Owned by TJ Chapter 1

From the time I was old enough to know what an erection was, I have worshipped jocks. I knew at a very young age that I loved self-confident, arrogant men, and I knew that I felt a certain excitement when I was in the presence of guys like this. Even though the type of guys that I idolized so much did not ever even give me the time of day, I still secretly worshipped them. I would get a boner sometimes just looking at a hot, cocky jock.

When I was a high school junior there was one jock in particular that I secretly idolized. His name was Tim, but everyone called him TJ. He was like a total god to me, the absolute-perfect man of my dreams. Not only was TJ active in just about every sport, he also was incredibly hot looking. He maintained a perfectly chiseled physique, was tall, broad-shouldered, and blonde. He kept his hair cut really short and always wore the coolest clothes. He was the type of guy who wouldn't hesitate to peel off his shirt on a summer day as he walked down the street. He had an air of confidence about him that few people had the balls to challenge.

TJ of course did not even realize that I existed. The few times that I did happen to be lucky enough to actually be in his presence, he didn't even give me the time of day. Nonetheless, I would just observe him, watch him from afar and fantasize about what it would be like to actually be his friend. My fantasies would expand, and I'd think about different scenarios where we would be together. Sometimes I would imagine what it was like to be a jock like that. My fantasies often were not just about being with TJ, but were actually about being him. What was it like to look at your own reflection every day in the mirror and see a god like that staring back at you? What would it be like to be that popular, to have that many friends and that many admirers?

I would never know what any of that felt like, and so I often just fantasized about simply being near TJ. I imagined him befriending me. I thought about the idea of being his best friend -- being his bud. I thought about him draping his arm around my shoulder, playfully slugging my bicep. I thought about hangin with him, cruising around town together, and just being pals. It was truly a far-fetched daydream, but he was my hero. I couldn't help myself.

The story I'm about to share with you is how I finally did succeed in getting my hero to notice me, but it doesn't end there. The thing that I learned from my experience with TJ was that sometimes you should be very careful about what you are wishing for. What began as a simple high-school crush on my part ultimately became an obsession. The obsession, though, was not my feelings for TJ, but was his love of the power and control that he held over me. He eventually gained the ability to manipulate me in ways that I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined, and the more power he wielded, the more his appetite for it seemed to increase. Eventually I became his property, and every day of my existence was a complete living hell. This is how it all happened:

Doing TJ's Homework

I'm not exactly sure why I even signed up for high school wood shop. I never had been very skilled at any form of household handiwork, and the class itself proved to be a major challenge for me. My only salvation was that there was a nice guy named Steve who sat next to me and offered me a lot of assistance. The one secret benefit to the class, though, was that TJ was also in it. I actually shared two classes with him. In addition to both being in woodshop together, we also shared a Government class.

Many times during the hour that I spent in shop class, I would find myself fixated upon TJ. I sat behind him and generally he was not facing my direction, so I would stare at his broad shoulders. I'd watch him intently as he rose from his seat and strutted over to use the jigsaw or the lathe. I could see his bicep muscles flexing as he planed down a board or operated certain machinery. Wow! He was totally awesome.

One day when I was sitting at my workbench trying to figure out how to glue my nearly-completed birdhouse together, I looked up to see TJ sitting at the bench directly across from me. This time he was facing my direction, and inadvertently we made eye contact with one another. Immediately I felt self-conscious and looked back down to my project. When I looked up a few seconds later, I saw that he was still staring at me. I started to feel my face reddening and squirmed a bit on my stool. Why was he staring at me like that? I thought I was the one who was obsessed with him, but now suddenly it was like he could not keep his eyes off me.

When I look back upon the scene now, I realize that TJ was enjoying the sense of control that he had over me. By merely using his gaze, he could cause me to feel discomfort. Truly he did possess a sense of control over me that I did not understand. In my delusional state of mind, I started to feel a little bit giddy. I was thinking that maybe he had some feelings for me, that maybe he was interested in me in a way similar to how I felt about him.

Later that evening when I was alone, I realized that my thoughts were very much irrational. Why would a jock like TJ even give two shits about a pipsqueak like me? I was truly nothing to him. He was heroic and was idolized by literally every one who ever met him. I was just a complete nobody, on the other hand, and I was scrawny compared to him, being less than five and a half feet tall and weighing only 125 pounds. So then why was TJ glaring at me like that? Was he just preoccupied and his gaze had happened to fall upon me? I knew that I had been guilty of that sometimes myself. I'd be daydreaming about something, just staring off into space, but then would suddenly realize that I was looking directly at someone.

This did not seem to be the case in this scenario, though. TJ's stare had seemed very deliberate. His eyes were not glazed over, and he was not daydreaming. He had been looking at me, and he was deliberately trying to make me feel uncomfortable. His attempts were extremely successful, I realized, for here I was several hours later still ruminating upon what he had done to me. I fell asleep that night after jacking myself off, thinking about the power that this jock seemed to possess.

The following day TJ and I again made eye contact with each other. This time, though, it did not end there. He very casually motioned me with a quick movement of his head, apparently calling me to come over to him. I nervously dropped the clamp that I was holding in my hand at the time and immediately slid off my stool. When I got over to his bench, he was no longer looking at me but had instead refocused his attention to the project upon which he was working. It appeared to be some sort of footstool.

I just stood there silently for a few seconds, afraid even to speak. Finally after a few moments, when I realized that he wasn't about to say anything, I mustered my courage and squeaked out a salutation. "Hi," I said. "Did you want me?"

"Huh?" he said, seeming to be annoyed by my distraction.

"Sorry," I said. "My mistake," and I quickly turned to head back to my seat.

"You're gonna do something for me," he said in a very matter-of-fact tone.

"Um, sure," I said, as I spun back around to face him. "Sure, what do you need?"

"It's not about what I need," he said, still not even looking at me. "It's about what I want. I got a lot a shit goin on right now, between homework and sports and shit. You're good in school, right? You get good grades and stuff?" Finally he looked up at me, staring me straight in the eye.

"Yeah, I guess. I get A's, if that's what ya mean."

"I want ya to start doin my government homework."

Suddenly I felt myself starting to feel a little bit queasy. This jock was asking me—no, telling me—that he wanted me to cheat for him by doing his homework assignments. I had never cheated for anyone, and certainly didn't want to start doing so now. "But, um, won't that be cheating?" I asked meekly.

"Are you deaf?" he said, now sounding even more irritated. "I told you what you were gonna do, and you're gonna do it. I didn't tell ya you could ask questions about it. If you don't do it, then there'll be serious consequences. You understand?"

