Owned by TJ, part 6

Author: puppboijeff@aol.com

Kyle's Revenge

It was a long and lonely walk home from the laundromat that night. Of course when I finished sucking Paul, he quickly left TJ's house, but Brian and TJ stayed there. I then had to blow Brian because of course he was horny not only from watching the porn video but also from seeing his bud get off. They then had me cram myself into the tiny backseat of TJ's sports car, and they drove me down to the laundromat. TJ was unconcerned about how I would get home or how I'd even be able to get his laundry back to the locker room the next day. Like he'd said, that was my problem, not his.

The laundry was located in a grocery store shopping plaza, so I quickly ran over and purchased the soap, bleach, and fabric softener that I needed. Fortunately for me I'd had some money in my wallet which TJ was gracious enough not to steal from me. I used my cell phone to call my mom and tell her I was over at TJ's house studying. She simply advised me not to stay out too late on a school night.

Apparently TJ and Brian were out spending the other hundred bucks he had withdrawn from my savings account. For all I knew, he could be using my ATM card to finish draining my account, for he hadn't given the card back to me. I was pretty sure there was a daily cap on how much could be withdrawn. I thought it was either two or three hundred dollars. I had thought about possibly calling the bank and canceling the card, but I knew that would only be a temporary solution. He'd simply beat me senseless, and then make me hand over the replacement card when it came a few days later.

While the clothes were washing, I used my time to get our government homework assignment done. Since it was simply a list of study questions, I wrote my answers out in freehand. Then I knew I'd simply have to re-type them for TJ once I got home to my computer. Surprisingly, the laundry did not take nearly as long to finish as I had expected. The worse part was the folding. It was after seven o'clock when I got done, finally beginning my trek home. It was about a two mile hike.

As I walked home, I began to worry about where I would store this laundry once I got there. I knew that I would be able to tuck it safely in the back part of the garage, and most likely no one would notice it, but I was not sure how I would retrieve it the next morning. Honestly I was too tired to worry about that right now.

The surprising thing to me about doing TJ's laundry was that it really made me feel so intimate with him. I know it sounds weird, especially coming from someone who has sucked his cock repeatedly. But there is just something about folding another person's jockstraps and boxer briefs that feels special. I knew that he'd assigned this task to me as a means of humiliating me, but as I carried out my duties, I minded it far less than you might think. Every single article of his clothing was a reminder to me of what an incredible jock he was. Scrubbing the detergent into the grass stains of his football pants caused me to envision him on the field. As I unfolded each of his balled-up crusty and pungent athletic socks, I remembered kissing his manly jock feet. I ran my fingers gently over the pouch of his jockstraps to check for any cum or piss stains. Once I even looked around to see that no one was watching me and sniffed one of his jocks.

I actually felt a sense of incredible accomplishment as I trudged my way home, toting TJ's laundry bag over my shoulder. When I finally got to our front lawn, I sneaked in quietly to the garage and slid the laundry bag into the back corner, concealing it behind a couple of empty boxes that had contained our family Christmas decorations. My mom had our house all decked out for the holidays and was saving the empty boxes to re-pack the decorations after New Year's.

When I walked through the kitchen door my mother was standing there, rinsing dishes and placing them in the dishwasher. "Hi honey," she said sweetly, "was starting to get worried about you. I saved you a plate in case you didn't have dinner yet."

"Thanks," I said, smiling back at her. "Yeah, I'm starved. Um...we were so busy I didn't even think about dinner."

"Hey, you got a phone call a few minutes ago. I didn't know you had a friend named Kyle."

"Kyle?" I asked, suddenly feeling a pang in the pit of my stomach. "Kyle Lawson?"

"He didn't leave his last name. Why? Who is he?"

"Oh... well... um... he's actually more of a friend of TJ's. I'm surprised he was trying to call me. Did he say what he wanted?"

"No, sorry," she smiled, "but he said he'd call back a little later. I didn't think to give him your cell number."

"That's okay, Mom, I'm glad you didn't. I really don't want him knowing that number."

"I see," she said, "Guess he's not the kind of friend that TJ is."

"Not at all," I agreed. "He's really not even TJ's friend. He's just...annoying."

"Oh sorry, well you want me to tell him you're not here when he calls back?"

