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Of Dads, Sons And Razor Strops: Saving Grandad's Woodshed
PJ Franklin <>


"Dad, how long is this going to take?" the older teen blurted towards the car's driver failing to hold back his impatience. It sounded and felt juvenile. Better try again,

"I'm hungry! Trav's hungry too, aren't you Trav? he glanced to the back seat's occupant. It felt only a tiny bit better. Best just shut up, Dad's isn't in the mood.

Seventeen-year-old Wade McClure was usually far more careful and clever with the adults in his life, but the speeding ticket and resultant grounding punishment of earlier in the week seemed to have put him off his game, much less the day's unsettling visit to Grandad's nursing home.

Nursing homes, their nose-crinkling smells and dreary-drab décor are bad enough in and of themselves, but to have just visited their own Grandad Paul in that place had made Wade promise to himself to never let that happen to anyone else in the family if he could help it.

There had been enough drama for the week and emotion for all that day, much of it negative. Gene didn't doubt son Wade's discomfort, he was hungry too so he was willing to let Wade's thinly veiled manipulation go unnoticed.

"Thanks for nothing dumb fuck," Travis grumbled to himself in the back seat.

Yes, the fifteen-year-old was hungry, starved in fact and that despite having just witnessed Grandad Paul's stomach turning circumstances in that horrible place. The young teen's response to his older step-brother's self-serving "concern" for his stomach was the usual, an upturned middle finger.

Gene just happened to look in the rear-view mirror and caught his stepson's gesture. Why today Trav? Huh? Now he had to deal with it,

"Travis! What did I tell you about obscene gestures just the other day!?" barked Dad's voice, his eyes momentarily fixed with Travis' in the mirror.

Travis cringed. He thought his gesture was below observation from Dad's seat in front.

"Sorry Dad!" his quick enthusiastic response hopefully enough to avoid the consequences.

"I asked, what did I tell you?" Gene McClure persisted with a glaring glance over at his eldest son's obvious enjoyment of his brother's untimely blunder.

Ordinarily the boys' back and forth sibling rivalry was not a problem or at least Gene could escape at home. Wade seemed to wisely take Dad's silent warning to heart if for no other reason than to focus (and enjoy) what his little brother would now be forced to say,

"You said … " Travis hesitated with pursed lips and replied sotto voce, " … that I would get a spanking … bare," his butt cheeks instantly clenching and stomach knotting up.

"Whoa, too much car noise, louder little bro!" Wade impulsively blurted and instantly regretted.

Gene bit his bottom lip as reality set in. He had tried like hell not to fall off the deep end especially when Wade had so manfully brought him the dreaded speeding ticket on his own. There was no corporal punishment, only the grounding.

Wade had seemed genuinely grateful and it certainly seemed an excellent model for Travis to observe his big brother doing the right thing. Unfortunately, Wade had already spent all of his hard earned credibility.

"That is enough from you Wade! You can join Travis in the shed tonight!" Dad barked, his fists tightening on the steering wheel.

"Yessir," was all Wade could say with obvious dejection, even this trip to Grandad's would not lack some painful minutes in the old Woodshed out back.

Travis tried to enjoy his small victory but having to wait for one of Dad's spankings made it quite short-lived. At least it would be a sibling two-some.

Gene McClure sighed,

"Now, can you both just keep your yaps shut please! Nobody here is even close to starvation, we will eat when I say we eat and that is that!" and drove on to his Dad's property to meet the next to last person he ever wanted to talk to concerning his father, a real estate agent.

The first had been his Dad's physician at the nursing home. Grandad Paul's health was poor, his heart failing and surgery a dangerous option on account of other co-morbid conditions. Health care at the home was expensive and available funds dangerously low.

Yes, The McClure family was all too aware of the wise adage, that good health is far more important than wealth. For many years, Paul had both in abundance.

Now both were seriously lacking. Hundreds of acres of Paul's valuable land had been whittled down to just one and now that one was in jeopardy, the reason for son Gene's necessary trip.

