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Paying the Rent 3

Chase braced himself against the headboard as Mr. Brown's cock thrust in. The boy's mouth opened in a slightly high-pitched moan of satisfaction. They'd been at it awhile now, and the man had slowed to long, deep thrusts. Each time that Mr. Brown pushed in, it was with such momentum that Chase shifted forward on the bed as it squeaked. He had no choice but to brace himself, as he was held in place by a set of handcuffs wrapped around a column in the headboard. Chase didn't care for the metal around his wrists, and he didn't see the point in having to use them, but he'd learned over the past six weeks that the man wasn't one to be challenged.

The hot sun filled the room on the August afternoon. Both of them were sweaty from the humid day and their efforts. Chase watched the light flickering through the tree outside his window as the man ploughed him. Anal sex had become easier as the teen got used to the thicker cock. It allowed the man to take his time and give the kid what he wanted, a nice long fuck. There was no question in Chase's mind what he was now. He was a gay boy, a bottom boy more precisely, and he wanted to be fucked.

"Oh yeah, ... so close," Chase whimpered, as the man rubbed that special place deep inside of him.

"Shut up; no talking," the man ordered. He wasn't big on conversation, as he'd said many times before; but during sex, he definitely wanted silence. This was his time to fuck the wonderful young hole, imagining it belonged to whomever he pleased. The thing that irked him the most was when some young guy would ask him if he was close to being done yet.

"Oh yeah ... yeah!" Chase sighed, between grunts, as Mr. Brown began fucking him with rapid urgency. He knew that the man would often say things that weren't really directed at him during sex, and so he ignored the order to shut up. The guy would often say things like `take it' or `you like that don't you', which he'd learned required no response from him. He still didn't care for the names that Mr. Brown would sometimes call him, but he now realised that they were part of the fantasy going on in the man's head.

Mr. Brown pounded the kid, knowing that the teen would soon shoot his load. Chase was pushing back on each thrust, seeking to keep the cock deep in his tight young ass. The man watched the splotchy freckles on the kid's back dance as the boy's body contorted in pleasure, while he babbled incoherently. The `doggy' position allowed for good, hard fucking, but now Chase was pushing so far back that the man wasn't getting much motion. He gripped the kid by the hips and pushed him forward on the bed. Then he fucked as fast as he could, holding on to his teen's sides. He could tell that Chase was cumming, by the low teeth clenched growls that the boy was making. He knew that if he didn't shoot as well, the boy would soon be begging for him to stop.

Chase's whole body was involved in his orgasm as he squirted onto the old sheet that protected his bed from their endeavours. He kept his ass high, and his head down on the bed, as he hoped the man would finish quickly. He gave one last grunt as the cock was removed. The teen watched as the man got up from the bed, and noticed that the condom was indeed full.

"Handcuffs," Chase reminded, in case the man had thoughts of leaving the room.

"What about them?" Mr. Brown asked.

"Take them off," Chase replied hopefully. He'd had them on all day, as Mr. Brown had first put them on when he arrived, slapping his hands behind his back as though they were on some cop show.

"What if I want to fuck you again in a little while?" The man toyed with the restrained boy.

Chase pondered the suggestion; they'd only ever fucked once during the man's visits, so the idea of a second round intrigued him. He wondered if he would enjoy it, so soon after getting ploughed the first time. Chase wondered what a `little while' really meant, and started to get worried that the man might leave him cuffed.

"I'll have to piss soon," Chase whined.

"Guess you'll have to hold it," the man said with a smirk. Forcing the kid to hold his bladder would be cruel, but Mr. Brown enjoyed watching the boy squirm for the few minutes it was going to be. He assumed that Chase would suddenly feel a great need to piss, now that he'd been told he wasn't allowed.

"Come on ... take them off," Chase pleaded.

The man stood directly in front of the teen's face, and allowed his softening cock to droop down, brushing the kid's nose.

"You really like this thing, don't you?" Mr. Brown said, ignoring the boy's plea.

