, you quit it," he whispered.

"Stop it both of you!" Dad whispered over to both of us across mom.

"Honey, please!" Mom chided dad further annoying him.

I just was not in the mood to leave well enough alone. I waited a little while and then when Aaron was about to put a big handful of popcorn into his mouth, I bumped his elbow, hard. The popcorn went flying over his head and onto some people in back of us, which caused both of us to start giggling, all of it attracting dad's attention and ire,

"Both of you, get to the car and wait inside. You are both getting spankings when we get home," he said tersely to the hushed verbal approval of the people in back of us.

Aaron and I hustled buns out of the dark theatre to the parking lot and stood by the car, "Crap, that was my fault," I immediately confessed to Aaron, expecting an earful from him.

"Are you kidding, I'd rather get a whipping than watch that movie, it's cool," Aaron sighed as we got into the backseat of the car and closed the doors.

"Well, you're gonna get your wish and I get to watch," I grinned as my cock started to swell in my pants.

"Yea, right, you'll be watching my face and I'll be watching yours as dad whips both our asses together," Aaron said looking a tad concerned.

"Probably," I said and started to paw at my bulge ignoring his mood change.

"Dad and mom catches you beating off in here, they'll have a batch of kittens and you'll probably get spankings every day for a week," Aaron said sounding more like me than him and that just spurred me on.

I unzipped my pants and whipped out my cock into my fist, "Don't be a pussy, get yours out."

"Damn Donny, you've changed," he huffed but did it and I watched him pull on his magnificent pud for a few moments,

"Go down on me," I said with a little grit.

"Fuck that, you go down on me," he replied looking a little annoyed now.

"After dad whips our tails, you're getting it up the ass from me," I said trying to sound bold.

"Yea right, you're the one getting a back door reaming after he spanks us bro," he said with less than his usual conviction.

"I think we best avoid making the car smell like a whore house," Aaron suddenly said cautiously looking out of the slightly steamed up car windows and then quickly stuffed his erection back into his trousers.

"Yea, we should wait, after all, you ARE going to be taking my cock up your ass after our punishments," I said feeling strangely emboldened to tease him harder, but followed suit putting my fleshy missile back into its silo.

"That's pretty gay Donny," he said preoccupied, his eyes still looking out the car window for any sign of our parents.

"It's not gay Aaron, it's just sex like you always say. So get over it!" I reminded him with his own words nudging him to the side. He nudged me back, "Yea, well, we'll see who's doing what all night long," he said seeming to regain some of his usual bravado.

We talked distractedly about nothing more important until our parents returned and got into the car. Dad said nothing as we drove home. The closer we got to home, the more resigned and even peaceful I felt. We had pushed dad way too far that day and I wondered why I had done it, actually why we had done it. That's when it clicked with me that this was a "we" thing this time and not just one of us.

By the time we got home and dad sent us to my room to get ready for our spankings, Aaron was quiet and very reserved. I felt kind of badly now. Aaron never took dad's punishments easily and all of this could have been prevented, but dad showed up just after we stripped off naked preventing further conversation. Dad reminded us with a short but stern lecture how we got to this point and then holding up the doubled up belt, pointed to the end of my bed, "Side by side."

Over we went each clutching a pillow. I looked at Aaron, his eyes were already red and then dad landed the first hard licks. Damn they hurt. Aaron immediately turned his head and started to bawl into his pillow while I just manned up and though tears ran quickly, I stayed silent save for a little whimpering.

"Ouuu! Daddy! Ouu! It hurts!" Aaron howled loudly as he raised his head and turned it to look at me. Dad paused after ten pretty hard licks. I tried my best to silently convey my empathy to his red furrowed face and down-turned mouth and then dad started in again.

Dad gave us each ten very hard licks each and Aaron turned into a bleating ten year old while I took my punishment quietly, no matter I was wetting my pillow below me with tears just like Aaron.

"Ouuuu daddy ouuuu, please stop, please stop, please stop!" Aaron begged loudly. I wanted him to stop as well, I did; but it was not in me to beg like that.

Dad raised his arm to deliver the next blow but Aaron covered his ass with his hands, "PLEASE no more daddy!" he begged again.

