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Of Dads, Sons and Razor Strops: A Father Figure, A Woodshed
PJ Franklin <>



Steven Thomas sat on the edge of his bed holding the altered yellow card, about to get up and take the card to its next destination. Sometimes the otherwise bright sixteen-year-old didn't quite think things through and made mistakes, all boys do, but this was a doozy even for him,

"You're nuts Steve, completely and utterly nuts, and it's all your fault!" Steven sarcastically chuckled to himself as he looked down between his legs at the real culprit whose temptation had been birthed one afternoon not long before.

But then his countenance fell. Where there had been giddy risk, now there was doubt and his stomach ached. The real question would be, what if Mr. Fisher took it all the wrong way? What if the worse happened and he were expelled? He should have thought of that before! Worse, what would Dad think, would he be angry?

No, not angry; disappointed, yes, plenty of that and plenty of painful punishment, but no anger, that was not his Dad.

Steven then easily pictured the short walk he would have to take in back of the now semi-rural house to the old woodshed, shoulder to shoulder with Dad, a trip Steven had taken a few times before.

The ol' saw horse would be inside, waiting. The wide brown leather strop would be hanging on the rusty nail, waiting. Dad would hug him, tightly, "I love you son." Steven would hug back, "I love you Dad" and then they would get to work, together, to right the wrong …

A unit leading cadet corporal's work seemed never done, but Wyatt Fisher should have thought of that before he had applied. Oh yes, it had been one hell of a boost to his seventeen-year old ego to get the letter adorned with the ornate red Ridgefield Boy's Military School Commandant's seal.

What a proud day, what a rush! The chance to lead, the chance to inspire! And yes, the coveted privilege of providing corporal punishment to his cadets was clearly worth the trouble.

It was 21:30 hours and the unwelcome rap on his study room door announced quite a different reality, a much harsher one. When was he ever going to have time to get his schoolwork done when a seemingly endless parade of young cadets to his study room door threatened to interrupt him each evening?

Unit reports were in a building stack on his desk, yet unfinished. That was not to mention attention required by that damn invitation to march his unit in the small adjacent town's something centennial celebration. It was one of Commandant's more dubious "awards" for being "such a fine leader of cadets!"

Back in his "old" days as a first or even third second year cadet, he could just follow, a piece of cake. That was then, this was now. He must now lead and that meant work and get further behind, again!

Wyatt sighed, "Come in!" expecting one of his younger boys.

Instead it was cadet Steven Thomas. Wyatt paused and watched as Thomas marched to the front of his desk, snapping up to attention, the cadet's right hand extending out a yellow demerit card in his hand,

"Cadet Thomas requests a demerit hearing, SIR!" Thomas barked but with a small waver in his voice, his hand trembling just a little.

"So, the mighty have finally fallen, have they Cadet Thomas?" marking the boy's first full demerit card. Not bad for eight weeks of matriculation as a newbie.

"Sir yes SIR!" Thomas quickly barked silently crossing the fingers of his mind as Fisher snatched the card from his grasp, something feeling amiss.

When academy staff finally filled a cadet's card for various infractions incurred outside of the direct control of the unit's commander, the cadet was obligated to present it to his unit commander for punishment. Most boys took two weeks, some only one to post their first full demerit card.

Steven Thomas was a delayed fourth year entry to Ridgefield Boy's Military Academy and by his own admission had volunteered, chose to abandon conventional high school back home with his father's hearty approval in favor of the much harsher and exacting environment, unusual but not unheard of.

After he had met Steven for the first time and more importantly his father and observed the two males interact together, well, Wyatt practically begged the Commandant to place Steven in his unit under his care as there was something between father and son to be envied.

Fisher looked intently at the card. At first, the card looked nominal and then he noticed the last three initials in the completed row of seven. The handwriting looked odd and stood out. He had seen dozens of staff initials and knew them all on sight.

It was like a punch in the gut as Fisher suddenly realized that the last three were not staff initials, they had been forged! His very next thought was why?

Why indeed. Wyatt instantly knew that he should not have given into temptation that afternoon. Yes, this seemed partly his doing, but now he had a duty to enforce school standards,

"Thomas, do you have something you need to tell me about this card?"

Fisher's tone alone told Steven that his little ruse was over even before it had started; it was time to fess up and stop the madness. Steven sighed and straightened up taller,

"Yes sir, I forged the last three demerits, sir," Steven said with firm conviction but had never felt more foolish.

"Forgery? Forgery?! You're here barely eight weeks and … " Fisher paused for effect.

"What will your father say? Huh, Thomas?" pressing the gravity of the strange situation upon the neophyte.

Steven wished now that he had listened to his inner caution about disappointing his father and allowed Fisher's lecture to sink far inside.

"Yes, Dad is not going to be happy … sir, am I going to be? … " Steven paused, his face full of anxiety.

"What, expelled? No way Thomas! That would be too easy, besides, I can't take this piece of crap to Commandant! How am I going to explain to him that one of his cadets forged a part of his demerit card, just so … "

Fisher stopped just short of voicing what should now seem obvious to both as thoughts of that afternoon flooded both his and Steven's minds …

Wyatt Fisher had been spending free time continuing to coach his new cadet up to speed. He had invited him to run the P.E. training track during an extra few hours from class time.

The run had gone well enough. Then he led Steven through some toning and strengthening calisthenics. They were near to the little used changing rooms and showers on an older part of the sprawling academy training grounds when they finished.

To save some valuable time, Wyatt had innocently taken the new boy into the empty facility to shower and change back to regulation uniform before the next academic period. They were alone in the facility and both boys stripped off naked and then stood under side-by-side hot steamy showerheads.

There seemed nothing unusual about the scenario; Wyatt had showered with one or more naked boys countless times. Oh yes, his wandering and appreciative eyes would check out his favorite below-the-waste features, but nothing had ever happened.

Why should this time be any different, but it was. They talked about life at home. Wyatt told Steven about his only-son life with his Mom having grown up without his absent biological father. Steven was saddened by Wyatt's story and shared with him how very important his Dad was to him.

"Dad loves me a whole lot but is very strict," Steven said solemnly and then Wyatt asked what "strict" meant.

Steven described in detail his corporal punishments and especially the family woodshed and the stroppings he had received; but in the telling, Steven popped a boner!

"Oh my God! I am so sorry sir!" Steven said with consternation.

"No, no, it's OK. You're fine, go on!" Wyatt's eyes riveted on Steven's rigid organ.

"Oh, good! Well, as you can see, just talking about it gets me all stirred up!" Steven said noticing Wyatt's stare.

"Yea, bet that doesn't happen in front of your Dad though?" Wyatt anxiously asked.

"Sure it does, a lot really, but Dad is cool about it though. He says it's natural and he doesn't mind at all even if I accidentally…" and Steven stopped. Maybe it wouldn't be so cool to be too revealing.

Wyatt's ears burned for more, "Accidentally, what? It's OK, I want to know."

"Really? Well, sometimes I lose control, you know, shoot a load."

Wyatt gulped. This could not be for real, could it?

"Oh? Cool … um … you mean after your Dad is gone?" Wyatt pressed the point even as he felt his cock on it's way up.

"Oh, no, right there with Dad, before, during, after, whenever. Dad just smiles and says 'good job sport' but I have to be careful. If you come before he's finished with punishment licks, look out! It really hurts at lot worse then!"

Wyatt's cock was by now like Steven's, straight out hard.

"Oh wow, looks great sir!" Steven nervously grinned.

Wyatt looked down at himself and then at his cadet. He had circle jerked with other boys before, but never just one on one and he just said it, "Want to?" making an obvious hand gesture.

"Sure!" Steven had said brightly …

Truth was that the older boy could neither blame, nor condone, but he was forced to act,

"I am keeping this incident between you and me … and your father. You are going to tell him Thomas, tonight! After that, I am going to make you VERY sorry that you took a stupid, crazy chance like this." Fisher doing double duty of damage control and discipline!

Wyatt stood up, "Look at me cadet!"

Thomas' eyes riveted to Fisher's, his mind alert, relief and not a little gratitude flooding into the ugly void caused by his foolish stunt. Talking to Dad would be easy now that the specter of getting expelled was gone. Yes, there would be confession and punishment, but even that paled. God bless Wyatt Fisher!

"You've got nerve Thomas, I'll give you that much. Do you have anything to say?" Fisher asked not intending to openly relive the afternoon at fault.

"No sir," Steven replied, anxious to clear the air with his father.

* * * * * * * * * *

"Daddy? It's Stevie," Steven said into the phone and immediately felt his throat thicken. He missed home, he missed his Dad, but focused as Mr. Fisher was standing near to him in the empty commons room, listening.

Hearing his beloved older son's voice perked the father's spirits up considerably. It had been a long day at work and at home. His younger son's behavior at school had been entirely sub-par and Ronny had presented him with the requisite disciplinary note.

"Steven!" Will Thomas shouted enthusiastically, "I miss you son, a ton! How's school?" Will said, but his son's voice sounded tense.

Little brother Ronny had turned fourteen just a few months before and was with Dad on the couch watching a movie when the call came in.

His eyes widened, "I want to talk too!" Ronny whispered anxiously.

Dad nodded and put his finger to his lips.

"Daddy, I miss you guys so much!" Steven said and felt a little misting about the eyes, "School is great, but I gotta tell you something."

"OK champ, let's hear it," Will said sensing his son's emotion.

"Well, I filled a demerit card, Dad. Mr. Fisher is going to punish me in a little while. You'll be getting a call from the Commandant probably tomorrow or next day."

Will Thomas could relax. If that were the only problem, then there was nothing to worry about. He had met Wyatt Fisher and heartily approved of the older boy's authority over his son and already knew that if his son required punishment, that he would duly informed.

"But there's more Daddy, I screwed up extra bad."

Will tensed again, "Well, OK. What happened?"

"I … I … " Steven paused finding it very hard to say the "F" word, " I … I forged some of the demerit marks on the card, Dad," Steven confessed with a lowered voice, sounding quite ashamed.

Even Wyatt winced and cursed the innocent afternoon that had ended poorly.

Will paused, "Did you say 'forged' Steven?" he had to have heard wrongly!

Steven could hear the disappointment, worse feel it, "Yes daddy," he said quietly.

At that moment, Wyatt kind of wished that he could jump on the phone and share in both the blame and the shame, but it really went much deeper than that.

Will Thomas was not naïve about Steven's penchants but good god, boy!

"Steven! Forgery, son? That's way over the top, even for you!" and let his feelings come out.

Steven winced hard, but Dad's disappointment was well earned.

"What did Mr. Fisher have to say, what's going to happen?" Will worried that Wyatt Fisher would be confused and worse, misunderstand what Steven had done and why.

Steven was busy chastising himself for causing his beloved father to have to lecture him, but quickly answered,

"I'm sorry dad, it's a long story. I screwed up big time. You know me, I went and well … lost control of my … " and Steven paused and looked at Wyatt. Maybe he shouldn't put Dad through this part.

Wyatt felt genuine discomfort for Steven, but nodded for Steven to go all the way,

" … my urges. He caught me Dad, really fast. I'm really grateful to him, he understands Dad. He's not going to tell Commandant and I think he's going to punish me, really severely too!"

Wyatt proudly nodded and smiled helping Steven to relax a little.

The older boy seldom allowed himself vicarious living when it came to the Dad thing, it was too painful; but now wondered just how many Dads could have understood a confession from their sons like Wyatt's had just heard?

"You told him why you did this?" Will asked protectively about Fisher's reactions.

"Yes daddy, he knows. He's very disappointed that I took such a stupid risk, just like you; but it's going to be OK. I'm going to be OK … Daddy? Are you going to punish me when I come home during break?" Steven anxiously asked.

Wyatt listened expectantly, feeling guilty for hoping to hear some details.

"What do you think about it Steven?" Will asked.

