Owned By TJ, part 3

Author: puppboijeff@aol.com

Blowing Brian

While Brian was upstairs letting Kyle and Trevor out, TJ and I remained alone in the basement. He had pulled his singlet up to his waist but still remained bare-chested. I stared up at him and noticed how his entire upper body was glazed with a coating of shiny sweat. He seemed so cocky to me now as I looked at him, obviously proud of himself for defeating his enemy. I too was proud of TJ. In fact, the worshipful feelings I had harbored towards him prior to the series of events over the past months, seemed to have increased at least tenfold. Literally everything I'd been put through, including the sadistic discipline session, the snot-burger sandwich, the violent face-fucking blowjobs, and even the way he had pimped me out to Kyle--all of this was now worth it. Seeing Kyle humbled the way that he had been tonight made literally every second of my previous suffering worth it.

It also thrilled me to think about the fact that TJ had entrusted me with the responsibility of filming the momentous event. The mere fact that he'd allowed me not only to witness this spectacle, but also to be an active participant in the implementation of his master plan, made me feel somewhat proud of myself as well. Up until this point I had repeatedly reassured myself that I was serving a purpose for TJ by preparing his homework assignments and gratifying him sexually, but the manner in which I had served him tonight was so much more special. It was as if I were his cohort. I was let in on a plan, and my role in the plan was pivotal.

When TJ spoke to me, I was reminded again of how important my job had been. "Did you get everything on film, fag?" he asked.

"Yes sir! And I got some great zoom shots while you were pinning him... and while you were skull-fucking him."

TJ laughed. "Sounds weird to hear you talk like that, fag. Guess you must've liked it, huh?"

"Oh my god! It was so awesome, sir! I've always hated Kyle's guts. He's been so mean to me all my life. I'm so happy that you ground him under your feet like that. I don't even feel one bit sorry for him. Not one bit."

TJ was smirking as he looked down at me. "Maybe you shouldn't be so cocky. Couple days ago it was you gettin your throat fucked. I could do it again any time I wanted."

"I'm sorry, sir," I quickly stammered. "But with me... um... well it's like you've said over and over. I'm a fag. I was born to serve jocks like you. But with Kyle--it's different. He's a cocky jock himself. Just think of how mortified he must be right now."

"I know," agreed TJ. "I love it! I don't think he'll have the balls to ever fuck with me again. But don't forget who and what you are. You're just a faggot slave. You're no better than that wimp Kyle. In fact, you're much less than him. At least he is a jock--a pathetic one--but still that's better than being a fag like you. And right now I'm sure you feel like hot shit cuz you watched some dude you don't like get a cock shoved down his throat, but for you it is an everyday occurrence. Sucking dick is what you were born for."

I looked up at TJ in stunned silence and then quickly averted my eyes to look down at the ground. His words cut me to the quick and made me feel about three inches tall. He was right, though, as pathetic as Kyle and his crony Trevor were, I was even worse. Certainly TJ proved he was Alpha Male of the jock clique, but I was not even in the same league. Jocks like TJ and Kyle were above me, and no matter how low Kyle was made to sink, I would always be lower.

"Just remember one thing, fag," TJ added, "you were ordered here tonight to be my slave. You got to see all this because I needed another pair of hands to run the video recorder, and I knew that you would do exactly what I told you because you really have no choice in the matter. You're my property and I'm gonna use you for whatever the fuck pleases me and suits my purpose."

Feeling deflated, I continued to look down at the floor. "Yes, sir," I said, acknowledging his reprimand.

"Get busy cleaning this shit up. These mats need to be wiped completely clean, and make sure you get every drop of puke and sweat off of em before you fold em up. I'm hoppin in the shower as soon as Brian comes back. You're gonna blow him when you're done cleanin up."

I looked up at TJ in surprise, not certain I'd heard him correctly.

"Hurry up!" he said, "Get busy. Don't keep my bud waitin." Quickly I headed for the bathroom to get the towels and cleaning spray that I needed to wipe down the mats. When I got back, Brian had returned. He and TJ were sitting in the rec room each drinking a coke. I glanced over at them as they talked with one another, acting as if I did not even exist. I dropped to my knees and began wiping the mats.

