Owned by TJ, part 7

By puppboijeff@aol.com

An Opened Can of Whoop-Ass

As I pulled my car into the park, I knew that the shit was about to hit the fan. Paul's car was right in front of me, and he had pulled it right up behind Kyle's truck. Essentially the car was blocked in, and now even if Paul were to decide to back out of the plan, they were pretty much trapped there. When the car came to a stop, immediately Kyle, Mark, and Ryan rushed over to TJ's door, flinging it open hurriedly. Paul had jumped out of the car and rushed over to the passenger side where Trevor approached. They quickly dragged Brian from his seat, each of them firmly gripping one of his arms.

TJ was now out of the vehicle. Mark and Ryan had a firm hold of him, each of them on either side of him, pulling his arms back behind him. Kyle stood smugly in front of his captive, proudly wielding a baseball bat. I quickly threw my car door open and hurried over to the scene.

I wondered if it seemed at all strange to Kyle as he stood there that neither TJ nor Brian had offered any sort of resistance. Neither of them attempted to pull their arms free or to take a swing at their captors. Neither of them made any attempt to run, nor did they shout out threats or indicate in any way that they were panicked.

Of course, I knew the reason for all of this, for I had been involved in planning this entire ruse. I was aware that TJ and Brian had no intention of playing racquetball that morning. They knew full well of Kyle's elaborate scheme to exact his revenge upon TJ, and they had made some fairly exciting plans of their own. For one thing, they had met with Paul, Ryan, and Mark, persuading them to go along with every single thing that Kyle told them. The DVDs which I had turned over to Kyle were actually copies which TJ had burned for me. There most certainly was going to be an abduction, but the captives were by no means going to be TJ and Brian.

Suddenly Paul released Brian, and Brian quickly turned to deliver a powerful gut-punch to Trevor, who instantly doubled over in shock. As this was happening, Mark and Ryan released TJ and each grabbed a hold of Kyle, forcing him to drop the bat. TJ stepped up to him, staring him straight in the eye, and then drove his knee forcefully right into Kyle's groin. Kyle let out a howl of both shock and pain, reflexively doubling over himself, though he could not bend too far since Mark and Ryan were firmly holding him in place.

"Good morning, Kyle," TJ said calmly. "What a surprise! I didn't realize that you and your friends would be joining us for racquetball."

Kyle glanced to his left and right, looking to see where Trevor and Paul were. When he realized that they were not rushing to his defense, he got the most horrid look of fear on his face. It was as if all the color suddenly drained out of him as he realized that his plan was backfiring. "You mother fuckers!" he screamed. "You fuckin asshole traitors!"

Everyone else started laughing, except of course for Trevor who was now handcuffed and lying prone on the ground at Paul's feet. Brian was kneeling down beside him, securing a piece of duct tape across his mouth. Trevor rolled himself over wildly and began kicking his feet. I was not sure what he expected this to accomplish, but obviously he was in a state of shock and panic. Without much effort, Paul and Brian pinned down his legs and then quickly cuffed his ankles, rendering him utterly defenseless.

"Kyle, did you actually think that you would be able to pull something like this off?" TJ snickered, as he grabbed forcefully hold of the front of Kyle's shirt. "I'm the most popular jock in school. You didn't think that my buds would warn me about everything you had planned? You even thought that you could get my faggot slave to turn against me.

"The craziest thing about this whole stupid—and lame—plan of yours is that you seemed to forget about what happened the last time you tried to fuck with me! Not only did you get your ass kicked, but you also dropped to your knees and sucked my dick like you were a fuckin cheerleader bitch in heat. I guess maybe you liked it so fuckin much that you decided to come back and get some more!" TJ laughed and grabbed hold of his crotch in a masculine gesture as if to taunt Kyle.

Kyle's eyes were wide with fear, but the emotions he was feeling had to be a mixture of pure adrenaline, rage, and utter disappointment. Angrily he looked over at me, for I was now standing only about ten feet from the scene. He locked his eyes upon mine and said the only thing he had the courage to say, "You're gonna pay for this, faggot! I swear to god, you're gonna fuckin pay!"

"Shut the fuck up, Loser!" demanded TJ. "You're in no position to be makin threats to anyone. The only reason you single out the fag is because he's probably the only one here that you'd even be man enough to beat in a fair fight.

"Shut him up, Paul," TJ commanded, and Paul rushed over with the roll of duct tape. "You know, it was so nice of you guys to bring with you all this stuff that we need to tie you up. In fact, you even brought us a nice new pickup truck for us to transport you. I think you two will fit nicely back there." Kyle had fitted his truck with a leather bed cover so that his captives would not be seen as he drove down the road. Now it was gonna be he and Trevor who were stuffed in that pickup bed.

