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Paying the Rent 4

As the car entered the outskirts of the city, Chase was fascinated by the tall buildings. He'd been to the city before, but not for some time. The landscape was so different to his mundane rural existence that he found even the trivial structures interesting.

"Traffic on a Saturday," Mr. Brown lamented, clearly taking an opposite view to the teen's.

"What are we doing for dinner?" Chase wondered. He'd not been with the man long enough to have to worry about eating, and, after an extended car ride, he was ready to eat.

"You'll eat what I give you," the man snapped.

"Can we go to Swiss Chalet?" the boy asked eagerly, as he ignored the man's dismissal. He'd seen enough of the advertisements to make him want their chicken.

"If that's what you want, your highness," Mr. Brown sighed. They did have to eat, he reasoned, and this shouldn't take any longer than having to make something at home, or to order in when they got there.

Chase sat back with a satisfied smile, as he pondered his first dinner out with his man. He knew that it wasn't an official date or anything, but, still, it was an important milestone in his mind. When they got to the restaurant, Chase was excited to get inside, as the only place he ate out was the diner his mother worked at, and that was fairly rare.

The meal was everything Chase hoped it would be, as he sat in a booth across from his man. He wondered if the staff had any idea of their relationship, figuring he'd be assumed the man's son or nephew.

Mr. Brown was pleased to have indulged Chase, as they returned to the car. He'd come to the conclusion that a happy Chase led to a better experience for him. The kid just seemed more interested and cooperative than when he maintained a gruff exterior. Now that dinner was over, however, he was focused on getting the kid to his house; thankfully the weekend traffic had dissipated somewhat.

Chase was still excited about seeing Mr. Brown's house, but having his belly full had relaxed him somewhat. As they twisted and turned through the subdivision, Chase scanned the streets as his anticipation built. Finally, they pulled into the driveway of a modest house. The two-story structure was bigger than the shack he lived in, but it wasn't the mansion that Chase had dreamt about. There was no Corvette in the driveway he noted, as they got out of the car and headed for the front door. As they entered, Chase's descent to reality was complete. The front room was a typical couch and chair layout, with a nice flat screen TV against the wall.

"Nice place," Chase forced himself to say. It was nice, much nicer than his house, but it was just that he imagined Mr. Brown as an understated rich guy; not the normal suburban professional that he was.

"The bathroom is over there if you need it," the man said, ignoring Chase's compliment. His focus remained on having fun with the teen and, given that they were home later than he planned, he needed to move things along.

Chase continued to nose about, examining the room, until his eyes set upon a photo of two pre-teen boys. Mr. Brown didn't mention that he had any kids of his own, so the photo seemed out of place.

"Who are the kids in the picture?" he asked, as the man motioned for him to follow.

Mr. Brown wasn't keen on Chase being nosey, so his first instinct was so make a snide remark, but figured the kid wouldn't take the hint that it was none of his business.

"My nephews; they hate me," he replied, as he led the boy down the stairs into the basement.

"Why?" Chase just had to know.

Mr. Brown knew that adding his comment about them was a mistake; the kid was going to open a whole line of questions now, he thought.

"I like to tickle them," he reported, as he came to a stop at a locked door, and produced a key.

"They hate you for that?" Chase asked, with a disbelieving expression.

"Wait `til I tickle you, and then you can decide," Mr. Brown replied, with a mischievous raise of an eyebrow.

"What if I don't want to be tickled?" Chase challenged, already knowing that he'd have little choice in the matter.

Mr. Brown ignored the question, as he flung the heavy door open and strode into the room. As he flipped on the lights, Chase followed him in, and suddenly stopped; stupefied by what he saw. It was like nothing he'd ever seen; his young mind likened it to a modernized medieval dungeon. There was a table with straps and a large X shaped stand in the corner. As he looked around, there was all sorts of unknown devices that he couldn't imagine uses for.

"Clothes off slave," Mr. Brown ordered, as he transitioned into his role.

This wasn't at all what Chase was expecting. He had visions of long, slow penetrative sex on a bare skin rug, or in a Jacuzzi. Nothing he could imagine had prepared him for this room; it was so far beyond handcuffs and duct tape, that Chase was astounded.

