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Of Dads, Sons And Razor Strops:
Spring Break In Mill City - 2


PJ Franklin <>

Even having to sit (rather squirm) in Dad's car on the way to the Kolb place didn't distract much from my having to start to sort out some really strange and unexpected feelings.

And speaking of feeling, my fingertips kept feeling out my newly shorn scalp. I suddenly kind of understood that stupid story from Greek mythology that I had learned in school about Hercules losing his hair. Now it didn't seem so stupid. I felt younger and more vulnerable and certainly way out of my element.

As it was, I was really grateful for a week's reprieve from my friends' back home discovery of my sparse scalp as they would no doubt be giving me a lot of shit over it. That would only tempt me to bitch out my Dad; but as my sore ass would now attest, there was no longer any future in complaining to Dad about such things.

I suppose I could bitch at Jeffers Kolb. Yea, a lot of good that would do. No matter if I liked it or not, he had not put the words in my head to provoke my Dad. Besides, his hair was just as short, his ass just as sore and quite frankly, I liked Jeffers now.

I especially admired his nerve to take us behind the diner with a "Fuck it! Let's just jack-off!" attitude that any boy could respect, never mind the curiosity it provoked for me. No matter if it had not, I was on his turf now and at his mercy.

"Now you take care of your chores Jeffers before you go around corrupting Cory!" I heard his Dad's distinctive smirky bark just as I got out of the car.

Jeffers was striding towards me with the look of mischief in his eyes. He stopped and turned and I noticed his hands grabbing at his sore butt. It was like now I had permission to do the same thing in front of him without looking stupid, so I did it too!

"Yes Daddy, don't worry, I wouldn't hurt a hair left on his head!" he smirked back, my ear more interested in the "daddy" word than even the joke on my hair.

"I said corrupt, not hurt boy! Keep it up Jeffers and we can trip to the woodshed and hurt your behind again if you like!" Paul shot back with a big grin motioning to my Dad to join him.

Woodshed? Talk about an attention getter.

"No, that's OK, maybe later though!" Jeffers sassed back with some cool bravado. I envied him that ability just then.

"Cory, you just join Jeffers and do what he tells you and mind your manners, remember we're just guests here," Dad reinforced what I was already feeling and worse,

"Or what?" I carelessly blurted in a failed effort to save face in front of Jeffers.

"You're welcome to use the woodshed any time of day or night Steve," Paul quickly responded on Dad's behalf,

"You heard the man son, the woodshed. Any more questions?"

I felt my face sizzle with a nice hard blush, "No sir," I replied with a sheepish shuffle of my feet and then mumbled a quick "fuck me" only in Jeffers' hearing.

Jeffers chuckled, "I can arrange for that. Nice try dude, but I'm afraid your Dad has gone over to the Dark Side. So how's your ass?"

I blew out my cheeks really distracted by my Dad's new found swagger, "What? dark what? What about my ass?"

Jeffers outright laughed, "Never mind, come on, follow me boy! This here is a working farm!" and then Jeffers planted a really hard swat on my tenderized butt and started to slowly trot away with a daring ear-to-ear grin as he looked back.

Now I had a freshened reminder on my ass for my dick to think about again and forgot about Dads. I took off running after Jeffers,

"Come back here dickwad!" I grinned. Jeffers had already taken off running ahead of me, "Try and catch me city boy!"

I followed him out of sight of our Dads and around the long side of a barn-like building. He stopped abruptly and I stumbled right into him, both of us falling to the ground, but my ass ended up right across his lap!

Jeffers' speed and agility had my right arm uncomfortably twisted up onto my back, holding me down, me feeling like a little boy ready for a spanking!

"You're not doing so well today city boy. Just say uncle and I'll let you go!" his hot breath panting on the back of my neck.

"Let me go!" I nervously giggled as my hardening dick was grinding way too comfortably into the top of his thigh.

"No way man! Say uncle or I'm gonna spank you again!"  he grinned aloud pushing his knee up and right into my dick!

It was all I could do to not hump myself and instead blurted yet another pathetic protest,

"How about I say, fuck you!"

