Kyle's Humiliation

When I woke up the following morning, literally every muscle in my body ached. Not only was my ass raw from the beating it had suffered the previous night, but also the back of my legs were stiff and nearly immobile. My abdominal muscles had even endured an intense workout. Although I hadn't been aware at the time, every effort of mine to pull myself upwards off the bed while TJ was skull-fucking me, had strained my abs. I thought about TJ's tight abdominals and how he surely must have worked extremely hard to maintain his athletic physique. Clearly it was his hard work and accomplishment that afforded him the status which entitled him to lie back and be serviced the way he was the night before.

But I also knew that I had to bring all of this to an end. As I sat up late that night trying to concentrate upon the homework assignments that I was required to complete, I resolved myself to face the situation head on. I knew that TJ was now in control, but he could only maintain this dominance over me if I allowed it. I had completed his homework again as he'd ordered, but I was gonna tell him that it was the last time. Surely there would be repercussions. He was sure to beat me up or threaten me, possibly even humiliate me. But what could he do to me that was any worse than what he'd already done? Even if he beat me to a bloody pulp, it would be better than being his sex slave. If I ever allowed him to get me alone like he had done the day before, I knew he would certainly torture and brutalize me worse than ever, but as long as I stayed away from him, he'd be forced to limit his attacks to a public forum. It wasn't like he was about to whip his dick out in the school parking lot and shove it down my throat.

I also knew that I would never have the guts to tell TJ about my resolve. I knew that my best bet would be to compose a letter to him and include it with his homework. When I handed it to him during shop class, I would quickly walk away. By the time he read it, I'd be long gone. Then I would feign sickness in order to get out of government class and I would head directly home. That would then allow me the entire weekend to come up with a way to tell my mom the truth about TJ. I would show her the blisters and bruises on my body and she'd know that I was telling the truth.

I even thought about the video tape that TJ had. Undoubtedly he had planned to hold it over my head and threaten me with it. But as I pondered this, realizing that a public revelation of the tape would be mortifying to me, I also knew that it would expose him as well. He was not about to go public with a tape that showed himself raping me. He was not about to let anyone see him shoving his jock cock into another guy's mouth.

If I didn't have the courage to stand up to TJ now and bring all this to an end, then I would be his slave forever. It only would get worse. He'd just keep inventing more ways to bully me. I saw the look of satisfaction on his face when I watched the video. While I was choking and gagging he was sneering. Sometimes he even laughed. It was as if my discomfort and pain were the motivators which excited him. As I struggled, he just continued to get more into his role of dominator.

The early hours of the morning dragged on at a painfully slow pace, and as I walked through the door to my wood shop class I had become so nervous that I was literally shaking. I first spotted TJ as I was gingerly lowering myself onto the stool where I always sat. He looked over to me, grinning knowingly as he saw the tentative way that I sat down. His statement to me the night before about being unable to sit for days was not far from accurate.

It was on my way out of class that I approached him, handing him the stack of papers I'd prepared for him. "I knew you'd get the job done, fag. Nothin like a skull fuck to motivate a fag." He had leaned forward and was whispering in my ear.

I quickly pulled away from him and mustered the courage to respond. "There's a letter ... It's in with your homework." Then I turned and hurried out the door as fast as I could. I headed straight for the nurse's office.

Convincing the nurse that I was indeed sick was not difficult, for in reality I was on the verge of vomiting. She called my mom at work, notifying her that I was being sent home early. Being that I was walking distance from the school, I headed out on foot, promising the nurse that I would go straight home to bed. As I walked away from the campus that afternoon I suddenly felt such an overwhelming sense of relief. I was gonna be able to put all this behind me and just forget about TJ. How could I have worshipped him for so long? How could I have idolized someone who would turn out to be so sadistic?

As I rounded the corner of the last block before reaching my home, I heard the squeal of tires behind me. I quickly spun around and was instantly frozen with fear. Rounding the corner behind me was none other than TJ's sports car. In a sudden state of panic, I felt an incredible fear sweep over me and my heart began to pound rapidly. I started to run!

By the time I reached my driveway, I was crying and gasping for breath. TJ's car screeched to a halt beside me and both doors instantly flew open. I made a dash towards my front porch but slipped as I did so, instantly dropping my book bag and landing on my face. TJ and another person quickly descended upon me and without warning I felt the repeated blows of TJ's fists into my already-sore gut. The two then dragged me back to the car and stuffed me quickly into the back seat, all the while I screamed and flailed around futilely.

Once inside the vehicle I became aware that the other person who was accompanying TJ was Kyle Bartlett. Every since the third grade I had known and hated Kyle. He was an arrogant jerk who had always tormented me. As much as I had secretly idolized TJ, I had equally despised Kyle. He also was a jock like TJ, but I never had trusted him. He was always just so mean, and now I suddenly saw that TJ was actually no different from him. The two of them both were bullies, and it was no wonder they would team up to attack me.

"You mothafuckin faggot coward!" TJ screamed at me. "You think you can leave me threatening notes like that? That's fuckin bullshit, fag! I woulda thought your punishment last night would be enough to show you I own your ass! You even said so yourself. But now you come up with this shit!" TJ crumpled up the note I had written him and turned to throw it in my face.

At this point I was now literally terrified. I had obviously made another terrible mistake. I should have gone to my mom that morning and told her everything. I should never have given TJ the note. How could I not have expected him to come after me? How could I have expected him to allow me to rat on him? I couldn't even imagine what was now in store for me, and I lay there in the back seat, burying my face in my hands. I was sobbing, and all that TJ and Kyle could say to me was, "Shut the fuck up, fag!"

Within a matter of minutes the three of us were back at Kyle's house. Again it was empty, and the two jocks dragged me downstairs and pushed me to my knees in the middle of the large family room. They both were standing over me, and as I looked up to see Kyle glaring down at me, a big wad of his spit landed right in my eye. TJ then shoved his size-fourteen sneaker into my chest and shoved me backwards onto my back.

Kyle and TJ were about the same size, although Kyle had very dark features. TJ was blonde with blue eyes, but Kyle had dark brown hair which he kept cut short in a military style. They both were muscular and athletic, and I knew that the two of them were on the same wrestling team. After I had given TJ my letter, he must have talked Kyle into helping him track me down. They must have come up with a plan for how they were gonna exact revenge upon me.

It wasn't long before I discovered just exactly what Kyle's motivation had been for participating in this venture. "TJ says you like to suck jock cock, faggot! He said you were dyin to suck mine!" The two of them laughed simultaneously.

"Please no!" I begged, suddenly remembering what I'd gone through the previous night. "Please, I beg you!"

"Shut up, fag!" ordered TJ. "I'm gonna tell you exactly what you're gonna do. My friend Kyle here is gonna sit in this chair here, and you're gonna kneel in front of him and give him the best fuckin blowjob of his life. He's gonna drain every fuckin drop of his jock load down your faggot throat, and you're gonna love it. You'd better be convincing too, cuz if not, I'm gonna tie you back up like you were last night and Kyle and I are gonna take turns beatin your already-red ass."

Suddenly the most sinking feeling washed over me. It was immediately clear to me what was going on. TJ had pointed out the video camera to me the night before. I knew that the chair which Kyle was to be sitting in would be right in the direct path of the camera's view. TJ was forcing me to give another guy a blowjob so that he'd have it on film. There would be no trace of TJ in the footage, and he was forcing me to do it in a way that appeared consensual. Once he got that footage, he truly would be able to blackmail me with it. I would never be able to convince anyone that he was bullying me once they knew I was a cocksucking faggot.

The worse thing about it, though, was that even with the full knowledge of this plot against me, there was nothing I could do to resist it. If I did not kneel and willingly suck off Kyle, the two of them would torture me. If I spoke up and told Kyle about the camera, TJ and Kyle would still kick my ass because TJ would just lie to Kyle and tell him the camera wasn't on. Plus Kyle might even go along with being filmed. I was trapped! I had virtually no choice but to obey them. There was no alternative.

But then I suddenly thought of something. The nurse had already called my mom, and surely she would call home in a little bit to check on me. She would get home and see my books scattered across the front lawn and know something had happened to me. If I could just make it through this incident, I'd be able to tell my mom the whole truth and she would believe me. Then we could bring it all to an end, and even if TJ did have a video of me giving a blowjob to Kyle, he would not be able to use it against me. So basically all I had to do was to get through the next few minutes, swallow another load of cum, and get the hell out of this torture chamber. I was gonna do exactly what TJ said, and be very convincing. It didn't matter what he had on the video footage since he wasn't gonna be able to do anything with it anyhow.

As I pushed myself back up to my knees and crawled over to assume my position of submission at Kyle's feet, I probably would have started crying just then had it not been for the secret hope I was harboring inside myself. I was clinging to the belief that all of this was gonna soon be over and I would be able to go back to living my normal life without having to worry about being ordered around by bullies, beaten up, and forced to do perverted sexual things with them. All I had to do right now was simply obey. It was very simple--a mere matter of survival.

