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Of Dads, Sons And Razor Strops: My Thanksgiving With The Webers


PJ Franklin <>

As our car snugged to a stop at the cement curb, I looked up and out of my passenger-side window. There it was looming above me, the massively large decades old oak tree that fronted what I saw behind it, the two-story Victorian, both just as Doug had so lovingly described.

Several good hard autumn wind storms had partially denuded the tree's thick tangled limbs of their mixed green and dead red-stained yellow leaves which by numbers alone still matted the black speckled mildew stained sidewalk below. So too seemed my self-confidence of two hours earlier before our departure from our college apartment, denuded that is.

I looked over at Doug with daring bravado,

"OK, I saw it, the house, a classic! The tree, massive! You're lucky you didn't die falling out of it as a kid. We can go back to school now, I'll even drive!"

I took the fourth Thursday of each November very seriously having never spent the prior eighteen away from my own roots. Doug took my promise of a year earlier also very seriously as he had spent the prior year's holiday with my family.

"Chicken ..." Doug dead-panned unfastening both his and my seat-belts, "... now get your ass out of the car mister man."

A serious case of nerves set in just then, "No, I don't want to now. Your family scares me," and impulsively sat on my hands like I was eight years old.

"Yea, right. My last name isn't Weber, it's Adams. My Dad's name is Gomez and Mom's is Morticia. We're a family of lethal cons and ghouls who bury our victims in our haunted back yard, happy now?!"

"I knew it! I fucking knew it! I'm a monster's Thanksgiving dead meat dinner!" I added my own sarcasm to his.

"Seriously Chad ..." his eyes rolled,  "... just remember to be yourself. Mom already adores you, Dad already respects you, Jeremy is easy and Nathan ... "

"... yes, I remember, just ignore him," I interrupted.

We had talked extensively about Nathan, Doug's seventeen-year-old sibling who was less than thrilled that his adored big brother had come out of the closet just over a year before.

"I didn't say ignore him Chad. I said ... "

"Yea, I know, you said to just give him time," my pouty interruption feeling right on the edge of testing Doug's usual mature patience with me. I could be a handful.

To his credit, Doug ignored my rudeness and instead pulled me towards his chest and kissed the top of my head,

"Things will be fine, we're going to have lots of fun just like I said, so come on sour puss, let's get out."

I bit my bottom lip, shrugged and gave into him slowly leaving the safety of the vehicle, opened the car's back door and bent over to fill my arms with luggage from the back seat. Such a position provided a ready target for Doug's well-practiced big palm,

"Good boy!" a stinging spank landed square on the seat of my favorite brown cords.

I stood back up, turned and looked up at him adoringly as the sting sunk in reminding me of much of the physical side of our relationship that never grew old. I never fancied that as much as I had fantasized about a college boyfriend not only taller than me, but better looking than I could ever be had come true, but it had.

"I am not leaving your side for even five seconds," I said with fake conviction as he gathered the remaining luggage and closed the back seat car door. Once again, Doug wisely ignored my comment.

"Now, who is Jeremy's favorite football team on T.V. tomorrow afternoon?" he quizzed me as we stood there a moment longer.

I sighed, "The Green Bay Packers and your Dad likes the Detroit Lions, so does Nathan."

"Very good. You remembered ... " and just then a younger boy grinning ear to ear, likely Doug's youngest brother, ran out of the house and down the front porch stairs followed by what had to be Mr. and Mrs. Weber, also smiling.

* * * * * * * * * *

Initially meeting the Webers that late Wednesday afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. as well as younger brother Jeremy was a piece of cake. The jaunty thirteen year old made me promise to play video games with him later, a pleasant task in waiting to be sure.

Nathan was a very different story. He had just gotten himself in a lot of trouble with his Dad barely an hour before our arrival.

He had snuck out of the house to visit his girlfriend against Mr. Weber's grounding order on account of having bitched out a teacher at his high school the day before. Nathan had been sent to his room for both Dad and Nathan to cool off before action was to be taken shortly after Doug and I arrived.