"Nah, I'll talk to him, otherwise he'll just keep callin. I'm gonna take this food upstairs, okay? Gotta type my homework assignment into the computer."

"I thought that was what you were doing at TJ's," she said.

"I was. I mean--we were. But I just wrote out my answers on paper. The teacher likes them to be typewritten."

"Boy have things changed since I was in school."

"Yeah, in more ways than you can imagine," I said under my breath as I headed up the stairs.

It took me less than fifteen minutes to type TJ's homework assignment, and then I hit the shower. The sticky mess that I had deposited into my pants had long-since dried, but it was good to get out of the crusty clothes. I stood in front of the bathroom mirror and scrubbed my mouth vigorously with my toothbrush, trying as best I could to brush away the taste of three jock cumloads. As I was making my way back to my bedroom after my shower, I heard my mom calling upstairs to tell me I had a phone call. I suspected that it must again be Kyle. What the hell could he possibly want with me, I wondered.

"Hello?" I said into the receiver. I heard my mom hang up the receiver from downstairs.

"Hey Jason, this is Kyle Lawson." He waited briefly for a response from me and when one was not forthcoming, he continued. "Um, I wanted to talk to you about something. Please don't hang up."

"What do you want?" I asked quietly. "I shouldn't even be talking to you, ya know?"

"Just listen to me... please. Jason, I gotta tell you something--" I heard him sigh into the phone, sounding very unsure of himself. This was not the cocky jock who had bullied me all my life. Clearly his confidence level had dropped a few notches, and I was not at all surprised. I doubted he'd ever fully recover from what TJ had done to him. "I'm sorry, dude. I wanted to tell ya I'm sorry about what I did to you."

I was speechless for a few moments. I really wasn't even exactly sure what he was referring to. Was he sorry for making me give him a blowjob last week, or was his apology for the lifetime of torture and insults he had doled out to me? "For what?" I asked.

"For the other day, at TJ's house. I'm sorry I did that to you. You've gotta realize that I know how you must've felt. I mean, after what he did to me--"

"Kyle, why should I believe you? Why would you all of a sudden start being nice to me after being such an asshole to me my whole life? I know what you're tryin to do. You just are tryin to get in good with me in order to take revenge against TJ."

"You're right!" he said, and I was shocked to hear his admission. "I do want revenge against that fucker. Who wouldn't? But that doesn't mean I'm not really sorry. I know that he is a jerk to you. He tells people that you're his slaveboy. Why wouldn't you wanna get even with him yourself, dude?"

"Kyle, you wouldn't understand, so I won't even try explaining it. As far as I'm concerned, you got exactly what you deserved when TJ kicked your ass! You better just leave me alone or I'm gonna tell him you're callin me, and then I don't even wanna think about what he'll do to you next!" I slammed down the receiver quickly, and lay back in my bed. Oh shit! I had just insulted and hung up on Kyle Lawson. I knew that he was definitely afraid of TJ, but as for my ass--well, it was dead meat if he ever got me alone.

After a few minutes I dressed myself in a tee shirt and sweat pants and then took my empty plate down to the kitchen. After rinsing it and placing it in the dishwasher, I headed back upstairs to my bedroom. Normally I would stay up awhile and watch television or use the computer, but tonight I was just exhausted. What a day it had been!

Over the course of the previous few days, my life had changed so dramatically. When I first began doing homework for TJ, I thought that my best kept secret was my desire to be sexually intimate with hot jock dudes like him. Now these private and personal desires were anything but a secret. I had already sucked off four jocks, and I was not sure where any of this would end.

When it all started, I could not help but feel contempt for TJ. Even though I had idolized him for the longest time from afar, once he started abusing me, I began to view him differently. It was ironic really, for I had always hated Kyle Lawson for being such a jerk to me, yet TJ had done things far worse to me than Kyle had ever thought of. I suppose Kyle's assumption that I would bitterly hate TJ was a reasonable thing to surmise. But didn't Kyle even notice that I was there helping TJ, filming his humiliation? Certainly the chants and cheers of encouragement that Brian and I kept shouting to TJ had not gone unheard.

