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Paying the Rent 1

Chase gripped the hockey stick in his sweaty hands and fired a ball into the net. It was hot in the early summer; too hot to be exerting himself, but he was bored. There was a cool wind blowing through the trees around the little run-down shack that he and his mother called a home. The wind seemed to bring the promise of cool air, but for some reason it seemed stuck up in the trees, unable to blow at ground level. Chase continued to use his driveway as a pretend hockey arena as he scored goal after goal in the undefended net. He'd played hockey for a couple of seasons, but now he'd outgrown his skates and the would-be stepfather that bought them was long gone.

Chase fired another shot at the net just as his attention was drawn to the sound of a car pulling up. It was a nice car, much nicer than the heap his mother had. He figured that it must be the man, his man; and, if it was, he was early. There would be little reason for a car to stop outside his rural Nova Scotia house other than to visit. As the man got out of the car, Chase's heart began to pound; this was it; he was really going to go through with it; there would be no backing out now.

"You're Chase?" the man said, as he approached the boy.

"Yeah," Chase replied meekly.

"I'm Mr. Brown," the stocky man greeted.

Chase found the man rather strong, as they shook hands. He wasn't much taller than the five-foot-eight teen, but had broader shoulders.

"You can call me that or Sir; Lets go inside now," Mr. Brown stated, before turning and heading for the front door. Chase thought the man nicely dressed, although his clothes weren't fashionable. It was more a casual, yet neat look.

He hoped the man liked him, or this was going to be over really fast. He had always been considered a dork, with his pale freckled skin and thick red hair, now controlled only by the cap that he wore backwards. The curls peaking out at the front hinted at the volume that protruded from the back. At eighteen, he was fairly average perhaps a bit on the skinny side, which in conjunction with his freckles made him appear younger.

It had always been just him and his disciplinarian mother, except for the rotation of boyfriends that passed through their lives. His mother worked at a diner as a waitress, but that barely provided for them. Her strategy was to hook up with another alcoholic, but not just some loser; the man had to have the means to pay the rent. For the most part, the men ignored Chase, but, through the years, there were a couple that were rough with him, and a couple that he didn't mind hanging out with. It had been more than a year since the last guy left, which meant a long lean period for the pair. Chase had been working at the lumberyard since he dropped out of school last year, but he didn't get many hours. He wasn't able to contribute much to their common expenses, with his low wage and variable hours. Into her late thirties, his mother seemed to be having trouble attracting a new man, but, not surprisingly, she blamed him, suggesting that admitting to having a teenage son was killing her chances. On more than one occasion, the domineering woman had suggested that it might be best if she was rid of him, but Chase hoped that was just an idle threat.

As Chase put his net and stick away, he wondered what the man was thinking, as he waited by the door. He knew they needed money, and figured that this was the only way to get enough. If this plan fell through, he'd be evicted from their shack and end up homeless in Halifax. His mother would make good on her threat to ditch him and move in with her sister. He had no desire to be in a big city, and the issues that came with being homeless. He'd watched the news and heard stories from kids that visited the valley. He figured this existence was better than what he'd considered to be the next level down, even if that meant that it was his turn to provide for the family.

Chase had always known that he was different. He thought of girls as playmates, in much the same way as he did back when he was ten; but once he'd hit his teens, he saw other boy's in a whole new way. He didn't think of himself as gay though; he equated being gay with being queer and, to him, queers were men that dressed and behaved like women. It wasn't until he started fooling around with his older male cousin that he at least considered that he might be a homosexual.

He remembered the day that his mother found out, hardly the type of coming out that anyone would dream of.

"What are you two doing in there?" she bellowed, as the then sixteen-year-old Chase grunted with each thrust from his seventeen-year-old cousin. The young man didn't stop, even though it was obvious that they were on the verge of being caught. Chase himself was focused on the cock in his ass and the sensations that he was experiencing.

"Lord T'underin!" she screamed, and then walked out of the room. Thankfully, his cousin shot his load and they could stop.

Chase had been getting some from his cousin for most of the summer. His bedroom had been the ideal location, with his mother at work. Why she had to pick today to come home early, he had no idea. The house was so small that she must have heard them the moment she entered. Chase had not had sex since; his mother had seen to that, but not in the way he expected.