Doug had told me about his upbringing. Mr. Weber was a very loving father, but very strict. Poor behavior in any realm meant a bare bottom punishment, no exceptions, especially for age. Doug had been spanked by hand when younger, belt or hairbrush added in the mid-teen years and finally, the dreaded razor strop in late teen years.

Mr. Weber was upfront with Doug and I as Jeremy stood with a sheepish frown to the side in the kitchen,

"Sorry boys, but I need to set Nathan straight, Jeremy, you're with me."

"Do I have to? Nathan hates it when I watch him get his tail roasted. Doesn't Doug have to watch too?"

"Nathan needs to deal with that Jeremy. You know the rules. Doug is excused because Chad is here as our honored guest," Mr. Weber said with pursed lips at his son but then directed a warm smile at me before he disappeared alone to fetch his errant son.

The rules as Doug had told me were that all punishments were public, "for the betterment of all" as Mr. Weber put it.

"This sucks. You're lucky you don't have to watch. It's brutal!" Jeremy huffed towards Doug and I.

"It's not brutal for a stud like your big brother squirt. Nathan knows the penalty for screwing up. It's his own fault."

"I know. It's just not fair. He'll be grouchy for the rest of the night," Jeremy sighed.

I felt for Jeremy and as I had not met Nathan yet, I could only feel ... well, imagine some fantasies brought on by my sexual experiences with Doug. My spanked bottom had featured very well as awesome foreplay in our sex life including the belt and hairbrush. Of course, that was our little secret was it not?

I heard some tense male voices coming down the hallway and Mr. Weber re-appeared along with an obviously unhappy head-down male, I presumed Doug's brother, Nathan.

"Say hello to your brother and to Doug's boyfriend, Chad, Nathan."

Nathan looked up. I was shocked how much he looked like Doug, equally as good looking from head to toe. Quick glances at both Jeremy and the Mr. Weber confirmed flattering family resemblances. Nathan looked at Doug,

"Welcome home," he said dryly, both hands stuffed in the back pockets of his jeans and then looked at me but very briefly, "Hi" he said curtly with pursed lips.

"Sorry you're in trouble bro," Doug said empathetically and went up to hug Nathan but was rebuffed, "Not now, I'm busy," Nathan said curtly, his voice on edge.

Nathan looked instantly disappointed, even taken aback as well he should.

My gut told me that my presence with his big brother was likely the cause of Nathan's behavior, but all attention quickly went to a now red-faced Mr. Weber who raised his hand and pointed a finger at his middle son,

"THAT is enough young man! I told you not two minutes ago to conduct yourself with at least a little poise! And what did you do? You've turned this into your own little attitude and pity party and in front of our guest! Now march!" and planted a very hard and propelling spank on Nathan's backside.

Nathan's face screwed up with dread, one hand covered the spanked spot and the seventeen year old suddenly galloped very unstudly-like to the garage looking like a cowed twelve year old, Mr. Weber hot on his heels.

"Little shit!" Doug barked at Nathan's retreat, his lips pursed.

I looked at him with great curiosity. I had seldom seen, much less felt Doug's ire as I now saw it, but my mind quickly transported me back to when I was a brash and cocky college freshman, he a sophomore with a confident calm that did not suffer fools.

He had somehow activated my "tease" button into pretending that I had not fallen head over heels for him from the first. When he caught and confronted me with my behavior, I still stubbornly resisted.

Thank God he had the intuition and presence of mind to not take that from me,

"Chad, in my family, liars are caught and spanked, bare butt!" I can recall each word like it was yesterday. We were alone in his dorm room at the time.

I could have replied, "Screw you!" but wisely did not.

"I dare you!" I had outwardly resisted, but inwardly knew I wanted and needed it from him.

Doug took the dare and did not disappoint. He pulled me between his knees, took down my jeans and shorts and hauled my bare ass high over his knee. That first spanking was not that long or hard but still therapeutic and enlightening for both of us. It also led to some pretty hot sex and I wisely never doubted our need to be together after that.

"Come on!" Doug took my hand with an iron grip and dragged me into the garage!