Kyle was staring down at me, smirking confidently. He had a certain arrogant air about him which probably would have been very attractive to me under different circumstances. If this had not been the same asshole who had ridiculed and tormented me my whole life, I actually may have grown to idolize him in the same way I had done with TJ. At this moment, however, I did not idolize either of them. I despised them both, but my feelings of contempt towards either one of them was far less significant than another emotion I was feeling. That emotion was indescribable fear.

Quickly I lowered my eyes to Kyle's feet, observing his expensive pair of Nike Shox shoes. Only a jock such at him would spend a hundred fifty bucks for a pair of shoes like that. He stepped in front of me, nearly knocking me over, as he moved towards the big throne-like chair. He already was undoing the button of his jeans. He laughed as he looked down at me, "Never been blown by a fag before," he admitted. "When TJ first told me about it, I was like `No fuckin way!'."

"But dude, a mouth's a mouth, right?" TJ interjected. "And it's not like you gotta return the favor or nothin."

"Fuckin right!" exclaimed Kyle. "I ain't a fag... like this piece of shit."

"Just enjoy it, dude," suggested TJ. "Close your eyes and pretend it's a chick blowin ya."

"Shit, like ya said, `A mouth's a mouth'." The two of them laughed together as Kyle quickly pulled down his jeans and boxers at the same time. He immediately plopped himself in the chair and then toed off his expensive shoes.

"Pull his pants off for him, fag," TJ ordered, and quickly I reached up to oblige the cocky jock. As I did so, I inadvertently made eye contact with Kyle and noticed his look of pure and utter contempt for me. I also noticed something else, and that was the size of his throbbing hardon. He spread his legs apart in front of me as he slid down in the chair to make himself comfortable, and he wrapped his fist around his own nutsac. He was cupping his cock by the base and thrusting it forward towards me. It was almost as awesome as TJ's.

There was something about TJ, though, that distinguished him from other jocks, at least in my estimation. Perhaps the fact that he was blonde and smooth and that you could clearly see the definition of each of his muscles was the factor that was most attractive to me. Maybe it was simply the confident way he strutted about and his broad shoulders. He had a perfect face that looked boyish and charming, almost innocent. It permitted him to get away with things that other people couldn't. The way he had so easily charmed my mother was an example.

Kyle was without question also a hot jock, but he didn't compare to TJ. Eventually, after I learned what it really meant to be a fag, I would be honored to service a jock such as Kyle. At this moment, though, I was doing so simply because I had to. As I inched myself a little bit closer to Kyle and began to open my mouth I heard TJ once more from behind me. "Make the fag beg for it first," he suggested. "Make him beg real hard."

Kyle then busted up laughing. "Good idea! Go ahead, fag, you heard him. Beg for my cock. Show me how bad you want it." After that comment from TJ, I did not hear another sound from him until the ordeal was over.

"Please Kyle," I said as I looked up into his eyes. I knew I had to sound convincing, as TJ had earlier instructed. "Please let me suck your ... um... please let me suck your cock."

"What?!" Kyle demanded. "What're you sayin fag, I can hardly hear you."

"Please! Please let me suck you!" I was trying to speak louder, but the mere effort to verbalize anything was bringing me back to a state of tearfulness. My voice was starting to crack, and I was afraid I was gonna cry. To an observer it may have sounded like a very desperate pleading on my part, though. It may have appeared that I was so excited and humble that I could barely speak.

"Lick my nuts first, bitch," Kyle ordered.

Quickly I lowered my lips to Kyle's ballsac and ran my tongue across him. I tasted the saltiness of his sweat immediately and smelt that same musky aroma I had first inhaled the night before when I serviced TJ. Kyle moaned pleasurably as I began to lick him. Not wanting to waste any more time on this task than I had to, I started to work my way up onto his shaft, licking my way towards his cockhead.

Kyle did not protest, and I suspected that he was heeding the advice of his jock friend by closing his eyes and pretending that a chick was blowing him. "Oh yeah," he said softly. "Feels so good." I pressed my tongue flat against the sensitive underside of Kyle's shaft and wrapped my lips around the bulbous head. Then in one swift movement, I slid down on him. Immediately I felt his hands on my head.

"Fuck yeah," he moaned. "Oh fuck, baby, that feels so good." There was no question now, Kyle was in fantasy land. I was no longer some fag that was giving him head. He was imagining me to be female.

To be honest, I was not offended by his fantasy. To the contrary, the fact that he was kicking back and relaxing, allowing me to serve him and do all the work--this meant that he was not brutalizing me the way TJ had. This experience of sucking Kyle off was actually not unpleasant at all. He was being kind to me and gentle. Even the way he touched my head was softer and almost tender. As I continued to suck him, I started to feel very aroused myself. I quickened my pace and began to slide rapidly up and down his shaft. His pleasurable moans only encouraged me to work harder. Within the matter of five minutes I knew he was gonna orgasm, and I was bracing myself for an experience like I'd had with TJ. It wasn't like that, though. Kyle never forcefully rammed himself into me, but instead just held his hands gently on the back of my head, and I was the one who deliberately deepthroated him. I swallowed every bit of his load as I knelt there between his legs. I felt his legs spasm beside me as he drained himself, and I tasted his semen as it backed up onto my tongue.

When it was over and Kyle opened his eyes, he quickly shoved me away from him onto the ground. "Fuck!" he shouted. "TJ, man you were right. That was awesome. It was just like a chick blowin me."

As I looked around the room though, TJ was no longer there. Kyle and I both looked at one another, wondering where our host had disappeared. After only a few seconds TJ reappeared, coming back into the room through the gym. He was holding a cordless phone in his hand.

"Hello, Mrs. Standish, this is Jason's friend TJ. Remember, I met you last night." Oh my god! TJ was on the phone with my mother! "Well yeah, don't worry, he's fine. He's here with me. When he left school early today I got worried. I went down to your house and he was waiting on the porch. Apparently he had lost his key and couldn't get in." My mom was saying something to him, but I of course did not know what. "Oh, well he was frantic. He was digging for his lost key in the book bag and throwing his books all over the lawn. I got him calmed down and convinced him to come home with me. He's sleeping on our couch right now. And don't worry, I made sure he got something to eat." TJ looked over at me and winked. What a fucking asshole!

"Oh you're welcome, Mrs. Standish. I'll bring him home just as soon as he wakes up, don't you worry. Good bye."

TJ clicked off the receiver and set it down on the stand beside the couch. He then plopped down comfortably on the sofa. "You two enjoy yourselves?" he asked.

"Fuck dude, it was just like you said," exclaimed Kyle. "It was the best blowjob of my life.

"Really?" TJ asked. "That's cool. Then I'm glad I got the whole thing on film."

"What?! What do ya mean?" I could see by the shocked expression on Kyle's face that he actually was very much opposed to the idea of being filmed. "You're jokin, right?"

"Come `n see," said TJ. The VCR is in the bedroom. You come too, fag," he said to me.

Kyle then shot up out of his chair, grabbing his pants from the floor and dressing himself as quickly as possible. I was not looking forward to what I knew I was about to see on that video. I knew what it was gonna look like. It was gonna look like the two of us were a couple of fags. When Kyle was calling me "baby" and gently stroking my hair, there was no question that he was imagining me to be some chick, but it would not come across that way on film. Also the fact that I was really getting into it and was responding to Kyle's tenderness was going to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that I was nothing but a total queer.

As I sat there on TJ's bed watching the footage I had just starred in, I again was overcome with a horrible sinking feeling. I was correct about how the scene would appear on film. There was no denying that I was voluntarily blowing this guy, and it was even more obvious than that that he loved every minute of it. In fact, it seemed almost like he was as much of a fag as I was.

"Give me the fuckin tape!" Kyle demanded, as he moved towards the VCR.

"Don't touch it," TJ said calmly.

"Fuckin give it to me man! You had no fuckin right to film that! It makes me look like a total fag!"

"Maybe cuz you are one," TJ shot back. Kyle was instantly enraged. He lunged towards TJ, his fist clenched. Before he even knew what was happening, though, TJ slammed him with a powerful gut punch, followed almost immediately by a hard right-handed blow to the jaw. Kyle spun backwards, flailing uncontrollably and smacked his head painfully on the side of the dresser. "Now get the fuck outta my house!" TJ demanded. He then bent over and hoisted Kyle up by the front of his jersey, literally dragging him towards the bedroom door. He hurled the bloody jock forward and onto the tile floor of the gym. "Get the fuck out now!" he repeated.

I just sat there on the bed, staring at the scene in stunned disbelief, waiting for it to be over. I knew I was in no position to interfere. I certainly couldn't help Kyle, and to be honest I really didn't want to. I was sort of glad that after all these years someone was finally kicking his ass. But what I didn't like was that there now was a videotape of me giving head to the prick. For a couple brief moments I toyed with the idea of stealing the tape myself, but I knew that would be pointless. TJ would certainly catch me and then everything would be even worse for me.

When TJ returned to the room a few minutes later, he was alone, and he was rubbing his right fist with his left hand. I could tell that his hand must be in some serious pain. You just didn't deliver a punch like that without feeling its after-effects. I could only imagine what Kyle's face was gonna look like in the days to come.