There was not much to think about. Dad had always been more than fair about such things, but this clearly had crossed a line, even for him,

"A hard stropping in the shed, Dad. I know I deserve it."

Wyatt shuddered all over. So, it was true, all that stuff in the showers about woodshed stroppings and corporal punishment that had turned him on so much; worse, what he had been masturbating over concerning his young cadet nearly every night since then.

Will smiled to himself. Steven had a very good sense of right and wrong for a boy his age.

"You're right son, you do. I can't let this one go … hey, Ronny wants to talk," Will sighed and gave the phone to the boy.

Ronny had been listening to all the "adult" type of talk. He certainly was old enough to know about "forgery," several friends at school had been punished for forging notes from home. It sounded like his beloved big brother was in some kind of big trouble and was very sorry for it.

Maybe he could help Stevie to feel better if he shared some of his own trouble,

"Stevie! Guess what! I got a big whippin' tonight! Daddy roasted me, I'm burned to a crisp!" Ronny blurted.

Steven grinned, "What did you do now little bro?" catching Wyatt's attention as he had no little brother.

"Used a cuss word in Ms. Willow's class," Ronny sighed.

"Ronny! Bad boy!" Steven chided through his smile.

"I know, but Dad took care of that problem, fourteen belt licks in the shed!"

"Fourteen licks? Ronny, that's a record!" again catching Wyatt's attention.

"Oh yea! But since it was my second time in a month, I also got a hand spankin' over the licks, it hurt!"

"I'll bet! Hey, I'll be feeling it too in a few minutes."

"Yea, I was listening. Wow, that place is tough, what are you gonna get?"

"I'm not sure kiddo but it's gonna be real bad I think."

"Wow! They mean business there, just like at home!"

"Yup, but I miss you bro, a lot."

Ronny stuck out his lower lip,

"Stevie, I … I wish you didn't go away. I know you like it there, but it's not the same! I hate when Missy babysits me. Dad says I'm still too young to go without. I want you to babysit me!"

Steven sighed, "I know Ronny, I know. I gotta go sport, give the phone to Dad please. I love you Ronny!"

"I love you too Stevie!" And Ronny handed the headset to his father as an idea popped into Steven's head just then.

"Dad? I have an idea. I want to bring Wyatt home with me during break if he'll agree," catching Wyatt's eye in the asking.

Wyatt's eyes widened and his stomach clenched. He had been vicariously enjoying Steven's homey conversation with his Dad and little brother, but the suggestion still came as a shocker, welcome though it may be.

Wyatt quickly smiled and nodded his answer.

"Sounds good to me son, are you going to ask him?" Steven heard Dad's question and already knew Wyatt's answer, but chose not to reveal it to his Dad just yet.

"Yes, Dad, but I think he'll be cool with it. Say, I need to go Dad. I got punishment to take. Daddy?"

"Yes sweet boy?" Will said missing his son all the more.

"I'd rather be taking strop licks from you in the woodshed."

That was nearly the limit for Wyatt, a boy asking his father that he would rather be at home taking a whipping from his loving father. Wyatt could only swallow through the thick emotion that crowded his throat.

"Me too son, me too!"

"Love you lots!" Steven said biting his lower lip.

"Love you forever champ, bye!"

Steven hung up the phone and for a long moment there was just silence in the room. Wyatt wanted to forget the whole thing, go home with Steven and beg his father for forgiveness for having been so wrong to have allowed the incident to happen that led to all this chaos.

"Trying to butter me up cadet? Inviting me home with you and all?" Wyatt said instead, but made sure he was warmly smiling.

"No, not at all sir! Steven answered with honest naiveté, "I just felt, well, grateful that you understood, just like my Dad does. You'll like Dad!"

There were days when being unit commander sucked, big time. This was surely one of them.

"Come on Thomas, let's get back to my room, get going with your punishment."

"Yes sir!" Steven said with enthusiasm. All would be fine now.

* * * * * * * * * *

Wyatt Fisher never thought twice about punishing his cadets. They had earned it fair and square and he had earned the privilege of applying hand or implement. Neither had he ever had second thoughts about his arousals before, during or certainly afterwards if he chose to indulge in private self-pleasuring.

Trousers shamelessly (and helplessly) tented, Wyatt Fisher gazed down at Steven Thomas's forward angled naked body over the back of the chair. The older boy's eyes slowly surveyed Steven's slender waist, perfect skin, his older and nicely muscled thighs and calves; but the best, his favorite, Steven's perfectly curved bottom cheeks and through its center, a fine fuzz that did not hide the center of the boy's secret place.

"Ten swats Thomas, for the demerits, then a spanking over them for the forgery," Wyatt announced averting his stare trying to ignore the lurid thoughts cascading through his mind at an alarming rate.

"Yes sir, thank you sir," Steven said looking straight ahead, his erection bobbing.

Wyatt saw Steven's erection and immediately both identified with him and felt sorry that he would shortly have to deprive Steven of his randy pole.

The paddle then slowly rose up high and then did swiftly fall, and strike, hard, very hard. The cracking sound filled two pair of ears, one enjoyed, the other too distracted by pain to enjoy.

Again the paddle rose and fell and this time the crack was followed by a low groan. Wyatt wanted to empathize, but he could not. He did not want to feel more lust, but he did even as he noticed Steven's cock was already softened and small.

The paddling continued with pace. Groans led to yelps. Yelps led to muffled sobs and gentle whimpering. Wyatt could only frown. Bad habits are just that, things that don't go away when you want them too. He was leaking pre-cum shamelessly into his boxers, thankful that Steven could not see the evidence.

By the tenth and last swat, Thomas was shaking, his knees wavering. Fisher's cock was throbbing but back under control. Thomas' distressed face had quelled Fisher's lust, the boy was very close to outright bawling, but it had to be done that way.

"Get in the corner, hands on your head cadet. You'll cool off ten minutes before your spanking."

"Yes sir," Wyatt said quietly and slowly stood up and walked to the corner, each step enhancing the awful throbbing in his punished rear until he reached the corner. Hands on his head and eyes closed, Wyatt wondered if he was now still happy to be at Ridgefield.

Wyatt sat behind his desk, hands on his face daring himself not to look at Steven Thomas' paddled rear, but who was he fooling? With any other boy, there would be no doubt that he would be lustfully staring at the boy's reddened globes, so he did now look; but it was worst than that, a tempting habit quickly returned to mind as he stared at Steven's attractive rear,

"Don't do it Wyatt!" Fisher said to himself, mesmerized by Thomas' beet red bottom!

"You still have to spank him!" he reasoned, "You'll be sorry!" he hissed to himself.

Wyatt knew he was happy at Ridgefield despite how he now felt. It was his own fault for fucking up, not Fishers. He deserved this punishment and he would deserve a whipping in the shed over break. He would ask Mr. Fisher to witness it. Dad would agree to that for sure! Yes, it would be very fitting.

"I'll be right back!" Thomas heard from Mr. Fisher and thought nothing of it.

Wyatt Fisher then sped from the room and down the hallway to the head. It was dark inside, good. He barely had time to reach the toilet stall, open the door, thrust down his pants and exploded in an orgasm even he seldom had experienced.

Maybe that was OK. Maybe he just had to release once, but he didn't have to grab his still swollen pecker and urge up yet another release, did he?

"Fuck my punished ass, rape me sir, please!" Wyatt's lurid thoughts racing out of control as his fist pounded his stiff member like there was no tomorrow!

Wyatt shot another load, and then a third! "What are you doing asshole!?" he hissed into the darkness, quite loudly …

Steven heard the door open and closed his eyes, the spanking was going to really hurt! But he deserved it. It was for the forgery, the damned stupid forgery!

Wyatt's face was solemn and stern, but not at all for Steven's benefit. Wyatt had made up his mind about something very important and he now felt better about himself. Justice would be served, soon.

"Come over here cadet, over my knees for your spanking," and Steven turned and walked over. His cock was hard by now, no surprise there. What did surprise Steven was a small smile on Wyatt's face when he saw it,

"Looks good Thomas, I think you've earned it, just don't fuck with demerit cards ever again please?

"No sir," Steven said, glad for the older boy's understanding.

The spanking was tough, but not long. The paddling had somewhat numbed Steven's ass for a bit, then the pain was really hard, but he did not cry. Wyatt could be glad for small things, he did not get aroused during it.

* * * * * * * * * *

Later in bed that night, Steven Thomas, back turned under his covers to his sleeping roommate and using the day's used Y-fronts, started to masturbate himself over a fantasy that he had dared not entertain, at least not until now. Now, he figured he had earned the right and mouthed the words to himself,

"Please Mr. Fisher, please spank me over your lap. Harder, yes! Harder, please! It hurts! It hurts! Please, let me suck your cock Mr. Fisher. Please sir! Please fuck me, bend me over and fuck your cadet's spanked ass, please!"

It took two rounds of self-pleasuring before he was satisfied and too tired to keep his eyes open for a third.

Wyatt Fisher lay awake in his bed that night as well, his mind numb. Maybe he should resign, even leave Ridgefield. He would make something up to satisfy the Commandant, a good man, kind of fatherly in his own way, but very judgmental and narrow in his thinking about a boy's sexuality.

His mother wouldn't mind. After all, he was the "man of the house." He could make up his own mind and enjoy his own decisions. Yea, some man he was.

Wyatt turned over onto his back, naked, his cock limp. Wyatt's fantasy was then quite different than Steven's and instead focused on his promise to himself when he met Mr. Thomas. Yes, justice would be served, soon, very soon!

* * * * * * * * * *


By the time the four-hour bus ride was over and the large silver beast docked at the small town's station, Wyatt Fisher's stomach was in knots whereas his seatmate's was not. The long weekend break from school was at hand!

"Look there's Dad! There's Ronny!" Steven waved at them through the bus window as folks started to disembark in front of them.

"I … I'm so nervous, I could throw up!" Wyatt quietly admitted.

Steven's brow furrowed, "Sir, I'm so sorry!"

"Don't call me sir right now. I'm just Wyatt away from school, OK?"

"Oh! Yes sir! I mean, yes Wyatt!"

Shortly, all Wyatt could do was watch Steven Thomas fly into his father's arms, Ronny's too. He watched the trio, transfixed by what he saw and his stomach knotted up once again. Mr. Thomas kissed Steven on the cheek, so did Ronny and Steven returned the kisses as well.

Wyatt took a deep breath and walked towards the three.

"Dad! Ronny! This is … well, at school this is Mr. Fisher or sir, but right now, it's Wyatt."

Wyatt immediately extended his hand to Mr. Thomas who grasped it just right,

"Welcome Wyatt! It's good to see you again!"

Wyatt flushed and then offered his hand to Ronny.

"Huh? Don't you hug?" Ronny said and then reaching out hugged himself to Wyatt who had little or no reference for any of this kind of little brotherly affection and stood there a bit embarrassed.

"Take it easy Ronny, OK?" Steven noticed.

"Why? Is he sick or something?" Ronny said finally letting go.

"You are a rascal! I am going to spank you as soon as we get home!" Steven teased.

"You'll have to catch me first!" Ronny giggled.

"Oh, you can run from me, but Wyatt here is a lot faster than me kiddo, he'll catch you!"

"Then he can spank me. You spank my big brother, right?" and that sent everyone to looking around them.

"Not so loud my big man," Dad admonished Ronny seeing that Wyatt looked a bit overwhelmed.

"Oh, sorry," Ronny apologized but without regret and Will jumped right in,

"Err, say Wyatt, how is your year coming along? Are you going to go to college or enlist?"

"Um, not sure yet sir. Mom and I, well, she wants me to go to college. I'm not sure."

"What does your Dad say? Does he spank you at home too?" Ronny asked, but by now there was nobody about the bus.

"Ronny!" Steven said giving his nosy well-meaning brother a little shove.