This just made me feel that much more certain that Kyle was insincere in his apology. He probably was gonna try to persuade me to somehow get the videotapes that TJ had of him. Once he had possession of them, there would really be nothing in existence that TJ could use to hold over his head. Even if I had been willing to help Kyle and even if I did want to get revenge against TJ, I had no idea where he kept his video tapes. Then suddenly I remembered the cabinet he'd gone to earlier that night when he got out the porn video. Maybe he stored all of his tapes in there, but it wasn't like I would ever have an opportunity to get into that cabinet myself.

The way that things were going right now, I knew that if I really wanted to completely free myself of TJ's control, it would be simple enough to do. All that I would have to do is just walk downstairs and tell my mom about my debit card. She seemed to very much admire TJ and to trust his sincerity, yet if I told her about how he'd coerced me into giving him access to my savings account, she surely would believe me. Then all I would have to do is to take her out to the garage and show her the huge bag of laundry. If TJ were to dispute any of this and try to use the video footage that he had of me, it all would corroborate my story. I even had all of TJ's homework assignments saved chronologically on my hard drive.

All of this time I had been too afraid to do anything to free myself of TJ's control. The one time that I had mustered enough courage to attempt challenging him, he had outwitted me and frightened me into believing that I was incapable of saying no to him. As I lay there in bed, I had to ask myself some very serious questions. Do I want to continue to allow TJ to control me? Is this the sort of life that I want to live? Do I really deserve to be treated like a slave and to be forced to service guys sexually without any hope of affection or reciprocation? Do I want to constantly be told how worthless and pathetic I am?

The answers to my questions were not really so clear to me, though, for as I lay there thinking about it, flashbacks of all that had happened played in my head. I remembered the sense of awe I had felt as I watched that very first video--the one where he had me cuffed to his bedrails while he face-fucked me. He was so godlike and powerful. In spite of the fact that it was me cuffed helplessly between his legs, he was the hottest guy I had ever seen! Then I remembered the way he drilled his cock down my throat when he had me pinned under him and was doing pushups over my face. I remembered seeing his awesome, sweaty chest as he towered over Kyle on the gym mats. It was indescribable the way he had easily crushed his enemy.

I thought about kneeling to serve Brian as he sat in the throne-like chair. I honestly had wanted it. In fact, I had literally talked him into letting me do it. Then just tonight I sucked him again for a second time, but only after first draining TJ in the locker room and then Paul again in the throne chair. I remembered how I had crawled on my hands and knees and kissed TJ's huge, sweaty feet as he ground them into my face.

Certainly I did not want to allow TJ the opportunity to drain me of every bit of my savings which I'd worked so hard to build up, yet there was a part of me that could not deny that I craved being on my knees serving these unbelievably hot jocks. It definitely hurt my feelings and embarrassed me when he called me names and insulted me, but I had to wonder if the attraction that I had for him would even still be there if he suddenly started to be nice to me instead. Wasn't it his cockiness that had originally turned me on so much?

The insulting things that TJ said about me were not altogether untrue either. He referred to me as a bitch or a faggot. How could I deny being either of these things? I was a total cock whore! I was now no longer being forced to give oral copulation unwillingly. As I had knelt before Paul only a few hours ago, I wanted nothing more than to make him shoot his load straight down my throat! I had gotten so turned on when TJ was skull-fucking me in the locker room, that I had even creamed right in my khakis.

No, I honestly didn't want any of this to end. I had enjoyed doing TJ's laundry. I had loved serving both Paul and Brian. I was not happy about the savings account, but allowing TJ to have access to it was really the only choice I had. If I were to side with Kyle against TJ or if I were to tell my mom about everything, I'd never get to serve TJ again. I really couldn't allow myself to let this happen, no matter what.



The next day in shop class, I eagerly approached TJ and handed him his government homework. Of course, he acted casual, not even acknowledging my presence, but I had paper clipped a note to his assignment. The note simply informed him that Kyle had called me the night before and had asked me to help him plot revenge against TJ.

I went about my business as normal, focusing my attention upon the project at hand. I was building my mom a set of decorative shelves for her knick-knacks. It was going to be my Christmas present to her. I was nearly done and was putting on one final coat of wood stain when I glanced up to see TJ walking towards me. "Meet me in the john," he said sternly yet quietly. I quickly set down the stain rag I was using and looked around for the teacher.

"Steve," I said, directing my attention to the classmate who had been so helpful to me the entire semester, "I need to run to the restroom. I'll be right back."