TJ had his buds drag Trevor and Kyle over to the other side of the truck where Kyle had stashed the rope, hoods, and additional rolls of duct tape. He told the guys to take off the captives' shoes and throw them into the cab of the truck. Then he oversaw their efforts to effectively bind each of them so securely that there was virtually no way they could even move. They each had their wrists and ankles cuffed, then a rope was used to tie the two sets of handcuffs together. This meant that their legs were bent at the knees and pulled back to connect their ankles and wrists together. A canvas bag was used on each of them as a hood, which quite effectively blindfolded them. Each hood had small air holes so that they did not suffocate, but then the bags were securely duct taped to their torsos. TJ then had the two of them positioned so that they were back-to-back and he used the remaining rope to snugly tie them together. Kyle had sadistically devised a makeshift box which was made of boards that had sharp nails driven through the sides. This was to create a tight space into which the captives would just barely fit. Of course, TJ left the barrier in place, and Kyle therefore knew it would be pointless for him to try sliding around. If he did so, he'd end up impaling himself on the spikes he had pounded in with his own hands. When TJ was finally satisfied with his handiwork, he fished Kyle's truck keys and wallet from Kyle's pockets and they loaded the pair roughly into the bed of the truck, sliding them snugly into the tiny box

"Hope you boys are comfortable in there," TJ said sarcastically as he slammed the gate of the truck closed. "Come on, dudes, let's go get breakfast! Kyle's buyin." He opened Kyle's wallet and pulled out a fifty.

I could not help but find it amusing that Kyle and Trevor were going to be trapped inside the bed of his own truck for the next couple of hours, unable to kick or scream or even see. They would have no choice but to simply lie there and wait for us to return. Surely they would attempt to squirm and try wiggling free, but I knew it would be no good. They would try screaming for help, but no one would be around to hear their muffled cries. Even if someone drove into the park, they would not even know anyone was in the truck. TJ had pulled the truck over to the far side of the park and left it in the most remote parking place.

Brian then suggested that he leave me there to guard the truck. "Ya know, you could make the fag stay here and make sure no one finds the two of em."

TJ looked over at me, seeming for a few seconds to be contemplating. Then he shook his head decidedly. "Nah," he said, "the slaveboy did a good job for me this week. He deserves to come along. No one's gonna bother that truck. Those two losers will be just fine til we get back."

I could not even believe my ears, as I stared up at TJ proudly. In spite of myself, I felt a big grin spread across my face. This was absolutely the first and only time TJ had ever said anything complimentary to me. Not only had he acknowledged that I'd done a good job, but he also was now going to reward me for it!

He did have me pull my car over next to the truck before we left, and then I rushed over and climbed in the back seat of Paul's car. TJ hopped into the other car with Mark and Ryan, and we headed back to the same restaurant where I had just been parked during my stakeout operation.

TJ acted extremely casual throughout the meal, as if today was just an ordinary day like any other. He seemed to have virtually no sense of urgency or concern about Kyle or Trevor who I knew were probably shitting their pants back in the truck. They probably were literally frightened senseless, not knowing what fate was in store for them. If TJ had known all about their plan of revenge, then he must surely have known exactly what they had planned on doing to him. He would of course dole out something equally as horrible to them, if not worse.

As for me, I had no idea what TJ was planning to do. For all I knew, he may just leave them there in the truck indefinitely. Maybe if he left them tied there for a day or two, that would be punishment enough. I suspected, though, that TJ would not be satisfied with merely scaring them like that. When I remembered the way he had brutally face-fucked Kyle after the wrestling match, I knew that he would likely want to give an encore performance. Now he also had an expanded audience. I'm sure he would not hesitate to show off a little in front of Mark and Ryan.

At breakfast I learned that Kyle had indeed bribed the pair to assist him. He'd paid them a hundred bucks. TJ matched this offer, though, and he assured them that if they sided with him instead of Kyle, he would make it well worth their while in the long run. It was becoming more and more obvious that TJ was a force to be reckoned with at school, and getting on his bad side was not wise. Kyle's intention was to strip TJ of this status and bring him down to a place of shame. This would have been no small task, and even if Kyle had succeeded in outwitting TJ, I wondered where any of this would actually end. TJ was not the type to admit defeat and just roll over.