Two hard spanks landed right at my perfectly positioned sit spots,

"Ouuuuuu!" my ass stung a lot more than I thought it should just then.

"You don't want more? Then apologize!" he demanded, his unscathed hand raised high and ready to pop me again!

"OK! OK! I'm sorry! I apologize! Uncle!" and right away he let go of my sore shoulder.

I didn't try to get away from him, I didn't even want too! Instead I went to a place I rarely did with other boys my age,

"I'm sorry, my fault Jeffers. I was just trying to get some of my own back there and then made it worse by saying the wrong thing, just like I do with my Dad."

"If I do that, sometimes I end up in the shed for a good tanning!" Jeffers said sending my mind's imaginings to what that might look like, including myself in his place,

"Now don't get any ideas about taking me to that woodshed of yours. That wouldn't be cool!" I hinted with a nervous giggle.

"It may not be cool but what you need!" and I steeled myself for a few more spanks, but instead he pushed me off of his lap and stood up, holding out his hand. I turned to my side and grabbed his hand and he pulled me up to standing,

"Maybe I'll dare you to trade licks with me inside the shed later" he grinned ear to ear as I adjusted my front side a bit,

"You're nuts!" I grinned even though it was a dare I knew I would take.

"We'll see. Come on, we need to get chores done Cory, " Jeffers instructed and gave me a pat on my back as he trotted off, me right behind him.

As I worked side by side with him for the next couple hours, it was damn hard to get anything done without screwing around, a swat here a push or shove there and then maybe one of us tumbling into the dirt. We giggled and outright laughed talking about our schools and friends. I totally lost track of time being with Jeffers and that rarely happens to me.

The next thing I knew it was dinnertime! In the middle of the wonderful meal, Dad offered to Jeffers' Dad to pay for a week's worth of room and board and was flat turned down, a look of innocent pride on Jeffers' face as his Dad insisted.

Soon after I stood side by side with Jeffers clearing the dinner table and then doing the dishes. There wasn't a lot of physical fooling about in the kitchen with our Dads so close by, but he kept teasing me about spankings and trips to the woodshed all week long if I didn't do what he said. I kept telling him he was full of shit and he'd grin back,

"We'll see whose full of shit!"

Then he took me to his room where I would be staying with him.

"It's small. I'll sleep on the couch in the front room and you can have my bed," he offered. That was not right.

"No, I'll take the couch," I countered.

"Don't make me take you over my knee!" he teased again, but then his face softened, "Look, I share a bed with my guy friends now and again, I promise, I won't bite."

Maybe I would never consider sharing a bed with another guy, but Jeffers was a different story, "OK, that's cool," I finally agreed, my mind fast-forwarding to how that might feel.

We spent the rest of the evening with our Dads right up to a rather early bedtime; but just before we were supposed to be headed to his room and in the dead of darkness, Jeffers finally showed me their woodshed. It was a working shed to be sure with a single bare light bulb sending creepy shadows off the walls.

I could see lots of stacked up firewood and saws, boxes of old tools and such; but there was also a lone sawhorse with an worn looking spanking paddle and a leather razor strop hanging above, just like that ones in the barbershop. I got big goosebumps just looking at it!

"No need to tell you what all that is good for," Jeffers said reverently staring at the implements, hands at his sides and chewing on his bottom lip.

Jeffers and I were barefoot, just dressed in T-shirts and boxers, mine a light green and his a light blue. My heart was pounding so hard and the room so quiet just then.  I shuffled my feet a little causing some eerie creaking in the old wood floorboards and inhaled deeply just then of the room's wooden aroma.

Then all of those dares and teases of the last few hours came to bear, my dick hardening up and as happens with boxers, the tip came straight out the loose fly in front. When I looked over at Jeffers, his had done the same thing!

"Ooops," I self-consciously stared as his. He glanced but briefly at mine then intently up to my face,

"I don't care if I did get a whipping this morning, I wouldn't mind you giving me a couple good licks before bed, what do you say Cory?"

I could tell he was serious, but it wasn't a dare, it was an invitation!

"Not unless you give me licks first!" I nervously countered. NO way I could paddle him first!