I would learn that Mr. Weber wasted no time. He already had an impressively long wide piece of thick brown leather, its wooden handle in his fist, Nathan already peeling off to complete nudity!

I was now easily rapt and starting to feel, well, a bit excited realizing that I had never witnessed another guy getting a spanking much less a full-on razor stropping!

I glanced briefly at Jeremy as Mr. Weber pointed Nathan to a nearby sawhorse, "Over!"

Jeremy was wringing his hands; his eyes riveted on his brother as Nathan wordlessly obeyed, straddled the horse length and bent forward, hands solidly gripping the crossbeam.

"You have gone entirely too far this time. Not only did you blatantly violate your grounding, but you managed to also embarrass yourself and your family in the presence of our guest!"

Mr. Weber's rhetorical comment unwittingly did make me feel uncomfortable, but only temporarily as my eyes and ears were provided spectacular distraction.

"I'm sorry Daddy, really sorry, not too many Daddy, please?" Nathan's little-boy voice earnestly pleaded, his gorgeous bare ass cheeks upturned in a way that ushered my vivid imagination into all manner of erotic and scurrilous desires.

"Fifteen, Nathan just for disregarding your grounding. Then a spanking besides for the rest of your ridiculous behavior!" Mr. Weber announced and drew back the strop and let it fly to their pale soft targets before Nathan had a chance to respond.

I was not a stranger to leather. Some of our best sex had followed Doug's expert use of a stout black leather belt across my needy backside, but even Doug's belt did not make the loud resounding crack of Mr. Weber's strop.

The situation had caught me quite off guard. As Mr. Weber exploded one strop lick after another across Nathan's helpless cheeks, I slid myself behind Doug on account that my trousers were now fully tented.

Neither did it help that despite what was obviously severe pain, Nathan but gamely grunted and not only held his ground with each fiery lick, but his ass never moved an inch save a distinct shudder of reddening flesh and a brief flexion of his knees.

Halfway through, silent tears freely fell from Nathan's face to the cool cement floor beneath deepening my guilt. I wanted to see and hear more, not less, my cock providing a real threat to explode in my pants!

I glanced over to Jeremy hoping his discomfort might help, but his frozen gaze and gaped mouth, both of his palms protecting his backside only affirmed and encouraged. I turned my head to look at Doug. Resolute crossed arms and a stern father-like countenance was even less discouragement.

Mr. Weber provided no pause between the whipping and the spanking.

"Over my knee, now!" he barked at Nathan who stood, watched his Dad quickly sit in a nearby chair but then paused by his side, the backs of his hands childishly protecting the dense crimson swelling that now decorated his derrière.

"Please Daddy! No spanking please! I'll be good, I promise!" he pleaded with more of an older teen's angst and worse, he glanced back at Doug and I, the helpless look on his seventeen year old handsome face triggering more dirty minded thoughts and pushing my libido further to the edge.

"I said OVER!" and Mr. Weber firmly grasped his son's upper arm and brought him down.

Nathan's palms both flew to protect his red ass. That lasted about five seconds, the stronger adult above him securing them at the small of the boy's back.

At that point, Nathan gave in at least physically. His legs were straight out in back which made his rosy rump all the more like two rounded ripe apples ready to be baked whole and bake them Mr. Weber did.

The familiar sounds and pace of a brisk bare hand spanking bare skin did not stop for a good minute. You think sixty seconds is not a long time? Doug had spanked me for fractions of a minute and it hurt plenty. I could not imagine a palm the size of Mr. Weber's slapping me to smithereens.

"No Daddy! No! No! Stop Please!" came Nathan's wet wailing.

"You WILL behave yourself young man!" was all Mr. Weber urged and kept on spanking.

"Yes, yes yes! Please stop Daddy yes!" came Nathan's sloppy sobbing plea.

And when finally the punishment was over, Nathan jumped to his feet, grabbed his burnt behind with both palms and commenced to furious rubbing and prancing about in a small circle.

Somehow, I had survived, but barely. Jeremy blew out his cheeks and mumbled, "that was harsh."