As it turned out, this did not even end up being a consideration, for Kyle had once again lost to TJ. On this sunny Saturday morning which Kyle had anxiously anticipated for the past two weeks, he was not celebrating his victory as he'd dreamt of doing. Instead he was hog-tied in the back of his own truck, unable to move and barely able to even breathe. I wondered how mortified he must now feel. I wondered how terrified he was of what was about to happen to him.

I didn't have to wait long to find out, for when we left the restaurant TJ informed us that we were headed back to get the truck. He told me to drive my car back to the high school and that he'd pick me up there. I watched him as he went over to the tailgate of the truck and opened it. He looked inside to make sure his enemies were still trapped in the cage that they had unknowingly devised for themselves. He smiled with satisfaction when he saw that everything was cool, and slammed the tailgate quickly shut. Then I got into my car and pulled out, TJ following behind me in Kyle's truck, and the other two cars in tow behind him. It was like I was leading a parade, and I felt almost as excited as I would have been had it been an actual holiday. I could almost feel the testosterone and adrenaline that was pumping through TJ's veins. I could sense the anticipation, for I knew he was about to open a can of whoop ass, and I was gonna once again have a ring-side seat to witness it all!


Beer Can Hill was located about twenty minutes outside of town, but to get to it you had to take several two-track roads and go through a very densely wooded area. I had never been there before myself, but I had heard other students talk about it. The location was where most of the high school drinking parties were held, and thus it was given its unusual nickname. The reason that this location was so perfect for underage drinking parties was because it was in such a remote location. It was not as if anyone would stumble upon it in passing. It was definitely a destination point. You did not arrive there unless you intended to do so.

I became aware of the fact that we were headed for Beer Can Hill after I climbed into the truck with TJ. I glanced back through the window to look at the bed of the truck. Of course I could not see Kyle or Trevor for they were securely hog-tied beneath the leather bed cover. "Do you think they're all right back there?" I asked TJ, and I asked this question with genuine concern. They had been there for now close to two hours.

TJ shrugged his shoulders. "Who cares?" he said. "Ya know, it could be me and Brian back there right now. If Kyle had his way, we would be the ones tied up right now."

"I know," I acknowledged, "but I'm sure glad it isn't. I think Kyle just about crapped his pants when he found out his plan had backfired."

TJ laughed. "Maybe he really has crapped himself by now. Either that or pissed himself. It's not like I'm about to let him out to go to the bathroom."

"Sir, will you tell me what you're planning to do to them?" I asked timidly. "Or is it gonna be a surprise?"

"Maybe I should do to them exactly what they were planning to do to me and Brian," he said. "Guess I'll decide when we get there."

"Where are we going?"

"You ever been to Beer Can?" he asked.

I shook my head. "No sir."

"Right," he said, "Why would a fag like you ever be invited to a real party? That's where they have all the high school parties—the keg parties and shit."

"I know. I've heard people talk about it, sir."

"Maybe that's what we should do—have a party. It can be a Christmas party. After everyone gets drunk, we'll untie Kyle and Trevor. Let all the guys use em for blowjobs." TJ laughed as he thought about it. I doubted that this was seriously what he was planning. He just seemed to be daydreaming out loud.

"I bet Kyle is pretty scared right now. I know I would be."

"He deserves it, fag. Even you are smart enough to know not to do something as lame as what he did. He's a loud-mouthed fuck, and he's gonna be real fuck'n sorry he ever tried to fuck with me!"

"I've just about got your term paper done," I said. I was trying to change the subject because TJ seemed to be getting a little riled up. "What are you gonna do about the final test?" I asked.

"Sit behind you," he said casually, laughing as he did so. Obviously he planned to cheat off my paper. "I already know I'll get an A-plus."

It was weird to be riding alongside TJ in the passenger seat of Kyle's truck and actually conversing with him. Usually when I was in a vehicle with him, the only conversation we had consisted of either insults or orders he was doling out to me. Granted we were not now exactly carrying on a meaningful dialogue, but at least he was speaking to me in a manner that acknowledged I was human.

As I thought about our circumstances, I realized that this whole situation could have indeed been very different. Had I not gone to TJ and told him of Kyle's revenge plan, then he never would have been able to meet with Mark, Ryan, and Paul to convince them to side with him. He would have instead likely fallen right into Kyle's trap, and he would indeed be the one who was now tied up and gagged. Maybe TJ did realize that I had been instrumental in helping him once again conquer his enemy. After all, he had included me at breakfast, and he even stated that I'd done a good job.

I was starting to feel very uneasy when we made our way up the final two-track trail to Beer Can Hill. The last stretch was very steep and the road was barely more than a path. We crept up the trail at about five miles an hour, and then suddenly came out of the brush and into a wide clearing. This obviously was the party site. As I scanned the open space, I saw where there had been a large pit for bonfires. This really was the perfect place for a keg party.