Jeffers' grin spread wide and tongue wagging mischievously out the corner of his mouth, he reached for the large paddle,

"Drop your shorts buddy, pull out the horse a little, put a leg over and straddle it!" Jeffers instructed.

I did exactly as Jeffers said, my heart furiously pounding! I felt my bare ass cheeks with my hands. There seemed just a little deep soreness remaining from Dad's whipping, but not enough to change my mind. I stepped over the horse, my dick hard as a rock!

I bent forward and stuck my ass up for Jeffers and looked up at him, "How many?"

"Two, nice and hard, OK? That way you'll feel like giving me the same."

I swallowed and nodded. Jeffers stepped to my side and the rubbed my bare seat with the cool hard wood. I tensed a little, let my head fall and closed my eyes.

"It's OK if you yell Cory, no shame," he said. Then he drew back and I opened my mouth to prevent from biting a lip if it hurt too much!

I felt a whoosh of air and then my ears heard the muffled crack of wood on skin just as my ass exploded in a rush of hard deep pain. I squeezed my eyes shut hard, "Oh fuck that HURTS!!" and started to breath again.

"Yea baby, good one Cory! Now the second and it's gonna really hurt again pal!"

I closed my eyes again, my butt throbbing almost as much as it had that morning in the barbershop.


The next swat put my vision up to the celling and I almost left my feet as my hands furiously rubbed on my throbbing cheeks!

"Oh! Oh! Oh! God Jeffers!!" and I looked down. At least my softened dick had some respect for my suffering.

I grabbed Jeffers' outstretched hand and stepped back over the horse,

"Damn, I did it!" I grinned, the pride I felt for myself, amazing!

"You sure god damn did, my turn!" Jeffers grinned, handed me the paddle and then dropped off his boxers.

I didn't bother to put mine back on and my dick re-hardened very quickly as Jeffers straddled the horse and he bent over, his ass high up for his licks.

"I never did this before," I hesitated holding the paddle's sturdy handle.

"You'll be fine! Swing it a little first, then tap me light, then pound me nice and hard Cory, like you mean it!" he said to encourage me, his eyes looking knowingly at my stiff prick before he looked straight ahead of himself.

His unwavering hard dick told me to pay attention and do my job correctly. I swung the paddle through the air a couple times and then stepped to Jeffers' side. I tapped his ass lightly once, then twice,

"OK pal, now pound me good!" Jeffers insisted.

I drew back and swung, hard! The warm room filled with the dull crack and I stepped back.

"Fuck!! That hurt!" Jeffers said and then a grin spread across his face, "Yea Cory! Again, hard!" he urged me.

I nodded, my tongue wagging from the corner of my mouth, lined him up and did it again, THWACKKKKK!

"Shit!!" Jeffers yelped as his knees bounced up and down, his head as well and his mouth forming a big "O." Finally, he looked at me, a big grin spreading as he slowly stood up, stepped back over the horse with his palm raised.

We high-fived, "DUDE!" he exclaimed and then rubbed his ass rapidly. I hung the paddle back up feeling an exhilaration I had never felt before.

"Damn, I want to get off, but we got to get back to the house! Come on!"

I was all for getting off, so I picked up and put on the nearest boxers as did Jeffers. We quickly scurried from the warm room and into the cool night air.

This time I got in a satisfying spank on Jeffers rear yielding a sharp, "Hey!" and then ran like hell back to the house through the darkness, Jeffers just out of reach of my tail the entire way.

"Hey, long day boys, you and Cory hit the sack Jeffers!" Jeffers' Dad smiled as we acted sheepish and behaved once just inside the door.

I looked at my Dad. He looked so relaxed and at ease with Mr. Kolb, "Having fun son?" he asked me as I stood as best I could to hide my arousal and in doing so, I looked down and I was wearing Jeffers' shorts and he mine!

It struck me so funny that I caught Jeffers' eye before I gleamed at my old man and then at Jeffers,

"Yea, I think so, right country boy?"

Jeffers finished chuckling about our switching boxers and then boldly spanked my butt in front of my Dad!

"I think so city boy!" as I yelped and held my butt with both hands. Dad grinned, clapped and raised one fist,

"That's it Jeffers. Keep him off balance for me!"