Quickly I made my way down the hall, hoping that I was not spotted by a teacher or hall monitor, for I had not bothered to get a hall pass. TJ was not there yet, so I waited patiently, checking my hair in the mirror. Finally the door burst open and in walked TJ.

"What's this shit?" TJ demanded. "So Kyle called you last night?"

"Um... yes, sir. He... um... he called me twice. First time I wasn't home. I was still at the Laundromat."

"You get my shit all cleaned like you were s'pose to?" he asked.

I nodded. "Yes, sir. I talked my mom into letting me drive to school today. It's all folded neatly and is in the backseat of my car."

"Okay. Bring it to the gym during lunch so that I have clean shit to wear for class today."

"Yes, sir." I said.

"So what kind of revenge is that fucker planning?" TJ grinned as he said it.

"I don't know, sir. I hung up on him."

"Why'd ya do that, you dumb fuck? How am I s'pose to know what he is plotting if you hang up before he tells ya?"

"Um... well, I'm sorry, sir. I just...er... um, I thought you would be pissed if I talked to him. I told him he got what he deserved when you kicked his ass."

TJ laughed. "True, but still ya should've played along with him to get information. Was he a prick to you?"

"No, he was really nice. He even apologized to me."

"Figures," said TJ. "Don't believe it though. He's just tryin to play ya."

"I know, sir. That's what I figured."

"Well, listen, I want you to play him right back. Somehow get a hold of him and tell him you reconsidered. Tell him ya wanna help him with his revenge against me. Then get every bit of information ya can and report it back to me, but don't let him know that I know anything about it."

"Yes, sir," I agreed.

"And don't even think about going through with any real revenge against me, or I think you know what the results will be!"

I gulped. "I'd never do that, sir. Um... I don't want revenge against you."

"Why's that?" TJ asked, crossing his arms across his chest as he leaned against the bathroom sink.

"Because, sir, I worship you. You're my...um...my Master."

TJ grinned knowingly. "Damn right. I own your fuckin ass. So prove to me that you're worthy of it and do what I say. Find out everything you can. I want a daily report e-mailed to me."

"Yes, sir," I said eagerly. "What is your email, sir?"

TJ told me and I memorized it. I was sure that he was about to dismiss me so that I could go back to the last fifteen minutes of class, but instead he had another idea. "Since we're alone here, I might as well get me some head," he smirked at me.

I stared up at him, wide-eyed. "TJ!--I mean sir...it's too risky! What if we get caught?"

"No one's gonna catch us. Get in the stall...NOW!" Nervously I scurried into the stall and turned around. He was right behind me. He pushed the door closed. "Sit on the toilet seat," he instructed me. "If we hear someone come in, slide up onto the tank and put your feet on the seat. All they'll be able to see is me standing in here."

I immediately sat down as ordered, and TJ wasted no time unbuttoning his pants and whipping his cock out. It was semi-hard already. I was starting to wonder if he had a fetish for sex in public places or if he simply was horny all the time. Honestly I think that he was mainly turned on by the idea that he could order me to serve him any time or any where, and I had to obey.

Without wasting a second, I sucked his cock into my mouth as he stepped up to my face. I felt it growing rigid in my mouth even as I slid down on it with the first stroke. As could be expected, he grabbed hold of my head with both hands. Within five seconds his dick was rock solid and he was thrusting into my throat. As he violently shoved my nose into his pubes I maintained my composure, willing myself not to gag. All I could see was his tight abs and pubic hair, although I wanted more than anything to be able to look up at him to see his look of dominance and satisfaction.

He moaned quietly as his cock jutted in and out of my throat, at least affording me audible confirmation that he was enjoying it. In a matter of less than five minutes TJ was on the verge of orgasm. He clearly knew how to get himself off quickly when he wanted, just as he was skilled at making it last when time permitted. This time he obviously just wanted to bust a nut, and without hesitation he did so. He offered no warning, other than the forceful grip he held on my head as he pulled me onto his shaft balls-deep. As I felt the pump of his cock against my tongue, I began to gulp. In a matter of seconds I drained him, literally sucking him dry. Without further adieu, TJ zipped up, turned and exited. "See you at lunch," he reminded me.

I sat there in the bathroom stall after he left and pulled out my dick. It took me only about ten strokes before I shot my own load all over the floor. I wiped my hands and dick off with tissue, rushed over to the sink to wash up, and then quickly scurried back to class just in time for the bell.

