Policeman of New York, Tony

Story written by; RC Barber

Copyright 09/2002

This story contains man to man sexual relations with domination, bisexuality, anal penetration and incest. If any or all of these subjects offends you, or you are under the legal age required then stop now. But if you are not offended of male sexual love then you will like this one.

I remember a special and pleasing time in NY City when I was on a weekend pass. I had just gotten off the train from Bainbridge and was heading to my favorite place, the Y.M.C.A. I came to an intersection where a NY Policeman was directing traffic. I watched him very carefully as I went from one corner to the other side of the street. He was a good-looking young rookie about 25. He must have been 6 foot 2 inches tall, weighed about 200 pounds and had a great body. He had dark trimmed black hair and dark sparkling eyes. He was the typical hunk cop you see in those movies.

I was watching his moves as he motioned the traffic in each direction and moved his arms like an orchestra conductor, and moved on his feet like a dancer. I had to smile as he hopped from one leg to the other, blowing his traffic whistle, and motioning with hand and unbelievable facial expressions. I was so engrossed in this stud that I walked from one corner to another making a complete square walking to each of the 4 corners.

I settled in a coffee shop on the last stop. I had no longer sat down at the counter when I felt someone set beside me. I looked next to me and there was that hunk policeman setting right there in his tailored handsome New York City Policeman blue uniform. He adjusted his jacket and took off his hat revealing his handsome head of black wavy hair. I guess I looked at him a bit too long because he looked at me and said.

"Do you have a problem?" I looked up in surprise.

"No, no " I stuttered. "I was just admiring your movements as you directed traffic". He just grinned as if he already knew.

" I have been told that before. Hi, My name is Sergeant Tony Adonis."

I held out my hand and though to myself, "you sure are an Adonis". He was a very handsome Italian Cop.

We chatted briefly as he sipped his coffee and I had piece of pie and some milk. Tony said to me as he finished the coffee, put on his hat and was ready to go.

"I am just rapping up this shift and have to make a call to headquarters to check in. Hang in there until I make this call." Tony instructed.

He returned quickly and started to pay for his coffee and split. He turned to me and asks.

"Hey, what are you doing tonight cause I have a couple of tickets to that "Cina-Rama" thing near by and you could go with me. Would you like that?

He asks in his typical Italian New York slang. He was asking me out. Wow, I should be so lucky. Then Tony added.

"I have to go to my place and change and take a quick shower before we split. What do you say you come on along with me to my place and we will go from there? I only live a few blocks from here. We will hop on the subway and be there in no time."

I assured him that I was interested in seeing the movie with him. We proceeded to pay our bill but the restaurant cashier shook her head and wouldn't take any money from either of us because he was a cop and I was a sailor in uniform. They use to do that in those days.

We split, hopped on the subway, and started to his place. I had ridden on the subways several times but this time a handsome cop was escorting me. The subway was too noisy to talk so we just sat and watched the people and the stations go by. We went by a few stops then he motioned for me to follow him as we exited the train.

We went to his where he called for a pizza delivery and offered me a beer. He started to strip off his uniform so he could jump in the shower. I liked listening to his accent and his quick sense of humor. He liked to talk and tell me some interesting things that happened to him as he directed traffic. He explained this was only a temporary position and he was waiting for his new promotion. I was checking Tony out as he entered the room.

I thought back to my `run in' with the Highway Patrolman on the Kansas Highway just about a year before I joined the Navy. This cop was sure different but just as sexy and equally as handsome. He had such a great personality. He jumped into the shower but before he left the room he said.

"Make yourself at home and we'll have some pizza later but have another beer if you want. I'll only be a few minutes. Come to the door where we can talk."

He left the bathroom door open and I could see his shadow as he got into the shower. He showered quickly and came out and stood by the door as he towel dried himself. He asks me to come to the bathroom so he could talk to me as he shaved. He was standing looking into the mirror as he shaved with nothing on but a big white towel. He had a hard solid body and on one leg he had a small tattoo of an eagle. His body was leaning towards the mirror as he shaved making his round butt sticking out into the room. He had a nice hairy chest and some on his shoulders and back.

