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Of Dads, Sons And Razor Strops
Spring Break In Mill City - Return To Mill City - Conclusion
PJ Franklin <>


Story summary to date: Cory Bannister and his father Steve happened upon an old-fashioned barber shop during a spring break father-son outing to Mill City. There they met the Kolbs (pronounced, "Cobs"), son Jeffers and father, Paul. Misbehavior ensued which resulted in punishment at the shop for both boys who then bonded and spent spring break at the Kolb farm getting to know each other rather intimately. The boys also shared in several more incidents that resulted in strop whippings in the Kolb woodshed among other events. The Bannisters were sent home at the end of the week with a gifted leather strop.

And now, the conclusion to the Spring Break In Mill City mini-series …


"Take the strop and hang it up in the garage, son," dad had told me after we returned from our unexpected Mill City adventure. Spring break was now over three long weeks ago and it still was there, hanging up on a nail, unused. I should be glad it had not yet burnt my backside. Hell, I should be elated, but I wasn't.

I have talked to Jeffers twice on the phone during the three weeks. The first time Jeffers regaled me about him and Bailey Hold messing around. Just hearing him talk about it made me play with myself as Jeffers told me about him spanking Bailey and then ass-fucking him. He said Bailey was really enjoying getting his ass stung up good and red before a good hard ass reaming. I had to jack off after I hung up from that conversation.

The next time Jeffers told me that he and Bailey got drunk and then wrecked up Bailey's dad's truck some. He and Bailey both got whippings for it. Then they climbed up into Bailey's barn loft and Jeffers butt-fucked Bailey's whipped tail. I almost had to jack-off right there on the phone listening to it and felt intensely envious of Bailey.

"Hey punk, miss your sorry ass," Jeffers told me, "Yea, I miss you too, you dumb country bumpkin," I replied, "Fuck you city trash," he retorted and we both started to giggle and then laughed out loud. The truth was, I missed Jeffers more than I wanted him or anyone else to know.

After that last phone call, I went to the garage. I stood a ways off and looked at the razor strop. My dick got hard and at that point I was a lost cause for what I did next. Dad was not home. I went over, plucked the strop off the wall and held it in my hands, my dick throbbing. I set the strop aside and shucked down my jeans and shorts. I plucked up the strop again, put it to my nose and deeply inhaled its rich leathery aroma.

The strop smelled like Mill City. It reminded me of the barbershop and of the Kolb woodshed. It reminded me of Jeffers and what we would do after we got our tails seared by our dads and how we traded licks. I brought the strop up to my nostrils and then beat off, shooting my sticky load onto the garage floor. I had to get back, back to Mill City.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chapter One

Summer came, no more school for three whole months, thank God. Dad had tasked me with getting a summer job. I didn't mind that idea, but was much more hell bent to spend at least a part of the summer with Jeffers and told him that. Hands on hips, dad stood there,

"Young man, I understand you want to visit Jeffers, but you need to work."

"Dad, I'll call Jeffers. I can work on their ranch, what's the difference?"

"The difference is that you cannot earn money working with the Kolbs."

I felt my face getting a little red, "How about I visit Jeffers a couple weeks, then come back and work."

Dad thought about this a moment, "All the jobs for boys your age will be gone by then."

"Not over at the Value Mart. I know a guy over there, I can get a summer job anytime I want in the home and garden department."

I lied. I didn't know anybody at the Value Mart and hoped dad would not press the point and still thought I could get a job after I got home.

"OK, but you had better be good for it Cory," and finally I could relax.

Dad might have gone with me back to Mill City, but his work could not afford his absence. Dad did call Paul Kolb, basically making Jeffers' father my father for the two-week stay. If I screwed up, Paul Kolb would be whipping my ass just like he would Jeffers or my dad would, me.

The bus ride to the tiny Mill City bus stop was boring and uneventful. As the lumbering vehicle came slowly to a stop in front of a gasoline station and small country store I could see Jeffers and his dad standing waiting for me. I waved and grinned at Jeffers from the bus, and he at me. I was one of the first off the bus and walked up to Jeffers. We embraced and as we did, he whispered in my ear,

"I can hardly wait to get my hands on your hot little bitch ass," causing me to blush and grin nonetheless.

"What you do with your hands will have to wait Jeffers, you too Cory, it's off to the barber shop with both of you."

I was too stunned to concentrate that Mr. Kolb had overheard Jeffers whisper and who quickly responded,

"Dad! That's not why we came to town," and reached up to his longish hair. Only then did I realize that my hair length had gotten out of Mill City shape for Mr. Kolb's taste as well.

"Come on Mr. Kolb, it's not that long," and Jeffers eyes widened as I had never complained to his dad before. I guess I was just the comfortable around him. Mr. Kolb did not seem surprised at all,

"You boys have two choices. I can take you home, tan your hides in the woodshed and then bring you back to get your hair cut or I can take you to the barber shop, tan your hides there before you get haircuts, or you can go to the shop and get your haircuts without further complaint."

"That's three choices dad, not two," Jeffers sassed locking defiant eyes with his father. I watched Mr. Kolb's face redden just a little and then jumped in with two feet,

"Actually there are four choices sir," I said. They both looked at me, "And that would be?" Mr. Kolb asked.

"To just go to the diner Mr. Kolb, get a bite to eat and forget about haircuts," cautiously grinning.

Jeffers lost it on the spot and laughed, pointing at me, "He's right dad, I like that choice."

I have no idea why I did that, it was like being in Mill City turned me from a somewhat shy city boy to a sassy bold country boy, but one that obviously had no regard (or respect) for the peaceful calm of his pain free bottom cheeks.

"Yes well, you can forget about it. So, what's it to be boys, haircuts with or without burnt bottoms?"

The truth of it was that I wanted to see Jeffers get his can roasted in public again. I well knew that I was going to get it too, but now that I was safely back in Mill City, that didn't seem to matter to me. I smirked at Jeffers,

"You'll look like a sissy with a haircut, I'd love to see that," I teased.

"Screw you, you'll look like a three-year-old!" he smirked back.

Suddenly, Mr. Kolb shouted, "Enough!" and made a choice via our ears, Jeffers and mine. Our ears painfully pinched between his thumbs and forefingers, he pulled us across the street, folks gawking at us.

"Sometimes you kids just don't know when to cut your losses do you. You keep up the sass and expect not to have to pay for it," he said with stern resolve, "I pick door number two for both of you, whipped hides inside of the shop and then sit on them for haircuts."

"Ou, ou! Sorry dad, OK, we were just kidding, we'll get our hair cut, no more complaint, right Cory?" Jeffers winced.

I was wincing too, Mr. Kolb's fingers meant business and I was trying to keep up with his brisk walking pace towards the familiar twirling candy cane barber pole out front, "Yes! I was just joking around Mr. Kolb, no hard feelings, OK?" and then realized what I had just said.

"Shut up you stupid idiot," Jeffers giggled through his pained expression.

"You may be joking Cory, I am not," but Mr. Kolb was trying not to smile as he led us through the shop door.

I swear to God, the barbershop must have a back room stocked with boys younger than Jeffers and I and ready to fill it up any time we showed up. This was my second trip and it was summer which meant no school, so maybe the shop should have kids there. No matter, they all looked kind of happy at the sight of two older teens being treated like misbehaved brats.

"Problems Paul?" The barber said with a knowing smirk towards us and then winked to his partner who was cutting hair in the other chair.