"He's had enough sir. Give me the rest, his too," I volunteered feeling pretty protective of Aaron's sensibilities just then.

There was silence. Dad's eyes met mine. He was not angry, just determined, but he nodded, "Very well. Five more for you Donny, no more for Aaron,"

I lay my head down on my pillow a deep happiness within me that dad had listened to me and spared my little brother more pain. My eyes met Aaron's as dad gave me five more hard licks, I had to bite my bottom hip hard, but I took them. Aaron looked very upset for us both, but finally it ended.

Dad bade us stand and we wiped our faces. Then we each hugged him, "Thank you daddy, I'll be good," I said quietly.

"Sorry daddy, I'll be good too," Aaron said. Dad kissed our temples, "Stay here for awhile and come out when you're ready," dad said and left the bedroom to us.

A few long moments of silence followed as we both gingerly rubbed our sore bottoms. When I didn't hear any magic words for my gallant effort to save him from more of dad's belt licks I guess some annoyance made me say it,

"You're welcome."

"Shut up," he quickly replied with a hard edge. Well, so much for last night. My dick started to harden up, that was all I cared about one way or the other.

"Can I suck you off, please?" I asked meekly to try and appease him.

"What's the matter, not up for making me take your dick up my ass now?" he said with a pretty good glare.

I shrugged, "I want to suck you hard, then you should fuck me up my ass," I suggested and just saying it made my spirits soar with renewed lust. It just felt right.

"Oh yea? Well no sucking and no fucking for you Donny, go beat off by yourself for all I care!" and he angrily stomped out of my room slamming my door leaving me standing there, my cock all the harder.

* * * * * * * * * *

I lay wide awake in bed nursing a hard dick that quite frankly I had no interest in touching unless I was with Aaron. Like it or not, I was addicted to him and his cocky ways. I felt my butthole, it felt empty. I recalled the "good" times when Aaron dominated me like right at the beginning. I didn't really care about Russ and his other friends. The question was, what was I going to do about it and when?

I knew dad and mom were asleep. I had a felling Aaron was not. I sat up and sighed. I would throw myself at his feet, at his mercy and if he wanted to give me a load of grief, so be it. I stood and walked to my bedroom door and opened it. The hallway was dark like the rest of the house and I walked out into it to head towards Aaron's room. I nearly ran into him, Aaron that is.

"Fuck!!" he hissed, "You scared the shit out of me, what are you doing out here anyway?" he asked. I stood there my heart pounding, just as shocked as he appeared to be. I could have asked him the same thing, but didn't.

"I couldn't sleep without finding you and asking your forgiveness. I need you to fuck me, hard, Aaron. Anything else too just as long as we don't wake dad and mom," I confessed to him.

Aaron sighed and motioned me to go back into my room, he entered, shut the door and pressed me hard up against the wall with his hand to my chest,

"Listen close bitch," he smirked, "don't give me your candy-ass platitudes and I have no forgiveness," then dropped his hand.

I could feel Aaron's body heat, his breath, his sweet, sweet breath and I wanted to suck his mouth. Suddenly his hand came up and he grabbed my chin and jaw in his strong hand and squeezed hard and painfully even. Just as suddenly my mouth was pulled into his forcefully and my mouth was full of his tongue and his whole naked body pressed into mine. Talk about sucking face, he was eating mine!

He broke the assault with a long thick string of spit finally bursting between us. I was speechless.

"Open your god damn mouth," he hissed, "What?" I hesitated and suddenly my balls were on fire. He had grabbed them,

"Do what I fucking tell you to do, now!" he let go, leaving a huge ache in my tummy and sides and I opened my mouth, wide.

He wadded up a load of spit and spat it into my mouth, then did it again, "Now swallow!" and I did. I swallowed my brother's spit like a baby bird.

He grinned, "That's better bitch. Now, for the record, what you did today during our whipping. Thank you. But if you think it changes anything, think again big brother. Oh and another thing. When I order you to do something to pleasure me, I expect you to do it. No whiny excuses or 'dad will spank us, oh dear me!' or any other stupid shit, understand bitch??" he said with the same look in his eyes as he had that first night in my bedroom.

