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Chapter 8

“You sure the lock on this will be okay in the water?”

“Should be,” Derek reassured a questioning Cory. “I mean, you’ve been showering with it on, right?”

“Oh, yeah,” Cory sounded a little dumbfounded. “Don’t know why I didn’t think about that...”

“If it does get stuck, I’m pretty sure we’ve got a bolt cutter in the garage at home,” Nic half-joked.

“No, thank you,” Cory’s hands moved to cover his junk.

It was late Saturday morning, and the boys were walking together down a path through the woods, After their energetic post-dinner fuckfest the night before, the boys turned in early, Derek and Nic cleaning up while Cory laid on the pulled out couch in a fucked out daze. Too exhausted to move anywhere else, the three boys passed out in a tangled, sweaty heap.

What that meant was actually waking up at a decent hour the next day instead of sleeping until the afternoon like they usually would. After they spent the morning cleaning themselves up (and out, in Cory’s case), the boys decided to take advantage of the day’s warm weather and head to the nearby lake for a swim. After first grabbing a few towels and changing into their swim trunks, the boys made some sandwiches, threw them in a bag with some sodas, and headed out.

Located in the middle of Hartford Forest, Lake Shepard was a popular hangout spot for kids in the area, who would often throw parties late at night lakeside or at another spot in the woods along the river. Derek and Nic had been to a number of such parties, and Cory had been dragged along to a couple of them himself. It was not uncommon to see the telltale signs of empty beer cans and a burnt out campfire when walking along the trails.

Before long the boys arrived at their destination, a sandy shore with a nearby cliff that was perfect for jumping off of. At least that’s what they always thought about it when they were kids. The calm waters stretched out before them. The only sounds they could hear were the birds in the trees above. They seemed to be alone, with no boats on the water and all the nearby shores empty. The weather was warmer than it typically was this late in the year, so it was doubtful that anyone else had planned a lake trip for the day.

“Water’s real calm, I can’t even hear anything other then the forest,” Derek spoke as he walked towards the shore, looking out over the lake.

“Perfect, we’ve got the place to ourselves,” Nic dropped the bag he was carrying next to a tree.

“Good, remember last time we were here?” Cory put down his own bag, reaching in to take out the towels they packed. “You kept hitting on those girls from the softball team until you pissed them off so much they threw your stuff in the water. I don’t feel like helping you fish it out aga-”

A pair of shorts suddenly hit Cory in the back of the head mid sentence. Turning around, Cory caught sight of Nic’s tanned and furred ass as he ran naked off the outcropping, letting out a loud “WHOOP!” as he leaped into the water with a splash.

“See something you like?” Derek chuckled as he teased Cory, taking off his own shirt and shorts. He tossed them to Cory before joining Nic in jumping into the water.

Cory was slightly red in the face as he stood there, still holding both boys’ clothes. Was he supposed to...?

“You coming or what, Cor?” Derek shouted from the water. “It’s nothing we haven’t seen before.”

It wasn’t Nic looking that had Cory worried. It wasn’t even about being naked at all - it was the cage. Being caught skinny dipping might be a little embarrassing, but how in the hell would he explain the cage around his dick?

“Come on, Cor!” Nic taunted. “Unless you’re really that scared...”

With a sigh, mostly to himself, Cory dropped the clothes he was holding and took off his own shirt. Then, after taking a deep breath, he hooked his thumbs into his waistband and pulled them down. Before he had too long to think about it, he took off in a sprint, jumping into the water without warning, splashing both Nic and Derek.

“Took you long enough,” Nic teased as Cory came up for air.

“Whatever, bacon-dick.”

Derek could only laugh as Nic splashed Cory in response.

The boys spent the next hour or so in the water together. Relaxing, talking, goofing around. It felt like they were in middle school again. Once they started to get hungry, they headed towards the shore and dried off.

“Go ahead and grab the food for us, Cor,” Derek gave the order as he finished drying his legs.

