OWNED (Part 2)


Synopsis: Mike,a 22 year old gay art student has met Karl a 40 year old film producer in a local pub.Karl buys him a drink,they get some takeaway food and go back to Karl's house. Karl plies Mike with food, drink and drugs and introduces him the the world of gay BDSM.

Karl used the block and tackle to lower me onto the floor and freed me from my hogtied position.With my wrist and ankle cuffs still in place he attached the lead to my collar and pulled me to my feet.Once more he put the ball gag in my mouth . I moaned with pain as he removed the weights from the nipple clamps, attached the lead to my collar and led me from the room.He opened a door and I saw a king sized bed, candles burning, and once again, the smell of incense.

Next to the bed was a small cage. " Your room, boy" Karl said as he lifted the hinged section. "Inside"....... `Now!" I crawled inside and Karl slipped the bolts into place and secured my cage with a padlock.He took a length of chain and ran it from the D ring on one of my ankle cuffs through the bars of the cage and fastened it to the bedpost at the end of his bed.He came over and , holding my arm pumped a syringe full of something into my vein. "This will make you sleep, boy" " Tomorrow will be a busy day for you" And then I lapsed into unconsciousness.

It was daylight when I awoke to find Karl standing next to my cage.Naked and erect.He slid the bolt that secured an opening in the top of the cage raised the flap and said,"On your knees boi, put your head through there.Time for your daily diet of protein."I did so and he removed my gag then guided his his erect penis into my waiting mouth. I sucked on the head then took as much of it as I could.

When I stopped after taking about 4" he said"Not enough,boi" and grabbing my hair pulled me into him. I gagged as his cock went deeper into my throat, deeper and deeper until I had taken all of it and his heavy balls rested against my chin.I thought I was going to choke ,then Karl made me sniff the amyl bottle again and my thoat muscles relaxed. I was high again as Karl fucked me in the mouth. It wan't long until his semen filled my mouth; gushers of it, warm and salty flowing out of my mouth and over my chin. Karl withdrew. "Lick me clean,boi"

I sucked on his cock and licked it until not a drop of cum was left.Karl opened the door of my cage. "Out, boi!" I crawled out and attached the leash to my collar. He pulled me to my feet and cuffed my wrists behind my back and fastened the chain to a bedpost.He came behind me and his fingers curled around my erect cock.Spreading my legs ,he lubed me and once more I felt the head of his cock enter me. " I need this every morning boy" ,I heard him say , as his cock penetrated me." And you will need it too"

Karl began to fuck me and i moaned with pleasure as his cock plunged in and out of my tight hole' My moans grew louder as Karl's long ,hard penis penetrated me. His thrusts became quicker "Now , boy....now...cum with your Master"He held my pulsating cock as he filled me with his sperm and I cried , "Yes Master...yes" and had an incredible orgasm.

Karl untied me and told me to shower and get dressed in the clothes he had chosen for me. I showered then went back to his bedroom. I put on a black silk shirt, black silk panties and a pair of tight pink pants "Now everyone will know you are gay.......and mine", he laughed"This morning you are going to be permanently marked as mine....my property. He placed a thin leather collar around my neck and fastened it with a little padlock.

Then we drove into the city. We stopped at a tattoo parlour on the Fulham Road and as I got out he attached a leash to my collar. I blushed furiously as people stared and pointed at me. He led me into the shop and greeted the owner , "Hi Joe !...this is my new bitch Mike, I need to get him marked".

" Get undressed boy I did as he told me and stood naked in front of them. Karl whispered something to Joe then left the shop."Karl's new bitch , huh ? Nice" Now lay face down on that table... I'm going to mark your buttocks first.

I lay there patiently as Joe tattooed me. It did'nt take long and I saw him take a Polaroid camera and snapped the work he had done. He handed me the photo and the words on my left buttock were PROPERTY OF KARL WEGNER and on my right buttock I BELONG TO KARL WEGNER. Joe smiled with satisfaction and said ," Now give me your hands"...he tattooed KARLS on the fingers of the left hand and SLAVE on the fingers of the right hand. "That'll do for now"


"Oh by the way ,Karl is a good customer of mine and he left me a tip......you !"" Yes , you are mine for a few hours while he does some shopping. Now place your hands behind your back" I did so and Joe secured my wrists with handcuffs. He helped me off the table and pulling me by my leash led me into a small room. He took off his T shirt and jeans and began to stroke his thick fat cock. " This is all for you , bitch...all for you " " But first....."

He sat on the bed and placed me across his knee " I like to get a bitches cheeks hot and red before I fuck them" My feet were just touching the floor as he started to spank me with a leather paddle. I yelled as Joe spanked me harder and harder. Stroke after stroke until I lost count and began to cry.My sobbing seemed to arouse Joe and he spanked me even harder. After a while he stopped and placed me on my knees in front of him. His cock was longer and thicker than Karls and I opened my mouth wide to accept it ....my tears falling onto the hard thick shaft.

I sucked lovingly on the throbbing purple head rolling my tongue around it..... my head bobbing up and down but then Joe withdrew " Now that you've me me hard , bitch I'm gonna take you." "Get on the bed" I climbed onto the bed and Joe tied the loop of my leash to a bedpost. Soon I felt the cool sensation of the lube as he prepared me. My newly marked buttocks were stinging and sore from his spanking but I moaned as he slowly guided his massive cock into my waiting passage.

He gave me some amyl and I floated in waves of ecstasy as Joe fucked me , grasping my erect cock as he did so.Long, slow strokes driving me wild with sexual pleasure. Oh ,how I loved his huge cock buried deep inside me. Suddenly ,the door opened and Karl walked in. " Well , well ! how my little bitch loves cock" He climbed on the bed and unzipped his fly

.Grasping my head with both hands he guided his penis into my mouth . I sucked on it greedily ,tasting his precum as Joe fucked me harder and harder. "Like fucking my new slut Joe? I'll bet you do"Almost immediately , Joe bucked , pulling me into him and shooting his sperm into me as Karl's semen gushed into my mouth."Lick me clean ,bitch"I took every drop of Karl's cum into my mouth and swallowed it then licked his cock clean.


They untied me and Joe pierced my ears and then both sides of my ball sac.Then Karl took me back to his house. I took off my jeans as ordered and slid off my panties. Karl put two heavy gold rings through each of the little holes in my ball sac then

put a gold collar on my neck inscribed with the words KARL'S SEX SLAVE on it and fastened it with a gold padlock." You will never take that off, bitch. You are mine forever. "

..............to be cont'd