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Of Dads, Sons and Razor Strops:
Spring Break In Mill City - 4


PJ Franklin <>

My eyes fluttered open. I was in bed with Jeffers in the early morning hours and I immediately noticed two things. I needed to pee probably on account of the beers we had consumed the night before, but also that I was laying on my tummy and in the night, Jeffers had draped himself half on top of me.

He probably did so without knowing, but my dick had another theory, that it was on purpose. I voted for the latter as his right arm lay clear across my back and his hand was palming the back of my right hand. I had to be careful not to read too much into it, but it did feel kind of good.

Combined with the frustration of my failed attempt the night before to get his huge dick up my ass, a fantasy formed in my dirty little mind about him waking up and telling me to just "shut the fuck up" and give my ass up to him despite the pain that seemed too much to take.

My cock took that thought and ran with it provoking me to hump the bed, but then I went one step further and slowly snaked my left arm and hand down and dared to feel Jeffers' cock. It was half hard and since he didn't stir I kept it up.

I bit my lower lip kind of enjoying the feeling that I was a bad little boy teasing a giant, sort of like "Jack and the Beanstalk." If the giant awoke and forced me to take his dick up my ass that I would have to do it, despite my pleas for the pain to stop!

Then I recalled how caring and sweet he had been to me when I asked him to stop and take his dick out of my tight butthole in the woodshed the night before. That just made my need worse.

His dick was rock hard in my fist so I took another chance, rolled myself sideways towards him and scooted my ass up a little so that I could get his dickhead pressed up against my tight backdoor. I succeeded and just feeling the silky soft head rub against my anus felt so good that I started to gently hump myself back onto it.

How did I know I liked it? It started to make my dick feel like I wanted to jack-off!

"If you don't stop that, I'm gonna fuck you Cory and I won't stop this time," the husky voice said startling me a little.

"I don't want to stop," I dared to reply and saying nothing, Jeffers climbed on top of my back, his hands grabbed mine and slid them to above my head, his fingers interlacing between mine, all of this without his dick moving from its position at my backdoor.

I couldn't help myself, spread my thighs wide and then hooked my feet and ankles over his and pushed my pelvis and ass up and into his very rigid penis all the more. I felt his breath at my cheek,

"I swear to God Cory, don't tease me man. I want to fuck you, just like I did Bailey!"

I cringed. I so wanted him to do it to me,

"Maybe if you went really, really slow?" and suddenly he was out of the bed and standing, "Stay right there!" he said and dashed out the bedroom door likely to fetch some lube.

I didn't move a muscle. This was it! I was going to let him do it; hell, I was going to tell him to force me to do it even if I changed my mind. I didn't want to wuss out, no matter what!

Then I heard voices outside of the bedroom door, Mr. Kolb's and it didn't sound happy and then Jeffers' voice and then I heard the word "beer." Shit! I knew it! I knew we would get caught! I sat up and waited, my dick quickly getting soft as my heart pounded.

There was a soft knock on the door and my Dad put his head in,

"Son, would you please come to the kitchen."

"What's wrong Dad?" I asked feeling like we were in big trouble!

"Just do as I ask please Cory," he replied. Dad seemed calm.

I got up and grabbed my boxers, slid them on, wondering if I wouldn't need them soon. I grabbed Jeffers' boxers and headed out the door and went to the kitchen.

Jeffers looked pretty upset, a kind of "deep shit" and worried upset. I handed him the boxers, he took and put them on as Mr. Kolb lectured for my benefit as well,

"First of all boy, I'll let you know when you can drink alcohol and when was not last night! Second, I know how you boys sometimes are, daring and forcing each other to step over the line, in this case making Cory drink with you even if he didn't want to."

"I didn't make him do anything!" Jeffers protested and me right behind, "Please Mr. Kolb! I drank the beer 'cause I wanted to, not 'cause he made me!"

"Cory! Please keep quiet." Dad told me. I blushed and looked at my friend. He looked awful and now I felt awful with him.

"You have anything more to say Jeffers?" Mr. Kolb asked his son.

I looked at Jeffers just then and saw his jaw tense. Oh no! Don't do it Jeffers! Don't! But he had that same look like back at the barbershop when we first met.

