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Paying the Rent 5

Chase woke in the middle of the night and was suddenly scared that he wasn't able to identify where he was. He sat up, breathing hard as his heart pounded in his chest. It had only lasted a few seconds, but it seemed much longer, as the boy finally realised that he was at Mr. Brown's house. He got up and waddled off to the bathroom. As he drained his bladder, Chase wondered why the man had insisted he sleep on the couch. Figuring that the man must be asleep by now, he went upstairs to find his bedroom. The door was slightly ajar as Chase peered in. The man was, indeed, deep in slumber, as he pushed the door open a crack. The bed was obviously big enough for two, so Chase began to slowly inch himself toward it. He wanted to be near his man; he wanted to be in bed with him. The teen pulled the cover up ever so slowly, and eased himself into bed beside Mr. Brown. Chase worried that the man might wake up at any second, so he took his time creeping over until his body nudged Mr. Brown's. He figured that this was about as good as it was going to get, so he settled into a satisfied sleep.

Chase woke again as the sun peaked in through the curtains. He looked over to find his man was laying on his back now, still seemingly oblivious to his presence. He suddenly found the courage to cuddle up with the hairy body, lying on his side with his head on the man's shoulder. It felt wonderfully warm and comfortable. He put his arm over the man's belly and gave a contented sigh.

"Comfortable are we?" Mr. Brown said, without turning his head.

"Hmmm," Chase mumbled.

"What gave you the idea that you're allowed to come up here?" the man asked directly.

"You never said I couldn't," the teen replied, offering his brand of youthful logic.

"In telling you to sleep on the couch, I told you not to sleep anywhere else, by inference," Mr. Brown countered.

"I like being here," Chase stated, but thought better of adding `with you'. He knew the man wasn't big on sentiment, and the last thing he wanted to do was upset him. He didn't want to do anything that would make him leave this wonderful position.

"I don't do business in my bedroom," the main said flatly.

"This isn't business; I'm just laying here," Chase countered softly, as he shifted his head slightly.

The man's response was going to be `everything with you is business', but he knew that it was different with this kid. He'd never had the same boy more than three times, as far as he could recall. He had developed a connection with Chase, despite his best efforts to maintain a professional distance.

"You can fuck me if you want," Chase suggested, as he ran his fingers through the man's chest hair, playfully.

"Maybe later, if we have time," Mr. Brown noted.

"I can do the work," Chase offered, as he didn't like the sound of the man's response. If there might not be time later, then now was the time, he thought.

"How does that work?" Mr. Brown wondered.

"I can sit on it," Chase replied, having seen the position in a gay porn video that he had seen online.

"Really? Ok, go ahead," the man replied, with a chuckle.

Chase sat up and pulled the covers down. The man's penis was flaccid, but showed some signs of life when he touched it.

"Where is the lube?" Chase asked, knowing that there would be no chance of taking the cock without it.

"My travel bag is over by the closet; there should be lube and condoms in it," Mr. Brown replied.

Chase went over and got the equipment. Returning to the bed, he handed the lube to Mr. Brown, and then straddled his chest so that his ass faced the man. He leaned down and took the soft cock in his mouth, and slowly began to suck.

"Oh, yeah!" Mr. Brown moaned, as Chase got most of the way down. Once he was hard, he knew the kid wouldn't be able to get that far. After Chase was happily slurping the man meat into firmness, Mr. Brown began to lube the hole parked in front of his face. It was easy work, as Chase was relaxed and open for business.

He patted Chase on the ass twice, giving the boy the `good to go' message. Chase sat up and put the condom on the big cock. He struggled with it at first, as it was the first time he'd ever done it. The man was quietly patient during the process. Chase turned around and positioned himself to take it. Using one hand, he guided the man's penis to his hole and pushed back. The parting was painful, but he was determined. He whimpered slightly, as he pushed back, trying to get the thing in deeper. He'd been relying on the man to push him through the initial stretching period, but now he had to do it himself. He felt Mr. Brown's hands on his hips, pushing him up and down. Chase got the idea and began to bounce on the cock. It got easier as he went and, soon, he was pushing deeper each time. The warm feeling returned, just as Chase had hoped. The boy was moaning with his mouth open and his head back.

"Oah, Oah, Oah," he grunted, as he sat on the man's rod. Having the cock buried so deep was wonderful for Chase; the sheer pleasure of feeling full as he controlled his own prostate massage was overwhelming. He felt Mr. Brown trying to push his cock up as he sat on it. Chase was content to keep the cock deep, with just slight motions, but the man was trying to fuck him.