"Slave!" Master Brown thundered, to get the teen's attention. Chase looked younger than he was, as his wide-eyed gaze met the man's. The boy was afraid; that much was obvious, and that was just the way Mr. Brown liked it. His dominance seemed to be slipping, when they played at the kid's place, but here, in his own domain, there was no question as to who the master was. Tonight, there would be no discussions about preferred positions for penetration. Tonight, the kid was going take it where and how he wanted it.

"Strip!" the man ordered.

Chase quickly pulled off his T-shirt and yanked his shorts down. The man stepped forward and stood before his naked conquest. He showed Chase a thick collar, before putting it around his neck. It was much wider than anything Chase had seen used on an animal, and it made turning his head uncomfortable. The boy was suddenly panicked, as a blindfold was placed over his eyes and secured with an elastic strap behind his head.

"I don't like it," Chase whined petulantly.

"I won't cover your mouth, if you stop using it to complain," Mr. Brown countered.

Chase stood quietly, wondering what might come next. The reality was that he could just take the blind off, as his hands were still free, but he figured that would only upset the man and get him tied up, although that seemed a certainty.

"You ready to serve me bitch?" Mr. Brown asked aggressively.

"Yes, sir," Chase replied, as he turned his body towards the direction of the man's voice.

"On your knees," he ordered.

Chase dropped down and waited, with his mouth open, assuming what he was going to get. As the expected cock slipped into his mouth, the teen sucked, but couldn't move his head back. The result was that the cock wasn't going that deep into his mouth. The man's moaning seemed to indicate that he was enjoying it anyway. Too soon the man withdrew and stepped back, making it clear that the oral sex was just the warm up.

"Stand up," the man ordered.

As Chase got back on his feet, Mr. Brown noticed that the kid was hard; his cock was erect at a forty-five degree slant from his body. He realised that the kid was expecting to be fucked next, but he wasn't ready for that. He pulled Chase forward by his collar and led him over to the table. The boy climbed up onto it, without needing to be told. As he lay on his back, the man strapped his wrists and ankles. The kid offered no resistance as he was restrained.

The tickling began with a gentle touch on the sole's of Chase's feet, and moved up his body in an increasingly aggressive fashion. The teen howled in laughter as he pulled against the straps. After twenty minutes of concerted effort, the man stopped, leaving Chase gasping for air as his ruddy body glistened with sweat.

The man remained still as he stared at the boy's heaving chest. He expected Chase to call for him, as he waited for the teen to catch his breath, but he didn't. Mr. Brown stepped forward and touched the kid's feet, getting a shriek in reaction.

"Ready for the second round?" he asked.

"No," Chase whined. "Come on; that's enough," he pleaded, as the man tickled his feet softly. The straps were starting to hurt each time his flesh twisted in them, and he was tired.

The boy could feel the man un-strapping his ankles in response.

"Thanks," Chase sighed, as he wondered if he was finally going to get fucked. He'd been waiting all day, and now it seemed almost anticlimactic.

"What!" Master Brown snapped.

"Thank you, sir," Chase returned formally.

"Get off the table," the man ordered.

Chase eased himself back onto the floor, with blindfold still in place, as he felt two strong hands guide him down. The man pulled on the collar again, and led the kid over to two straps hanging from the ceiling. He raised each arm in turn, and attached the teen's wrists. Mr. Brown then pulled the straps down to the kid's ankles and strapped those in as well. Chase wondered what was going on, as his feet were pulled out from under him, and he was suspended horizontally in a sling.

"I don't like this!" Chase snapped in fear.

Mr. Brown recognized the tone, as he moved to stand near Chase's head.

"Just relax and let the sling support your weight," Mr. Brown suggested softly.

"What are you going to do?" Chase whined.

"I'm going to fuck you now; would you like that?" Mr. Brown asked softly, as he stroked the boy's cheek.

"Yeah," Chase sighed. "Take this thing off my eyes; I want to see what's going on," he ordered.

Mr. Brown wasn't keen on taking an order from a restrained slave, but he knew that Chase wasn't far from demanding he be released from the sling, and that might mean missing out on fucking him tonight. He imagined the brown eyes pleading with him through the blindfold, and knew he had to do it.

As the blindfold came off, Chase saw how he was suspended in the sling, with his arms and legs pointing toward the ceiling.

"You want this bitch?" Master Brown snapped, as he waved his cock at Chase.