It took me about twenty minutes to get the mats cleaned and folded up. I then dragged them back into the storage room. I looked over to the rec room and saw that Brian was now sitting there alone, watching television. TJ must be in the shower. I wondered if I was expected to go into the rec room and approach Brian, or if TJ wanted me to wait for him to get done with his shower so that he could be there to watch. I remembered that he said to hurry up and get the mats clean and not keep his bud waiting, so I thought it best that I just go in there and see what Brian expected.

Hesitantly I eased my way over closer to Brian, and as I stepped into the den-like room where he sat comfortably, I started to feel extremely nervous. You might have thought that by now I would be getting used to my job of jock cocksucker. However, I was probably now more nervous than I had even been while servicing Kyle. With both Kyle and TJ, I was in a situation where I was being forced to suck them, and at the time I did not think too much of either of them. In fact the first time I had sucked TJ, I felt nothing but contempt for him. My feelings for Kyle were nothing short of out-and-out hatred. But Brian was different. I had known him for a very long time, and I'd always liked him--even considered him to be a friend.

I was worried about what Brian must now think of me. Certainly he had figured out that I had become TJ's faggot slave. He'd heard TJ giving me orders. He'd heard him calling me "fag". He saw me rush over to obey TJ, and he even sat there sharing a coke with TJ while I knelt in the next room doing manual labor. TJ must have told him that I was a cocksucker and offered him my services. Now he sat there waiting for me. I wondered what exactly went through his mind when TJ explained how he owned me.

As I stood there a few feet from Brian, just barely breeching the archway of the rec room, I tried to find my voice to greet him. I felt as if I was gonna start trembling, and I was feeling so self conscious that my cheeks seemed to be flushed. I probably was beet red with embarrassment. What I really wanted to do was to just go back into the other room and wait for TJ. I knew that there was no way I was gonna get out of obeying TJ's order, but perhaps I could put it off until he was there to initiate things. Just as I was about to turn around, though, Brian looked over at me and made eye contact.

"Hey," he said, his own voice sounding a little nervous. "Wha's up?"

I shrugged my shoulders and looked over at him, then quickly looked down at the floor. "Well... um," I stammered. "Um... uh... TJ said I was supposed to come see you."

"Yeah," Brian said, and looked back over to the television set. "He said... um... well, you know what he probably said."

"Well... um... are you ready?"

"Jason," Brian said after a long pause, "Why do you do this? How can you be a fag like that?"

"I don't know," I answered honestly. At this point I literally was starting to tremble. "I guess I don't have much choice in the matter."

"Dude, no one's forcing you. Even TJ, he can't force you... unless you're stupid enough to make a bet with him like jackass Kyle," he snickered. "You must do it cuz you like it."

I thought for a minute before answering. A part of me wanted to blurt out all that had happened. I wanted to confide in Brian how TJ had manipulated me into being his slave. I wanted to tell him the whole story about the homework assignments and how he had threatened me, punched me, kidnapped me, and tied me up. I wanted to tell him how he conned my mom into believing him.

There was another part of me, however, that did not want to share any of that with Brian. In spite of the forceful tactics that TJ had used to take control of me, I also knew that deep inside me I had always wanted to serve him. I had always secretly fantasized about being intimate with TJ. I had always worshipped him as a larger-than-life hero. When Brian said that I must like it, he was not far from the truth. There was a part of me that did indeed like it. A part of me craved being under the control of TJ. A part of me felt so validated when I finally submitted to him. It was like the first time, when he had me cuffed to the bedrails and I was forced to suck him off. I was rock hard. Then as I lay there afterwards watching the videotape, I was not repulsed by what I saw. In fact, I was completely turned on.

"Yeah," I finally admitted, "I do like it. I worship guys like TJ. I like to please him."

"But dude, listen to yourself! You're admitting that you're a fag. It's just not normal for a dude to like sucking another guy's dong."

"Well..." I paused before continuing. "Well, honestly it doesn't really matter if I like it or not. I do it because I have to. I have no choice but to do whatever TJ says. I know you don't understand that. You think I should have the guts to just stand up to him and say no if I don't wanna do something. But I'm starting to learn that even trying to challenge him is just not worth it. It's much better to just obey him. In the end, making him happy makes my own life a lot easier, and that is what also makes me happy."

"So you don't like sucking cock? You just do it because he orders you to?"

I looked Brian right in they eye then, not certain if I even was capable of answering his question completely honestly. My heart was beating rapidly in my chest and I was feeling so shaky. I knew that my answer to him was gonna determine whether or not he was willing to accept TJ's offer and allow me to blow him. If I told him that I did not like it, he would decline. I really didn't think that I wanted him to decline. I really felt sort of excited about being given this opportunity to serve this guy that I'd always liked.