* * * * * * * * * *

Dad had warned his boys under threat of enhanced punishment to stand in back of them patiently and silently until his business with the real estate lady had concluded. It was supposed to not take that long as the meeting of adult minds was preliminary concerning both the dwelling in back of them, Grandad's house and also the one in front of them, the property's woodshed.

The shed was a small and very well kept attractive structure right out of the nineteenth century Old West. It had in fact been erected when Grandad was a child and had hosted three generations of young McClure males in need of disciplinary correction including the two boys that were now losing patience with the elongated adult business in front of them.

More time passed than had been expected and teenaged patience (and memories) wore thin. Silent nudges led to small pushes, then harder jostling and the silence had given way to whispered taunts,

"Quit it shit-head, Dad is so going to roast your sorry ass beet red! I can hardly wait!" Travis hissed with a half-cocked smile.

Wade gave his brother a little extra in his next shove,

"Look who's talking apple butt! Can't keep your fingers to yourself huh?" Wade retorted.

"No I can't!" Travis bit his lower lip as he then painfully pinched the base of Wade's near ass cheek.

"Jerk!" Wade winced and tried to return the favor but unthinking, Travis got too cheeky and loudly slapped Wade's hand away. It reached Dad's ears.

Gene sighed. There was never, ever any doubt that Travis was the best thing to ever come along for Wade, but the down side was showing its ugly head.

"Oh for Christ's sake! Please excuse me Nadine," Gene fumed and turned to face his boys. The lady just chuckled, she had a pair at home nearly just like her prospective customer's boys.

Gene strode purposely towards a pair of alarmed faces now plotting how he could possibly sell the property and home on it and still keep the woodshed as apparently it was still very sorely needed!

"Couldn't leave well enough alone huh? Belt and strop not good enough boys?" and Gene waited, lips pursed, hands on hips.

Talk about living chagrin. Feet shuffled and faces turned scarlet knowing that the real estate lady was listening to all of this.

"Um … sorry Dad," Wade said in lowered tones, hands in back pockets dreading Dad's next words.

Travis kept quiet but did the same chewing on his lips, upper and lower. He knew what was coming now and wished he had not been so careless.

"Sorry? Oh yes, you'll both be sorry. I know this has not been fun for any of us and I have tried to be patient, but I guess that wasn't enough. You both have your main punishments coming, but since you could not cut your losses, count on additional bare bottomed spankings for the both of you, now march!!"

Gene reached up to grab, rather pinch two ears between thumbs and forefingers and led his brood woodshed door bound,

"Inside! Now! Strip!" Dad had said, his palm narrowly missed propelling his eldest's retreating backside through the open doorway before returning to apologize to Nadine and continue the property examination.

"Thanks for nothing big brother," Travis issued a weak reprisal towards Wade as they both were already starting to strip. They both knew Dad's rules. They had both better be naked and noses to the wall before he came inside to do his duty or else! No talking as well.

"You're to blame numb-nuts. You had to slap like a girl or Dad would not have paid any attention" Wade said, but was becoming distracted by what was to come.

Both now naked, the boys automatically moved into place shoulder to shoulder and noses to the wall next to the old saw horse that would soon service both of their disciplinary needs.

"Sorry," Travis mumbled but now had a different distraction. He looked down at his faithful rigidity and also at brother Wade's.

Wade did the same, "Oh well," and recalled how helpless and guilty he had felt about his automatic reaction that first time at age thirteen. Dad had stood him up between his knees before lowering the boom.

There it was, his glorious hard-on and Wade wanted to die. Dad simply had reassured,

"Wade, you're a boy. You're nervous as expected. Erections are a sign of good health, now over my knee!"

Travis had been jacking off he thought since he was hardly out of diapers, or so it seemed but the important moment was at summer camp when he was thirteen, just a few months before Mom married Mr. McClure. Camp counselor Rick had spanked him and four other misbehaved cabin pals after they got caught trying to scam candy from younger campers.

