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Of Dads, Sons And Razor Strops
High Speed Chase
PJ Franklin <>


Springfield teen jailed after alleged high-speed chase on I-5

By The Register-Guard

Published: Monday, Feb 25, 2013 10:04AM

ALBANY — An 18-year-old Springfield man was arrested Sunday evening after he allegedly led state troopers on a high-speed, 13-mile-long chase on Interstate 5.

Kenneth  James Argyle is being held in the Linn County Jail on charges of attempted eluding, reckless driving and recklessly endangering another person. He was also cited for possessing less than one ounce of marijuana, police said.

After receiving a driving complaint regarding the vehicle, state troopers tried to stop Argyle's 2011 Volkswagen Golf as it headed south on the freeway shortly after 6 p.m. Sunday near Albany, police said.

Argyle allegedly failed to yield to the trooper and drove at speeds that reached 120 miles per hour as the car continued south on I-5, police said.

Another trooper deployed spike strips that deflated the car's left front tire. Argyle then stopped the vehicle and was taken into custody, police said.

An 18-year-old male passenger in the car was transported to his home in Eugene following the incident, police said.

* * * * * * * * * *

Getting a phone call from the Linn County jail concerning his son's incarceration followed up by a call from the Oregon State trooper that had finally plucked Kenny from the car had been bad enough for father Frank Argyle. Reading the account of it on his computer was much worse.

Phone calls from concerned friends and relatives followed as did some crank calls that somehow got the family home telephone number. That prompted Frank to quickly go to the nearest Walmart to purchase an answering machine to screen calls.

Then there was the call from Todd's father, Mike. Todd was the "18-year-old male passenger in the car …" with son Kenny. Fortunately, Mike and Frank were great friends as were Todd and Kenny.

Todd had not driven the car and was not arrested, but Mike had already plucked a confession from Todd concerning the marijuana that he had actually purchased. Kenny took the rap for it, however, as the newspaper story had suggested.

"Don't worry Frank, I've already punished Todd for his part. He won't be sitting comfortably for a few hours," Mike reassured Frank as both fathers owned and used razor strop licks for their sometimes errant young adult sons.

Frank sighed, "I don't know what's gotten into Kenny. I guess I've been too lenient. That strop out in the garage needs dusting off."

"Good luck, I hope it works. I've grounded Todd for the next couple of weeks, just to see what happens," Mike finished, "Thanks," Frank said and hung up. Assisted by an attorney, Frank then went down to the Linn County jail to bail out son Kenny.

It had already been a long few hours in the awful jail. Kenny Argyle was a very attractive boy and especially so in comparison to the usual dirty and disheveled jail riffraff. Dozens of sexually perverse threats flew into Kenny's ears, so many which by the time the officer finally came to transfer his custody to his father, Kenny would take any punishment from his father in any amount.

And yet, the stark reality of finally facing his father was not so pleasant. Frank was not into "what were you thinking?" or "haven't we been over this ground before?" types of comments. He had decided long ago that a part of Kenny's behavior was genetic. Frank had been a handful for grandpa, could Kenny possibly turn out differently? There was no point in that kind of thinking or commentary now.

Silence reigned in the car on the way home until Kenny could no longer not ask, "Are you going to give me a whipping?"

Frank almost did chuckle at Kenny's penchant for the obvious, "At least one," he replied.

Kenny's face furrowed, but he dare not say a thing. He had already been warned that he would likely be facing Judge Peter Hardesty, a famous Linn County jurist who was not prone to being easy with those who messed around with disobeying any State of Oregon trooper patrolling the state's highways and byways.

After they got home, Kenny did the right thing. He took a long hot shower, put on a pair of loose sweats and then presented himself to his father in the family room. Frank but nodded. It had been a couple of years, but Kenny knew what to do and marched himself out of the house and into the adjacent garage.

Kenny plucked the long thick brown old strop from its nail. It was still in good shape, but likely father Frank would task him to re-oil it as he would be given little or no room for any errors into the near future and the strop would be seeing more action at just a hint of any future trouble of any kind.

Kenny sighed and set the strop aside and slipped off his sweats to full nakedness. He was so nervous with all that he had been through over 24 hours that any thought of sexuality was presently impossible.

His dad had already told him that best friend Todd had already been given a strong dose of his own family's leather strop, black instead of brown. That alone should have set Kenny off to a torrid series of masturbations. Maybe later, certainly not now.