"The usual," Mr. Kolb said letting go of our ears and the barber shook his head, "The strop is all ready for you," and I quickly glanced at the other boys' expected eyebrow raised expressions, some of them with wide grins of pleasure.

"You two get over there, pants and shorts off, Cory you first, get over the back of the chair and wait for me."

"You mean I have to strip off and wait like that before I get punished?" Jeffers unwisely complained. A troubled vibe hit the air just then as Mr. Kolb's big fist lashed out and clamped onto his son's upper arm,

"I swear to God. Some days Jeffers Kolb, you are the smartest boy I know. Other days like now, the dumbest. You just don't know when to keep your yap shut do you!" and took his son clear to the other side of the shop opposite the chair and the strop.

We all gawked, me the most as Mr. Kolb then sat down in the chair over there, pulled Jeffers to between his legs and then proceeded to start to unfasten his jeans,

"Please no dad! I'm sorry! I apologize, please don't spank me!" Jeffers voice deteriorated from real age to something far less dignified as every young boy's eyes swung over to him.

I was able to watch just up to the point that Jeffers now stood sideways, his hot sexy ass naked when Mr. Kolb's gaze came to me. He glared at me, "You best do as I told you Cory or you're next!"

"Shit!" I said quietly to myself, turned and headed for the other side of the shop.

I was able to make one more glance as Jeffers was now being pulled across his father's lap before I had to face my own chair, unfasten my trousers, push them with my boxers to my ankles and then went over the back of the chair. As I could no longer see anything, I simply closed my eyes realizing that all of the boys and men in the shop could now see my white naked ass, ready for punishment. I was quickly distracted however by new sounds in the shop, the sounds of palm spanking bare flesh.

I counted, about one per second spanks, but even as I did, there were still the sounds of boys getting haircuts. The barbers seemed oblivious to Jeffers getting a bare bottom spanking in their shop. It was like business as usual. Boys come into the shop peaceably with their dads for haircuts, boys come into the shop misbehaved and get spankings in the shop, and then get haircuts, nothing unusual really.

I filtered out the other sounds and just listened and counted Jeffers' spanks, hard ones by the sounds of them. Ten, fifteen, twenty, up to thirty and I heard Jeffers' whimpers, "You will still be getting your whipping young man!" Mr. Kolb said sternly during a brief pause, "Yes sir," Jeffers said meekly and then the spanking continued.

My cock was trapped in a soft state between my groin and the top of the chair up until the spanking started and I paid it no attention. Suddenly I realized that in listening to Jeffers' humiliating spanking my cock had not only hardened but had snaked down the back of the chair in potential full view of any of the boys and men in the shop.

Now I had two choices. One was to stand up and try to reposition it towards my front or just cut my losses and not move. I chose the latter and quickly closed my thighs up tight over it, feeling my already head down reddened face flush even more, but now felt in the clear at least for the time being.

Suddenly and from my left, there was a huge crashing sound outside on the street. It sounded like metal on metal. Men started to shout outside and as I glanced back, the barbers had ceased their work and rushed outside and with them everyone else to investigate whatever it was that happened out there.

"You stay put just as you are Cory, don't move a muscle!" Mr. Kolb warned me and went outside as well while I was stuck bent over the back of a chair nursing my misbehaved penis.

Hardly ten seconds later I felt somebody by my side. I thought it was Jeffers, but it was not. It was some other boy. I strained to crane my head back. I had noticed him when Mr. Kolb had deposited Jeffers and I into the shop,

"I saw your hard dick you pervert," the boy said with a huge evil smirk standing far too close to me for comfort.

"Go away! Shoo!" I said hoping to intimidate him.

"I heard Mr. Kolb, he said for you to stay put. I figure I can do what I want," and suddenly I felt his hand push up between the top of my closed thighs and then his fist closed around my scrotum!

"Stop that, let go of me!" I hissed in a panic wondering if I should yell for help, but if I did, he could easily jump back and deny he did anything and I would have to betray my position, neither of them good options.

His hand gripped down harder on my sack, "Like this? Huh? Want some more? I seen you and Jeffers thick as thieves. You sucking each other off? Fucking each other's buttholes?" he said in a low growl and then squeezed hard on my nads again.

"No please, leave me alone!" I begged as a sharp pain shot up and into my kidneys, but there was a bigger problem now. His evil effort was making me helplessly close to the edge of ejaculation as I could not help but shimmy my pelvis some in his hard but lustful grip which only made my dick ever more randy.

"What's the matter, ain't got your boyfriend to protect you? Gonna cream the back of the chair, huh pervert? Let me help you," and then his hand slipped down to my cock.

"No!" I complained and now with no choice but to try to get up, I flailed my arms and hands trying to hit him or at least get a grip on the chair armrests.

The kid was quick to grab my wrists and pin them to the small of my back. He had me down and under his control and I could not prevent, indeed after another moment did not want to prevent him from jacking me off.

"Davis you jerk, get away from him!" I heard Jeffers voice now, but it was too late. I reached orgasm and shook all over as cum shot out my dickhead. All I could hear was the kid laughing and pointing as he retreated,

"You perverts are all alike!" and Jeffers was at my side, "Oh my God!" Jeffers said, "Don't move," he said and I didn't even though I was sure I should have.

I suddenly felt a soft towel between my thighs as Jeffers was trying to clean up the spunk from the back of the chair, my hard-on softer now.

"Jeffers! What the hell are you doing with Cory?" and that was Mr. Kolb's angry voice. He was at our sides in a moment, "Get up Cory," he said pissed, I did.

Mr. Kolb looked at my half-hard cum stained red dickhead and then at a few stray cum spots on the floor and back of the chair,

"I turn my back and look what you boys have done," he said with stern disapproval.

"But dad, no! It wasn't like that!" but Mr. Kolb would have none of it,

"Shut up Jeffers. I guess I didn't give you enough spanking over there did I," and then he looked at me and then back at Jeffers and then back at me, "I hope you enjoyed yourself young man, because you are not going to enjoy joining Jeffers here for a good hard whipping and then a spanking, all before your haircuts!"

As men and boys wandered back into the shop, Jeffers was stood nose to the wall, his already once spanked still naked ass in full view of everyone there as Mr. Kolb methodically took the strop to my naked hindquarters. I held onto the front legs of the chair for dear life whimpering, eyes red and getter redder and wetter with each painful strop cut. All I could do was take it as manfully as I could and I did, not even looking at Jeffers.

"Get up Cory, Jeffers you get over here. Cory you stand against the wall and no touching yourself front or back!" and I heard the derisive giggles from the boys still in the shop as I moved to the wall.

I turned my head and saw my tormentor Ronny Davis out of the corner of my eye. He looked to be Jeffers and my age, sixteen. Now he was nodding and grinning so pleased with himself at our expense and then he groped himself. His groin was huge. He had a hard-on!

I turned my head the other way and could see Jeffers face as I stood on the wall, hands passively at my sides, my naked stropped ass on display for all to see. Jeffers turned his head and our eyes met in thick empathy even as the strop met his naked ass, one cut after the other. My cock was still soft as my ass was throbbing with each heartbeat. But then as I mostly just heard the strop's loud report as it hit Jeffers' ass, his whole body including his head and neck jerking a little back and forth with each cut, my cock finally stood up proudly, hard as a rock.