Cory wrapped his towel around his waist as he reached for the bag with the sandwiches, retrieving a bag of chips and some of the sodas as well. He walked back to join the others on the shore, Derek wrapped in his own towel, and Nic spreading his on the ground before taking a seat, legs spread wide. He was clearly enjoying the freedom. Handing some food to the both of them, Cory took his own seat and tucked into his sandwich.

The boys ate quietly, the sounds of their chewing barely audible over the rest of the forest’s sounds. After finishing his first sandwich, Derek was the one to break the silence.

“So... only got a few more playoff games until the championship, right?” Derek aimed his question at Nic, unsure of how it would be received. The loud groan in response told him all he needed to know.

“Don’t remind me, dude,” Nic was sitting against the base of a tree, eyes closed. “It’s all my dad talks about when I’m home.”

“Are you worried about losing or something?” Cory asked before starting in on his second sandwich.

“Nah, not really. We’re probably gonna win,” Nic started. “There’s even gonna be college scouts watching, as my dad likes to remind me.”

“That’s good though, right?” Cory knew he was going to have to rely on scholarships himself to cover tuition, he would have loved to qualify for a athletic scholarship if he could.

“Maybe? I still don’t even know if I want to play football in college,” Nic griped. “Dad sure fuckin’ has his mind made up though. Not surprised if he’s already got where I’m going picked out for me too.” Nic paused, no longer enjoying being the focus of his friends’ attention. “What about you, Cor? You applied early to schools over the summer, didn’t you?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, a few. I haven’t heard anything back, yet.” Cory lied, a little. He had actually heard from them, even got acceptance letters... but he was also still waiting to hear from some scholarship opportunities. Until he had a better idea of what his financial situation was going to be, Cory wasn’t going to be able to accept any of the offers. If he didn’t manage to win any of them, he might be looking at a few years of community college instead.

Cory also lied for the same reason the three of them always avoided talking about college stuff. Any of them actually talking about where they wanted to go would confirm something they already knew - that they were going to different places, and this would probably be the last time the three of them would be together like this. Cory wanted to ignore that information for just a little while longer.

“Any idea where do you wanna go?” Derek asked exactly what Cory didn’t want to answer. “You’ve got a lot of options for anything computer or engineering related...”

“There’s a few places I looked at... I’ve got a lot of options,” Cory skipped past any information about his financial limitations. “No matter where I end up going, I’m worried about how my mom is gonna be without me.”

“She’ll be fine, boy,” Derek reassured. “You know she wouldn’t want to do anything that would screw up school for you.”

“That’s what I’m worried about,” Cory was starting to lose his appetite. “That something will go wrong and she won’t tell me because she doesn’t want me to worry.”

“Ugh, parents suuuuck.” Nic added from his spot against the tree.

“No kidding, bro.”

“How are things with your parents, sir?” Cory was happy to move the spotlight off of himself.

“They’re fine.” Derek took a deep breath. “They’re... trying, at least.”

“Are they coming back soon?”

“No, but they want to fly me out to them for Christmas at least. Better than getting a bunch of deliveries at the house and opening them all myself.”

“You know, you’re always invited over to my place Xmas morning...”

“Ditto, bro,” Nic concurred.

“Yeah, I know. It’s still not the same,” Derek appreciated his friend’s offers, but what he wanted was for his own family to care. “I’m also positive my dad’s working an event Christmas day, and mom will just end up working too. Kind of surprised they even know I’m graduating this year.”

“At least they aren’t on your ass about college shit, bro.”

“They both think I’m going to go to the same business school they did. Mom probably expects me to come work for her after graduation. Same as Craig is going to do.” Derek would kill for his parents to actually talk to him about college and the future. “I dunno though. Business sounds boring as hell.”

“What do you want to do then, sir?”

“I dunno. I think I might wanna do something with counseling, or psychology?” Derek liked figuring out what made people tick. “Seems more interesting, and at least I’d be helping people instead of trying to bring in the most money.”

“I think you’d make a great psychologist, sir.”

Derek smiled. “Thanks, boy.”

