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The story is based on people in my life but is not exact replicates of them. If the story has a good response I would love it to continue..


He never saw it coming, the day he was under a gays control. His controller a fellow 18 year old schoolboy name, my name Kevin. I was a decent guy, had a lot of friends, appearance wise I was tall and slim with cute dimples. I was forced to come out a year ago after the school bully caught me kissing another boy. Tom or `Taz' as his friends called him hated gays and when he found out about me he revealed his secret to the entire school and made my life hell. He did the normal, labelled me as a fag or queer, walked into me and generally sought me out as a human punch bag. One event specifically stuck out in my mind...

It was when I was pulled out of the closet. It was a normal day in school the boys PE/gym class came to an end, the usual banter of various girls putting out. Taz was at the centre of it of course.

`So what about you Kevin? Huh? Any pussy on the go?' He almost shouted from across the locker room.

`Oh-you know I go with the flow' I blushed and gave a nervous laugh hoping the conversation would pass me by.

But Taz had other ideas; he walked over in a pair of tight white boxers. He had amazing huge arms along with a trademark six pack and lickable Pecs. He had a bubble butt that was begging to be spanked, a tasty bulge and thick strong legs. I could get lost in that body but realising my setting I forced myself to look Taz in the eyes.

`Well from what I hear, actually no...From what I've seen you don't like pussy...' he lent in till our noses were almost touching `you like cock. Thats right folks our Kevin here is nothing but a dirty fucking queer.' He spat in my face and then punched me in the pit of my stomach. A few of the other guys laid into me and I was left crying on the floor. Of course my `dirty' secret spread like wildfire and I was identified as a target.

Looking back on that memory made my blood boil; I was going to make him pay with this video. I had caught Taz cheating on his girlfriend, now Taz always cheats on his girlfriends this is nothing new but if this video got back to his girlfriend his future career was over. Taz didn't have much going on up in his head, however his relationship meant he had a way into college. Her dad being on the board of governors meant he didn't have to get top grades to go on to a top school. This video would ultimately destroy his future as Taz hadn't lifted a book all year.

I had approached Taz's house with great caution, while I was the one with the power I was still very much afraid of Taz. I had planned this moment very carefully, I knew Tazs parents were away on holiday as Taz had held a house party. I just hoped his friends would be too hung-over from last night to be at his house so hopefully we would be left undisturbed. Taz answered his door wearing a tight purple Tshirt that showed off his body, his baggy trackies were too baggy to reveal his bulge and legs but there was no escape from his massive bum.

`Well well well, do you not see enough of me in school queer boy now you gotta come drooling over me at my own house.' I stayed quiet as a large smirk grew across my face. `What the fuck do you want faggot?'

`Right you're going to stop calling me fag or queer or whatever homophobic abuse you have stored in that pretty little head of yours' I spoke with such authority Taz was really taken aback. He began to laugh.

`Oh tough talk from the little fairy, you've got 10 seconds to get off my property before I personally kick-`

`And you've got 10 seconds to invite me in before I send this video of you cheating to your girlfriend.'

`What? How'd you-`

'10....9......8,7,6,5,4, 3...'

`Come in, get the fuck in' He pulled me into his house and took my phone from me. His face fell when he watched the video.

`Delete it if you want I've made copies.'

`What do you want!?' he spat.

`A glass of water would be a nice start'


I stood my ground and stared him out, my heart was beating so hard did I just open myself up to an even worse school life? He hesitated but in the end left to get me a glass of water, this was the start I needed. He knew I had him and I couldn't wait to test how far he would go to keep this video under wraps. He came back in with my water and we sat down.

`Look dude I'm really sorry for the past year but I mean c'mon it was just a laugh, we're mates!'

`What? Are you serious? You made my life hell, you've made me hate my life, hate myself and you're telling me that it's ok because we're mates...just having a laugh!?' I could not believe my ears. What a prick!!!

`Let's just cut to the chase. You have made my life hell and now it's my turn. Rule number 1-You are banned from saying anything homophobic. Rule number 2-You will demand respect for me and any other gays who have been tortured by you and your awful crew. Rule number 3-You will respect me. Do you understand?'

`Yea of course. I do this and you keep quiet yeah?'

I let out a laugh, `Em no. The 3 rules I just stated are normal regular things people do...they are called manners. You do realize you need to be degraded just like you've degraded me in order for me to keep quiet. Your first task is to put on a strip show for me.'

He gave off a nervous laugh `look your not being serious are you? Cause I ain't stripping for you.'

Well its either I send this video to your darling Rachel or you strip and make it worth my while. Now make sure you look like your enjoying it, more of a turn on if you are.'

I started recording a new video as he reluctantly started dancing; he swung his hips from side to side all the while keeping a seductive pose on that pretty face. He pulled his shirt off first and waved it around his head. He revealed those huge arms and body that gave me an instant hard on. The dance went on for another while when he I ordered him to take off his trackies revealing a skimpy pair of red boxers, they were so hot but a little small on such a well built stud.

I ordered him to play with his bulge and suck on his finger. He was then forced to give me a lap dance, he sat facing me as I played with his pecs and nipples, I turned him round and ordered him to bend over and grind his butt into my crotch. He objected at first but knew what the consequences would be so succumbed and bent over for me. When those cheeks touched me I could have exploded right there but this humiliation and disgust Taz was feeling was far from over. As we stood up I ordered him to bend over as I got on my knees. I spanked his round butt with 2 hands, one on each cheek. I then placed my nose and mouth into his crack through the fabric of the boxers while fondling with his bulge. When I came out for air I knew I wanted the boxers off. I pulled then half way down his ass revealing the top part of his crack. Still bent over I ordered him to wiggle his ass.

`Thats it faggot, wiggle your bum for me. That piece of ass will get you a long way in life. I think its time these panties came off don't you?'

I took hold of his boxers, rather than pull them down I pull them towards me as if trying to rip them off.

`I didn't tell you to stop wiggling that ass did I?'

I couldn't believe it, this homophobe stud bent over wiggling his ass for me. The constant movement and constant pulling of the boxers caused them to tear into 2 pieces. I had the back part while he had placed his two hands on his bulge to stop the front falling. Taz's face had become completely red he couldn't believe he was letting a homo do this to him.

His bare ass was finally revealed to me , what a sight very little hair and ready to be feasted on. I again spanked it gently which turned into groping and rubbing. I gently stroked it up and down, up and down, I was in love with this ass. But there would be time to get to know his bum another time. I think it was time to humiliate him from the front.

`Turn around baby' He turned to face me as I was still on my knees I came face to face with the small bit of red fabric he was holding in front of his cock. `Ahem, this is supposed to be a strip show...fully nude..lose it.'

`Look now come on you've had your fun just-`

`Do you not understand your predicament? Now remove the fabric and let me see Tommy junior.' He let it drop to the floor and finally his cock sprung down, he was a little hard. `Dance...I want to see that cock swing from side to side' He began to dance again; the noise of his cock slapping against his thighs was like music to my ears. When I told him to stop his cock was fully erect.

`Well isn't that interesting? You got an erection dancing for a fag...What do you wanna do now?'

To be continued??

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