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Chapter 10

Holy shit. Nic stared wide-eyed at the scoreboard. Did they just win the game? Did he just win the game? Nic didn't have long to figure it out before the rest of his team ran in, slamming him from all sides as they jumped and hollered.

“Oh my god babe, you did it!” Amy ran towards him as he approached the sideline, planting a big kiss on his lips. “That was amazing!”

“That was pretty great,” Nic said as he ended his liplock with Amy and looked over her shoulder, seeing Derek, Tricia, Cory, and Stephanie on the other side of a barrier.

“Guys!” Nic walked towards them with Amy in tow. “Did you see-?”

“Yeah man, of course we saw!” Derek practically shouted back, half-laughing at Nic’s stupor. “You won the damn game man!”

“It was awesome, Nic.” Tricia added.

“We’re headed to my place to get set up for the party,” Derek was having to yell louder over the noise of the crowd. “See you there?”

“Yeah man, we’ll be there,” Nic waved them off, letting them get out before the crowd became too overwhelming. As he turned, he saw his family waiting for him as well, and he turned to Amy. “Wanna ride there together?”

“Of course!” Amy smiled. “Go talk to your parents. I’ll meet you outside the locker room later.”

Nic walked over, barely able to hear anything his dad was trying to tell him as he approached. It was at that moment that Nic’s teammates decided to grab him and hoist him in the air as they walked back to the locker room. He waved and half-shrugged at his family - he’d just have to talk to them later. This was going to be a fun night.

“Careful, I want this to be a fun night.” Derek guided two football players carrying a keg through the house into the backyard, where the festivities were well underway. Kids from Hartford Heights, mostly seniors, began flocking over in droves from the football game. Thanks to his older brother, Derek’s place was known to throw a good party.

“So... there’s something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about,” Cory twiddled his thumbs nervously as he spoke, mostly into his own lap. He and Stephanie were sitting in a couple of lawn chairs near a table on the porch, watching as the rest of their class drank themselves stupid.

“Uh oh, this sounds important.” Stephanie quit leaning back in her chair and sat up, turning to Cory with her hands in her lap “Okay, I’m ready.”

“Booooo,” Cory threw some chips from a nearby plate at Stephanie. “I’m being serious.”

“Okay, sorry, what’s up Cor?”

Cory looked around, making sure they were alone. Then, he took a breath and closed his eyes - time to bite the bullet. “I’m gay.”

Cory opened one eye when he didn’t hear any response. Stephanie was there, still facing him, eating some chips.

“... Well?”

“... Was that it?”

“What do you mean was that it?! I just came out to you!” Cory half-yelled, half-whispered.

“Sorry! I just didn’t... I kind of already figured that out, you know?”

“What do you mean?”

“I dunno. It just seemed like the logical answer. You’ve never mentioned girls like, even once the entire time I’ve known you. I’m pretty sure you’ve talked about a guy being hot a couple of times. It’s not like I ever thought you were into me or I was into you. ”

“... Oh.”

“Sorry,” Stephanie stood and walked around to Cory’s side of the table and hugged him. “Didn’t mean to steal your gay-thunder. You know I love and support you no matter what blah, blah, blah.”

“It’s fine,” Cory hugged her back before she took her seat again. “I think I just keep expecting this to not go well when I tell people.”

“Assuming the worst?”

“And being pleasantly surprised when I’m wrong.”

“So, have you told anyone else?”

“Uh... not really,” Cory wasn’t sure if it counted when the other person tells you they already know first. “Derek and Nic know, that’s pretty much it.”

“Aww, you told them before me? Lame.”

“So sorry, I’ll check with you on all future life events before telling anyone else.”

“That’s all I ask.”

Cory snorted as the two went back to people watching as more kids trickled in. A few minutes later, a series of loud cheers and hollering signaled that the rest of the football team had finally arrived. Cory watched as Nic and the rest of his team clambered through the crowd, most of them with their girlfriends in tow. Soon the beer keg had been tapped and Nic and the others were in full party mode.

“Yeah, I think he's gonna be pretty busy tonight,” Cory looked up to see Derek was walking over to them. “Hey Stephanie. Having fun?”

“Great party as always, Derek.”

“Thanks,” Derek turned back to Cory. “Need you to come with me for a second Cor, need your help with something on my computer.”

“Uh, okay, sure,” Cory stood and turned to Steph. “Find you later?”

“Yeah,” Stephanie stood herself. “Think I’m gonna go find a beer and then try and convince the cheerleaders to make a drunk pyramid.”

“Hope we don’t miss that later,” Derek said to Cory as he led him back inside the house and upstairs. Once they got to Derek’s bedroom he pulled a set of keys out and unlocked the door.

“What did you need help with, sir?” Cory shut the door behind him as Derek walked over to his desk. Rather then touch his computer though, he opened a drawer, pulling out... a butt plug.

“That was just an excuse to get you up here,” Derek walked towards Cory holding out the toy. “You know what this is?”

“A butt plug?” Cory took the proffered black silicone object, noting that it weighed a bit more then it would appear to at first glance. It was decent sized, probably a little thicker than Derek's cock was at the widest part. “Do you want me to put it in, sir?”

“Smart boy,” Derek held his hand out. “But first, I need your phone.”

Cory gave a quizzical look but said nothing, unlocking and handing over his phone.

