Pit Stop

Chapter Two

I was given little time to really consider my circumstances or wonder what sort of situation my engorged cock had led me into. It was as much as I could do to keep my balance whilst my blindfolded naked body was being guided along what felt like a asphalt pathway, at any rate there was only the feeling of smooth surface with occasional puddle for my feet to walk on. Even with the pair of hands resting firmly on my shoulders in order to manoeuvre my body along the path it periodically brushed against what had to be the leaves of various bushes and shrubs along the way and they in turn unleashed a shower of water drops down and across my body, or maybe I was being directed that way on purpose.

The weight ring on my balls made them hang even lower now the minor support offered by my shorts had been removed and every step or shuffle and change of direction caused them to sway back and forth or bounce against my thighs. The rings round the back and on my shaft meant that now my cock was fully erect there was no way it could go back down before I'd had release and going by the way my hands got slapped away each time I put them down just to support my balls that release wasn't going to happen very soon.

The pathway, I later discovered, was only a couple of hundred winding yards long and so barely required a few moments to travel, even so, in my blindfolded and nervous state it felt as if the transit took an age and when another group of voices reached my ears as I became aware of a slight difference in the light filtering through my blindfold I would have sworn we'd been walking for ages.

`Look what I found to play with back there!' from the voice just behind my shoulder.

I'm not sure how many there were in total or any idea what they looked like, no more than half a dozen I think judging by the voices that I won't attempt to differentiate here, but they sure had one hell of a lot of hands, not all of them gentle either. Some stroking and feeling but others pinching and slapping my nipples and arse, pulling on my cock and squeezing my balls. None that I would classify as violent but definitely not holding back either. I was half dragged, half carried, a few yards to feel my stomach pressed up against what felt like a thick wooded pole of some type whereupon a hand on my neck bent me forward whilst a leg knocked my feet apart leaving my weighted balls hanging free, my upper body hanging down the other side of the pole and my arse cheeks wide apart. Neither was to remain unoccupied for long.

Any sensible person would have legged it long before arriving in that position , but then any sensible person wouldn't have agreed to be blindfolded by a stranger and taken to meet even more. Then again, any sensible person wouldn't have been stripped naked in a public convenience in the first place but when my cock woke up my body seemed to just follow blindly along and to hell with sensibility. The addition of poppers, which were now once again waved under my nose, were just icing on cake as it were.

A hand grabbed at my hair, pulling my upper body up level and as I opened my mouth to gasp at the pain, `That's right. Open up boy and show me you know what a mouth like yours is really for.'

Allowing me no time to object I felt a fair sized fully erect pulsating cock brush against my open lips as it entered my open mouth and slowly but surely continued on down to my stretched out throat leaving me only capable of grunting, and that with some difficulty. As my lips closed automatically round the object now sliding back and forth in my mouth and the hand pulling on my hair moved to one side of my head be joined by its pair on the other side the heavy breath I'd felt briefly between my arse cheeks was replaced by a hot tongue licking and probing at my sphincter, then, as hands pulled my cheeks roughly apart, darting a hot wet point slightly into the cavity that appeared as I tried to open my legs even further to encourage its access.

The result of this molestation of my arse hole had an equal effect at the other end of my body as I tried to squeeze my lips tighter around the hot rod now thrusting more rapidly back and forth through those same lips, when possible I'd also make attempt to bring my tongue into play but I could feel my aggressor was soon to be passing the point of no return and had no interest in the finer servicing I would have been happy to provide his equipment if time had allowed.

His hands returned to holding my head up by its hair as the force of his thrusts increased, half choking me and causing breathing problems as he squashed my nose at every thrust. I knew my mouth was drooling but could do nothing about it as with a yell and a grab that nearly pulled my hair out he started shooting man juice down my battered throat, then pulling out continued by jerking off with one hand over my face still holding my head up by its hair with the other, finishing by wiping his cock and then his sticky hand in my hair.

The mouth and tongue so agreeably examining my rear disappeared to be replaced by a couple of hand slaps across my cheeks. `Look what you made my friend do. Really you should be punished for that.' Another couple of slaps accompanied the remark.

I could hardly look and see with my eyes blindfolded but stretched out my hands to find, as half expected, the telephone sized pole I'd been half folded over continued for some distance and bending my arms around it pulled myself slightly forward to leave my arse pointing almost vertically upward and my rampant cock that got me into this situation pressing against the pole. After all I convinced myself, if I was going to be punished, so should my cock.

The blow that followed without forewarning however was no hand but somebody's trainer, laid on with some force as well. It brought back painful memories of my schooldays and I yelped and jerked half upright losing my grip on the pole in the process. Painful yes! But also some pleasurable memories and I bent back over and attempted to grip the pole tighter to discover yet another problem. In all the excitement, or whatever you might call it, I'd quite forgotten that when this all started my bladder had been thinking about emptying itself and the pressure had now built up to a point when mere consideration was no longer an option. Even with my erect cock being squashed against the pole and my balls dangling freely, swinging back and forth as gravity reacted on the weight ring fastened round them and the movement of my body I'd now reached the position when at least some escape was going to happen whatever I tried.

To tell the truth any idea of giving warning never entered my mind, I had far too much else to consider as my arse was alternatively being battered by the trainer then spat on and fondled, fingers pushing roughly inside me to turn and twist before removal followed shortly by another stroke. At the same time at least one, possibly two people judging by the groans and volume had pleasured themselves with the scene and cum over my back and shoulders. I'd always thought it impossible to piss when erect, in this case very firmly erect not to mention being squashed against a pole but I was wrong.

It wasn't the full bodied flow my bladder was demanding that occurred, rather a series of high pressure squirts each time my body relaxed slightly against the pole before my cock was squeezed back by some abuse on my poor arse. Each slight discharge hurt when interrupted as much, if not more, as the original pressure, and that pain in its own way was as enjoyable as the preceding momentarily bliss. The continual juxtaposition of pain and pleasure, at my groin, the feeling of warm piss dribbling down my legs and splashing against my face and chest as the upper half of my body hung loosely over the pole, the knowledge from overheard snippets of conversation that others could not only see me soil my own body but were aroused by the fact, my sore arse, it all added together and left me wanting.

The fingers twisting and turning so deeply inside my arse were no longer enough, I wanted, needed, more. My body was craving a more comprehensive violation and I wanted to see it happen. All I needed was to be fed poppers, a change in position, removal of my blindfold, and they could do what they wanted.

Somehow I managed to gasp that out.

`You sure boy?'

`Oh Yes!'


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