As we climbed out of the truck, I glanced back to see that the other two vehicles were pulling in behind us. Mark and Ryan piled out of their car and were pumping their fists in the air, obviously excited and ready to have a party of their own. It was only ten o'clock in the morning, though, so I doubted that anyone was about to crack open a beer.

"Let's get em out of there," TJ said with a broad grin on his face. "Let's see what they have to say for themselves now that they've had a little time to think about things."

Paul and Brian had exited their vehicle, and Paul briskly walked over to the tailgate of the truck and pulled it open. He and TJ then reached in and each grabbed hold of Kyle and Trevor's legs, pulling them out in one smooth movement so that they slid over the edge of the tailgate and thudded painfully on the ground. I heard Trevor moaning through his gag.

Trevor was the first of the two captives to be untied. Paul opened his jackknife and cut through the ropes which bound his cuffed ankles and wrists together. Then he undid the knotted rope around his torso, freeing him from his confinement against Kyle. I realized how sad their ride must have been together. They were so close to one another yet were both gagged and blindfolded. There really had not even been any way for them to communicate with one another. Trevor was nothing but a wuss anyways, so I knew he was probably scared straight out of his mind.

As I looked down at Trevor's jeans, my speculation about Trevor's fear was clearly confirmed. He had obviously wet himself. The front of his pants were soaked with his own urine. "Look!" I said, pointing at him. "I think he peed his pants."

"Oh my fuckin god!" shouted TJ. "He did! He fuckin pissed himself already. Here I thought you were the fag boy, but look at this homo. He pissed himself like a fuckin baby in diapers!" The other guys smiled and laughed as they gathered around to check it out.

"Take his hood off," TJ said, and Brian bent down to peel off the duct tape. As he jerked the canvas bag off from Trevor's head, I saw Trevor wince. He was squinting his eyes painfully, being suddenly exposed to the bright sunlight. His face was streaked with tear stains and you could see where the snot had slimed out his nose all over his upper lip. He must have been sobbing, I surmised. He still was scared, I thought, probably more now so than ever. He appeared to be trembling a little.

"You want the tape off his mouth?" asked Brian, looking up at TJ.

"Not yet," he answered pointedly. "Undo his bud first. Let's see if he's been cryin like a baby too."

Paul then stepped over to Kyle and used his foot to kick him over on his belly. Then he reached down and untied the ropes connecting his ankles and wrists and then untied the rest of his restraints. As Paul was untying him, Brian removed Kyle's hood. Finally they rolled him back over so he was on his back and looking directly up at TJ.

"Have a nice ride?" TJ asked. "Hope it was not too cramped in there, but after all, you were the one who designed the whole thing. If you were uncomfortable, I guess you have only yourself to blame.

"Thanks for breakfast, by the way," TJ added. "You bought me steak and eggs, and, fuck, I'm so full right now. I'd have asked you to join us but you and your butt buddy Trevor seemed so cozy in there together. I didn't wanna disturb you."

The other guys started laughin. "I bet you two fags are used to gettin cozy with one another, though. Do you two suck each others' little wee wees? Do you play hide-the-sausage with each other? Which one has the sausage and which one has the bun?"

"Trevor definitely has the fuck'n bun," said Mark. "I can see him takin it up the fuck'n ass."

"Hmm, maybe you will see that," said TJ. "Maybe they both ought to do that. I think they might actually like it. If I remember right, Kyle's the one who told my slaveboy he wanted to have butt-sex with another dude. Didn't he, Jason?"

I nodded in agreement. "Yeah he did. He said he was gonna make you take his you-know-what up your butt, though."

TJ laughed almost hysterically. "You can say the word `cock', ya know. After all, you've sucked enough of em.

"But before this goes any further, I think we gotta get one thing out of the way first. Brian, go grab the shit outta the trunk, wouldya? Before I let these faggots have the privilege of suckin some dick—like we all know they wanna do real bad—we have a little matter of their punishment to take care of first."

Ryan laughed. "Wouldn't makin em suck your dick be enough punishment?"

"Nah," said TJ. "Fags like to suck dick. If they like doin somethin then it's not much of a punishment really. Don't ya agree gayboy?" TJ looked over to me and I nodded.

"Yes, sir. I agree."

"My slave here knows all about punishment. Tell my buds how you first got punished, fag."

I felt my face starting to get hot, knowing that I was not only the center of attention but also that I had to relate a very embarrassing story. "Um... well... TJ used a paddle on me. He spanked me." Brian was returning from the car, holding up two large paddles, one in each hand. "It was that paddle there, the one with the holes in it."

