TJ Rides the Pony

I could see the outline of TJ's throbbing boner through his athletic pants. In fact, they were quite obviously tented, and it excited me to realize just how turned on he got while administering discipline. I knew without a doubt that there was no way he was going to walk away at this point without getting his rocks off. After he had spanked my ass that day a few weeks ago in his room, he had then brutally face-fucked me. Before he had even started, though, he was already sporting a raging hardon. Clearly the thrill he got from administering merciless discipline had a direct link to his sexual arousal.

Although I could not help but get into the entire scene, seeing TJ in all his dominant glory, I also felt a wave of pity wash over me for the pathetic victims who now lay there defenseless and broken. TJ was riding on an unmatched rush of victorious energy and was most definitely in a mood to celebrate, while at the same time his enemies were crumpled up before him wallowing in the undeniable reality of their own pitiable failures.

There was a part of me that simply wished TJ would now drop the whole thing and let his victims go. They were already defeated. They'd already lost miserably. I would gladly provide TJ an outlet for his sexual release. In fact, it wasn't even a matter of choice for me. If he wanted to use me, all he had to do was give me an order and I knew I'd have to obey him.

When TJ reached down to rub his bulge, I knew he was preparing to finally unleash the beast. He had never made reference to having any desire to fuck another dude's ass before, but here lay Kyle before him, a prime target. In all honesty I don't think that butt-fucking was even something that appealed to TJ. It just was too gay. But in this case, it appeared he was about to make an exception. Really it came down to being a matter of principle. Kyle had bragged that he was gonna fuck TJ up the ass, so now turn about was really fair play. Kyle was about to experience the very same humiliating and painful treatment that he was planning to deliver to TJ.

"Kyle, when's the last time you took it up the ass?" TJ asked. He was speaking to Kyle very casually, as if he was merely asking him about the weather. Of course Kyle did not answer him. He was actually still whimpering and was now visibly shaking. "I asked you a question, faggot!" TJ yelled. "When was the last time you got your ass fucked?"

"Never!" Kyle screamed. "I'm not a fag!"

TJ ignored the last part of his answer. "Wow, a fag who has never had his butt fucked...hmm... guess that'd make you a virgin. Well, at least you have a virgin ass." Ryan was standing next to TJ laughing.

"You ready to lose your cherry?" Ryan interjected.

TJ smiled smugly. "Well, I don't know. I'm not sure I wanna shove my cock up your shithole. I don't really like the idea of getting your faggot shit on my dick." An expression of relief seemed to wash over Kyle's tormented face. "But then again, if my dick does get shitty from bein up your poop chute, I could always have you clean it for me afterwards."

"Please TJ," Kyle screamed, "Please don't do it! I beg you!"

This was the very first expression of submission that Kyle had made. He had remained stubborn thus far throughout the ordeal, refusing to submit to TJ's authority. He had remained stoic for nearly ten relentless minutes of violent ass-whooping. He'd finally cried as his will was broken, but it honestly surprised me to see him now finally reduced to begging for mercy.

TJ stepped up behind Kyle's ass and stood there proudly. He maintained a poised and dominant stance with his chest proudly puffed up and his broad shoulders pushed back. He grabbed hold of the railings on either side of Kyle's body, and gyrated his hips, mockingly demonstrating how easily he could rape his victim if he so desired. Kyle's ass had been beaten so badly that it was now bright red, and I couldn't even imagine how horrendous it would feel to him if he were to now be fucked. I also had to wonder, if TJ did decide to fuck him, would it end there? Would any of the other guys want to have a turn? Would this whole thing turn into a gang bang free-for-all?

TJ then turned to me and pointed to the ground next to him. "Get over here fag," he ordered, and I immediately complied with his wishes and dropped to my knees. Then right there in front of everyone he effortlessly slipped his track pants and underwear down, exposing himself in all his jock glory. "Suck it!" he said, "Get me nice and wet." And before I could even respond, he had a hold of my head, shoving my mouth onto his cock. I opened and took his now-familiar fuckpole down my throat as he groaned pleasurably.

