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Spring Break In Mill City - Part 5
Of Dads, Sons and Razor Strops


PJ Franklin <>

From Part Four:  … It felt good in a way quite unexpected. Maybe that's all I really wanted right then. Maybe more would happen after some sleep. Maybe …

Well, "maybe" would not pan out the next morning, nor for the next couple of nights or mornings.

* * * * * * * * * *

City boys like me spend spring break vacations having fun times with friends and family. Country boys like Jeffers work, plain and simple.

Dad and me coming to visit Jeffers and his Dad put off their inevitable fate, but that seemed over as I was shaken from sleep by a booming voice, my eye glancing at the dimly lit morning sky out the bedroom window,

"No more sleep for wicked boys … there's work to be done!" came from Jeffers' bedroom open doorway.

Jeffers popped up onto his elbow and wiped his eyes, "Yes daddy," with all of the enthusiasm of getting out of bed to go to school.

I saw my Dad standing behind Jeffers' nodding his agreement, no surprise there.

"Ten minutes!" Jeffers Dad pronounced and then the Dads disappeared down the hallway, my dick and bladder both aching for release.

"That's hardly enough time to wake up and piss, much less anything else!" I groaned as both my dick and bladder were screaming at me for release. You can guess which one would get satisfied, the same for both me and Jeffers!

That pretty much describes nearly the rest of spring break, up early, back late, bone tired late, don't even care about jacking off tired and late all the way to the Friday night dinner table. That left hardly 48 hours until Dad and I would leave Mill City to go back home the following Sunday morning.

"You boys did a good job the last few days. What say we sleep in tomorrow morning and then head to the county fair grounds for the flea market and carnival in the afternoon and evening," Mr. Kolb said with a knowing wink to my Dad over our concluded dinner.

I looked over at Jeffers. The very idea of a flea market and carnival as entertainment hit me as more than just a little undercooked, but I was not about to raise a fuss. Turns out I didn't need to.

"Gee dad, sounds super great!" Jeffers' opined, his tone with just about the right amount of sarcasm and disappointment for the both of us.

Paul seemed to ignore his son's tone at first, "I'm taking Steve to town to throw a few back at the bar. You two get the dinner dishes done and stay out of the beer in the frig as well!"

Jeffers sat back, folded his arms and rolled his eyes, "Yea, whatever."

"Whatever? How about a trip to the woodshed Jeffers, send you to bed early with a blistered behind?"

"Sorry sir," Jeffers' chagrin quite genuine.

Just then I made eye contact with my Dad and could see that I was headed for the same fate if I chose to take up Jeffers' failed cause. I didn't.

"Flea market? Carnival? Are you kidding me?" I loudly complained standing next to Jeffers both of us barefoot as we watched the truck transporting our Dads disappear from the property.

"Don't get your shorts in a knot city boy, we'll be fine tomorrow," he said with a knowing chuckle and then he landed a really hard stinging spank on my ass, "Come on, I'll wash you dry."

"Ouch! … " I bitched and with my best Jeffers imitation, "… I hate drying! I'm gonna wash and you dry!" while rubbing the sore handprint which quickly reminded me of very unfinished business in my front side.

"Do we need to get to the kitchen by way of the woodshed?" Jeffers replied with his best "Dad" imitation, "Whip some sense into that needy ass of yours?" having stepped forward nose to nose, his words filling my nose with his hot breath.

I was caught off guard, totally. I expected his breath to repel me, not attract me. I expected to push him away and utter some clever un-sexy retort. Instead …

"Hey come back here you little fucker!" I heard the pounding of running feet from behind me.

I was running like hell towards the woodshed, just not inside. I had done it. I had dared myself to kiss Jeffers on the mouth. I did not only that but I managed a quick lip of his lips as well and felt dirty-sexy for it.

As I fled I knew instantly that if I had managed to avoid or put off Jeffers' obvious interest in taking my cherry during spring break, that I had virtually made that event a fact and quite soon too!

I stopped on the other side of the woodshed. It was not a big building but big enough. I was panting hard, my heart pounding with an excitement I had not felt since that first time with him in the woods in back of the Mill City diner and that was just to jack off together.

Where was he? I dare not say a thing. I tried to stay in the middle between the corners so that I could run the other way when he came bolting around either side.

It was pitch black out and no sounds, anywhere. Neither was there anyone within a couple miles of the farm, just us two. I could hear my own heavy breathing.

"Omph!" Jeffers suddenly landed on both feet right in front of me as if out of the sky. He had stealthily jumped down from the shed's rooftop! I froze.

Jeffers strode forward, grabbed me by my shirt and pushed me against the shed's roughhewn wood pressing his body hard into mine, we were nose to nose once again.

"I don't have many rules city boy, but one of them is no boy gets to kiss me unless he's my bitch. That means his cherry is mine too!"

Then what little vision I had behind Jeffers disappeared, the pressure of his lips against mine, his tongue demanding entrance inside my mouth and his fist gripping my balls like they also belonged to him. I felt weak in the knees as I parted my lips and his mouth muscle quickly invaded.