Rick was livid and blistered them all bare ass one after another! Then afterwards, a fellow miscreant named Buzz suggested a circle jerk to work off some of the pain. It worked, almost too well!

It was still butt-ass hilarious though the first time with big brother Wade. Wade tried to pretend he never jacked off, ever and even tried to say it was "wrong" or "perverted" just to give his new little brother shit.

Boy was Wade shocked when Travis just whipped it out in front of him and started in. That was when Wade first spoke his new brother's new nickname,

"Little Brother Fucker! (LBF) All right, all right! Slow the fuck down, what's your hurry?" Wade had blurted trying to catch up or even get ahead. "Competitive much?!" and they both had laughed.

"I hate this. Is Dad gonna spank us right after he whips our tails like last time or make us wait?" Travis asked.

"Your guess is as good as mine … homo," Wade smirked, giving his LBF's hard cock a good long stare.

"Pervert!" Travis smirked back, turned a little sideways and this time gave Wade two upturned middle fingers while also lewdly jutting his pelvis forward.

Gene and Nadine had just agreed that she could leave and do some background work on the state of the property, its title and such so that he could deal with his boys. Gene was grateful and even saw her to her car before walking back towards the woodshed praying that the boys were behaving.

Gene opened the door and quickly walked in and saw Travis' impropriety,

"Travis!!" and grabbing the boy's arm, twirled him about, wrapped his big arm about the boy's slender waist and bent him over a little.

"Ou Dad ouu! OK! OK! I'm sorry!" Travis wailed as his Dad's palm rapidly spanked his tender cheeks a good thirty count before he was stood back up flat on his bare feet.

"You! Belt! Saw-horse, now!" Dad commanded Travis and then turned his attention to a much-bemused elder son with another pointed finger.

"Wipe that grin off your face smart guy, you've not exactly been an angel this week!"

"Yes sir!" Wade managed some faux-humility although the effort not to smile failed. Seeing Travis get caught so damned fast and his ass pre-spanked knowing none of that would count for real punishment was almost worth the trip for himself.

His ass stinging like hell, Travis made haste to straddle the horse's length bent well over at the waist, hands firmly gripping, his pinked bare cheeks up and ready and knees slightly bent. Gene, belt doubled up and in his fist, strode to Travis' side,

"I'm sorry you guys had to come on this trip I really am, but I expected more, a LOT more from both of you!" and with that the belt flew to the upturned twin white targets.

Wade reflexively grabbed his bare bottom with both palms like he was ten years old as his ears heard the rapid leathery cracks and his eyes flitted between his little brother's pained face and the red stripes that quickly developed on the tender living canvas.

Travis' mouth started to silently beg for mercy but unlike even six months ago, no longer did Travis' ass wiggle, swerve or try to avoid the belt's licks. He in fact mimicked Wade's punishment position, heels as high off the floor as his tip-toes would allow and his flexible pelvis rotated counter-clockwise just right so that his bared bottom cheeks angled up to meet every square millimeter of belt leather offered.

Talk about competition. Months ago, Wade had dared Travis that he couldn't man up and take his belt whipping in just the same way that Wade could take a hard razor stropping. Whether from pride or competition Travis did just that forcing Wade to give the boy some credit.

The licks now flew hard and fast, ten of them to start but with scant pause until the next ten started. Gene was frustrated and knew it and for that reason backed off a little from the intensity. He could never hurt his precious boys, but they did need to be pushed to the limit just as they pushed him sometimes.

"Daddy please!" Travis finally broke his silence but remained in perfect position because Wade was watching. They made eye contact now, Travis' very red and by now, swimming in tears.

The urge to blurt, "Please Dad, he's had enough!" was now quite strong. Despite appearances, nobody, but nobody fucked with his LBF, well, except like right now with Dad.

Gene was already tired and there was one more son to go. He had counted twenty-five licks. He paused and felt the room's heat and tension. He glanced back and chuckled. Wade's penis seemed only half hard now, his face appropriately glum. Funny what you could use to gauge the right moment to stop.