I had to wonder how this appeared to the other guys, particularly Mark and Ryan who had not yet seen any of this. My primary focus, though, was to obey my Master. Although I wanted it to feel incredibly good to him, I also knew my mission was to lubricate his cock in preparation for his fuck, so I slobbered all over it, getting it nice and slick. I bobbed up and down on his shaft about twenty or thirty times while TJ dominantly stared down at me and the others looked on in amazement. Finally he pulled out of me and then said, "Now get his hole ready for me, bitch. Clean it good."

Ryan responded to this order with shocked amusement. "Fuck, dude! Make him lick out Kyle's ass! Oh man... that is so fuckin gross!"

I was shocked myself, never having expected to be ordered to perform such a disgusting and degrading act. My initial feeling was disbelief. This had to be a joke. Why would TJ make me do such a thing after telling me just moments before how good of a job I had done for him? Why would he punish me?

The reality of the situation, though, was not that TJ was ordering me to lick out Kyle's asshole as a punishment. He merely was horny and ready to fuck, and since he had no lubrication with him, he simply made use of his fag. Of course he could have ordered Trevor to perform the distasteful task, but I think that he was anxious to ride the pony, and he didn't wanna go through another big ordeal with that whiney-assed pussy. He knew by now that he could order me to do anything and I would obey without question.

The only problem was that this was entirely new to me. I had never stuck my face into another guy's crack before. I had never tongued another dude's pucker. I could only imagine what it was gonna smell and taste like, and the thought of it nearly made me sick. What choice did I have, though?

Hesitantly I slid myself over towards Kyle, apparently making a nasty face as I did so for the guys all laughed uproariously. To say that I approached it with trepidation would be a vast understatement, for the last thing on earth I wanted to do was to get my mouth anywhere near that sweaty and most-likely smelly butthole. I really didn't even want to touch it, for Kyle's ass looked so horridly red and sore. The first thing I did was reach up and very gently place my hands against the globes of his shiny red ass.

Kyle visibly flinched as I did so, squirming uncomfortably against the vinyl bench. Quickly I pulled my hands away, but TJ was insistent. "Do it! Get up there and start lickin, bitch!"

As I placed my hands back onto Kyle's ass cheeks, I slowly parted them, expecting to be overcome by the smell of his shit. Surprisingly, though, it was not that smelly. Certainly it didn't smell like a bed of roses, but he did not appear to have recently taken a dump, and thankfully there were no cling-ons attached to his butt hairs. Actually, he had very few hairs at all, almost as if he had been shaved. His ass crack was clean and smooth, and it was a light pinkish color, a vast contrast to the bright red shade of his butt cheeks.

I looked in there nervously and saw how his hole made a tight pucker. It didn't appear to be nearly big enough to accommodate anything as fat as TJ's cock. There was no question that this was gonna be one tight fuck for TJ. Slowly I pulled his cheeks all the way apart and slid my face right up next to his ass. I began to lick the sides of his crack and once again heard TJ repeat his command, "I said get in there! Get your tongue up that crack and lick it clean. Get it slobbery wet, bitch!" Then he roughly placed his hand against the back of my head and shoved me forward, pressing it roughly right into Kyle's crack.

"Oh god! Please stop, TJ!" Kyle cried. "Please don't do it, man. I'll do anything, I swear. Please ...Please—"

Kyle was squirming and pulling against his restraints as I began tonguing his hole. My licking was slow at first, but as I continued I began to lap at it like a dog taking a drink. The taste was a little bit pungent, but it was not as nasty as I had expected. I began to shove my tongue deeper inside, making a circular motion and trying as hard as I could to produce as much saliva as possible. I wanted to please TJ by making it nice and slippery wet. He was standing there watching and grinning, and he was stroking his slippery cock all the while.

Thankfully TJ did not force me to continue this task for long. In fact, I don't think it lasted more than a minute. "All right, that's enough!" he said, and I quickly slid aside. I felt so embarrassed and humiliated, knowing that five jocks had just watched me lick out a dude's asshole. Actually it was six if you counted Trevor who was still lying on the ground in a fetal position.