"Sweet!" said Ryan, breaking into a wide grin. "This is gonna be fun!" He and TJ high-fived one another.

"Tell em the rest, fag," TJ said.

"Well... um...I did not get his homework assignment done like I was s'pose to, so he took me over to his house and handcuffed me to the bed. Then he beat my butt so hard with that paddle that I thought I was gonna die! I even had blisters from it."

"And now you get to see me use it on someone else. You decide which one—Trevor or Kyle"

I looked down at Trevor and saw his eyes grow wide with fear. Of course, he could not say anything due to the duct tape across his mouth, but his eyes said it all. I truly did not have anything against Trevor, other than I thought he was kind of stupid to hang out with the likes of Kyle, and honestly I felt sort of sorry for him right then. He obviously was already scared right out of his mind. Then on the other hand, I knew he was gonna get punished one way or another. I might be doing him a favor by letting him go first and getting it over with. That way the guys could build up to a big finale when they got around to doing Kyle.

`I don't know, sir. I sort of feel sorry for Trevor. He is so scared that he already peed himself."

The guys were all practically doubled over in laughter upon hearing this. I think that they thought I was being sarcastic the way that TJ had been, but I honestly meant it. "I'm serious, sir. Are you sure ya gotta even spank him?"

"Don't go getting all mushy and shit, fag. I should've known you'd be a wimp about it. Trevor is a spineless faggot wuss. Maybe a good ass-whippin will toughen him up. He needs it."

"If you really wanna paddle him, I think you should do it first, sir. Get it over with before he craps his pants next."

I thought Ryan was literally gonna fall over when I said that. "That is so fuckin funny dude! Is this guy for real?" He was referring to me but speaking to TJ.

"What can I say?" TJ replied. "I told ya he's a fag."

As this conversation was taking place, Brian and Paul were getting more stuff out of the trunk. It looked almost as if they were assembling a weight bench of some sort. As I observed them, I realized that it was indeed a weight bench, but it had been modified. They'd stripped it of the leg-lift bars at the end and had raised the one side up to about waist-level. I knew already what they were gonna do. They were gonna strap Trevor onto it so that he was lying on his belly, and his ass would be hanging off the edge in prime position for a hellacious paddling. They'd be able to strap his legs to the back railings and his wrists to the front ones near the ground. As I looked over at it, I could not help but feel a bit excited. I was already starting to feel somewhat aroused.

What was it about seeing another dude punished that caused me to feel aroused? I knew how horrible and humiliating it was to be so mercilessly abused, so why was I getting excited about seeing some other poor guy in such a defenseless position? I think part of it was the knowledge that it was indeed a defenseless position. It was not really a sexual thing per-se, but it was more about power. It just seemed so hot to me that TJ and his buds had the power to do whatever the fuck they wanted. Not only did they have free reign to do anything that amused them, but they also seemed to really get psyched about doing it. TJ knew that he could beat the fuck outta Trevor's ass and there was not a damn thing Trevor could do to prevent it.

Trevor began squirming as Paul and Brian stepped over to each side of him. He was trying to scream, but the tape was so securely holding his lips together that all you could hear was a muffled sound. "Shut up, Trevor," TJ said. "We can't understand you with that tape on your mouth. You'll get a chance to speak once we get started. Strap him down, guys!"

Paul and Brian each reached down and picked Trevor up by his underarms. He was not cooperating, refusing to place any weight on his feet, trying desperately to pull himself free from their grip. They simply dragged him over to the bench, though, without really having to exert too much effort at all. They roughly shoved him down on the bench, and Paul pressed firmly against the back of his neck, forcing him to slide all the way down until his legs were pressed firmly against the back part of the bench. Paul continued to hold him in place as Brian unlocked the handcuffs around his wrists. Then Mark came over and grabbed one of his hands while Brian held the other wrist. They pulled them forward and Brian locked the one wrist to the rail on his side of the bench. He then un-cuffed Trevor's ankles and handed the handcuffs over to Mark who used them to secure his other wrist. They then looked over to TJ. "Want him bare-assed naked?" Brian asked.