"Excuse me mister?" Mr. Weber stood and glared at Jeremy.

"I said, that I'm parched Dad! It's hot in here!"

Doug's face finally relaxed and he appeared to stifle a guffaw at young Jeremy. I let out sigh and felt my tented excitement at enough ebb to at least escape public humiliation and felt Doug's arm slide across my shoulders.

Nathan asked for and got permission to depart to lick his wounds. He picked up his clothes and did not bother to dress only shielding his nakedness in front with them.

"I'm sorry daddy. It won't happen again," and hugged his father with one arm, I thought sincerely. "See that you don't!" Mr. Weber hugged back.

"Sorry I messed up bud. It's OK now," he came up to Jeremy and give him a small one armed hug.

Then Nathan waddled over to us looking first at Doug,

"I really am glad you're home bro," and one arm hugged Doug.

"Um ... good to meet you Chad" he said to me with not too much of a forced smile, no hug or handshake which was fine with me.

"Yea, me too," I said bit uncomfortably.

* * * * * * * * * *

And so the evening proceeded from there. Mrs. Weber, who stayed at a long arm's length when it came to the punishment part of the day, was all smiles upon serving up the evening supper, good old-fashioned spaghetti and meatballs, a nice prelude to the traditional turkey-based offerings that would follow the next day. Nathan sat with us, on a soft pillow, thoughtful and rather soft-spoken but avoided eye contact with me.

Much later, Jeremy cornered me to make good on my promise to play video games with him. I did and right in the middle of some co-op military shooter asked me,

"You ever get spanked at home like we do?"

Why did he ask that? Probably simple boyish curiosity only that just hearing the word triggered me into a knee-raising chubby.

"Yea, some," I admitted which was true, though nothing like what the Weber boys received.

"It sucks," he tersely said all the while staring at the T.V. screen shooting bad guys and tossing grenades.

I said nothing more and let my condition subside once again not wishing to stumble into Jeremy knowing that I loved it when his big brother put some stinging red on my seat.  Not long after Jeremy was sent to his bed to prepare for sleep, Nathan some later as well save that Doug and I had been given the upstairs and Nathan's usual bedroom. He was to bunk with Jeremy for the duration.

When at last our upstairs bedroom door was closed, I found myself knees hiked to my chin, thoughts of the afternoon and evening's events streaming like fresh video through my mind.

"How are you boyfriend, glad you're here now?" Doug asked from a short distance away.

I looked up at him, "I'm a wreck," I said with a little annoyance.

"I know you are. That was tough from a certain point of view. Feeling horny?" he grinned reading my body position correctly.

"Guilty as charged," I said and put my knees down to let my condition clearly show itself.

He sat down and brought my head to his chest, "We can take care of that."

"I think Nathan blames me for at least part of his punishment," I told Doug what was on my mind.

"Who cares? He got himself ninety percent of the way before we even arrived, that and his attitude. Don't worry about him."

"It still makes me feel bad. I had a boner the whole time," I sighed.

"Oh, well, in that case, you are a bad boy!"

I grinned, "Yea I am, but we can't do anything about it. Everyone will hear!"

"Maybe a little, well not Mom and Dad. They're sawing logs. Would you begrudge them if Nathan and Jeremy knew you were getting a spanking?"

Now that I really thought about it, well, my cock did all the thinking after that,

"Please don't spank me Doug, I'll be a good boy, I promise!" I teased us both.

"Likely story, now go get me your hairbrush bad boy," he said with a last kiss on the top of my head.

"Yes sir," I said with relish and jumped quickly to our luggage, fetched the cherished wooden heirloom handing it to him and then our ritual begins:

I stand between Doug's knees and he divests me of all clothing and teases my cock unmercifully and just short of exploding. Then he quickly upends me over one knee and onto the bed-top in back of him but not pinning my legs down. From there, I grab a handful of bed-top with one fist and Doug with the other and hold onto both for dear life!