"Fuck him!" Ryan yelled. "Fuck his pussy ass!"

TJ then slid his pants and underwear the rest of the way down and removed them. He turned back to me. "One more suck, bitch," he said, and I took him in my mouth again. He was so amazingly hard. I'd have honestly been happy if he simply had allowed me to continue to suck his cock until he busted a nut, but of course he had another mission in mind.

He pulled out of me quickly and stepped over directly behind Kyle. He was holding his cock firmly with his right hand, wrapping his fingers tightly around the base, pointing it right at Kyle's hole. "Get ready, faggot!" he said to Kyle. "Enjoy the fuckin ride!" His cock was snugly sliding between Kyle's cheeks and obviously pressing against the tight little pucker. TJ thrust forward just slightly, enough only to penetrate Kyle's hole with his cock head. Kyle bucked wildly on the bench and screamed in agony. TJ smiled wickedly.

Then he grabbed a hold of Kyle's hips and drove it home, burying himself instantly balls-deep in Kyle's ass!

"Fuck yeah!" shouted Ryan as the Mark and Brian cheered. Paul had gotten surprisingly quiet, but stood there smiling with his arms folded across his chest. TJ was loving the rush of power that he now felt, and he shouted triumphantly.

"Take it bitch!"

Kyle was screaming and crying. "No! Oh my god! AHHHH!" I saw that he was clenching his fists tightly, and his facial expression was one of sheer and utter agony.

It had surprised me how much of a turn-on it had been for me to watch Trevor and Kyle get their asses spanked, but that really was no comparison to what I now was seeing. TJ looked like a total god as he stood there lording over his conquest. He laughed evilly as he watched Kyle squirm helplessly beneath him. And then he began to fuck.

"Look at you now," taunted TJ, "You really thought you were hot fuckin shit, devising this plan to bring me down." He thrust his hips violently, stabbing Kyle's hole repeatedly in rapid succession. "You fuckin wannabe piece of shit! You're nothing! You're a fuckin hole for my cock and nothin more!" TJ rammed his cock all the way in, impaling Kyle mercilessly and holding onto his hips firmly.

It was an amazing sight to see TJ standing there bare-assed, fucking Kyle. I watched from behind as TJ's ass muscles tightened with every thrust. He was still wearing his sneakers, and he frequently pushed his legs upward as he pounded Kyle's ass, rising on his tip-toes. As he got more and more into it, he released Kyle's hips and grabbed hold of the metal railings on either side of the bench. This was when he went for broke and began fucking ass wildly.

Kyle had stopped sobbing but was gasping desperately for breath. Perhaps the pain had started to subside, or perhaps he was on some level experiencing at least some physical pleasure from this. I had read that anal sex could be pleasurable for males, even if they were on the receiving end. But this was nothing more than a rape, and I didn't think that any degree of physical stimulation would lessen the humiliation of what Kyle was experiencing.

TJ continued to ram into Kyle for the next ten minutes, and several times I thought he was close to achieving a climax, but he seemed to be deliberately prolonging it. As he would get close, he'd slow down a bit, but he never once removed his cock completely from Kyle's hole.

There was no doubt when TJ finally approached that incomparable point-of-no-return. He opened his mouth slightly and moaned, releasing what sounded almost like a triumphant growl. Then he thrust his hips violently forward, burying his cock all the way as he firmly gripped the railings with both hands. "Unnngh!" he moaned, "Take it bitch!"

Mark and Ryan high-fived one another as TJ remained steadfastly in position. He stayed buried until he'd completely finished draining himself. Then he sighed as he relaxed and pulled out. Kyle's body trembled and slumped forward on the bench. TJ then walked over to where Kyle's jeans and underwear were thrown on the ground. He picked up the boxer briefs and used them to wipe the slime off his dick. "Who's next?" he asked, and without hesitation Ryan stepped forward.

"Wait," said Paul, "That's enough! I think he's learned his lesson. I think we took this far enough."

"What?" said Ryan indignantly. "What are ya fuckin talkin bout, man? This shit is exactly what Kyle was gonna do to Teej. He deserves it."