Chase spontaneously kissed the cock before him, thinking that what the man had said was true. He really did like being fucked by this cock, by Mr. Brown. In fact, the man had replaced anyone else in Chase's mind when it came to sex. Thoughts of his cousin, or jocks from his high school days, had washed away, leaving just this man before him. He'd started getting erections as soon as Mr. Brown arrived; no preamble was required to get him warmed up; he was ready for action. While Chase had gotten used to the man's dominant ways, he couldn't wait for the games to end so that the fucking could begin.

"Please take the handcuffs off, sir," Chase said, formalising his demand.

Satisfied that the torture had gone on long enough, the man reached for the key and then released Chase, who immediately trotted off to the bathroom.

Mr. Brown found Chase sitting on the toilet, with his head down. The teen looked up the moment the man stepped into the bathroom. He knew that there was no privacy when it came to their time together.

"I'm leaving now; I have to be back in town by six," Mr. Brown communicated.

"Ok," Chase said, as he looked at the shower. He felt sticky from the heat and sex, so he figured he'd clean up, once the man left.

"Next weekend you're coming back to my place," the man announced.

"Your place?" Chase blurted, surprised to hear that it had been decided for him. He realised that he really knew nothing about the man, and started imagining what the house might be like. He conjured up a large multi-story structure with it's own pool and a Corvette in the driveway.

"Yes, you'll be staying the night, so bring a change of clothes," Mr. Brown ordered, as he turned to leave. The man extended his hand as he rotated, brushing the boy's face gently. It was the first affectionate gesture that the boy had received from him.

"Bye," Chase sighed, just as the man disappeared in the hallway.

"Be ready next week!" Mr. Brown shouted his order from the door on his way out.


Next week couldn't come fast enough for Chase, as he thought about what it was going to be like, spending a whole weekend with his man. He had no details so his imagination had to suffice. The teen had thoughts of getting fucked on the man's big bed, and then of swimming in his pool, assuming he had one. Chase dreamt of getting it on in the hot tub, too, in case there was no pool. A head full of fantasies gave way to raw anticipation on Saturday. Chase was indeed ready; he'd been ready for hours, as he stood outside waiting. The cooler morning air had him originally in tight jeans, too small for him now, but he figured the man would like that. As the clock approached noon, it became clear that it was simply going to be too hot for jeans, especially tight ones, so Chase put on long shorts and an oversize T-shirt.

Thankfully, Mr. Brown arrived early, turning the teen's emotions from anticipation to excitement. Chase grabbed his overnight bag and ran to the car. Jumping in, he was immediately relieved to feel the cool air-conditioned environment.

"Hi," Chase chirped excitedly, as he squeezed the man's thigh in playful affection.

"Hello, Chase." Mr. Brown chuckled at the boy's exuberance. "What was that for?" he asked, meaning the squeeze.

"I don't know," Chase shrugged, and then giggled.

"We're good to go?" Mr. Brown asked, as he turned the car around.

"Yep," Chase replied, eager for his adventure.

As they drove along the side road, Chase peered out the window, hoping that one of the kids in his neighbourhood might see him traveling along in a nice car. As they turned onto the highway, Chase's focus returned to Mr. Brown.

"So what's your house like?" he asked, with great anticipation.

"It's a normal house," the man answered flatly.

"I don't know anything about you?" Chase verbalised his thoughts.

"You know what you need to know," Mr. Brown replied cryptically.

"How old are you?" Chase asked.

"How old do you think I am?" the man replied, amused by the excited boy, and willing to play along.

"I don't know ... 50?" Chase guessed.

Mr. Brown turned his head to give Chase a quick frown.

"50? You're joking, right?" he chastised. "I'm 41," he added in an insulted tone.

"Sorry ... what's your job?" Chase moved on in his question game.

"I'm almost afraid to have you guess, but go ahead," the man replied.

"You're a teacher; you talk like one," Chase guessed, still full of enthusiasm.

"I suppose I'm a type of teacher," the man offered.

"High school?" Chase blurted.

Mr. Brown thought about what it might be like to have a bunch of kids like Chase for several hours a day, and then decided that it would either be too much of a distraction or too irritating.

"I'm not a school teacher, Chase," the man informed.

"Professor?" Chase guessed.

"No. Do you know what a consultant is?" Mr. Brown asked.