I wasn't sure how I was going to get the huge bag of laundry into the gymnasium during lunch without being noticed by at least several dozen people. I had to walk right through the cafeteria to reach the gym entrance, so I knew that all my classmates would see me. Perhaps TJ enjoyed the idea of the entire student body seeing his slave obey him. Although no one would really know what I was toting or why I was doing it, at least he would know that I'd be self-conscious about it. If he made me repeat this performance every day as part of a routine, it wouldn't be long before the other students would start to question why I was hauling these big laundry bags into the school every day during lunch.

When I did finally make my way through the maze of my high school peers into the gym, I scurried across the empty gym floor towards the locker room. The big bag was heavy enough that I was getting winded, and I stopped briefly mid-way to catch my breath. I was reminded of my exhausting walk home the night before. After briefly pausing, I refocused my efforts and hoisted the bag again, trudging the remaining distance into the locker room. Finally I reached TJ's laundry locker. When I opened the door, I just stood there momentarily, staring at it in shocked silence. It was jammed nearly half-full of more disgusting laundry.

I sighed in exasperation and bent down to start scooping the gear out onto the locker room floor. Then I carefully emptied the huge laundry bag dutifully into the now-vacant locker, and stuffed the dirty laundry back into the bag. I closed the locker and began my trek back across the gym floor, through the cafeteria, and out to my car. After stuffing the bag into my trunk, I checked my watch and realized I had only about ten minutes left of my lunch period. I quickly rushed in and purchased some chips and a pop from a vending machine. This would have to be my lunch today, for it was too late to get anything hot.

I was planning to sit for just a couple minutes to rest and swig down my soda, when I happened to look up to see that TJ was sitting at a table directly across from me. Brian and TJ's girlfriend Kimberly were sitting with him. He smirked at me, as he often did, stuffing the last bite of a burrito in his mouth as he did so. They must have been watching me trudge back and forth through the cafeteria carrying all the laundry. I had to wonder what Kimberly knew about the situation. I was pretty sure TJ would never tell her that he used me as his personal cocksucking machine, but he very well may have bragged to her about my enslavement to him. I felt rather embarrassed by the idea that she may already know that I'm her boyfriend's owned property.

I'd only taken two sips of my soda when the lunch-hour bell rang, indicating that it was only five minutes until our fourth-hour classes started. The threesome stood up, and Kimberly picked up her food tray, obviously preparing to return it to the cafeteria kitchen as was the normal routine, but TJ said something to her and she slowly lowered the tray and left it on the table. TJ then slipped his arm around her shoulder and they walked out together.

Brian then turned around and headed straight back towards me. I was already standing, about to make my way quickly to my locker, but he abruptly stopped me. "Hey...Jason! TJ wanted me to tell ya something." I stared up at him expectantly. "He said he'd appreciate it if you'd clear our trays for us." A broad smile suddenly crept across Brian's face and he winked at me. "I told him I was sure you'd be happy to do it."

"Okay," I said, feeling my face redden. "Um... all right, no problem." I then quickly scurried over to their table and gathered up their mess, combining all the plates and trash onto one tray. I had to then stand in line to wait as a throng of other students were all returning their trays at the same time.

When I finally got done, I rushed as quickly as I could back to my locker to grab my books for my next class, and just barely made it to my seat before the next bell rang.


I tried scanning the halls in between my remaining classes that day, looking intently for Kyle. I was not sure exactly how I was going to get a hold of him. I didn't even know where his locker was located. I thought that if I did not see him at all, I should be able to recover his phone number from our caller ID at home. I wasn't planning on heading straight home after school, though, because I wanted to go to the Laundromat first. I just wanted to get that laundry chore out of the way while I still had access to the car. I doubted I would be able to drive to school every day, so I wondered what exactly I was gonna do when I had a big load of laundry to transport but no vehicle. It would be tricky to be able to haul it without my mom or dad noticing.

TJ had not said anything to me about whether or not he had withdrawn any more money from my account. I honestly was afraid to even find out. I was starting to run low on cash, but I thought I would probably have enough to pay for the coin laundry. If there were more clothes to wash tomorrow, I would have to ask TJ for access to my account again. The only alternative would be to do the laundry at home where I did not have to pay, and that would involve some serious planning to insure that my mom did not find out.