Jeffers would squeeze his eyes shut and grit his teeth barely emitting a low groan with each cut, but his eyes always opened and found mine after a brief glance at my erection. I don't know, but I had just arrived back in Mill City, thrust into this totally bizarre scene and in Jeffers' eyes I saw something besides pain.

Maybe Ronny was right, maybe Jeffers was my boyfriend, so I mouthed the words cause I thought I felt it too just then and silently mouthed to him, "I love you," and he nodded with a helpless expression just before another crack of the strap.

Mr. Kolb was hell-bent to teach us both a lesson, one that quite frankly I knew that I deserved. What was I thinking sassing Paul Kolb back out on the street before all of this? Maybe I just wanted what he and Jeffers had to offer, a chance to be my crazy-ass self with a guy, Jeffers Kolb that I had kind of fallen in love with.

Mr. Kolb made us stand side-by-side on the wall after Jeffers' stropping timing it so that as each barber chair came available, we got our follow-up spankings over Mr. Kolb's knee and then had to pull up our boxers and jeans and then go over to a barber chair and sit down on our scorched backsides. With great timing as usual, I had to sit down first in a barber chair my ass freshly punished and not but a few minutes later after his spanking, Jeffers in the chair right next to mine.

I just sighed now as the barbers went to work on us. Mr. Kolb had ordered the worst haircut style two proud sixteen-year-old boys could dread, high and tight, buzzed and for all intent and purposes, baldies just like in grade school. We looked nothing like our former sixteen-year-old selves, more like six.

Mr. Kolb paid the barbers their fees and we were thankfully finally back out on the street. I felt like ten pounds lighter, kind of light headed. I rubbed my hand over my buzzed skull, it actually felt kind of sexy and then so did Jeffers and I rubbed on his. He smiled, "Oh well, it'll grow back."

"OK boys, hungry?" Mr. Kolb said acting like nothing had happened back in the shop, well maybe not to him! At any rate, I was not unhappy, I was with Jeffers now, "Count me in!" I said, I was starved, "Me too," Jeffers agreed.

Jeffers and I briefly surveyed the remains of what had been a rear-end crash between two old trucks on the street in front of the barbershop. That's what had distracted everyone in the shop to go out and gawk while the Davis kid took advantage of me.

Then as we walked or rather kind of waddled behind Mr. Kolb down the sidewalk towards the Main Street Diner, Jeffers hand gently squeezed the crook between my neck and shoulder, leaned over and whispered, "I love you too. We'll talk about that shithead Davis as soon as dad is not around."

* * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 2

After our burgers and shakes order came, Mr. Kolb was distracted by the myriad other familiar diners in the cafe and slipped out of the booth leaving us alone sitting on just one side. Finally we could talk, but not before Jeffers reached his hand under the table and over between my knees and gave my package a nice squeeze,

"I can't believe Davis made you cream like that," Jeffers whispered very quietly as there were others around us in potential ear-reach.

"Who the fuck is that twerp, anyway?" I said reaching over and returning the favor giving Jeffers' bigger-than-it-should-have-been bulge, enjoying our under the table mischief.

Jeffers gently moaned, "My ass feels good now, how about yours?" he said changing the subject at least temporarily.

"Bet you need to get off," I whispered.

He nodded and then nudged me to move out of the booth "to go pee" in back of the diner like we had that first time. We made our way outside and quickly slipped around the side of the narrow building and over the back of the slightly steep hillside into the woods on the other side.

By the time we made sure we were out of sight, I was burning with hard lust, grabbed Jeffers hand and led us around the area, finally finding a suitable fallen tree trunk.

"Fuck me, I need you to fuck my brains out! Corn hole me Jeffers!" I said intently and Jeffers did not say a thing, instead started to uncover his rampant cock. I pushed my trousers and boxers down to my ankles and carefully lay over the fallen tree's length onto my tummy on all fours presenting my tail to be mounted.

Jeffers was on me fast, "I've been fucking Bailey, but when I fuck him, I think about you Cory. I've day-dreamed about fucking your hot whipped tail since you left!" and then I felt his dick-head pressing up against my hole. I pointed my knees out as well as I could to try and relax my hole and give his dick easier access to my insides. I also reached around with my hands back and onto his hips to urge him inside me and then closed my eyes with a smile on my face.

"Oh yea Jeffers, fuck that ass, fuck it hard, please!" I urged him as finally Jeffers started to pump his big hard dick in and out of my needy ass. He even reached around to protect my genitals against hitting the moist wood against splinters and that helped keep my dick hard.

"We are going to have so … <Grunt, growl> … much <Rut, grunt, growl, moan> … fun! Oh I'm gonna cum!" and as his hand started to jack me off, Jeffers nailed me hard really deep as he shot his load inside of me. I came shortly after drenching his hand.

I was grinning ear-to-ear nursing a sore butthole as we made our way back over the hillock and to the back of the diner building. By the time we got back to the front of the diner, Mr. Kolb was standing out front talking to other men,

"There you two are, come on, we got chores to do," and bidding goodbye to his friends, we walked across the street and got into the truck.

I was sitting in between Mr. Kolb and Jeffers who was on the truck passenger window. As we pulled out from the curb, Jeffers nudged me in the ribs. I looked over, there was Ronny Davis standing on the sidewalk looking pretty pleased with himself. I shuddered recalling what he had made me do in the barbershop, my dick stirring again.

I watched Jeffers extend his hand out of the open truck window and gave Ronny the middle finger. Ronny returned the gesture to Jeffers, but then he seemed to look at me and pooched his lips like he was sending me a kiss! I shuddered again, then looked at Jeffers, "What an asshole!" and Jeffers nodded.

* * * * * * * * * *

There seems endless chores and work on a farm and in summer nothing changes, if not gets worse. Mr. Kolb worked our asses off the rest of the day, him right by our sides so that we couldn't talk about Ronny Davis or much else besides chatter relevant to what we were doing. About halfway through, Jeffers and his dad were working hard on some broken down machinery.

"Oh man, I forgot to do some grocery shopping in town," Mr. Kolb stood up wiping his brow sounding frustrated.

"I'm not much use right now, I could go do the shopping for us," I offered. Jeffers smiled and nodded to me.

"Well, don't see why not," Mr. Kolb said and we all took a break as he made up a shopping list.

Just a short while later I was lumbering into Mill City driving Mr. Kolb's truck. I was headed for two places, the Mill City Grocery as well as the local butcher shop for meat cuts. I parked the truck in town being very careful when I pulled up to the curb.

I got out and proceeded to the butcher shop. They were very friendly and welcomed me to town. The same happened at the grocers. I was happy doing these chores for my summer family as I now called them, Mr. Kolb and Jeffers and then I remembered Ronny Davis' assertion that Jeffers and I were boyfriends. I remembered Ronny's obvious arousal when I got my punishment at the barbers earlier in the day.

I got everything into the back of the truck, went around to the drivers door, opened it and climbed up closing the door with a good jolt. Suddenly the passenger door opened and in darted Ronny Davis. He saw the look on my face,

"I don't want any trouble Cory," he said. I don't know why I was surprised he knew my first name. I still felt anger at him and looked it on purpose, "you're pissed at me, fine. You should know. Jeffers and I go back a few years. We used to fool around, did he tell you that?" the look on Ronny's face bordering triumphant.

"Liar," I blurted feeling the pit of my stomach aching somehow knowing it was true.

Ronny was one hell of a good-looking boy. If he and Jeffers had sex in the past, I would not be surprised even though the thought disheartened me a little.