Wyatt sighed, "Ronny, my Dad … he … left us long ago, it's just Mom and me."

"No Dad? But?" Ronny was lost for words and his face fell down quickly. He had friends without fathers, but the thought of the older boy without one seemed very unfair.

Wyatt felt badly, "Hey, it's OK. Mom is great. " and that made Ronny feel not a lot better.

"Hey kiddo, want to share our Dad with Wyatt for the weekend?" Steven said to his little brother?

"Sure! Can we Dad?" he looked at his father. Will Thomas pursed his lips and ruffled the younger boy's hair,

"Wyatt is welcome to share in our family my baby boy, so I guess that means yes" and he nodded at the older boy.

"Good!" Ronny grinned.

On the way home in the Thomas family car, Ronny sat in the back with Wyatt, Steven in the front with Dad.

"Behave back there young man. Don't pester Wyatt please!" Dad cautioned.

"It's OK sir," Wyatt offered.

"Daddy? If you're at work and I misbehave, does Steven get to spank me?"

"Of course honey, you know the rules," Dad spoke from the front seat glancing to the back seat to make sure Ronny was not too obtrusive into Wyatt's personal space.

"Dad, if you want to go visit Myra Saturday night, Wyatt and I can take care of Ronny," Steven offered.

"I might just do that!" Will said relishing the idea of visiting his sometimes girlfriend as it certainly was long overdue.

"Daddy, does that mean that Wyatt can spank me too?" Ronny then asked.

"I don't know baby, you can discuss that with him and Steven. I'm sure Wyatt would do a good job though."

Wyatt blushed. Steven turned his head,

"Oh yes, he can do a good job of spanking bad boys so you better behave Mr. Ronald!" Steven teased.

Ronny giggled and scooted himself knee to knee into Wyatt who hardly noticed. Right then he was focused on his promise to himself concerning his behavior, it was growing very vivid on his mind now that he was in Mr. Thomas' presence.

"Wyatt, If you have to spank me, it has to be on the bare. But I'm too old for the strop, but you can still use the belt or hairbrush!" Ronny grinned up at the older boy.

"Ronny, that's enough, OK?" Steven said towards the backseat not wanting Wyatt to feel overwhelmed.

"I'm just talking!" Ronny complained.

"No, you're pestering, just knock it off … Dad?" Steven complained.

"It's OK, really!" Wyatt interjected, shaken from his reverie.

"See? It's OK, he said so!" Ronny shot back and stuck out his tongue to his big brother and before it looked like Steven was going to further escalate the exchange, Will stepped in,

"That's enough Ronny, you too Steven!" in his don't-make-me-stop-the-car voice.

Ronny crossed his arms and stuck out his lower lip. It was more funny than serious. Steven blushed and looked out his window. It was embarrassing to be chastised in front of Wyatt.

Wyatt hated all this deference; he just wanted to fit in. He shoved Ronny, kind of hard.

"Hey!" Ronny complained. Will glanced in the rear-view mirror. Wyatt did it again.

"Dad! Wyatt is hitting me!"

"I am not! I hardly touched you Ronny!" Wyatt replied his heart pounding. He had never done anything like this before much less with near-strangers.

Steven looked at his Dad and then back at Wyatt. He wasn't so naïve,

"Cut it out Wyatt or I'll kick your ass when we get home!" he thickly smirked.

"Just try it Thomas! I'll take you on!" Wyatt gladly returned.

"Dad, Wyatt is being a dick!" Steven complained having to bite his lower lip to keep from grinning.

Meanwhile, Ronny's mouth was agape. He had never heard his big brother this aggressive!

"Steven! That was uncalled for!" Dad said to his elder son.

"You're the dick!" Wyatt took advantage to join in and not leave Steven hanging.

"Wyatt?!" Will switched his gaze to the rear-view mirror finally turning into the home's driveway.

Wyatt did not respond but felt a small shudder of excitement. The car came to a stop, Dad turned it off and they all sat there silently for a long moment.

Dad looked in the rear-view mirror and caught Wyatt's eye. Wyatt's peculiar facial expression told him exactly what to do.

"Get in the house all three of you. I will not start this nice long weekend with misbehavior from ANY of you!"

"But I didn't do anything!!" Ronny complained.

"Just do what I say Ronny!" Dad chastised.

"Yessir," Ronny pouted a little and got out of the car, Wyatt close behind. Steven got out as well and waited for Ronny to run ahead to Dad while he sidled up to Wyatt.

"Remember Fisher, we're not at school this weekend, I'm gonna kick your butt!" he said in a low voice adding a nice hefty shove, tongue wagging.

"Big words Thomas, hope you can back 'em up!" Wyatt shoved back and added a firm punch in Steven's upper arm as they reached the front door.

Steven returned the punch on the bigger boy's arm and smirked, "Oh you are so asking for it!" and quickly scurried through the home's front door Wyatt close behind.

* * * * * * * * * *

Will Thomas immediately loved having three boys around. He could cook dinner and then assign the entire cleanup chores to them scot free for himself and did. Instead, he scurried off to his study to make a date with Myra for Saturday night.

Very surprisingly, Steven, Ronny and Wyatt did not make a mockery of doing the dishes. Nothing broke and the kitchen survived, but then Dad called for a meeting of the older boys in his study, behind a closed door.

"Dad? Why can't I be inside?" Ronny protested.

"Because I said so, now off to your room young man and don't let me catch you outside of it until I come for you!"

"Yes sir," Ronny said as the three older males disappeared behind the door.

Ronny stood there and started for his bedroom, but went to the kitchen instead and waited. He desperately wanted to hear what was going on, especially with Wyatt in the house!

Will looked at son Steven, Wyatt standing by his side,

"So, we have some business to attend to if I recall?"

Steven sighed, "Yes sir, my stupid forgery."

"Yes, so I understand that you already punished Steven as required Wyatt?"

Wyatt's head fell, just a little,

"Yes sir. You'd be proud of Steven, he did very well. I had to give him ten paddle swats for the demerits and I spanked him hard for the forgery."

"Very good. I am very thankful that you are in my son's life, Wyatt, and glad you are here with us this weekend."

As the guilt mounted, Wyatt watched Will's eyes go to his son,

"Steven, I cannot abide such a poor and risky decision, but you already admitted that you need a stropping in the shed."

"Yes sir, I understand."

"I am not going to ask you why you forged the card son, I am sure you have your reasons. Just try and use better judgment and don't put yourself at so much risk, OK?"

"Yes Daddy."

"Good. Wyatt, I would be very pleased if you would adjourn with us to our woodshed to witness Steven's punishment. You do know about the woodshed by now?"

"Oh yes sir, I do," Wyatt about choked, about ready to burst at the seams.

"Good, it will do Steven good to have his unit commander, a boy of your stature at school, witness his whipping."

"I can't do it!" Wyatt then burst out, the guilt now feeling like gross hypocrisy.

"Sorry?" Will replied and Steven's head turned.

Ronny had been listening to everything at this point. Defying Dad's orders, his ear was gently pressed to the closed door.

"I mean … Mr. Thomas, I … I don't deserve to be here … I mean … I don't deserve to watch!"

"Well, Wyatt, I don't understand," Will replied, genuinely confused.

Wyatt closed his eyes a moment before opening them and looking directly at Mr. Thomas,

"I mean … Oh god … I feel like an idiot, a fake … "Wyatt replied, his chest pounding with doubts, but he had promised himself the confession. It was time!

"Wyatt, you're no fake and you certainly are not an idiot!" Steven protested.

"Sir, I should share the blame in Steven's forgery."

"What?" Steven said.

Will held up his hand, "Go on Wyatt."

"Sir … I know why Steven did what he did. Something happened between us that led him to … well, to act out as he did."

Steven blushed. Why did Wyatt have to bring that up? It was true, but so what?

"Dad, it's not true, Wyatt had nothing to do with it!" Steven attempted.

"Steven! Let Wyatt finish please."

Wyatt bit his lip, "Sir, I'm a pervert."

"A what??!"

Steven's mouth flew open, so did Ronny's outside the door. Will stayed perfectly calm.

"I've never touched another boy, certainly not another cadet, but in the showers, alone with your son, we talked about our home lives. He told me about your woodshed. He told me about what happens with his penis sometimes and … well, I got an erection and so did he, I mean we … we masturbated together in the shower."

Ronny grinned and felt his cock hardened as he listened.

Will just sat there and shrugged, "And? Is that all?"

Steven saw the look of utter distress on Wyatt's face and his heart went out to him.

"No sir. It's much worse. During Steven's punishment, after I paddled him, I started to fantasize. I left him in the corner and went to the head. In the head, I fantasized about Steven, what I wanted … to do to him … it's just awful, oh GOD!!" Wyatt was shaking very hard and pale.

Steven's eyes widened. His mouth dropped open and his mind swirled around in a fury of thought. By now Ronny had dropped to his knees with a smirky smile shaking his head.

Will jumped up and went right over to Wyatt's side,

"Hey, hey, shhhh, it's OK Wyatt. It was just a fantasy, nothing happened!"

"Sir! I masturbated myself, three times! Then I went back and spanked your son!"

Steven had to fight like a demon to suppress a smirk.

"Yes, yes, it's OK."

"No it's not! I've even considered resigning my unit and leaving school!"

"NOO!" Steven yelled with real shock and dismay!

Ronny stood up now and backed away from the door for a moment thinking that military school must not only make boys horny but kind of crazy!

"Wyatt, it's not Armageddon here son. I'm not your father, but … "

"Yea well, somebody needs to be!!" Wyatt blurted and then blushed, turned and covered his face, his deepest real wish finally revealed.

Steven eyes misted. He looked at his father and never felt so much empathy for anyone just then. Will kept his cool, glad that the truth of it was finally at the surface.

"Whoa, Wyatt … hey, I'm here. I'm a dad. You sound like you could use one right now."

Wyatt turned back and looked at Mr. Thomas, "Even for a dickhead like me?"

Will sighed,

"Wyatt Fisher! in this house, you never, ever put yourself down like that! OK, you were out of line. You acted inappropriately or at least took very poor risks with your behavior. I also understand how you feel you contributed to Steven's behavior, obviously you feel very regretful and guilty."

And Will's hand found a firm landing on Wyatt's shoulder.

"You've no idea sir. I don't really want to leave Ridgefield sir," Wyatt sighed with a deeply furrowed brow.

"I know you don't, but I do think you need to leave this room with Steven and go to the woodshed with us. You will both watch and participate. I think a good whipping with the strop would do you a lot of good, do you agree?"

Wyatt swallowed and felt the ton of bricks leave his shoulders. He looked at Steven and nodded, "Yes! Yes sir! I agree!"

"Sir?" Will asked and offered.

"Um? What?" Wyatt replied nervously.

"He means, 'Dad', call him Dad, Wyatt. It's OK!" Steven urged.

Wyatt let go of his fear, "Yes, I agree …  Dad, thank you" Wyatt said solemnly letting the wonderful feeling of father and son wash over him.

"Good, son. Now you two, march out of here. I'll meet you in a few minutes," Will ordered to give the boys time to gather themselves.

Ronny had already scurried quietly down the hallway to his room. Wyatt's confessions had left him feeling quite guilty for having listened in, but he so wanted to watch the older boys get stroppings, not to mention his arousal from hearing about the older boy's confessions and what his big brother had done with Wyatt in the showers.

Wyatt nervously followed Steven through the kitchen door outdoors to their back yard wondering if the younger boy had lost respect for him. Steven stopped on the cement landing, the woodshed stood just twenty paces in front of them. Wyatt thought he recognized it, but looked at Steven anxiously.

Steven sighed, "Resign? That was really lame Wyatt. You scared the shit outta me!"

"I'm sorry. It was how I felt."

"I have fantasies about you too, you know!"