One thing that I was extremely thankful for was that we did not have a homework assignment that night for our government class. In fact, since it was approaching the end of the semester, we were not likely to have as much homework. We would have a final test right after we got back from Christmas break, and our final exam would be a term paper. I already had completed my own term paper, but I was positive that TJ was going to require me to write one for him. I knew that I would need to get started on that as soon as possible.

As I made my way through the crowd of students after the final bell, I glanced around myself one more time. Luckily for me, I saw him. Kyle was about twenty feet ahead of me, making his way towards the front exit. I rushed to catch up with him, weaving as best I could through the throng of people. When I finally made it up to him, he still had his back towards me and continued to walk briskly through the exit. "Kyle!" I called after him, and he stopped to turn around, looking to see whose voice had just beckoned him.

As I made eye contact with him, I could see a very faint trace of the marker which had been used on his forehead. TJ had triumphantly branded him with a glaring L, indicating that he was a big loser. Obviously Kyle had tried as best he could to scrub it completely off, but after all, it had been a permanent marker. I'm sure that no one would have known where the marks came from, but I couldn't help but smile inwardly being that I did know how overwhelmingly Kyle had been defeated.

"Hey," he said. "What's up? Thought you didn't want to talk to me. You hung up on me last night."

"I know. I'm sorry about that, but I was thinking about everything you said. I feel bad for hanging up on ya. I want to talk to you more about what you said...I think you know what I mean."

"Sure," he said. "But let's not talk here."

"No doubt," I agreed, "Can you meet me down at the Laundromat? That's where I'm goin right now."

"Yeah, which one?" I then told him the location, and he agreed to meet me.

When I pulled into the laundry parking lot, Kyle was already there. He got out of his truck and came over. He even helped me by carrying the big laundry bag inside. "What the fuck you got in here?" he asked.

"It's TJ's laundry--well his and probably half of his friends'."

"He's makin you do his laundry now too? That shit's fucked up, dude."

"I know. Plus I now have to do his homework and even write a term paper for him."

"He'd better hope no one turns him in for it. Not only will he flunk the classes, but he'll also get kicked out of sports."

"Who's gonna tell?" I asked. "There's no one brave enough to do shit to him."

"Maybe someone should just write an anonymous letter or something. Leave it in the suggestion box at the principal's office."

"The principal loves TJ, and he'd never believe a word of it. Plus TJ would then just kick my ass--like he did to you."

I could see the rage within Kyle's eyes as I said it. I knew he must be so humiliated and angry for the way he had been crushed and then violated. He would probably have flashbacks for the rest of his life.

"I have a plan to get revenge on him--like I said last night. When I get done he's gonna be sorry he ever fucked with me, because I'm gonna make him pay big time! What I'm gonna do to him will be ten times worse than anything he's ever thought of doin to me!"

"Wow. What could be worse than what he did to you?" I asked sincerely. I looked around us to make sure no one was within ear shot. "He raped your face and pissed down your throat. I'd say that is about the worse thing imaginable."

"TJ's gonna be eatin my shit! He pissed in my mouth; I'm gonna shit in his. He fucked my mouth, I'm gonna fuck his ten times worse--and then fuck his ass when I'm done!"

I raised my eyebrows as I stared up at him. "Well I'd love to see it happen, but how? You and whose army is gonna do this to him?"

"Me and my own army. I already have four other guys who are gonna help me."

"Who? I hope you don't mean Trevor, because I think he might pee his pants from fright." I laughed coldly.

"Well, he's one of em, but I have three others. I'm not mentioning their names though."

"So what do you want me to do? And why would you expect me to help you in the first place. Didn't you hear me standing there cheering TJ on as he did that shit to you?"

"Yeah, I heard," Kyle glared down at me with a look that was almost menacing, "but I also know all the shit I'd done to you. I made you blow me just a couple days before that. Guess I deserved to have you cheering against me."

"Well, at least you got to know what I felt like."

"Yeah, I did, and it was awful. Anyway, let's forget about that and work together on bringin TJ down. You wanna help me?"

"Sure," I said, trying to sound convincing. "What can I do?"

"Well, ya gotta get the tapes that he has of me. Once I have them in my possession I'll know he has nothing to hold over my head and I can do whatever the fuck I want to him."