Ronny chuckled, "Ah poor baby, don't worry, he's with you now, not me," Ronny cajoled and then slid much closer to me and then suggestively rubbed the top of my thigh with his palm. My heart started to beat furiously as my cock responded, "unless you want to surrender that hot naked ass of yours to me," he said with a leer that made my cock harden again.

I smacked his hand away and crowded myself into the driver's side door, "Get out of here! Get the fuck out of here!" I yelled.

"OK, ok, don't get that cute little face of yours all in a snit, I'm leaving," and then he grinned, "But just for now. You know you want me to fuck your hot ass," and then he bolted from the truck leaving me sweating, my crotch aching for release.

I slumped down into my seat, angry and confused. He had to be lying about him and Jeffers, but maybe he was not and if not, why should I care about Jeffers might have done before he met me?

I sighed and rubbed my groin. I was so pathetic just then over what I was thinking about Ronny's threat. I quickly turned the key ignoring my urgent condition and carefully pulled out from the curb and headed back home.

The day went on. The Kolbs worked my ass off the rest of it until a very late evening dinner helping the incident with Ronny that day to fade somewhat. I felt a little proud that I had contributed to dinner. In fact Mr. Kolb said so,

"You did very good picking out the meat cuts Cory," and I blushed a little making Jeffers roll his eyes, "Jesus dad, it's just meat," and then grabbed at himself.

That made even Mr. Kolb laugh, "Don't get too ahead of yourself there son," and my eyes widened, "Dad!" Jeffers said and we all laughed. The phone rang, not unusual.

"Dad, we're gonna shower and hit the sack," Jeffers said for both of us. This was after about 30 minutes of T.V. sitting side-by-side on the couch in the family room, Mr. Kolb starting to doze in his easy chair. It was about 10 PM.

Jeffers motioned me to follow him and I did. We stripped off our clothes and squeezed into the upright shower stall together.

"You OK after today? Ronny is a shithead, don't let what he did bother you."

"I'm fine," I said, but knew that I was not.

"Come on, let's dry and get to bed. My butthole has a date with your cock," he said reaching down and gave my softness a hard squeeze. I wanted to feel elation or at least some excitement, but did not.

He climbed into bed after me. I did lie on my tummy, my head turned away.

"Hey, you OK Cory? If you're not into this, it's OK. We worked hard today and you're allowed."

"Thanks," I said a bit dispirited feeling, "I'm really tired. Cuddle me?" I asked. He smiled and nodded. Jeffers seemed to get to sleep easily while I stayed awake but a little while longer, my imagination not my friend that night.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chapter Three

The next morning, I blinked my eyes open and felt Jeffers' hard cock rubbing in my ass crack, "Mornin' hot stuff," Jeffers said softly in my ear.

It was light out, so we must have slept in a little, which at the Kolb place, meant 6 AM. Immediate thoughts about Ronnie Davis of the day before flooded my brain.

"Want to play around before we get up?" he asked. Naturally I nodded, "Sure," and Jeffers rolled me to my tummy, reached under me and started to stroke at my pee hard as he started to hump his hard cock through my crack. I spread my knees. I knew that I wanted him to fuck me, hard actually, maybe that would cure my fucked up thoughts about Ronny, "Screw me Jeffers, just fucking screw me, please!" I pleaded.

"My pleasure!" he said and he did just that. Jeffers fucking fucked me, it hurt, yes, but I needed to have him hurt me as if punishing me for my increasingly lurid thoughts about Ronny. Jeffers got me off just after he flooded my insides. I felt better and just after I cleaned myself up after our sex, we headed out for the morning.

Mr. Kolb took Jeffers and I into town to the local feed store. It was an interesting place to be sure, lots to look at including animals, especially the baby chicks. I loved them, "So cute!" I said. Jeffers agreed and then he and his father started to talk about cows or something. The next thing I know they wandered off without me. The place is huge. They have animals out back and I sighed and walked to the storefront and out the front door to the sidewalk.

Just down the street was the Main Street diner. I started to walk that direction figuring I would catch up with Jeffers and his dad soon enough. I crossed the street and reached the diner. I looked at it, the thought of their milkshakes making my mouth water.

I reached the far corner of the diner's building and decided to head on back, when something grabbed me and pulled me around the corner. It was Ronny Davis!

"Hey lover boy, come to town to get some?" he leered at me.

"Ronny! Let me go!" I pleaded with him, not wishing to start a fight.

"You know I saw you and Jeffers up there a couple days ago," pointing to in back of the diner,  "He fucked you over a log, it was way hot. Want to do that again? I guarantee you that I'll make your hot ass feel good!" he said.

I was too caught up with the fact of him having seen us to realize he was already dragging me back there, over the hillock and into the trees, "No Ronny! Please, no, I have to get back to the feed store!" I pleaded with my mouth as my dick told me to stay put.

"They're not going anywhere. They spend hours in that place looking at them pretty stock. You're pretty stock Cory," he said making my knees weak, my mind reeling with guilt and now we had reached the same place that Cory had fucked me.

Ronny pushed me down do my knees and got out his hard cock,

"Suck me, suck me good pretty boy and then I'll fuck you. I'll whip your ass too, with my belt and then fuck your slutty ass," he grabbed my hair and shoved his hard prick in my mouth, "That's what you are, a fucking slut, you whore!" his words pounding my ears and no matter that I didn't want to admit it. I was a slut, a whore, a two timing whore at that.

Ronny face fucked me a short while gagging me several times in the process with his big thing and then shoved me away, "Strip off naked!" he ordered. I was too deep in lust to resist and did it and as I did, Ronny unlooped his belt and doubled it up, "Over the log, ass up high," the command low and guttural.

I obeyed, my whole body shivering, my cock leaking pre-cum. I pushed my ass up so high I thought I would tumble forward but did not, "That's it you slutty cum bucket," and was at my side now. He kneeled and then wrapped his strong arm around my legs, held me fast,

"Now you're going to get it, get it good too!" and then started to whip me, hard.

The belting hurt, that was for sure. I whimpered and yelped, I even begged, "Please Ronny no more!" as my ass was on fire, "I'll decide when to stop," he said with but a brief pause and then tanned my naked hide again. I started to cry, "Please Ronny! Please!" I said sounding so pathetic. I went limp.

He stopped, "Poor baby, his ass is so red! But it's still cute," and then he pulled my head back towards his crotch over my mouth and put his hard cock at my mouth, "Suck me before I fuck you," but as he inserted his rod into my mouth, I felt his tongue lapping at my slut hole as I now knew it to be.

I moaned, I couldn't help it, "You like this," he said and licked me some more even as his prick penetrated my oral cavity again and again. Then in a flash, he pushed me onto my tummy and threw my legs back across the log. I knew to put my butt up in the high for him.

"That's it baby, now you're gonna get an ass full of me!" and then he took me, mounted me and fucked me and it didn't hurt all that much and felt so good. He pounded me hard, "You like this, right?" he demanded to know. I could not help myself, "Yes sir," I said and felt guilt, lust and a heavy sense of disgust for what I was doing behind Jeffers back.

When it was over, Ronny stood, put himself back together and simply walked away without saying a thing. I got up shaking. I had let him use me. I had wanted him to use me. Now what was I going to do? I immediately thought of the bathroom outside of the diner and headed there to clean myself up.

"Where the hell where you?" Jeffers asked at the front of the feed store as I tried to causally amble across the street, "Just walking around while you guys did your thing," I said and walked up to him.