"Yea, I do!" and Steve started to stride towards the woodshed.

Wyatt's mouth agape for a moment, he hurriedly followed Steven to inside the shed, his heart pounding wanting to know more!

"Dad's rules are simple Wyatt. You strip off naked and once you bend over the saw horse, you don't let go."

Steven stripped naked in front of Wyatt, Wyatt close behind, "What fantasies about me?"

"Never mind right now," Steven smirked and looked down, he was hard as a rock; but so was Wyatt.

"Your Dad, I mean Dad won't care?" looking down at his stiff cock.

"Don't you remember? No, whatever happens, happens. That strop is deadly, he is going to fry us both!"

"Steve, I better apologize now. Watching you get it might … "

"I know, you might shoot a big load. That's fine, just remember. If you do that, your punishment will hurt so much more!"

Wyatt finally did remember the shower incident and what Steven had told him and simply nodded.

Will took his time. Wyatt's confession and acceptance of a father figure, at least for the weekend made him smile. He was a good boy, an honest on, very fit to lead his son, there was no doubt about that. He finally left the study and strode out to the shed.

The shed door opened and there stood two naked boys, upright as expected.

"Steven, you are first. Wyatt, you will watch, but I caution you, because of what you told me, I forbid you from losing control of your penis. If you ejaculate while you watch Steven's stropping, I will stop and give you a good hard spanking, understand?"

Wyatt nodded with enthusiasm, "Yes SIR! Sorry, yes Dad … yes daddy," Wyatt dared and felt an enlivening shiver down his spine.

Steven smiled, so did Will,

"Good, Steven, front and center son. I do so love you very much Steven, no matter what."

Steven smiled and hugged his father, "I love you too Daddy!" and Wyatt shivered a little again. It was just like Steven had said.

Steven strode to the sawhorse and pulled it out while Dad plucked the strop. Wyatt was all eyes now, taking in every detail and no longer worried about himself. If he shot a load, he would be righteously punished, spanked hard over Dad's knee in front of Steven. Just the thought of it made his cock twitch!

Ronny was desperate to watch, so much so that he risked a major whipping with Dad's belt by leaving his room and made his way to the back yard, sneaking up to the shed's small window opposite from the action inside.

Steven bent forward, legs wide. Wyatt could see all, Steven's hot ass, his hot pucker, his dangling low balls and yes, his erection. He wondered if Steven would keep his erection since Wyatt was not only watching, but was threatened with the spanking should he lose control.

Wyatt was not far off. Once in awhile Steven was able to maintain his erection and ejaculate during a stropping. It had not happened often but the motivation now was very strong. He knew what he wanted to do, the question would be if the pain would be too great.

Will was neither naïve, nor unsympathetic. Maybe it would be OK if he encouraged a little "brotherhood" between the boys.

After all, both boys had been through a lot of trauma, had been easy to confess and admit to their errors and mistakes as well as accept their fates. Wyatt particularly had impressive courage to admit not only to his behaviors but also to freely accept the invitation for a father figure and for severe punishment.

Will started in. The strop flew towards Steven's bared bottom!

Wyatt had no idea how hard a strop should be stroked, but Steven did. Dad was taking it easy and Steven knew why. He felt his cock further harden, he knew he would get his chance!

"Please daddy, it hurts! It hurts bad! OUUU!" Steven said convincingly as the strop's sharp report was unexpectedly loud for Wyatt's untrained ear.

Wyatt started to tremble. As Steven voiced his unusual protest, his cock looked harder than ever and then Wyatt could see it, pre-cum from Steven's cock head!

Will had never heard these words from his son during punishment, but judging from the state of Wyatt's arousal, he knew exactly what his son was doing.

The strop's rhythm was relentless, slow and steady, the sound overwhelming to Wyatt as was Steven's pleas,

"Please daddy, my bottom hurts so bad!" Steve said very convincingly all the while Will just kind of grinning to himself.

And then it happened. Steven bucked and shuddered and Wyatt's eyes got big as he saw a flood of semen course from the swollen cockhead. Wyatt shuddered as well, helplessly so and his right hand flew to his cock to make sure he got all of the wonderful feeling!

Ronny saw all of this of course. His hand was inside of his fly and pulled out his erection and he started to flog on himself.

Will stood back and waited with a father's patient smirk as both boys finished. Yes, it had been worth it, but now the real punishment was at hand.

"Wyatt! You disobeyed. What did I tell you would happen son?"

Wyatt's hand retreated, he swallowed hard, "A spanking dad, a really hard spanking," he said softly, fists clenching and unclenching at his sides.

"That's right!" and Will walked over to Wyatt, took him by the arm over to a nearby chair, sat and pulled the older boy across his lap.

Wyatt bit his bottom lip as he extended back his strong long legs and crossed his ankles, palms flat on the floor and looked straight ahead, right at Steven who remained bent over the horse.

Ronny's eyes got very wide as he watched the exciting scene and he accelerated his masturbation!

Will said nothing and started to spank Wyatt and not softly. Steven eye's met Wyatt's and he kind of smiled, but that was before his old man's hand started to really get to the older boy.

Wyatt's strong buttocks started to bounced up and down on Will's knee and his face furrowed as the spanks were unexpectedly very painful, but he gritted his teeth determined to take his punishment well.

Ronny was getting dizzy with lust. He stood up just as he started to squirt his stuff, his orgasm peaking. Suddenly though he tipped sideways up against the shed's outer wall and his head gently bumped the window.

Dad turned in time to see a pair of two startled eyes that suddenly disappeared. Will stopped the spanking and shook his head, but said nothing and finished Wyatt's spanking with five hard slaps to each cheek!

"There! Now you may get up Wyatt! I'm not done with you Steven," he warned his son.

Wyatt stood and rubbed his sore cheeks furiously but felt a great deal of relief as well, very glad that Dad was so strict!

Steven managed through ten very hard strop licks before he was allowed to stand.

"Thank you daddy!" Steven sighed and hugged his father and then Will looked at Wyatt,

"Come here son, you know that I love you?"

Wyatt blushed, but did not hesitate and participated in the ritual,

"Yes, and I love you too!" Wyatt said the words and meant them.

"OK Wyatt. This is your first stropping?"

"Yes Sir!"

"Don't let go of the horse, this is going to hurt a lot son!"

"Yes daddy," Wyatt said quietly and then took up position. Steven stood nearby, his cock erected and eager to watch as the naked older boy bent forward over the horse.

The strop flew, hard and fast, the sharp report off of the wide long brown leather filling the room. Steven didn't think he had ever been stropped as hard as Dad was whipping on Wyatt and by the look on Wyatt's face, it was something he had never taken before as well.

Big tears soon rolled down Wyatt's face as well as loud forced grunts and then the yelps and soon whimpering, but it was all a part of having a father who loved his son. One thing was for sure, Wyatt had no erection, it was just too painful.

"OK Wyatt, you're done. I'm proud of you, you may get up!" as the last few licks landed.

Wyatt stood, but very slowly and turned, his rear on fire in a way he had never felt before. His face was red and wetted below his eyes, perspiration from above and his fingertips could barely touch his densely crisscrossed and throbbing swollen bottom cheeks.

"Hug? Will asked. Wyatt nodded and he fairly flew into Dad's arms, "Thank you daddy," he said softly and then broke down in Will's arms.

"Just let it go son, you deserve to feel good," Will said.

Steven stood nearby, his arms folded to himself and his eyes misted as he admired Wyatt's courage.

Wyatt did not sob long, but just enough as finally he could stand tall and feel entirely absolved of guilt,

"I'm fine now, thank you Mr. Thomas, I mean … Dad!" he grinned.

Will grinned back and then looked from Will to Steven,

"Well, you boys get back to the house in good time, but I have to tell you that Ronny disobeyed me."

"What did he do Dad? He wasn't here!" Steven replied.

Will pointed to the window as he walked towards the door.

"No way!" Steven grinned. "Yes way!" Dad said and swatted his elder son on the ass.

"OUCH!" Steven grimaced. Wyatt laughed, "What?"

"Ronny was spying on us! Dad caught him!" Steven chuckled as Will was already halfway to the house.

Well, there was no way this side of hell that the older boys were going to miss any fireworks back at the house. It was like a race to see who could get enough clothes on to be barely decent even racing the each other the short distance back to the main house.

* * * * * * * * * *


Ronny flew back to the house and into his bedroom, slamming the door shut out of sheer frustration with himself. He was not only caught by Dad, but also suspected that the older boys would already know as well.

Humiliation would be his lot as the older boys would get to watch his punishment, as he deserved. It was all his own damn fault and he knew it.

Will paused in the kitchen to re-hydrate and gather his thoughts about Wyatt and Steven. He strongly suspected that there was some special chemistry between them and if there was, he could not think of a better friend than Wyatt for his son; but now there was Ronny.

What a handful. Sending Steven to Ridgefield had been a Godsend, maybe he should send Ronny as well. Just then, the kitchen was filled with two giggling boys,

"Oh! Hey Dad, thought you would be in Ronny's room by now," Steven said, Wyatt next to him.

"On my way. Now, you two don't get carried away, OK?"

"What ever do you mean father? We love Ronny, don't want to see one hair on his head harmed, right Wyatt?"

"Not a hair!" he smirked. Will just rolled his eyes and strode out to the hallway and down to Ronny's room Wyatt and Steven close behind.

Ronny heard the multiple footfalls; hell was about to break loose! He stood up, fingers fidgeting and stared at the closed door. There was the gentle knock and it opened. Ronny gulped!

In walked Dad, Steven and Wyatt. Ronny's shoulders slumped. He felt like a scrub in a forest of tall trees.

"Come here sport," Dad said and sat on the bed. Ronny drew close, nearly in tears already and still fumbling with his fingertips.

Wyatt compared Ronny just then to his own second years and watched Mr. Thomas very closely.

"You know why you're here, I want you to confess to Wyatt and Steven."

"But they already know," Ronny said with a small pout.

Wyatt curled the corner of his mouth. For fourteen, Ronny's behavior seemed fairly immature compared to his boys.

"Turn and tell them what you did!"

Ronny blushed, "I … I spied on you guys while you were getting your whippings! I'm sorry, OK?"

Ronny could at least feel good about nobody knowing about his masturbation or having listened through Dad's study door earlier.

"Good, is that all?" Will asked simply out of protocol, but to Ronny, it was upsetting.

"Of course it's all!" Ronny replied with more than a little bluster.

Wyatt's eyes narrowed and he whispered over to Steven's ear, "Bullshit."

Steven's face did not change but he did nod his agreement.

Will thought something had been left out, but let it pass,

"Very well. You are going to get a very hard spanking young man, in fact, you are going to get belt licks and then a hard spanking!"

This was not news to Ronny, "In the woodshed, Dad?" he asked hopefully.

Ordinarily, Will would have agreed, but not this time, "No, not in the woodshed son."

"But Daddy!" Ronny protested. Will smelled something fishy, but again, let it pass but was not going to give in.

"Jeans off, underwear down young man, get over the back of your bed!" Will stood and proceeded to take the belt out of his jeans.

Wyatt's rump was still sore and as Mr. Thomas landed belt-lick after belt-lick, fourteen in all, he gently rubbed his own seat and felt sorry for the younger boy.

"OK son, over my knee!" Will said sitting back down. Ronny sobbed, rubbed his face and head down moved to the front of the bed and angled himself over Dad's knee.

Wyatt's cock responded at this point and he bit his lower lip. It was the same old story. When he spanked his fourteen year old cadets, stared down at their spread bottom cheeks, his cock always got hard, lurid thoughts coursing through his mind.

Ronny lost control of his emotions and cried, "Please daddy no more, it hurts! It hurts!"

"You should have thought of that before Ronny!" Will said and landed more spanks as Ronny started to howl some. Will stopped, it was enough and he stood his son up and hugged him.