"Wasn't that much, we hardly got buzzed," he mumbled. I winced to myself, "No Jeffers!"

"That much? You haven't heard a word I've said Jeffers.  Get your sorry butt out to the woodshed. You are going to start your day with a good hard whipping!! MOVE IT!"

Jeffers' face fell downcast as he headed for the door. I panicked a little,

"Wait a minute, what about me? Dad?!" I blurted, Jeffers stopped, all eyes on me now.

"What about you son? Jeffers and his father are going to take care of things their way. You and I need to have a little talk."

"About what? I chose to drink the beer, I deserved to be punished just like Jeffers! I want to go with him!" and I looked at Jeffers. He managed a weak smile back, but at least he knew that I wanted to stand with him.

"Are you telling me what to do Cory?" Dad asked sternly.

"No sir, I'm not. I just don't want Jeffers to get a whipping alone. Please Mr. Kolb, please Daddy!" and my voice was shaking.

"Son, how do you know I am going to give you a whipping?" Dad asked me.

"I don't. It's just … you know, the way I feel and all," and found my feet shuffling, my eyes looking down at them.

Mr. Kolb piped in, "It's OK Steve. If you want to join me, you are surely welcome or not. Up to you, I'll wait a short while. Now get going Jeffers."

"May I pee first sir?" Jeffers asked.

"Yes, get to it and meet me out there," Mr. Kolb replied.

Jeffers went back up the hallway and Mr. Kolb went outside leaving Dad and me alone.

"Come here Cory," Dad said and I walked to him, head down feeling low. He put his hand firmly on my shoulder,

"You really like Jeffers, don't you," Dad said more than asked.

I nodded, "Yes, I do, but I drank the beer on my … " and then Dad interrupted, "Never mind the beer for a moment, I'm more concerned that he's making you do things you really don't want to do, peer pressure and all. I need to know. Did Jeffers bully you in any way to drink the beer?"

"Bully me?! No! Dad, he's not like that. I like Jeffers a whole lot, but if I didn't want to do something, he wouldn't make me or I know how to say 'no.' Please Daddy!" but I was damned glad that my old man was looking out for me.

Dad dropped his hand and sighed, "OK, good. I'm sorry son but I had to ask. I really like Steve, I think he's a great guy and all but we've barely been here a couple days. I had to be sure that you were OK with Jeffers."

"Thanks Dad, so now what?" I quietly asked.

"Well, I don't approve of your drinking alcohol, you know that already, so get your butt out to the woodshed, pronto!" he sternly smiled.

"Yes sir!" I said and then Jeffers reappeared.

"May I pee first Dad?"

"Of course, I'll meet you out there," Dad said and left the kitchen for the outdoors.

I looked at Jeffers who looked downcast, "I'm sorry city boy. I was wrong and got you into trouble."

"No, I got myself into trouble country boy. You better get going, I'll see you out there."

* * * * * * * * * *

The lesson of the morning was, "Drink together, suffer together," literally side-by-side that is. The woodshed's saw horse was not really meant for two boys unless you are hip-to-hip, skin-to-skin actually.

Our boxers lying in a useless heap on the floor, I looked at Jeffers and he at me as our Dads planned their "attack" behind us. We were bent forward at the waist; our hands planted on the horse's crossbeam, our faces were just inches from each other and our skinny butt cheeks pressed together on the inside.

Being so near to him much less our skinny naked butts touching side to side instantly hardened my dick. I could not see Jeffers' state of arousal but assumed, one, that he was hard as well and two, that neither of us would care about our dicks shortly.

In fact, neither of us could have anticipated just how much our suffering would indeed be, together. There were two Dads, one strop. The only solution to that was that the Dads would take turns whipping our tails. Advantage to the Dads, disadvantage to the sons.

Mr. Kolb wound up and started to dole out licks. As Jeffers was to my left, I assumed, wrongly, that I would not be feeling any pain until it was my turn from the other side. Imagine my surprise and Jeffers' as well, when we both grimaced from the first lick! We both forgot that the strop was long enough to span both Jeffers' bare cheeks and my left one!