"That's impossible! I don't even know where he keeps the tapes. If I did, I'd get all the ones he has of me. He's not gonna tell me that."

"Well, can't you find out? Can't you look for them?"

"He doesn't leave me alone in his house, Kyle. It's not like I can start rummaging around there."

"Well see if you can figure out a way to steal a key from him or something. Just try! Try to see if you can somehow either get your hands on a key or on those tapes."

"I don't think a key will help at all. I'm sure they have an alarm on that house."

"I didn't see one when I was there. Has TJ ever had to disarm the alarm when you've gone into his house? Does he punch in numbers in a key pad or anything?"

"No, I guess not," I agreed. "So maybe there's no alarm, but still I'm not sure I'd be able to get a key. In fact, I can almost guarantee that would be impossible."

"Well at least try. Work on it, and see if you can come up with something. Do you have my cell number?"

I shook my head. "No, but give it to me, and I'll put it in my phone."

"Cool," he said. We then traded numbers, and for a few brief seconds it seemed almost as if Kyle was a decent human being after all. If he had been nice to me like this for all these years, I probably would not be secretly plotting against him now. I would never trust him, though, no matter how sincere he seemed to be.

"Hey Kyle, can you do me a favor?"

"Sure. What?"

"Can you pick me up tomorrow morning? I'm not gonna have this car and somehow I have to get all this laundry back to the school."

"Sure, no problem. I can pick you up at eight."

"Cool, thanks."



It was 7:45a.m. the following morning when my cell phone rang. I saw it was Kyle. "Hello?" I answered.

"Hey, I'll be there in about ten minutes. You ready?"

"Sure," I said. "I'll be waitin for ya in the garage. I'll watch for ya."

"Okay, cool."

"Hey, I've got some good news for ya!"

"Oh yeah? What's that?"

"I'll tell ya when you get here."

"Tell me now..."

"No, I promise it's a good surprise. I'll see ya in a couple minutes. Bye" Quickly I flipped my phone closed and smiled.

When Kyle pulled into my driveway, I hoisted the laundry bag and dashed out to his truck. As I placed the bag into the back he glanced back at me through the cab to make sure I didn't need any help. I smiled up at him and made eye contact, and then quickly I opened the passenger door and climbed in. "Here," I said, handing him two DVD's.

"What's this?" he asked, a broad smile creeping across his face.

"It's your videos. I got em for ya last night."

"No fuckin way! How'd you manage that?"

"You wouldn't believe my luck, man! TJ left me at his house by myself. He had ordered me to clean his bedroom and bathroom while he went out with Kimberly. So I had two hours of freedom, and so I used the time to search for the videos."

"Where'd you find em? Are you sure these are the only copies?"

"Dude, I'm positive. He keeps all this shit locked up in this cabinet in his rec room. He had em in with his porn collection. If he'd have made copies, I know they'd have been in there too."

"Fuck'n aye! You're the shit, man! I can't believe you came through for me."

"Well... um, it's not just for you. It's for me too. Once you get revenge on TJ, I'm gonna be free from him. I also got all the DVD's he made of me. In fact, I broke em in a million pieces and they're in the garbage."

"Cool! That fucker is gonna pay."

"When are ya gonna do it? When are ya gonna kick his ass?"

"This weekend. Saturday morning."

"Damn... I gotta work that day. I wanted to be there to watch."

"Maybe I'll make ya a video. Dude, I hope for your sake he doesn't notice that the DVD's are missing between now and then."

"I took care of that," I smiled. "I mean he still could figure it out if he goes to play them, but I doubt he will."

"What do you mean?"

"He has a big stack of blank DVD's. I replaced each DVD with a blank one. He had them all in labeled cases."

"He is such a fuckin perv. So he has like a library of faggot pornos?"

"I guess... I mean, two of them were of you. I don't really think you're a faggot. Are you?"

"Fuck no! I mean he made me do faggot shit with him. You know what I fuck'n mean. Why would he wanna watch something like that?"

"He likes seein himself dominate other guys. I don't think it's really the sexual stuff that is the turn-on for him. It's the power."

"Well, he won't be feelin very powerful Saturday. I can guaran-fuck'n-tee it!"

I laughed. "I can't wait!"