“Ugh, can we talk about something else now guys? Over the shitty parents-and-college conversation. I get enough of that crap at home,” Nic griped once again. Then a lecherous look took over his face. “Besides, I can think of much better uses for your mouth then all that talking, boy.”

Nic’s change in tone caused both Derek and Cory to look over. Legs still spread, his cock was already half hard, and growing. Cory subconsciously licked his lips.

“Get over here, boy,” Nic stood up and leaned back against the tree, his cock growing to full mast. “Got a treat for ya.” He punctuated his sentence by grabbing and wagging his cock in Cory’s direction.

Cory made to move towards Nic, before remembering where they were. Looking around, he could see that the lake was still empty, and the woods were silent. Taking only a moment to psych himself up, he made his way to Nic before dropping to his knees in front of him, using his towel to pad his knees. Wordlessly, Nic guided his dick into Cory’s mouth, letting out a small sigh of pleasure as he felt the warm mouth enveloping him.

Cory closed his eyes as he began to bob up and down on Nic's cock. It was quiet outside, but not truly silent. It was as if Cory could suddenly hear every individual leaf in the trees, could feel every breeze that blew by. He did his best to not let his nerves get the best of him and drown everything else out, using Nic’s scent and taste to ground him.

The sound of crunching leaves caused Cory to open his eyes, seeing Derek as he slid up next to Nic, his own towel forgotten on the ground. He slowly started stroking his growing cock as he watched Cory working on Nic. Without prompting Cory reached one of his hands up, replacing Derek’s as he stroked it to it’s full length.

Cory continued to swallow Nic’s cock, taking all but the last couple of inches into his throat without issue. After a few minutes of this, Cory pulled off with a soft *pop* before moving to repeat his work on Derek. Switching hands, Cory gripped Nic’s wet cock, slowly stroking it in time with his mouth.

Derek gripped Cory gently by the hair, thrusting his hips forward slightly in time with Cory’s mouth. As with many of their recent adventures, the thrill of what they were doing, the idea that they could be seen, only turned Derek on more. Before long he was holding Cory’s head still, steadily fucking almost his entire length in and out of his mouth.

Cory moaned around Derek’s cock, feeling the grip in his hair grow tighter, holding him still. Cory could feel his own dick attempting to grow from within its confines, to no avail. Fuck, Cory couldn’t wait to get this damn cage off and jerk off again. Whimpering, He concentrated on keeping his throat relaxed and making sure Nic’s dick didn’t flag.

After a few minutes of face-fucking, the boys once again swapped places, with Nic holding Cory’s mouth steady as he fucked it and Derek’s cock once again being stroked. Cory allowed himself to be manipulated without protest, moving his head when tugged and swallowing down whatever was put in his mouth without prompting. The rough use had him turned on like it always seemed to, his caged dick was slowly dripping precum onto his towel on the forest floor.

After another swap, Derek was back to fucking Cory’s face, this time with increasing roughness. Cory was starting to have to fight against his gag reflex as Derek’s full length was pummeled in and out of his throat. Before long Cory was unable to keep up with the pace. After releasing his grip on Nic as he focused on not gagging, he placed both his hands on his own thighs, helping him balance as he kneeled.

“Fuck, boy, I’m getting close,” Derek warned, the volatile thrusts of his hips already giving him away. “Swallow it, take my load.”

As if Cory would do anything else. After attempting to give an affirmative around the length in his mouth, Cory readied himself to follow his owner's command. After a few more thrusts, each one burying Derek's dick to the hilt, he came.

The first shot landed directly on Cory's tongue, Derek having pulled his cock back until only the first couple of inches remained. He gripped his cock firmly, quickly stroking the inches that remained outside of Cory’s mouth with his hand. The subsequent shots followed the first, coating Cory’s tongue as his mouth began to fill quickly. After swallowing down the first mouthful, Cory allowed Derek to finish stroking himself, squeezing every last bit from the tip. He quickly cleaned off and swallowed whatever remained once Derek had finished.

