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Dads, Sons and Razor Strops:
Spring Break In Mill City - 3


PJ Franklin <>

I had hardly slept the night before on account of laying next to Jeffers with a hard unsatisfied dick. He had fallen asleep next to me and I had snuck in that little kiss on his head because, well …

I had thought about getting up and jacking off in the bathroom but him giving me my first ever BJ made masturbation feel a total waste. I did finally catch a few Z's and sometime later, the bedroom door swung open and Jeffers' Dad came bustling into the room hands on hips,

"Get your lazy asses out of bed boys! This ain't no vacation or holiday, time to get up to work!"

My eyes flew open a brief moment and just in time to catch a glimpse of Jeffers' morning woody as he rolled over to cover himself up,

"Oh come on Daddy! It's spring break for God's sake, why can't we sleep in for once!?" said in his best whine.

"Because I promised Hank to haul your ass over to his place this morning to mend broken fence, don't you remember?" Paul said and plopped down at the bedside and playfully pinched Jeffers' nose.

Jeffers lightly slapped his Dad's hand away with a big shit-eating grin,

"You never said nuthin' about that and Bailey would have told me anyway!"

"Don't you smack my hand boy or I'll smack your butt! Hank didn't tell Bailey 'till last night," Paul pointed his finger at his son and winked to me,

"Maybe I'll let Cory here sleep in while I make you work. How would that be?"

"If he gets to sleep in, so do I!" Jeffers daringly replied causing my pulse to race a little. I wanted to see more.

"That's enough out of you!" Paul grinned and turned his compliant boy over to his tummy, pulled the bed sheet away and landed a good six spanks on Jeffers' naked ass.

"Ouuuu! That hurts!" Jeffers whined, his hands flailing back to cover the instantly sore red handprints.

Paul winked knowingly at me again out of Jeffers' sight,

"Hurts? You're just a wuss boy, I'll bet Cory here can take ten times that without whining about it!"

"Then spank his ass Daddy and leave mine alone! Besides, I doubt he can take half the licking I can."

"Can too!" I replied, my dick hard as nails but hidden under the bed sheet.

"Care to find out city boy?" Jeffers dared me eye to eye, his tongue wagging mischievously from the upturned corner of his mouth.

"Any time, any where country boy!" I replied without batting an eyelash.

"Right now then. Turn over and uncover and let's see who can take the most!" Jeffers proposed.

I was more than game, but Mr. Kolb had other plans,

"Not now boys, we got work to do!" and just then my Dad appeared in the doorway,

"Get up Cory, we're going to go out with Paul and Jeffers, find out about fence mending."

Dad was already dressed and looked like he had slept ten hours and was raring to go. I was raring all right, raring to stay ahead of Jeffers,

"Do I have to? I want to sleep in Dad," and grinned at him just to see what he might do.

"You'll not do much sleeping with a sore backside son, care for a spanking over my knee this early?" he said with as much smirky verve as Mr. Kolb as he stepped more into the room.

I was in the midst of taking my Dad seriously when Jeffers piped in, "Yea Mr. Bannister, give that boy of yours a good whipping. He needs it a lot more than I do!"

"Shush your mouth boy or I'll put you over my knee!" I grinned back to Jeffers feeling proud of my effort.

"The hell you will! Listen to him Daddy, you gonna let him talk to me that way?" Jeffers smiled and stung my face with a flicked finger just before he flew out of bed.

I flew out of bed right after him, our boners waving through the air and lunged at Jeffers to try and return the favor. Jeffers deftly danced out of the way and out the bedroom door, me right after him and down the hall and into the bathroom right behind him.

"You boys get ready quickly now. We'll catch breakfast later!" Mr. Kolb yelled through the mostly closed door.

I grinned at Jeffers and he at me as he pissed into the toilet, "Yea, don't take all day boy or you'll get a good whipping like you deserve!" he teased me as he finally shook it off.

My eyes danced all over Jeffers naked body even as I tried to will my dick to soften up some. It's hard to piss down into a toilet bowl with an upright dick.

"You're the one that needs the whipping, back-talking your Dad like that," I quipped, my dick actually cooperating for once and I let go of my yellow stream as Jeffers splashed water onto his face from the running faucet over the bathroom sink.

