Pit Stop

Another homoerotic daydream from Anthony Thomas that indulges in unsafe sexual practices -- this is a fantasy, your life isn't so please be careful.

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Chapter Three

My body had reached that point where desire not only assumed a level of importance that ignored little things like danger or shame like water of a ducks back, it was actually seeking them. I wanted, needed, craved to have it used, to have it abused. More than that, I wanted everybody to see and hear it take place, to be entertained by the scene, aroused or disgusted I didn't care, just as long as they saw it happen, I could only hope that a few of them at least would join in. Boy wanted his body turned wet and dirty by these men, wanted it abused, possibly even more he wanted it internally violated and the more who saw it happen the better.

I found my body being pulled roughly to an upright position whilst the blindfold was torn from my head. It wasquite difficult to really see my surroundings clearly due to the low light plus my eyes being slow to adjust but there was a sense; more than real knowledge; of a larger audience than initially had been the case.

A hand pulling on my hair raised my face level and held a doubled over belt before my eyes, `You up for some of this then boy?'

My brain cringed at the thought and a shiver ran through my limbs but my body was taking over and endorphins started to flow at the mere thought of what might be about to happen, in fact was about to happen, I just kept my mouth shut as I was half walked, half dragged over to what appeared to be the frame for a set of swings, the one we approached missing a seat but still with the chains hanging loosely. I needed no urging to raise my arms up and apart to grasp hold as high as possible whilst somebody wound the dangling remainder round my arms and across my neck and shoulders.

Finally raising my head to request the poppers I'd been promised it seemed that every available vantage point around me had been taken to the extent I was sure the heat from their combined bodies had raised the ambient temperature by a couple of degrees and there was no lack of hands to feel and pinch, to squeeze my straining cock and stretch my balls. My hot body felt dirty and sticky under their fingers from the spit, piss and cum that was even now drying too rapidly as hands spread it around and the sound of people hawking and spitting before another splodge landed on my naked skin just seemed as it should be. I was loving it, the knowledge my filthy body was on display for all to see and was about to be even more brutally debased kept my cock painfully rock hard and jutting at an angle form my body that allowed easy access to the hand that had now started slapping it around bouncing my weighted balls painfully back and forth in the process.

I needed that extra bit of help that had been promised and had just open my mouth to ask when a disembodied pair of hands appeared from behind to refit my earlier blindfold but this time across my mouth and nose and soaked in poppers. I couldn't help but take a massive hit just as that belt I'd actually momentarily forgotten about landed with a crack, not across my already tender arse but across my shoulders.

I couldn't help but yell out `cause it bloody well hurt but of course the mouth gag kept my volume down and drawing a much needed breath I also took in another dose of poppers. The strap fell across me again and again, I knew it was being passed around as the blows came some from the right and some from the left, across my shoulders, my back and my arse. Every blow forced the air from my lungs to be replaced with a gasp contaminated with poppers. Even when there was a pause between the blows every breath was tainted. I knew my back was sore, I knew I'd have trouble driving home, but was now well past the point of no return and wanted whatever they felt inclined to dish out. If I'd been able to spit the gag out I'm sure my first understandable words would have been for the strap to be used equally on my chest, tender nipples and stomach. My body was writhing around from the pain as it half hung from the chains but equally desiring more and more.

My bladder had been slowly refilling while this abuse was going on and the pressure had now become extremely painful, to the extent it was becoming more agonizing than my back but there was no way I could get it to empty while my balls were banging around between my thighs and my cock was repeatedly being mistreated, together keeping me almost unbearably erect as it jutted out at forty-five degrees.

I just had to do something and releasing my death grip on the chains above my head as the feeling gradually returned to my hands and arms I slowly sank down to the ground, gasping as the chains now hanging freely brushed against my tender shoulders then gasping yet again as my tender weighted balls made contact with the cold muddy ground followed almost at once by my arse. The contact from that cool earth was a welcome counterpoint to the admittedly gratifying awareness that my body had been well and truly worked over. Flexing my arms to work the kinks out as I lowered them I carefully massaged my nipples to discover they really were had been as ill-treated as I'd imagined. I just had to hope whatever they thought of next would be following a different course. The way I was feeling whatever they thought of should be accepted but a boy had to try and keep some sense in his head and I was a long drive away from home.