"I will Mr. Bannister … seriously though, thanks for staying with Dad and me!" and he boldly went up to his father for a good night hug. I did the same with my Dad and hugged him close,  "Thanks for bringing us here, Dad."

Dad kissed my forehead, "My pleasure Cory, rest well."

I zoomed down the hallway after Jeffers, stopping at the bathroom and silently shared the small space to pee. My dick had calmed to half hard in the front room and now threatened to get fully upright again as I emptied my bladder, but soon enough we were behind a closed bedroom door, the lights out.

"Hope you don't mind, I sleep naked," Jeffers said sounding slightly anxious, but slipping off my boxers.

"I do too," I said and slipped down Jeffers boxers.

"Inside or out?" he asked. I just shrugged, "Don't matter."

"You in," he replied and I slid over the bed to the inside position and plopped on my back under the sheet about as wide-awake as I could be.

Jeffers sat on the bedside to start and then lay down next to me, hands clasped behind his head. We were touching a bit here and there,

"Hey man, look, if you don't feel comfortable, I'll go sleep on the couch. I didn't realize how close this would be."

I sighed, "Stop saying that Jeffers, you make me feel bad. Besides, you said it wasn't a big deal, two boys sharing a bed, right?"

Jeffers suddenly got a bit sheepish, "Um … I lied. I've never done it before, sorry Cory. I said what I did to just … you know."

His confession didn't bother me save I wondered why he bothered lying about it. I turned to my side, head propped up on my pillow,

"It's OK man, I understand. I've never jacked off with another guy or traded licks … "

"Or boxers! … " He grinned. I grinned back, my eyes getting used to the darkness.

I lay back down and covered across my eyes with one forearm, my other hand under the sheet holding my totally hard cock, my feelings about Jeffers getting stronger. I thought back just to the woodshed, how it felt to share that with him. At least I felt safe enough to ask,

"You ever done anything with a boy before?"

I closed my eyes again before he answered. I could feel him turn towards me, his warm breath coming at my face,

"Sure I have, I've done a lot really. Some boys would not like to know that, but it's all just for fun, harmless, have you?"

"No, you don't even talk about that stuff where I come from."

"That's too bad. It don't mean anything Cory. It's just sex, that's all," and he lay back down.

I sighed. Just sex huh? One thing was for sure, that whole country-bumpkin thing was pure bullshit.

"Jeffers, I know you wanted to get off, so do I … it's just that … "

He grinned, "No problem buddy, just lay back and relax and let this country boy show you how it's done."

I guessed I had nothing to lose and nodded, putting my hands palms down at my side.

Suddenly Jeffers' head disappeared under the sheets and I felt his torso lay gently down across my right arm and hand. Then I felt his hand firmly grasp the base of my dick. My eyes got really wide. I felt his breath on my dickhead!

When his tongue started to lick slowly up and down my shaft, I knew that I wanted whatever he was willing to give. My breath quickened. He slowly transitioned from just tongue to slowly engulfing the head and then more, and finally clear down to the base! My sap started to rise and I heard his hand stroking pretty briskly on his own dick.

"Oh God Jeffers!!," and then my balls unloaded.

After Jeffers gave me my first blow job ever, he masturbated himself as I watched. Then he got out of bed, cleaned himself up and came back to bed. He asked me if I had enjoyed the sex. I smiled, "Yes," and he smiled, "Good … nite Cory."

I bade him good night as well.

* * * * * * * * * *

My eyes fluttered open a few hours later. I was curled up towards the wall and rolled to my back.

Jeffers was asleep next to me, on his back, his head turned to the side and the bed sheet not really covering any of his naked body. I looked at his limp penis, then at mine. I instantly hardened just thinking about all that we had done only hours before.

I felt an unusual gratitude towards Jeffers just then, but there was something else. Jeffers head was turned to the side and I dared myself and then did it. I leaned way over and gently kissed Jeffers on the temple, smiled at him and then turned myself back to the wall and closed my eyes, ignoring my hard dick for once.

© Copyright PJ Franklin May 23, 2011

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