"Brian," I said, "I'm gay. I guess I've always known that about myself. I get excited even thinking about pleasing other guys--especially jock guys like you. Don't get me wrong--it's not like I'm some sort of gay whore. I have only `been with' two other guys, and one of em was TJ. But yeah, that part of it is honestly something I like."

"Really? This is totally wild. So it doesn't bother you that TJ offered to let you give me head? Don't you think that you should have been the one to offer that if it was what you really wanted?"

"Would it make you feel better if I offered it myself?"

Brian smiled at me. "Well yeah," he said, "If it's what you want, you should say so. I don't wanna force you to do anything like that... unless, um, you enjoy it."

"Okay," I said, "I want to blow you. I hope you will let me... please."

Brian laughed again. "Only problem is that I'm not a fag. No offense. I mean I'm not gay. I've never had any kind of sex with another dude, and I've never had any desire to do so--ever."

"Well, do you think TJ is a fag?"

"Fuck no!" Brian snickered. "You better lower your voice when you say that."

"Yeah, well you saw him face-fuck Kyle. That doesn't make him a fag. If anything, it makes Kyle one."

"True, but that was the ultimate way to humiliate him. Plus it was a bet."

"Yeah, but my point is that getting your dick sucked by a fag does not make you one yourself. It only means that you like getting head. If you let me blow you, all you gotta do is enjoy how it feels. You don't have to return the favor in any way. It is completely one-way. You're the jock, and I'm the fag. You deserve to be served, and it's my job to please you."

"You swallow?" he asked, grinning at me evilly.

"Of course," I said. "What kind of blowjob would it be if I didn't even swallow?"

"All right, then what're you waitin for?" he asked, and I stepped over in front of him and dropped to my knees.

Brian was about 5'10" and had what you might characterize as a swimmer's build. He was lean yet tightly defined. He was sitting comfortably in the throne chair, his legs spread wide apart. I knelt there in front of him and scanned his entire body. He was wearing Nike sneaks and straight-legged, silver-tabbed Levis. He had on a sport's jersey and a baseball cap. Everything about his appearance was All-American, the quintessential jock.

I slid on my knees, scooting myself closer to him. Tentatively I reached up and placed my hands against his inner thighs, and he spread his legs apart even further. I looked up at his face and saw that he was staring down intently at me.

"You really do want it, don't you?" he said quietly, his voice being little more than a whisper. I nodded in response, feeling no need to verbalize my answer. Brian then slid down in the chair and unbuckled his jeans. Slowly he lowered his fly and thrust his hips upwards in order to pull down his pants. I was quick to assist him, grabbing both pant-legs and tugging carefully. When I got his jeans down past his butt, he sat back in the chair and I then bent over to untie his shoes.

One-at-a-time I unlaced his sneakers and pulled them off. Then he raised his feet from the ground, allowing me to pull his jeans completely off. Now he sat there wearing only his jersey, underwear, and socks. I then reached up and rubbed my fingers gently across the front of his white briefs. I could see the outline of his cock, and it was positioned upwards, pointing towards the direction of his left hip. He was already rock hard!

I ran my fingers across the outline, gently stroking it through the fabric. I felt my heart race in anticipation, knowing it would be only seconds until I unleashed it from the confines of its fabric cage. I bent towards him, moving my head down into his lap and very worshipfully kissed his still-concealed cock. Quickly Brian reached for his waistband, apparently not wanting to wait another second longer, and I assisted him as before, anxiously peeling down his underwear in order to completely expose him to me.

There it was, a throbbing and rock-hard eight-inch fuckpole. It jutted out proudly, almost begging to be taken. And it was all I could do to keep from deepthroating it immediately. However, I wanted to afford my jock pal the maximum pleasure, and so I decided to delay the main event just a little longer. Instead of taking his rigid prick into my mouth, I began licking his balls very gently.

It was amazing to be able to illicit such a response from a man I was serving, for almost immediately, Brian began to moan and squirm a little in the chair. He slid down all the way to the edge of the seat and grabbed tightly onto the armrests. I increased the speed of my lapping, and encircled his entire nutsac with my tongue. I used long, sensuous strokes of my tongue, gently caressing his sensitive testicles. "Fuck!" I heard him moan. "Oh god, that feels so fuckin good." He had spread his legs as far apart as they possibly could go, affording me complete access to him.