"Here's some back talk for you!" and suddenly two hard and wet hand spanks landed on my ass, jiggling my dick and spraying piss to places it doesn't belong,

"Hey!" I yelped, one hand reaching back to rub at the sting.

"Now clean up the mess! Boy you city boys are sloppy!" Jeffers guffawed and bolted out of the bathroom.

"Fuck you Jeffers!" I yelled after him grinning ear to ear and grabbing a small towel, cleaned up the pee spatters and then exited the bathroom room, trotted back to the bedroom and upon entering, my clothes flew into my face,

"Catch!" Jeffers grinned. I caught them and started to dress. He finished dressing just before I did,

"And by the way, if anyone is going to get fucked, it's gonna be you, not me! Come on boy!" and then he dashed out of the bedroom and back up the hallway.

"Hey, wait up for me!" I yelled after him as I nearly tripped myself trying to finish dressing.

* * * * * * * * * *

"So where we going?" I asked sitting hip to hip with Jeffers in the back of his Dad's pick-up, my Dad riding up front in the cab.

"Over to Bailey's. He's a big ol' dork like you," Jeffers grinned, "Dad must have promised to help Hank, Bailey's daddy, to mend fence over spring break."

I was still stuck way back on Jeffers comments about fucking back at his house and now on who was or was not a dork. I shoved Jeffers a little just then, "Who you calling a dork?"

"Now don't play around in the back of the truck dork-boy or you'll get us into trouble" and then shoved me back.

All I could do was smile, "Seems like that's all you like to do is get into trouble."

"Sometimes," he grinned back.

"So who's this Bailey?" I asked.

"We been friends since forever, sometimes we trade licks in our woodshed like we did last night," Jeffers said with a peculiar grin.

"Anything more than just licks?" I asked, not that I didn't find the idea of trading licks again very cool!

Jeffers' grin widened, "Maybe, maybe not!" he replied.

I grinned back, "I think you do!" and shoved Jeffers harder.

Just then there was this hard tapping noise from the back window of the truck cab followed by a fairly stern,

"Sit still back there or there is gonna be two sore bottoms!" Mr. Kolb yelled at us. "Ditto!" my father added.

"See, told ya' city boy!" Jeffers crowed. All I had left was to stick my tongue out at Jeffers and did.

We arrived at Bailey's place shortly thereafter. Naturally, I had no idea what to expect having never met the guy, so I jumped out of the back of the truck and walked a half step in back of Jeffers towards what looked like their house.

Suddenly, a boy with a man emerged from the house and neither of them looked all that happy. Jeffers and I approached closely with Dad and Mr. Kolb.

"Mornin' Hank, so, fences to mend hey?" Mr. Kolb said, but I focused on the boy who obviously was Bailey. Great looking kid, like Jeffers, but he looked like he was in trouble.

"Yup, but first, Bailey has a date with the strop on account of deciding that getting drunk on beer last night with his buddies was more important than his curfew!"

"You said I could go out!" Bailey weakly protested.

"Yes, but not get home past midnight, much less come home piss drunk and try to sneak past me!" Hank replied to his sheepish son, "Now get to the barn and strip!"

Bailey cringed and looked at Jeffers, "Hey man."

"Hey … this is Cory, he's visiting with his Dad … we both got our cans ripped yesterday at the barber."

"Oh yea. I kind of heard about that from a couple other kids, well, Hi Cory … I better go get it over with, come on, you guys may as well watch."

I gotta tell you, no guy I knew back home could roll with the punches like these country guys. Jeffers and I went into the barn and he stripped off naked as our Dads walked in. Bailey got the sawhorse ready as his Dad got the razor strop.

"You want to mess around Bailey then you pay for it, bend over!" His Dad said. Bailey straddled the sawhorse just like Jeffers and I had the prior night trading licks.

Watching another boy get a good whipping from his Dad without your own butt on the line is way different. Bailey's Dad was whipping on poor Bailey as if he was in a big hurry. Maybe he was, but Bailey sure was suffering because of it.

I didn't know what to think at first so I watched Jeffers. Back home, most guys would make it pretty clear that watching another guy's suffering was good sport in a mean-spirited kind of way, that is.

When I saw Jeffers empathetic expression and his hands drifted back to his own rear, it was like a light turned on. That's what I wanted to do too, I mean automatically. That wasn't even to mention we both were obviously turned-on.