Jeffers crinkles his nose, "You smell like one of those cows back there," and I laughed, "So do you," which distracted him as Mr. Kolb was now at our side.

The day continued and ended much as the previous, but with a little less work. We ended up the three of us doing a little fishing. Nobody caught anything and Ronny fucking me over that log in back of the diner was all I could think about.

That night the Kolb phone rang. It was Mr. Davis, Ronny's father. It would seem that we were to go over to their place in the early AM and help their family with some big projects. Bailey Holt would be there as well. Great. I was looking forward to Bailey, but not to Ronny.

"You OK?" Jeffers asked me in bed that night, my mood obviously a bit sullen, "Yea, just tired is all. I'm not used to your pace of work I guess," lying. I knew what the problem was. Still, I had to sleep because we were getting up butt ass early for the next day's work at the Davis place.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chapter Four

I didn't sleep all that well and having Jeffers cuddled up next to me was only a guilt filled reminder of how I had fucked up by letting Ronny fuck me up my ass behind the diner, never mind I wanted to do it again. We got out of bed early, both of us looking quite unenthused, but that was farm life sometimes.

The trip over to the Davis place was silent. Jeffers looked like he wanted to ask me if I was OK as he usually did, but he never said anything. That worried me. When we got there, Ronny ignored me at first. That could only be a good thing. Bailey greeted me with a wide grin and when nobody was looking, a peck on the cheek. I liked Bailey.

Most of the first few hours us boys were with our dads doing stuff around the main part of their farm. I would cast glances over at Ronny, but never caught one from him. If he was watching me, I didn't know.

It wasn't until towards noon that Mr. Davis, Mr. Holt and Mr. Kolb took told us boys that we were going to be sent by ourselves over to another smaller piece of land prior owned by Ronny's grandfather. They just called it grandpa's place. The barn needed cleaning and straightening up and the main small house checked on.  I got nervous now and was glad Bailey was with us.

We piled into the back of the truck, Bailey and me in the back. Ronny was driving and Jeffers riding shot gun with Ronny. On the way, we heard them talking, actually shouting. I quickly turned to look. It seemed like an argument to me, probably over the incident in the barbershop. Then they started laughing, that really worried me. I knew something bad was going to happen, I needed help,

"Bailey, I'm in deep shit," I said as the truck ambled down the two lane paved road.

"What's wrong?" he asked and sidled up close so he could hear me talk, "I fucked up bad," and then I told him everything about Ronny and me.

Bailey whistled lightly, "You are in a pickle son. Those two go way back you know," but I didn't know so Bailey told me, "Jeffers has never said anything to me about Ronny," I puzzled after listening to Bailey's description of their two year "love affair" as Bailey had put it.

"They broke up a year ago over another boy," Bailey said. I sighed and did not need to hear more. I should have known or suspected that I was not Jeffers first, though he was mine. It would have not made a difference if he had told me. Now it bothered me that he had not over spring break.

"What do I do?" I asked Bailey.

"Not sure, but I think it's out of your hands unless you want to spill the beans to Jeffers. That could cause a fight, a big one."

"Will Jeffers hate me for it?" I asked, my heart pounding with anxiety.

"Naw. He might get pissed and give you a bad time over it, but he's not the type to hate anyone really," but I was not so confident.

I tried to conjure up a scenario where Jeffers does get pissed off at me and then punishes me. He spanked me and takes me to the woodshed for a dose of the strop. Then he fucks me. How come I thought none of that would happen and he would just tell me to "fuck off" and go home?

We arrived at Ronny's grandpa's place and started to work. I felt a tension between Ronny and Jeffers. They were civil, but it was not jovial. We worked hard for a few hours mostly emptying all sorts of stuff out of the small barn including scrap metal and broken down furniture that had been stored there for years. We talked and joked, but not about anything important. To me it still felt like there was a ten-ton gorilla in the room being ignored.

It got hot, real hot, one hundred degrees or better. Fortunately, there was a creek only a hundred yards or so from the barn, creek as in small river. There were some shade trees as well. It was decided to take a break and do some skinny-dipping. That was fine by me.

Well, a water fight broke out. Bailey and I were splashing each other, but not seriously. Ronny and Jeffers on the other hand were in mortal river water combat. Then they got closer to one another and started to tussle in the waist deep water.

Bailey and I stopped to look and the friendly fight got unfriendly fast, "Fuck off Davis!" Jeffers yelled, "Screw you Kolb!" and I got scared. I looked at Bailey, "Come on guys, that's enough," he said to them.

"Go fuck yourself Holt!" Ronny yelled back at Bailey.

"This sucks! Come on Kolb, get to the bank and let's settle this once and for all. You just can't handle the fact that Alex wanted me a lot more than he wanted you!" Ronny jeered.

Jeffers pushed Ronny hard back into the water, "Fuck you and fuck Alex! Fine, come on. I can't wait to kick your ass!"

I was besides myself now. Apparently Ronny had cheated behind Jeffers' back with that Alex guy, but it didn't sound even that simple. Now I was scared shitless. I looked at Bailey with a "now what?" look as the two combatants approached the sandy dirt shoreline. I didn't want to see Jeffers get hurt and the whole thing in town with Ronny had been my fault as far as I was concerned.

They squared off, fists up, circling. I couldn't stand it, "I fucked up Jeffers. I let Ronny fuck me up the ass in back of the diner the day we went to the feed store!" I blurted from the creek.

Jeffers turned, his face reddened and his eyes narrowed. Ronny started to cackle, "That is one hot little slut you got Jeffers. He was a fine piece of ass, sucked me and everything. I even whipped his ass with my belt!"

Jeffers took two steps towards me. I cowered expecting to be hit or pushed or something. He stopped, "Fuck you Bannister!" and stomped off the other direction, grabbed his clothing, slipped on his sneakers and started back for the barn.

I rushed out of the water towards Jeffers, in a panic, "Please Jeffers! I'm sorry, I made a big mistake, it was a big fuck up, please Jeffers!" and got right up to him. He stopped and pushed me to the dusty ground, "Leave me alone!" and then continued walking.

I started to cry, I just could not stop myself. By now Ronny was up to me, "Poor little butt boy, gone and made his daddy angry," and laughed and then taunted Jeffers who started to chase him on a dead run.

I buried my hands in my face, the hot tears running. Bailey got to my side, "Hey buddy. It's OK. He's just pissed and Ronny is taking advantage as usual."

Bailey walked with me back to the house. I stood hugging myself and looked longingly at Jeffers sitting alone under a tree in front of the house. Bailey and Ronny were back to the barn starting to work again. I sighed. There was nothing I could do now, but at least I got it out. I hoped my stupid apparent need to be fucked by just any good-looking country boy was worth losing Jeffers Kolb.

Jeffers eventually joined us but did not look at me or talk to me. I felt shunned. I would rather he had hit me or anything but being ignored, but I had no choice. The ride back to the main Davis place made me pine to go home, to my own house and my own dad.

When we arrived I found Mr. Kolb, "Sir, I think I need to go home, I mean to the city."

"You don't look good Cory, what's wrong son?"

I shrugged, "I pissed off Jeffers and he's too angry to talk to me now. I think it best I just go," and my chin started to quiver as I did not want to go.

"Pissed him off? What happened?" Mr. Kolb asked. I shrugged, "I can't say, it's not important now anyway."

"Did he hit you? Did Jeffers or any of the boys do anything to hurt you?" Mr. Kolb asked.