Brian smelled of sweat and muskiness. I could taste his perspiration as I tongued his balls. He had been excited, jumping up and down and pumping his fists as he'd cheered on TJ during the wrestling match. Then he'd dragged Trevor upstairs and thrown him out. The sheer adrenaline was enough for him to work up a sweat. The more I licked, the more I wanted him. I wanted to take all of him inside me, and I didn't think I could wait a moment longer.

I began to lick my way up his shaft. As my tongue and lips connected with his pole, he stopped squirming, apparently because it was his nutsac that was extremely ticklish. He moaned with pleasure though as I licked underneath his bulbous cockhead. "Uhhh, fuck! Oh god... feels good!"

I really couldn't wait any longer and slid upwards slightly, wrapping my lips around the crown of his cock. Quickly I glanced up at him, seeing he had his eyes closed. Right then he opened them and looked down at me. "Take it," he encouraged me. "...please."

I then thrust myself forward and with one smooth motion impaled myself on his huge cock. I felt the rigid-yet-smooth shaft slide across my tongue and into the back of my throat. He bucked his hips involuntarily, again moaning with pleasure. I heard his hands digging into the chair arms once more, and I knew that he probably had thrown his head back and curled his toys in ecstasy.

Then I began to really suck him, all the while sliding my head up and down on his shaft. I increased the suction to the greatest degree I could, yet remained very focused upon avoiding any contact with my teeth. I started to develop a rhythm, sliding up and down slowly and gradually increasing the pace.

I wanted the experience to be enormously pleasurable for him, and unlike any of the three previous times when I'd had cock in my mouth, I was not wishing it to be over with as soon as possible. Instead I wanted to savor the experience. I wanted the taste and smell to last. I wanted the feel of his hard cock in my mouth to be a lasting memory. I dove down into his pubes over and over, burying my nose in his bush, trying to force his cockhead as deeply into my throat as possible.

I became so focused upon my task of pleasing Brian that I did not even hear TJ enter the room. It wasn't until he spoke that I realized we had an audience of one. "Grab his head, dude," he advised Brian. "Use him. Pump him on it."

Almost immediately Brian complied with the instruction and grabbed my head with both of his hands. "There ya go!" TJ praised him. "Face-fuck him."

It was at that instant that the scene changed. I no longer was in control. No longer was I servicing Brian. He was from that point on using me to pleasure himself. I suppose part of this was perfectly natural male testosterone. Men have a desire to fuck, and that was what he was doing. Another factor, I'm sure, was that he now had an audience. He had to present himself as being in control and as simply using a fag for his cumdump. It could never be perceived that he had any feelings whatsoever for the faggot. Otherwise his blowjob would be as pathetic and faggy as the one I'd given Kyle a few days prior.

Maybe Brian was having flashbacks of the scene he'd witnessed a few minutes earlier, having watched TJ skull-fuck Kyle so mercilessly. As Brian continued, he began thrusting his hips upwards and he forced me all the down on his shaft. A couple of times I started gagging, but was really focused upon controlling my gag reflex. I was not sure if Brian would be the type to continue if I wretched really hard. I didn't want him to freak and think he was hurting me.

I could tell that he was approaching orgasm, for I saw his abs tightening and felt his grip on my head getting stronger. His cock was throbbing in my mouth, as hard as a rod of steel. I could hear TJ intermittently laughing and egging him on. Finally he forced me all the way down and held me there, crying out involuntarily, "Unghh, I'm coming!" Then he blasted it. It was a gusher--an utter volcanic eruption, and I felt every pulse of his cock against my tongue.

Jet after jet of cum erupted down my throat and in a manner of seconds I was tasting the familiar bitter-salty flavor of jock semen. I gulped hungrily and continued to drain him until he finally collapsed backwards into the chair and released his grip on my head. I pulled off of him slowly, making sure to suck up every drop of his cum along with my own spittle.

"Oh my god! Dude, that was awesome. Thank you so much!" As I heard Brian expressing his gratitude my heart swelled. It was so amazing to me that he would actually be thanking me--acknowledging that I had done well. As I quickly pulled my head back to look up into his eyes, my excitement suddenly waned. I realized instantly that he was not talking to me at all. He was thanking his bud TJ.