"No," the kid replied.

"People pay me for my advice and my knowledge," the man replied.

"About what?" Chase quizzed, not willing to give up without a clear answer.

"About protection of themselves, their employees, and their assets," he answered, figuring that he was still being vague enough.

"How did you learn about that?" Chase asked, still wanting to know as much as he could about his friend.

"I was in the armed forces, and then had several jobs in corporate security, before becoming a consultant," Mr. Brown said with finality, as he hoped Chase was done with the topic.

"Can I call you Master Chief?" Chase asked with a giggle.

"I was a Sergeant in the real army; not some video game," Mr. Brown revealed, as he realised that Chase was acting like such a little kid. People would likely have no clue that this young man's primary focus was getting fucked. They would assume that it might be sports or video games; perhaps even getting his first real girlfriend. He figured that Chase had much more sexual experience than most of his peers. He knew about powerful orgasms, and he knew about letting himself go in that moment of raw animal rapture.

"Sergeant Brown," Chase said with mock seriousness, breaking the man out of his sexual daydream.

"I have a new name for you, too," Mr. Brown announced. "Corporal Punishment." He chuckled, but the boy seemed oblivious to the reference.

The man looked up to see a sign for a roadside rest stop, and made a snap decision to pull in. He figured that his little vixen could take care of the monster stirring between his legs. He parked away from the bathroom, facing the road. He knew that it would be obvious to any cop that they were trying to hide what they might be up to, but with the place all but deserted, Mr. Brown thought it worth the risk.

"Take your shirt off, Private Parts," Mr. Brown ordered, using a playful name for the teen.

"Yes, Sir!" Chase said with a sloppy salute, and then pulled off his T-shirt.

The man unzipped and pulled out his cock, but left his pants pretty much in place.

"Suck it," he hissed.

"Here?" Chase asked, with a worried expression. "Some one might see us."

"There's one car here, and I can see anyone approaching," Mr. Brown reassured. "Suck it now, bitch!" The man snapped Chase out of his hesitation.

He began to suck the man's meat quickly, as he attempted to get it over with as fast as possible.

"Deeper," Mr. Brown ordered.

Chase choked, as he tried to comply. He got up on the seat and stood on his knees, in order to get a better angle on his work. He didn't so much mind doing his job, but he was still worried about what someone might think, with his head bobbing up and down.

"That's it, bitch, swallow!" the man hissed, as he put his hand firmly on the back of the boy's head. He thought that the kid looked pretty good, now that his hair had grown out some. It seemed a lighter shade of red, now that it had been shorn, but he wasn't going to let it get much longer than it was now.

Chase had done this enough times to know how it would go. He was about to get a load, and the hand behind his head was to make sure he did swallow it. As the man's fluid gushed into the teen's mouth, he began gulping it down, pushing his head up with his arms and neck, against the hand pushing down.

"Did you like what I gave you, bitch?" Mr. Brown asked, as he released Chase to sit back up.

The boy nodded, as he figured that's what the man expected.

"What do you say?" Mr. Brown reminded.

"Thank you, Sir," Chase replied, as he caught his breath.

"Leave the shirt off," the man ordered, as Chase reached for it. Instead, he put it on the seat beside him.

"Clean me up," Mr. Brown instructed. "With your tongue," he added, as Chase looked around for a towel or rag.

He went back down and cleaned off all the residual cum that he could find on the man's cock and crotch.

"Good enough," the man said, as he started putting the cock back in his pants.

Chase sat back down in his seat, still shirtless, as the man started the car.

"You can get something to drink out of the vending machines; there's change in the cup holder," he said, as he gestured.

The teen jumped out of the car as it stopped near the service area, and returned with a cola. He gulped it down, to clear his mouth, as the car pulled away.

"What are we doing tonight?" Chase asked, to break the awkward moment.

"I'm fucking your brains out," Mr. Brown said with lust, as he stared down the road.

"Yeah!" Chase said, with a big smile and a giggle.

As they sped along the highway, Chase allowed his thoughts to drift to thoughts of being fucked, making him hard in anticipation.


Let me know if you're interested in seeing more, I'm working on two more chapters.