Another hand on his head pulled Cory back towards Nic, who wasted no time inserting his hard and dripping cock back into Cory’s throat. He wasted no time in setting a brisk pace, quickly matching Derek’s earlier pace. The slight increase in length tickled Cory’s gag reflex, but he quickly fought that down as he happily took the face pounding Nic was giving to him.

“Shit, I’m getting close boy,” Nic spoke through gritted teeth, his hips still rocking back and forth. “Just a few more minutes.”

“Hmm...” Derek spoke from behind Cory. “Did you guys hear something?”

“Haha dude,” Nic snarked, eyes closed. “Shut up, I’m trying to cum.”

The sound of a twig snapping in the distance had Cory’s eyes opened in a instant, though the only thing he could see from his current location was Nic’s furred stomach, as it moved with the rest of his lower body as his cock pistoned in and out of Cory’s throat. What was that?

“Okay, I definitely heard something that time.” Derek was now whispering.

Frantically, Cory tried to move from his spot in front of Nic, but found himself held in place as Nic continued to fuck his face undeterred. Cory could heard sounds of rustling behind him, though he couldn’t make out what it was. He hoped it wasn’t someone about to catch him with eight inches of dick lodged in his throat.

Dude, come on, we gotta go,” it was Derek again, sounding hurried, the rustling noises seemingly coming from him. “Someone’s coming.”

“Yeah, damnit, me,” Nic’s hips began snapping erratically, Only making it more difficult for Cory to attempt to push away. “Fuck...”

Cory found his head held in place, pushed down onto Nic’s cock completely. His gag reflex fighting against the intruder in vain, he could feel Nic’s cock expand as it began to shoot, directly into his throat and down into his stomach. Nic continued trying to push more of his cock into Cory with each shot, his hairy groin mashed against Cory’s nose. He bit his lip to keep silent, his muscles straining as his orgasm passed.

As soon as Cory felt Nic’s arms relax, he pushed himself away, the wet cock still twitching in the air. Fighting to keep himself from coughing and ignoring the burn in his throat, Cory quickly turned around to see that Derek, still naked, had already gathered up most of their belongings. Hopping to his feet as best he could, Cory made to help, picking up their clothing and towels. Suddenly, they heard more noises in the distance, closer this time.

“-and then, like, he didn’t even ask me if I wanted any of his fries. What kind of guy does that?” It sounded like a girl around there age. Probably a couple of them.

Shit, “ Derek continued to whisper. “That’s it, let’s go now. That way.” Derek pointed in the direction opposite of the noises, once they made it over the hill they’d be safe.

After making sure he didn’t forget any of their clothing, but leaving some of their leftovers, Cory took off in a quick but quiet sprint, passing by Nic still in his post-orgasmic afterglow, leaned against his tree. From behind him, Cory heard the familiar *smack* of skin on skin as Derek knocked some sense into Nic.

The two re-joined him on the other side of the hill, Nic rubbing his shoulder in annoyance. Cory wordlessly handed them both their shorts so the three of them could make it back to the cabin without causing a scene.

“Idiot, we almost got caught,” Derek was still whispering though his annoyance was clear.

“Whatever, we’re fine,” Nic defended. “I knew what I was doing.”

Cory nearly balked at that but remembered their need to remain silent. Suddenly the voice from earlier spoke again, this time louder.

“...eww, is that a half eaten sandwich on the ground?!”

The three boys fought to stifle their laughter as they made their way back to the cabin.

A few hours later - and after a much needed nap - the boys are back at the cabin, once again grouped around the television together. They were watching some action movie, though Cory was only half paying attention and couldn’t remember the name. There were a lot of cars and explosions. He remembered the first 15 minutes, but then there was a sex scene and the lead guy had a really nice ass and Cory was really hor-

“Hey,” the feeling of a cold glass bottle pressing against his shoulder almost made him jump. It was Nic, holding a bottle of beer out for Cory. “Sorry about earlier. Didn’t mean to almost get caught out there like that.”