"Yeah, I agree," said Paul, "and he got what was comin to him, but it's over. TJ won! He fucked him good, and that's enough."

"We can go if you want," said Brian. He looked over apologetically to TJ. "Dude, let's just leave," he said to Paul.

"No, I'm not leavin yet. TJ, don't you think he's had enough? Look at him. He won't be fuckin with you any more. I'm sure he's learned his lesson."

"Have ya?" TJ asked Kyle snidely. "Have you learned your lesson, bitch?"

Kyle stared down at the ground, really the only option he had in his position. "Yeah," he whimpered quietly.

"What?" said TJ. "I can't hear ya."

"Yes!" Kyle said louder. "I learned my lesson."

"Yes, what?" said TJ, egging Kyle on and further adding to his humiliation.

"Yes, sir," said Kyle reluctantly, his voice almost a whisper. TJ laughed.

"All right," said TJ. "I don't care, let him go. It's up to you guys. If you want to fuck him first, go ahead. If not, untie him."

"Well I wanna fuck him!" Ryan demanded.

"Are you a fag or something?" Paul countered. "Go find a bitch somewhere to fuck. Why do you wanna shove your dick up some other dude's ass anyway?"

"Well TJ just did!"

"Just shut the fuck up and untie him," TJ ordered. "I fucked his ass and I'm no fag. I fucked him cuz he's a pussy, and I fuck pussy!" TJ then turned to me and pointed, "This is a fag. If you want, I'll make him blow ya. Will that make ya happy?"

Ryan shrugged. "Really?" he asked.

"No!" said Paul. "Jason's had enough humiliation too. He's coming with us."

"Dude, you're startin to piss me off," TJ said. He was now in the process of pulling his pants back on. "He's my fag, and if I decide he's gonna do something, he does it."

"TJ," Brian interjected, "this was so awesome. Let's not ruin it with a stupid argument. Let Ryan and Mark use Trevor if they want. Give Jason a break for once."

TJ glared at Brian. "What the fuck? I gave him a break a minute ago when I let him suck my dick. He's a fag. He loves it."

"Make Trevor blow Ryan...please." Brian repeated his request. "Let Kyle go and make Trevor learn how to suck cock. He's obviously a fag too. That way you'll have two slaveboys."

TJ looked over at Brian pensively. It was almost like a light bulb went off in his head. He cocked his head to the side and frowned, as if thinking it over. "Yeah, that's not a bad idea," he said. "But I think I should maybe make my fag teach him the right way to do it. After all, I've already got him trained pretty good."

"We'll take Jason with us now, and we'll meet you over at your house later. Is that cool?"

"Ahh, okay I see where this is goin. All right, go ahead and take the fag. Have fun. Be over at my house at say five o'clock tonight."

"Cool," said Brian. "Come on, Jason, let's go."

I followed Brian and Paul over to their car and got in the backseat. As I looked back I saw Ryan walking over to Trevor and kicking him roughly in the side. I was kind of glad I didn't have to stick around to watch the rest.



The ride back into town was surprisingly quiet, and all the way there I kept replaying in my head images of what I had just seen. For the past two days I had known that TJ was strategizing and that when everything came together he would dominate Kyle in a way that would ultimately establish his status as the Alpha male. It all had worked out exactly as TJ had planned. Kyle fell helplessly into TJ's trap, and as I had expected, he was mercilessly crushed.

During the actual event, when TJ was spanking and then finally fucking Kyle's ass, I had allowed myself once again to become overtaken by the intense and powerful sexual arousal that had swept over me. Every one of us who was there had allowed ourselves to feed off of one another's erotic excitement. What frightened me so much now, though, was the realization that this frenzy into which we had been sucked was entirely at the expense of our victims.

I knew that I had not so much as laid a finger on either Kyle or Trevor, yet my role in their humiliation was undeniable. I had been an active participant in the plan. I had cheered and shouted as they were sadistically tortured in front of me. I had set the stage for all that had happened. It was I who had delivered Kyle right into TJ's hands.