For a few seconds I was in shock, not really knowing what I should do, but then a thought flashed through my mind instantly. All this time I'd been praying that TJ would notice me, and I'd been fantasizing about how it would be to have him as my friend. This could be the perfect opportunity to become his friend! Once I started helping him, he was sure to like me. Plus, if I refused him, surely he would beat the crap outta me. "Um, I'm sorry. Sure, I understand. I'd be glad to do it for ya. I'll bring your assignments to shop every day so that you have em before fifth hour."

"Cool. Now get away from me. I gotta concentrate on this project."

"Okay, sorry." Quickly I headed back to my seat.

Later that night, when I sat at my desk typing out my homework assignments, I suddenly realized that this task was not gonna be as easy as I had first thought. It would not be acceptable for me to simply copy all of my own assignments for TJ verbatim. I was gonna have to re-do his, phrase the answers differently than my own, so that our teacher did not suspect any cheating. Thank God we were allowed to turn in typewritten work rather than writing it all out by hand. That would have really been a challenge, to replicate Tim's handwriting.

Oddly as I sat there at my desk preparing TJ's assignment, I felt somewhat excited. I was even getting a bit of an erection, knowing that I was doing something special for this jock that I had secretly worshipped for so long. Maybe I should have been pissed about it, being that he had been so rude to me. I mean, he never even asked me, but had instead just ordered me to do this for him. Then he had even added a threat, saying that if I didn't do exactly what he said, there would be serious consequences. I guess there was a part of me that was a tiny bit rebellious. I sort of felt a little bit of resentment towards him. What gave him the right to boss me around like that?

But those thoughts didn't last too long, for the more I thought about it, I realized that I really did like doing his homework. I liked the fact that I was doing something to please him. Did this make me some sort of a wimp? Did it make me a pushover or something? Maybe if I had not worshipped TJ for so long, I would have gone to the principal and reported him. But then again, maybe I'd have been too scared. After all, he certainly had the power to back up the threat he'd made against me. Even the principal could not protect me from TJ if he had it in for me. And with him being so popular, I knew that if I ever got on his bad side, my life would be totally worthless.


The Consequences


For the next month I reported every morning to shop class with TJ's government assignments in hand, ready to turn them over to him. Every single day my encounter with him went exactly the same. I approached him and held out the homework as he dismissively snatched the papers from my hand. He did not thank me or even acknowledge me in any way, other than to take the papers from me. Each time I handed them over, I felt a mixture of feelings. I was really pleased with myself, knowing that I was doing something for him, and then on the other hand I was a little bit embarrassed. I felt like I was such a pansy to allow someone to take advantage of me like this. Most of the time, I rationalized my doubts, and told myself that what I was doing was merely a method of self survival. I had to do what TJ told me, or he'd pulverize me.

I also had within my mind some false sense of control. If I convinced myself that I was choosing to obey TJ and do his homework, then I really was not doing anything against my own will. I was doing it voluntarily, and thus he did not actually have control over me. As much as I idolized him, I did at first attempt to maintain this certain level of pride. I wanted to think that I had made a decision to do this for TJ. I told myself it was a gesture of friendship. However, what I did not stop to think about was that TJ really was not my friend. He did not regard me as such in the least. I merely was a minion to him—someone he owned, in a way. I was someone who existed to do his bidding, and so far his bidding had merely been the completion of his government homework.

It was not until after that first month that I realized that I really did not have any control whatsoever in the situation. The way that I realized it was by failing him and thus facing the consequences of which he had warned me. We were approaching mid-terms that week, and I was incredibly busy. Then unexpectedly, my parents informed me that my aunt and uncle were coming for the weekend and would be staying at our house. This meant that my cousin Jared was going to be there. Jared was the same age as me, and we really enjoyed each others' company. So I spent the entire weekend hangin with him, and on Sunday night when our houseguests left, I finally sat down to do my homework. I spent a good three hours studying for my chemistry exam, and then started in on my homework. By the time I got my assignment done, it was after eleven o'clock. There was virtually no way I could stay up another hour to re-type TJ's assignment. I knew he was gonna be disappointed, but he'd just have to deal with it. After all, I had done all his work for him so far, and for this fact he surely should be grateful. He really couldn't hold it against me, as one person could only be expected to do so much.

Well this is the reasoning that I used that evening as I crawled into bed. I kind of felt a certain sense of pride too. It felt good to take a stand, and to do what I needed to do for myself. I knew all along that I should not have been cheating for TJ, and I actually sort of hoped that this would bring the whole homework issue to a close. Maybe after I failed to obey him, he would realize that he could not manipulate me like that, and it would be over with. After a month of doing his work, I was starting to not idolize him quite as much anyways. What kind of person would cheat like that anyway? Is that who I wanted for my hero?

The next morning when I walked into shop, I headed straight for my workbench. My heart was pounding within my chest when I saw TJ walk in, and quickly I looked away. If I just ignored him and said nothing, then maybe the whole thing would blow over. TJ had never approached me thus far, as it was always my responsibility to deliver the homework to him. Throughout the entire hour of the class, all I could think about was what TJ was gonna do to me. Maybe he would punch me or something. Maybe he'd beat me up. What should I do? If I went to the principal now, I was likely to be expelled myself. After all, I had been cheating for over a month, and had been doing so of my own free will. Plus everyone in that school, including the principal, literally idolized TJ. I doubt that he would have taken my word over that of his star athlete.

As the bell was ringing to dismiss class, I hurriedly grabbed my book bag from under my workbench and headed straight for the door. Just as I was about to exit, TJ stepped in front of me. "Forgettin something?" he asked.

"TJ!" I said, being startled by his sudden presence. "Your homework, you mean... um... I'm sorry. I didn't have time. I don't have it."

"What?" he asked. "I don't think I heard you."

I just looked up at him, feeling my knees starting to tremble. "I'm sorry. My cousin was over for the weekend. I was so busy..."

TJ then very confidently grabbed the front of my shirt and pulled me closer to him. "Meet me at the back exit by the gym at lunch. Be there by five minutes after twelve and have your government assignment with you. If you don't, I fuckin guarantee ya you'll be sorry!" He had lowered his voice as he swore at me, and his words seemed to rip right through me. I suddenly felt a sense of fear wash over me unlike anything I'd ever experienced.

"Ok," I said, and then he pushed me away from himself and walked out the door. Quickly I looked around to see if anyone had witnessed the confrontation, but at this point everyone had already left.

My stomach was in knots the entire morning, and as I headed down the hallway towards the back exit at noon, I could actually hear the sound of my beating heart in my ears. I don't think that I had ever been so frightened my entire life. I knew that this was a huge decision for me, for now was my one and only chance to rat on TJ. If I did not go to the principal right then, I'd never be able to go back later. If I once again caved into TJ, how could I then turn him in later? I would look just as guilty as him, and no one would believe a word that I said.

But I also knew that if I tried to rat on him now, he still would have the power to exact a horrible revenge against me. He might get into some trouble for threatening me and bullying me into doing his assignments, but there was so much shit that went on in school that the administration had no control over. I would not be safe from TJ or from his many jock friends. They'd always have the ability to make my life hell.