I stood in the doorway as he talked. As he moved around and his towel fell from his body. He made no effort to catch it. There he stood now against the white sink contrasted against his dark pubic hair. I started to look away but he was so nice to look at. He finished shaving and reached down to pick up his towel. As he bent over, his hard buttocks and hairy ass hole glared right into my face. His long uncircumcised cock and large hairy ball sack dangled beneath his groin. I was starting to get hard as I watched him move around naked.

His naked touched mine as he moved past me now standing in the doorway. He headed down the hallway to his bedroom. I followed thinking he was about to dress. He opened his dresser drawers to pick out his shorts and socks and threw them on the bed. I tried not to stare at him and lowered my eyes when he looked over at me and said.

"Do I embarrass you standing here in my birthday suit?"

"No, I see lots of naked men in the Navy." I said.

"He walked up to me, still naked, and grabbed me by my obvious hard cock. I jumped, but he gripped tightly onto me, still looking directly into my eyes. Then he grinned. I was very tense as he took my hand and placed it on his semi-hard cock. I was surprised but pleased.

"I think you are turned on to me. You must be a cock-sucking sailor. Would you like to suck on this salami," He said as he flopped his cock at me.

I was held on to his big uncut cock as it started to grow in my sweaty hand. He put his strong hand on my shoulder and gently pushed me down on the floor to my knees. With his other hand he directed his cock into my parting lips and mouth.

His large uncircumcised cock started to grow as I placed my warm tongue into his long hanging foreskin. I searched for his piss slot and tasted his pre-cum now forming under the soft lacy skin. The head of his cock was starting to peek out as his cock hardened and the foreskin began to slide back from his manhood. I licked hungrily under his cock.

I gripped his cock and headed for his large hairy balls still tasting his sweet muskie manly body. I released my mouth from his cock and nosed my way underneath his warm moist ball sac to inhale his hot manly scent. My tongue lapped at his big balls as he spread his legs apart encouraging my search. I found the another sensitive area underneath his balls where most fail to go. This area was covered with dark hair and formed a protected area around his ass hole.

I wanted so much to rim his ass but I was in no position to reach it yet. As I crawled under his spreading legs, he sensed were I was heading. He spread his legs even further exposing the brown edges of his luscious ass hole. He jacked on his cock while I headed for his ass hole with my warm hungry tongue. I gripped each of his hairy buttocks and parted his cheeks as I lapped eagerly towards his hole. Finally my search was complete. I had my hot tongue on the edge of the rippled hole. I frantically stuck my tongue into his eager hole.

I heard gasps as I licked and tongue fucked my hot cop's ass hole. I knew right away that this was a new experience for him to enjoy. I gave him deep and speedy thrust of my tongue as the excitement and pleasure continued. He squatted over me as I licked away at his hole but realized t his body was lowering himself over my face. I slid to the floor extending my body underneath him. He sat on my face with one easy movement never once losing his grip on his hard cock.

He pulled my navy jumper up from my waist and unbuttoned my tailored white bell-bottoms. I managed to pull them down over my hips as I still lay on the floor. His warm rough hand opened my boxer shorts searching for my hard cock. My pre-cum was oozing from my cock as he started to jack on my cock while he jacked on his own. My tongue still remained in his warm sweet brown ass hole plunging deeper with each movement.

I was so hot licking his ass and knew if he continued to jack on me, I would cum. His ass hole was tightening and I knew he would cum off any time. I wanted to pull out and place his big cock into my mouth to drink his load of cum. He sat up so I could move my eager tongue out of his treasured ass-licking hole.

As I moved back to his big cock I could taste his salty juices from his cock along with the manly scent of his body sweat. His body sweat was now dripping down his hairy washboard stomach muscles and on to his bushy pubic hair and down his ball sacks. I held onto his moist set of balls once more as I immediately slurped down his long thick uncut cock. He gave out another long and deep gasps as I went down on him as far as I could. I relaxed my throat and took another deep breath, this time going all the way down on his cock. His dark public hairs where touching my nose. It was just too much for him. He grabbed the back of my head and he released his first warm gush of man sperm down my open throat, then another big gush, and another. He almost shouted out as he came saying to me.