As we swapped spit, my hands then betrayed the sure logic and common sense that getting my cherry busted was going to hurt like hell and slipping down unfastened my jeans, allowing that Jeffers could take what he wanted right then and there. Jeffers let go of my balls and finishing the job and I felt gooseflesh rise on my bare legs.

Jeffers is a strong kid and he showed me how strong just then. He stepped on the clothes around my ankles and lifted me bodily up, slid me sideways leaving my jeans and underwear to the side.

Then his left knee thrust between my legs and lifted my right knee up and parting our kiss, he wet his middle finger and without any warning thrust it up between my parted bare butt cheeks and speared my bunghole … to the hilt!

I grimaced and winced from the penetrating pain, wrapped my arms around Jeffers torso and lay my head in the crook of his neck,


"It's gonna hurt, can't help it Cory. I'm so horny right now … " his breath felt moist and heavy and his finger popped out of my butt-hole and as my eyes were now closed, I could still hear him slopping spit again and then felt two finger-tips gently pressuring my entrance.

" … tell me to stop Cory or I'm not gonna" he said huskily. I wanted to say "stop" but I didn't and a moment later I squealed my response to two fingers … up my asshole to the hilt!

They stayed there a moment and then started to move, just a little.

"Relax, just relax Cory, gotta get you ready buddy."

I tried to relax. I was still hugging him, "Right here? Outside? What about the dinner dishes?" I quipped as I tried to make my spasming butthole relax.

He chuckled and ran his fingers through my hair, "The dishes can wait, my dick can't wait anymore. Outside is fun. So, I'm gonna slip my fingers out, you turn around, hands on the wall. Don't worry, I'm gonna get you ready better."

I committed. Inside, outside did it matter where you lost your cherry? And make no mistake, I did want to lose it to Jeffers, sooner than later. I turned about, hands on the wooden wall and Jeffers sank to his knees in back of me.

I looked around just in time to see his face disappear and a wonderful feeling lap over my butthole. His hands had separated my asscheeks and his tongue was eating out my butthole, on the outside first but soon his wet, warm mouth muscle was thrusting inside of me!

I turned my head sideways and lay it on my crossed arms in front of me. I heard the lustful slurps and purring words,

"Oh yeaaaa, so tasty, so good."

"More!" I heard my own purring.

"Mmmm" came from down there and he continued. I was feeling my hole relaxing now, his tongue slipping in and out easily, but it wasn't a stiff or hard thing so I didn't feel naïve.

Finally, he stood and I felt his finger-tips, two of them again, "Ready?" he asked.

I nodded and he thrust them up inside of me. It still hurt and burned some, just not as much as before. He finger fucked me for a bit and I relaxed again before he slid them out,

"It will help if you push yourself back onto my dick." I nodded.

It was time. Jeffers pressed his dickhead against my backdoor. I steadied my hands flat to the woodshed wall. I turned my head and smiled at him. He moved his hands down to my waist, his fingers firmly clutching my sides.

"Will you stop if I say it hurts too much?" I asked.

The corner of his mouth turned up, "You won't," he said. I swallowed and nodded. I started to push back on his dickhead …

* * * * * * * * * *

"You boys OK? Nite, Jeffers, nite Cory," the voice said, Paul's.

"Nite son, Jeffers," my Dad said from the bedroom doorway and we responded.

After the door closed, I turned to my side and Jeffers snuggled up behind me. I pushed my bumside into his groin. His bulge was not hard, not now it wasn't. My butt was still sore, but not bad. He wrapped his arms around me,

"How you feelin'?" he asked.

I thought a moment, "Like a well used bitch" I replied.

Jeffers laughed, "You did real good Cory."

"Twice, we did it twice," I reviewed aloud but knew it was more like one time spread over two efforts.

"Yea, you're a stud," he said.

"Thanks," I smiled to myself.

Losing my virginity to Jeffers was not exactly as I pictured it might be. The first time he entered me I thought I would die but I gutted it out. He was gentle but could only move in and out of me a little. We waited a little while, kissing and hugging up against the woodshed wall and then we tried again.

He got in me again, this time all the way and I lasted a bit longer. This time, unlike the first time, he shot his load inside of me. His hand worked on my cock and I shot on the wall as well. It was tough doing the dishes together after that, but guess what, Jeffers let me wash.

"We'll have fun tomorrow."

"Then I have to go home Sunday."

"Let's not think about that," he said and his hand closed over my mouth. I smiled beneath his soft muzzling.

* * * * * * * * * *

To be honest, sleeping in Saturday morning seemed the best part of the week. I awoke facing the wall, Jeffers laying on his back next to me. I reached around and felt my own butthole. I wasn't sore anymore. I took the liberty to turn to my tummy and lay my head on my chest.

"You ever sleep with a boy this many nights in a row?" I asked.

"No, never."

"Good," I said smiling to myself, thinking that in a way that I had popped a sort of a "cherry" for Jeffers by sleeping with him as well as he had popped my ass for real.

If there was going to be any more buttsex before I left Mill City the next morning, it would have to wait. We showered together just before a late breakfast with our Dads. I gave Jeffers a nice hand job in the shower. He did the same for me.