"Ouuuuu! Papa!" Bailey howled, his ass with a wide swath of painful bright red swelling already apparent. I noticed too his red face was dripping with tears, something else I could now relate to.

"You gonna fly straight young man?" Bailey's Dad asked after a good flurry of strop licks.

"Yes Papa, Yes!! Please no more!" he begged. I didn't know Bailey from anyone, but I didn't want to see him suffer anymore either.

"Well, OK, we got work to do, get dressed and don't be slow about it!" Bailey's Dad hung the strop back up and the Dads walked out of the barn.

Jeffers and I drew close to Bailey who stood there naked a few moments his beaten red, welted backside turned to us, his hands gingerly running over the throbbing soreness. I could easily feel for him!

"Damn Daddy can whip tail!" he exclaimed and then sighed, turned and looked at us, his dick hard as a rock.

"What the fuck did you go out drinking for, that always gets you into trouble!" Jeffers grinned.

"You would know … so, this is Cory huh? Welcome! You gonna help us mend fence?" and started to put his clothes back on.

I nodded, "I guess so!"

"Then maybe we can do a little fishing at the creek after?" Jeffers smiled at Bailey. Bailey looked at me then replied to Jeffers,

"He cool and all?"

"Yea, he cool," Jeffers replied.

"Sure would like to beat-off right about now, but we don't got time!" Bailey said and started to dress himself.

I would have loved to have a group jerk off with Jeffers and Bailey right then too, but Dad voices were yelling for us to get moving, so we did.

We three piled into the back of one truck and traveled the back property dirt and gravel road to where the fence mending was needed. Even my ass hurt by the time we got there, we seemed to hit every pothole in that road.

All in all, it must have taken us all a good couple of hours to fix all that needed mending. Apparently a couple of violent storms had caused trees to fall and crush good fencing that allowed cows and such to escape.

Much of the time was spent chain-sawing broken tree limbs and moving wood. Good thing Mr. Kolb gave nice husky pairs of leather gloves to Dad and me to work with, my tender city hands would not have survived otherwise I think.

But the job finally ended, but all during it I swear Bailey was checking me out. By now, I was doing some of my own checking out of him and Jeffers, my head was still buzzing about the night before in bed with Jeffers.

"You boys want to go eat?" Mr. Kolb asked us three, the three Dads already making up their minds about taking care of their built up appetites.

I looked at Jeffers who looked at Bailey who poked the inside of his cheek out with his tongue. Even I knew what that meant and nearly split a gut to keep from laughing.

"Naw, not now Daddy. Bailey and I want to take Cory fishing at the creek," Jeffers said grinning knowingly at me.

I nodded, "Suits me fine," and gave Jeffers my own smiling reply.

"Suit yourselves then, stay outta trouble boy!" Mr. Kolb smirked to Jeffers but even I knew it was meant for all of us!

We all drove back to Bailey's house and then us three boys piled out and watched our Dads hit the road back to town to eat. Then I watched from a short distance as Bailey and Jeffers rounded up fishing gear from a small equipment shed talking in whispers to each other and glancing at me at the same time.

"That's no fair you guys talking about me!" I playfully objected.

"Who says we're talking about you city boy!" Jeffers grinned. I couldn't help but to blush a little.

Jeffers gave me some of the gear to carry and I followed them down a narrow and winding dirt path a good distance away from their place.

Well, it turns out that the fishing trip quickly turned into an easy excuse for some skinny-dipping horseplay in the cold creek water while the gear sat uselessly on the shore. I had skinny dipped before, but never with everyone all boned up.

"Damn that feels good on my ass!" Bailey grinned, the cold water and passage of time having calmed his deep crimson strop licks into a healthy pink.

"I think it looks better with more red," Jeffers smirked and then landed a couple hard spanks on Bailey's butt.

"Ouuu! Hey! Cut that out meathead, how about you get spanked too!" and then I watched as Bailey and Jeffers started to thrash and wrestle about in the waste deep water trading slaps and spanks laughing and giggling.

"Hey, let's get Cory!" Jeffers shouted.

"Nooo!" I yelped and tried to get out of the creek in time but failed as two pair of strong hands pulled me back, Jeffers holding me tightly chest to chest our boners rubbing on each other!