I nodded enthusiastically, my dick hard as nails, "Yes bro, yes Aaron," I said breathlessly and with respect. I liked Aaron much better this way and I think so did he.

"Now get me your belt and get over the end of the bed, just like dad had us," and I got so excited I almost stumbled and fell all over myself getting it for him. Then I almost tripped up again as I got a pillow and flew over the end of my bed and got my naked ass up high and spread my legs.

I saw Aaron come quickly to my side and he gave me five hard belt licks, real stingers too! Then he leaned over,

"Nice hot whipped ass," and then I felt his tongue lapping at and then penetrating my butthole, sloppily by the sounds and feel of it as a warm drool crept down the inside of my bare thigh. God damn! Aaron did love sex, my sex and believe me, he'd never ever hear the "G" work from my mouth ever again concerning it.

I moaned, I loved it and then he stood and grabbed my balls and squeezed me hard, really hard, "Who owns your ass bitch?"

"You do Aaron!" I winced and he let go, "Damn right," and then he belted my ass in earnest again. It hurt so much lick after hard lick just like dad and this time I had to bury my face in my pillow and howl. He really got to me. He stopped, panting and tossed the belt to around my head.

"Hang on bitch, I need to fuck," he hissed and I put my ass up even higher no matter it was throbbing like a fuck. He pushed into me hard, relentlessly and I had to press my face forcefully into the pillow again to muffle my scream. Aaron ass-raped me. He took me, filled my ass up with his sperm and then pulled out just as hard.

He stood behind me, panting hard hot breath, "That's more like it, hot boy pussy, my brother's hot boy pussy," and I didn't move. I gloried in Aaron's dominance instead.

"Get up bitch!" he ordered me. I got up a bit awkwardly feeling like my insides were going to fall out of me, he had fucked me so hard.

"Get on your knees and clean my dick Donny," he huffed and puffed and one second later I was licking his dick and his balls of the mess on both, gladly.

"Good bitch," he grinned down at me as I smiled up to him in the darkness and ruffled my hair, "You can jack off twice and then go to bed," he said and left the room to me.

I was disappointed that I didn't get to sleep with Aaron that night if just for a little while, but that's not what he wanted. I jacked off twice recalling it all and then fell asleep, quite satisfied.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Breakfast, bitch!" was the next sound I heard startling my eyes open, that and a very heavy weight on my chest. It was Aaron, naked, sitting on my chest and his hard dick slapping around my mouth, "Good news Donny, mom and dad are taking off for the day in about an hour and your ass is mine all day long! Now open wide and you get your morning breakfast juice!"

I opened wide and watched his hand pump on his dick and then as he got close, he poked the head into my maw and cut loose. I swallowed his (my) juice and then he climbed off of me, "Oh and another thing, you need your pubes and asshole shaved again after they leave, remind me," he said and left the room blowing me a sarcastic kiss.

As I ate a real breakfast courtesy of mom, I wondered if Aaron was going to call any of his friends to finally make an appearance. My answer seemed on the horizon, Aaron rushed indoors and was on the phone, by the sounds of it, with Russ for starters.

As I listened in as best I could, things didn't seem right. Aaron's face alternatively grinned and smirked,

"No shit? Are you kidding me? Well, dude, get your ass over here now, want me to pick you up? Oh, OK. Damn, that sucks," and Aaron hung up.

"What's going on?" I asked. Aaron chuckled, "Russ is in deep shit. His sister is a mega-bitch. Apparently, those pink panties he gave you, it's not the first time he's took her stuff and then she found some porn shit he had. She's pissed and wants revenge."

"Revenge? Porn?" I asked, my ears pinking up, my dick hardening up for some reason.

"Yea, don't get all excited, it was some dipshit girl-on-girl action. Anyway, she's dropping him off and get this, he's bringing a digital camera and a list of shit he has to do, wants me to take pictures of him that he has to give back to her for, how did he put it? Safe keeping?" and then Aaron roared, "More like blackmail!"

Even I was incredulous and deep down very thankful I didn't have a big sister to boss me around like that. She made Aaron sound like an angel. I cleaned the kitchen of breakfast dishes as the next hour passed, but I was now all jacked up over poor Russ. Worse for him? Josh called Aaron right after.