“Oh, uh,” Cory accepted the beer, the apology entirely unexpected. “Thanks, sir. I appreciate that.”

Nic smiled and tapped his own beer against Cory’s before moving back to his spot on the couch. The three boys watched a few minutes more fo the movie in a comfortable silence, before Derek stood to go to the bathroom. Upon his return, Cory noticed that had brought one of his bags with him.

“Alright, boy, you've been pretty well behaved since our little confrontation last week.” Oof, Cory didn't need to be reminded. “C’mere, time to take off your cage.”

Oh thank god,” the words were out of Cory's mouth before hand he even thought them. Cory clapped his hand over his mouth as Nic guffawed from the couch.

“Just get over here before I change my mind, boy,” Derek chuckled, fishing the keys from his bag.

Cory stood from his spot on the floor and walked to stand in front of Derek. He and Nic had on shorts but Cory had remained naked since getting back from the lake. It felt kind of weird, standing in front of his best friend with his cock aimed out. Weird had become the new normal lately.

Derek took a hold of Cory’s caged dick to keep it steady as he attempted to insert the small key into the lock. Nic simply watched from his spot on the couch, as uninterested as ever in handling another man’s junk. He was pressed back into the corner of the couch like it might decide to leap out and attack him. With a click, Derek turned the key and removed the lock, opting to allow Cory to remove the rest of the cage himself.

“Thank you, sir,” Cory said, quite appreciatively. He reached down and began to very carefully remove the plastic from around his cock and balls, happy to let his dick once more fly free.

Derek took the cage from Cory and returned it to his bag. Before Cory had a chance to move back to his spot on the floor, Derek grabbed a hold of his wrist.

“Hold on boy, we aren’t done yet,” Derek spoke as he once again rummaged through his bag, this time pulling out a small chain.

“Oh, you wanted to do that now?” Nic took a swig of his drink before sitting up.

“Figured we might as well,” Derek answered, holding one end of the chain in each hand. “Just replacing one lock with another.”

Cory watched Derek curiously.

“It’s been about three months now since we stepped in and took charge of your training,” Derek started to explain. “Aside from a few hiccups, you’ve handled things pretty well. So, I figured you earned this: we got you a collar boy.”

“Another one of his ideas,” Nic indicated. “But I have to admit, it’s kinda hot knowing you’re walking around marked as owned.”

Cory was at a loss for words. A collar? Wow. That was... that was great. Right? He knew about collars, knew they were a big deal, something that symbolized ownership. And Nic was right, they were also pretty hot. His dick sure seemed to think so. But something also felt... off, looking at the chain Derek held in his hands.

“I... Thank you, sirs.” Cory stood still as Derek leaned forward to wrap the chain around the back of his neck. Cory could feel the hot breath on his chest. Once the chain was in place, he held the two ends together, attaching a small padlock which he then snapped shut.

“There we go,” Derek leaned back to admire his work. “It’s small enough that you should be able to tuck it into your shirt. Just like with the cage, we both have a key so if there’s an emergency either of us can take it off.”

Cory reached up to feel the chain and lock. It was heavy, but not uncomfortable. Kind of a reminder of what he was. He smiled, whatever weird feelings he was having, he was happy about this. And again, his dick sure wasn’t arguing.

“Hey D, I think he likes it.” For someone so grossed out by dicks, Nic sure seems to notice them a lot.

Derek smiled at Cory. “Good. On your knees boy. Let’s make sure you know who owns your ass.”

Cory’s dick twitched as he complied with the order, lowering himself to the floor. Rather then stay seated on the couch, Derek stood up, his cock already forming a small tent as it began to inflate. Following his queue, Nic stood as well, and Cory was soon face to face with both of their crotches.

“Take ‘em out, boy,” came the next order, which Cory followed first with Derek, then Nic, reaching in and tucking the waistband of their shorts under their balls. Without prompting, he began to stroke them to full hardness.

Derek took the lead, pulling Cory’s face towards his cock, who automatically opened his mouth to take him in. Bobbing up and down on a little more than half, Cory used his hand to stroke the remaining uncovered inches of flesh. As he moved his head back and forth, he felt the lock on his new collar swaying, tapping him against the chest with a steady beat. That was new.