"Oh my sweet cocksucking sailor. Suck that hot Italian salami. Eat that cocks, baby, eat my cock. Oh my God. Oh yeah. Man Oh Man. That is soooo good, Oh yeah. I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Drink my cum. Drink it! Oh yeah, my ass licking, cocksucking sailor. Eat that Italian cock. Ohhhh yeaaaaaa..Ummmmm. Oh yeah...Ummmmmmm. " He continue to moan and talk to his sailor cocksucker.

I had to come up for air so he released my head as I pulled back from his pulsating hard cock. Still more cum was spurting out of his penis as he gasps and let out a moan of manly pleasure. Once more I went all the way down on his cock causing him to shake in spasms while he shot his remaining orgasm into my willing and sucking mouth. I didn't want to miss a drop of his hot juices so continued to drink down his appreciated cumming cock. He once again placed his strong hands behind my head but this time he let me control they movements of my lovemaking.

While he was still enjoying the last moments of his orgasm I reached down to jack off my hard cum filled cock. I held on to his cock as he closed his eyes to relax still enjoying my mouth. It didn't take long for me to shoot my load. I had become so excited over his manly cock that I shot with such force that it went right between his legs and onto the floor. I came load after load until it finally oozed out and into my own boxer shorts. I was suddenly aware I had cum on his foot. He was looking down at me as he said.

" What the fuck do you think you are doing, shooting your sperm on me like that, cocksucker. Get you ass licking mouth down there and clean it up." He suddenly said in a commanding voice.

I was a bit surprised but sometimes after a straight man has released his load, and has been satisfied, he changes his attitude. Some times they have even been violent and angry. I felt it was a guilt feeling. I immediately became more cautious with him but fell to his feet and started to wipe my cum off his feet with my hand. He once again said to me.

"Not your hand, you fucker, your tongue. Get down there and lick up your cum in your mouth. Taste your own cum, you ass hole, and when you are finished, I have another job for you. Now get to licking, cocksucker." Tony instructed.

I had become aware of these sudden urges of domination by some men. I had the feeling Tony just didn't want it to end yet. He needed more to prove he was the man and the master of his ass licking, cocksucking sailor. I didn't mind as long as I pleased this hunk of a cop.

I continued to lick up and taste my own cum from Tony's foot. He now placed his foot on my bare leg then pushed me backward on the floor.

"Take your sailor uniform off and throw it on that chair. I want to see this cocksucker naked, on the floor, and at my feet right now!"

I immediately undressed and placed my uniform on the chair as he instructed. Just as I finished, Tony instructed me to come back to the floor position. I did as he demanded and lowered my head in respect for my master. I sensed his manly body standing before me and was aware of his cock only a few inches from my face. I wanted to reach out again and lick it as it oozed more of his pre-cum from his long pink foreskin. Tony was standing over me and started to talk to me in a demanding rough voice.

"So let me understand what we have here. You are a cock sucking, ass licking, cumslut, and man whore. Right? He paused as he waited for me to answer. Right bitch? You enjoyed eating my shit hole and sticking you cocksucking tongue up my butt? He said looking down at me.

"Yes sir! I said. "I am a cocksucking, ass licking man whore."

"That's right. Now I have a treat for you. In about 5 minutes, my brother is going to come by here and you are going to suck his cock like you did mine. Do you understand? Do you?" Tony spoke out again.

"Yes Sir!" I said as I wonder how this all came about.

The front door opened and in came the pizza delivery boy. He came into the bedroom after setting the pizza down in the living room.

"Hey big bro. What are you up to tonight?

He said as he entered the bedroom where I sat naked on the floor.

"What the fuck?"

He said as he saw me kneeling on the floor while Tony was walking around the room naked. Tony wanted to humiliate me in front of this young pizza man and I had to admit I was not only surprised but humiliated being in this position. Tony still looks so hot as he paced around the room looking first at me, then the Pizza Boy.