"Bad boy! Getting turned on by Nathan's whipping. You need a whipping!!" he says and peppers my butt like there was only a few seconds available.  This causes the pain to build to a fast peak before he stops and allows me to recover while it all flows to my dick and then he continues,

"I should let Nathan and Jeremy watch this!" and launches into another assault.

His words shock me a little. I had no idea he would use his brothers' names in that way. It sends my mind into a dense imaginary scene where exactly that is happening, but I say nothing, I'm not expected to. It is instead my job to please Doug, not with words but by body language.

So if I were to give into base lust and Nathan and Jeremy were watching? I show Doug my "answer," arch up my pelvis, splay my legs and get my butthole into total view even as he is blistering my ass.

"You little slut!!" he said and redoubles his efforts all over the tops of my thighs. Talk about pain! But I take all that he has to give before he finally stops, my ass two masses of throbbing swollen flesh.

I relax and his hands start to sooth and pet, grope and probe. I moan, louder and louder and start to writhe over his knee helpless to him; just where I want to be, just where he wants me to be.

He stands me up, he with me. I help him out of his clothes and we hug, kiss and proceed to an evening of hot, satisfying sexual congress in Nathan's bed, a fact that adds a little spice at least in my mind.

We fell asleep after our love-making but a full bladder woke me up soon after. I left Doug behind and made my way out of the bed and the room and padded to the bathroom across the narrow hallway and without thinking (why should I?) opened the door without realizing it was already occupied.

I walked right in on him, his back to me, Nathan's that is. He was bare butt naked, his ass still pinked-up from his stropping, what I could see of it anyway because his hand was back there, centered, with his middle finger disappeared up his butthole. He was finger fucking himself, his other hand masturbating a raging boner.

His eyes had been closed, now opened, his head turned and looked at me like a deer caught in the headlights.

"Fuck!" he finally said and nearly knocked me over running from the room.

I waited with a pounding chest to hear him clattering down the stairs before I could relax and pee and returned to bed thinking about Nathan and what I had witnessed him doing. The temptation to think he was like Doug seemed too easy.

It would not have been difficult to take advantage had I wished. My cock was understandably re-excited as I lay next to Doug, but I fought it off and instead filed the incident away, finally falling asleep next to my boyfriend.

* * * * * * * * * *

Ah yes, glorious Thanksgiving Day, the very best of all American holiday traditions in my estimation and I was looking forward to all of it, especially the cooking and I was not disappointed.

Morning passed to afternoon and soon, all of Mr. and Mrs. Weber's hard work to provide every single Thanksgiving meal delight in detail paid off. It was very good and reminded me of the culinary delights of my own home's day.

I even called my family and enjoyed talking to them, Doug talked to them as well. I even felt a healthy dose of homesickness for my past Thanksgivings with them.

Nathan was pleasant but we avoided coming close to each other even during the traditional after-meal sports moment, the football game between the Packers of Green Bay and Lions of Detroit. He sat on one side of the room with Jeremy and his father, I on the other with Doug.

Then, shortly after, Mr. and Mrs. Weber with Jeremy spirited off with Doug to visit an elderly shut in friend, a few blocks away, their arms filled with generous samples of the day's culinary delights.

Doug didn't think I would be interested; they would only be thirty minutes or so. He would be right, I'd rather stay put but felt nervous being alone with Nathan. I decided not to say anything to Doug. What could possibly happen?

I found myself wandering to the backyard for the duration and thought I was alone for most all of the elapsed time.

"So, did you beat off after you walked in on me last night?" the voice said.

I turned, startled. There stood Nathan, his face more than a bit tense.

"What business is it of yours? If I did at your expense, so what?" I said out of foolish impulse. Though I was older than Nathan I still should not have risked his anger if he chose to bully me.

He stood there a moment, "It's all your fault that my big brother is a fag."

Talk about the truth of it coming out like a bombshell. So, my gut had been right. Well, I was ready,

"Oh is it? I'm that powerful am I? I think your brother is as he is because that's who he is."

My logic seemed to make him a bit angrier, "I ought to kick your ass," he said his hands forming fists but he did not move.

I had at times been bullied in my life and found that if I met attitude with some of my own, I could make them back down.