“Good boy. Lube is in the night stand.” Derek pointed towards his bed as he began swiping and tapping through Cory’s phone, as well as his own. Cory still said nothing, trusting Derek enough to not do anything malicious. He unzipped his jeans as he walked over to the bed, pulling them down about half way before he fished through the nightstand for the lube bottle.

“Not too much,” Derek spoke without looking up. “Trust me.”

Okay... Cory popped the cap on the bottle, pouring a small amount onto the plug before spreading it around with his fingers. Then, bending over and bracing himself on the edge of the bed, Cory pressed the plug against his hole. He had cleaned and stretched himself earlier, per Derek’s instructions, so it wasn’t too difficult. At least the lube had warmed up when he spread it around.

Cory pulled his up jockstrap - also per Derek’s instruction - and jeans with one hand, looking around for something to wipe his hand off.

“Here,” Derek tossed him a towel, allowing him to wipe the lube from his hand before handing him back his phone. “Thank you boy. Notice anything special about the plug?”

“It’s kind of heavy... is it a vibrator too?”

“You’re kinda right,” Derek pulled out his own phone and made a few taps and swipes, causing Cory to almost drop his own phone in surprise when the plug suddenly began to vibrate. “It’s a vibrating, remote-controlled butt plug.”

Cory bit his lip to keep from moaning. The plug was very slowly pulsing in his hole, and it was making his cock chub up fast. Happy with the reaction, Derek used his phone once again to turn it off.

“It uses bluetooth and wifi to let me control it with an app on my phone,” Derek began explaining. “And now that it’s on your phone too, I can control it from anywhere, as long as you keep it on you. And you will keep it on you tonight, won’t you boy?”

Cory’s dick twitched at the implication. Derek was going to keep him plugged all night at the party, randomly turning the vibrations on and off, driving him crazy. Hell, if he weren’t careful, someone might even be able to figure out what was happening. Cory hated that he loved the idea. “Yes, sir.”

“It’s gonna be a pretty busy night, and we probably won’t see much of each other,” Derek reasoned. “This way you won’t feel so neglected when we can’t be with you. See? I’m always looking after my boy.”

“Thank you, sir,” Cory managed to get out between gritted teeth as he rode the plug’s pulses. “Very thoughtful of you.”

“You’re welcome, boy,” Derek grinned lecherously. “Now then, ready to head back downstairs?”

Cory thought for a moment. He briefly considered asking for the cock cage, knowing the plug would have him boning up in no time, but decided against it... for now. “No, sir. All good here.”

“Good,” Derek smiled, and turned off the plug again before leading Cory out of the room, locking the door behind him.

“Why are you locking the door, sir?”

“You think I trust those animals downstairs with any of the stuff up here? Fuck no.”

“You think she knows root beer is non-alcoholic?” Stephanie and Cory were people watching again, this time focused on a girl who was acting way too drunk for someone they had watched down several glasses of soda.

“Not if we don’t tell her,” Cory sipped his own beer, watching as the girl ‘stumbled’ about, enjoying the attention.

“So... do you have a boyfriend?”

Cory choked on his beer. “What?!” He looked around to make sure no one was around.

“Oh relax, no one heard me,” Stephanie rolled her eyes.

“Why are you asking?”

“Well, you’ve been really busy lately. I haven’t even seen you online much,” Steph pointed out. “Thought maybe that’s what was taking up all your time lately.”

“Oh. Well, no,” Cory told her, “Not exactly...,” speaking the last bit into his beer bottle.


“Nothing. No boyfriends to speak of. So-AAH!” Cory jumped as he felt the plug turn on once more, nearly spilling more of his poor beer.

“You okay?” Stephanie raised an eyebrow at Cory.

“Yeah, sorry,” Cory did his best to hold his voice steady as the plug buzzed incessantly against his prostate. “Beer went down the wrong pipe.”

Stephanie narrowed her eyes but said nothing, taking a sip of her own. Cory looked around the room, seeing if he could locate his tormentor. He spotted Derek a few feet away, standing with Tricia and Taylor. He smiled and waved at Cory, phone in hand. Bastard.

“Oh my god she’s taking her clothes off.”

Stephanie stared, wide eyed, as she watched the girl from earlier attempting to remove her shirt as two of her friends struggled beside her to hold it down. Cory watched as well, or at least attempted to before feeling the vibrations of the plug pulse even faster.

“Oh god.”

“I know, right? We should be filming this,” Steph finished her beer and pulled out her phone. “Hold on, I’m gonna get some close-ups.”

“Have... fun...” Cory was gripping onto his own knee tightly as he rode the waves of pleasure coming from his prostate. “I know I am...”

“You doin’ alright there, Cor?” Cory looked up to see Taylor had walked over to him, smirking as he sipped his beer. “Face is kinda red.”

“Yeah, I’m fiiiiiii-,” as Cory opened his mouth to respond, the plug suddenly began to move faster. Did he know? “Nnngghh. Fine.”

“Yeah? That’s weird,” Taylor took another sip. “Derek said he heard some kind of weird buzzing noise over here. Not sure I hear anything though. You?”

“Nnnnnnnope.” Well, that answered that. He knew and now he was tormenting Cory. Stupid hot jerk. “All good.”

“That’s too bad.” Another sip. “Came over to help you out, but if nothing’s bothering you...”

“How would you help me?” Cory asked Taylor. He was listening. “Sir?” Cory whispered the last bit.