"No sir, I promise they didn't. It's all my fault. I'm to blame," I said.

"Jeffers! Get your ass over here now!" Mr. Kolb yelled and I cringed. This would help nothing. Jeffers came bounding over, "What dad?" ignoring me.

"Why is Cory so upset? Why does he want to go home to the city?"

Jeffers stared at me, "Don't know dad, you'll have to ask him."

"Don't get smart with me Jeffers. Tell me what is going on!"

"It's stupid dad. Just a fight between friends, or is that ex-friends?!" and Jeffers glared at me.

Bailey bounded up having listened, "Hey Mr. Kolb, why don't Cory stay with me tonight, let things settle."

"Do you know what's going on Bailey?" Mr. Kolb asked.

"Yes sir and believe me, if you think you're angry now, if I told you, you'd really be pissed that we wasted your time on such a stupid thing."

Mr. Kolb sighed, "OK then. I trust you Bailey, unlike some around here!" and he glared at both Jeffers and me.

Thank God for Bailey Holt. We watched the Kolbs drive off and the further the truck went the more my heart broke. We did not bother saying good-bye to Ronny Davis. I sat between Bailey and Mr. Holt on the way to their place and maybe for the first time I regarded Bailey, I mean seriously. He was not as good looking as either Jeffers or Ronny. He was just an ordinary country boy, but with a big heart I thought.

When we got back to the Holt place, dinner would be soon, "Come on Cory, I want you to see something," and he took me by the hand. I walked like that with him for five minutes.

We didn't say anything. I wondered if Bailey had ever done this, walked with a boy that is holding his hand. We got to a small grove of trees and by them was a stone marker of some sort.

"Whenever I'm feeling down, I come here. This is granny's grave. Nobody is supposed to know she's not in a cemetery. I talk to granny, explain my troubles and she always helps," and he reverently kneeled.

I kneeled beside him and started to cry again and this time I cut loose. Bailey, God bless him put his arm around me and let me. When I finally stopped, I sighed, "Granny, I'm in a fix," I blubbered, "I hurt Jeffers, I didn't mean to, but I did. I was selfish and deserve for him to be angry, but I don't want him to hate me!" and I cried some more before I was done.

I stood, so did Bailey. His eyes were red but his face passive, "Granny will help, I know she will," he said. I nodded, not sure of anything except that Bailey was being a real friend in a time of need.

I took his hand into mine, "Thank you Bailey," I said. I blushed a little, "It's all I know to do," and I could not believe this boy had to take sloppy seconds from Jeffers or me or anyone else.

I leaned over and kissed him on the lips. Oh yes, we had all fooled around during spring break, the whole nine yards, but this was not that. I kissed Bailey like he was my best friend, maybe he was now, I didn't know. I put my arms around him and hugged him and kissed him again.

Bailey smiled, "Come on, let's go get dinner," and we walked back to his house hand in hand.

Later that night we all played card games around the table. Bailey and I touched bare feet under the table all night long. Mrs. Holt served up strawberry short cake. I had three helpings as did Bailey. By the time it was time for bed, I was tired and stuffed with good food, but I had no intension of going to sleep without making sure that Bailey Holt got anything he wanted from me.

"I usually don't have boys over just one at a time," he said surprisingly shy.

"Why not? It's not like you don't like boys," I said closing the bedroom door. He shrugged, "I'm not as good looking as some," and I cut him off, "That don't matter. It's the good looking ones that cause all the trouble besides."

"You mean like you?" he teased me. I chuckled with irony, "Yea well, l'm not as good looking as Jeffers or Ronny."

"The hell you're not. Look Cory, you don't have to do anything. I just enjoy that you're here with me."

"Yea well, I'm getting horny and if you don't take your clothes off soon, I'm gonna take them off for you!" I smirked as mine were leaving my body at an alarming rate.

Bailey was naked now and I plunged down to my knees in front of him and buried my mouth over his dick and down to his pubes. I gagged only a little as he was not as hung as Jeffers or Ronny. Bailey moaned loudly, his hands lightly on my head. He did not face fuck me. I kind of thought Bailey was a pure bottom boy. I looked up,

"I'll do anything with you Bailey, just name it," and stood. He looked at me and blushed, "I got terrible secrets, things I want done to me," he said softly, almost with shame.

"Just tell me or show me, please Bailey," and Bailey did, filling my ears with delightfully kinky ideas, some I would not have thought of.

We dressed lightly and then slithered quietly out his bedroom window carrying some things to help us to play. We made it to the far inside of the big barn. We took off our clothes again. He nodded. He wanted to be tied up, whipped with a belt and fucked. We had done all that before with Jeffers more or less, but there was one other thing, he wanted me to piss on him, humiliate him that way.

The idea of pissing on him made me uncomfortable at first, but when he asked me he seemed so trusting that I had to do it to honor what he liked whether I liked it or not. He said he should not be allowed to come at all or if he did, it should be a last minute thing.

We moved a hay bale and he flopped over it. After I looped two parallel ropes under the heavy bale, I securely tied Bailey's wrists and ankles to each end so that he was held down, helpless, his head over the far side, his ass over the top near edge and his legs splayed a bit. I started out by spanking him with my hand, not knowing what to expect from him.

He started to whimper, "Yea, that's it, spank me hard, punish me Cory, make it hurt, please!" he begged me. I spanked harder, he yelped, "It hurts!" his voice plaintive. I spanked down to his thighs, "Ouuuuuuu!" he groaned.

I stood up, "Time for a good ass whipping!" I said, "Yes, and make sure I cry and can't stand it, please Cory!" he begged me.

I was not sure I wanted that for him, but this was for him. I got the belt ready and then give him hard, fast licks. Cory bawled all right, his ass was pretty and all, but not that tough. I made sure he was howling and hoped that his loud voice did not carry too much.

The belt tore up Bailey's ass. I stopped, "Oh god that hurts like fire, now, piss in my mouth. Take me by my hair and be rough!" he asked me.

I shrugged. I was turned on, but this was new for me. I moved to his head, my dick in my hand and I was already asking my bladder to release. I took him by his longish blonde locks of hair and said, "Drink my piss, bitch!" and then aimed it at his open mouth.

Bailey flopped his tongue out and I let loose a yellow tinged stream of piss. It splashed onto his tongue and mostly off but he was swallowing some of it. As I pissed, my dick got harder. This was hot!

"Yea, that's it you little piss hound!" I chastised him. He moaned. The more I pissed, the more he moaned! "I should piss up your butthole!" I said, my imagination getting the better of me not even knowing if that was possible.

"Yes, please Cory, so it!" he begged. I shrugged, what the hell. I moved to in back of him. If there was one thing I could do, was hold a whole lot of piss in my bladder.

I was hard as nails. I grabbed his hips, lifted his ass. Bailey did the best he could to present himself and I pushed myself inside of him. Bailey but grunted hard. At least he was already used to taking dick up his ass. I got myself seated, "Now I'm gonna piss in you," I said and proceeded to relax.

"Do it Cory! Piss in me, turn me into a little piss ant slut!" he said. I let loose, I could feel it flowing now.

"Oh yes! Oh yes! I'm being fucked and pissed in, Oh god yes! I'm gonna come!" and I had not noticed that he had been humping the hay bale, but he had and apparently I had pushed him over the edge.

But as Bailey moaned and shot his load I did too. I did not know that my body would stop pissing and start to ejaculate, but it did, God help me, it did.