"Try it Nathan. I'll kick yours just as well and enjoy it even more."

My chest was pounding now. If he was going to try and pull off his sorry act at my expense, physically or otherwise, I was not going to go down without a fight.

He stepped forward, his finger pointed and shaking at me,

"Just try it faggot. I'll put you on your sorry homo ass!!"

Something snapped, uncharacteristically so, I don't know what. I launched myself at him and in a split second we were on the ground, rolling and attempting punches that never landed. It seemed to go on forever but in reality it was only a few unwise moments when I heard roaring voices and I felt myself being pulled up and off of Nathan, he would have felt the same as well.

Doug was livid, so was Mr. Weber,

"What the hell is going on here!!?" he rightfully asked.

"This faggot attacked me Dad!" Nathan blurted.

"Nathan!!" Mr. Weber shouted, provoked no doubt by Nathan's inappropriate sexism.

"Fine! We're leaving. I won't stand here and take that kind of crap from him Dad!!" Doug said. I felt Doug's massive empathy and protectiveness but to my surprise, I didn't want to leave, not now.

"Just ... don't Doug. Let's just all calm down and sort this out!" Mr. Weber wisely advised.

Mr. Weber took his shook up middle son into the house. Doug hugged me closely as I was on the verge of tears.

"What happened baby?! Did he hurt you? Why were you fighting? What did he say?"

I took a deep breath. I had never been slow to admit when I was wrong, even in this uncomfortable situation,

"He accused me of making you ... a fag. I told him it was nonsense. He threated to kick my ass. I told him to try it, I would kick his. He decided to lay on more tired words to provoke me and I jumped him. I took him down Doug. I started the fight."

Doug didn't answer for a long moment, he just hugged me,

"Good God Chad, I'm both proud of you and very angry with you! You know better than to start a fight like that. I get Nathan, but you?" and held me by the shoulders at partial arms length.

"I'm so sorry Doug. I let it get out of hand," I admitted but I did not reveal the incident of the prior night that had provoked it.

Doug took me by the hand inside to the family room where Mr. Weber sat with Nathan. I got my second wind and walked up to them, Doug behind me,

"It was my fault Mr. Weber. Words were exchanged, harsh ones. But I started the fight, not Nathan."

Mr. Weber looked at me with a small frown, "So I heard."

"Nathan has been cruising for it Dad!" Doug complained behind me.

"Screw you Doug!" Nathan said back to his brother. It made me sick to my stomach, feeling like I was the center of the controversy.

"Quiet both of you!" Mr. Weber intervened. Nathan buried his face in his hands. I briefly did the same and then faced Mr. Weber,

"Sir, this is my fault. If anyone needs to be punished, it should be me, not Nathan."

Nathan looked up, genuinely surprised.

"That's utter nonsense Dad!" Doug said with conviction.

Mr. Weber ignored Doug and sighed, "In our family Chad, both combatants get punished, side by side, but you are not under my rules."

"Right!" Doug replied.

"That's not fair!" Nathan rightly opined.

It took me no time at all to side with Nathan, as strange as that sounds,

"Nathan is right sir. If Nathan gets punished, so should I."

You should have seen Nathan's mouth fly open, speechless. Mr. Weber looked at me and then at Doug, also speechless.

I looked at Doug. I seldom got the drop on my smart boyfriend, but this time I prevailed even knowing that I might not like the idea shortly.

"But! ... " Doug started. Mr. Weber interrupted, "Chad is right son ... that is if he chooses to be part of this family."

I looked at Doug. I was proud of myself for one moment, then realized I had just condemned myself the next, but it was too late.

"Can't be helped babe," I said and then winced at my same-sex reference in Nathan's presence. I looked at Nathan, but he was oddly calm and seemed satisfied,

"Yea ...  babe!" he said even with a bit of humorous sarcasm clearly aimed at his big brother.

* * * * * * * * * *

I found myself back in the garage, but not as a spectator that Thanksgiving night. It would be Nathan's second day in a row under the strop's wrath, a rarity even for him. It would be my first. Nathan offered me the choice of leading off or watching his punishment.