As TJ stood there, towering over me, I suddenly realized that the one single thing that I had sworn to myself that morning would never again happened, just had. I had allowed myself to once more be alone with TJ. The most horrible thing about it, though, was that this time TJ genuinely did have a reason to be pissed. I had defied him, disobeyed him, threatened to expose him, and had run away from him. He had just witnessed another jock get his cock sucked and then he had kicked that jock's ass. If I had thought that his testosterone level was soaring the night before, I had no idea what that even meant. There was no way that TJ was gonna let me walk out of that bedroom without venting his powerful rush of adrenaline on me. I could tell just by the look in his eyes.

"Last night you promised to always obey me," he said calmly. "Last night you swore that I owned your ass and that you'd always do everything I said. Now today you give me this bullshit fuckin ballsy letter sayin you're not takin orders from me any more. Am I gonna have to go through this fuckin shit with you every goddamned day, faggot? How many times do you need to get your fuckin queer ass beat before you accept the fact that I own you?"

Oddly TJ suddenly did not appear to be such a bully to me. Instead his lecturing sounded almost paternal. I sat there on the bed looking down in shame, feeling like such a complete failure. I felt like I was a small child who had just been caught stealing candy from the grocery store. All of the confidence and indignation I had felt earlier that day as I tried to stand up in defiance against TJ's control had completely vanished. I knew I had been defeated, and I knew that I deserved it.

There was no way now that I ever would be able to go to my mom and tell her what was happening. If TJ were to get a copy of that video into the hands of my parents, they would hate me forever. Even if I told my mom that TJ had forced me to do all this stuff, she would never in a million years believe it. TJ was too convincing. He had made sure that the video made it appear that Kyle and I were lovers. He had covered all his tracks. He even made himself out to be the hero who had rescued me at a time of distress.

Kyle also would never be able to retaliate against TJ. Kyle would always know that TJ had this very incriminating videotape of him. The cocky jock was totally backed into a corner on this one. Not only that, but TJ had also unquestioningly kicked his jock ass. Kyle was shamed probably even worse than I was. I wondered what TJ's reason had been to do this to his jock friend. Why did he turn on him like that?

I did not have to wait long for an explanation, for TJ continued with his lecture, immediately launching into a diatribe about what a prick Kyle was. "That motherfucker tried to hit on my girlfriend last week and then denied the whole fuckin thing. Let it be a lesson to ya, fag. Nobody fucks with me. Nobody!"

"Now get the fuck over here and get on your fag knees to beg like the fuckin dog you are for me to forgive you!"

As I slid off the bed and dropped to my knees, again I felt myself starting to tremble. Everything was becoming so confusing to me, and without any warning I simply started to whimper. I raised my hands to cover my face as I held my head in shame. I just knelt there and cried, my weeping turning to sobs as I attempted to breathe. With each inhalation of breath, my body would shake uncontrollably, and it felt as if I had somehow lost all control over every aspect of my life.

I didn't know what to think any more. When I was with TJ and he was giving me orders, I felt a sense of gratification and purpose by pleasing him, but as soon as I was away from him, I started analyzing things logically. I would then convince myself that it just wasn't right for one person to own another. After all, this was a free country, right? Slavery had been abolished years ago. But then when TJ made remarks to me about my inferiority and his right to own me, somehow it seemed appropriate. There must have been a reason why I always idolized and looked up to guys like TJ. There was some reality that I knew deep inside of me that I had not previously been able or willing to acknowledge.

Maybe it was not true after all that all people are created equally. Witnessing the way that TJ had just pulverized Kyle was proof-positive that TJ was superior. The fact that TJ had always so easily outwitted me, even being able to manipulate my mother, made me wonder, "Just what more proof do I need?"

So I knelt there in front of him, trembling and shamefully crying, but somehow my submission to him was very different than it had been previously. Over the past weeks I had obeyed TJ out of fear. I had done the things that he'd said mainly because I had no choice. But at this moment, it was not fear that I was feeling. I was feeling ashamed of myself. I knew inside of me that I should not have challenged TJ. I knew that he was in a position of superiority over me, and that--like-it-or-not--I had to accept this.

I then lowered myself before him, bringing my face completely to the ground, pressing my lips against the top of his sneaker. "I'm so sorry," I cried, my voice nearly inaudible. "I'm so very sorry, Sir." This clearly was a turning point for me--the voluntary verbalization of my new perspective. It was the very first time that I acknowledged, even to myself, that TJ was above me. He was above me in terms of status, in terms of his social class, in terms of appearance, in terms of talent and ability. He was superior in every aspect of life, and this superiority entitled him to benefits and privileges that I would never have.

What was so bad about this? Why had I been fighting it for so long? I already knew that it felt right to obey him. I already had experienced the overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment that came with pleasing him. I remembered immediately how I'd felt the day before right after he had drained himself into me for the first time. That serenity had somehow made all of the pain and humiliation bearable. That sense of gratification was the ultimate reward for my obedience.

I began kissing TJ's sneakers then, over and over as I repeated my pleas for his forgiveness. I could not look up at him, and it was odd, because it just felt as if I could not bring myself low enough. I even dropped down onto my belly as I continued to grovel as his feet. I lay there kissing his shoes and crying while he just stood towering over me.

Perhaps TJ himself realized that this moment was pivotal, and though one may have expected him to kick me aside and order me to quit slobbering all over him, TJ did no such thing. Instead he stood there and allowed me to worship him. He allowed me to grovel and lower myself and to bring myself into a position of complete and total submission. Perhaps TJ knew that this all was merely part of the process. I had to first reach a point of resolution in which I accepted the fact that he truly did have control over me and there was nothing that I could do to change that. I also had to accept that this reality was appropriate. The reason he possessed this power was because of who he was. He was born to be served, and I was just starting to learn that I, on the other hand, was born to be in service.

Before I had even understood what the word meant, TJ had pegged me as a fag. He had instinctively sensed that I was beneath him. He had also asserted his right to take advantage of his own superiority by issuing directives to me which he justifiably expected to be followed. When I resisted, he did the one thing that every Superior has a right to do under such circumstances. He used discipline and force to demonstrate to me that he was one who was to be obeyed.

It was a period of several minutes that I lay weeping at my owner's feet. Finally TJ did use his foot to push me away from him. He swiftly rolled me over, pushing me onto my back, and I stared up at his towering presence through my tear-filled eyes. He truly was god-like as he stared down at me. I did not see any compassion or forgiveness in his eyes. I did not sense any sort of softness emanating from his demeanor. His stance was rigid and authoritative, and the expression on his face was one of callousness and disgust. Yet in spite of his apparent contempt, he had allowed me to grovel before him. He had tolerated my sobbing and begging. In fact, he had specifically ordered it.

When the heel of TJ's sneaker slammed violently into my gut, my legs reflexively curled upwards, and I immediately curled into a fetal position. I cried out in shock and pain, clutching my abdomen as the excruciating pain traveled throughout my torso. I was only in this position for a few brief seconds, though, for almost immediately I felt the weight of TJ's body descend upon me. He shoved my shoulders backwards against the carpeted floor and lowered himself over me, kneeling with each of his legs on either side of my puny body. He was sitting atop my now-throbbing abdomen, pinning me to the floor beneath him.

TJ then exerted very little effort to grab my wrists and bring them up above my head, pinning them securely to the floor. He scooted up my body, lifting each of his knees slightly and bringing them down over my elbows. The weight of his body against my arms was terribly painful, but TJ did not notice or care. His crotch was now right below my chin, and he slid up even a little further, using his thighs to squeeze my head. "Don't ever fuckin defy me, faggot!" he screamed at me. "Never!"

As I lay helplessly beneath him, my body did begin to squirm. It was not so much that I was trying to free myself. I knew better than that. I never would have been able to, even had I tried. It just was extremely uncomfortable. I could hardly breathe, and TJ's knees were pinning my arms painfully to the floor. As he stared down at my tear-streaked face, I think TJ enjoyed seeing my discomfort. I think it pleased him to see my wide-eyed stare as I looked up at him towering above me. Deliberately he leaned forward, forcing more of his body weight against my pinned arms, and at the same time he squeezed his thighs together against my skull. I moaned in agony beneath him.

Having both of his own hands completely free, TJ then reached down to cup the back of my head, pushing it into his crotch. "I own you, fag, and you serve me. You live for my pleasure! You do anything and everything that I order you to do. You exist for my fuckin convenience!" I felt his bulge throb against my face as he authoritatively pronounced these declarations.

Just when it got to the point that I was certain that I was going to suffocate, TJ released his grip on my head, dropping it suddenly to the floor. Then he pushed himself up, grinding his knees into my arms as he did so. I winced from the horrendous pain. He then grabbed a hold of the front of my shirt and jerked me upwards, bringing back up to a kneeling position. He reached around behind the back of my neck then and dug his fingers painfully into it, squeezing it so tightly that it caused me to hunch my shoulders upwards. He raised me up off the ground, and quickly I struggled to scramble to my feet. As soon as I was upright, he shoved me towards the door, continuing to hold the scruff of my neck with his powerful grip. He marched me in front of him back out into the gym, all the way through, and back in front of the chair where I had blown Kyle. Then he shoved me back down to my knees. "Wait here, fag, and don't move a fuckin muscle!"