“Why don’t you come with me and we’ll find out, boy,” Taylor stepped back as he spoke, turning around and walking towards the house.

Cory stood to follow, doing his best to not look like he was walking around with a vibrator in his ass. It wasn’t easy. So he was thankful that as he stepped inside the plug once again stopped. Maybe Derek saw him following Taylor?

Taylor strode through the house, weaving in and out of the gathering of drunk students as Cory followed. Cory did his best to keep up with his eyes locked on Taylor, when he nearly knocked someone over because he wasn’t paying attention.

“Careful.” It was Jackson... why did he always seem to be running into Cory like this? “Could get a drink spilled a on you or something.” He had his hand on Cory’s shoulder as if to steady him.

“Uh, yeah. Thanks...” Cory looked for Taylor in the crowd.

“Having fun?”

“I guess...” Cory really wasn’t sure what this guy’s deal was. “Sorry, I gotta find someone...” There he was. Cory spotted Taylor’s blonde hair across the room. Dude was practically a giant.

“Yeah, I’m sure you got places to be, people to take care of.” Jackson nodded in Taylor’s direction. “Stay safe, boy.”

Cory took off, happy to end the conversation. Something about the way Jackson said boy made his skin crawl. He caught up to Taylor and let the larger boy lead him upstairs. He must have been here before, because he had no problem finding his way to Derek’s bedroom. When he got to the door, he pulled a key from his pocket, the same one Derek had used earlier, and unlocked the door.

“Always make friends with the dude throwing the party,” he explained as he held the door open for Cory. “Gets you access to all sorts of useful things.”

Taylor set his glass of beer on Derek’s desk, turning and moving his hands to his belt, unbuckling his belt and opening his fly. Then, he sat on the edge of Derek’s bed, legs spread wide. “Why don’t you get over here and on your knees, boy?”

Cory didn’t need to be asked twice, moving between Taylor’s legs and kneeling. He looked at Taylor’s bulge, sticking out from his jeans and still growing, and tentatively ran his hand over it.

“No need to be shy now,” Cory looked up to see Taylor’s smiling, slightly-tipsy face looking down at him. “You and lil’ Taylor already met. Take him out and say hello.”

Cory stifled a chuckle at Taylor’s drunken yet sweet explanation, instead reaching forward to grip his boxer-covered cock more firmly. Taylor reflexively ground up into Cory’s hand in response. Seeing no point in wasting anymore time, Cory reached for the waistband on Taylor’s underwear and pulled it down under his heavy balls.

Release the kraken!’ Cory thought with an inward giggle.

“Mmm... good boy,” Taylor praised as Cory lowered his mouth over his dick. He pet Cory’s head as about half of his cock was swallowed down.

Cory’s mouth strained over the thick length, using his hands to hold it steady as he did his best to bob up and down the amount of cock he was able to actually fit in his mouth. He had somehow forgotten just how massive Taylor was. The struggle was reeAALLL--! The goddamned plug suddenly kicked into gear again, pulling a yelp from Cory that was only muffled by Taylor’s cock. Fuuuuuuck.

“Hehehe, the plug start again?” Taylor giggled at Cory’s reaction. “Sounds like it. Derek is something else. I’m sure you’re loving it.”

Groaning, Cory wasn’t so sure. Not that it didn’t feel amazing, but it had barely been an hour and it was already driving him crazy. How was he going to make it through the whole night with Derek teasing his hole like this? His cock was once again tenting the front of his pants, though Cory wasn’t sure how much of that was the plug’s doing and how much was Taylor’s dick. He felt his own hard cock through his pants, moaning around Taylor as he squeezed.

“Heheheh aww, poor boy horny?” Taylor was still watching for Cory’s reactions. “Go ahead and pull your cock out boy. Jamie used to love jerking off while he blew me.”

Once again, Cory didn’t need to be told twice, hands shooting to his crotch to undo his jeans, pulling his cock out and groaning again as he felt himself up. Soon he was stroking himself with one hand while he held and stroked Taylor’s cock with the other, all the while sucking down as much of the huge cock as he could. Taylor was silent as Cory worked, muttering only the occasional “fuck yeah” and “good boy” under his breath. Other than that, the only other sounds in the room came from Cory’s mouth.

Taylor’s hand in Cory’s hair tightened as he drew close to cumming. He made no attempt to take over Cory’s movements, just an indicator that he was close as Cory continued to work. With a final muttered ‘fuck’ Taylor came, his cock blowing his load directly across Cory’s tongue. Swallowing down what cum had quickly filled his mouth, Cory prepared himself to take the next few shots, still stroking his own cock as Taylor unloaded in his mouth.

Taylor kept his cock in Cory’s mouth when he was done, allowing the boy to suckle on the softening meat as he continued to stroke himself. With the taste of Taylor still fresh on his tongue, Cory shot his own load, remembering at the last minute not to shoot it on the floor and caught it in his hand. He released Taylor’s cock and caught his breath, leaning his head against Taylor’s knee for a minute. The plug was still buzzing away, less arousing now that Cory had blown his wad.

“Good boy,” Taylor was enjoying the postorgasmic high himself, and after a few moments gave Cory a pat on the head. “Come on, we should get back down to the party.”

Cory sat up and allowed Taylor to stand, tucking away his cock and re-buttoning his jeans. He held out a hand to Cory to help him up, but when Cory went to take it he remembered it was still covered in cum.

“... Lemme find a towel first.”