A sudden tug on that same collar caught him off guard at first, but he complied with the wordless order, moving his mouth from Derek to Nic. Holding onto Nic’s cock firmly, he watched as a bead of precum grew on the head. He leaned forward and made a show of cleaning it off, moaning as he then smoothly swallowed the length of Nic’s cock nearly to the hilt.

“Fuck...” Nic cursed under his breath as his hand suddenly moved to the back of Cory’s head, holding him down as well as helping Cory get the last inch or so into his mouth.

Pulling back, Cory once again used his hand to help stroke the dick occupying his mouth, slick with his spit. Cory hummed to himself as he began to pump his mouth up and down, the collar’s lock once again tapping him against his chest. Rather than spending too much time focusing on one of them, Cory made sure to switch off every few strokes. In the months since he had sucked his first cock, he was starting to think he might actually be a little skilled with his mouth.

That sentiment seemed to be shared between Derek and Nic, who were having no problems finding their rhythm as they traded off utilizing Cory’s mouth and throat. The room was starting to feel hot, and both boys broke into a light sweat. The two of them were standing side-by-side, nearly touching, to make it easier for Cory to trade off without having to move much. Each boy could only hear the sounds of their own breath over the slurping noises occasionally escaping from Cory’s mouth.

For his part, Cory was also sweating, though he wasn’t paying attention enough to that to notice. It was warm, but all that to him was increase the scent of the musk that was currently fogging his head. The way they smelled, the way they tasted...Cory’s own cock was jutting straight out, rock hard and steadily leaking pre from the tip. He groaned lowly as he continued to throat their dicks.

After wiping his forehead, Derek withdrew to rummage through his bag again, leaving Cory to focus on Nic for a few minutes. When he returned, he didn’t rejoin Nic in using Cory’s mouth, but instead kneeled down behind him. The snap of the cap on the bottle of lube confirmed to Cory what was coming next, so he was prepared when the cold lube-covered finger poked towards his hole. Instinctively, he arched his back to allow Derek to find his hole more easily.

Cory moaned as he felt the finger breach him, pausing briefly as he felt his hole adjust. Nic picked up the slack, continuing to slowly feed his cock to Cory, the rumbling around his cock from Cory’s moaning drawing out his own. He watched as his cock was pumped in an out of Cory’s mouth, his lips growing puffy and red as they scrapped along the sides.

A second finger soon joined the first, and Cory planted his hands on the ground in front of him, allowing both boys to manipulate his body as needed. His own dick remained rock hard, a trickle of precum trailing to the floor. He hadn’t so much as touched it since the cage came off, and he was starting to realize he wasn’t all that bothered when it was. His body didn’t seem to mind.

Cory’s hole twitched as the fingers were pulled from his ass, and he let out a small whine of displeasure, still hungry to be filled. A gentle tug on his collar and him opening his eyes - Nic was pulling him to his feet, Derek already having moved over to the bed, slicking lube up and down his cock. As Cory approached the bed, his arm was grabbed and he was pushed onto the bed, with Derek right behind to arrange him to his liking.

Face down on the bed, Cory felt his hips grabbed and pulled back, raising his ass to the same level as Derek’s crotch. He made to stand up on his hands as well, but the hand on his back told him to stay where he was. Instead, Cory grabbed onto one of the pillows above his head, pulling it to his chest. He had a feeling he was going to be in for a rough ride. Or roughly ridden, at least.

Soon, he felt the familiar taptaptap of a cock against his ass as Derek lightly smacked his cock against Cory’s hole. Taking a deep breath and burying his face in the pillow, Cory felt his hole stretch as Derek entered him once more. He moaned as his prostate was scraped over, the pillow muffling most of it. Derek didn’t stop pushing until he was all the way inside, His pubes scratching against Cory’s ass, giving the lightly fuzzed cheeks a couple of spanks for good measure.