"Yes, sir, please fuck me," Chase said, without acting. He really wanted it, even though it wasn't going to be in the romantic setting that he imagined.

Chase was hard with anticipation, as the man rounded the sling and stood between his legs. He gave a soft grunt as the thick cock pierced his ass and pushed in. It wasn't difficult for Chase to relax himself and enjoy the man's efforts. The teen made the usually breathless grunts on each thrust, as his body moved with the sling. He usually didn't like being on his back, but he had to admit that the sling wasn't that bad; much easier than being on his back in the position he referred to as `the pretzel', with his ankles up near his head. As the man fucked him, Chase felt the joy that he usually did, but something seemed to be missing. It was as though he was taking a disembodied cock, after getting used to the man being literally on top of him. He longed for that feeling of connection, as he neared his orgasm. It might as well have been a dildo in his ass instead, as the boy wished for the warm hairy body next to his own.

Mr. Brown looked down at the kid's cock, and saw that he was oozing pre-cum. The man quickened his pace and, like clockwork, Chase began to gush his load like a fountain. The boy's anus gripped him hard as the orgasm reached its peak. The man slowly pulled out, and let the kid relax a minute.

"Did you cum?" Chase asked, trying to move his head to see for himself.

"No, you want it back in your hole bitch?" Mr. Brown asked.

"Oh, yeah ... please, sir," Chase pleaded.

As the man added more lube, Chase pushed his ass forward in anticipation.

"I can see you really want this," Mr. Brown noted, as he positioned for re-entry.

The cock went into the willing hole easily, as the teen started moaning loudly.

"Oh, yeah," Chase sighed.

The man fucked more aggressively this time, causing the boy to make whiny grunts on each push.

"Just like that ... oh, yeah," Chase encouraged, as he was pushed into pleasure overload.

The man gripped the kid's cock, as he neared his own orgasm. He pulled quickly to get the teen to cum again, and, the instant that Chase tightened his ass, the man unloaded.

Chase wasn't aware of how long they'd been at it, or even how long it had been since they'd cum. He felt the man wiping his ass and playing with the straps. Suddenly, he felt himself drop down to the vertical again, and fought to steady himself on his feet. Mr. Brown released his arms and put a firm hand on his shoulder.

"You ok?" he asked, marking the typical end of their playtime.

"Yeah, I gotta piss," Chase replied softly, still in a slight daze.

"Over here." The man guided him into an enclosure, and to the steel toilet.

As he pissed, Chase realized that he was in a mock prison cell with a wide wire mesh for bars, and a small cot for a bed. Once he was done, he turned to find that the door was closed, and Mr. Brown was on the other side.

"You're sleeping here tonight," the man explained.

"I don't want to!" Chase snapped.

"You're getting paid; do what I tell you," Master Brown replied, insulted that the kid would defy his order. Typically, the man would threaten to withhold payment, or just offer more money to get a young man to do what he wanted. The situation with Chase was different; he needed the money, but he wasn't going to be bent so easily, now that the kid was comfortable with him.

"No," Chase whined slowly, in a low tone.

The passive aggressive response angered the man. It wasn't in keeping with petulant game play; it was just annoying.

"The cell door doesn't even lock, Chase, and I'll leave the room door wide open," Mr. Brown countered, in a tone that was far too pleading for his own liking. He couldn't believe that he was bargaining with a kid like this.

"I don't want to," Chase moaned, as he leaned against the door with his head down.

The man stepped back and allowed it to swing open. He stood staring at his naked fuck buddy, and sighed.

"Fine; you can sleep on the couch, if that meets with his highness' approval," Mr. Brown spat sarcastically.

"Ok," Chase replied, so softly it was barely audible. He would rather sleep with Mr. Brown, but now that he had angered him, he dared not ask.

Chase followed the man upstairs and waited by the couch. Mr. Brown returned and threw a pillow and blanket down for the kid.

"You know where the bathroom is; the kitchen is down the hall. I'll see you in the morning," the man blurted, before disappearing upstairs.

Chase stood wondering why where he slept was such an issue. The sex had been good, but it wasn't the weekend that he had hoped for. It hurt him to have the man angry with him, and he wondered why, when all he wanted to do was hug; Mr. Brown seemed to always be in a rush to leave him. Chase settled into the couch, and hoped that tomorrow would find the man in a better mood.


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