“Okay, okay... Never have I ever... gone skinny dipping.”

Cory took a drink as the junior on the other side of the circle finished her statement. Couldn’t exactly claim he hadn’t done that after that weekend at the cabin...

“When did you go skinny dipping?” Stephanie inquired as she gave Cory some side-eye.

“... It was on a dare with the guys up at the cabin.” That wasn’t entirely a lie.

“Straight guys are so weird.” Now that was something Cory could agree with. He and Stephanie were sitting as part of a larger group in a circle playing a drinking game. Cory had a nice buzz going, and this time it wasn’t coming from his ass. He looked around the circle and saw Nic, happily chatting away with Amy next to him. That made Cory smile. He saw Tricia, but not Derek - he was nowhere to be found. He saw Steve, mentally rolling his eyes as he turned away, and Taylor was there too, sitting next to Nic and talking with a teammate.

What was that guys’ name again? Cory was seriously the worst with names. The teammate was tall, almost as tall as Taylor, but much leaner. Cory thought he might have been a running back, but he also wasn’t sure if those were even the right words. He was hot, too: smooth, dark skin, short cropped hair, he even already had a full beard. Plus the physique that comes with playing high school football for three or four years. Fuck, what was his name?

The nameless player suddenly turned his head and locked eyes with Cory, who turned away immediately, though it was too late. He felt his face turning red, and hoped that maybe he could blame it on the alcohol. He nervously looked back, letting out a sigh of relief when he saw the guy no longer looking at him. Taylor, though, gave Cory a curious look from across the circle before going back to talking with his friend.

“Never have I ever... had sex on school campus!” Cory took a drink as the next person announced.

Cory,” Stephanie was stage-whispering at him. “When did you have sex at school!?”

Cory’s eyes went wide when he realized what he had done. “Uh... I...”

Never before in his life had Cory actually been happy to hear the noises of someone violently throwing up. But there’s a first time for everything, as he just learned. Before he had a chance to finish his explanation, the girl on Stephanie’s other side suddenly became violently ill, throwing up all over the lawn in front of them. Several of the people in the surrounding area, Stephanie included, took off in a panic, trying to avoid any backsplash. Cory breathed another sigh of relief, he really had to be more careful. And now he was going to have to think of something to tell Steph...

“Hey, Cory, c’mere,” Nic slurred his words slightly, the beer he had in hand working it’s magic, as he walked over to Cory. Amy was currently helping the girl who lost her lunch on the lawn, walking her inside with another girl. There was no sign of Stephanie. “I got something to show you. C’mon, over here.”

Nic walked past Cory and around the side of the house, heading towards a side door that connected to the garage. Derek had locked the door leading in from the house, but the side door was locked with an electronic lock - one that Nic and Cory both knew the code for. Nic approached the keypad and carefully entered the four digit code, his beer-buzz affecting his hand-eye coordination. He looked back to Cory to make sure he was still behind him, giving him a smile that fell somewhere between goofy and horny.

“What did you wanna show me, sir?” Cory walked past Nic as he held the door, turning to face him, knowing full well why they were here. The garage was dark, light from the streetlights filtered in from the windows above the garage door.

“I just hadn’t been able to see much of you yet tonight,” Nic closed the door behind him, other hand already on his crotch. “Thought my boy would want a chance to show appreciation to his sir.”

Cory chuckled to himself. The beer and winning the game had definitely gone to Nic’s head, but he liked it. It was the level of cocky that was just right, the kind of smirk that says ‘we both know you want this’ paired with just enough sweetness to make you smile. Cory was down to play this game.

“Yes sir, thank you,” Cory met Nic in the middle. “You were amazing to watch out there, sir.” Cory reached out and grabbed Nic’s cock through his shorts. “I’d love a chance to show you just how amazing.”

“Fuck yeah, boy,” Nic smiled at Cory’s response. He leaned back against the door, closing his eyes as he felt Cory feel him up. “Show me how much you want me.”

“Yes sir, thank you sir,” Cory dropped to his knees as he spoke, hand still groping Nic through his pants. “Watching you play always gets me hot. You are such a fucking stud.” Cory ran his other hand up Nic’s shirt and across his hard and hairy stomach. He released Nic’s cock and reached for his zipper, happily pulling out Nic’s growing length.

“Seeing you on the field, getting all sweaty and worked up...” Cory stroked Nic slowly with his hand, moving his face towards Nic’s belly, nuzzling it gently. The alcohol was making Cory feel bold. If Nic wanted to see just how much Cory wanted him, he was happy to show him. “I see the way girls fall all over you, sir. Thank you for letting me worship your body and cock, sir.” Cory kissed Nic’s stomach lightly, continuing to slowly stroke Nic with his hand.

“Fuck...” Nic looked down at Cory, not quite prepared for Cory’s affections. “Good boy.”

Cory smiled against Nic’s belly, making his way back down to his cock. He nuzzled his face against it’s base, inhaling some of the musk that had collected over the course of the evening. Freshly showered after the game, a combination of being outside and drinking had left Nic with just the right amount of sweat for Cory to get buzzed on. He sucked at the skin along Nic’s shaft, moving underneath to his hairy nuts, again stopping to first inhale, then taste his heady scent.

Nic watched as Cory moved his mouth along his belly and crotch, breath hitching as Cory dragged his tongue along the sensitive skin. He finished off his beer, setting it down on a nearby shelf, freeing his hands. He pulled the front of his shirt up, tucking it behind his head without fullying removing it, opening up his belly and chest.