I did precisely as TJ said and knelt there awaiting his return. He was back within two minutes, and he already had his pants unbuttoned. Also, he was holding one of the sets of cuffs in his hands that he'd used on me the day before. "Stand up," he ordered, and swiftly he pulled my wrists together behind my back. He snapped the cuffs snugly in place and shoved me back to my knees. "Now I'm gonna show you the right way for a fag to give head to a jock," he laughed. "Not like you just did with that wannabe Kyle."

TJ then pulled his shirt up over his head and discarded it on the floor. He'd already removed his shoes, and he quickly pulled off his pants and boxers. He then plopped himself down comfortably in the chair, just as Kyle had done. He didn't have to tell me to assume my position, for as soon as he was seated I immediately crawled into place between his legs. His cock was rock hard and pointing right at my face. TJ reached down with both hands then and grabbed the back of my head. He forcefully pulled me towards himself and slammed me down on his shaft with a single, smooth motion. His cock slammed into the back of my throat, and instantly I gagged.

Instead of easing up on his grip, TJ continued to hold me there while thrusting his hips forward violently. I continued to gag, choking loudly as I tried desperately to gain composure. TJ momentarily pulled me upwards on his shaft and then quickly slammed me back down, causing me again to wretch, even worse than with the first thrust. "Choke on it bitch!" he said, as I felt his cock throb in my mouth. "Fuck yeah!"

Over and over TJ repeated this action, forcing his cock deep into my throat while grinding his hips. It was starting to frighten me, for I couldn't even breathe. About every third thrust I would gag, coming dangerously close to vomiting. This torture continued for over ten minutes. I was counting the thrusts, mainly as a way of distracting myself from the discomfort and pain. I lost count at a hundred forty-three. The assault continued for several minutes thereafter.

Finally TJ pushed me backwards so that I was flat on my back. My body was pinning my own cuffed-arms beneath me. TJ quickly slid from his position in the chair to one identical to the way he'd had me pinned moments earlier in the bedroom. He slid up to where his throbbing cock was above my face and lowered his balls onto my lips. I opened my mouth and began licking them. Then TJ leaned forward to place his hands flat on the ground above my head. He pointed his cock towards the opening of my mouth and thrust his hips downwards in order to drive his cock into me. Doing a push-up above me, TJ buried his cock all the way down my throat, accomplishing it in a single thrust. Then he began to repeat the action, fucking my face ferociously.

This final attack on my throat was more than I could stand, and I started once again to choke. This time it was beyond my control and I started to wretch. My abs began to spasm and instantly I began to spew a flood of vomit up my throat. It was all I could do to keep my jaw cranked open so as not to bite into his cock, and I was suddenly terrified, noticing my own inability to breathe. The puke shot up my throat like a volcano, but TJ's ramrod cock was blocking its passage. The acidic stream forced its way upwards around his shaft and began to spray from my nose. TJ showed no mercy and continued to grind his cock all the way into my throat. His cock was pumping most of my puke right back down my throat.

Suddenly TJ moaned as he stiffened his body. His cock was buried balls-deep into me as I felt the now-familiar throbbing that always immediately preceded orgasm. "Fuck yeah!" he screamed as he drained himself into me.

When TJ was completely finished, he pulled himself up off of me and looked down to examine my slimy face. He broke into a very broad grin and began to laugh. "Looks like ya better get busy cleanin up your mess," he said, and then walked away. He returned in a few seconds with a towel which he threw to me. "Here, I'll let you use this. Next time, though, you're gonna lick it up with your tongue."

I lay there exhausted on the floor and crawled over to the towel. I had to clench it with my teeth because my hands were still cuffed behind my back. Like a dog on all fours, I then began to sop up the spit and puke from the carpet. Really there was not much there, for most of it he had forced me to swallow. I heard him showering as I dutifully concentrated on my assignment. I did so, though, without crying.



Surprisingly, TJ did feed me a real meal before he took me home that night, and by this I mean more than just his cumload. My throat was raw and swallowing wasn't easy, but I was so famished and exhausted that I eagerly devoured the sandwich. Honestly, though, I think that the reason he allowed me to eat was because he'd ordered me to make him a sandwich and then permitted me to do the same for myself.

When we got back to my house, his demeanor changed entirely as he slipped into his role of my best friend. He was so sincerely convincing that I almost believed his act myself. If only my parents could be around us more often, then I'd be living my fondest dream. I wished so badly that TJ actually were my friend like that. I wished that he cared about my well-being as much as he pretended to. I wished he were that protective and that kind.

In spite of these feelings, though, my perspective had started to change about the situation. I knew that there was nothing I could do about my status as TJ's owned property. Any attempt that I could even imagine to free myself from him would be pointless. The end result would ultimately be as disastrous for me as it had been today. No matter what happened between the two of us, I knew that it was beyond my control. All that I could do was to try to please him as best I could and avoid his wrath. Eventually he may tire of me and move on to a new victim.

Then again, I really did not actually want him to move on. What I wanted more than anything was for him to change. I wanted for him to begin caring about me for real. I wondered, though, if he were to somehow change and become more compassionate and caring, if he'd actually even be attractive to me any more. Hadn't it been his cockiness and self-confidence that had drawn me to him in the first place? But wasn't it also possible for someone to be authoritative and loving at the same time?

TJ would never love me though. He had a girlfriend, and he was straight. He only used me because I was a fag and because it made him aware of his own power. He loved the control and the fact that he was forcing me to do things against my will. He loved using me simply because he could. Everything still was confusing to me in this regard. It was like I both loved and hated him simultaneously. Regardless of how I felt though, I knew that he had control over me, and I knew there was not one single thing I could do to change that.

On weekends I almost always worked on either Saturday or Sunday as a cashier at Burger King. Every summer since I was fourteen I worked there full time, and then during school I dropped down to weekends only. Generally it was only one of the two days, unless someone called in sick or they were unexpectedly short-staffed. On this particular weekend I was scheduled to work Sunday. This worked out well for me because it gave me all day Saturday to get my homework assignments done.

As I was exiting the building Sunday night, having just completed my shift at Burger King, I felt a sense of relief that my shift was over. TJ had not contacted me Saturday because he had plans with his girlfriend Cindy, and I really didn't expect to hear from him tonight. I already had the homework done for him, and so I really was looking forward to simply relaxing by myself at home. I stepped off the curb and headed towards my parent's car which was parked at the far end of the lot. Many times I was allowed to borrow it for transportation to and from work, as it was basically just a second vehicle for our household. When I suddenly saw TJ's sports car whip into the lot and pull up beside me, my heart suddenly sank. He was gonna force me to suck him off again, and there wasn't a damn thing I could do to prevent it. I looked up at him and smiled, trying not to let him see my disappointment.

"Fag!" he yelled to me. "I'll follow ya home, and then you're comin with me."

"Yes sir," I said, knowing better than to question him.

Thankfully TJ did allow me a couple of minutes when I got home to change out of my work uniform, and then I raced outside to get into his car with him. I could only imagine what was in store for me, but really it did no good to worry about it. Once I was seated next to him and he had begun to back out of the driveway, TJ immediately began to explain to me why he'd come for me.

"We ran into Kyle last night," he said.

"Did you kick his ass again, Sir?" I asked, almost excitedly.

He laughed. "No, but I should of. Gonna do that tonight actually. He's comin over to my house. That's why I need you there."

All of a sudden a mental image of me kneeling before Kyle flashed into my mind. I feared that tonight was gonna be a repeat of what had happened two days previously. TJ must have realized what I was thinking and went on to explain a little more. "He was shootin his mouth off--real brave cuz he had one of his friends with him. They were braggin about how much better of a wrestler than me he is, sayin how he was all-state last year and shit like that."

"Is it true?" I asked.

"Fuck no, it ain't true," TJ said defensively. "I was the one who was all-state. Kyle's a fuckin wannabe."

"Why'd he say that about being all-state if you knew it wasn't even true?" I asked meekly.

"Well it's true that he's all state, actually. We both are, but he's not a better wrestler than me. My record is actually better than his, and I know I could kick his ass easy."

"So why's he coming over to your house again? Is there gonna be a fight?"

"Nope. We're gonna wrestle. He challenged me."

I started to laugh. "You're gonna cream him," I said confidently. I remembered the way he'd so easily defeated Kyle on Friday when they'd fought. "What does Kyle's face look like, sir? I mean you punched him pretty hard."

"Oh, he's got a bruise, but it's no big deal. I didn't break his nose or nothin."

I was surprised by the way TJ and I were suddenly conversing with one another. Up to this point it had merely been a one-way conversation between us. He'd always given orders and I'd always just listened.

"Well, ya know the big mirror in the gym at my house?" TJ asked.

"Sure," I said.

"Well it's really two-way glass. There is a room on the other side of it. I'm gonna have you hide inside that room and film the match with my camcorder. That way when I kick his ass, I will have it on tape."