When I pulled out of Bailey, I stood back quickly as a thin ooze of my piss and my cum flowed out, a lot at first and then a dribble inside of his legs. It did not smell the best, but this was a barn with farm animals and all of their country odors. Who cared if it was theirs or ours.

That night, after a hot shower, we slept together. I spooned Bailey into myself. I kissed his cheek, "Good night Bailey. Thank you for today. Thank you for sharing your granny with me, it really helped."

"I knew she would. Thank you too Cory and if I had boyfriend, I would want him to be just like you."

Bailey's sentiment made me a little emotional right then. I chose not to respond, closed my eyes and feel into sleep.

* * * * * * * * * *

Chapter Five

With the coming of morning came the realization that I was not with Jeffers. It hurt not to be with him. I loved being with Bailey and all, but it was not the same. Shortly after breakfast, a truck came into the yard. There was only one person in it, Jeffers.

"Come on Cory, time to go home with me," he said with no smile or emotion. I stood feeling humiliated and didn't say anything.

"You should know, I slept with Ronny Davis in my bed last night," and my face fell. I moved to the passenger side of the truck like an unfeeling zombie. The trip home was full of silence between us.

The magic between Jeffers and I felt gone now. It was so delicate. I thought we had declared our love for each other just a few days before and now it felt gone, forever gone. After we arrived back at the Kolb place I told Mr. Kolb that I wanted to go home to the city.

Jeffers said nothing, apparently he was done with me. I didn't blame him. I called my dad and told him the same. He asked me why. I was honest and said that Jeffers and I had a big fight over something stupid, that it was irreconcilable and that I needed to go home.

Dad sighed, "OK, I'll be there tomorrow. Can you hold on that long?"

"Yes sir," I said. I hung up, heartbroken, sad and angry with myself. All this over stupid sex with Ronny Davis and now Jeffers had slept with him as well.

I slumped around the yard working as usual helping Jeffers and his dad do things. I had no emotion left to give. I decided I would go home, start over and let the summer come to me as a city boy. I needed to get a job and all and had better do so fairly quickly or dad was going to whip me with that strop for not living up to expectations. Right now I'd rather be whipped in the Kolb woodshed if it would make things right, but that was wishful thinking.

I somehow made it through the day. Jeffers was pleasant, but when it came to sleep arrangements, he slept on the couch in the front room. I slept alone in his bed. I cried myself to sleep, the most miserable night of my life. Dad came in the morning.

I thanked and hugged Mr. Kolb for my time with him. I thanked Jeffers too, but we did not hug, nor did we shake hands. I drove away from the Kolb farm thinking I likely would never again see Jeffers or Mr. Kolb and not even Bailey Holt. That made me sad.

On the way out of Mill City, I saw Ronny Davis walking on the sidewalk in front of the feed store. We passed him. He never saw us. I saw the barber shop and the diner and both made me sad. I didn't cry, I was done crying. I was done with Mill City.

I drove home with dad. On the way we talked. He reminded me about the job at the Value Mart that I had promised. I winced behind my smiling face that I might not be able to live up to that promise. That might mean a whipping in the garage with the strop. I certainly would deserve it.

To my surprise; however, I got that job at the Value Mart the day after I got back home. It kept me busy. It was supposed to be part time, but turned into a full time job after a couple of guys got fired, one broke his leg. As they say, a busy boy is a happy boy or at least not getting into trouble. In that case, I was an angel, but at least I would be an angel with some spending money.

Two weeks later, there was a knock at the front door. I happened to be home early from a shorter day at work than usual. I opened the door. There stood Ronny Davis of all people.

"Ronny?!" I said surprised or taken aback, I was not sure.

"Cory, good to see you man," he said as if nothing bad had ever happened between us. I blinked and as yet had not seen the truck parked on the curb.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, not glad to see him.

"I came to apologize for what happened back at Mill City. It was wrong of me to try and get between you and Jeffers," and he did at least look like he was sorry.

"Look, that was then. It's all over. You could have called you know."

"I want you to come back," Ronny said.

"Are you fucking crazy?" I said, now I was getting agitated.

"I brought reinforcements," he said stepping aside and from the truck sprang Jeffers and Bailey. They walked up to the door quickly.

"Bailey," I said stepping from across the threshold and hugged him, but only him. I looked at Jeffers, "Hey."

"Hey back," he said making no move to hug me. Having all three of them there make me feel a sadness. I missed them, even Ronny. I invited them in and only then did I find out that Jeffers had arranged this surprise visit with my dad. I scowled at dad a moment before he triumphantly disappeared into the kitchen with a smug expression on his mug.

"Come back for the rest of the summer Cory. I'm sorry I got so angry. It wasn't your fault. It wasn't anyone's fault," Jeffers said.

"Are you and Ronny back together?" I asked as they were standing together.

"Sort of yes, but not as boyfriends. We agreed to be just friends, share a bed now and again and try not to be assholes to each other," Jeffers said putting his arm around Ronny. Frankly, they looked good like that. I looked at Bailey, "Hey handsome, some boy snatch you up yet?" I teased him.

He shrugged, "Naw. After seeing the crap that you guys go through, I'll pass thank you," which made us all laugh.

Dad let me borrow the car and I showed my Mill City friends around my town including my high school. We ate at a McDonald's fast food restaurant, but it could never match the Mill City diner on Main street.

Dad had already arranged for them all to stay overnight at my house. I was allowed to cancel work for the next day. Nothing was said about me going back to Mill City with them until after dinner that evening.

"I think we should tie him up and kidnap him," Bailey smiled, "Make him have kinky sex. That'll convince him."

I chuckled but was not convinced that would even work. I wondered that if I went back to Mill city with them that anything could be the same as it was and I wanted to be like it was and how it felt during spring break with Jeffers, but that is not how life works.

"I say we strip him, spank him. I'll spank him first, then you Jeffers can whip his tail with your belt," Ronny jested, I think.

"Hell no. We gave his dad a razor strop. I'll use that," Jeffers said deadpan. Bailey laughed. I groaned, "You guys," I sighed.

"I caused this mess, I'll clear it up, that is if it's OK with you Jeffers?" Ronny asked, "Go for it," Jeffers said.

We were in my bedroom at the time, all dressed down to sweats, boxers and T-shirts. I was sitting up on the bed, the others on the floor. Ronny popped up and sat by me, turned my head and started to kiss me, full mouth and tongue, his hands gently cupping my head.

My heart started to flutter. That boy could kiss. I felt myself start to melt in his arms that were now hugging me. When the kiss broke, Ronny smiled, "Jeffers, come up here. I need help," he said. I gulped. Jeffers sat down on my other side.

Jeffers kissed me full on the mouth and as he did, Ronny was pawing at my clothes, pulled my T-shirt off as well as his own as he pressed his bare chest of muscles against my bare back and into Jeffers. After that kiss ended, Bailey stepped up to the plate, also bare chested now. He launched the third kiss.

I was overwhelmed by a superior force of three their weapons bared and by that I mean in short order, everyone was naked, cocks sort of half hard including my own. I had a big old comfy chair in the corner. Ronny stood up and took my hand and me over to it. He sat and had me straddle his knees.

It felt strange to leave Jeffers behind in that manner, but when I did and looked back, Jeffers was hugging and kissing Bailey. What might have been jealousy was instead a sense of joy for Bailey who I knew had adored Jeffers from afar for a long time. If anyone besides myself deserved to have Jeffers, I would chose Bailey.