"I'm sorry daddy, it won't happy again," Ronny sobbed and hugged.

Just a short while later would find popcorn and soda pop on the front room coffee table, Will, Steven and Wyatt gathered on the couch together to watch movies until heavy eyes would send Will to bed first after good-night hugs and pecks on the cheek in which Wyatt gratefully shared.

Ronny slipped off the couch after Dad left and sat on the floor by himself. That was kind of weird, at least to Steven,

"Hey champ, come up here with us!" Steven smiled warmly.

"Yea, right here between us!" Wyatt encouraged. They could all stay up late for once past usual bedtimes!

"That's OK. I think I'll go to bed," Ronny said, stood and without even looking back, walked down the hallway to his room, head down.

Steven sighed and looked at Wyatt, "You were right. He did something else that he's feeling bad over."

"What do you want to do?" Wyatt asked.

"Nothing. He'll be fine," Steven said and drew his knees up. Sitting alone at home with Wyatt at his side, both dressed down merely to boxers was beginning to make Steven feel things.

"Hey, thanks for inviting me. Your Dad … " Wyatt grinned and blushed, "Dad is cool. I really like him."

"How's your butt?" Steven asked.

"Still a little sore, yours?"

"Yea," Steven said but then reached out and turned the movie off with something else on his mind.

"All that stuff you said in Dad's office …"

Wyatt's heart started to beat faster, "It's all true" and noticed that Steven had sidled closer to him and he let his near knee fall out. They touched.

"You confessing all of it. That was really, well, really … "

"Oh, come on. Just say it. Your unit commander is a pervert," Wyatt dead-panned.

"Yea, you are!" Steven grinned and pressed his knee harder, his cock starting to tent his boxers and Wyatt slipped his arm around Steven's shoulders, his cock doing the same.

Steven shuddered and swallowed hard and let his hand slip over to Wyatt's thigh, the room's tension building.

"I … I lost my load in the woodshed on purpose. I wanted to see you get a spanking over Dad's knee."

"Yea, I figured, but I wanted to see you get your whipping, it turned me on, totally," and Wyatt's hand moved up to Steven's head and his fingers started to run through the back of Steven's short cropped hair.

Steven's stomach was in a total flip-flop and his chest tightened. He couldn't believe that he was now turning his body into Wyatt's and did, kind of half-straddling the older boy's thigh and laid his head into Wyatt's shoulder.

Wyatt did not hesitate and gently hugged Steven into himself with his right hand and feeling Steven's boner pressing into his side, rubbed his other hand down to Steven's ass and started to slowly rub over it, one cheek to the other and back.

Steven swallowed hard, closed his eyes a moment and then moved off of Wyatt, stood, reached down and grasped Wyatt's hand. Wyatt stood up with Steven and followed him down the hallway to their bedroom, went inside, closed the door and Steven pressed the older boy up against the closed door and dropped to his knees.

Steven looked up. Wyatt stared down and let his fingers run through Steven's mussed hair locks. They said nothing. Steven looked straight ahead, reached up and pulled down the front of Wyatt's boxers and out popped the expected, a long, hard cock.

Wyatt's fingers on both hands gently caressed the sides of Steven's face, neither encouraging or discouraging as Steven's hand came up and rubbed up the sides under Wyatt's T-shirt.

The oral attempt was gentle, but obviously furtive and uncomfortable as neither boy had any real experience, but that did not matter.

Wyatt pulled Steven to his feet and hugged him closely,

"You don't have to do anything, Steven, I love you for trying, for who you are. I knew you were special from the day I saw you standing with Commandant in his office."

Steven swallowed hard through his thickened throat, "I … I worship the ground you walk on Wyatt, you need to know that," and his eyes filled with tears.

Wyatt took Steven to his bed and sat Steven next to him, put his arm around his shoulders,

"Coming from any other boy, I would just shrug it off. I've worshipped a lot of older boys growing up at Ridgefield and all that happens is that they disappoint you or worse, they leave. But, coming from you Thomas, it means a lot."

Steven wiped his eyes and sighed and leaned into Wyatt, "So, what now?"

Wyatt shrugged, too wrapped up in the whole day to have much energy left really. Steven then looked at his bed as well as the arranged bed layered bed covers on the floor for Wyatt to sleep, but then pushed Wyatt back onto his bed.

Wyatt was glad and scooted himself prone onto the bed top. Steven cuddled himself besides Wyatt and laid his head on the older boy's chest. Wyatt rested his hands on Steven's body doing something simple that he had always longed to do with another boy, just be with him like this.

* * * * * * * * * *

Ronny lay in bed eyes wide open for at least two hours before he could not take it anymore. He stood up out of bed, walked to his door, out and padded softly down the hallway and stood, not in front of Dad's door, but his brother's.

He slowly opened the door and slipped inside unannounced. His eyes got big, the older boys were in one bed and Wyatt was cuddling Steven to himself on their sides. Ronny gently smiled wishing he were as part of it.

He changed his mind and started to slip out.

"Ronny?" the voice came and two heads popped up. Ronny stopped and closed the door and stood there as Wyatt and Steven sat up to the bedside.

"You all right champ?" Steven asked. Ronny walked forward slowly, his head down, his fingers fidgeting, "No, not all right."

Wyatt and Steven made a space between them and Wyatt patted it. Ronny sat between the giant figures.

"I cheated," Ronny said.

"What did you do?" Steven asked and winked at Wyatt over Ronny's head.

"I listened through the door when you guys were in Dad's office and I … I jerked off while I was watching you guys get your whippings in the shed," and then heaved a great sigh of relief.

Steven looked over at Wyatt who grinned and nodded. Steven put his arm around his little brother's shoulders,

"Should not have listened through the door sport."

"I know," Ronny said, "You gonna tell Dad?"

"You should tell Dad," Steven said.

Wyatt ruffled Ronny's bed-head mop, "I say, we don't tell the Commandant, he doesn't need to know!"

Steven immediately knew the genius of Wyatt's suggestion.

"What? Commandant?" Ronny said confused, his stomach aching thinking that Dad would really go off on him.

"Never mind bad boy. I think it would be OK if Dad does not know, this one time only! OK?"

Ronny was now free to worship his big brother, make that, brothers and did!


"Yes, but you are not off the hook, mister! Stand in front of me, now!" Wyatt barked.

Ronny jumped off the bed, eyes wide in front of Wyatt.

"Stand at attention!!" Wyatt barked and looked at Steven, "Damn second years!" and then kind of brusquely taught Ronny how to properly stand before a Ridgefield authority.

Steven nodded, "That's better. You just wait Thomas. When dad goes to visit Myra tomorrow night, your ass is ours. You are going to be punished for your bad behaviors, got it?"

"Got it! SIRS!" Ronny squeaked.

"Good, now get to bed, now!" Wyatt turned Ronny and slapped his ass hard.

"Ouch! Yes sir, thank you sir, nite sir!" Ronny rushed and was out the door a moment later!

Ronny rushed down to his room feeling about as good as a boy could and flew into bed, but the more he thought about what his punishment might be from the older boys, the harder his cock got.

He had no reason now to hesitate and pulling down his sleep clothes, flopped onto his back and grasping his cock, masturbated himself not once, but twice before sleep overcame his flagging energies.

"Think he's in bed beating off?" Wyatt asked.

"Duh! Hell, I want to, that was pretty hot."

"Yea, it was. So what are we going to do with him tomorrow night?" Wyatt asked.

"I don't know. Haze him? Spank him? Paddle? Belt, whatever," Steven grinned his heart pounding in his chest and he could no longer resist,

"Hey, um, so what do you think about when you look at a guy's ass after you've spanked him over your knee?"

Wyatt blushed, "You don't want to know."

"OK, like, just say it. It's not like we don't kind of know each other by now Wyatt."

"Fine. I want to eat ass, butthole. I've always wanted to do that after spanking a boy, even my second years!"

"Like Ronny's age?"

"Yes," Wyatt winced.

"Hot! Hey … bet you want to eat out Ronny, right?"

"That's gross, that's your little brother!"

Steven smirked at Wyatt, "I know that, so tell the truth!"

Wyatt sighed, "OK, yes. I think your little brother is hot. I wish he was in my unit."

"Not me! He would be a pain in the ass!" and the boys laughed.

"You ever eat another guy out?" Steven asked.

"No," Wyatt said biting both lips hard.

"Good, gotta be a first time for everything pal of mine."

"What are you suggesting? It's like 2AM!"

* * * * * * * * * *

Will Thomas stirred from sleep and got out of bed to get a glass of water from the kitchen. Just because, he quietly opened Steven's bedroom and seeing nobody inside, walked down to check in Ronny's room. Ronny was quietly sleeping so he went to the kitchen.

Looking out the kitchen window, he saw that the light was on in the woodshed. Will smiled, got his glass of water and went back to the bedroom, glad for Steven and Wyatt.

"Yea, harder sir please, spank me hard!" Steven moaned loudly.

"Yeaaa," Wyatt growled and raising his palm high, swooped down and slapped each upraised buttock cheek hard, leaving yet more palm prints over the others.

His ass cheeks sizzling hot and his dick hard and shamelessly grinding into Wyatt's knee, Steven now parted his crossed ankles and pushed his pelvis and butt up so high that Wyatt had to sit back.

"Oh God Wyatt, eat me out! Eat out my red ass!" Steven breathlessly panted.

Wyatt's lust now left him in a state of whimpered desired as at the center of a well spanked boy bottom was the true desire of his heart. He did all that his fantasies dictated.

Wrapping his big left arm around Steven's slender waist to support him he firmly grasped the base of Steven's big balls and then moved his face and mouth directly into Steven's splayed rosebud and spit a huge wad of saliva to the center.

Steven moaned even more loudly and could hear the laps, feel the older boy's moist tongue rimming him, making small needy sounds. Steven pushed his ass just a little more into Wyatt's mouth,

"Eat me out! Eat it Wyatt, fucking dine on my BOY PUSSY!" he said in plaintive tone.

Wyatt forced his tongue as hard as he could and penetrated and once inside, he could taste Steven's body and it turned him on so hard, so well that he growled and penetrated further and then started to tongue-fuck the younger boy in and out like a small wet penis!

"Yess! Yess! Oh God yes!" Steven urged him on.

Wyatt was inexperienced and his tongue muscle didn't last long before he sat back and replaced his tongued with his thumb. The harder digit's penetration was a bit painful and Steven winced, "Fuck!"

"Take it! Take it cadet! You need to be fucked!" Wyatt threatened and shoved the thick digit in and out, slowly.

"Yes! Yes! Oh fuck!" Steven said and moved himself vertically up and down, but before long, thumb was replaced by tongue and Wyatt ate more, as long as he could before he sat back, panting.

At that point tired from the effort, Steven collapsed and lay limping over Wyatt's lap.

Wyatt blew out his cheeks, "This is harder than it looks!"

Steven slid off of Wyatt's lap to his knees between Wyatt's and rested his forehead for a moment onto Wyatt's heaving six-pack.

"Yea, but this is as hard as it looks and then fisted Wyatt's upstanding penis,

"I never sucked cock before, how hard could it be?" and then went down on the swollen red cockhead.

This time, Wyatt's hands pressed firmly into the sides of Steven's head,

"Suck my cock boy! You are going to suck cock and eat my cum! No excuses!" Wyatt urged.

Like Wyatt's inexperienced mouth, Steven's was not going to last long, but he helped the process along by fisting Wyatt's steel dong and before long, Wyatt's eyes started to bulge and his fingers tensed on Steven's face,

"Here it comes!!"

Wyatt bucked upwards, but alerted, Steven backed off just a little and then his virgin mouth flooded with a torrent of wet, juicy semen, spurts hitting the back of his throat. He gagged a little but swallowed again and again and then Wyatt pushed Steven off and fisted his own cock to the end of his orgasm.