"Michael. What I have here is a cocksucking, ass-licking punk. He likes to eat ass and suck the fucking cum out of dicks. What the hell do you think we should do with him? Tony said to the boy.

I looked shyly at the pizza boy dressed in his white-stripped pizza uniform and a ball cap to match. He looked to be younger than I am. He had dark eyes and a nice body. He was about 5 foot 10 inches and a cute face. I was beginning to think he was Tony's younger brother because they did have a brotherly look. He was looking me over very seriously while he rubbed his nuts and then made a comment.

"Well Tony, I guess we should make him lick our ass and suck our cocks. I just had some pussy about 2 hours ago but could use some good head to clean off the pussy juice. I didn't have time to shower. I had to leave quick before her old man came home." He said as he started to remove his shoes. Tony laughed at Michael's comments and walked over closer to me.

"You hear that, cocksucker? You get to lick the pussy juice off my little brother's cock. You don't know how luck you are, ass hole. He is a real cockstud and rarely lets a cocksucker swing on his cock. Get your mouth ready for a sweet treat. He is hung almost as large as I am. While we are waiting for Mike to strip, I need my ass loved again. Do you think you can manage that ass licker? "

Tony said to me as he bent over, spreading his hot hair ass right into my face. I was looking forward to licking his ass hole once again. Tony must have like the first round of tongue fucking I gave him. I was happy to lick his ass once more. It was even more exciting knowing that his younger brother was now watching me eat his big brothers ass. I leaned my face back into his warm and sweaty ass and started my tongue licking action.

Michael continued to undress himself as he watched our actions. I could see Mike's body out of the corner of my eyes as I had my tongue in Tony's ass. He was built very well with a trim swimmer type body. He did not have the hairy body his brother Tony did, but he was still very hot.

Mike finished his undressing except for the white socks still remaining on his feet. He walked over to me and closely watched me tongue fuck Tony. I took a deep breath and turned to Mike. His big cock was hanging down his leg. He did have a big cock but did not have the heavy foreskin that his brother possessed.

He placed his hand behind my head and directed me to his cock. I gently took his semi-hard uncut cock taking a good look at what I was about to pleasure. Placing my tongue at the tip of his piss slot, I took a whiff of the dried cum along with a hint of piss and musky body sweat. A small pubic hair remained on the tip of his cock. I gently pulled it from his lose fore- skin and slowly placed my tongue to his hardening cock. I scented the dried cum from his used cock. He had the sent of pussy juice and his own delicious dried cum. I severed the flavor and smelled of his musky man hood. The head of his piss slit was forming a pearl of pre-cum and was oozing from his big cock. I moved my mouth over his cock head as he sighed with pleasure.

It was such a turn on cleaning this young studs cock soon after he studded his girlfriend. I think it turned him on too, knowing a cocksucking sailor was licking and cleaning his precious cock and sharing his last fuck. Mike was a hot young man that could come 3 or 4 times each day. He probably had several girls on his Pizza deliver route that he fucked every week. Mike was a good-looking stud with a nicely shaped and tasty long uncut cock and a nice set of low hanging ball sacks.

I was aware that Tony had sat on the nearby bed to watch me suck on his brother's big cock. He was jacking off his own cock as he watched me worship and make love to Mike's cock. I had pretty well cleaned off all the dried cum and could now start to taste his fresh pre-cum slowly oozing from his piss slot. I left the cocksucking and moved my face towards Mike's musky balls. His body sweat was much stronger than Tony's because he hadn't showered lately. His body musk was not sour but a manly salty smell. Mike turned to Tony as he was still watching us from the bed and said.

"Man, this cocksucker is one of the best. You really know how to pick them Tony. Move over Tony, I want this punk to lick out my sweaty ass hole. I need a good tongue lapping." Tony moved to the bed and sat dog fashion with his head on the pillow and his sweet young trim ass up in the air.

"Get your fucking ass licking face over then and do your job." Tony instructed me as I gladly moved to the bed positioning my body behind Mike.