"Do I get my point across Butch? You going to keep your middle fingers under lock and key?" Dad asked.

Nickname "Butch" was from one of Dad's favorite movie characters, Butch Cassidy, a scurrilous outlaw prone to much mischief, just like son Travis.

"Yes sir! I will Daddy! I promise!" Travis said hopefully and not moving an inch.

"All right. Five more sport, then you're finished!"

Travis sniffed back snot, nodded and sighing, turned his head towards Wade again and just stared a bit at his big brother's ambivalent erection.

Wade took notice and flashed Travis a small friendly smile as Dad proceeded to lay on the last five licks.

Dad nodded, "OK, enough Butch, get your ass up, Wade you're on," and helped Travis stand upright until the boy had swung his leg over the horse.

Travis knew better than to rub on his sore roasted rump but he did utter a low whistle when he looked back at it. Dad had crisscrossed his rear to solid bright red and it throbbed like a bomb blasted son-of-a-bitch causing both toes to scrunch and fists to clench up some.

Wade moved to the horse as Dad reached to exchange belt for strop. The older boy sighed, as if approaching an old grizzled and respected enemy quickly straddling himself into proper whipping position even as his father reached up and plucked the ex-barber's tool from its place up on the wall.

Before he gave the empty air some practice strokes, Gene firmly fisted its finely milled wooden handle and felt the weight of the familiar instrument that had been in the family for many decades now. He had felt its power in his day, Grandad in his.

Humorously, an old family legend told that the long, wide piece of thick brown cowhide had once been the property of an Old West barber business that was frequented by the legendary Billy the Kid. As unlikely as that seemed, it was still a great story.

The air vibrated from his Dad's efforts making Travis shudder unashamed with a building excitement. His penis had gone completely limp during his ordeal, but it was over and he was quickly back to full hardness, ready to enjoy the sights and sounds albeit with great respect for brother Wade.

They had already talked about this long before. When Wade went first and got to watch Travis' punishment after the fact, there would be no blame or shame if Wade lost control of his urges.

The same was true for Travis, but there was a rule. You could not touch yourself. If just by standing and watching hands at your sides you lost it, then you lost it, so enjoy it for Christ-sake.

"A man could work up a real appetite trying to keep you blockheads in line!" Dad quipped as he looked down at his elder son with a certain fraternal emotion from having been there himself.

Wade had to chuckle and looked back, "Get on with it Dad, I'm starved and that's no lie."

Gene smirked a bit, "If you say so son, thirty licks!" and got to work.

As the first of his father's efforts landed, the air around snapping and barking in all ears, Wade set himself to a show of bravery and strength as much for Travis as for himself. It would have never done if he bawled like a baby or tried to avoid the awful licks, not now, but hard grunts could not be suppressed nor would dull respect.

Travis flinched just a little as he stood near-by but didn't compromise balance. His hands were flat to his sides as per their agreement as he watched, momentarily mesmerized and even lost track that his cock was approaching a knife-edge.

Gene stepped a short ways back and paused, the strop limp at his side. His head turned and he observed son Travis' stiff postures, general and specific. Gene was not naïve in any way nor did he mind how the boys handled their personals as he thought of it. He had as had other boys in the family line over time if the truth were known.

"Are you getting my point son?" Gene said, an echo out of the past of many of his own chastisements.

"Yes sir Daddy! It's enough please!" Wade said sniffing back snot. Maybe he would be spared some.

Travis' eyes flitted between Dad and brother, his mind between mercy for his brother and the devilish desire to uncork his aching balls. He didn't blame Wade's plea, it pushed him yet a little closer in fact.

"Some to go Wade, don't let go now!" and Gene set back to the remainder of the strop's work.

The disappointed look on Wade's face pushed Travis unexpectedly a little in the wrong direction and his attitude as well. He had to get off, wanted to get off, now damn-it!

The end was so near, and just then, Wade's head turned away allowing Travis to guiltily slip his hand a bit rearward, his finger-tip quickly jumping the gap and started to rim his own anus just right!