"I'll hold him, you spank him!" Jeffers chirped and lifted me up a bit to make sure my backside was well up from the water.

Well, what could I do? Bailey lit my bare ass up with a flurry of solid spanks, each one forcing my bone to rub on Jeffers' hard tool. It stung from one side and made me want to hump from the other!

Jeffers finally let me go and the sting of Bailey's spanks quickly abated into the cold soothing creek water.

"Come on Cory, let's spank Jeffers!" Bailey grinned.

I was all for it but just then a big cold wind whipped up the water and we all looked up. We had been too preoccupied with our horseplay to notice that the sky was ominously dark with thick storm clouds.

"Shit! Storm is coming!" Jeffers barked and that is when the lightning strike hit the ground close by quickly followed by a scary sharp crack of thunder.

"Gotta take cover! Follow us quick Cory!" Bailey urged me.

That's when I flew out of the creek and took off running after Jeffers and Bailey stopping only when we landed inside a small tool shed, them laughing, me giggling with nerves. I hated lightning and thunder.

Hail and then rain relentlessly pounded on the shed walls and roof, lightning strikes falling in the distance as I stared wide-eyed out of the small shed window at Mother Nature's display of power. I turned my head,

"Hey, are we gonna be OK in here?" but my question would go unanswered.

Bailey was already on his knees and sucking on Jeffers' dick. Jeffers grinned at me and then down at Bailey,

"Bailey will suck you off next, right Bailey?"

Bailey silently nodded, reached out and grasped my dick as Jeffers slid his arm across my shoulders, leaned over and whispered in my ear,

"Wanna watch me cornhole Bailey?"

What a word, "cornhole," but even I had heard of it. I nodded and replied, "Yea!"

"That's it, suck that dick good Bailey, I'm gonna fuck your brains out boy!" and I noticed Bailey's sucking got faster and his fist tighter on my dick.

"Oh God yes! Stand up!" Jeffers hissed. Bailey let go of my dick, stood and put his hands on the shed wall,

"Fuck me Jeffers, pound my ass good!" he said breathlessly and wiggling his ass at Jeffers as if he needed any encouragement at all.

Jeffers said nothing, but the expression on his face told me everything I needed to know. He wanted Bailey's ass really bad!

I had never fucked. I had never seen anyone fuck much less in this dim-lighted small cramped-for-space tool shed out in the middle of nowhere.

If it had been warm and dry before Jeffers mounted Bailey from behind, now it was damn hot and humid in the small space. All I could see was one boy furiously pounding himself into the other with hard grunts and breathy moans but I was busy jacking myself off as well.

Funny, I should have been looking at Jeffers' pelvis pounding relentlessly into Bailey's backside, but what had my attention was that they were kissing the whole time, hard tongue-kissing slurps, messy and passionate.

I didn't see the end of it either. I turned to the side, my sap right at the edge and then I squeezed my eyes closed and cut loose with my own guttural howl just as Jeffers shot his load into Bailey. I swear to God it was the best hand job I had ever given myself.

* * * * * * * * * *

Our Dads had three white paper bags of burgers and fries with three tall milkshakes waiting for us boys by the time we returned to Bailey's house. None of that lasted long, let me tell you.

"Catch any fish Cory?" my Dad asked me. I looked at Bailey and Jeffers and somehow managing to keep a straight face said,

"Almost caught a whopper Dad, then some lightning hit the ground and we had to run for cover!"

Jeffers rolled his eyes. I don't think anyone believed me, not even my Dad.

"When that lightning hit, I took them into that old tool shed by the creek, Dad," Bailey said to mollify his father's concern and then winked at me.

Bailey and his father bade us good-bye for the day. They were headed for Bailey's uncle's place to do some hunting for a day or two. Mr. Kolb and Jeffers kept Dad and I busy with some farm chores back at his place and then with another big appetite built up, we dined in town later that evening before returning to their place.

"You boys stay put and outta trouble, bed by midnight. I'm taking Steve here to the bar in town to throw a few back for the evening, we might be out late!"

As soon as the truck's lights had disappeared down the highway towards town, Jeffers slapped me on the back,

"Want a beer or two, then trade licks in the woodshed?"

I looked at Jeffers like he was crazy,

"After Bailey got his hide tanned for drinking, you think I want to risk the same thing?"