Steven sat back on his haunches, "Wow" while Wyatt panted and grinned down at him, "Stand up," he said.

Steven stood and to his surprise, Wyatt pulled him to between his knees and Steven's hard cock disappeared inside of Wyatt's mouth and to his further surprise, one of Wyatt's fingers slipped into his butthole and before long, it was Steven that was blinded by such an intense orgasm that only air blasted out of his mouth where should have been a scream or howl.

* * * * * * * * * *

Glorious Saturday morning! Coffee, toast and O.J.! Feet up on the kitchen table and reading the local Gazette, all Will could think about was the sultry, sexy Myra and their date that night. He would spend the day preening, go get a haircut and he might even go buy a new sport coat.

"Morning Dad!" and a kiss landed on his cheek.

"Morning Dad!" and another kiss landed on his cheek.

"Hey good night for you guys?" Will grinned and chuckled knowingly.

"Mornin' Daddy!" and the third boy was in the room now.

"Mornin' sport" Will kissed Ronny back and then he went to the frig,

"Hey, leave me some juice!" he chided the taller boys, got a fill from Steven in a small glass and then turned to his father,

"Daddy? Can I spend the day over Michael's?"

"Sure sport, gonna spend the night? Will asked, as often was the case.

"Naw, I think I'll come home later," Ronny said and then gave the older boys his own knowing smirk and got the same in return.

"OK baby, whatever pleases you, I'll be out most of the day anyway guys, and as I don't have a curfew, I have no idea when I'll be home!"

Wyatt elbowed Steven, "Hot date, huh?"

"You bet! Now don't boss Ronny around too much tonight guys, I'll leave money for pizza, just call Jerry's as usual and Ronny?"

"Yes daddy?"

"Clean up your room bud, it's getting pretty knarly in there!"

"Yes dad," Ronny smirked.

"And what shall you two be up to?" Dad asked the older boys.

"Oh, I thought we would take the bus to town or maybe just stay here and clean the house."

Will laughed,

"You guys crack me up. Clean the house, that will be the day! Well, l gotta get going!" and Will got up and padded down the hall to his bedroom.

"So, going to Michael's?" Steven asked Ronny.

"Yea, he and I are going to have massive sex and then I'll come home."

The older boys roared.

"Hey! You don't know what we do, you think you guys know so much anyway!"

"Whatever sport, just make sure you get your ass home before six!" Steven instructed.

Ronny stuck out his tongue, "Get your ass home before six!" he mocked in a deep voice and stomped back to his room to get dressed and out the door to Michael's.

"Soooo, mall first?" Steven asked.

"Yea, then what?"

"Clean the house, what else! Just like school!"

"Well, that sucks!"

Steven grinned, "Yea, you did!" and that gained Steven a big punch in the arm, "OUCH! That hurt!"

* * * * * * * * * *


"Yea, my big brother and Wyatt are gonna fry my ass tonight and them I'm pretty sure they're gonna sex me up the ass and everything," Ronny bragged.

"What? No way, you're such a liar! Jesus Ronny!"

"Jealous much? Tell you one thing, I'm gonna get my ass into that school of Steven's. I think those guys march around all day and have sex all night, that is if they can after they get their butts beat!"

"Oh, don't leave me alone here. Our school sucks!"

"No shit Sherlock. Hey, I know, I'll ask my Dad to adopt you and then you can go with me!"

"May as well. My dad is never home, my mom is never home. Sis is always with her good for nothing boyfriend and my grandparents are too old to remember my name!"

Ronny sighed, "It's OK. I doubt I'll be going to military school. That place is expensive!"

"Wish I could watch you getting it up the ass tonight!"

Ronny smiled, "Don't be stupid. I seriously doubt either of them have the balls. They got all their nicey, nice rules. He's too young! He might whine! Boys his age are innocent!"

Michael howled and pointed, "You? Innocent? Fuck Ronny, Satan runs and hides when you start thinking about sex!"

"Fuck yea!" Ronny stood and assumed a weight-lifter's stance and then grabbed his package,


"Shhhhh, not so loud!"

"I thought you said nobody was home?"

"Nobody is!" he grinned and they both giggled, "Come on, Call Of Duty awaits!"

"Same rules?"

"Yup, loser gets belt licks, on the bare!"

"Fine! I'm gonna beat you this time!"

"Good luck with that, LOSER!" and the boys ran to the front room for their little competition.

* * * * * * * * * *

Needless to say, there was no house cleaning, Wyatt and Steven spent the rest of the AM and most all of the PM at the mall talking to Steven's old high school friends, one after the other. The girls swooned over Wyatt of course and Steven thought he even spied a couple of boys with lingering stares, just a little too long!

It was near to six PM by the time they got home, Ronny was rolling up on his bike.

"How was Mike?" Steven asked as he opened the front door.

"I kicked his ass on Xbox, he never had a chance!" Ronny boasted and was not lying.

"Oh, you mean like you're going to get yours handed back to you tonight?" Wyatt teased.

"Yea, I was thinking about that. You know, I'm very young and innocent and I don't know much about sex really."

"Who said anything about sex?!" Steven barked.

"Well, I thought why should you guys have all the fun after you get your butts beat!?" referencing his overheard information through the door.

Wyatt shrugged at Steven, "Glad he's YOUR little brother."

"You barely know how to masturbate … sex," Steven smirked with a big huff.

"Fuck you Steven!" Ronny blurted and was instantly regretful but didn't take it back. Wyatt was duly impressed,

"OK, he's your little brother but I say he puts his money AND MOUTH, well, were his mouth is!"

Steven looked at Wyatt, then back at Ronny, "You're bluffing, you are so full of shit sometimes Ronny, I swear!"

"Stop treating me like I'm a baby, I jack off, I jacked off last night watching you horn-toads get your asses beat. I jack off with Michael. Yea, we don't touch each other but if we talked any dirtier, we'd have to take showers after and by the way, just when did YOU start having ball busting sex with anyone besides your right hand?!" Ronny lectured Steven.

"Last night," Steven said calmly. The room silenced.

"Really? Well, what did you guys do? I want to know!" Ronny asked in a quite voice.

Steven sighed, "Glad I'm not your Dad. OK, I'm convinced, Wyatt?"


"OK little bro, you asked for it. I'm not kidding. If you're not careful tonight, you may lose your virginity twice, once to me and once to him so don't be whining to us Dad or anyone, got it?" Steven played his final bluff, getting quite annoyed.

"Got it and while we're at it, Michael asked me to fuck him up his ass tonight after I gave him belt licks."

"Did you?"

"NO STUPID, he didn't ask that. Michael is all talk and no action! GOTCHA!" Ronny laughed.

Steven blushed and pointed, "You are so gonna pay"

"You are so gonna pay, whatever BIG BROTHER!" and marched to the kitchen.

Jerry's Pizza got a big order from three hungry boys in the Thomas household shortly thereafter and about 30 minutes later there was a knock on the door.

"Probably is going to be some fat chick or wrinkled retiree trying to get extra money for his funeral," Ronny stated as he went for the door cash in hand. The older boys cracked up.

"Hi!" the cute teen age girl said to Ronny who handed her the money and she gave then the cooked food.

"That was boring," Ronny said hoping for a boy.

The two multi-topped Pizzas and three sides disappeared like energy down a black hole accentuated by an impromptu belching contest on account of the two liters of carbonated orange pop.

"TIME TO PAY UP LITTLE BROTHER!" Steven shouted at the top of his voice upon draining the last of the pop down his gullet. They were in the front room at the time watching something non-descript on the T.V.


Wyatt grinned, "OK, sweetpea, you want action, you're gonna get it."

"That's right, hey, I know Wyatt," and whispered in Wyatt's ear.

Wyatt grinned, "Yup" the plan to intimidate Ronny and test his braggadocio well in hand.

"OK Thomas, march to your room, strip naked and come back here!" Wyatt said.

"Here?" Ronny said looking at the curtained front window.

"Do it!!" Steven swatted him on the rear grinning at Wyatt.

Ronny ran and upon hitting his bedroom, stopped and wondered if he was over his head, but pride and stubbornness as well as a swelling cock kept him going. He stripped naked, looked down at his four inches of hard and shrugged, "Here goes nothing!" and marched out to the front room.

Wyatt and Steven still sat on the couch and Ronny walked right in front of them, his pecked pointed up and hands on hips, posed.

"Turn around," Wyatt said and Ronny did, his mouth puckering out, his cock hardening in his shorts.

Steven blushed. This was his flesh and blood little brother but his naked body and especially his cute little ass had much to admire and his cock was hard as well.

"Hit the showers mister and clean up including your ass. You stay there and we'll be along soon. You're getting a big spanking at the least and who knows after that!" Steven said as Wyatt grinned ear to ear.

Ronny blushed and nodded, pattering off saying nothing, two pair of eyes looking at his jiggling little rump.

"Quit perving at your little brother!" Wyatt teased.

"Shut up. I'll perv if I want to perv!" Steven said.

Ronny got the hot water running in the stand up shower, his heart pounding. Dad had ripped out the old tub and shower months before and replaced it with an extra large one, big enough for two adults anyway.

He got in and started to soap himself up and as he did, he soapy-finger-fucked his anus, driving it up as far as he could inside. It burned a little as it always did but made his dick feel oh so good,

"Oh yea, better be careful Ronny boy. Those big guys out there are gonna spank your ass beet red and then use their big fucking dicks to rip your boy pussy to shreds!" or so the fantasy went. Just as he rinsed off the soft soapy suds the bathroom door opened.

The shower walls were only semi-transparent but looking at, Ronny thought he saw nothing but naked skin on the two bigger boys. He opened the door just to stick his head out and when he did his eyes got huge.

Wyatt and Steven were starkers and their cocks massive big and hard compared to his, his head quickly disappeared.

"Get your ass out here now Ronny!" Steven barked.

"Don't make come and get you mister!" Wyatt threatened.

Ronny turned the water off and opened the door and stepped out. His eyes looked up and down the naked boys, but especially stared at the two hard penises. He gulped,


Steven went and sat down on the toilet seat. It was new and very sturdy,

"Get your butt over here Ronny, you are getting spanked. Listening in on the door was not only disobedient but rude!"

Ronny walked over slowly, his hard cock flagging to half-mast not so sure of himself now. He stood in front of his big brother,

"I'm sorry," he said quietly.

"Sorry? You did those on purpose. Sometimes Ronny I think you do them to get attention."

Ronny nodded, he could not disagree.

"Over my knee!" Steven said and pulled the boy across.

Just the sight of his little brother's clean and wet upturned bare bottom made him shake with lust. He wrapped his arm around his little brother's slender waist and firmly grasping his cock and balls with one hand looked down at Ronny's face. He looked worried.

He rested his hand on his brother's bare butt and let a finger stray to the center crease but well over his tight young pucker.

"Ronny, it's no shame if you just take your spanking and want to leave. Bragging is fun, but maybe you didn't mean what you said, OK?"

Ronny was having second thoughts. It was indeed fun to brag, joke and pretend about sex, but it was way different when two towering strong older boys were getting serious.

Ronny looked back at Steven. He loved his big brother more than anyone besides Dad and then it hit him. If anyone could be trusted to try sex out with, it had to Stevie and Wyatt too.

"It's OK. I want a big spanking even if I cry and … " Ronny then humped himself inside of Steven's fist, "I want some sex with you guys."

Steven needed proof and found it. Ronny's cock got instantly hard in his fist. Steven winked at Wyatt who was standing by with his own lustful thoughts gently stroking his hard-on.

Steven raised his hand and spanked his little brother, hard firm and rapid spanks from one cheek to the other up and down. He must have given a good hard thirty slaps before,

"Ou OU! OUUU! OUUIEEE! STEVIEE!" Ronny started to buck and yelp as the fiery spanks rained down. Steven stopped and rubbed,

"You learn you lesson?"