I woke up very early Saturday morning, around 6 a.m. I really was too anxious about what I expected was going to happen that day so I had not slept very well. I had arranged to switch schedules with one of my coworkers, so I did not have to work that morning. Instead I was going to be working Sunday afternoon.

I had to be at the high school parking lot by 8:30 where I would meet with Kyle and his buds. One of the four guys that Kyle had recruited to help him exact revenge upon TJ was none other than Paul, the god-like jock I had served earlier that week. Not only had I blown him, but I had paid him a hundred bucks for the privilege. Paul was actually a pivotal piece of Kyle's elaborate plan for he provided a link to TJ's best bud Brian. Paul's job was simply to get the two of them to show up. Kyle was insistent upon making sure that Brian was present to witness TJ's humiliation. It would be the ultimate payback. After all, when TJ had triumphed over him, the entire humiliating incident had been witnessed by his pal Trevor.

Paul had invited TJ and Brian to meet him that morning to play racquetball. The three of them were planning to ride together in Paul's car. They planned to simply leave TJ's sports car at the school parking lot. Once Paul got TJ into his vehicle, though, he was not going to take him to the racquetball courts. Instead he would drive him out of town to another meeting place where Kyle and his other three buds would be waiting. This location was en route to where the racquetball courts were located, so TJ would suspect nothing until it was too late. Paul was to pull off the road suddenly into a roadside park. Kyle and his cronies would then drag TJ and Brian from the vehicle and restrain them, throwing them into the back of Kyle's truck. Then they'd drive together to the scene of the main event.

Kyle had meticulously planned out every detail of the operation. All parties involved had rehearsed the scene repeatedly, making careful preparation for how they would park their vehicles, what items they'd specifically need to effectively overpower and then detain TJ and Brian, and how exactly the timing would work out. Kyle had pressured me to somehow get the day off work, for he needed me to assist him. My job was to drive my car out to a separate location which was about a mile up the road from the park where the abduction was to take place. I was to wait patiently in a restaurant parking lot, and when I saw Paul's car drive by, I was to call Kyle to warn him to be ready.

Kyle reviewed the details of the plan with the five of us as we gathered at the high school parking lot. At about 8:40, we then dispersed. Kyle, Trevor, and their friends Mark and Ryan headed out to the park. They were using two vehicles, one of them being Kyle's truck. I followed behind them. When I got to my destination point, I pulled my car into the restaurant parking lot and positioned it so that I could clearly see the highway. Now all I had to do is wait til the trio drove by. My heart was racing as I sat there, for I knew that what was about to happen could change the course of my life dramatically.

I was certain that Kyle was extremely confident that he and his buds would easily pull off this abduction. There were five members in total of his "army", plus there was me. With the assistance of handcuffs, rope, baseball bats, duct tape, and the sheer power of teenage jock muscle, they would easily overpower both Brian and TJ.

Although Paul was a pretty close friend of Brian's, he had chosen to participate in this whole scheme for reasons which were not at first all that obvious. Kyle and Paul had known each other for a long time, and when they were younger they used to hang together. Plus Kyle had offered Paul a sizeable sum of cash to help him out, and he had given Kyle a very strong assurance that nothing bad would happen to Brian. He merely wanted him to be there to witness the whole thing, adding to TJ's ultimate humiliation.

I did not know whether or not Kyle had bribed Mark and Ryan. I knew that he had offered me no money for my cooperation. He was confident that my desire to be free from TJ's control and domination would be enough of a motivator.

At 8:55 the ringtone on my phone went off. It was a text message, indicating that the plan was right on track. Everyone was in place and we were set to go. Now I simply had to wait. It would probably be another ten or fifteen minutes before Paul's car drove by. My pulse was racing so rapidly that it was hard for me to even think straight. Each second seemed like a minute, and each minutes seemed like an hour. Finally at 9:12, I saw Paul's car, and I immediately dialed Kyle's number. TJ was sitting in the back seat, exactly according to plan. "They just drove by! TJ's in the back seat--passenger side."

I had been told to wait for at least five minutes after Paul drove by before I headed over to the park. By the time I got there, TJ and Brian would likely already be cuffed, tied, gagged, and safely secured in the back of Kyle's truck. I did not wait, though, as I had been instructed. Instead, I immediately started my car and pulled out of the parking lot. I wasn't gonna miss this abduction--not for anything!