"We're not going to get caught dumbass, but if you want to wuss out, that's fine!"

"I'm not wussing out, but I will kick your ass if we somehow get in trouble over it!"

"Yea right, you kick my ass," Jeffers shook his head and I followed him into the kitchen.

Jeffers got us both two cans of beer out of the refrigerator.

"Isn't your Dad gonna miss four whole cans?"

"Naw. He has a couple cases in the pantry. Besides, he hardly ever drinks the stuff and forgets it's here."

"You better be right!" I cautioned.

"Shut up and drink already!" he said shoving a cold can into my hand.

Beer tastes nasty, that is until about halfway through the second one. I don't know about Jeffers, but I was a lightweight and got buzzed pretty easy and we belched our way out to the woodshed.

My dick was remembering everything that had happened that day in the tool shed with Bailey much less the night before and bobbed out of my trousers and shorts hard as a rock, Jeffers in the same condition. He snatched the strop from above the sawhorse,

"Who goes first, you or me partner!?"

I snatched the strop from him, "You go first country boy!"

He smiled knowingly, "Just like last time, beat my ass good, ten times, then you're getting the same!"

Jeffers bent over and grabbed the horse's crossbeam. I swung that strop as hard as I could. That beer had my dick doing all of the talking and I wanted to provoke Jeffers.

By the time I reached the tenth lick, Jeffers was yelping and his knees jumping. His ass was beet red and his mouth formed a big "O" at the end,

"You licked my tail like a muther!" and slowly stood, but his dick remained rock hard as well. I handed him the strop,

"Guess I'm getting' a really good licking!" I grinned nervously, but straddled my leg over the horse without any remorse, that is until Jeffers loomed over me and started to swing that thing through the air.

"I am going to roast your tail Cory and then you do as I tell you, OK?"

"What are you going to do?" I asked nervously.

"You'll see! Now keep still," and he swung.

I could not keep silent and let out a screech with every one of those painful licks wondering what in the world I was doing pretending to like this! My tail was on fire and by the end, my forehead was pressed into the sawhorse's wood crossbeam, my knees weak and shaky.

"Good boy! Look at that ass! Red as a ripe strawberry, now swing your leg back over, stay down and keep hold on the horse, you're gonna like this!"

My ass was throbbing, I was breathing hard, my dick limp from the fiery licks, but I did as he told me. I turned my head as Jeffers got on his knees in back of my ass and my eyes widened as his mouth drew near to my scorched butt and then he started to kiss my beat butt, one hand reaching around to stroke my dick!

But it didn't stop there. Jeffers kissed my swollen ass cheeks a good ten times and then I felt his hot breath in my butt crack. His tongue started to lick up and down one cheek and then the other and then slowly up from my balls until he reached my butt hole.

"Sweet Jesus you taste good! Enjoying this?" he asked me, but I was too busy trying not to cum, my tummy muscles crunching and twitching with delight.

"Sure am!" I breathlessly managed.

"I ain't done yet, I'm gonna get you off partner!" and then I felt his tongue start to lap over my hole.

I automatically spread my legs and started to push myself back into his mouth just a little and then his tongue snaked into my butthole, right inside!

"Oh God Jeffers! Oh God that feels so damn good, please don't stop!" and then I felt his hand start to stroke my cock as his tongue started to tickle even further inside my butt!

"Oh yes Jeffers, Oh God yes, please! Please get me off like that!" and I started to tremble and then shudder.

His hand started to pump my dick like crazy as his tongue lit up every horny nerve in my hole and the next thing I knew, Jeffers pulled me up to standing and then quickly put my dick into his mouth.

Jeffers BJ'd me, slurped me clear down to my pubes as I cut loose and emptied my balls down his throat. He stood up then, grinning and smacking his lips,

"That's how you do it my friend!"

"I want to do it for you too, suck you off Jeffers" I said with true sincerity, but then I had another thought, "Unless you want to take my cherry, you know, cornhole me!"

"Oh boy do I! Bend back over, let's see if I can beings it's your first time and all."

I did want to try and reassumed my position bent over, clutching the sawhorse crossbeam and felt him sidle his hard dick right snug into my ass crack.

"Now if it hurts too much, you just say so, OK?"