"I'll be talking to your mother, Kyle," she snapped, as the other boy hastily left. Chase didn't realise it, but that phrase had put an end to his fun with his cousin. He was told that Kyle had recently gotten himself a girlfriend; perhaps it made some sense, as the older boy had no interest in receiving anal sex, while Chase couldn't get enough.

His mother had hatched the plan a few months after he'd been caught with his cousin. Much to Chase's surprise, she didn't whip him after they were caught fucking and, better still, seemed indifferent to his homosexuality.

"Well, at least I don't have to worry about you knocking up some hussy," he recalled her saying at the time.

It didn't take long for her to realise that Chase could be the answer to their economic woes. It would be his turn to get a man to pay the rent. Neither of them considered it prostitution; rather it was just a convenient arrangement, just like the many boyfriends that had come through the house.

Chase figured they should go inside now, as there was no point in delaying things. He was both excited and scared at the thought of having sex again. He wondered how it was going to happen; if they'd do it here or go some place else.

"You done this before?" the man asked, as Chase let him into the house.

"No, well, yeah; but just with my cousin. You're my first ... man," Chase said nervously, as he fidgeted with his cap.

"Take off the cap," the man ordered.

Chase complied, revealing his wild red mane of hair.

"Well, that'll be something to deal with next time," Mr. Brown said, on seeing the red mop. He wondered if he should have pushed more strongly for a photo before this first meeting, but the boy's clear lack of computer skills made that nearly impossible. The teen had insisted on switching to phone calls, as the library computer wasn't as private or available as he'd liked. Reluctantly, he called him from a payphone, eventually arranging for today's meeting. The thing that struck him as sincere was his clear, desperate desire for money and his subservient attitude. Today, he had arrived much earlier than expected, content to watch Chase playing in the driveway. Wanting to catch him by surprise, he pulled up in his rented car earlier than planned.

"Ok, then take off your clothes," the man ordered, as he examined his boy. The freckled face was cute enough, and he'd look more like a boy once the hair was gone, the man figured.

"Here? In the front room?" Chase wondered if that really was such a good idea.

"Where then?" Mr. Brown asked

"My bedroom," Chase pointed.

"Your bedroom? You really want to do ... business, in your bedroom?" the man confirmed.

"Why not?" Chase asked suspiciously.

"It's your private place, your sanctum," the man replied.

"Yeah, so no one can see us," Chase said, as though it should be obvious.

"Ok, then," Mr. Brown agreed, as he gestured for Chase to lead.

The boy led him into a small room that barely had enough space for a bed and dresser. Mr. Brown wasn't surprised to find it a bit messy, but did notice that it lacked any personalisation. There were no posters, no trophy's or ribbons; nothing to give him any feeling that this was Chase's space.

"It's not ideal, but we'll make it work for now; but listen, I want this room neat and tidy next time," Mr. Brown ordered.

"Yes, Sir," Chase responded, more by way of reaction to the change in the man's tone than out of respect. He figured Mr. Brown was going to be just another adult that wanted to order him around.

"And your clothes are still on?" The man reminded Chase of the earlier order to remove them.

Chase slowly stripped down to his briefs, and then looked at the man. Exposing himself seemed so embarrassing; he just hoped the guy would like him.

"These, too?" Chase asked, pulling on the waistband of his tight white briefs.

"Yes," the man replied impatiently.

As the boy pulled off the last of his clothing, the man took stock of his new `buddy'. Freckles dominated the upper half of his torso and arms, but dissipated by the time they reached his belly. The kid was slim, but not really skinny; and, apart from the reddish pubic bush, seemed fairly smooth. Comparing Chase to some of the scrawny young men he'd picked up, he found him rather cute, except that he had hoped for a lean young teen, for the price he was paying.

Mr. Brown stepped forward and examined Chase with his hands, moving them all over the soft skin and down to the cock, which he gave a couple of strokes. The boy was obviously nervous, now that contact had been made; that excited the man.

"On your knees, slave," he snapped, as he undid his pants.

"What?" Chase asked, as the man's cock made its appearance. It was bigger than his cousin's, and thick. He wondered what it would feel like; if he'd have the same wonderful pleasure that his cousin gave him, or if it would hurt.