Josh could be a bitch in his own way, but never in my wildest dreams would I have believed all that happened next. Josh got a ride to our place from his big brother, Mitch. If you think Josh could be an ass, Mitch was the real winner all self-important senior that he was.

"What's up bitches?" Josh gleamed and then licked his lips at me, "Gonna score today and I'm horny as hell," he smirked. Aaron then looked at me, "Guess what, Russ's sister is on the fucking warpath," and then explained to Josh what Russ had to do with our help.

"Fuckin' cunt … wow, now Russ has to go down, poor guy. Oh well, life is truly a bitch!" Josh commented and for some reason, I didn't trust Josh one bit.

Russ arrived shortly after, tail clearly between his legs a digital camera dangling from one wrist, a bag of goodies from another. The poor guy looked downtrodden, I felt sorry for him.

"Sucks for you dude," Josh crassly jabbed. Aaron shot Josh a glare, I was glad he did, I certainly couldn't.

"It'll be OK buddy. We'll do what she says. Do you trust her to not show the pictures around?" Aaron asked.

"Yea. She's an asshole, but not stupid. She'll probably destroy them anyway. She's done shit like this to me our whole lives together. Be glad you don't have a mega-bitch sister to live with," Russ sighed, "Let's get on with it, I don't have all day," he said.

We walked into the house and Russ gave Aaron his sister's list of demands, "Shit!" Aaron shook his head and gave it to Josh who read it and exclaimed, "Fuck!" and then Aaron took the list and gave it to me,

"You do it Donny. This stuff sucks, besides, I want no chance to get into any shots, no matter if it's just a finger," and Josh nodded, "Me either, let's play video games while butt-face here is getting his lunch handed to him by Donny."

As I read the list, poor Russ looked devastated and I could see why. I had no idea females could be so mean and devious. I sighed,

"Come on Russ, let's get started," I said quietly and he followed me to my bedroom.

Russ opened his bag of goodies and pulled out the shaving gear and frilly blue girl panties and last of all, the lube and dildo. I knew how he felt, but at the same time I knew how I felt, horribly turned on. The stuff in the bag was just a part of the demands. I would provide the rest the least of which was a spanking implement I was to use to roast poor Russ's bottom cheeks in several different humiliating positions and last of all, well, let's just say that Russ, likely still an anal virgin to a real male penis would no longer be so after I was done with him.

Digital camera in hand, I followed the instructions, nude pictures of Russ from the head down, no face shots. No matter, Russ was kind of tall and gangly and could easily be recognized. The funny part was, Russ was boned up for the whole thing. I found that peculiar not to mention his attitude which was very submissive. It was turning me on. I wanted so bad just to bend him over, fuck his hot little wrestler's ass right then and there, pictures included. Suddenly I knew what it was to truly feel like Aaron.

Russ put on the blue frilly panties which only emphasized his even harder dick and I took more shots. His head was down afterwards,

"I'm sorry about all this Russ," I said but who was I kidding, not him, that was for sure.

Russ saw my tented boxers, yes I was stripped down. It was a part of the process, the pictures had to show the bare thighs and turned on genitals of Russ's tormentor, just not his face. That meant my naked hard-on would be in a shot or two or three, just not my face. Oddly enough, just the thought of it turned me on further. Was I that crass and wicked to want to be in these basically illegal blackmail pictures in his sister's possession? Fuck!

"To the bathroom bro," I said and followed him. I looked at Russ's naked ass and god forgive me, I secretly thanked his sister that I was now in possession of and in charge of a really hot younger boy who had to do everything I said and wanted, digital pictures as proof of compliance.

The instructions were explicit and not that she would ever know what order I actually did things, Russ insisted. Talk about paranoid, "Do it right the first time. I never want to have to repeat this shit, I just couldn't!" Russ pined. I nodded and sat down, dad's spanking paddle in hand, the camera's lanyard around my neck for easy access. I started the process.

I paddled Russ's ass, hard. He whimpered and wiggled immediately. I had to paddle him to tears and then take pictures of his ass and face, tears and downturned mouth, the works and did. Then Russ pushed back his limp cock for me to make hard. I did, a simple hand job sufficed. More pictures of his turned on dick back between his totally red paddled butt cheeks.