"Cool!" I said. "Then you'll have two tapes to use against him."

"Yeah, and ya know what's funny? That stupid fucker thinks that he's getting the first tape back. I told him if he wins, the tape is his."

"So you're wrestling for stakes?" I asked.

"Yup, for the video and for one other thing."

I looked over to him and waited for him to elaborate.

"What is it, Sir?" I asked after a delay.

"You'll see," he said as he grinned back at me.

For the remainder of the ride to TJ's house, all I could think of was how great it was gonna be to see Kyle totally humiliated--again. But then another thought suddenly crossed my mind. What if Kyle actually did win and TJ ended up being the one to face such humiliation? Kyle was definitely a jock, and he was about the same size as TJ. If it were true that both of them were all-state champs in their sport, then it could go either way.

As I thought about it, I also realized that I probably should be hoping for Kyle to win. If this happened, then TJ would have to turn over the incriminating video of me, and he'd no longer have it to hold over my head. So why was it then that I wanted so badly for TJ to be the victor? Maybe it was like I had thought earlier, that I really didn't want TJ to stop owning me. Maybe on some level I truly liked it.

If that were the case, then it was definitely put to the test when we made it back to TJ's house, for immediately TJ stopped being friendly to me and started ordering me around in his typical cocky, jock fashion. We had about an hour to get everything ready for the match before the others arrived, and TJ put me to work at getting the gym ready. He ordered me to move all the equipment into the storage room--the one on the other side of the mirror--and this was no small task. All of the weights and benches were, of course, enormously heavy and I had to make several small trips, sometimes carrying only one free-weight at a time. I was racing to get the job done as quickly as possible, and when I finally finished getting everything moved except the large equipment which were simply too big and heavy for me to even budge on my own, I went back to the bedroom to find TJ. He had just finished changing into his wrestling singlet.

"Sir," I said to him, gasping for breath as I did so, "I am ready to move the big stuff now."

"Be right there," TJ said, and turned around to face me. As he did so, I nearly gasped again, seeing the frontal view of him before me in his athletic uniform. Instantly I recalled all of the reasons why I had idolized him for so long. He truly was a jock god. The smirk on his face revealed that he fully understood the awe that I felt in his presence. He must have been able to see from the look in my eyes that I worshipped the ground he stood upon.

"Like my uniform, fag?" he asked.

I nodded, "Um, yes sir. Looks great." The thing about a wrestling singlet is that the smooth nylon and lycra fabric fit like a second skin. Literally every ripple of muscle and the outline of every single body part was clearly visible under the material. I knew instantly that he was not wearing any jockstrap or underwear. I could see the outline of his enormous bulge.

Ignoring my gaping stare, TJ stepped forward to walk around me and back out into the gym area. With ease, he slid the treadmill out of the central area and down the hallway. Then he went back for the weight bench. "Get on the other side, fag," he instructed me. The two of us then picked up the bench and carried it towards the doorway of the storage room. Being winded, I had to stop at the halfway point, and TJ rolled his eyes in disgust as I briefly set my end down in order to rest. "What a fuckin wimp," he stated in an extremely ridiculing tone, but he did not order me to immediately continue. When I caught my breath, I resumed my position and we finished moving the bench.

After all the equipment was inside TJ instructed me to lay out the floor mats in front of the mirror and to then come back to the bedroom for further instructions. When I got this task done, we still had about fifteen minutes to spare before the arrival of our guests. "All right, fag, listen up cuz it's very important that you do everything exactly like I tell ya. If you fuck up, you know there's gonna be some serious consequences. Understand."

"Yes, sir," I said soberly.

"All right, this is the camcorder, and it is loaded with film and ready to go. Come here and I'll show you how it works." I immediately stepped over to stand beside TJ, and he moved right behind me, bringing his arms around my shoulders to hold the camera in front of me. "See this button here, you gotta be holdin it down in order for it to record. If you forget to do it, you're dead meat. Got it?"

"Yes sir, I won't forget."

"Now step over there and film me for a few seconds to make sure you know how it works." I quickly complied with his directive and moved back to my former position, holding the camera up to my face. I focused on him and held down the record button. TJ stood in front of me and flexed his bicep, very slowly revealing the chiseled muscle he had obviously worked so hard to earn. I figured out how to use the zoom feature and did a closeup shot of his arm. Then I panned down his body as he turned in front of me for a full frontal shot. I zoomed in again at his bulge, held the shot for a few seconds and then continued to shoot the rest of his body, all the way down to his tightly laced wrestling shoes.

When TJ took the camera from me to play back the video, he laughed hysterically. "Can tell you really are a fag," he said. "You're so fuckin obsessed with my bulge."

TJ then walked over to the dresser and opened one of the drawers. He pulled out a couple of items and handed them to me. I was a little surprised and uncertain about their purpose, but I did not question him. The first item was a pair of handcuffs and the second was nose plugs--the kind that swimmers use with an elastic string which goes around their head. "Put these in the storage room with you, and when I signal you, bring them out to me." He then pulled out a handful of permanent markers. "Take these markers and set them around the perimeter of the mats. Doesn't matter which color goes where, but they should be placed about five feet apart. Make sure they're not on the mat--just on the floor alongside it."

"Yes, sir," I said.

"Go do that now and put all the shit in the storage room; then come back here. And hurry, we only got about five minutes."

Quickly I obeyed his instructions, all the while wondering what his big plan was. Why did he need magic markers placed around the perimeter of the floor mats, and what on earth was he gonna use the nose plugs for? The handcuffs were kind of obvious, I thought. He's gonna cuff someone--probably Kyle--but for what purpose I was not sure. Why would he need to cuff Kyle at all after the match was over? Kyle would already be defeated.

When I got back to TJ's room a couple minutes later, he was cuing the video security cameras, apparently planning to tape the rec room area where he had face fucked me two days before. I wondered why he was recording there when we wouldn't even be in that room and I would be recording the match with the camcorder, but again I did not question him. I guess I'd find out the details as they transpired. Just as I was about to ask TJ for further instructions, we heard the sound of the doorbell. TJ turned to me quickly and said, "Cool, they must be here already. Go get in the storage room now, and don't make a sound."

Quickly I made my exit and slid into my place of hiding. It seemed so sneaky and clandestine, and my heart was racing from the excitement of what I was about to do. If TJ did succeed in whooping Kyle's ass a second time, I was gonna love stepping out of that door with video camera in hand and seeing the look on his face. I had never been a vindictive or spiteful person, but all the years of ridicule that I'd endured from Kyle and his friends were suddenly coming to surface. If this all worked out the way I thought it would, I was gonna ask TJ if he'd let me build him a website and then post a video clip of him pinning Kyle. It would be so awesome to not only see Kyle defeated in such a humiliating way, but also to be able to share it with so many people.

Quietly I waited in the room and peered through the glass of the two-way mirror. I could see the entire gym clearly and the entryway into the rec room which was on the other side. I watched as TJ confidently strutted across the room and turned to ascend the staircase. In just a couple moments he returned and there was another guy by his side. It wasn't Kyle though, but I quickly recognized the other jock. It was Brian Parker, TJ's best friend. Apparently TJ had invited him over to watch the wrestling match.

Brian and I had known each other literally all our lives, having attended the same school since kindergarten. I knew that he and TJ were good friends and that they hung out with each other all the time. I couldn't help wondering if TJ had told Brian at all about how he owned me. It would be embarrassing for me if someone like that ever saw me in the humbled and servile state that I was when I was in TJ's presence. I guess it didn't do any good to worry about it, though, because there was nothing that I could do to change it.

TJ and Brian were talking with one another, and I could hear TJ describing how he had planned everything out. "I've got some surprises in store for the cocky motherfucker. He has been a pain in my fuckin ass for years, and I can't wait to finally cream him publicly."

"I'm so stoked, dude," said Brian. "But what if you lose?"

TJ laughed. "I'm not gonna lose, dude. I guarantee it. I've got too much at stake to lose."

"Well it's not the end of the world to lose a wrestling match," Brian laughed. "We all win some and lose some."

"Yeah, but the loser of this match has gotta pay big time," TJ explained. "Loser's gotta blow the winner." I couldn't believe what I was hearing!

"What?" Brian said, astonished. "No way! Why would you ever agree to that?"

"Cuz I can't wait to shove my cock down that faggot's throat. I'm gonna pay him back for all the nasty shit he's done. I have always hated that fucker's guts, and it's about time I finally put him in his place."

"But what if you lose, TJ?" Brian asked. "Think about it!"

"Like I said, I'm not gonna lose! Do you think I would ever make a bet on something like this unless I was 100% sure I was gonna win?"

"No, of course not," Brian admitted, "but Kyle probably feels the same way. Plus why would you even want him suckin on your cock? That's kinda gross... and gay."

TJ laughed. "It'll be gay for him, not me! I'm gonna choke the motherfucker. It's not like I'm gonna kick back and be romantic with him. I'm gonna rape his fag throat."

Brian's eyes widened as he obviously formed a mental image of what was being described. He then laughed. "Well it's gonna be cool to see you kick his ass, and I pray to god you win."