"Yes please!" Ronny sobbed a little. Poor Ronny's butt was very tender indeed.

"OK, now you have to be spanked by Wyatt, get up!" and Steven helped him up.

Wyatt sat, Ronny rubbing his sore ass and staring at Wyatt's erection,

"Over you go Ronny," Wyatt said with Steven standing by looking knowingly at Wyatt, the plan intact so far.

Laying over Wyatt's lap was very different. Ronny felt weird laying over Steven's, they were after all blood brothers; but now that he was over Wyatt's knee, he felt a kind of freedom.

Wyatt did the same thing Steven did and gently fisted Ronny's hard-on, but as soon as he did, Ronny started to hump harder, his pelvis slowly moving to and fro. Wyatt grinned up to Steven, they had figured this to happen.

Wyatt looked down at Ronny's red bottom and his stomach clenched hard. He wanted just to bury his mouth over Ronny's pucker and forget the spanking, but stuck to the plan.

"Spanking Ronny, ready?"

"Yes please Wyatt, spank me hard please!" the boy asked. Wyatt growled, raised his big paw and spanked, hard and fast.

"OUUUUUUUUUU!" Ronny started to wail after not too long, but to Wyatt's surprise, his little four incher stayed hard. Tears were rolling, he had had enough and Wyatt nodded up to Steven who now kneeled by his brother's side.

"Learned your lesson Ronny?" Steven asked.

"Yes Steven! Please, No more!" Ronny asked, his little as on total fire.

"OK, now, it's time for sex. If you want to leave the bathroom and go to your room, now is the time."

"What are you going to do to me?" Ronny asked nervously.

Steven nodded and Wyatt gently parted Ronny's seared butt cheeks and tenderly rimmed the young pucker with his fingertip. Ronny's eyes got big and his mouth puckered out. He arched his back into the finger,

"Mmmm, yea, I like that more please!" and Wyatt then added more pressure and even let his fingertip tease just inside of the fourteen-year-old virgin hole.

Ronny's pelvis started to move and churn. Steven then lowered his head,

"Want me to lick your hole?"

"Hell yes!" Ronny said excitedly.

Steven grinned and dove in, his tongue getting a taste of his own little brother for the first time.

"You are a bad boy Steven, licking out your little brother's hole!" Wyatt teased.

"Yea he is, very bad!" Ronny joined in and let his legs splay a little and pushed his butt up into Steven's mouth.

Steven was in a heaven that could not have been anticipated, "I can't stop!" coming up for air and then went back down and drove his tongue back inside of Ronny's tight hole.

"If you don't stop Stevie, Wyatt is gonna have to give you a big spanking!" Ronny grinned, but the grin was replaced by his own young ecstatic expression pushing his ass up even higher, so high that Steven had to stand and then lean over, but in doing so did not lose one chance at penetrating in and out and in and out.

"Steven! Better stop now or you are going over my knee!" Wyatt warned.

"Can't stop!" Steven said one last time and then dove in a third time.

"That is enough Steven!" Wyatt then barked and pushed Steven's head away.

He helped Ronny up who stood to the side, eyes wide as Wyatt took his big brother across his lap,

"Now, I'm going to show you what happens to misbehaving cadets in our unit Ronny."

Ronny nodded fast and watched.

"Get your ass up high mister!" Wyatt barked and Steven complied and even put his wrists crossed at the small of Steven's back. Wyatt held down them firmly down to the small of Steven's slender lower back.

Wyatt winked at Ronny and then spanked Steven, hard, from the shoulder hard and fast. Steven's face screwed up in pain, real pain, just as they had planned, a no-shit real punishment spanking.

Ronny held his own bottom in his palms and watched his big brother get the hardest spanking he had ever seen, even from Dad! It didn't last long but at the end, Steven didn't move, his face slowly regained composure but he had not otherwise moved on inch.

Finally, Steven, drenched in sweat in the humid small room said, "Wow, that hurt. What do you think little brother?"

Ronny nodded, "Wow, that was no nonsense"

Wyatt's fingers then slowly parted Steven's throbbing cheeks exposing his butthole. He looked at Ronny,

"Care for some?"

Ronny looked at Wyatt, then at Steven and then nodded up and down and got close and bent over.

Steven moaned as Ronny surprised them both, his young soft tongue felt so damn good!

"Oh yea Ronny, oh god YES!" Steven said but did not push himself up.

"Good job Ronny! You're a stud!" Wyatt encouraged.

Ronny finally stood up, wiped his face and fist pumped the air, "Yea, finally! Real hot sex!"

"My turn" Wyatt said and went down. Ronny grinned and kneeled by Steven's head. This next part was not planned.

"Want me to suck your dick Ronny?" Steven asked.

Ronny nodded and moved in close as Steven turned his head and filled his brother's mouth with his soft junk.

Steven was shocked how much he liked it. Ronny's dick was just the right side to fellate without fear of gagging.

"Whoaaaaa!" Ronny said feeling his brother's soft mouth around his stuff.

Wyatt's head popped up, "Like it?" he asked Ronny.

"Love it!" Ronny returned.

"You gonna get a spanking too?" Ronny asked Wyatt mainly just to tease but there would be no more teasing that night.

The big boys swapped places and Wyatt went over Steven's lap. Steven proved to be a very effective spanker though not as painful as Wyatt, but then Ronny asked to spank Wyatt.

"Do it!" Wyatt answered and Ronny giggled and grinned as he slapped away at the older boy's buttocks as best he could.

"I'm sorry Ronny! Not so hard!" Wyatt teased and Ronny giggled more, but there was no giggling when Ronny offered to give Wyatt's hole some nice tongue action.

Just as Wyatt did, Steven ended up tongue fucking Wyatt's hole as Ronny filled up Wyatt's mouth with his tasty junk.

The three boys ended up in the hot steamy shower together. Ronny was laughing, giggling and grinning ear to ear as he helped to wash up his brothers and then Wyatt and Steven looked at each other, their expressions intense.

"What's wrong?" Ronny asked sensing the change.

Steven cocked his head, "Don't' do it, it might change everything Fisher"

"Don't do what?" Ronny asked getting nervous.

"Too late Thomas and nothing will change, it will just get better," and moved forward and their lips met and with no hesitation, their tongues were quickly inside of each other's mouths.

Ronny's eyes widened as he watched the two big boys suck face. When they parted, they grinned at each other and looked at Ronny.

"That was awesome," Ronny said with respect and then looked at Wyatt.

"Can I try? No offence Stevie, but kissing your own big brother sounds gross!"

The big boys laughed and then Wyatt leaned over and waited.

Ronny moved in slowly and felt the big boy's breath on his face and then furtively brushed his small tender lips to his large ones. Then he pressed his mouth longer and harder and Wyatt gently teased his tongue in and out of Ronny's mouth.

Ronny backed away a moment, giggled and then moved back in and stuck his tongue in a little,

"I can't do it yet but thanks! I loved watching you guys!"

"I'm proud of you sport. Dad would be proud of you!" Steven grinned.

"Dear Daddy is NOT going to find out about any of this!" Ronny smirked.

"No he is not, but he wouldn't care." Steven replied.

"I know but that's what you're supposed to say," and shrugged as the older boys chuckled.

"Hey! Circle jerk?" Wyatt suggested and he got two big grins and nods.

Only it turned into a mutual masturbation, hands to the right. Ronny grinned as he was masturbating Steven's cock, Steven's on Wyatt's and of course, Wyatt's on Ronny's. Semen joyfully splashed to the center and washed down the drain clean as a whistle!

Ronny had walked into the bathroom unsure of himself and of his real sexual intents and walked out of it a boy who had a pretty good idea that that he and Michael might finally get something going now that one of them had some experience.

Wyatt and Steven walked out of the bathroom knowing that school was going to be totally different now, good in most ways and in others, well, more challenging.

A very welcome phone call came shortly there after. The boys were in the kitchen again cooking up popcorn and other snacks.

The phone call was from Dad, he was going to stay the night with Myra if everything was good at home. Naturally, he got the go-ahead, the three boys were on their own for the night.

Ronny plopped on the couch between Wyatt and Steven all three of them munching on snacks and belching carbonated pop. It worked for awhile, watching a movie and all three pretending that they were finished with sexual experimentation.

"I want to watch you guys suck face again," Ronny finally asked. Wyatt grinned at Steven and Steven at Wyatt and Ronny slipped off the couch to the carpet and kneeled to watch.

As the older boys got into it, their hands around each other's heads, Ronny reached out and started to masturbate both boys through their boxers. He knew better than to talk but it just popped into his head,

"Love to see you guys fuck" and that broke the kiss. They looked at Ronny.

"Hey, just free thinking here, but you're probably both virgins. That would hurt, wouldn't it?"

"Yea, it would," Wyatt said and looked at Steven.

"We got lube," Steven said.

"What? Where?" Ronny asked.

"Dad's" Steven said.

"Dads? Oh … Dads," Ronny giggled.

"You serious?" Wyatt said.

"Yes, I want you to fuck me, Ronny can watch"

"Oh, I don't know Steve, that's pretty serious stuff and Ronny is right. Hurt like hell even if I go easy."

"You're probably right, oh well, great idea kiddo, you gonna try some stuff with Michael now?"

"Yea, maybe, he's kinda hot, but I doubt he would be serious, hey, can I sleep in you guys' room tonight please?"

"Sure sport, it will be fun!" Steven replied.

* * * * * * * * * *

Sleep seemed a pipe dream then, but as midnight approached Ronny walked into the bedroom first followed by Wyatt. Steven made a short side trip to Dad's room and got the tube of lube just because. Maybe something would happen between he and Wyatt, who could know?

Ronny usually went to bed with underpants or boxers but not that night. That night he stripped off naked because that was what the older boys were doing and he bedded down next to Steven, Wyatt on the floor.

The room was dark and eyes did close, Wyatt's and Ronny's, but not Steven's. He was wide awake, his cock hard as a rock and he was trembling, why?

Ronny had his bare little ass turned to him on his side. The room was overly warm with the three male bodies and after awhile Ronny kind of kicked off the covers from his bared bottom and turned more onto his tummy. Steven's lusts were getting quite serious.

All he could think of now was taking his little brother's cherry. He had spanked his little brother as a turn on for them all earlier, hell, he had had oral sex with Ronny's virgin pucker as well. Why not this? Oh he wanted to so badly, but how could he?

Well, maybe if he just gently laid himself into Ronny's ass crack. He didn't have to penetrate him, he could pretend. Maybe Ronny would like that even! Steven was shaking like a leaf as he turned himself and his naked hard pole made first contact with Ronny's sweet ass cheeks.

Steven's lusts spiked, his worst side really wanted to just shove his cock inside of Ronny's sweet ass and let the boy scream into his hand. Some lube would help him not get hurt. His best side told him that he should be horse whipped and sold to a pack of prison guards for even thinking about it.

He reached up and got the lube from the shelf off the headboard. He then coated his cock with it. It was cold at first, so he took his time. Ronny stirred. Good.

"Hey, Ronny, want to play?" Steven asked.

Ronny mumbled, "Yea, what."

"Sex," Steven whispered.


"Sex, I want to rub my cock into your butt cheeks, OK?"

"You want to fuck me?" Ronny said with a sleepy voice.

"Nooo, well yea, but you're too tight."

"What about the lube?"

"I got that." "Well, try it a little, but if it hurts, will you take it out?"

"Of course!" Steven said getting increasingly excited.

"OK, tell me what you want me to do," Ronny said.

"Just roll back a little and spread your legs wide," Steven said. Ronny did and even felt his cock harden.

Steven lubed two fingers and then started to play with Ronny's hole, one finger to start.

"Feels good!" Ronny giggled and then with two fingers, "That hurts a little,"

"I'm not done yet," and Steven used his tongue and pushed it in and out of Ronny's hole.