I pulled Mike's butt cheeks apart and slowly moved my tongue up and down his ass crack. Mike had a hot musky boyish body scent that really turned me on. I took a deep whiff each time I moved up and down his ass crack. I gradually licked all the sweat from his ass while searching for his pink ass hole. I quickly darted my tongue around his hole then buried my face into his ass. I darted my long tongue in and out of his hole while Mike purred and moaned. He was in ecstasy with pleasure.

Tony was getting so hot watching me pleasure his young brother's ass hole. He put his hands to my mouth as my tongue was licking Mike's ass hole. I wet Tony's finger before he sought out Mike's hole. He slowly eased his wet finger into him. Mike squirmed as he felt a new intruder but did not pull away. He seemed to enjoy the finger action and the finger fucking that his brother was doing to him. It was hot and so was Tony.

He then moved behind Mike and began to rub his wet cock over Mike's buttock and ass hole. I moved to the side and watched to see if Tony was going to penetrate his young brother's hot looking ass. Mike did not move away from the finger fucking but was now aware that his big brother Tony was going to use his ass. He was going to be fucked by his large cock. He made an effort to move away but Tony held onto his buttocks and moved his body even closer to penetrate his shaft into Mike.

Tony motioned for me to suck on Mike. I went under Mike as he still remained in the dog fashion position on the bed. I placed my mouth over Mike's hard and dripping cock. Tony was still maneuvering behind Mike and had found the opening of his ass. He placed the head of his cock into Mike. I sensed Mike's tension and fear of the entry of his brother's big cock. Then Tony entered Mike's ass as Mike let out a tense and painful moan but Tony still continued moving in Mike. Tony seemed to have no mercy for his young brother and the lust and desire to please his own cock preceded him. Tony shoved his 9 inch cock all the way in. Mike let out another sigh and gasps. My mouth was suddenly filled with the warm hot juices of Mike's cock. His prostate had been hit and he could no longer hold back an unexpected pleasurable orgasm. I gulped down his big cock and drank this young mans load of sperm. Tony remained in one position and had no intentions of moving out of this tight young ass. After Mike had shot his load, Tony started to move his cock in and out of his brother's tight ass hole in a long and deep fucking action. Mike pleaded with his brother but it was too late.

"Oh Tony. Take that big cock out of my ass. You are killing me. You know it's been a long time since we did this. I am not accustomed to your cock anymore. Stop fucking me, Tony." Mike continued

"Shut up you sissy. Take your brother's cock like a man. You have needed this man fuck for quite some time now. Now, shut up an enjoy it. You are my pussy ass boy once again. Oh, yeah. That feels good. Now back into that cock like you did where we were young studs." Tony remarked as he continued to pleasure his cock in Mikes hurting ass.

Tony and Mike were renewing their boy hood memories. Tony was 5 years older than Mike and when they were younger they fucked around with each other. Tony started to fuck his brother when Mike was 12 and Tony was 17. It became a regular thing for sometime until Tony moved in with a girl. Later Tony took a job at the Police academy to become a policeman. Tony came home one day to find Mike fucking his girl. Instead of Tony becoming upset he told Mike he could use her anytime he wanted. One day his girl came home to find Tony fucking his brother Mike and thought it was too weird for her, so she left Tony. Mike and Tony didn't get the chance to fuck again for several years until tonight. Now Tony was enjoying the sweet and sexy ass of his brother once again, and it was good.

Mike had now become adjusted to the onslaught fucking of his big brother and was starting to enjoy it once again. Tony pulled Mike into his arms as they continued to enjoy each other. I sat first one side, then the other watching and enjoying these two masculine Italian brother hunks, enjoy their man to man sex.

I wanted to watch Tony's cock go into Mike so I scooted my body behind Tony and placed my head between Tony's legs. He moved so I could position my head directly under his balls where I could see his cock penetrating Mike's ass hole. It was a sight to behold. Tony had a very large uncut cock and when he would pull out of Mike' ass, the skin would pull back giving Mike more cock, and more pleasure.

The pre-cum juices and the body fluids from both men were starting to ooze out of Mike' ass and was now dripping down his balls and onto my forehead. I moved up closer to Tony's balls to taste some of their body sweat and body juices with my tongue. I was so engrossed with the movements of this hot policeman's cock going into his younger brother's and Pizza deliver boy's ass.