"Yup!" said TJ, smiling. They immediately stripped off Trevor's jeans, and then his piss soaked underwear. They used rope to tie his ankles to the back rails of the bench. It was such a deviously sadistic and humiliating form of bondage. Not only was it intensely humiliating but it also had to be quite painful. I already knew how much it hurt to have the hamstrings stretched like that, but I think that in this case, it was even worse than it had been for me. The height of the bench was a little higher than the bed to which I'd been secured. Plus the weight bench itself could not have been too comfortable as Trevor had his naked groin shoved into it. His dick was trapped between his body and the sticky vinyl of the bench seat. His head was also pointed straight down, and being in that position for any length of time was sure to give him a head rush. I knew that after a few swats of the paddle he would be squirming, and the more he pulled against his restraints, the more pain he'd actually inflict upon himself.

I'm sure all of these factors had been thought out by Brian and TJ as they worked out their plan. Now it appeared that perhaps Paul had even been involved in the planning, or at least he had been made aware of it. "Take the tape off his mouth," TJ instructed. "Let's hear what the faggot has to say."

Brian walked over to the front of the bench, reached down, and with one swift movement ripped the duct tape from Trevor's face. Trevor let out an ungodly scream of pain, and instantly I thought, "If he reacts this way just from the removal of duct tape, what's he gonna do once they start wailin on his ass?"

Already the five jocks around him were laughing. Apparently they found Trevor's theatrics to be a bit overly expressive. "Shut the fuck up, fag. I haven't even done anything to you yet." TJ laughed in spite of himself. "In a minute I'll give ya somethin to cry about."

"Please TJ... please don't do it! Man... I beg you. Just let me go. Please!"

"You're pathetic, ya know. What the fuck? Do you even realize what a whiney assed loser you are?"

"I can't take it any more, man. Please! I'm claustrophobic. I about went nuts in there... back in the truck. Please don't do any more to me. I swear, I won't fuck with you any more. If you let me go, I promise I won't say a word to anyone about any of this! I swear, TJ! Oh god... please!"

"I said, Shut the fuck up!" TJ repeated. "You don't honestly think I really give two shits about what you say or don't say or to who you say it? Tell the whole world, for all I care. Just how are you planning to explain all of it? `My friend Kyle and me were gonna take this TJ dude out and fuck him up the ass and shit in his mouth, but he found out about it and paddled me instead!' Who's gonna fuckin care? They'd tell ya you got what was comin to you."

"Kyle just wanted to pay you back for what you did. I swear it was his idea. I just went along cuz Kyle is my friend... or I thought he was—"

"You are disgusting!" TJ said. "You are such a pussy and a traitor that you even turn on your own best friend. Course, since it is Kyle, I can kinda understand that. But still—you have no loyalty. You're such a fuckin chicken-shit that you'd do anything to save your own ass.

"Kyle lost a bet with me, and all I did to him was make him pay up like he agreed to beforehand. There must have been something about the whole thing that he liked or he wouldn't have made the bet in the first place. I think he always wanted to suck my dick, and this just gave him an excuse to do it. After all, he is just a faggot."

Ryan stepped over behind the bench, already wielding one of the paddles. "Let me go first, dude. Let me blister his faggot ass!"

"No!" screamed Ryan. "No! Please!"

TJ nodded and Ryan stepped into position as if he were a baseball player stepping up to the plate. He then wound up and smacked Trevor's bare ass harder than I had ever seen anyone spanked. The entire bench shook when he made contact, and I saw Trevor's body involuntarily thrust forward. Of course he was securely restrained so he didn't go anywhere. The other four guys let out a cheer as Trevor screamed from both the pain and humiliation.

Then Ryan continued, delivering a second, equally-powerful swat to Trevor's bare ass. Then a third, fourth, and fifth. It was amazing to watch the look of utter pain and torment on Trevor's face while at the same time seeing a crowd of jocks gathered around him countering his agony with gleeful expressions of jubilance and mocking laughter. The more Trevor squirmed and the worse he cried, the more pumped up his audience became. The excited energy seemed to embolden Ryan who was continuously swinging the lethal paddle with all of his might. Over and over, he whacked Trevor's ass, far more sadistically than I even thought possible.

When Ryan finally began to tire he handed the paddle over to Brian. Trevor was now sobbing uncontrollably. Kyle just lay on the ground, unable to move. He had turned his head away so that he didn't have to watch, but obviously he was hearing every single swat and every single cry of agony that escaped his cohort's mouth.

Before Brian began his turn with the paddle, TJ again spoke to Trevor. "Ya know, you cry like a fuckin girl. You better pull yourself together, dude, cuz we haven't really even started yet. I just want you to think about one thing before we continue. You can thank your bud Kyle for this. He's the one who got you into this mess. Go ahead, Brian."