Cory took the change in dress as an invitation, allowing his hands to travel up across Nic’s belly before following with his mouth. He stood once he had almost reached Nic’s chest, slowly snaking his tongue across the salty skin as he inched towards Nic’s nipple. He returned one hand to Nic’s crotch, slowly stroking while he made a swipe across his nipple with his tongue. Cory made a mental note as Nic moaned to try this again when they were sober. He was sure the beer was letting him get away with a lot more then Nic normally would, but he wasn’t about to stop now.

Nic closed his eyes as he felt Cory latch onto his right nipple. He was using both hands, stroking and squeezing Nic’s dick with one and massaging and feeling up Nic’s pec with the other. When Cory switched sides a few moments later, Nic’s hand instinctively went to Cory’s head, holding him in place against his chest. Fuck... this felt good...

“Gotta let you do this more often, boy.”

Cory was more than happy with what was going on. He spent a few minutes on Nic’s chest, alternating between which side he used his mouth and hand on. Nic allowed him to move back and forth, tough the hand in his head remained, not allowing him to pull away. Cory was fine staying where he was, but Nic’s continued reactions were only pushing him to go further...

“Oh fuck,” Nic’s hand instinctively tightened in Cory’s hair as he suddenly felt the boy dive face first into his armpit. His mouth hung open as he was inundated with a dozen different feelings at once. He felt Cory’s tongue as he lapped at his underarm skin. It felt good. Almost too good, nearly ticklish. He was slightly grossed out, but even more turned on at the fact that Cory had willingly shoved his face and mouth into his armpit. He knew the boy was into musk, but shit. He was practically devouring his armpit.

Happy that Nic was still allowing him to get away with this, Cory took his time cleaning Nic’s pit with his tongue. Nic hadn’t put on any deodorant after showering after the game. Fuck, it smelled and tasted so fucking good. The only thing that was able to tear him away from one side of Nic was knowing that there was another fresh pocket of musk waiting for him. Nic allowed him to move, still gripping him by the hair, but remaining silent other then the occasional moan or muttered curse. Cory really hoped he could convince Nic to let him do this again, when they had more time. And a bed.

Suddenly, Cory yelped directly into Nic’s armpit and grabbed Nic’s shoulders as if he was going to fall over. Nic looked down at Cory curiously, but couldn’t exactly make out what was on his face. Then he noticed what sounded like a really faint buzzing noise... coming from Cory, and something Derek had said to him earlier clicked.

“Haha, oh shit is that the plug?” Nic pet the back of Cory’s hair as he laughed. “Derek told me he had you wear that tonight.”

Cory only whined as he felt the toy buzzing against his prostate. He had almost forgotten it was there - but clearly Derek hadn’t. He braced himself against Nic as he tried to find his balance. Sensing an opportunity, Nic chuckled again as he helped guide him to once again kneel on the floor. Cory was once more eye level with Nic’s cock, inhaling him again as the plug forced him to steady his breathing.

“Open up, boy,” Nic tapped his cock against Cory’s lips. “This’ll help you focus on something else.”

Cory opened his mouth on instinct when he felt Nic looking for entrance. The plug was pulsing at an erratic rate, making it impossible to judge when the next pulse was going to come, which is probably what Derek intended. Since there was nothing he could do about it, he focused on what he could control - sucking Nic off. Breathing as best as he could through his nose, he lowered his mouth down Nic’s eager cock.

“Good boy,” Nic said as he relaxed against the door. Unable to help himself, Nic moved the hand that wasn’t on Cory’s head up his chest, feeling his own pec muscles. He smirked to himself - he was a fucking stud. With the sudden burst of cockiness, he started pumping his hips forward into Cory’s mouth, taking what he felt was already his.

Cory was actually happy when Nic started to fuck his face. The erratic pattern of the vibrator was making it almost impossible to concentrate. This way, all Cory had to do was keep his teeth out of the way and his gag reflex suppressed. The plug was also making his cock start to chub up once more, though Cory doubted Nic would afford him the same courtesy as Taylor.

“Open up that throat for me, boy,” Nic commanded as he plunged his cock in and out of Cory’s gullet, wanting him to take even more. “Wanna feel my balls against that chin.”

Cory tried to hum an affirmative, though he wasn’t sure Nic even heard it. His thrusts were quickly picking up pace, already immensely turned on from the body worship Cory did earlier. Soon his balls were slapping against Cory’s chin, just like he asked. Cory didn’t expect to be waiting much longer.

Sure enough, Cory felt the telltale swelling of Nic’s cock as he prepared to lose his load, the first shot firing directly into the back of Cory’s throat and almost making him gag. That at least prepared him for the next shots, filling his mouth rapidly and forcing him to swallow, lest he lose some.

“Swallow that load, bitch,” Nic continued to pump his hips in an out of Cory’s face as he came. “Take it all.”

Cory hummed his approval around Nic’s cock, happy to oblige his sir’s request. Once the thrusts had stopped, Cory took a few moments to clean it off with his mouth, licking up any stray shots of cum he may have somehow missed. Then with a final kiss to the head, he tucked the spent cock back into Nic’s jeans, zipping him back up.

Nic held his hand out to Cory to help him up, something Cory was very grateful for, given that the plug was still making his movements somewhat stilted.

