Pit Stop

Another homoerotic daydream from Anthony Thomas that has no time for safe sex practices -- this is a fantasy, your life isn't so please be careful.

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Chapter One

There were, I'd been thinking to myself, advantages and disadvantages in allowing my company to transfer me to night call for the summer months. Disadvantages being the necessity of sleeping during the day and that not being easy with the heavy sultry weather we'd had of late and the fact I had a much larger area to cover, hence that now just after four in the morning I had over a hundred miles to drive home. Some of the advantages being more money, more opportunities to have a break in picnic sites like the one I was pulling into even though the delay on my last call meant it was empty as expected by this time in the morning. Also the fact on nights I could please myself what to wear and I knew for certain there would be no more calls for at least eighteen hours.

Added to those compensations the glorious light now starting to shine through damp dripping trees onto the admittedly muddy car park from earlier spring showers as the sun rose and I was almost prepared to forgive my last customer from discovering another fault just as I was about to sign of the site. I'd heard about this picnic site hidden away from the main roads earlier in the year and immediately after the moment I'd received the call and worked out it was only twenty minutes or so down the road had got it into my mind that this would be a good night to search for some fun.

Ah well! Couldn't win them all I thought to myself. At least I knew where to go now if ever in this area again and that seemed quite possible as there were still another four months of my night shifts to come. Even so, I fancied a quick wipe down before commencing the drive home as I'd be bound to arrive just as the rush hour would be starting and the humid heat building up again and I was already feeling sticky and dirty from burrowing around under network cabinets that had not had the floor cleaned since they were installed. As it was I also felt randy enough to pleasure myself if that was the way it had to be after I prepared my body for fun nearly six hours back and my mind had been on little else whilst driving down and then waiting for the replacement program I'd installed to boot up.

Getting out and walking carefully round the surprising large puddles I moved to the rear of my van, sitting momentarily to remove my track bottoms leaving my arse just about covered by a pair of cotton running shorts and my balls almost hanging down the front due to the weight ring I'd fitted before coming out, the lack of any underwear of any description allowing a nice breeze to wrap itself around my bits and pieces. Glancing around to see I was still alone apart from a couple of arctic lorries parked up over on the other side with curtains pulled round the windows, obviously getting in a kip before deliveries in the morning, I thought to hell with it, and my sticky T followed my pants inside my van as I grabbed a washcloth and locking up made my way over to the washroom.

The moment walked inside my cock attempted the impossible whilst still trapped inside my tight shorts by standing to attention, the discomforting tension of which only increased my pleasure at the aroma of public sex. I'm sure you know what I mean, slightly damp concrete, piss and male testosterone. If I'd had a blocked nose and been unable to smell the sex that had gone on in here tonight I would definitely have felt it under my feet, my trainers making sucking sounds as I walked across the very dirty floor. The earlier rain had been a lot heavier here than I'd realised, probably everybody had come inside if you'll excuse the pun.

I had a towel, fresh T and briefs in the van and would change before the drive home but looking around came to a decision that I would have some fun with myself anyway before cleaning up and then probably calling in for breakfast at the next proper rest stop when back on the main road. Wandering around I looked into the floor level half flooded trough, sure enough I could see cum drops around the edge, then into the stalls where I started reading the various messages and look at the pictures scrawled on the walls. It had to be true what I'd heard, this restroom was almost entirely gay and must have a gay cleanup crew or the messages would be removed more regularly.

My cock was aching to be released from its confines and my brain being over ridden by the my bodies desires as I turned back to view the urinal, and so then, after only a moment's thought, maybe not even that, I slipped of my trainers and socks followed by my shorts and padded on bare feet over to the urinal. I knew I couldn't get everything I wanted but my balls were full and my cock rampant, aching for release and now at that stage where common sense flew out of the door.

It was the half full urinal and dirty sticky floor that had convinced me, well that and my currently gloriously painful raging hard cock that had been tormented from the rings behind and on the shaft to accompany the ball weights for most of the night, and was no longer prepared to be sensible so there was just no way I could waste this opportunity. Moving forward, being oh so aware of the damp dirty floor under my bare feet, I pressed my groin lightly against the cold splash back fantasying about all the men who'd emptied their bladders against it earlier tonight, then pushing more firmly forward, squashing my hard cock and weighted balls, my thighs and stomach also making contact with the cold wet tiled wall until I groaned.

I was just looking down at the trough, checking to see if there were any disinfectant or bleach blocks dissolving in the mucky pale yellow liquid, considering if I really was intending to go that far when I felt a warm breeze on my neck followed at once by a hand on my shoulder and another on my backside. As I jumped and started to turn around another pair of hands grabbed my hair and other shoulder, pushing my lower body back against the splash back and upper half against the wall above.

`You should have checked around better before starting to play on your own. Several of us are parked the other side of those trees, we all ducked out when you drove in with headlights on full blast, not the way to keep a low profile is it?' He continued as the hand on my backside meandered closer to its goal until a finger started probing at my sphincter, `Looks like this could do with getting filled, maybe more than once if you get my drift. Are you going to behave and let us have our dirty way with you?'


The hand about to penetrate was pulled away and almost before I had time to regret its loss returned as a palm to smack across my butt cheeks.

`Would that help you to make your mind up? Or would you need a little more encouragement?'

`Your choice,' I told him

`This sounds like it could be fun after all. Not such a wasted night. You OK with being taken to meet the others?'

Did I answer? I have no idea, just that a very black hand appeared under my nose holding a bottle of poppers and as I sniffed deeply concentrating on the contrast between the dark outer and pink inner a blindfold was placed over my eyes, fastened off with a strap and my body was finally turned around and steered toward where I could just remember the entrance was.

My brain told me this was stupid, maybe dangerous but my cock and the poppers sent a different message. I could just make out the difference in light when we got to the doorway and then my feet were out in the open being led over the muddy ground and then damp grass. Then it really hit me. It wasn't just my feet that were bare in the early morning sunrise, it was my whole body and I had no idea who I'd just submitted the use of it to.