The morning passed to afternoon and yes, we went to the county flea market. You should have seen my Dad. He went nuts finding strange crap that really wasn't very useful, but it was more fun that Jeffers wanted me to believe. So was the carnival.

To be truthful, we had dorky carnivals back home and I always went to them with my city friends and we always had fun, but not as much fun as I had with Jeffers that afternoon. Bailey was there too and that meant trouble. Bailey had beer.

Jeffers and I managed to dump our Dads "promising" to be good. We were good alright, good and drunk sitting in the back of Bailey's truck bed way at the back of the carnival parking lot far out of sight as the sky lost afternoon light into Saturday night.

We drank beer and I started to lose track of time. I found myself sitting between Bailey (driving) and Jeffers in the truck cab and we ended up inside somebody's barn, maybe Bailey's, but I would never know for sure.

What I did know for sure was that I was naked, just like Jeffers and Bailey. I was laying on my back, my hard dick straight up and Bailey was on all fours sucking my dick while Jeffers was fucking Bailey's hot ass.

After Jeffers porked Bailey, it was my turn. Jeffers lay down on the straw bed in the barn and while Bailey got on all fours again and started by sucking on Jeffers dick, I got behind Bailey. I landed a good dozen hot spanks on Bailey's hot butt and then went to work and mounted Bailey's butt and unloaded my stuff with a big ol' beer belching smile on my face.

All would have been well had Bailey not dropped us off back at Jeffers place and we could have snuck back into the house without being seen, rather smelled. Our Dads were there to see us come in the door and it would seem that a half-dead, nose congested blind guy could have easily determined that we had been drinking at the carnival that night.

"Couldn't leave it alone, huh Jeffers?" Paul asked his son.

"Guess not sir," he answered.

"Got anything to say?" my Dad asked me.

I had a hard time not smiling and did a little, "No sir. It is what it is."

"Woodshed?" Jeffers then asked the Dads.

"Woodshed, march," Paul said. We marched.

It's really hard to figure that any kind of mercy shown during a fiery hot woodshed ass stropping means much, especially after the first ten licks light you up like the 4th of July. Our naked asses suffered twenty licks each that night, ten each from each Dad.

I was proud of Dad in that his licks on my ass seemed just as hard if not harder and well placed just like Paul's. He seemed a lot more skilled than a week before at the barbershop as well, but Dad's a fast learner. We were told that we really deserved forty licks each but that they had been kids once and understood that screwing up is a part of growing up. Thanks Dad.

The good part was that later in bed, our asses both still pretty sore, we rubbed lotion into each others crimson butt cheeks. He rubbed lotion into mine first, a stray finger playing with my butthole for a little bit. Then it was my turn, and when I went to sweep my finger gently over his backdoor, he surprised me by arching his back up like a purring feline.

"Feel good?" I asked grinning ear to ear.

"Yea, it does, but don't get any ideas," he said but not with a lot of conviction I thought.

"Why not? Hasn't anyone every broke your cherry?" I asked.

"As a matter of fact yes, a couple years ago" but before he could roll over, I decided to slip my lotion coated finger inside his tight hole. He let me,

"OK, just one finger." I nodded and slowly snaked it up there, nice and high and moved it in and out nice and slow and then I slipped in another finger as Jeffers sphincter seemed strangely able to take two fingers without any problem.

Jeffers' ass seemed to enjoy it even if his face shown otherwise if his gyrating pelvis was any indication. The next step seemed easy. I slid myself up onto my knees and straddling just below Jeffers' humping butt, I slipped my fingers out of his butthole and immediately pressed my hard dickhead onto his backdoor.

He craned his head around and grinned at me, "OK, just this once," and I grinned back, "OK"

I was gentle with him, not! I fucked his brains out, him egging me on. That night I spooned behind Jeffers.

* * * * * * * * * *

I sat uneasily in my seat next to Dad driving us back home to the city Sunday morning. There were two reasons. The first reason was that Jeffers had nailed my butt twice, once in bed before we got up that morning and the second time in the shower before our farewell Sunday breakfast.

The second reason was laying between us, one of the razor strops that had been hanging in the Kolb woodshed and had been well used on my naked ass. I looked down at it for the tenth time since we started our trip back recalling that Jeffers had all too happily gave it to Dad as a "parting gift" of our visit to their Mill City farm.

"Memories son?" Dad asked with a smirk referring I was sure to the stop. I looked up at him, "Something like that," and then shifted my gaze out of the car window concentrating instead on my other fading unease, my butthole.

"What did you think of the flea market yesterday?" he asked.

I turned my head. The flea market had not really sucked but my city senses told me to not let on and tell him that it was really not all that good.

The problem was, I knew I would miss Jeffers and might not be able to wait until summer until I saw him again. Dad really enjoyed that stupid flea market.

"Wish we could go back and visit it again, soon Dad," I said and just looked out the front windshield.

His hand landed on my shoulder, "Some of that country living rub off on you son?"

"Rub off, rub on, rub in!" I mumbled aloud, chuckling.

"Pardon son?"

"Nothing Dad, nothing."

The End

© Copyright PJ Franklin October 30, 2011

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