So I decided to do the only thing that I could reasonably do. I decided to meet TJ as he had demanded. I would simply apologize to him and beg him not to hurt me. Then I would offer to make it up to him somehow. He had insisted that I bring my own homework assignment with me to our meeting, so I suspected that he was planning on taking it from me. I had of course saved the assignment on my home computer and could make some changes and turn it in late. I knew I'd be marked down for it, but at least by forfeiting my original to TJ I might be able to save my own neck.

When I walked outside the back door of the school, there did not seem to be anyone around. Everyone pretty much was in the cafeteria by this time. Nervously I leaned against the wall, and placed my book bag on the ground near my feet. Then I closed my eyes for a few seconds, trying to gather my thoughts. All of a sudden out of the blue a powerful force connected with my abdomen, and as my eyes shot open and I started to double over, I realized I could not even breathe. Someone had approached me and slugged me right in the gut. Instantly I saw that the someone was TJ. He was standing there, towering over me as I bent over, clutching my stomach painfully.

As quickly as TJ had slugged me, he pushed me back into an upright position. When he did so, my head slammed against the brick wall behind me. "C'mon faggot!" he sneered at me, "We're goin to lunch together." Then he grabbed my arm and dragged me behind him. I scrambled to pick up my book bag from beside me, and tripped as I did so, landing face-down on the concrete. "Get the fuck up!" he ordered, and I scurried to obey him as quickly as possible.

TJ took me out into the parking lot to his sports car and shoved me in the passenger seat. Then he strutted around to the other side and got behind the wheel. Without saying anything, he started the car and peeled out of the parking lot, heading straightway towards McDonalds. When he pulled up to the drive-through speaker, he ordered a couple of combo meals without consulting me. Then before pulling forward to pick them up he turned to me and stated emphatically, "Give me ten bucks." Luckily for me, I did have a twenty in my wallet, and so I quickly unzipped my book bag to retrieve it.

After he paid for the burgers, TJ pocketed the change without giving me a thought. He then peeled out of the parking lot, placing the bag beside him without offering me anything. I was too sick to my stomach to eat anyways, so it really didn't matter. He drove a short distance, heading away from the school. Finally he pulled into a park and turned off the engine. We were the only ones there.

Very calmly TJ then opened the McDonalds bag and took out his burger. He took a couple bites from it and chased it down with a swig of Coke. He placed the burger on top of the dash and then reached in for the second sandwich. "You want special sauce on your Big Mac?" he asked.

I looked at him puzzlingly, wondering what he was talking about. He then lifted the top of the bun off the burger and hocked up a huge lugie right onto the meat patty. He then smashed the bun back down on top of it and smeared it around. "Eat up!" he ordered, as he shoved the burger into my lap.

I couldn't believe he had just done that, and was not about to eat it, not in a million years. I nervously looked up into his face, trying to see if maybe he was just joking or something. "What the fuck?!" he said. "Are you fuckin deaf? Eat your Big Mac!"

I knew if I even attempted to bite into that disgusting sandwich I would puke my guts out, but how could I disobey him? He had just proven to me that he was not afraid to use force against me. If I didn't eat it voluntarily, he'd probably force it down my throat. As I stared wide-eyed at him, I felt myself starting to tremble again. I knew that I was almost on the verge of tears, and I definitely didn't want him to see me cry. Quickly I picked up the sandwich and took a bite. He then busted out laughin.

"Taste good?" he asked. "You like my jock snot?" I just quietly looked at him and nodded.

"Okay, well here's the deal, fag. I didn't really have anything against ya til today. I mean, it's not like I like you or anything, but so long as you do what I tell ya to do, I'm not about to give ya any shit. But you fucked up big time, and I told you a month ago that if you did, you'd pay the consequences. So far all it's cost ya is a punch in the gut and twenty bucks... and ya get to eat my snot," he laughed again. "You're also gonna give me your own homework assignment and act like you didn't get yours done." He was leaning back in his seat confidently, his legs spread apart as he stared out the windshield.

"But ya know," he said in a manner that indicated he was really thinking the matter over carefully, "I just don't think that you've suffered any really severe consequences, and I told ya they would be severe..."

"TJ," I said, "I'm so sorry... please, just take my homework and I promise I will do all the rest of your assignments."

"First off, fag, don't be callin me TJ. From now on I'm `Sir' to you! Got it? And second, your promises don't mean shit to me. You will do whatever I tell ya to do, no matter if you want to or not, so I don't care what you promise me!"

"Yes, sir," I answered him.

"Cool, now that we got that settled, let me think about how I wanna punish ya."

Again, I wanted to beg him for mercy, but I knew it would do no good. I had to just sit there and wait for his sadistic mind to finish dreaming up a punishment for me. "After school tonight, you're comin home with me, so call your parents and let em know. I'll give you your punishment then."

Then he started the car and backed up quickly. "Finish your burger!" he ordered.


For the last two hours of the day, I felt as if I were right on the verge of tears. I was so torn about what I should do. If I did not meet with TJ as he had ordered me to do, I knew that he would just continue to torment me. Already he had punched me in the gut, had forced me to eat a snot-slimed Big Mac, had stolen my homework, and had taken my last twenty bucks from me. What if I just avoided him, made a mad dash out of school and then faked that I was sick the next day? I could just make every effort to never be alone with him. I could surround myself with other people so that he could not hurt me. I mean, after all, it wasn't like he was God or something. He wasn't omnipresent. Then if he did start something with me again, I could just get help from an adult. Wasn't that the logical solution? In all honesty, my biggest mistake had been to meet him at lunchtime. Allowing him full access to me – alone—that was a huge error on my part. He only had control over me if I allowed him to have it!

And now he expected me to go willingly with him to his house after school so that he could "punish" me for not continuing to cheat for him. In my wildest dreams I could not honestly imagine what sadistic plans he had in store for me. I would be a complete fool to obey him at this point. Clearly he was nothing but a bully, and bullies were all alike. They preyed upon people who were weaker than them. They inflated their own pathetic egos by degrading others. He was sick; that's what he was, and I wanted to have nothing to do with him.

But wait, how could I think these things of TJ? How could I think that he needed to inflate his pathetic ego when he was the star athlete of the school? He was popular and had numerous girlfriends and buds. He was known by everyone in our town as the all star pitcher, the quarterback, the all-state wrestler. He did not need to bully wimps like me in order to make himself feel better. There had to be some other reason why he was doing this.