"Daddy!" Wade yelped and that was enough to finally push Travis over the edge.

He was on his way and quickly slipped his hand back to his side just as Wade turned his head back in time to observe his little brother's body shuddering with a muffled but lustful grunt as the long thin whitish stream lavishly cascaded down to where floor met wall. But for a last pair of painful strop licks, Wade would be grinning ear to ear for his LBF.

It was done. Gene nodded to Wade, sniffed the air and turning his head rolled his eyes at Travis' not so little "accident" and placed the strop back up on the wall between the paddle and the belt.

It had been a long day. Gene had promised both boys extra punishment but was not inclined to wait nor get too formal about it.

"OK, the both of you side by side hands up on the wall and keep your backsides out where I can spank you both!"

The boys obeyed, hearts pounding. Getting spanked with Dad's hand just after a whipping would hurt like hell but more for Travis having just spewed his stuff.

Gene sighed, stepped close to Travis' left and started to spank the four available red cheeks, hard!

"Ou! Dad! Please Ouuuu! Daddy! Ouuuuu! OK, OK!" the boys wailed together heels bobbing up and down from the floor with each of Dad's hand spanks.

"Are you boys going to finally behave?!" Gene paused, four sizzling red rump cheeks aglow.

"Yes Daddy! YES! Please no more! Please!" they each begged but did not move an inch.

Gene landed four more spanks on each cheek, "See that you do!" and it was finally all over, actually much sooner than it might have been.

Dad would ordinarily leave the shed to the boys and their after punishment activity, but not this time.

"You boys get to the house without delay, get washed up and ready to eat. We're going out, steak," was all Gene said as he planted his feet near the shed door and waited.

"Steak! Yea!" Travis grinned and hurried to dress, at least he had got off once!

"Yea, steak," Wade smiled wanly. He had to wait and would not only be nursing a sore seat to sit on during dinner, but a fucking episodic boner. Oh well, Dad was watching, he could not dawdle.

* * * * * * * * * *

Wade need not have worried about boners and a sore bottom. The steak dinner was great and all but the conversation about Grandad Paul's condition and why they had to sell the home was depressingly distracting.

"Isn't there something else we can do Dad? I know Grandad needs the money for the nursing home and all, but that place has been in the family since forever!" Wade lamented.

Travis set his fork and knife down, his steak barely half done and should have been inhaled by now. His butt was sore still and even though he could squirm away the discomfort, he could not squirm away the thought that his Grandad was ill and not nearly the tall robust man that had horse-played with him for hours during visits after Mom had married Dad.

"How come we just don't bring him home, save the money. Have a nurse come in or something?" Travis asked aloud.

Gene sat back and looked at Wade first, then Travis. He sighed and ruffled Trav's unruly mop,

"Our home is too small Butch, but I'm proud of you for making the suggestion."

Travis sighed and picked up his fork and knife, but not Wade,

"Dad, Grandad's home is big enough for everyone, us and him!"

Gene stopped in mid-chew of his Porterhouse and looked at Wade,

"You mean move Wade?"

Wade shrugged, "Well, you said your company is moving a branch around here somewhere."

Gene sighed. The boys did not know, but he had already thought of it and had ruled it out. His job position had already been promised to somebody else in this territory but he was damned pleased at Wade's thinking. Instead of shutting the door on his son, he simply smiled,

"Good thinking son. I'll look into it," and Gene set himself to make history of that tasty cut of steak on his platter.

Travis smiled at Wade's trying to help Grandad, but it only made his guilt feel all the worse, after all, he had cheated.

* * * * * * * * * *

Things were not supposed to have taken as long as they did that day and Gene was not about to drive the six hours back home by himself. Wade was grounded from driving or he would have gladly split the six hours and been happy for it, but not now.

That meant they would spend the night at Grandad's and drive home in the morning and he so advised his boys. At home, Wade and Travis had their own rooms, at least for sleeping, but Grandad's home, though it had more rooms, was also full of decades of accumulated possessions and just plain junk. All but two bedrooms were uninhabitable so that meant the brothers would share one and did.