"I know you like Jeffers better than me, Cory," Ronny said, not touching me yet, his hands flat on his bare chest.

"It's not exactly that Ronny, it's just," I sighed, "Jeffers was my first."

Ronny's hand then reached out and gently fondled my now softened cock, "We were each other's firsts as well. But that seems like years ago. I had a terrible crush on him before that. It nearly killed me to admit that to myself and my family, but it worked out even though we didn't work out after awhile."

I looked back over my shoulder. Bailey was in heaven, stretched out on my bed with Jeffers full body on top of him. I smiled and looked back and down at Ronny, "Ronny, I have a confession," and I did. He smiled, "What is it," he smiled back, and not in a leering fashion.

"I wanted you to fuck me that day. I wished it for myself. I loved it when you whipped my tail with my legs back. I loved it more when you bent me over and made me suck you and then you fucked me over the log."

My cock had hardened right then. I felt his hand slip under my balls and then a finger gently teased my hole.

"Know what I wished?" he asked. I shrugged, "I just wanted to kiss you, make love to you like they are over there. I love the rough stuff, but since then, I wondered what it would be like just to make love, gentle like with you."

I felt something now. I got off Ronny, took his hand and left my bedroom. My folks were in bed and nothing would bother them. I took Ronny by the hand to our family room. The couch there was comfortable. I lay down and pulled Ronny down over me.

His big muscular body fell on top of me. He was so gentle. He kissed me, made love to me, touched me softly all over and let me touch him. I swear that Jeffers and I never did that, not really; but as I slowly gave myself to Ronny, I swear he was nothing but a gentle lover, easing me around and to my tummy and up on my knees. Ronny fucked me, but not hard, soft and firm, insistent but not demanding. He pulled me off too, just as he came inside of me.

"Jesus God in heaven Cory, that was," and Ronny's eyes were misting. He breathed, "You are a wonderful lover Cory."

We stood and kissed. He had treated me like a prince that night, softly and with feeling. We eventually walked back to my bedroom and there was Jeffers cuddling with Bailey under the covers in my bed. They were turned to the side away from us and looked asleep. I wondered if I wanted to be Bailey just then and for the first time, was not sure that I did want that.

I smiled, took Ronny's hand and leading him back to the family room, grabbed two quilts and made us a bed on the big furry rug in front of the fire place. I got some pillows too. Ronny cuddled me from behind, his two big arms wrapping around me tightly, just like Jeffers used to do.

"Ronny?" I asked, "Yea Cory?" he replied, his voice soft.

"If I go back with you guys. I want to have a boyfriend, a real boyfriend for the summer however long I'm there."

"You mean Jeffers?" He asked, his voice seemed ever so lightly anticipating disappointment.

"No. You Ronny. I want you. You're big, strong and man, you can fuck."

He said nothing a moment, but his chest was heaving and I could feel his body warmth suddenly increase, "Cory, I would, I would really like that a lot," his voice breaking with emotion.

I turned to my back and looked up at him. He had a tear running down his face, so vulnerable right then. I just smiled and pulled him down to me. He kissed me lightly, "You sure? I mean," but I put a finger on his lips,

"Just for me. No sharing, OK?"

"None?" he asked.

"Well, OK. We can all fuck together, but no one-on-one, deal?"

"Deal!" and he turned us to the side, "Would you stay with me, at my house?"

I nodded, "Yes, if your parents would have me."

"Hey, we could stay at my grandpa's house sometimes. Private. It has a good bathroom and everything. We could fish together and do stuff and with Bailey and Jeffers too," his smile lighting up the room.

Then I remembered Bailey's granny, asking her to fix things for me where she lay in her grave. She had fixed things, she really had. I nodded, "You're the boss. I'm just your boyfriend," I smiled. He grinned and gently kissed the tip of my nose.

That night about 3 AM we both awoke. Without words, I was on my tummy and pushed Ronny to my rear. He mounted me and fucked me, slow and easy like a lover, like a boyfriend. He kissed me and made sure I got off too.

The next day I talked to my dad. He quickly excused me from working saying that having good and loyal friends was more important than work for this summer. Dad even let me take one of the cars to drive to Mill City. I gave Ronny the keys and he drove, me right next to him, my hand always touching him. Bailey drove back alone with Jeffers. From what I heard later, Jeffers nearly drove off the road while Bailey gave him head.

* * * * * * * * * *


Things rarely turn out in life like you think they might or should. Who will you love? Who will you spend the rest of your life with? Where will you end up? One place or many?

For the rest of the summer in Mill City, Ronny Davis treated me like I was the most important boy in the world to him. He swept me off my feet, literally sometimes when we were playing rough and over his knee for a sexy spanking, but not as often as you think. We had fun with Jeffers and Bailey sometimes, but mostly it was him and I working side by side, playing together, him taking me to the diner for burgers and shakes. Hell, he even took me to the movies in town, and even called it a date.

The Davises welcomed me into their family. They were far past any worry that we were a same-sex couple, and accepted us as we were even at our young ages. Dad let me stay as long as I wanted, but as it approached time for me to leave for the final time that summer, I hated the thought of leaving my boyfriend, my lover, Ronny.

Ronny and I had talked over the possibilities of me staying in Mill City for the school year or him coming home with me. Nothing seemed to fit, there were too many roadblocks and complications. We stopped talking about it since it made us both frustrated and a little sad.

But Bailey's granny had other things planned for me, God bless her. Behind my back, Ronny with my dad's blessing finally had decided with his family that he could go with me and go to my high school for the coming school year back in the city. I did not yet know this and found myself on my last day away from home packing the car with my things, planning to drive home alone, a long and very lonely drive.

Suddenly there was Ronny with his suitcase, "OK, I'm ready," looking like nothing was odd.

"Ready for what?" I asked, trying not to look upset.

"I'm going with you," he smirked.

"But summer is over Ronny, what are you talking about?"

"I'm going to stay with you and your dad and go to your high school for the year."

I jumped up into Ronny's arms and hugged him so tight just then. I sighed and gave him the car keys.

Ronny Davis drove us home and I have never been away from his side since. We went to my high school, now his high school that fall. We graduated together two years later. We went to college together for four years.

We would visit his and now my family, the Davises often. We visited Jeffers and Bailey often too. They just remained good friends and fuck buddies, nothing more it seems. After college there was graduate school and then careers, mine in health care administration and Ronny's in mechanical engineering.

Shortly after that, we were married and were now Cory and Ronny Bannister-Davis. Bailey Holt and Jeffers Kolb and his dad were at the wedding along with many other family and friends. I pulled dad aside after the ceremony and hugged him tightly thanking him for taking me to Mill City that first time now these many years ago.

I hugged Bailey Holt and thanked him for the hundredth time for having shared his special relationship with his granny's memory with me in a time of need. At the end, I hugged Jeffers Kolb the tightest. Jeffers was my first and would always have a place in my heart,

"You need a boyfriend," I told him.

"I had one, once. Let him go. Now he's married," and smiled warmly.

I sighed and nodded, but without sadness, "I know. I love you Jeffers, I always will," and pecked his temple.

He smiled, nodded, tipped his hand to his forehead and walked away.

Ronny was at my side now and took my hand, "He was your first, he was my first as well."

I looked at my husband, "How about our first dance as husband and husband," and so we did, the circle of my life that had started at Mill City years before finally complete.

The End

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