Maybe my original fantasies of him, when I had imagined him being my friend, maybe those were not so far fetched after all. Perhaps in the beginning he was trying to befriend me. He was giving me an opportunity to do something for him, and in return he planned to be my friend. But then I had disappointed him by failing. He couldn't just ignore my failure, could he? I mean, if he just let it slide, what would I think of him? I'd no longer regard him as this powerful and heroic idol. When he first had ordered me to do his homework for him, hadn't that excited me? Didn't it thrill me to sit there night after night doing exactly what this hot jock had ordered me to do? Hadn't I gotten a boner every time I thought about the control he had over me? I had even jacked off sometimes because it turned me on so much!

So now I was gonna just throw that away? I was gonna rebel against him at this point after having experienced this exciting feeling of ... I am not sure what the feeling was... submission, perhaps. Even though the rebellious thoughts still kept popping into my head, and even though I logically tried to reason with myself and to tell myself that I must make this madness end immediately, I knew in my heart that I would be going with TJ that afternoon. I knew that there was no way I could say no to him. I honestly didn't want to. I wanted to be with him, even if it meant that I'd be humiliated or possibly hurt. I wanted to try to please him. I wanted the attention that he was sure to shower upon me.

At three fifteen, I was standing beside his sports car, waiting for him patiently. He had a certain look in his eyes as he approached me, perhaps a look of self satisfaction. I think it was at that exact moment that he knew for sure he had control over me, and I think he liked it.



It wasn't until TJ crawled in the car and depressed the power lock button on the driver's side panel that I started to regret my decision to obey him. Suddenly a sinking feeling swept over me as I realized I was trapped. It was now too late to turn back and to seek help from anyone. I was now a captive of this jock bully and was at his mercy for whatever he chose to dole out to me.

Of course, it had not been too wise of me to once again place myself in a situation where he and I were alone together, but what I did not fully comprehend at that point was that literally everything that I was doing was a result of TJ's commanding presence. The mere fact that he had ordered me to meet him after school was enough to cause me to submit. I did not understand how it was that he had the power to manipulate me, and at that stage I honestly did not even know he was doing it. I had convinced myself that I was meeting TJ of my own free will.

"Dude, you're gonna have a lot a work t' do t'night when ya get home," he said flippantly to me. "Ya gotta get your homework caught up for government class and also do our homework for tomorrow." He then laughed as he glanced over at me. "And I'm not sure you're gonna really be in much of a studying mood. Ya might have your mind on other things."

His warning was justifiably taken as a threat, and instinctively I reached for the door handle. He had already pulled out of the parking lot, though, and we were cruising down the road. Plus I would not have been able to open the door had I tried because he had it locked from his side.

My heart was pounding so loudly as he drove through town that I thought it would beat right out of my chest. I also felt a lump in my throat, and was worried that I might start whimpering or crying, simply out of pure fear. When he pulled into his driveway I did not even know we were at our destination for I had never been to his home before. He hit the garage door remote and glided into his designated slot in the four-car garage. His was the only car there at that point which led me to believe that we were all alone. It was not until he had the garage door completely closed that he depressed my door lock, allowing me to exit the vehicle.

TJ's house was really impressive. It seemed like a mansion compared to my parents' home. As we stepped inside, he pointed to the basement steps and told me to go ahead. He was directly behind me as I descended the staircase. Once in the basement, I looked around to see a huge family room. There was a large sectional sofa on one side of the room and a big screen television. There also was a pool table and a bar with stools on the other side of the spacious room. TJ stepped in front of me and led the way through the room and into another open space. We now were in what appeared to be a gym. This must be TJ's workout center, for it had a couple of weight benches and all sorts of exercise equipment. On the left-hand side of the room was a door which TJ moved towards, glancing back to make sure I was following him. He then opened the door and led me into his bedroom.

"Nice house," I offered, but TJ completely ignored my compliment.

"Take your pants off, fag," he ordered. His remark was presented in such a casual manner that it was as if he were offering me a seat or something to drink. I was a bit taken aback, and started to stammer.

"Um, why ... um, why do ya want me to take off—"

"Take your fuckin pants off NOW, fag!" TJ repeated, and immediately I reached down to unbutton my khakis. "Leave your faggy underwear on though," he said. He stood there in front of me, as if inspecting me, watching as I nervously unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. I was literally shaking at this point. I hurriedly toed off my shoes and stepped out of my pants, sensing his impatience, and stood there in front of him. He grabbed the pants from me and tossed them over on the bed. "Now stand at the edge of the bed and bend over," he said.

I was not exactly sure what he was planning to do, but I suddenly suspected that he was going to spank me. Actually I felt a bit of relief at the idea, having feared a punishment far worse. If he were merely going to spank me, I could handle that. Sure, it would be embarrassing, but at least there were no witnesses and it would be over in a short period. As I bent over the bed and assumed my position, I finally started to breathe a little easier. Just then TJ stepped behind me and grabbed each of my arms, quickly pulling them behind my back. I heard a click and felt the coldness of metal cuffs as they locked my wrists together securely behind my back. Then in one smooth, effortless movement, TJ thrust me forward so that I fell onto the bed in front of me, bending me at the waist. "When I say bend over, I mean all the fuckin-way over, faggot!" he said. "Now stay there and don't fuckin move!"

I lay there on the bed then for the next few moments, hearing him behind me as he opened the closet door. I had no idea what he was retrieving, perhaps a belt or a paddle. When I felt him grab my left leg and pull it over against the bedpost, I knew that he was going to also cuff my ankles. He did this with both legs, stretching them wide apart so that I was in a very uncomfortable position. It would have been nearly impossible for me to stand up now, even if he told me to.

Next TJ stepped around to the side of the bed so that I was able to turn my head to look at him. He stood there, towering over me, holding a large wooden paddle in his hand. He held it up for me to examine, turning it slowly in front of my face so that I could see the two air holes that were carved into it. "The holes reduce the wind resistance," he explained. "That way I can deliver a much more powerful swat!" He laughed. "This was one of my shop projects," he boasted. "And you're gonna be the first victim I use it on. I've been lookin forward to it!" He grinned down at me.

"Now, do you have anything to say for yourself before I begin fag?" he asked.

I shook my head slightly, managing to eek out a respectful "No sir."

"Well, think about it, and I'll ask ya again in a few minutes. When you come up with the right response, your punishment will be over... but not until then!"

Then TJ resumed his position behind me, and I braced myself, knowing the first blow was sure to be a shock. In all honesty, though, I did not even begin to anticipate what was in store for me. When TJ delivered the very first swat to my defenseless, brief-clad ass, it was so forceful that it literally lifted my body upwards, off the bed. Of course, my ankles were securely cuffed to the bedrails so I didn't actually go anywhere. I felt the searing pain of the blow against my ass and gritted my teeth together. I had closed my eyes tightly and was trying not to react at all to the pain, but before I knew it, TJ had wound back up and delivered a second blow. This did not even allow for enough time for the first wave of pain to abate before a second, more stinging blow was administered. The second was followed immediately by a third, then a fourth, a fifth, and a sixth.