“Good job, boy,” Nic smiled, still obviously tipsy. “That was really fuckin’ hot, the way you got on my chest and pits...”

“Glad you thought so sir,” Cory beamed inwardly. “Was my pleasure.”

“Let’s get back, Amy is probably wondering where I went,” Nic opened the door behind him, once again holding it for Cory.

The two boys walked back around the house to the backyard, happy to rejoin the party and their friends. Neither of them noticed Steve standing on the other side of the door, watching as the boy and one of his owners walked out of the dark garage, alone, together.

“So, you are seeing someone?”

“Not exactly. It’s just... really complicated right now,” Cory did his best to explain to Stephanie. The party was winding down, kids either getting ready to leave or calling an Uber or Lyft on their phones. Cory found Stephanie in the backyard, sitting at the same table from before, looking at her phone.

“I guess that explains why you’ve been so busy lately.” Stephanie’s sad tone broke Cory’s heart.

“I swear Steph, I wanna tell you so much more...” Cory started. “Just... give me a little more time to figure some things out. It’s just...”

“Really complicated.” Stephanie finished Cory’s sentence. “Right. Well, whatever is going on, I hope it works out.” Steph paused to look at her phone. “My ride's here. Gotta get going.”

“Oh, right.” Cory felt like the biggest asshole in the world as Stephanie came in for a hug.

“I promise, whatever it is you think I’m gonna freak out about, I won’t,” she squeezed Cory tightly. “See you on Monday!”

“See you!” Cory waved as she walked away. He really did want to tell her everything... he was just pretty sure she was wrong about not freaking out. Cory himself was still freaking out about it.

Cory looked around the backyard for Derek or Nic, but the only familiar face he saw was Jackson’s, who only gave him another one of those weird looks he’d been throwing Cory’s way. He headed towards the house to continue his search. He was just rounding the corner into the kitchen when he found Derek engrossed in a conversation with Tricia.

“...and I barely saw you tonight.” Uh oh, Tricia did not sound to happy. “Hell, this is the most we’ve talked all week.”

“I know, I’m sorry, I’ve just been so-”

“Busy, yeah, that’s what you’ve said almost every time you’ve canceled our plans the last couple of weeks,” Tricia crossed her arms. “I figured that at least tonight we’d be together. But you spent the entire party on your fucking phone. Or apparently talking to anybody who isn’t me.”

“Trish, I’m sorry, I swear-”

“Save it, Derek. You were the one who asked me to get more serious,” Trica punctuated her words with a poke to Derek’s chest. “Thanks for wasting my time.” Tricia walked out of the kitchen, giving Cory an awkward smile as they passed.

Derek stood in the kitchen leaning over the counter, back to Cory. He knew Trish was right. He had been a really shitty boyfriend lately. He thought he was balancing everything he had going on pretty well, but instead it seemed a lot of his new interests were monopolizing his time. He hadn’t expected to be so into them though...

“Hey, sir,” Cory finally announced his presence as he approached Derek. “You okay?”

Derek turned and gave him an awkward smile. “Yeah, I’m fine. I deserved that.”

Cory walked over to Derek and gave him an awkward side hug, and Derek responded by ruffling Cory’s hair. “C’mon, let’s go make sure everyone made it home or to bed safely. Seen Nic lately?”

“Not for about an hour,” Cory recounted when he and Nic had spent some time in the garage. “Maybe he went home with Amy?”

“Nah, she left a little while ago to help get one of her friends home. He’s probably around here somewhere,” Derek started walking back towards the living room. “Come on, we can get this place cleaned up a little while we look.”

Cory and Derek walked through the house, cleaning up and making sure people got home okay, either through a ride or by calling a Lyft if they were too drunk. Other then a few people passed out on couches, the place wasn’t too much of a disaster area. Still no sign of Nic, though.

With the inside secure, the two boys walked into the backyard to check on any remaining stragglers. There were a few kids hanging around (and a puddle of vomit), but the backyard had also avoided resembling a warzone. Derek again made sure everyone had a way to get home, but Nic was still nowhere to be found.

“Hmm... we should check the garage,” Cory suggested, remembering how Nic pulled him in there earlier. “We were in there earlier.”

“Is that where he took you?” Derek smiled before he started walking to the garage side door. “Sounds like you had a busy night.”

“Something like that, sir.’ Cory rolled his eyes behind Derek’s back as he entered the door code.

“Oh, hey,” a still tipsy Nic greeted them as they opened the door. “There you guys are.”

Standing next to him in the garage were Taylor and the hot, nameless football player Cory was staring at earlier. Cory flushed a little as he remembered being caught.

“Hey,” Derek chuckled at Nic’s demeanor. “What’s up, guys? Have fun tonight?”

“Yeah, it was a great party, man,” Taylor answered. “Me and Darryl here were just telling Nic about some of the stuff we used to get up to with Jamie.” Taylor finished his sentence with a knowing look towards Cory, currently stuck between feeling mortified and intrigued. The hot player, Darryl, also used to fuck around with Jamie?

“This the boy you were mentioning earlier?” Darryl looked Cory up and down, causing him to blush further.

“Yeah that’s him,” Nic jumped in. “Sucks dick like a champ. Want a go?”

Nic,” Derek found himself a little surprised at Nic’s forwardness; that was usually his thing. He looked to Cory. “Well, cat’s outta the bag now... What do you say, boy?”