"Well I'm gonna win, so don't sweat it, but I need your help with somethin. Kyle is bringing his friend Trevor with him. Remember him?"

"Fuck yeah, I remember that asshole. Why're you even letting that jerkoff in your house?" Brian had a look of disgust on his face.

"Cuz we both get to have one witness. It's supposed to keep things fair. Anyways, after I pin Kyle, I bet he's not gonna want to go through with his end of the bargain. I need you to make sure that Trevor doesn't try to interfere at all."

"No prob. I'll be glad to kick his ass if I get the chance. Bring it on."

Just then the doorbell rang for the second time. It must be Kyle, I thought, and once again my heart began to pound rapidly in my chest. This was totally unreal. I couldn't even believe what I had just heard. Now it made sense to me why TJ had wanted me to bring him the handcuffs after the match. If he were planning to skull fuck Kyle, he probably needed to make sure he couldn't resist at all. The nose plugs I was still unsure about, though.

Brian offered to go let the two in and TJ stepped over in front of the mirror. He knew that I could see and hear him, and he stood there confidently, looking hotter than I had ever seen him. I could clearly see the outline of his semi-hard cock through the fabric of his singlet. His uniform was black and white and as stated earlier, fit him like a glove. "Get ready to start taping, fag," he said quietly. "Make sure you get the whole thing."

As soon as Kyle and Trevor strutted confidently into the room, I could immediately sense the tension. Trevor was almost as cocky as Kyle, but I knew that in reality he was just a wannabe. He was sort of like Kyle's shadow. Trevor was not the accomplished athlete that Kyle and TJ were, and I think that he was the type of guy who hung out with Kyle just so that he'd be accepted into the jock clique at school. I didn't really think that TJ was gonna have to worry about him trying to interfere with anything, cuz if TJ did kick Kyle's ass, Trevor would be too afraid to do anything about it.

TJ didn't waste any time once they were in the gym. "Let's get started," he proclaimed. "But we gotta lay down the rules first."

"Dude, you're not gonna make up a bunch of stupid fuckin rules," shot back Kyle. "It's very simple, whoever pins the other guy first wins. Once I do that, you hand over the fuckin tape. And where is the tape, by the way. I want it out here where we all can see it."

"It's in the VCR in the rec room, and after I kick your ass we're gonna all watch it," TJ said. "Until then, it's stayin right where it's at."

"Fuck you, man," Kyle sneered. "You're gonna be the one whose ass gets kicked. Then you'll be on your knees beggin me not to choke you with my fuckin cock." Kyle reached down to grab his crotch, the universal jock insult.

TJ ignored him. "Well there's gotta be rules cuz there ain't no ref. It's not like either one of us is gonna trust the others' friend to count out the pin."

"So what are you sayin? How do we settle it?"

"See these magic markers around the edge of the mat? I say that in order to win, you have to pin your opponent and mark his forehead."

"That's fuckin stupid!" Kyle shot back. "What do you mean, `Mark his forehead'?"

"You prick, why don't you just shut the fuck up and listen?" TJ was getting pissed. "I mean that when I pin your cocky ass, I'm gonna pick up one of those markers and draw a big letter "L" on your face to show you are the fuckin loser that you really are."

"This is bullshit," Kyle said. "I'm not gonna do this with all these stupid fuckin rules."

"Why not?" interjected Brian. "It's the only fair way, and if you're so confident you can beat TJ, what are you worried about?"

"Oh I'll beat him all right," Kyle replied, "but it's gonna take all fuckin night for one of us to pin the other and still have a hand free to use the marker. It just won't fuckin work."

"All right asshole, I'll tell ya what. If I don't pin you and have you marked in twenty minutes, then you will be declared winner. I'll forfeit to you, and your boy here," TJ pointed over to Trevor, "can be the official timekeeper."

Kyle grinned cockily, obviously feeling as if he'd just manipulated TJ into giving him a clear advantage. "Cool," he said. I could tell that Kyle was really positive now that he was gonna win and get the tape back. I bet he also was excited by the idea that he was soon gonna be getting his cock sucked by TJ. All he had to do was outlast TJ. He didn't actually even have to really win, but merely avoid being pinned himself.

"Dude, are you sure you wanna agree to this?" Brian asked. "He doesn't even gotta pin you in order to win?" Brian was staring right at TJ, clearly thinking TJ must have suddenly lost his mind.

"Yeah, I'm sure," said TJ. "Now let's get started.

Neither one of the athletes were wearing head gear, but other than that, they both were in full uniform. I was surprised that Kyle's was not the same color as TJ's since they both were on the same wrestling team. Kyle was wearing a red uniform that bore our school logo. Obviously TJ had bought the one he was wearing because he thought it looked cool. He definitely was right, if this were the case, cuz he looked totally hot.

Brian and Trevor moved back away from the mat and TJ and Kyle began to stare each other down, both starting to circle the mat. They were in the typical wrestling stance position, hunched over slightly and waiting for the perfect time to make their move. It was Kyle who lunged for TJ first, charging towards his waist. I was very careful to keep the camera focused on TJ, and I watched with awe as TJ thwarted Kyle's effort. Within a split second, he had Kyle on the ground lying on his back, and TJ was atop him in a side mount. Kyle quickly used his leg to slide between TJ's knees and bucked his body upwards, flipping TJ off of him. Then Kyle dove on top of TJ, now reversing their positions completely. TJ suddenly was on his back and about to be pinned.

Trevor was standing on the other side of the mat, cheering and pumping his fist into the air, certain that his bud had already won the match. It was then that Kyle did something absolutely despicable. He brought his knee down hard, slamming it deliberately right into TJ's groin. I could see the look of sheer agony on TJ's face as he winced from the incomparable pain. I knew that familiar sensation, that dull ache that shoots right up into the center of your gut when you get your nuts jolted in any way.

TJ's stamina was amazing though, for he did not appear to be acknowledging defeat as Kyle slid completely atop him in a full mount position. I zoomed the camera to take a close up of TJ's face. He had such a look of determination on his face and I could tell he was furious in spite of his obvious pain. Suddenly TJ strained himself and thrust his body upwards, while pulling his hands free of Kyle and bucked his opponent off from him. TJ then lunged for Kyle and slammed him flat on his back. Quickly TJ was atop him in the exact same position where Kyle had kneed him, only now their roles were reversed. TJ then brought his knee down, exactly as Kyle had done, and slammed Kyle's nuts ferociously. As Kyle screamed in torment, TJ repeated this action slamming him mercilessly a second time, then a third. TJ then backed off, staring down at Kyle as he started to curl into a fetal position. "You mother fucker!" TJ screamed at him. "You fuckin wanna play dirty, bring it fuckin on!"

Then TJ dropped himself down over the top of Kyle, kneeling over him with each of his knees on either side of the whimpering jock. He was sitting atop Kyle now in the same exact manner that he'd pinned me two days prior. This seemed to be TJ's preferred position when he was ready to open a can of whoop-ass. Kyle was now lying prone beneath him, and TJ easily used his knees to pin down Kyle's elbows. TJ then looked over towards the edge of the mat, seeing that he could not reach the marker that he needed in order to finalize the pin. My heart was pounding in my chest, and I wanted to shout and cheer for TJ but could only stand there silently and continue to operate the camera.

Quickly TJ dismounted Kyle and lunged for the marker. Kyle, who was still writhing in agonizing pain, rolled over on his side, trying to scramble as far away from TJ as possible. It was only a couple seconds later, though, when TJ returned, again dropping himself down atop Kyle. I watched in astonishment as Kyle kicked his feet helplessly and tried flailing his arms, but TJ had descended upon him too quickly. This time, though, TJ leaned forward in a very deliberate way and shoved his crotch right into Kyle's face. I could see the muscles of TJ's buttocks flex as he ground his bulge repeatedly into the face of the all-but-defeated cocky jock beneath him. Brian was the one who was cheering now, egging TJ on. "Pin him, dude! Pin the mother fucker!"

TJ then did exactly that, once more sliding his knees atop Kyle's outstretched arms and sitting comfortably on Kyle's chest. TJ looked down at Kyle triumphantly as he snapped the cap off from the marker which he was now holding up. Then in one smooth movement, he lowered the marker and sliced a large red "L" onto Kyle's forehead. There was no question whatsoever, TJ had defeated him. Bryan was now jumping in the air, pointing his finger directly at Kyle and jeering, "Loser, you fuckin suck!" TJ quickly dismounted Kyle and started to high-five Brian as the two of them laughed and shouted. Brian grabbed TJ's wrist and pulled his arm in the air, officially declaring him the winner.

Trevor just stood there, not really knowing what to do, and moved tentatively towards Kyle. "Back off, fuck face," commanded Brian. "He lost and now he's gotta pay his dues."

"No fuckin way," Kyle moaned, raising himself to a kneeling position on the mat. "Come on Trevor, let's get the fuck outta here." Trevor again took a step towards his friend, and this time Brian moved towards him, doubling his fist as he did so.

"I said, `Back the fuck off!'." Brian was now furious. Trevor clearly did not know what he should do, but I could see how frightened he was. Finally, having no choice, he took a step back off the mat.