"Finally, some privacy," Wade smiled already nursing a boner and stripping off to do something about it with or without Travis but preferred with.

"Come on little bro, let's do it together like usual, but you're already one up on me. That was pretty impressive shooting off like that in the shed!"

Travis swallowed hard. It would be pie-simple to keep his cheat to himself. Wade would never know and besides, Wade had teased him nearly to tears at times, unmerciful shit-head that he could be.

And yet, Wade had also been pretty cool at times. It was great having a big brother for the first time in his life. Travis blew out his cheeks and looked down.

"What's the matter? That steak not set well with you? Don't feel like getting off?" Wade gently teased and already looking to start to stroke between his spread bare legs.

Travis rolled his eyes, "I cheated," he said folding his arms defensively.

"Cheated? What are you talking about?" Wade said.

"I … I fingered my hole to get off, OK? Your head was turned. I cheated!"

At first Wade just sat there with a bemused expression. So his little brother had cheated!?  Little brother fucker!

Wade of course knew for a fact that given the chance, he might do the same. Good for Travis for having the nads to do it and get away with it! Wade nonetheless suppressed a big grin, pointed and chuckled,

"And you feel guilty about that?"

Travis stood his ground and would suffer Wade's taunting if that was what it took,

"Yes, I do as a matter of fact."

Wade let him stew a few more moments and then sported a smirky grin,

"Well, you owe me bad boy, you need to be punished."

Travis had been looking down, now his head popped up,

"Punished? We never talked about that!"

"No, but what would you do to me if I cheated?" Wade asked.

Travis sighed, "Punish you," he said and chuckled at Wade's clever logic.

"Yea, I figure you owe me … a blow job!" he blurted brightly.

"A blow job? No freaking way! That's disgusting!" Travis automatically protested with a pounding heart.

Wade was kidding, wasn't he? He had never told Wade about that time with Henry at summer camp had he?

The bait had been taken and refused as anticipated so Wade announced his second choice; something that he had longed to do for quite a while but never had a real opportunity,

"OK then. You will let me give you paddle pops, inside the woodshed, tonight."

"Nooo! Come on Wade! My ass is still sore!" Travis automatically protested but not from shyness over such matters. He had traded bare butt hand spanks with other boys at summer camp, but not after he had already been totally roasted.

Wade gave a long theatrical sigh, "My own little brother, a cheater."

Travis knew he had to give in, "Oh all right! How many?"

"Umm … three, bare," Wade replied licking his lips and giving his boner a few last moment strokes of pleasure.

"Bare?" Travis protested but knew it was no good to argue and now his cock was starting to harden,

"OK, three, bare in the woodshed," Travis gave in picturing an opportunity to get off a second time.

The boys quietly left the house passing Dad's closed bedroom door for the back yard. It was pitch-black outside, the sky high and filled with more stars than back home. The woodshed had a single bare bulb and Wade pulled the short pull string to turn it on.

Shadows sprung up everywhere, it was kind of cool really, a little spooky even. Wade's cock was about bursting from his sweat pants, all that he had put on and they were off in the next moment. Travis was close behind and just as horny now.

Wade quickly went to the wall and plucked the old wooden paddle. It had once been used by a school principal back in the old days as they say and had blistered many a boy-ass.

"OK, bend over and grab your ankles bro, three hard swats for you!" Wade grinned.

Travis' heart was pounding, this was gonna hurt! He bent over and grabbed his ankles tightly.

Wade rubbed the paddle over their still pink targets and drew back the paddle …

Gene was far from sleep that night. Grandad's situation was very heavy on his mind so he got up and went to the kitchen to make an old remedy, some warm milk. He glanced out the window into the back yard as he went to grab a glass from the cupboard and saw light coming from the woodshed. How had that got on?