Brian was such a hot jock. As I've stated repeatedly, I always admired him. Not only was he hot looking and athletic, but he was always so genuinely nice to me. It wasn't until just recently when he found out I was TJ's slave that he ever treated me any differently than any of his jock friends. Everything about Brian was characteristic of the all-American jock. He had sharply chiseled good looks, a smooth, well-defined chest, narrow waist and rock-hard six pack abs. He was wearing a track suit and sneakers, and as he stepped up to the rear of the bench he shed his jacket to reveal a tight-fitting sleeveless tee. You could see the entirety of both his biceps. It was gonna be so hot to watch him swing that paddle.

The boyish smoothness of Kyle's features made him the perfect combination of sheer masculinity and breathtaking cuteness. He could easily have melted my heart with his smile, and he was beaming as he prepared to begin his onslaught on Trevor's defenseless ass. "Teej," he said, "you really oughta make Kyle watch this...so he can see what he has to look forward to."

"Right," agreed TJ. "Sit that fucker up and make him watch. If he looks away at all, kick him in the nuts."

Paul obligingly bent down and pulled Kyle up, forcing him to assume a kneeling position facing the bench. Then TJ walked over to Kyle and glared down at him. He craned his head slightly forward and allowed a long strand of spit to drip down right on Kyle's forehead. Kyle just glared back at TJ as the spit slid down his face.

"Dude, your ass is so red. It looks like you have a bitchin sunburn, man," Brian said. "That must hurt like a motherfucker." Then he quickly wound up the paddle and delivered his first powerful blow.

"Fuck yeah!" cheered Ryan, who was very overtly rubbing his crotch. Apparently I was not the only one who felt aroused by what I was seeing. Ryan was a basketball jock, tall and lanky. His hair was a buzz cut, and had he not been such a popular jock, I may have mistaken him for a computer geek. He wasn't exactly nerdy looking, but he had features that seemed sort of oafish to me. He was gangly, with oversized hands and feet. His legs were long and sinewy, and he had big blue eyes that seemed to get real wide as he got excited. As Brian continued to belt Trevor's ass, Ryan pumped his fist in the air triumphantly. I could see the outline of his throbbing hardon through his silky shorts.

Brian delivered about ten swats and handed the paddle over to Mark. He had been the least vocal of the entire group. He seemed to be mainly an observer so I did not really know what to expect of him. Mark was about 5'9" tall, the shortest one in the group other than me. His hair was jet black and spikey, and he had a rock solid stocky build. Granted he was lean and fit, but he appeared more compact due to his shorter stature. His subdued nature almost made him seem cockier than his buds. While the others were cheering and shouting, Mark seemed to just observe and grin coyly. I was anxious to see how enthusiastically he would administer his discipline.

Unlike the others, Mark provided no theatrics. He just got right down to business, winding up and cranking out a series of rapid smacks. Thwack! Thwack!! Thwack!!! Thwack!!!! He pounded Trevor's ass with such quick swats that Trevor could not even catch his breath in between. He looked like a fish out of water as he tried to gasp, unable to scream or cry. Mark continued the onslaught, seeming not to show any signs at all of tiring. I hadn't been counting, but I was sure that between the three paddlers, Trevor's ass had already taken seventy or eighty powerful hits.

I was paying careful attention to Trevor's wrists and ankles. I remembered how mine had been so badly bruised while TJ was spanking me. It is really a very natural reaction to try pulling free. Fighting against the restraints is reflexive. It would be nearly impossible to simply lie there and take it while you're getting your ass beat. The thing is that your ass hurts so fuckin bad that you barely notice the pain in your arms and legs. Plus you are so scared and your adrenaline is flowing. You start to frantically squirm. The problem is that you are tightly restrained, so your efforts are pointless. You fight the restraints in spite of your predicament, though, for all you can think is that you cannot stand it for one second longer!

Probably the worse thing about the ordeal for Trevor was that he had to realize that the spanking would not be the end of his humiliation. It was only the beginning. TJ had already alluded to the fact that he'd be sucking dick and even hinted that he was gonna get butt-fucked. Seeing how aroused the entire group of guys had gotten so far, I knew they were definitely gonna be needing to get their rocks off.

The odd thing about the situation was that there was some strange and unexplainable part of me that was on some level jealous of Trevor. Certainly I had no desire to trade places with him right now, but I wondered if he was gonna be forced to give Paul head. I had only had the privilege of serving Paul that one time, and I had spent so much time since then remembering every detail of it. I knew TJ was my Master and I knew that he owned my ass, but it was Paul who excited me most of all the jocks I'd served.