"Come on, man!" Kyle pleaded. "You can't just leave me here!"

"You made a deal, hot shot," TJ said to him as he walked over to tower over the kneeling jock. "When you make a bet with someone, you gotta be prepared to pay up if you lose. And mother fucker, you lost!" Brian and TJ both laughed together.

"Fag!" TJ shouted as he looked directly at the mirror. "Come on out!"

Quickly I snatched up the items TJ had given me and dashed out the doorway, still clutching the video camera as I did so. TJ reached out and grabbed the cuffs from me quickly, and I noticed a look of horror sweep over Kyle's face. I grinned down at him cheerfully. "I brought you your bracelets Kyle," I said. I knew I should not have said such a thing to him, but I simply couldn't help myself. TJ and Kyle thought it was funny, though, and again burst into laughter.

"Go get another set of cuffs from the drawer in my bedroom," Kyle ordered me, and as I did so he turned his attention to Kyle. When I had returned, Kyle already was cuffed and kneeling in the center of the mat. I could tell how frightened he was, for he was literally trembling. I could relate well to the feeling but really had no sympathy for him whatsoever.

As soon as Trevor realized that the second set of cuffs was for him, he started to panic, and dashed quickly towards the other side of the room. He was making a run for the staircase. Brian descended upon him and tackled him about halfway through the rec room. Placing his knee in Trevor's back, he jerked his arms backwards and securely clicked the wrist cuffs in place. Then he dragged his captive back over to the mat. He made him kneel there to watch his friend's humiliation.

Kyle now was completely in a state of panic. Most likely the pain in his balls was just starting to subside, and he was probably far more concerned about what he knew was going to soon happen. He looked up at TJ, who was now standing in a towering position directly in front of him, and began to beg. "Please, man! Please, let's just forget this. You won and you've even got it on video. You've got proof you beat me, so please just let me go!" Kyle's voice was high-pitched now, far from the cocky timbre he had used when he had first arrived.

"Shut up, bitch," TJ said to him. "I've been waiting for years to put you in your place, and now I'm gonna use you like the faggot bitch that you really are."

"Fuck you!" Kyle cried out to him angrily. He now was both furious and terrified. He was actually whimpering but was somehow trying to hold onto at least a tiny shred of his pride.

"Okay," said TJ smugly. "Sounds like a good idea!" TJ then reached up and slid his arms through the shoulder straps of his singlet, allowing it to slide down his body. I could see the outline of his humongous cock, noticing it had gotten quite a bit harder than the last time I'd checked. It was like his cock knew that it was soon gonna be sliding into a warm hole and was getting very excited about it.

"I'm never gonna do it!" Kyle screamed. "I'm never gonna suck you. I'll bite it off first!"

TJ just laughed at him and then held up the nose plugs. As TJ reached down to pull them onto Kyle's head, Kyle tried squirming away from him. He was trying desperately to get to his feet, but TJ had a firm grip on his head and he pulled the elastic cord easily around Kyle. Then he snapped the nose plugs in place, securely pinching them together around Kyle's nostrils.

Then TJ lifted his foot up slightly and pressed it hard against Kyle's tender nutsac. "You're not gonna bite me, bitch, or you will get a major lesson in pain tolerance! You think your nuts hurt now, you don't know the fuckin half of it!"

Brian and I both looked at TJ and then back at one another. "This is gonna be good," he said, and then he laughed.

"Once I get my cock in there, if you wanna be able to breathe, you better suck it real fuckin good, then maybe I will think about taking off the nose plugs. If I feel your teeth even once, I'll crush your fuckin nuts, you motherfucker!"

Kyle stared up at TJ, wide-eyed, and I could see how terrified he was. Tears were forming in his eyes already and the action had not even yet started. It was so unbelievable to see this cocky jock kneeling there now, suddenly reduced to such a humiliating state. He was nothing now, just a faggot like me, and my heart swelled as I watched it. Now Kyle was about to find out how it felt to be bullied, and it was about fuckin time!

Certainly I understood exactly how Kyle was now feeling, especially being that over the past week I'd found myself in this exact position three times myself. The absolute worst thing about it is that you are so defenseless, unable to fight back in any way. You know that something terribly unpleasant is about to happen to you; you know it is going to hurt enormously; you know that you're going to be humiliated and debased; you know that the one who is doing it to you is going to enjoy every fuckin second of it and continue until he's completely satisfied--and there is not a damned thing you can do to stop any of it! What is even worse than all of this combined is the fact that you are forced not only to endure the torture, but also to actively participate. You have to suck his cock when he slides it into your mouth. You have to painstakingly concentrate upon not scraping him with your teeth. You have no choice about it at all, because if you fail in any way, then you'll suffer major consequences. And then, if all that isn't bad enough, you also are made aware very early on that you don't have any control over anything. If you are uncomfortable or hurting, you don't have an option of switching positions or resisting in any way. Your Dominator is going to do what feels good to him, and he's really not gonna give a rat's ass about how you feel.

In Kyle's particular situation, though, his plight was even worse than mine had been for two very significant reasons. First of all, he was not some shy loner like me. I had been used to being ridiculed my whole life, but with Kyle, he was used to being top dog. He was accustomed to being in control, so now this turn of events was like waking up one morning and realizing that he'd died and gone to Hell. The second reason that it was so horrible for him was because he had an audience. Not only was his best friend sitting there being forced to watch everything, but there were also two other spectators. I could only imagine how he must have felt as we excitedly cheered TJ on and encouraged him to proceed with the humiliation. Kyle must have felt like one of the Christians who had been thrown into a coliseum with a den of lions. The bloodthirsty mob of spectators was cheering, enjoying every second of his demise.

As Kyle knelt there in the center of the gym, I realized that he did have a couple of things going for him that I had not been privileged to receive. For one, he was wearing knee pads, and for another, he was on a padded mat. In addition to that, he was a wrestler whose body was toned perfectly, so he was not gonna suffer as much physically as had I when I first was skull fucked by TJ. With Kyle, his torture was far more mental. He was being reduced in status, degraded and demoralized. As soon as his lips were around TJ's cock, he would forever be emasculated. TJ may as well have taken out a knife and cut Kyle's balls right off, for he'd surely never be a man again, at least not in his own perspective of himself.

Kyle was now clenching his teeth together and peeling back his lips slightly. This allowed him to such in air through his mouth without opening it. He was still being defiant, but TJ did not seem bothered in the least, and he positioned himself directly in front of Kyle. TJ's legs were planted firmly on the ground on either side of Kyle, and he looked triumphant. He then grabbed Kyle's head securely with both hands and pulled it towards himself, thrusting his hips forward as he did so, rubbing Kyle's face back and forth across his bulge. Brian burst into laughter as he witnessed it which only encouraged TJ all the more. TJ then began to mockingly hump Kyle's face while holding him tightly against the bulge in his tight-fitting singlet. I knew what TJ was doing besides the obvious effort to humiliate Kyle. He was smothering him, grinding his face into his groin so that he couldn't breathe. Eventually Kyle would be gasping, he'd have to open his mouth in order to inhale.

When TJ finally pulled Kyle's head back a few inches and stared down at him, Kyle did exactly that. His jaw dropped open and he quickly sucked in some air. TJ laughed at him sadistically. "You ready to cooperate and open your mouth, bitch? Or am I gonna have to crush your balls a little more?"

Kyle stared up at TJ defiantly, suddenly twisting his shoulders as he tried to pull away from his captor. Instantly TJ raised his foot and slammed it violently into Kyle's groin! Then he grabbed Kyle's shoulders and carelessly shoved him backwards. Kyle fell to the floor, once more curling into a fetal position and crying out in agony. TJ towered over him, showing no emotion whatsoever. He stepped over and placed his foot right on top of the side of Kyle's pain-contorted face. Then with the sole of his wrestling shoe he ground Kyle's face forcefully into the mat. "You're gonna suck me bitch! Do you fuckin understand?"

Kyle cried out again, obviously in excruciating pain. "Oh god!"

"Answer me!" TJ demanded, as he increased the pressure on the side of Kyle's face.

Finally I knew without question that Kyle had been broken when I heard the sob that then escaped his throat. "Yes!" he said. "Just let me up, please!"

I wanted to jump right up and cheer just then! TJ was gonna fuck Kyle's face and do it right in front of me! This was gonna be way too good.

TJ then reached down and jerked Kyle back up to his knees. He resumed his position in front of the defeated jock, and quickly pushed the sides of his singlet down over his hips. He pulled the front down over his huge bulge and released his cock. He was rock-fucking hard as it popped out for all of us to see. Without wasting any time, he then grabbed a hold of Kyle's head again and pressed his cockhead right against Kyle's lips. "Open up, fag!" Kyle demanded, and reluctantly Kyle parted his lips. As his jaw dropped open, TJ thrust forward, sliding into him forcefully, burying his cock all the way in one smooth motion.

Instantly Kyle gagged violently. As he did so his jaw reflexively gaped open and TJ ground his cock deep into the jock's throat. Brian and I cheered excitedly. I could hear Brian beside me screaming, "Fuck yeah!" as he triumphantly pumped his fist in the air.