On the seventh blow, I finally let out a cry, whimpering from the horrific pain. I was squirming against the mattress, somehow trying to free myself from the imprisonment, although I knew my attempts were futile. Really it was only a reflex reaction because of the intensity of the pain I was feeling. "Fuck yeah!" I heard TJ say. "How's that feel, faggot?" TJ then threw the paddle down on the bed beside my face, and he grabbed a hold of the waistband of my briefs. "Gonna take these fuckers off after all," he said. "Gotta see how red your ass is getting." He jerked hard against my briefs and pulled them down as far as they would go onto my thighs. Then he jerked real hard and I felt the fabric to my underwear tearing. I heard the sound of him rending the material as he forcefully ripped them off my body.

"Already beet red, faggot," TJ bragged. "Got anything to say yet?"

"I'm sorry!" I cried. "I'm so sorry SIR!"

"Well that's good for starters, fag," he said, "but not the words I'm waitin to hear." He then quickly picked up the paddle and stepped back into position. I could hear the whooshing sound before it even connected with my now-bare ass. Oh my god! It was so much worse than the first seven blows. The short respite that he had allowed me only made the pain worse than it had originally been, and now I did not even have the thin layer of fabric from my underwear to offer any protection.

I think TJ was glad he had removed my underwear, for he seemed to enjoy the sound of the wooden paddle smacking against my bare skin. He mercilessly continued to deliver blow after blow to my exposed upraised ass, and as he did so I began to cry openly. Each and every time he connected with the paddle I would cry out in agonizing pain, having never before experienced anything so horrendous. When he finally stopped a second time, now having swatted me at least a couple dozen times, I could not even breathe. I was sobbing so loudly that I could not catch my breath, and TJ stepped over again to the side of me. "Well, fag, got anything else to say?"

"Oh god, please sir... I beg you! I'm so sorry!"

TJ stared down at me, grinning evilly. "...And?"

"And... um..." I let out another sob. My voice was cracking as I whimpered, trying so desperately to control myself. "And I will do anything for you. I'll never disobey you again..."

"That's right, fag," he said. "And why is that?"

I was not sure what he wanted me to add. I was terrified now that if I did not come up with the right answer he'd resume the beating. "Please sir!" I cried. "I don't know..."

"All right, guess you need more time to think." He then stepped back over behind me to again assume his disciplinary position.

"NO!" I cried, pleading with him not to continue. My plea was ignored as he started with the third session of spankings. This time it was if he were really pissed, as he attacked my ass with a vengeance. Blow after forceful blow came down upon me with relentless force. In addition to the horrific pain that my ass and thighs were suffering, I also felt the metal of the ankle cuffs against my legs. I had been unconsciously pulling against them, inflicting even greater pain upon myself.

He seemed to be ignoring both my pain and my sobs, though, as he continued with the discipline. This time he did not stop or even slow down until he had delivered over thirty swats. Finally TJ stopped, himself being winded for the first time. He was actually working up a sweat from swinging the paddle. "Why must you obey me, fag?" he asked me again. "Say it!"

"Because... sir..." I was sobbing. "Because... you... own... me..."

"Fuck yeah! Right answer!!" he said, and as if for a reward, he delivered one more powerful blow to my rear. "I own your faggot ass, and you know it! That's why you do my homework for me. That's why you eat my snot. That's why you come to my house so I can punish you. That's why you're gonna do every fuckin thing I tell you from now on! Ain't that right, fag?"

"Yes sir," I cried, pressing my tear streaked face against the mattress.

"Fuckin Aye!" he said. "I own your wimpy faggot ass." Then he stepped over again to the side of the bed, this time tossing the paddle down on the floor. I was instantly relieved and expected him to then un-cuff me so that I could get up. He didn't though. Instead he climbed up on the bed in front of me, propping two pillows behind him.

TJ positioned himself then so that he was reclined right in front of me, his crotch being right near my face. He moved his legs down on either side of my body, sliding himself comfortably into a relaxed position. His legs were spread apart, and my shoulders were between his thighs. As I tried to gather the strength to look up at him, I could see only the bulge of his hardon which was stretching the fabric of his athletic pants. TJ then picked up the remains of my torn underwear and used them to wipe off my face. He cupped my chin in his hand, forcing me to crane my neck backwards as he wiped the tears off my cheeks and the drool off of my chin. I'd been sobbing so uncontrollably that I was coughing up my own spit.

He casually tossed the underwear rag to the floor and continued to hold my head in his hands, staring down into my eyes. Uncomfortably, I looked up at him, seeing him for the very first time in this position of absolute and total dominance. Here I was, lying defenseless on my belly, my ankles shackled to the bedposts and my wrists cuffed painfully behind my back. My ass had been beaten to the point that I probably wouldn't be able to sit on it for a week, and he lay there comfortably with his crotch in my face, staring down at the pathetic-looking wimp that I was. Surely he must have realized the complete power that he held over me. Certainly he must have seen my utter helplessness and my pain. And by the looks of his rock hard prick, he definitely enjoyed what he saw.

TJ's grip on my head then tightened as he pushed me down into his lap, grinding my face into his bulge. "Kiss it fag!" he ordered me. "Kiss my jock cock like you've been wanting to for so long."

"Sir!" I tried to protest, my voice being muffled as he shoved me into himself. He allowed me to speak briefly, though, pulling my head slightly away from his hardon. "Sir, I'm not really a fag. Honest... I'm not!" Somehow I had to communicate to TJ that I was not a queer so that he would not make me act like one! It was horrible enough to be lying here nearly naked in front of him, but now to add insult to injury he was making me kiss his dick. What if he made me do more than that? What if he thought I really was a fag and then made me give him oral sex or something? What if he – I couldn't even think of it!

TJ then stared down at me, glaring directly into my eyes. He was smiling as he lay there comfortably. "You are what I say you are, fag," he stated with confidence. "And after you get my cock in your mouth, there's gonna be no way for you to deny that you're the fag I always knew you were."

Hearing this statement for the first time sent an unbelievable wave a panic throughout my body, and I immediately began to squirm, trying desperately to pull myself away from him. I tried jerking my head out of his grasp and pulling my body back into an upright position, and I strained with all my might to pull my legs free from their restraints. Of course, my efforts were pointless, and TJ just continued to sit there unfazed, holding my head in place.

"Get used to it, fag," TJ said. "You won't be goin anywhere for awhile."

I was terrified at this point and began to again cry, begging TJ to let me go. "Please, Please TJ... Please don't do this!"

He ignored me as I cried, and he pushed my face back down into his crotch. I felt the vice-like grip of his hands on my head as he rubbed my face back and forth across the outline of his huge prick. It seemed that my squirming must have turned him on because he was now harder than ever. The fabric of his pants were stretched so tightly around his dick that the shape would have been clearly identifiable were I not smothering it with my face.