Derek barely gave Cory any time to adjust before he pulled his cock back a few inches, then pushing it back in. The pace increased quickly as Derek held a tight grip on Cory’s hips, only leaving to give the occasional spank to his ass. Before long he was pounding his dick into Cory, using his grip to pull Cory’s ass back every time he slammed forward.

Still moaning into the pillow, Cory turned his face to the side for some much needed air. His cock was still hard, and now steadily smacking upwards into his belly as Derek drilled into his ass. He could feel the precum splatter every time his cockhead hit his belly. If he was on his back he was sure there’d be a puddle forming on his stomach.

Opening his eyes, Cory saw Nic standing next to the bed, eyes glued to the action going on behind him. Stroking his already lube covered cock, he was waiting for his turn. Cory whimpered at the thought of being used like this, without a care for how he felt. A particularly strong and well angled thrust had him suddenly burying his face again, once more muffling the high pitched whines he couldn’t help making.

Maybe the boys felt the need to reinforce their ownership after the collaring. Maybe just the idea of owning someone like that did it. Whatever the reason, Derek and Nic were determined to fuck. No nonsense, no frills, no more foreplay; just fucking. Derek looked down and watched as Cory’s ass swallowed his cock with ease. Then his eyes trailed up and saw the collar. With a sudden growl, Derek planted both his hands on Cory’s shoulders, his weight pinning Cory to the bed.

The sudden addition of weight on his back caught Cory by surprise, though not enough to make him struggle. He could still move his head, could still breath without issue. It actually felt good, being pinned like that underneath Derek. Derek started fucking him even faster, now practically looming over Cory as he slammed down into his hole. Cory heard what sounded like a growl escape from Derek, who never let up on the punishing pace of his pounding.

Cory’s cock continued to leak, almost ensuring there would be a decent sized wet spot by the time they were finished. With each pass over his prostate his cock would throb and leak even more precum. He knew he would cum any second now, he was just bracing himself for when the dam finally broke. He didn’t have to wait long, as a few moments later Derek pushed him over the edge. Using the pillow to once again muffle himself, Cory squealed as he came, his cock shooting hands free onto the mattress below and up onto his belly. His hole spasmed and twitched as Derek continued to fuck, his sensitive prostate walking the line between pleasure and torture.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” he eked out through gritted teeth. As his cock made the final few thrusts, he practically roared out his orgasm, slamming forward as each shot was fucked deeper and deeper into Cory’s ass. As he caught his breath he continued to rock his hips back and forth, his cock slightly softer but still more then enough to leave Cory whimpering.

Derek gingerly extracted himself, moving to the side to make room for Nic, who wasted no time in replacing Derek behind Cory. Cock already lubed, he pressed his cock against Cory’s open and leaking hole, pushing in before the boy had a chance to fully recover. He whined, out of arousal and a little pain, burying his face once more in his pillow.

“Damn, dude,” Nic commented as he started his fuck. “You really stretched him out this time. Practically feels like a pussy.” He punctuated his sentence with a spank, enjoying as Cory moaned and reflexively tightened his hole.

“He may as well have one these days.”

Cory couldn’t really argue, what with his cock quickly filling once again as Nic’s 9 inches stretched him open once more. It didn’t seem to make a difference whether he was caged or not - Cory loved getting fucked. He hadn’t exactly had the opportunity to do any fucking of his own yet, but there was no way it could compare to this. Cory’s eyes rolled back in his head as Nic re-angled his thrusts. No way.

Nic would have agreed with him, though from the other side of things - since fucking Cory’s ass the first time, he had come to almost prefer it, not that he would admit that to even himself. It was tighter, warmer, and he didn’t have to worry about knocking Cory up. Even getting sloppy seconds like this seemed better, the walls of Cory’s well used hole squeezing around him like a vice, but still soft enough for him to pound into with no mercy.

Looking below him, he took the scene in, Cory’s ass jiggling each time his cock slammed home. Above that was Cory’s back, muscles straining from exertion. And further up then that, Nic could see the collar, the symbol of his and Derek’s ownership. Cory’s hands were still pressed into the mattress, as if holding on for dear life. Well that won’t do.