Despite Darryl’s attractiveness, Cory did find himself hesitating. This would be the 5th guy Cory had fucked around with, and the third guy that Derek and Nic had ‘loaned’ him out to. As hot as it was, Cory was starting to feel worried about things going too far, or the wrong person finding out. He was gonna need to talk to Derek and Nic about this...

... after he finished sucking Darryl’s cock.

“Yeah, I’m in,” Cory said with feigned bravado.

“Great, been trying to find some pussy all night,” Darryl immediately began to grope his crotch. “I hope you can suck dick even half as good as Jamie did.”

“Oh, he can,” Taylor assured him. “Trust me.”

No one else moved to pull out their cocks, so Cory walked towards Darryl and kneeled in front of him, face to face with his crotch as he continued to grope it with his hand. He saw as Darryl’s snake of a cock began to expand down one of his pant legs. Darryl slowly unzipped his jeans, reaching his hand down to free his dick from its confines.

Holy shit. Cory was once again face to face with another massive dick. Jesus christ, was there something in the water in town or something? It was easily as long as Taylor’s, if not somehow a bit longer, though not nearly as thick. The long dark shaft ended in a set of nicely trimmed pubes, Darryl apparently being one for manscaping. His heavy, hairy nuts hung underneath, and Cory could almost hear them slowly churning Darryl’s load. Cory’s dick twitched to life as he knelt.

“Damn, he's as eager as Jamie was,” Darryl smirked as he looked down at Cory on his knees, slowly stroking his cock to its full length before pointing it in Cory’s direction. “Open wide!”

Cory did as he was told and Darryl’s cock quickly filled his mouth. As he slowly bobbed his mouth up and down he used one of his hands to cover the rest of Darryl’s shaft, using his other hand to reach down to squeeze and fondle his nuts. Unlike the others, Darryl seemed perfectly content to let Cory do all the work, making no attempt to start fucking Cory’s face. Once Cory felt comfortable enough in his rhythm, he started to swallow more and more of Darryl’s cock. With it’s much more reasonable thickness, Cory was having no issues deepthroating about three quarters of the dick.

“Shit, you were right,” Darryl watched fascinated as Cory slurped up and down his length. “He is good.”

Cory looked up, mouth still full, in an attempt to convey a thank you, when he felt the sudden jolt of the plug still in his ass coming to life once more. The sudden vibration in his hole caused Cory to jump forward, inadvertently burying the rest of Darryl’s dick in his throat with a muffled yelp, arms clinging to the hunky footballer’s legs for support. As Cory unblocked his airflow by pulling his face away from Darryl’s crotch, he heard the sound of Derek chuckling behind him. Asshole.

“Aww, you doing okay there, boy?” Derek asked the question he already knew the answer to.

Goddamnit sir, you have been teasing me with that thing all night,” Cory spoke through gritted teeth as he rode out the vibrations from the plug. “Either fuck me or take it out before I scream.”

There was a beat of silence, in which Cory suddenly became very aware of how he just spoke to Derek. Then Nic burst into laughter.

“Damn D!” Nic managed to get out. “I think you broke him.” That was a good sign, though Cory was still waiting to hear what Derek was going to say.

“... Well shit, boy, sorry.” Cory breathed a sigh of relief into Darryl’s crotch. “I have been playing with you all night. Only right I take care of you.” Yessssssss. Cory heard the sound of a belt buckle bein undone, and happily went back to sucking on Darryl’s cock as he moved his legs back for Derek.

“I thought you were supposed to be the one in charge here?” Darryl teased, looking down and giving Cory a wink. “This boy got you whipped.”

“I don’t know about whipped,” Cory felt Derek settle in behind him as he spoke, plug slowing to a stop. He felt Derek’s hands working to pull Cory’s pants down past his ass. “But he’s a good boy... usually. I did tease him all night with this.” Derek tapped against the plug before taking a hold of the base, sliding it from Cory’s hole and holding it up for Darryl to see. “Can’t blame the boy for needing his hole filled.”

Cory blushed as he was talked about and his body manipulated as if he wasn’t there. He looked up at Darryl somewhat nervously, but he received only a smile and a pat on the head in exchange. Shaking off his doubts, Cory resumed sucking and throating Darryl’s cock as he felt Derek’s fingers pressing into his ass.

“Good, wearing this all night has you nice and opened up,” Derek spoke as he drove two fingers in an out of Cory’s hole, causing him to buck and moan around Darryl’s dick. “Won’t even have to use much lube.”

The snap of a cap indicated that at least some lube ws being used, as Derek spread it up and down his cock before moving closer to Cory, placing his feet on the outer sides of Cory’s legs. With his jeans bunched up near his knees, he was unable to spread his legs. Cory felt Derek lowering himself, squatting on his spread legs as the head of Derek’s thick cock pressed between his cheeks.

Cory mentally braced himself as he felt Derek’s cock pressing forward, slipping in with ease. Derek was right, the plug had really opened him up. Might be worth wearing them more often when Cory knows he’s going to spend the evening getting fucked. Cory started moaning as Derek’s cock glided across his prostate, already more than halfway buried inside of him.

“There we go,” Derek gave Cory’s ass a smack as he bottomed out. “That better, boy?”

“Mmmhmmm,” Cory moaned around Darryl’s meat, unable to do much else in his current position. He continued to slurp happily away at Darryl as Derek pulled his hips back and began to fuck. The next few minutes progressed in relative silence other then the occasional slurp from Cory or spank from Derek. Taylor and Nic watched the scene entranced, Nic unable to help himself from pulling his cock out and playing with it once more.