In my state of panic, I thought about crying out for help. Maybe there was an open window somewhere. Maybe TJ's parents would be home soon and would hear me. If I could just get someone to hear, then maybe I could be rescued before it was too late. I took a deep breath and jerked my head back, crying out, "HELP! PLEASE HELP ME!" as loud as I could.

TJ released the grip that he held on my head and began to laugh, almost hysterically. "Go ahead fag, scream all you want. Let it out. No one's gonna hear ya. We're in a soundproof basement, and nobody's home."

Exhausted and terrified, I went silent, relaxing my neck and pressing my own face back down into TJ's crotch. I lay my cheek against his thigh and pressed my lips against the outline of his cock, using his leg as a sort of pillow for my head.

"That's it faggot," he said. "Kiss it."

I had no choice, I suddenly realized. I had to do as he said, and so I obeyed him, puckering my lips slightly and beginning to kiss his boner.

"You know you like it, fag. You know you've wanted to do this for so long." Oddly, even though I was so terribly humiliated and still in a state of incomparable pain, I was also aware that his words were so true. All of those nights that I lay in bed jacking myself off while thinking of TJ, were proof that I was the fag that he declared me to be. And now as I lay there with my head in his lap kissing his jock cock, I knew it with absolute certainty. I felt my own erection underneath me, pressing against the mattress.

The athletic pants that TJ was wearing were actually basketball pants which unbuttoned from the sides, and as I continued to kiss his bulge, he reached down to each side of his waistband and unsnapped the buttons. He did this simultaneously to both sides and with little effort pulled the two sections of the pants apart, unsnapping them all the way down to the ankles. He then used his palm to push my forehead back, and pulled the front section of his pants off from himself, tossing it on the floor beside him. I stared right at his bulge as he did so and saw his wet jockstrap for the first time. The moistness was obviously a mixture of his jock sweat and the precum that was oozing from his hardon.

"Look at it fag," TJ said. "Take a good look at my jock cock. Here, I'll get it out for ya." TJ then reached down with one hand and pulled the side of his jockstrap around his bulge, tucking it into the crevice between his thigh and his balls. His huge prick was now free, snapping to attention right in front of my face. "Look at it, fag!" TJ repeated. "Kiss it now!" He then shoved my face back down into himself, forcing me to press my lips against his nine-inch hardon.

This was the very first time that I had ever touched another person's dick, and now I was doing so not with my hands, but with my lips. I could smell him as I worshipfully kissed his prick. It was a very unusual scent, sort of a muskiness, and it was quite a bit different than what I'd have imagined it to be. The skin of his cock felt so smooth against my lips, and I was so close to him that I could see every ridge and every vein. Slowly I kissed him, my heart beating rapidly as I did so. I was experiencing a mixture of feelings at this stage. Still in a state of humiliation and somewhat-panic, I was just praying for this all to end. But also at the same time I was turned on sexually by being so close to another guy's cock. And now here I was kissing it!

"That's right faggot, worship it! Lick it!"

I wasn't even sure that I could do it actually, even though I did secretly worship this jock bully. I had never put my mouth up to another dude's cock and certainly had I never touched one with my tongue. I was so frightened, terrified that I might not make it through this without throwing up. I was so afraid of how far TJ was gonna take this. What if he didn't ever let me go? What if he kept me his prisoner like this for days, forcing me to do all of these sexual things and continuously punishing and torturing me?

I wanted to cry again, but I forced myself to control my emotions. Carefully I stuck my tongue out and began to lick his shaft, just as he'd ordered. I was somewhat surprised for there really was no taste. It reminded me of sucking a thumb. It was just skin after all. I ran my tongue back and forth along the underside of his hard prick, carefully avoiding the pool of precum that was oozing down the shaft. "Lick it up!" TJ ordered, as if again being able to read my mind.

That was when I experienced the bitter, yet somewhat salty taste of TJ cum for the first time. Over the course of the next few months I'd know that taste very well and would even start to crave it. But at this particular moment, the only thing I craved was my freedom, and TJ knew it. He just leaned back against the pillows behind him, clasping his hands behind his head. "Think I'll watch some TV," he said casually, "while you worship my cock." He then reached beside him to the bedside stand and picked up a remote to turn on a television set which was sitting on the dresser.

"Lick my nuts, fag," TJ ordered as he used the remote to surf the TV channels. "Lick the sweat off my jock balls."

Again I obeyed his command, sliding my tongue all the way down the shaft and starting to lap at his nutsac. I felt his hand once more pressing against the back of my head, and he forcefully ground my nose into his pubes. "Lick those fuckin nuts, faggot!" he repeated. "Feels good."

As my tongue darted back and forth across TJ's ballsac, his cock continued to throb. He reached down and grabbed it by the base, using it to slap me in the forehead. He was smacking his cock repeatedly against the side of my face as I continued to lick on his nuts. "Oh yeah, fag... feels real good," TJ said to me. Then suddenly without further warning, TJ grabbed a hold of both sides of my head, using each of his hands. He pulled me up so that I was looking up into his face. "Better get ready, faggot," TJ sneered at me, "cuz I'm slidin it in, and ya better open wide so ya don't scrape me with your fag teeth. I'm warnin ya, if you do, you're getting another ass-beatin... even worse than the first one."

I just stared at him, wide-eyed, feeling as if I were in the middle of a horrible nightmare. How could this be happening? He was about to shove his cock now into my mouth and there was not a single thing I could do about it! In fact, I knew I was gonna have to open my mouth for him and allow it to happen. What other choice did I have? I felt my eyes starting to tear up suddenly, and instantly I shut them tightly. I opened my mouth as I felt his grip on my head pushing me down towards his boner. When his bulbous cockhead first made contact with my tongue I wrapped my lips around it and began to suck. Hopefully he would allow me to just taste the very tip of it and would not force me down any further. I knew that it probably would make me choke if I tried to get the entire thing into my mouth.

"That's it faggot," TJ said. "Suck it good."

Again I could taste the distinct flavor of TJ's cum, as I started to suck the end of his cock shaft. Above me I heard the soft moaning sound of pleasure that he was making. It was obvious that he was enjoying the feeling. I then started to suck a little harder on it, hoping that if I just did a good job and got it over with, that he'd then let me go. I inched my way a little further down his shaft, and as I did so I felt the tightening grip of his hands around my head.

Forcefully he pushed me a little further down his shaft, and when I felt the head of his cock reach the back of my tongue, I tried to crank my jaw a little wider in order to inhale. He immediately seized the opportunity to slide into me further though, and quickly thrust me down. I tried to pull away from him, realizing that I was gonna gag. My attempt was pointless, for he held me in place with vice-like strength. Instantly I started to wretch, gagging uncontrollably. I would have thought at that moment that TJ would have shown me some mercy, and at least have allowed me to regain my composure and take a breath. Instead, however, he continued to hold my head in place and he started to laugh. "Gag on it, bitch!" I heard him say.