With both hands, Nic grabbed Cory’s wrists, pulling his arms behind him and pinning them both to the small of his back. Other then a small yelp of confusion, Cory made no attempt to protest or move from where he was being held. Nic growled, fuck, he loved that. His thrusts grew stronger, he was going to cum any second now. Still gripping Cory’s wrists tightly, Nic followed Derek’s lead and all but shouted out his orgasm, slamming Cory into the mattress with his hips. Cory’s hole twitched as it was once again bred, filled to the brim with his owner’s cum.

Rather then climbing off of Cory, Nic allowed himself a few moments to catch his breath, sprawling himself on top of Cory. He smiled as he felt Cory’s hole continuing to squeeze and massage his cock from inside. Hell, if he had a few minutes he could probably go again. Yeah, fucking ass was pretty great.

The rest of the cabin trip passed quickly, their remaining time split once again between goofing off and fucking. The boys headed home Sunday afternoon, the rest of the trip passing with little fanfare. After he was dropped off, Cory walked up to his apartment, his hand moving up this his new collar as he did. He smiled. He still wasn’t sure exactly what all of this meant but... this had to be a good sign, right?

His mom was out when he walked in, and Cory was thankful to get a little alone time. He briefly thought about texting Derek or Nic to ask to jerk off, but realized he didn’t really want to. It was weird, he spent so much time while locked up wanting to jerk off and now that he’s free... eh. It’s not as if he needed to with Derek and Nic around now.

Cory walked to his room and turned on his computer, deciding to goof off while he had the chance. After checking through his usual websites, he checked his email, where he saw a reminder email sent from a college he had thought about applying to about deadlines. Hmm, actually... Cory pulled up a list he had made earlier in the year: colleges he, Derek, and Nic had talked about applying to. Cory thought back to what Derek and Nic had said about school over the weekend. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to put in a few more applications. Having more options wouldn’t be a bad thing...

“Nic, there you are!” Nic’s dad greeted him as soon as he walked in the door.

“Hey, dad,” Nic walked past his dad, intending to head back to his room, before he noticed there were guests in the living room.

“Shit, is that little Nicky?” Luis, one of his dad’s friends, stood up to greet him. “How the fuck did you get so big?”

“Nic, you remember Luis right?” Luis was an old friend of his dad’s, they used to work construction together when Raphael was still putting himself through college. Nic hadn’t seen him in years, didn’t even know he and his dad still talked.

“Yeah, I think so, it was a long time ago, right?” Nic remembered Luis just fine, he was just really hoping this guy wasn’t expecting him to call him ‘uncle’ still. “Gabby was still a baby.”

“We ran into each other at the gym yesterday, invited him over to watch some football today. You got home just in time.”

“Oh, cool,” Nic cringed inwardly as he put on a fake smile. “Let me just put my stuff away.”

Turning from the room, Nic’s false smile fell as soon as he was out of their line of sight. Dropping his bag, Nic flopped face first onto his bed, letting out a muffled scream into the mattress. He was so sick of fucking football.

Derek logged onto his computer when he got home, alone once again. He wasted no time, jumping straight to his email so he could fire off a message to Carl. The older man insisted on using email to talk, saying things like Facebook or texting were too informal. Derek was glad you couldn’t see someone’s eyes rolling over the internet.

‘Hey! So we did what I talked to you about. You were right, the collaring went off without a hitch. As soon as I put it on him, it was like all the energy in the room shifted. We both fucked him right there, didn’t even need to talk about it.’

Derek had really enjoyed talking to Carl. On top of all the great toys and gear he had introduced Derek to, he’d also proved to be a valuable resource in Cory’s training, getting both ideas of what to do and information on BDSM protocol to follow. He was a great guy to bounce ideas off of.

‘So, we’ve got this big party coming up, and I was looking at these remote control vibrators...’

Lots of very kinky ideas.

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