Gene walked outside. The air was cool but not cold but as he approached the door, he heard the sound of something hard hitting something soft and a yelping sound mixed with giggling noises besides.

"Hey, no letting go! I ought to give you extra," the voice chuckled from inside, it was Wade.

"It hurts! Come on Wade. I'm sorry!" the other voice said, it was Travis. He didn't seem upset.

"OK fine, just one more and you're paid up," Wade said.

Gene smiled and shook his head. They obviously were playing at some game, trading licks even after he had punished them.

Gene had done that with a friend or two in his adolescence, no harm in it and it didn't sound like Wade was taking advantage. Gene then had the notion that maybe his brood was getting too old for spankings and such; but quickly dismissed the nonsensical thought and quickly returned to the house.

"Damn that hurts!" Travis bit his bottom lip hopping up and down as he rubbed on his freshly burnt bottom cheeks.

Wade grinned and laughed, "You deserved it, now let's beat off!"

Travis' hand quickly went down to his half-hard and in just a few preliminary strokes, he was ready for it,

"OK big bro!" he grinned.

Wade was not going to take long. Getting to give Travis paddle pops would have been sufficient grist, but flirting with the idea of his step-brother actually giving him a BJ was cause to spend his load in big hurry.

Travis was close behind however; his thoughts stuck on "well, what IF he tried to do with Wade, what he and Henry did that night at summer camp?"

The boys beat feet back to the house but seeing the kitchen occupied as they entered, looked guiltily at each other. Gene continued on making his warm milk,

"Just ignore me boys," he winked. Gene would drink his warm remedy down and finally retire successfully.

The boys sped to the bedroom giggling and flew into their beds.

"Think Dad knows what we did out there?" Travis asked settling under his covers.

"Hell yes," Wade responded then rolled his eyes, "Damn!"

"What's wrong?" Travis asked.

"Fucking boner again," Wade responded.

Travis grinned to himself but said nothing. Wade had coaxed him into paddle pops, now they were even.

Wade lay on his back and looked over at Travis and thought on the long weird day. Would this be the last time he would be in Grandad's house? The last time they might ever see the inside of the old woodshed?

The older teen closed his eyes and tried to just ignore his cock, but after awhile it was no good. He had to get off again. It should be easy, just do it in the bed with a tube sock like he had done hundreds of times before.

Travis had only pretended to be asleep and heard the telltale sounds from Wade's side of the room and saw the obvious under-the-cover motions of his big brother's self-efforts. He sighed to himself, "Do I have to do everything around here?"

Travis slipped out of bed and strode over to Wade's bed. Wade's head turned and he stopped his stroking,


"Just put your hands above your head and KEEP them there if you know what's good for you!"

Wade's mouth flew open and he did just exactly as he was told. Travis kneeled at the bedside and Wade watched his little brother fucker's head disappear under the covers.

Wade's eyes grew big and his mouth formed and moaned, "OOOOooooooo"

* * * * * * * * * *

Six months later …

The boys got off of the school bus and briskly walked down the road about one-hundred yards and up the path to the house. It was empty but it always was this time of day. Mom and Dad worked and would not be home for a few more hours.

Instead, they both went through the kitchen grabbing an apple each and sped out to the backyard and walked into the old woodshed. Grandad Paul looked up and accepted a warm tight hug from each boy.

"What you up to Grandad?" Travis asked.

"Oh, nothing special," pulled up a chair and setting the broom to the side sat down.

Grandad looked tired, but he always did now. His illness had exacted a toll but not so much that he couldn't look up and smile at his grandsons,

"Say, did I ever tell you boys what happened to me and Billy Grangier in this very woodshed?"

Grandad's short-term memory was not very good anymore. The boys knew all about Billy by now.

"No Grandad, please tell us?" Wade pulled up a chair. Travis grabbed the broom and started to sweep,

"Yes please Grandad, tell us!"

"Well, this was many, many years ago. Now, my father, your great-Grandad Silas was a very strict man. Well one day, Billy and me, we thought it would be great fun to skip out of school and … "

The End

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