We moved on. He put back on the girls panties, more pictures standing and then over my lap and more spanking, this time with my hand both over the panties and with them pulled up into his ass crack, wedgie style. After awhile I felt sweat dripping down my face like this was some kind of work, a demonic photo-shoot. More spanking to tears and more pictures and somewhere in the middle of it, I became more like Aaron, enjoying more than not, totally turned on but also dead to Russ's feelings.

"Stop whining bitch, or I'll give you something to whine about, now get the stuff ready to shave your damn boy pussy," I said to him. My cock was enraged by now, just like my attitude and I took full advantage.

Russ was trying his best to keep his cool and not get offended, but after he had to withstand me shaving off his pubes to baby smooth, his asshole exposed for shaving as well he kind of lost it, not because of that, but because I lost it. I could no longer help myself, leaned over and started to lick on his butthole with my tongue,

"No Donny!" he jumped up hands on his ass, "No way mother-fucker," and right then, into the room came Aaron and Josh. I wondered why they weren't watching all this. They could easily watch and keep out of the pictures.

"What the fuck is going on?" Aaron glared at a horrified Russ.

"He's taken a million pictures already and now he wants to eat my hole with his fucking mouth!" Russ complained.

"Give me that!" Aaron yelled and grabbed the camera as well as the list from hell. He and Josh poured over it. I thought I was in deep shit trouble, not to mention both Aaron and Josh were pawing at their bulges.

I watched and relaxed and Russ started to look quite afraid as the expressions on Aaron's and Josh's faces were not only smiling, but leering at the photo evidence of Russ's ordered humiliation. At last Aaron looked at Russ quite sternly,

"Look bitch, Donny is following your sister's instructions exactly right. I don't give a shit if he licks out your butthole, do what you're told!"

"OK, ok!" Russ said resignedly. I grinned, "Time for the dildo, then my big hard dick, Russ."

"Yea, that'll be sweet" Josh said. Aaron kept the camera and shot the pictures of Russ taking a not too big dildo up his ass, yes with lube. Good thing the camera was not video with sound, it would be full of Russ whining and bitching about how it hurt, didn't I know; but then, when it came time for me to mount Russ's hot spanked and penetrated ass, oh boy, then he did start to cry and beg, not that it would do him any good, it didn't.

Aaron got some great shots of my cock going into Russ' butthole and I got to go all the way and filled his ass up with my cream, and that was the most humiliating of all. All just to please his sister.

Josh asked to see the pictures so Aaron gave him the camera and seemed to disappear for a little while before returning to give the camera back to Russ. Russ called his sister giving me a look that could kill. I just shrugged, not my problem! Russ left, his sister picked him up and that seemed that, only it wasn't.

Not twenty minutes later the phone rang, Aaron picked it up and had to hold the receiver away. Russ was screaming into the phone. I looked at Josh, he looked strangely ecstatic, what the fuck? Aaron finally looked at Josh, unhappy,

"What's going on dude? Russ says there are no pictures on the camera's memory card," and my jaw dropped. Josh looked sheepish. I could not believe what I was thinking.

"I said, what did you do!!" Aaron yelled at Josh, "Hey man, it's all a joke. I erased the memory before I gave the camera back to Russ."

"You what?!" Aaron looked at Josh and then told Russ and had to hold the telephone receiver away from his ear again. Everyone could hear Russ screaming and begging and really not taking Josh's prank so well. I didn't know whether to punch Josh in the face or kiss him. It was both brilliant and the meanest thing I'd ever heard of.

"Keep your shorts on Russ, we'll do it OK?" Aaron said and hung up, "Thanks a lot Josh you dumb fuck. Russ is our friend and now we have to go back over there and do it all again, or most of it. His sister is way hacked, dude."

"Fuck him, it was just a joke, OK?" Josh was way defensive.

"Yea and a big huge waste of my time, come on Donny, drive me over."

"I'm going too!" Josh insisted.

"Fine, but you're not going near that camera again," Aaron said.