It was obvious to Mr. Brown that Chase was really getting off by sitting on his cock. The boy's eye's seemed watery and vacant. He was likely on the verge of orgasm, as he pretty much just sat there, enjoying the moment. He could see the kid was leaking pre-cum as he pushed up, fucking the young ass as best he could from his position. Chase suddenly let out a growl, and then shot his load all over Mr. Brown's chest. The boy fell forward, putting his arms on the man's shoulders as he shuddered from the powerful release. Chase was panting, as he stared into the face of the man who had just given him these wonderful feelings. He leaned forward and placed his lips on the man's, as an expression of the hot passion burning inside him.

Mr. Brown was surprised to get the kiss, and returned it more as a reaction than as an expression. Chase leaned back with the cock still inside him, and sat there with a silly, satisfied grin. Mr. Brown had to admit that he did feel something for this one. The teen's submissive nature was personified by his current position, sitting on his cock, and loving it. He gripped Chase by the hips as he moved himself into semi sitting position against the headboard. Changing the angle between their bodies from around ninety degrees to more like forty- five, meant that he could get some good upward thrusts as he started to fuck the boy in his lap. The kid grunted in his whiney voice on each thrust.

"Uhn, Uhn, Uhn," Chase panted. The cock was pushing up hard into him at a `stutter step' pace. He was forced to lean slightly forward, and found his head very close to his man's. He instinctively put his arms around the man's neck, as the fucking got rougher.

"Easy, Easy," he rasped, as the man switched to full speed. He could feel the man's passion, with their faces so close together, the heavy hot breath blasting along his cheek.

Mr. Brown slowed down to long thrusts, and held his cock deep for a half a second each time. Chase knew that his man was either cumming, or was very close.

"Take it! Take it, bitch!" he ordered, between groans of pleasure.

Chase pushed back as best he could, loving the pleasure that he felt and the joy he was giving the man. He found himself suddenly pushed back up to his upright posture, with his cock in the man's grasp. His ass tightened, as he was jerked off, causing both of them to explode in a sexual cacophony.

Chase was the first to break their coupling; his ass was sore from the extended and hard fucking. He enjoyed having the cock up his ass while it was happening, but now it just hurt. As he started to raise himself off the cock, the man held him in an unexpected hug.

"You like that, bitch?" Mr. Brown hissed softly.

"Yes, sir ... thank you, sir," Chase chanted.

"You want another round?" Mr. Brown asked with confidence.

"Maybe later," Chase replied, as he tried to push the cock out by squeezing.

Mr. Brown released him, and Chase freed himself from the impalement with a final grunt.

"I love you, sir," Chase said, and then turned red with embarrassment. It was a feeling that had just escaped his lips, not something he was actually planning to say out loud.

"You love getting fucked," Mr. Brown corrected, with a nervous chuckle.

He guided Chase off of himself and down onto the floor; then stood up beside him.

"Get in the bathroom and I'll clean your ass," he said, motioning toward the bathroom. Moving on to practical matters was the easiest way for the man to avoid the teen's over-emotional reaction.

"Do you know how to make coffee?" he asked, as he finished cleaning the young ass.

"Yes, sir," Chase replied.

"There's a coffee maker in the kitchen; you go get it started and I'll come down and make us breakfast, shortly," Mr. Brown ordered.

Chase turned and walked out slowly, as his hole reminded him that he'd just gotten a good hard fuck. He found his way downstairs and into the living room. The sights of his earlier encampment were still there, with the pillow and blanket on the couch. He stood frozen in place, when his eyes came upon a woman seated in the corner chair.

"Well, hello there," the thirty-something woman greeted.

"Hi," Chase whispered, as he quickly covered his exposed genitals with his hands.

"What's your name?" she asked casually, as though finding a naked teenager was no big deal.

"Chase." he squeaked.

"How old are you, Chase?" she asked, as she continued the inquisition.

"Eighteen," he reported, with an inflection that made it sound more like a question than a response.

"You boys tend to overstate your ages; you're not sixteen are you?" she interrogated.

"I'm Eighteen; you can see my drivers license if you want," he replied, somewhat insulted that she thought him younger.

"You brought ID? How cute. Did you wear your school uniform, too?" she asked mockingly.

"I don't go to school anymore," Chase snapped, as he just wished to be away from the woman. He kicked himself for not just running back upstairs when he saw her; now he was trapped, standing there naked.

"Of course you don't," she replied smugly.

"Mr. Brown is upstairs," Chase noted, hoping that he would be sent to go get him.

"It's Braun, actually," she snorted.

"What?" Chase quizzed.

"Mr. Braun, not Brown. You can tell Carl that I'm home," she said, as she reached for a cup on the side table.

Chase needed no further prompting, as he turned and bolted up the stairs. He found the man shaving in his bathroom.