Kenny and Todd had gotten into trouble together since junior high. They had shared many spankings together, then belt licks from one or both fathers, sometimes simultaneously. Over the years the shared empathies had gradually developed into shared post-punishment masturbations, but they had never touched each other in the process.

Somehow they had never faced the razor strop together, however and in a way Kenny now wished Todd was there with him just then, their dads giving them side-by-side licks.

Just the thought threatened to erect his penis, but just then dad appeared and all sexual thoughts vanished and Kenny got down to business and putting the sawhorse into place, put his long leg over the crossbeam and bent way over presenting his naked tail for a very long and hard punishment.

* * * * * * * * * *

"I thought I'd never stop crying. Dad blistered me worse than ever," Kenny said talking to Todd on his cell phone on his back in his bed about an hour later, one hand on his erect penis.

"You still have to face a judge and stuff. Sorry about that," Todd said truly concerned, but his hand was also on his naked erect dick, "and thanks for taking the rap about the weed," having already regaled Kenny about the number of strop licks that seared his tail the day before just after the now very publicly exposed incident.

"No problem. I know it's going to be tough. Somebody said I was going to get another stropping in the courtroom. They do that now you know," Kenny said with a sigh, his self-stroking slowing down.

"Yea, I know. Umm … would you freak if I was there and saw it?" Todd asked, his stroking about doubling in both intensity and frequency at the very thought of possibly witnessing his best friend getting a public whipping.

Kenny's stroking also increased, "No, I'd rather you were there, like I wouldn't be so alone," and that made Todd's stroking increase even more.

"Hold on," Todd said, but Kenny had already put his phone down. Both boys concentrated on jacking off and did, each heaving chest soon liberally spunked with the results of their inevitable efforts.

* * * * * * * * * *

The Linn County courtroom was jammed with spectators that afternoon. Judge Hardesty had already invoked the law stating that no video could be taken of the proceedings and if anything showed up on YouTube or anywhere else on the web, the violator would be at risk for severe penalties. Somehow that law never worked too well, however.

On advice from his attorney and because he was a first time offender, Kenny Argyle not only pled guilty to the Linn County prosecutor's generous offer of reducing the several criminal counts but also agreed that if he should submit to a public bare buttock razor stropping in the courtroom that afternoon, that he would be spared jail time and could petition the court to have his record expunged of the remaining charges in 24 months time. The scene was set and the courtroom silenced in keen anticipation.

Todd watched while sitting with his father as his best friend was taken to a special constructed table that he would lay upon, be divested of his clothing from about six inches above his buttocks to about four inches below. The two presiding officers of the court strapped Kenny's ankles and wrists into safe leather cuffs.

When the judge gave the command to proceed, one of the officers firmly grasped the handle of the thick razor strop and dished out the sentence, eighteen hard licks upon the buttocks of Kenneth James Argyle.

* * * * * * * * * *

Later on alone at home, Kenny filled his ears with the Internet leaked audio from the courtroom whipping he had suffered only hours before. As he did, he rubbed his still sore ass cheeks and got himself off not once, but twice.

The very next day, best friend Todd stood side-by-side with Kenny as they stroked their cocks to full expressions while both listening to the now downloaded audio as they read the new article in the Register-Guard:

Convicted Springfield teen suffers judicial stropping, is spared jail time

By The Register-Guard

Published: Wednesday, Mar 13, 2013 03:35 PM

ALBANY — 18-year-old Springfield resident Kenneth James Argyle pled guilty this afternoon to a reduced charge of reckless driving concerning the high speed chase that sent the young man to the Linn County jail on the morning of February 25, 2013.

County prosecutor Jeff Young was happy to offer the older teen the reduced charges under the new laws that allow the use of corporal punishment for first time offenders saying,

"The new laws that allow for public corporal punishment for first timers allows offenders to offer society ample proof of reformation. Hopefully Mr. Argyle will not be seen in our courts ever again."

Kenneth was accompanied to the proceeding by father Frank Argyle and other family members. Todd Hendricks, Argyle's passenger, was also in attendance with father Michael Hendricks.

Mr. Argyle was given eighteen strokes of Linn County's official leather razor strop on Argyle's bared buttocks, the maximal allowed by law.

Kenneth Argyle was then put on probation and can have all of the charges expunged from his record in two years time as long as he has no further incidents.

The End

© Copyright PJ Franklin February 26, 2013

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