"Bitch, on your knees now," Mr. Brown said more sternly.

"Yeah, I really don't like you calling me that; can't you just use my name?" Chase asked.

"Didn't I explain how this works?" the irritated man asked rhetorically. He wasn't happy that he had to deal with a rookie, but the advantage was, of course, that this kid came with no preconceived notions about limits, and that he would be his exclusively, or so the kid said.

"Yeah ... you wanna do the kinky sex thing; tie me up and stuff," Chase replied nervously. He wasn't keen on the `and stuff' part, but his mother had insisted that this was how he was going to pay the rent, and, despite her abusive nature, he did want to help.

"Do you know what a role play is Chase?" Mr. Brown asked, softening his tone as his penis softened from the delay.

"No ... Sir," Chase replied.

"It's like acting, pretending. I'm the master and you're the slave. It's not reality; just pretend. After all, slaves don't get paid, do they?" the man explained.

"Ok," Chase said meekly, as he knelt before the man.

"Suck my cock, bitch," the master ordered, as he stroked his cock back into firmness.

"How about just slave?" Chase suggested, turning his head to avoid the incoming penis.

"What? ... Fine, fine; just suck it!" Mr. Brown snapped, clearly angry. He'd gotten away with calling the other young men he'd frequented with, all sorts of degrading names, none of which seemed to bother them in the least. He sighed, as he reminded himself that he was dealing with a novice; Chase was going to have to be eased into all this. As the boy began polishing his knob, Mr Brown was relieved that the kid did have some experience.

Chase found the cock just as easy to suck as his cousin's was, although the thickness did make some difference. He wasn't really turned on by sucking someone else's cock, but he was excited by the prospect of having it up his ass. His mind drifted to the firm hard thrusting that his cousin had given him, washing waves of pleasure through his body as they both grunted.

"Ok, that's enough for now," Mr. Brown ordered, as he pulled back.

Chase was a bit disappointed; he thought it was going well, and he'd soon get a mouth full, completing his task.

"Lay on the bed; I want to watch you jerk off," the man instructed.

Chase got on the bed and started doing what he did almost every night - masturbate. It was strange having someone just watch him, so he closed his eyes and imagined various older guys that often visited him in his fantasies. His eyes snapped open as he felt the man's hand on his balls. Soon, the other hand was rubbing his chest as Chase neared his release. He felt a sharp pain, as the man squeezed his left nipple between his fingers. In that moment, Chase erupted with sticky fluid splashing down onto his belly. Just before he could complain about his nipple, it was released. Chase sat up and rubbed it, deciding not to say anything, figuring it was part of the `other stuff'.

"Knees," the man snapped.

Chase complied, and opened his mouth, expecting a cock. The man's meat pushed into his mouth and pressed deeper than before, causing the boy to gag.

"Hands behind your back," Mr. Brown ordered, as he placed his own on the side's of Chase's head. The man's grip was firm, but not uncomfortable.

The boy sucked on each thrust, as the man began to fuck his mouth in earnest.

"You're getting a man's cock now boy!" Mr. Brown extolled.

Chase just kept his mouth open, as the man's motions became more erratic and urgent.

"Take it! Take it!" the man shouted, as Chase wondered if he was doing something wrong. Mr. Brown was in control of shoving the cock down his throat, so he didn't think there was anything he could do differently; he just hoped it would be over soon.

Suddenly, Chase's mouth was filled with warm cum, as he fought to swallow the unexpected surge. The man pulled out and allowed the boy to clear his throat, before putting the cock back in for some more sucking.

"You coulda' warned me," Chase accused softly.

"I don't want to hear anymore complaining!" Mr. Brown snapped, as he put his cock back in his pants.

"I didn't hear you?" he said, as he took the boy's expression for a defiant sneer.

"Sir, yes, Sir!" Chase blurted, as he found himself starting to despise the man.

"Ok, next week, I'm going to fuck you, so be prepared," Mr. Brown explained, before leaving an envelope and strolling out of the house, as though he'd just stopped by for a chat.

Chase sat up on his bed, naked, cum still dripping from his chin. He realised that he was going to have to talk to his mother about all this; he wondered if it was worth it as he opened the envelope and counted the money.


I have four more chapters in development if there's interest.