Jeffers was catching the meat of the hard cuts at the first, but that damn strop edge was giving me nearly as much hell. But then my Dad took over and they made us switch sides! Now I was catching the heavy part of the licks and Jeffers the edge of the strop's fury over his left cheek! It didn't matter, it all was going to even out anyway.

I just couldn't take my eyes off of Jeffers' face, nor he from mine. At first it was a matter of pride and a contest to see who might keep from breaking down first. Well, that didn't last as the contest soon seemed more to see who could verbally plead for mercy the best.

"Please Daddy! I'm sorry! I'll never, ever drink again before you tell me!" that was Jeffers.

"Please Daddy! I'm sorry! Please, please! It hurts! I won't drink again until you give me permission!" that was me.

"OUUU! OU! OU! Please stop Daddy, it hurts!!" that was both of us!

And that was not counting that we were writhing side to side and raising up and down on our toes which meant that if you were on the side away from the strop and got caught up on your toes, that strop edge whipped at your tender upper thigh! Damn!

The strop whopped our tails with relentless efficiency about ten licks per Dad, Jeffers and I helplessly shuffling back and forth to catch our fathers' combined ire. I'll say one thing, suffering together even skin to skin seemed kind of cool at first but in the end was vastly and painfully overrated.

About the time our red, tear streaked faces and sobs were frighteningly close to turning into two grown boys outright bawling together, the licks finally stopped. The room was stiflingly warm and humid by now, Jeffers and I pretty well drenched in sweat.

"Think that's enough?" Mr. Kolb finally asked my Dad.

Jeffers and I silently voted for "Yes" if the look on my face appeared as bad to Jeffers as his did to me!

"Yes, I think we've got our intent across Paul," Dad dryly replied.

"You get the point boy?" Mr. Kolb asked Jeffers.

"YES SIR!" Jeffers barked.

"You think you understand the rules Cory?" my Dad asked me.

"YES SIR!" I barked.

"Well, OK then. Let's let them cool off for a while Steve and head to the house and get ready for fishing. You boys stink. Go get cleaned up and don't take too long. You're gonna be sitting side by side in the car on the way to the lake and then sit some more in a fishing boat for half the day, no beer!" Mr. Kolb smirked.

"Yes Daddy," Jeffers said sheepishly for both of us.

The Dads left the shed. I slowly stood, blew out my cheeks and my fingertips flinched at even lightly rubbing at my throbbing seat. Jeffers wiped his face of excess moisture,

"Whoa, does my ass look as torn up as yours?" turning for me to see.

I wiped my face with my hands and looked at his beet red backside, "Yea, our cheeks look like four overripe tomatoes!"

"Yea and now we have to sit on 'em for fishing," and then he sighed, real sheepish,

"I'm real sorry Cory. You come clear out to Mill City with your Dad expectin' to have some fun on your spring break and instead you get two whippings in three days. You probably wish you never met me."

He was right, at least about the two whippings in three days, not fun; but I'd still never had more "not fun" with anyone my whole life!

"What are you doing?" he asked. I had just got on my knees in front of him, my dick getting really hard as it knew what I was going to do.

"Does this look like I wish I never met you?" grasping the base of his dick and then sliding his half-hard between my lips, started to gently suck.

"Ah Jezuz Cory! You don't have to … um … oh God that feels good, ah fuck yea! … Oh careful! It's kind of sore back there right now … ah shit! Yes, just like that Cory!" all on account that I had slipped my other hand back to his sore rump and my middle fingertip had found its way between his red cheeks and was teasing his pucker.

I still couldn't get much of Cory's big boner inside my mouth, but that didn't matter. I did manage to get about half of my finger up inside his rectum and knew I had reached pay dirt when he suddenly pulled his dick out of my mouth with his own fist,

"Don't stop! Fuck my butt Cory, ram that thing in and out and open your … "

Jeffers never did get the last word out, but I knew to open my mouth. He shuddered, growled like some hungry animal and shot his load, mostly into my mouth, but some spattered on my face and a little on my chest. None of it reached the floor.

"Oh fuck that was good! Oh man!" Jeffers panted as I grinned up to him and he held his hand out to me.