His cock then was slimy and wet from my saliva and from the phlegm I had gagged up, but he did not seem to mind. The slipperiness actually seemed to serve as an excellent lubricant for him, as he pulled me up a little ways on his shaft and then quickly rammed me back down. My jaw was cranked wide open as all I could think of was that I might accidentally scrape his shaft with my teeth. I tried to keep my lips wrapped completely around my teeth so that they'd make no contact with his cock. He now was starting to rhythmically pump me up and down on his shaft, forcing me all the way down and then bringing me back up. With each thrust he increased the speed of his pace, and several times I gagged when his cockhead slammed into my throat.

It was becoming more and more intense and at this point I now was no longer actually sucking TJ's cock. Instead he was merely using my mouth as a hole for him to jack off with. I had never before heard the term "skull fuck", but now TJ was giving me a firsthand lesson. I really couldn't even breathe, but somehow managed to suck in quick breaths through my nose on the upstrokes, but as TJ got more into it, he shortened the lengths of the strokes, keeping his cock buried further in my throat.

His thrusts were making me gag almost to the point of wretching again. I knew if I lost control once more I would hack up more than phlegm. I did not want to puke on him, so I concentrated on trying to relax myself. This was nearly impossible as he quickened his pace and thrust me up and down on his shaft with virtually no mercy whatsoever. I never realized how painfully sore my body could be. My jaw was aching and my legs were killing me. My arms hurt from being cinched tightly behind my back, and worst of all my ass was still stinging horribly. But on top of all that, TJ was mercilessly pounding my throat with his rigidly hard prick. Tears were streaming down my cheeks as he vigorously pumped me up and down on his jock shaft.

Obviously, though, he was in no pain. He was enjoying every millisecond of my torture. I heard him moan and saw the look of satisfaction in his eyes the few brief seconds when I could glance a look upwards towards his face. "Fuck yeah, choke on it, you cocksuckin bitch," he said to me as he pushed me all the way down his shaft. He held me there and thrust his hips upwards, jabbing my throat violently with quick staccato movements. This brought upon another fit of gagging, and I was all but certain that I would vomit.

Quickly, though, he slid me back up his shaft, and although I did not hurl, I still continued to gag. He gave me scant chance to recover though before sliding me back down and repeating the violent assault upon my throat. The sounds he was making were a combination of insidious laughter and pleasurable moaning. His grip on my head never loosened, as he continued to rape my throat he seemed to be enjoying himself more and more. "Keep your tongue pressed against my shaft, faggot," he ordered. "I wanna feel it with every fuckin downstroke!" This was not a command that was easily obeyed, though, for already I had to concentrate on keeping my jaw cranked open so as not to scrape him with my teeth. In addition to that, I was trying to resist the urge to puke and to somehow figure out how to keep breathing. Clearly he did not give a rat's ass about my predicament though. All he cared about was how it felt to him.

As he held my head tightly in his hands and jacked me up and down on his shaft, I was nothing more to him than a handheld pussy. It was almost as if he were lying there alone in his bed beating off, not unlike how I did myself every night. Only in his case, he was using my skull to pump his dick instead of the palm of his hand. He was enjoying not only the warm and wet feeling of my virgin mouth, but also the thrill of power that he felt as he continued to take advantage of the control over me that he possessed.

"Faggot, I'm close!" he yelled. "I'm gonna drain it right down your cocksuckin throat!" His warning frightened me and once again out of reflex I tried to pull away from him. This did not deter him in the least, however, and he pressed forcefully against my head, ramming me all the way down his shaft. His grip now was tighter than I had felt at all so far, and my nose was buried painfully in his pubes. I felt the thrust of his hips as he ground his pelvis upwards, all the while holding me firmly in place. He could not have gotten his cock any further into me if he tried. "Fuck yeah!" he screamed, and then I felt the pulsing of his cock against my tongue. It was the cumload firing into his shaft.

I started to choke just then as I tried once more to pull back a little. Then it was like a volcanic eruption as he fired his load into me. I honestly had no idea it would be anything like this, as I felt my throat suddenly filling up. At first I did not taste anything, and was gulping, trying mainly to breathe and suppress the urge to vomit. Then as the cumload filled my throat it began to back up and I could taste the bitterness of his seed on my tongue. I had no choice but to continue gulping, sucking down huge quantities of his creamy cum into my gut.

"Unghhh!" he moaned. "Fuck yeah, take my load you faggot bitch!" Certainly his orders were not even necessary, for I had literally no choice in the matter. I was totally defenseless.

He kept himself buried completely inside of me until he was totally finished, and then he pulled me up his cock slowly. "Look at me fag," he said while still holding my head on his cock. "I own you, and don't fuckin forget it!" Then he pushed me back down his shaft and held me there, apparently enjoying the warmth of my mouth. I continued to suck on him, gulping down my own saliva along with his thick cumload. His cock remained rigid in my mouth and did not even begin to soften for a good five minutes after he had drained himself.

I knew from jacking off that after experiencing an orgasm, my immediate inclination was to simply relax. Often I jacked off before falling asleep, and it felt so good to simply lay back in a relaxed state afterwards and doze off. I'm sure that this relaxed feeling was what TJ was experiencing, and although it truly had nothing to do with me, it sort of felt intimate to be able to simply lie there with him still in my mouth. In spite of the fact that I was in pain and had been humiliated and repeatedly choked, it somehow made me feel a sense of accomplishment that I had satisfied him. I lay there sucking on his softening cock, tears streaming down my cheeks from the mixture of emotions that I had been feeling. I truly wanted this to be over. I prayed he'd let me up now, but then on the other hand I started to feel a warm and calming sense of accomplishment.

Perhaps the rush of testosterone that TJ had felt when he was slamming my head up and down on his cock had caused him to experience this placidness after his orgasm. Once it was over, that adrenaline rush was a major high to come down off from. That was why he just lay there so long. However, in my naïve and impressionable mindset, I mistook this calmness for tenderness. I felt so intimate just lying there holding him in my mouth. Even though my wrists and ankles were bound and my ass was blistered from his beating, I still felt a sort of serenity.

When TJ finally did rouse from his state of relaxation, though, I was jolted quickly back to reality. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and quickly jerked me off his cock, abruptly swinging his leg in front of me and sliding off the bed. He dropped me carelessly as he stood up and exited the room. A couple minutes later when I heard water running I knew he was in the bathroom, perhaps taking a shower. He had just gone and left me lying there, still in my restraints.