"Your choice Nathan, I don't deserve the choice," I replied.

"Go for it Chad," he said and I nodded and stepped up to the saw horse, already naked and ready.

Doug stood nearby, supportive of both of us his arm around an incredulous Jeremy. I took up my position.

"Hold on and don't let go Chad. I won't treat you any different than I have Doug or Nathan," Mr. Weber instructed.

I have to say, it was hell just keeping my bare feet on the cold cement floor as well as my hands on the horse's length. We were to get fifteen licks each, just as Nathan had gotten the night before. I could have been done after five and marveled at Nathan's endurance. I barely made it and not without a lot of loud embarrassing yelps and a flood of tears.

Doug never hugged me tighter in our time together than after my ordeal was done,

"I am so proud of you Chad," and he even kissed me and rubbed a little on my sore throbbing butt.

Then we watched Nathan bend over and take his licks. I was neither turned on by my whipping, nor by watching Nathan's this go around. He was admirably stoical as usual but I felt that I had done the right thing even if Nathan chose to still blame me for his feelings about Doug.

We were sent to our respective rooms to cool off and wind down for thirty minutes or so. Doug offered to lotion my sore ass, but I declined and instead he gently just rubbed it and we quietly cuddled the time away.

When the time was up there was a knock on the door, we thought Mr. Weber.  Doug bade the door to open and there stood Nathan, in his blue boxers,

"Doug, mind if I ... talk alone with Chad?"

Doug looked at me and I nodded my assent. Doug left and Nathan closed the door.

"I apologize Chad. When you caught me last night like you did, I thought ... well ... I didn't know what to think, what you'd think of me."

"I didn't think anything Nathan. You got a whipping and wanted to get off. I do that ... I mean ... your brother and I ... oh god ... I mean ... "

Oh boy. How did that cat get out of the bag so easily? And not purposely, it just happened! I blushed.

Nathan smiled,

"It's OK Chad! Really! I get it, I do. You love each other and I have to get used to that," graciously not pressing the point.

"That doesn't make you ... you know ... gay or anything Nathan. It's just how some guys unwind"

He nodded, "Yea, I know ... but listen ... I didn't come up here just to shoot the shit with you ... like ... if you want to ... you know ... jack off together or something, that would be cool. We suffered together and all."

What a surprise and totally unexpected from Nathan! A huge weight lifted off of my shoulders just then,

"Sure, I'd like that!" I grinned.

We went quickly across the hall, he and I and locked ourselves behind the bathroom door. He stood on one side of the room with a small white terry cloth towel, me the other.

"I've done this before with guys like at summer camp," he said rather proudly.

I grinned, envious from head to toe,

"That's cool. I never got to do that." but soon, both of use were too into getting our rocks off to talk anymore.

Strangely, my erotic thoughts were not on Nathan, but on Doug just then. He was my knight in shining armor most times and his ability to get me all riled up mentally for school and sexually in our relationship astonished even me at times.

My orgasm came hard and strong and by the sounds of it, so did Nathan's.

"Fuck, that was good. You OK?" Nathan asked me as he walked to the sink to wash his hands and clean himself off.

"I'm great. Thanks Nathan," I said.

He said nothing more until he reached the door and then gave me a cocky grin,

"Hey Chad, it's OK like if later you want to jack off thinking about what we did together," and then disappeared.

Doug did not ask me what Nathan and I had done after he left us alone and went downstairs. I think he knew anyway.

The rest of the weekend was just like when Doug was with me at my home the prior year, fun and cheerful, making us both wish we didn't have to leave the old Victorian with the old oak out in front and return for the rest of the college quarter.

On the way home in the car together the following Sunday I could finally relax and tease Doug,

"Nathan is sure a hottie. Too bad I don't have the power to turn him queer like I did you!"

That bought me a snide chuckle, a smack on my thigh and a promise that I would be going over his knee that evening in our apartment for a good hard spanking, mostly for fun. Talk about Thanksgiving left overs!!

Happy 2011 Holidays to All !

The End

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