When Mark's turn was over and he handed the paddle over to Paul, I felt like I might cum in my pants right there. Trevor had all but exhausted himself from his pointless struggle against his restraints, and he limply lay there crying softly. I suppose this is what it means to be completely broken. It really was sort of sad, especially because it would have been so much hotter to see Paul whack his ass while he still had some fight left in him. Before Paul stepped up to take his turn, TJ intervened.

"Untie the bitch," he said. "What's the point of wasting your energy on that pussy? Let's do the other faggot now." At first I thought he was referring to me, but then realized he meant Kyle.

Ryan, Brian, and Mark stepped forward and undid Trevor's restraints. They threw him carelessly on the ground like he was just a sack of potatoes or something. Then they forcefully restrained him to the weight bench in the same manner that Trevor had been. When the duct tape was ripped from his mouth, he did not utter a word. He did not even moan or grimace. He just lay there, staring blankly ahead.

"Don't you have anything to say for yourself, bitch?" demanded TJ. "You don't seem to be too worried about what's gonna happen to ya." I already knew that Kyle simply did not want to give TJ the satisfaction of seeing him break down. He already had suffered unthinkable shame and humiliation when TJ throat-fucked him a couple weeks prior. Then just today he had fallen victim to the cruelest of ironies. His masterful plan to finally put TJ in his place had backfired horribly. Instead of dominating TJ as he had dreamt of doing, he was now the one about to be crushed—again.

"All right, that's fine by me. I really didn't wanna hear your whining anyways. In fact, I'll make ya a deal. If you can keep your mouth shut for the next ten minutes, I'll let you go. All ya gotta do is lay there and take what you've got comin to ya. But if you make one sound—even a fuckin peep—I'm gonna really fuck ya up!"

TJ then stepped over to the side of the bench. Had he been a batter standing at the plate, he would've been in a right-handed swing position. Paul was standing opposite him, in what would have been the left-handed batter box. They grinned at each other evilly as they each wound up. TJ went first, whacking Kyle's bare ass ferociously. As quickly as he pulled the paddle away, Paul delivered his swat.

"Woo-hoo! This is fuckin sweet!" exclaimed Ryan. "Hey batter-batter-batter...Swing!" Mark and Brian laughed as TJ grinned proudly.

Every single blow was so intense that the weight bench shook as they made contact with Kyle's defenseless ass. I could see how valiantly he was struggling to maintain his composure. He clearly was clenching his teeth tightly together as he grimaced from the agonizing pain. It had only been about thirty seconds so far, and I knew that the ten minute mark was a long, long ways away. I didn't think there was really any way Kyle would make it that long, but then that really was the point. TJ wasn't about to make him an offer like that if he thought Kyle would outlast his punishment.

After about two minutes, they already had delivered about thirty swats to Kyle's bare ass. I stepped around to the back of the bench to get a good look at his reddened butt. The two globes were so perfectly shaped and smooth. He really had what you'd call a bubble butt, and it made such a perfect target for a malevolent disciplinarian like TJ. As they continued with their relentless torture, TJ began aiming his swats a little lower, connecting more with the tops of Kyle's thighs than with his butt cheeks. This was obviously an excellent strategy, for Kyle jerked and pulled violently against his restraints as the paddle connected.

"Keep doin that, man," encouraged Ryan. "He's about to fuckin blow! Keep hittin him low like that!"

Kyle's stamina surprised me, though, for as TJ continued to swat mercilessly at his thighs, Kyle did not make a sound. TJ would smack hard against the thighs and then immediately afterwards Paul would deliver another painful blow to his ass cheeks. They kept up the onslaught for another two or three minutes without even an instantaneous pause.

Brian was serving as the official timekeeper, and when they approached the six-minute mark, he informed them of their status. It seemed to piss TJ off that he had not yet gotten his desired results and he started swinging the paddle with unmatched violence. He was swinging so rapidly and so forcefully that Paul ended up stepping aside to allow TJ complete access. "Cry, bitch!" TJ demanded. "Cry like the pussy we all know you are!"

Ryan then started to chant, "Cry, bitch, cry! Cry, bitch, cry!" Everyone was laughing.

It was only about twenty swats later that Kyle finally cracked. "Ahhhhhhh!" he screamed as tears began to stream down his grimacing face.

"Fuck yeah!" TJ shouted. "You lose, bitch! You fuckin lose AGAIN!"

Every single one of us was cheering, even Mark. It was like watching the home team hit a walk-off grand slam in the bottom of the ninth inning. It was so fuckin hot to see five high school jocks jubilantly cheering and high-fiving one another while the defeated Kyle lay there in excruciating pain crying like a baby. I could not even begin to imagine the humiliation he was now feeling. I couldn't imagine it, nor did I even care.