Long story short, I drove the three of us over to Russ's while his sister was gone. We had to do most of the nasty stuff to Russ again, this time Aaron participated thank god and we traded off taking digital pictures. Shit, it was hot watching Aaron butt-fuck one of his wrestling buddies, but he was so angry at Josh by then, Russ took the brunt of it because that was the way Aaron wanted it. Russ told Josh they weren't friends any more, then Josh threatened Russ that his big brother Mitch would beat the crap out of Russ if Russ "laid one finger" on Josh. That was not cool of Josh, not in the least. We drove Josh home, Aaron steaming and swearing at him at the end to "get the fuck out of the car now asshole!" I was proud of Aaron for that and that should have been the end of it, but you won't believe what happened next.

* * * * * * * * * *

I'll never forget it, I had given Aaron a ride home from school that afternoon, a rare occurrence so we hit the back kitchen door at the same time. Mom was there and the look on her face made us both freeze in place,

"Both of you get to dad's office, now! You are both in so much trouble!" She almost yelled at us she was so upset. I looked at Aaron and he at me, "What the fuck?" he whispered not daring to let mom here his curse as we quickly sped to dad's open study door.

"Close the door, now!" He barked at us and then I saw a digital camera on his desk and without knowing what I was looking at, my stomach clenched so hard I almost whimpered. He picked up said camera after Aaron obeyed, it was our family digital camera.

"What in the world have you two been up too?!" he said looking about as angry as I had ever seen dad.

"What dad? What are you talking about? Aaron asked. Dad stood and brought the camera over to us and turning it on, showed us the pictures on the memory card. I about shit my pants, I almost passed out on the spot. Aaron's eyes got so big I thought they would burst. I looked at Aaron and he at me and we both knew what had happened. I was so angry at Josh at the moment, I wanted to kill him, I know Aaron did.

"I want an explanation and I want it NOW!!" Dad barked and took the camera from Aaron's hand.

Josh had somehow found our digital camera which must have been in the kitchen. He apparently switched the memory cards from Russ's camera, which happened to be the same brand as ours, claiming to only have erased Russ's card. He had not only punked Russ, he had punked Aaron and I.

"It was a huge bad joke dad, just guys messing around on a dare," Aaron said, his temples pulsating and his eyes on fire. I nodded, "He's right dad, we were just goofing off and forgot … to take the card out or erase the pictures," I said hoping it would mollify a very angry parent.

"You call this … this smut a joke? A dare?! Really?!! I swear to God I thought at least you had enough sense Donny. I would expect this from Aaron, actually I wouldn't even think he had the nerve to do something like this. I will concede that you both likely intended to not leave the card in and were therefore incredibly and stupidly careless. I would have expected you to have at least erased it or changed … Mom found it earlier this afternoon. I've never heard your mother swear, but she did and she made me promise that there is going to be severe punishment and I agree with her, go to Aaron's room, NOW!"

Aaron and I retreated to his room. I had rarely felt nauseated when facing one of dad's punishments, I did now. Aaron went and sat on his bed, I could see his face, red and angry, I mean so pissed, I thought he was going to have a stroke. I felt so sorry for Aaron and I wanted to kill Josh, murder his ass, at least as much as dad was going to murder ours.

"I swear on my life, we are going to get even with Josh for this. I don't know how, but he is going to pay," Aaron said and looked at me,

"Big brother. For once, I'm sorry I got you into all this shit. It was fun for awhile, hot even. This is too far. This is not your fault. I'll talk to dad … " I held up my hand,

"Aaron, I'm a big boy. I cannot and will not let you go down alone, not that dad would let me. I'm just saying, I'm in this fifty-fifty with you, you just have to find a way for us to get back at Josh."

"Don't … fucking … worry about that. It will happen … " and then his face fell, "If we survive dad's punishment that is."

Even I was uncertain what our old man was going to do to us. Oddly enough, it wasn't the ass beatings that I knew we would now both get; it was whatever else he might do to make our lives miserable, no matter that we probably deserved it. I went over and sat by Aaron and put my arm around him, he didn't look very good now, his ire for Josh postponed,

"I won't let dad get carried away with you Aaron," I said having no idea if I could really keep dad from doing his worst to either of us.

"Thanks Donny, you're a good big brother. I wish I was more like you," he said quietly and then we heard dad's extra heavy footfall coming down the hall.

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