I grabbed it and Jeffers pulled me up to standing and without saying anything, his hands gently steadied my shoulders and he just started to gently lick his own cum off of my face, from around my mouth and then off of my chest. I thought it would tickle, but it didn't tickle. It felt good, real good, making me feel things I had never felt before.

Jeffers then slid down to his knees in front of me and looked up at me, his nostrils flaring,

"I know you want me to fuck your ass Cory, but we ain't got time. This will have to do for now!" and then he pulled me real close to him, engulfed my dick clean down to my pubes into his mouth and the next thing I knew, not one, but two fingers started to snake their way up and into my butthole, one at a time!

All I could do was support myself, hands on his shoulders, he had my fully hard cock encased in his mouth and my ass about to be impaled on his digits.

"Oh Jeffers! Oh God! It hurts buddy! Please! It! … it … " and slowly but surely he penetrated my butt, his fingers slowly spreading my hole as he sucked my fuck pole up and down the shaft distracting me from the pain in my ass so well that I could finally set my heels down on the floor,

"Yes Jeffers, that's it, oh I got it, fuck that hole, fuck that bad boy!" I urged him having started to move my pelvis up and down just a little.

Then Jeffers' other than lightly spanked my punished behind. It stung, but not too much and then my balls started to churn real hard,

"Oh here I go!!" I warned him, but needn't have.

The glorious rapture washed over me, my eyes closed and I could feel the tip of my dick bumping the back of Jeffers' throat. I heard him gag a little but mostly I heard loud fast gulps as he sucked down all of my stuff.

Jeffers stood. I was frozen, panting from the effort.

"There, that was just a little taste of what it's gonna be like when we finally hook up proper, come on buddy boy, let's get to the house and shower before our Dads get any more painful ideas!"

I ran after Jeffers, buck naked like him all the way back to the house, indoors and straight to the bathroom down the hallway.

Somehow or other, between laughing, giggling and trying and missing or trying and landing spanks on each other's sore bottoms, we showered, toweled off and got dressed just before the Dads got impatient with us.

* * * * * * * * * *

We didn't get back home till early that evening. The fishing was OK I guess. Nobody caught anything very big however and I learned that going fishing is really just to stay away from whatever kind of work your trying to avoid. Catching actual fish is apparently beside the point.

No matter. I had fun with my Dad and Jeffers and his Dad. It made me forget about starting out the day with a sore backside, much less the reasons why, mostly anyway. We ate out that night at the diner back in Mill City.

By the time we got back to the Kolb place, I was pretty tired and Jeffers seemed so as well.

"Keep you boys busy enough to get tired, you'll stay out of trouble!" was Mr. Kolb's reasoning, my Dad's too as they sent us to bed after awhile.

We paused at the bathroom and peed one after the other. Jeffers grinned ear to ear as we left the bathroom, the K-Y jelly tube in his fist,

"Just in case," he said with a yawn.

I yawned after him, my dick taking good notice of the tube. We returned to the bedroom, stripped off and slipped into Jeffers' bed.

I curled up facing the wall, Jeffers sidled up next to me from behind, my cock responding to what I felt thumping my ass cheeks as he pressed in closer to me.



"Mind if I … hold you a bit?" he asked quietly, even politely.

Now, I can't tell you why, but being asked to hug made me fell really strange. He could have said, "Cory, I'm gonna fuck your brains out now, " and that I would have understood better.

"Sure," I said not sure of what it was going to feel like or more like it, deep down I was kind of afraid of how good it would feel.

Jeffers wrapped his arms around me, his face right next to mine, his whole body pressing into mine never mind that his hard cock had slid between my butt cheeks. My heart was pounding, hard.

Jeffers took my right hand into his, no mistaking his intent this time.

"This OK? You want me to stop?" he whispered and I noticed he wasn't humping my butt crack.

"No … you're fine as is," I replied.

There was nothing but steady warm breathing around my ear, that and the strong temptation to tease the giant laying dormant at my backdoor; but I decided not to. The feeling of being held on purpose by another boy had taken over my senses.

It felt good in a way quite unexpected. Maybe that's all I really wanted right then. Maybe more would happen after some sleep. Maybe …

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