TJ held Kyle all the way down on his shaft until he'd completely stopped gagging. Then TJ said to him calmly, "I'm gonna fuck your throat now, fag. I know it's hard to fuckin breathe since your nose is plugged, so make sure I don't feel any teeth. If you suck it right, I'll take the plugs off and let you breathe. If you scrape me with our teeth, you're not gonna have any nuts left."

Then TJ began the skull fuck. I watched in awe as TJ held Kyle's head firmly with both hands and began to thrust his cock in and out of Kyle's gaping mouth. Although I had previously been on the receiving end of this sort of assault, this was my first time witnessing it as a bystander. I was mesmerized by the magnificence of TJ's form. The sheer strength of TJ's biceps as they flexed while he continued the rhythmic pumping of Kyle's head on his cock was nearly breathtaking. Well, actually it was literally breathtaking for Kyle. TJ's clearly defined and chiseled pecs were glistening with sweat, and his abs were so meticulously cut that you could see every ripple as he continued his thrusting. He mercilessly continued to deliver thrust after painful thrust to Kyle's vulnerable throat, offering virtually no respite. It was probably fourteen or fifteen thrusts later that TJ finally reached over to the strap which was holding the noseplug in place and carelessly ripped it from Kyle's head. TJ then backed out slightly from Kyle's throat but did not pull all the way out of his mouth. Kyle's jaw opened wide around the shaft as he desperately gasped for breath.

TJ allowed him this luxury only briefly and then quickly thrust back into him. As he buried his ramrod deep into Kyle for the second time, Kyle once again erupted into a violent fit of gagging. I saw the look of triumph on TJ's face as this occurred. It was so obvious that he enjoyed hearing his captive choke. To add to Kyle's humiliation, Brian cheered or made some sort of derisive remark each and every time that Kyle gagged. "Fuck yeah! Gag the bitch, TJ!" Brian also was now holding the camcorder and was taping segments of the action. "I'm gonna zoom in, Teej, give me a good close-up of him choking!" TJ obliged his friend's request by burying his bone as deep as it would go while gripping Kyle's head firmly. I could see the muscles in TJ's buttocks contract every time he did a thrust like that. Kyle gagged uncontrollably while TJ and Brian both laughed.

For the next five minutes TJ raped Kyle's throat with abandon, fucking it as if it were a whore's pussy. As he continued to drill mercilessly drill the imprisoned jock, the speed of his thrusts increased. Beads of sweat were forming on TJ's smooth chest and his body seemed to glisten as if it had been greased up or slathered with suntan oil. Kyle must have assumed that his torture was over when TJ finally pulled out of him. Kyle slumped backwards on his knees, gagging and gasping for breath. There were tears flowing freely down his face, and I did not know if they were a result of weeping or simply caused by the violent gagging he'd been doing.

TJ stepped away from Kyle, but didn't take his eyes off of him. He was staring down, apparently admiring the way he had reduced his nemesis to lowest and most humble state imaginable. TJ's cock stood tall and rigid like a flagpole, and it was shiny from Kyle's spit. Immediately the expression "knob polisher" came to mine and I wanted desperately to shout it out at Kyle. I just stood there, though, staring in awe at my triumphant owner.

TJ then reached down to pull his tight singlet the rest of the way off his body. As Kyle stared up at him, I knew that the humiliated jock was starting to experience another wave of panic. The fact that TJ had stopped the skull fuck momentarily, was actually the cruelest of tortures. It had briefly afforded Kyle a false hope that it was over, but when he saw TJ stripping in front of him, he knew it was just the beginning. I watched intently as Kyle squirmed in his restraints. I saw him straining against the handcuff, vainly pulling against them in an effort to wriggle his sturdy jock hands through the narrow metal opening. Kyle then began to raise his leg, trying to balance himself in an effort to stand. I really did not know his intention, if he thought that he'd be able to make a run for it or if he was going to try to somehow challenge TJ once more. It really didn't matter though, for by the time he had the sole of his shoe planted on the mat, TJ had already finished removing his singlet, and he then raised his own foot, shoving it forcefully into Kyle's chest. This blow knocked the exhausted jock backwards, and he fell painfully atop his own cuffed arms. He cried out in agony as TJ brought his foot back down once more directly into Kyle's groin. This was now about the fifth time he'd taken a hit to the balls.

Then TJ quickly dropped down on top of Kyle, in a manner similar to how he'd throat-fucked me earlier that week, when he had brutalized me so badly that I vomited. "Open!" TJ demanded as he positioned his throbbing cock directly above Kyle's mouth. Kyle had virtually no choice but to obey, and TJ slid back into him smoothly.

The only articles of clothing that TJ was now wearing were his wrestling shoes and his socks. He dug the toes of his shoes into the mat for traction and placed his hands flat on the mat in front of himself and behind Kyle's head. Then he proceeded to face fuck him in push-up fashion. Watching TJ in that position was nearly enough to make me cum right in my pants for I could see the ripple of TJ's broad shoulders, the flexing of his biceps, the cut of his tight six-pack abs, and the strength of his powerful legs. Literally every part of TJ was perfectly toned and smooth. He truly was a dominant jock god!

Already I was certain of what was about to happen, for I had experienced it myself just days earlier. I knew that the way Kyle had been gagging was a clear indication that his throat would not be able to endure these kinds of thrusts much longer. He was sure to puke. It wasn't even a full thirty seconds later when my expectation became reality, and TJ buried his cock deep down Kyle's throat. Kyle's torso quickly began to spasm and his jaw jerked open repeatedly as he wretched. The pinkish colored bile oozed out of his mouth around TJ's cock, and a stream shot up forcefully through his nose. Brian was ecstatic, making grotesque sounds such as "Eww, fuckin gross!" while laughing hysterically.

TJ kept his cock buried in his victim's throat, completely ignoring his discomfort. I knew he was close to orgasm. I loved seeing the way that TJ's abs tightened as he finally reached the point of no return. Kyle lay there trapped beneath him, his eyes wide open with fear. Then TJ thrust deep inside him one final time, burying his shaft balls-deep. "Fuck yeah!" he screamed, "Drink it, bitch!"

I already knew so well how powerful TJ's cumloads were, but observing it this way was truly beyond spectacular. TJ's moan of pleasure was more than just an expression of satisfaction, it was his final declaration of Dominance. As he kept his cock buried deep inside his defeated opponent, I could almost empathically feel for Kyle. I knew that he had felt the rush of TJ's load while it was triggered into his cock, and I knew that he was fully aware that he was going to be gulping down a massive spray of jock seed. Every time a cocksucker is forced to swallow, he feels it happening just seconds before it actually occurs. That was why his eyes had widened in fear the way they had. And these few brief seconds are the most exhilarating for the throat-fucking Top. In this particular instance the overwhelming feeling of superiority must have been even more heightened for TJ, for he was draining his load into the gut of his most bitter enemy, and he did so with gusto!

The pumping of TJ's load into Kyle's throat was so incredibly copious that within seconds it began to ooze from Kyle's mouth and nose. TJ continued to impale him all the while, and remained deep inside the tight throat until he was completely finished shooting. As this was occurring, I could see the movement of Kyle's adam's apple, indicating that he was gulping furiously. He had no choice! TJ was inside him so deeply that the only place for the cum to go was down. The backwash that had oozed from his mouth was merely overflow.

I was certain when TJ finally slid out of his cocksucker that the whole ordeal was finally over. He had humiliated his enemy in the worst possible way. He had clearly established himself as the reigning Alpha male. He had literally crushed and debased Kyle in a manner that was beyond explanation. What more did he now need to do?

Just as I was thinking these things, I found out. TJ roughly pulled Kyle back into a kneeling position and resumed his dominant stance over him. His now semi-soft cock was pointed once again at Kyle's mouth, and TJ was smiling down in a hideously sadistic manner. He then used his left hand to reach down and grab Kyle's right ear. His fingers clenched it tightly and he then began to twist. "Open!" he once more commanded, and Kyle involuntarily obliged him as he let out a scream of pain. TJ used his free right hand to steer his cock directly towards Kyle's mouth and rested its bulbous head right on Kyle's lips. Then he began to piss!

"Keep it open!" TJ demanded as he continued to twist Kyle's ear. The flow of TJ's piss was like a torrent as it flooded Kyle's mouth. The exhausted victim began to cough and gag again and tried closing his mouth, but TJ continued with his torturous grip on the jock's ear. The majority of TJ's piss ended up in the same place as his cum had just been deposited, and the amount that didn't make it was all over Kyle's face and clothes. When TJ finally finished draining his bladder he carelessly tossed Kyle back to the ground.

"I'm gonna take a shower," he said to Brian and me. "Uncuff em and get em the fuck outta here!" Then as TJ headed across the gym towards his bedroom, he stopped briefly, and almost as an afterthought. He looked down to Kyle's handcuffed friend, Trevor, and issued him a warning. "If you say one fuckin word about any of this to anyone, you'll get the same treatment."

Trevor was crying as Brian shoved him and his humiliated friend out the garage door.