I kept seeing flashbacks of Trevor. His face was so twisted up in agony. He was so overcome with fear and panic. Then I had turned and walked away from the scene just as he was about to face the worse part of his personal ordeal. Lord only knows what the three jocks were doing to him even now as I sat comfortably in the backseat of Paul's car making my convenient exit.

But then, I did not even know what was in store for myself. The exchange between Brian and TJ as we were leaving was a mystery to me. What had TJ meant when he told the guys to "have fun"? If they'd planned to use me and force me to serve them sexually, why hadn't they simply done so back there on Beer Can Hill? Certainly they appeared to have been aroused and pumped up. Surely it would have been no big deal for them to whip out their dicks and shove them down my throat or up my ass. After all, we all had just watched TJ do exactly that.

So why were they taking me away with them, and where was it that we were going? Why had TJ and the other two jocks stayed behind with Kyle and Trevor? What exactly were they gonna do with them? It wasn't as if TJ could just send Kyle on his way. No matter what so-called evidence TJ had to hold over Kyle's head, be it in the form of video tapes or eye witnesses, he would never be absolved from the crime he'd just committed. He had brutally raped Kyle.

I was feeling so much remorse and guilt for all of this. I honestly felt as if I may become physically ill. Instead of feeling pumped up and excited by that my Master had been victorious once again, I felt instead like I was possibly on the wrong side of this war for dominance. Maybe I should not have betrayed Kyle. Maybe I should have seized the opportunity to help him defeat TJ. After all, if he had succeeded, I may just have freed myself from TJ's control. As it appeared now, though, I was gonna remain TJ's slave forever.

I sat there quietly in the back seat allowing myself to become overwhelmed by the incredible feeling of deflated enthusiasm. The ride back down to town was certainly a major contrast to the anticipation I had felt a couple hours prior as we were driving up to Beer Can Hill. I sort of wished I could simply turn back time and do this whole thing over again. I wished I could roll it back a few months to the days when I was secretly fantasizing about TJ and merely imagining what it would be like to be intimate with a guy like him.

My life really was in a state of total ruin. TJ was draining my entire life savings from my bank account at his whim. He had made me his personal sex slave as well as his chore boy. I did all of his laundry for him, cleaned his bedroom and bathroom, and even worshipped his feet. He had pimped me out repeatedly to his buds, constantly reminding me that I was nothing more than a hole for his personal use.

It had gotten to the point where I had accepted my lot in life. I realized that my status was one of inferiority. I knew I was born to serve superior men like TJ. I knew that I was submissive and he was Dominant. I knew that he was the type of guy who was born with a birthright that entitled him to privileges I would never know or understand. But as I sat there alone in that backseat, this acceptance did little to assuage my feelings of self-pity. Perhaps it was that as I thought about how the wills of Kyle and Trevor had so clearly been broken and in such a public way, I honestly related to how they felt. I knew that they were likely to never recover from what they'd been through. They now were slaves just like me.

"Are you all right?" Paul was saying. At first I did not even realize that he was talking to me, but as I looked up into his rearview mirror I saw that he was staring at me. He must have seen the tears rolling down my cheeks. I nodded silently.

"What's wrong?" he asked, sounding genuinely concerned.

"Oh... oh, it's nothing," I whispered. "I'm sorry, sir."

"I shouldn't have let TJ do that to you," Paul said to me. "The way he made you lick out Kyle's—"

"No, it's not that," I interrupted him. "Really, I'm just ... well... I guess I really am just a stupid fag. I just get emotional and shit. I should be happy right now. The plan worked. TJ beat that asshole Kyle just like I wanted. I've always hated Kyle, and he deserved it."

"Yeah, maybe," Paul said, "but what do you think is gonna happen if Kyle tells anyone about this?"

"Kyle will never tell anyone," Brian interjected. "Like do you think he's gonna go to the police or something with it? What's he gonna say?"

"He's gonna say that he was kidnapped and raped," Paul stated matter-of-factly. "And if he does, we're all in deep shit."