"Yeaaa" Ronny crooned. Steven was patient and finally could get part of two fingers in.

"OK, I'm gonna try Ronny, OK?"

"OK," Ronny said quietly.

Steven's heart started to pound, He lubed up Ronny's hole and his cock and then slowly moved his bigger body over Ronny's smaller.

Steven rubbed his hard pole around Ronny's hole teasing it. Ronny felt the big head and at first it really excited him. He relaxed and started to push his hole up into the cock head,

"Yea, that's it!" Steven quietly encouraged.

"Fuck me big bro," Ronny said and pushed harder and Steven's cockhead partially slipped in just a little. It drove Steven's lusts wild!

Steven pushed more and the pressure increased, "It hurts a little," Ronny said.

"It's OK," Steven said and then climbed put his arms around Ronny and hugged him into himself and pushed harder

"Ouuu!" Ronny whined a little and Steven started short little fucking motions trying to get all he could.

"It's OK!" and then he covered Ronny's mouth and gave just a little harder push. Ronny screamed into his hand, "STOPP!"

"What's going on?" Wyatt said from his knees. Steven had already pulled back and pulled Ronny up and hugged him,

"Ronny! I'm so sorry!!" Steven pleaded as Wyatt looked from Steven to Ronny who was sobbing a little.

"I got horny. I tried to fuck Ronny after I asked him if it would be OK. I tried to loosen him up but it was not enough" Steven said hugging and rocking his little brother.

"It's OK now, you didn't really hurt me Stevie, I'm just too small for you," Ronnie sniffed.

Steven looked at Wyatt who looked very disapproving, "I know, I'm an asshole."

Wyatt said nothing. Ronny sighed and kissed Steven on the cheek, "I'm OK. I wanted to try, I'm just not ready."

"I love you Ronny," Steven said a little shook up still.

"I love you too Stevie," Ronny smiled.

Steven sat up at the bedside and looked at Wyatt, "You look like you want to punish me"

"Well, not really, I know Ronny wanted to try, it's OK," Wyatt smiled.

Steven looked at Wyatt, a strange feeling coming over him, "I need to be punished. I want you to fuck me Wyatt, lube me up and fuck me."


"He said, he wanted … " Ronny smirked.

"I know what he said, but your big brother is just feeling guilty"

"So what if I am. So what if it hurts, so does your paddlings hurt, bad!"

"Don't tease me Thomas, I'm horny and not in the mood."

"Ronny, give Wyatt the lube please and Ronny? If things get intense and even if I start to scream into Wyatt's hand, don't worry, it's what I want, OK?"

Ronny nervously handed the lube to Wyatt who stood up and sighed,

"You really want to do this Steven?"

"Yes, but I think maybe, if you wail on my ass really hard and make me focus, I'll  bet you can fuck me easier"

"You're probably right, how do we do that?"

"The woodshed. The strop." Steven said.

* * * * * * * * * *

Ronny got the chair inside of the shed and sat naked closely to the sawhorse to watch. The plan was for Wyatt to give Steven really hard stropping licks while finger fucking him to loosen his virgin sphincter.

Steven took position; he knew he would be there for a while. Wyatt took up the strop and started to give him hard licks, ten to start.

"How does it look Ronny?" Wyatt asked and Steven turned his heat.

"Hot as shit, makes me want to jack off!" Ronny said.

Steven got some lube and fingered Steven, "Looks hot Stevie," he said.

"Feels great Wyatt, two fingers please!" and Wyatt complied.

"Ohhh! Hurts, but don't stop, fuck that ass!" he said and Wyatt moved his fingers in deeper.

"ARRRGG!" Steven growled but even Ronny could tell it was OK and he had to stop his flogging, he was getting too close.

"What happens to cadets with fill demerit cards Thomas!" Wyatt suddenly added spiking Ronny's attention even higher.

"A whipping Sir!" Steven answered and felt himself feel even more into it.

"A good hard stropping cadet, right Ronny?"

"Yes sir!!" He said now standing up.

"Don't shoot your load cadet or you'll have to get a spanking!" Wyatt told Ronny imitating the other night with Dad.

Ronny slapped his hands to his sides with the unexpected hot command his eyes wide with lust for the scene. Wyatt took up the strop, "Ten more licks cadet!"

"Yes sir! Thank you sir!" Steven said, his cock rock hard.

Wyatt wound up and started the licks, slow and hard. Steven yelled with each lick and did so honestly and then Wyatt started the fingering again, two fingers.

"OH yea, look at this hot ass Ronny!"

"I'm trying not to sir! I'll bust a nut!" Ronny said his eyes squeezed shut. Wyatt chuckled, so did Steven but then Steven saw Ronny's smaller erection and motioned to Wyatt.

Wyatt bent forward and they talked and Wyatt stood back up,

"Ronny, you ready to do as I say?"

"Yes sir!" Ronny said blinking.


"Sure! I promise Wyatt"

"OK, when Steven says, you are going to get behind him and you are going to drive your nice hard cock up your brother's butthole and fuck him until you cum!"

Ronny's mouth dropped open, speechless.

"Yea little bro, your cock is just the right size to fuck me and then I'll be ready for Wyatt to fuck me too!"

Ronny's head started to bob and nod and he mouthed, "Yes" and then, "Yes Sir!"

Wyatt wound up, "Ten more hard licks boy!"

"Yes SIR!" Steven said and got himself ready, so did Ronny.

Wyatt swung the strop and landed the hard licks. Steven winced and yelped, "Yes! Yes! It hurts!"

Steven counted the licks and just as number ten landed, he yelled, "FUCK ME RONNY! PLEASE!"

Ronny rushed over so excited he could birth puppies. Wyatt quickly slobbed some lube on his cock and Ronny sidled up to his big brother's hot red ass and excitedly pressed his cock head at the door,

"You need it big bro?!"

"YES! Fuck me you little stud!"

Ronny pushed hard! Steven cried out but stifled most of it as Ronny's cock drove in!

"Oh GOD it HURTS! Don't stop Ronny!" and Ronny did not.

"Fucking Yea!" Ronny said.

"Fuck him, faster Ronny!" Wyatt encouraged.

"Yes, YESS! YESS! I'm gonna cum!!" Ronny shouted.

"Yes Ronny!" Steven said with a high-pitched voice.

Ronny grunted, growled and then roared. By now Steven was pushing back and despite some pain when he felt his insides flooded by his own blood brother's seed he yelled,


Ronny backed up, drenched in sweat and jumped up and down, "I did it! Wow that felt great! " and then backed to the side panting and grinning ear to ear so proud of himself.

"Great job bro," Steven panted.

"Do me Wyatt, I'm ready, Ronny made me ready,"

"I'm bigger bro, a lot bigger!"

"Let's go indoors into the shower. Ronny, you can help. You can suck or lick on Steven's cock, OK?"

"Sure!" Ronny grinned.

The boys gathered what little garments then had and went indoors in the early morning hours. Into the hot steamy shower they went with the lube.

Ronny got on his knees in front of his big brother's cock as Steven bent forward, his palms slapped up against a wall. Wyatt got behind Steven and made everything sloppy with lube, his cock and Steven's backdoor.

"OK Ronny start in!" and Ronny did. He started with a vigorous hand job and put Steven's cock head in his mouth.

"Yea Ronny! Yes. DO me Wyatt, go for it!"

Wyatt lined Steven up and then pushed in, "ARRRRRRGG" Steven cried out.

"Don't stop Ronny!" Wyatt reminded the boy and he did not.

"Oh fuck that hurts!!"

Wyatt did not stop and moved out a little and then in more.

"ARGGGGG!" Steven cried out as Ronny continued to try and pleasure his pained brother.

Finally it settled, "Yea, that's it Wyatt, fuck me! Fuck me hard! Suck me off Ronny!" Steven urged.

Wyatt's pelvis started to spank up against Steven's ass faster and faster and finally, Wyatt started to groan, then growl and then he roared, "Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Steven felt his insides blasted with Wyatt's boyjuices and then Ronny got the best of him from the front with his hand, "Yea Ronny!!" and Ronny grinned as his big bro's cock spurted rope after rope of semen onto the swirling waters of the tiled shower floor.

* * * * * * * * * *

Sunday morning came all too quickly but at least they could sleep in awhile. The bus was not scheduled until 1:00PM. Dad made it home about 9:00AM as the boys were just getting up.

"So, how'd it go last night, you guys have fun?" Will asked.

"Yup, it was cool," Ronny said, smiling.

"He behaved, mostly!" Steven smiled.

"Yea, mostly," Wyatt smiled.

"You guys not telling me something?" Will said.

"Yea, we played Xbox and I wiped both of their tails," Ronny said.

"Yup, he did," Wyatt nodded and winked at both Steven and Ronny.

The bus trip home was tough, having to leave Ronny behind who after the bus left the station sidled up to his Dad,

"Dad? Think maybe I can go to Ridgefield next fall?"

"What brought that on?"

"Nothing. Wyatt's a great guy. I know its tough there, but I think I need that now."

"We'll look into it, son, we'll look into it."

* * * * * * * * * *

Two weeks later found Wyatt Fisher back in the saddle, in his room. It was 21:30 hours and a knock on his door,

"Come in!" he yelled and then looked down at the history essay he was trying to complete.

Already he had been interrupted by two third years who he had sanctioned for improper sloppy uniform inside of the dormitory. That meant punishment despite their demerit cards which were already half full from the prior weeks punishment. He gave them each three paddle swats as well as a good hard spanking each. His shoulder was sore.

A boy walked in, closed the door and marched to the front of his desk, extended his hand with a yellow demerit card,

"Cadet Thomas requests a demerit hearing, SIR!"

Wyatt smiled, reached out and took the card without looking up. The card was sound and properly filled with genuine staff initials. Wyatt looked up as he sat back,

"Two weeks. You're slacking just like everyone else, Thomas," he grinned.

"Yes sir!" Steven grinned a moment, then let emotion leave his face.

"Punishment is ten swats cadet, get ready," Wyatt said and went back to his work as Steven got the spanking chair and centered it. He then stripped off naked and went into position over the back of the chair, hands firmly grasping the sides of the chair.

Wyatt checked some spelling on his essay and then sitting back, took note of Thomas' readiness. He stood up, went to his wall and plucked his paddle off from its nail. He stood and observed that cadet Thomas' penis was hard and pointed straight ahead, then Wyatt reached down and adjusted his own erection in his trousers.

Wyatt strode to Thomas' side pulled the paddle back and started the punishment. One, two, three swats … seven, eight, nine and then ten! Steven was breathing heavily but did not move, his ass on fire as it should be.

Steven waited as from behind him; he heard clothing dropping off to the floor and then a short footfall to the side. There was a pause and then two strong hands on his hips and a pressure on his butthole and the sensation of a cold gel. Steven steeled himself.

Wyatt looked down and pushed in hard! Steven winced but a little as Mr. Fisher speared him to the hilt and then started to fuck him. Steven said nothing and then felt a slippery hand on his hard cock.

In a moment or two more, two male voices roared and both emptied their loads, one to the inside and the other to the outside.

Wyatt pulled out and walked back to his desk and sat. The other stood and dressed quickly then stood at attention,

"Permission to leave, sir"

"Permission granted."

Months later …

It was 21:30 hours, it always seemed to be 21:30 when he wanted to get something done, but the unit commander barked, "Come IN!"

The door opened as the older boy looked up and slightly rolled his eyes as the cadet approached his desk and extended out his right hand holding a yellow demerit card.

Steven Thomas sat back in his chair and looked at the full card and he looked up,

"Twice in a month, very good Thomas, you're shaping up to be a real Ridgefield classic!" a bit sarcastically.

"Sir yes SIR!" Ronny Thomas barked.

"Get ready for punishment Thomas, ten paddle swats!"


The End

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