When TJ returned he was naked and dripping wet, and he was clutching the jock strap that he'd been wearing when I sucked him. It was wet from my drool and his precum, and he leaned over the bed, bending down to lower himself to my level. He held the sweaty, wet jockstrap right in front of my face. "Here's a souvenir for ya, fag," he said and shoved it towards my mouth. I opened obediently as he used his middle finger to stuff it in as far as he could. Then he walked over to the dresser and removed some clothes and began getting dressed, all the while making no mention of ever unshackling me.

Finally, almost as an afterthought, after standing in front of the mirror and fixing his hair for a few minutes, he casually came over to stand behind me. He then laughed. "Fuck dude, your ass is like beet red! I really did a number on ya. Bet you won't wanna sit down for awhile." Then he wound up his arm and smacked my bare ass with his open palm. I bit down hard on the sweaty jockstrap, moaning in pain. I could taste the distinct stringent and musky flavor of the fabric as I gulped down the saliva that my mouth was producing. I suddenly started to feel nauseated, fearing I finally was going to actually hurl.

The feeling washed over me and was quickly replaced by an overwhelming sense of relief when I felt TJ unlocking the cuffs that were around my ankles. Although the restraints had not been particularly tight, my own flailing and resistance had caused me enormous pain. My hamstring muscles were afire with searing pain from being stretched for so long, and although I was finally free to move, I wasn't even sure that I could. My body just seemed to slump forward all of a sudden, exhausted from the seemingly endless period of torture it had just endured. With my hands still clasped securely behind my back and my mouth stuffed full of TJ's sweaty jock, I buried my face in the mattress below me and silently wept. I'd never encountered such brutality. I'd never before felt so humiliated and violated.

It didn't occur to me at that moment that this bully who stood beside me towering over me—the one who had just beaten and raped me—must be one of the most cold-hearted people to have ever existed. How he could have victimized a defenseless person such as myself, especially being that I was so much weaker than he, demonstrated that perhaps he was void of any form of conscientiousness. Certainly he lacked compassion, and to the contrary, he seemed to revel in the suffering of others. This type of reasoning did not enter my mind while I lay there crying though, for all I could think about was my own shame.

Before this incident had occurred, I would have been mortified to even be naked around a guy like TJ, and now here I was stripped down, wearing only my tee shirt and socks, soaking wet with sweat and tears, my ankles throbbing and my throat raw from the violent assault upon it. My buttocks and thighs were blistered and red, and my chin was sticky and wet from a mixture of my own drool and TJ's semen. Even my scalp hurt from where TJ had jerked my hair, and my shoulders were throbbing from the way that my arms were pulled back mercilessly behind my back. Truly this was the worst nightmare of my life. How could it have happened? How could any of this be real?

Then as if to add insult to injury, TJ addressed me. "Roll over fag," he ordered, "there's something I want ya to see." Fear of continued abuse motivated me to obey him immediately, and I did exactly as he said, finally exposing myself completely to him. He stared down at my groin and laughed, seeing my penis for the first time. "Wow, you might as well be a fuckin chick with a pecker that small," he laughed.

Then TJ stood there in front of me, uncrossing his arms and grinning down at me smugly. He held up his hand for me to see, revealing the remote control which he'd used earlier to turn on the television. "Look around the room, fag," he said. Look at the corner over there, right above the TV. My eyes followed the invisible line of his finger and I spotted the object which he was pointing out to me. It was a camera. TJ looked back down at me smiling. "There's another one behind ya, above the bed," he stated. "See my dad owns a chain of convenience stores, and when he closed one a couple months ago I was able to snag the security cameras. I got the whole system. I'll show ya; bet you'll find it entertaining."

TJ then held the remote up and pointed it at the TV. With a single click the image suddenly went to a split screen, displaying four smaller screens simultaneously. "This is the live feed," he explained. "See yourself?" I stared at the television in disbelief, seeing my own naked body stretched out on the bed. I moved my head slightly and watched the screen for confirmation that it was indeed a live broadcast.

"See, there are two other cameras. One of em is at the base of the staircase so I can see if anyone is coming downstairs. The fourth one is in that family room in the corner above the sofa. They are running 24/7, but they only record when I want em to. That's what I was doing with the remote when you were lickin my nuts. I just had to have that on film!"

My eyes widened as I stared up at TJ, realizing suddenly that I had just been videotaped with another guys' cock in my mouth. "It's really cool cuz there's an awesome zoom feature with this system. Wanna see a close-up?" Of course I could not answer him being that I was still gagged, but even if I had, I don't think that my desires really mattered one way or the other. TJ then executed the rewind feature, cueing the tape to the point where he'd begun recording. Then he started playing it, selecting a single-screen view of the camera behind the bed. He zoomed in to my face, and I saw myself obediently licking his scrotum. I saw his hands on my head as he slid me up and down his shaft. I stared up at the screen, feeling my face reddening in humiliation, as I witnessed my own mouth wrapping around his cockhead.

It was then that TJ switched over to the other camera. It showed a view of the entire bed and TJ was lying on it comfortably with me stretched out between his legs. I could see in full-color my beet-red ass where he had whipped me. He zoomed the picture to himself, displaying a full-screen image of him holding my head in his hands. I saw the look of satisfaction on his face when he first forced me all the way down on his cock. I saw him tightening his grip as I tried pulling my neck back. I saw him smile and then laugh when I began gagging. Then I saw him pumping me on his shaft mercilessly.

"Fuck yeah!" TJ exclaimed. "This is fuckin hot! Dude, you're a porn star!" TJ clearly enjoyed seeing himself on film like this. His power and control over me obviously turned him on, and to my surprise, it was having a bit of an effect upon me. When TJ noticed that I was getting hard, he laughed again.

"That turn ya on, fag?" he asked. "You like seeing yourself with a jock cock in your mouth?" The reality of the situation was not that I was getting aroused at all by seeing myself. The thing that was causing me to get hard was seeing TJ. Seeing his power, his obvious pleasure, his shear masculinity—it was literally mind-blowing. When the film reached the point where TJ drained his load, it was indescribable. He was like a dominant god, being worshipped by a pathetic inferior. His powerful release of masculine seed into my faggot throat was the ultimate proof of his superiority! I almost came myself just from watching the replay.

"Fag, this is awesome," he said excitedly. "I guarantee ya I'm gonna be watchin this film a zillion times. And we're gonna be makin a lot more, too. This is only the beginning!"

When TJ dropped me off at my house that night, he insisted upon coming in with me. He had instructed me that I was to introduce him to my parents, and that I was to convince them that he was my new best friend. I had been afforded the opportunity to clean myself up before we left his room, and somehow I managed to endure the ride home even though I had to sit on my recently-blistered ass.

My mom seemed to adore TJ, and told me so as soon as he'd left. "Jason, I'm so glad you have such a nice friend. You've been such a loner for so long. Maybe you two will be spending a lot of time together." If she only knew the half of it!