"But it was Kyle's plan to do this same exact shit to TJ. All of us heard him admit that. He even built that cage thing in his truck, and he paid us all bribes."

"Yeah, and just maybe we will be lucky and he'll be too humiliated to tell anyone. It's his word against all of ours, and he probably will never want anyone else to know. But what is even scarier is the idea that he's probably gonna want revenge even more so now than ever before, and all six of us are now a target." Paul looked over from the driver's seat to his passenger, raising his eyebrows decidedly.

"Whatever. I'm not worried," Brian said, seeming to be trying to convince himself more than anyone. "Kyle is such a cocky asshole. It was so funny to see him brought down like that."

"Why is it that you hate Kyle so much for being cocky like that when TJ is the exact same way?"

"Cause TJ is cool. He's for real, man. Kyle's just a wannabe. Kyle has always been crazy jealous of TJ, and that's why he's always tried to pick fights with him. If he'd just left TJ alone, none of this would have ever happened."

"What about you, Jason?" Paul asked. "What do you think of this whole thing?"

I sat there for a moment, surprised that someone like Paul would even care about my opinion. He knew I was just a faggot slave, and he'd even used me as one himself, so why was he now asking me what I thought? "I don't know, sir. I guess it's not really for me to say. I just do what I'm told to do."

"Bullshit!" said Paul emphatically. "I'm asking you your opinion. If I didn't think it mattered, I wouldn't ask."

"No offense, sir, but did it really matter to you what I thought when you were getting head from me?"

Brian laughed, but Paul just stared back at my reflection in his mirror. "Dude, I know you wanted that. You practically begged me for it, and if I didn't think you wanted it so bad, I wouldn't have gone through with it. You even paid me a hundred bucks."

I felt my face getting red again. "Yeah... I mean... um... yes, sir. But TJ did order me to do it. He made me pay you."

Paul sighed. "Well let's just forget about that, okay? I'll even give you your money back if you want." I shook my head. "Just tell me what you think. I really wanna know."

"I think that it is so sad," I said, and I again felt like I was on the verge of tears. "I keep remembering Trevor lying there all crumpled up like that. I wonder what they're doing to him now."

"Don't you think Trevor is kind of like you? He's kind of a follower, I mean. I think he sort of worships Kyle the same way that you do TJ."

I nodded. "Yeah, it could have been TJ and me who were lying there like that instead of Kyle and Trevor."

"Exactly!" said Paul. "But don't worry about Trevor. He'll be all right. He's probably gonna be in fag heaven... just like you were when you blew me. I mean, Ryan's got a fuckin horse cock. I've seen it in the locker room." Brian and Paul both laughed and I smiled in spite of myself. "They're just gonna make Trevor blow him, and maybe Mark too. It really won't be bad for Trevor. He'll probably actually end up enjoying it."

"Maybe. I mean I'm sure he would if he hadn't just gotten his butt beaten so bad like that. What did you guys mean when you told TJ to make Trevor another one of his slaves?"

"TJ's been talking about wanting a second slave," said Brian. "I figured that if he had Trevor, it might make things easier on you. It might also be the perfect way for TJ to get the final victory over Kyle. Trevor is Kyle's boy, and it'll kind of be like TJ is stealing him from Kyle."

"Oh, I see," I said. "Well, I don't really think Kyle is gonna tell anyone about anything. He'll be too embarrassed. But I do hope he just drops it. I don't want there to be another plot. As far as I'm concerned Kyle doesn't have to prove anything to anyone. He'll probably kick my ass the first chance he gets though."

"No he won't, Jason," Paul assured me. "I won't let him. I promise."

I smiled at him. "Thanks." I couldn't figure out why he was being so nice to me. "Why would you protect me? I don't get it."

Paul shrugged. "You give great head, dude. That was the best blowjob I ever had."

I felt so embarrassed as he said it, yet at the same time I was instantly aroused. I also was a little bit proud of myself. "Really?" I smiled again.

"Well yeah, why do you think you're with us now? We both need to bust a fuckin nut. We're goin over to Brian's house so you can blow us."

"Cool," I said. "Guess that's why TJ said, `Have fun'."