I turned my head and nodded but so wanted to please him and not wuss out; unfortunately, Jeffers dick is pretty damn big and when he started to try and push past my tight virgin sphincter, I couldn't take it.

"Please Jeffers! Take it out! Hurts too much!" and he did and I stood up.

I must have looked really upset because Jeffers hugged me close,

"Ah Cory! I'm so sorry! We won't do it like that, I don't want you to hurt!"

I could feel his persistent hard-on pressing against my tummy as we hugged and I felt badly, but loved the way he cared and loved his hugging me,

"Can I try sucking you off instead?" I said, my backside finally calming down.

"Sure buddy! That would be great!" and I slid down to my knees and looked up at him,

"I ain't done this before."

"You do all you can, don't do anything you're not ready for and maybe I'll jack off inside your mouth, OK?"

I smiled and eagerly nodded, but as I looked at Jeffers' hard cock, I wondered what other guys back home would think or even say if they knew I was trying this. Well, fuck them!

I sighed and all I needed was to look up. Jeffers hands were gently running through my hair, he was smiling warmly down at me. I looked back at his twitching erect penis and gulped to myself, "Here goes!"

I started to lick at his hard shaft, up and down to the head and then played with the tip of his penis with the tip of my tongue. He chuckled,

"I like that!" and that made me do more. I started to suck just on the head. Jeffers dick was so big around that I was pretty sure I wasn't going to get far and didn't, just able to get most of the head in my mouth.

"Oh wow, that's pretty good Cory! Feels great, now sit back and open your mouth and let papa here feed his baby chick!"

When he said that, it made the whole attempt feel so good for me. I sat back on my haunches, hands on my thighs and opened my mouth.

One hand on his erection and the other gently guiding my head, Jeffers started to beat off. He tensed and I closed my eyes and then I heard him grunt, steady my head and then he growled and my mouth started to fill with the long hot spurts of Jeffers' boy juice.

I swallowed and swallowed and tasted his country cream. I had tasted my own cum a million times, why did his taste better? But it did. Then he helped me to standing,

"There, you did it city boy, just like us country boys!" and I felt this really good surge of pride in myself as we walked back to the house together.

* * * * * * * * * *

The television glowed the only light in the family room from some old martial arts movie. I had started out sitting next to Jeffers hip to hip on the couch in their family room watching the thing, his arm slung across my shoulders.

A big bowl of popcorn and two tall mugs of red punch all sat three-fourths consumed on the coffee table in front of us. The next thing I knew, I caught my head slumping down to his shoulder, my eyes heavy for sleep.

"Hey buddy, it's midnight. We better hit the sack before our Daddies come home and spank our butts," he whispered and I jolted upright.

Jeffers stood and held out his hand. I grabbed it and stood up next to him. He lightly spanked my boxers,

"Come on," and the next thing I knew he took my hand into his and started to walk us towards and halfway down the hallway and didn't let go!

Then he stopped, looked at us holding hands, "Oh, sorry" and let go of my hand, turned and walked faster down the hallway, his face looking like he'd done something wrong!

I felt what he had done, right in the pit of my stomach. A huge lump invaded my throat as I followed him into the bedroom. I closed the door behind us and watched him wordlessly make up the bed and then he stripped down his boxers and looked at me,

"You in first," he said, but his face looked very sheepish.

I knew what I felt but didn't know what to say. I slipped off my boxers and slid into the bed on the inside. Jeffers climbed in after me and immediately turned his back to me.

We lay there still for a long while, he had not said "good-night" or anything really. I felt bad about it and rolled onto my back.

"Jeffers, you OK?" I asked. Jeffers kept his back to me,

"Yea, I'm fine, sorry if I did the wrong thing."

I put my hand up on his shoulder,

"You didn't do anything wrong … I … I liked what you did," I confessed, risking being wrong myself.

He finally turned to his back and without smiling or even looking at me said,

"I'm gonna be sad when you have to leave at the end of the week," and then rolled back away from me.

I rolled away from him just then and stared at the dark wall thinking about the same thing and wanted like hell to ask him why he was going to be sad because I already knew why I would be sad.  I sighed, closed my eyes and like when I was a little boy wishing for Christmas day or my birthday to last forever, wished I could make this one week last two or a month or a year before I finally drifted off to sleep.

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