"There's a woman downstairs; I think she knows you," he reported breathlessly.

"I should hope so; she's my wife, and it seems she's home early," Mr. Braun replied.

"Your wife?" Chase practically shouted.

"Yes. Did you make coffee?" the man asked

"No, I came right up here; she asked me questions ... shit! she saw me naked!" Chase said, as he leaned against the counter.

"You're not the first young man she's seen naked," Mr. Braun said casually, as he finished shaving.

"I though you were gay?" Chase replied, as his image of the man started to unravel.

"I am; it's just that being married made my professional life easier. It's a marriage of convenience, Chase," the man explained, as he returned to the bedroom.

"So it's just pretend?" Chase quizzed hopefully. The idea of his man being married just didn't fit with what they'd been up to.

"No, we're legally married; we just don't have a sexual relationship," Mr. Braun reported.

"Does she know about us?" Chase asked, feeling like a secret mistress.

"We have an agreement; I can do what I do, but she doesn't want to know any of the details. Nancy has her own trysts with young men. In fact, we've shared a couple, but I doubt you're her type," the man said with a chuckle, as he completed dressing.

"You can't share me!" Chase snapped, at the idea of a threesome with the man and his wife.

"No, I don't expect to. Now lets get downstairs, and I'll make you some breakfast," Mr. Braun said with a light tone.

"I'll get my clothes from the basement," Chase replied.

"No, you can stay naked `til I take you home," he said with a firm voice.

"I need my clothes Carl; there's a lady in the house," Chase whined, using his mother's phrase.

Mr. Braun gripped Chase by the back of his neck and pushed him face down into the bed. He gave the boy a hard slap on each ass cheek and then released him. It wasn't that hard, but it was still painful.

"What's my name?" the master asked his punished boy.

"I don't know; she says it's Carl Braun," Chase replied petulantly.

"Most kids don't get it right, so I just started letting them call me `Brown', but you are most certainly not to use my first name," the man scolded.

Chase had seen the extended wagging parental finger before, and he didn't like it. He didn't want his man to be angry with him again, but he didn't like being treated like a little kid either.

"Why not? You call me by mine," Chase accused.

Mr. Braun grabbed Chase by the back of his neck and returned him to the bed, face down again, with his superior strength. The boy didn't really resist, but he wasn't compliant either.

"You want more?" he asked the naked teen.

"No, Sir," Chase replied, as he twisted his head in order to speak.

"Mr. Brown or Braun is acceptable, as is `Sir'. Clear?" the man confirmed.

"Yes, sir," Chase replied. He remained on the bed after he was released. "When are you taking me home?" he asked, with his face down. He didn't like it when the man was angry, as it wasn't really game play when he was.

"After breakfast," Mr. Braun snapped.

"Good," Chase spat.

"Is there a problem, your highness?" Mr. Braun asked, as he thought about smacking the bare ass still staring up at him.

"You don't have to bully me," Chase whined.

"Then do as you're told," the man ordered, as he moved to stand over the boy, enforcing his command with physical presence.

Chase sat up and wrapped his arms around the man's waist, squeezing his face in Carl's belly.

"Sorry," he mumbled.

Carl realised now that they did have communication issues. What he thought was a threatening posture had signalled the teen that an affectionate gesture was desired. He put his hand on the back of the boy's head and stroked gently. Chase looked up in a hopeful, subservient way. He just wanted the man to be happy with him.

"Go get your clothes and meet me in the kitchen" Mr. Braun ordered, as he thought it best to defuse the situation. After all, it was Nancy's fault that the kid knew his first name.

Chase smiled, and then bolted for the basement, happy that everything was right again.


It wasn't long before Mr. Braun was taking Chase with him on his out of town meetings. There seemed little point to renting a boy when he got there, given the fact that he was paying for Chase, regardless. Carl knew that he liked Chase, and liked having him around. The `oh so eager to please' young man was very excited to travel, even if just by car, as he'd never been very far from home.

The only stress point between them was that Chase kept asking for more money, using the logic that they were spending more time together, but Carl knew the kid wanted that as much as he did. He finally confronted Chase when the increases got to be too much, and the young man told of how it was his mother who was really pushing for more cash. The solution was simple: Chase would move in with him, and Carl would simply cut the woman out of the program. The kid practically turned inside out at the suggestion, and, in short order, he left his shack, and his knight in shining armour took him home ...

The end.


This story was a bit of an experiment for me as I typically write Adult / Youth stuff. I appreciate those that made it this far but ultimately there was little interest.

As always I'd like to thank Jere for his tireless proof reading and Peter for his reviews. I would also like to thanks Robert Brown for his support and ideas.