Darryl had lowered to his own knees, which made it easier for Cory to not have to lean up so high. The new angle also allowed for Derek to penetrate Cory’s hole even deeper, forcing more muffled moans and groans from him as he began to really slam his force forward.

“Damn dude, he’s definitely noisier than Jamie was,” Darryl was loving the way Cory reacted, both to his dick and the one in his ass. “I’m getting close but... I might need to try that ass out one day.”

“Heh, well I don’t think our boy here would mind that much at all,” Derek spanked Cory, who moaned an affirmative, “Mhmm.”

Hearing that Darryl was getting close motivated Cory, daring to deepthroat even more of his cock without fear of gagging. He wanted that load. Hard to believe only a few months ago he would have been gagging and choking all over it. He felt Darryl move both of his hands into Cory’s hair, gripping gently as he started tugging Cory’s face forward as he sucked and slurped away, balls slapping against his chin with every thrust.

“Fuck, man,” Darryl was the one gritting his teeth now. “Gonna nut. Swallow it, boy!”

Cory felt Darryl’s cock expand in his mouth before it fired off the first volley of cum, splattering the roof of Cory’s mouth. Rather than continuing to fuck his cock in and out, He pulled back, leaving barely more than the head in, gripping his cock with his hand and milking out the remaining shots. Cory moaned as he felt the remaining shots land directly on his tongue, happily swallowing Darryl’s salty snack as his mouth filled.

“Fuck,” Darryl looked down and released his cock, which was then grabbed by Cory, who made sure to squeeze every last drop off before releasing his now-cleaned cock.

“Right?” Derek gave Cory another smack as he continued fucking him. “Trained this boy good.”

Cory couldn’t argue with that. So he wouldn’t. Instead, he closed his eyes and focused on Derek’s cock in his hole as it poked and prodded his prostate. He bit his lip as he felt the pressure growing. He hoped Derek would be able to fuck at least one orgasm out of him before he came.

“Open up,” The tapping of a wet cockhead against his lips had Cory opening his eyes, seeing Nic now towering over him, jerking his cock. He opened his mouth and went to take him inside, but Nic held his head in place. “No. Just open your mouth.”

Cory did as he was told, holding his mouth open for Nic, who picked up the pace of his jerking. At the same time, Cory felt Derek shift as well, setting down one knee to give him more leverage. The pace and strength of his fucking picked up rapidly, and soon Cory was looking up to Nic as moans and squeals were forced from him, mouth agape.

“Fuck, move over dude.” It was Taylor, who was now standing next to Nic and also furiously stroking his cock. Oh god, they were both gonna paint his face and mouth. Cory felt his dick twitch and his hole squeeze tightly around Derek as he groaned loudly.

“Fuck, here it comes boy-!” Nic was the first one to lose his load, with three or four volleys of cum splattering across Cory’s face and mouth. He milked his cock free of every load, ensuring every drop landed on Cory’s face or in his mouth. Happily Cory licked his lips clean and swallowed, eager for Taylor to finish now as well. He didn’t have to wait long, as he soon found Taylor’s free hand in his hair, pulling his head back to hold him in place as Taylor added his own cum to the canvas of Cory’s face.

“That was fucking hot,” Derek’s hands were now digging into Cory’s hips as he held onto him tightly, slamming forward with full force. “Not much longer now, boy.”

Cory only whined in response, eager to now chase his own orgasm now that he had finished servicing everyone else. Or at least that’s what he thought before he felt the tapping of a cock against his lips once again - Taylor and Nic expected to be cleaned off, naturally. Cory suckled on the head of Taylor’s cock, ensuring that every last ounce of cum was in his belly before switching to Nic. As he worked on cleaning Nic, he felt his own orgasm begin to wash over him, letting loose a high-pitched whine as he released Nic’s mostly-cleaned dick. He bit his lip as he felt his hole spasming around Derek, who continued to fuck him all the way through it without stopping.

It seemed that Derek was also waiting for Cory to cum, because once he felt Cory’s hole relax once more, he really picked up the speed of his fuck, slamming his hips into Cory’s ass at an almost punishing pace. Cory braced himself against the floor, knowing that they were in the home stretch.

“Alright, boy,” Derek spoke to Cory as he felt the cum in his balls begin to boil. “Everyone in here has gotten off tonight, including you. Except me. So now, it’s my turn.” Derek ended his statement with another smack, never slowing the speed of his thrusts.

Cory moaned again, his prostate still being manipulated with every move of Derek’s dick. He felt Derek’s cock as it began to swell as it prepared to fire off it’s own load. Cory tightened his hole, milking Derek’s cock for all he was worth before he felt Derek pull his hips backwards to meet his own, slamming and holding them together. Derek growled as he bred Cory deeply, unable to form any coherent words. He continued to try and push deeper with each subsequent shot, coating Cory’s walls from top to bottom.

“Goddamn, guys,” Darryl whistled as he watched Derek and Cory coming down from their euphoria. Derek could only give him a thumbs up, still catching his breath. Cory made no attempt to move at all, instead savoring the pleasant feelings of soreness in his ass as Derek continued to occupy it. He needed to wash his face, and he definitely still had to talk to Derek and Nic about some of this stuff. But...

...if he could have spoken, he would have agreed with Darryl. Goddamn.

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