We were all getting hot and ready to cum again. I pulled out from my excellent position under the fucking brothers and went back to Mike's cock. I knew Tony was going to pump his load and this would probably set off Mike again. I wanted to take another load from him. I had only positioned my mouth around Mike's cock once again when he started to cum. He had been to enjoy the fucking he was given and was talking to Tony.

"Fuck my ass, Tony. Fuck me hard, harder. I forgot how great your cock felt in my ass. Oh. Hold me tight. Fuck me, Fuck me! Give me your load. Give me that big Italian Salami. Oh, yes. I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum. Oh God. Fuck me Tony."

Tony was fucking Mike hard like a man in heat. A hot man fucking his little brother. It felt so good to have Mike's body next to him again and his cock back in that tight ass. He forgot how good this felt with this hot ass hole wrapped around his cock once again. It was good, very good. Tony thought to himself. He could feel Mike's ass getting even tighter and he knew he was about to cum again.

"Get you mouth over my brother' cock, cocksucker." Tony instructed me. "Suck off that big cock of his again. I' m going to shoot real soon. Oh man this is such a good fuck. Yeas, little bro., take my cock up that sweet ass again. I' m going to make a cum deposit in your punk fucking ass. You are my man whore once again. You are my pussy ass boy. Oh, Yeah. What a fuck, bro. You are some fuck. " Tony continue to pump away unmercifully at his brother's ass as I sucked his cock.

Mike did not have any resistance to his brother's fucking his ass or me sucking his cock. He just let his body be used. He let out a moan and shot another big load into my mouth as the sensation of his orgasm once again made his body tremble with indescribable feelings. I took most of his load down my throat but saved a nice full mouth full to share with an unexacting brother.

After Mike almost passed out from ecstasy, I left his sweet cock and kneeled next to Tony as he continued his fucking. With my mouth over his hard nipples I roughly chewed one then the other. My one hand slid down Tony's sweaty body to his ass, and with the other hand I caressed his hairy chest.

He suddenly pulled me close to his mouth and started kissing me. I softly opened my lips and let Mike's cum slowly seep into Tony's mouth. He was surprised but soon became aware of the taste of cum. He madly penetrated my mouth with his hot long tongue and searched madly for the Mike's remaining cum.

The animal seemed to be released in him and his hot strong body trembled with spasms while he started to cum. He violently sucked on my lips and tongue still searching the caverns of my mouth for remaining cum. He yelled into my mouth as he shot his manly cock into his brother's willing tight ass. I thought he was going to choke me as his strong muscular arm pulled on my neck as he continued to passionately kiss me.

The sweat beads that had formed on his forehead and face rolled down his face into dripping streams of cooling relief. Tony gasps again and again as he relaxed his emotions realizing his lips still remained on mine. He was suddenly aware he was kissing and making passionate love to his cocksucking, ass licking, cum slut sailor. Then he opened his dark Italian brown eyes and once gave me a warm gently loving kiss. He smiled and shook his sweat soaked head of hair like a wet animal just out of water. He gave a hug to Mike and kissed him lovingly on the back of his neck. He pulled me forward onto Mike as we all 3 collapsed on the bed.

I think we all passed out for a minute or so still wrapped in each other's bodies. I was aware of movement from Tony as he slowly moved away from Mike sliding his semi hard cock from his ass. Mike flinched as the cock pulled from his sensitive anus. Tony lay back again with his head on the pillow catching his breath and regaining his strength. Mike was still lying on his stomach as Tony lovingly rubbed his hands across Mike's ass then he said to him.

"Now that is what I call brotherly love. Are you all right Mike? I gave you a good work out but I will say you took it like a man. I am proud of you dude." Tony said as he pulled himself off the bed. His cock was still semi hard as he walked into the other room. He called back to us.

"Is anyone ready for a cold beer and Pizza?"

I slowly got up from the bed and was trying to decide if I should put on my boxers but I though I would wait and take my shower first. I joined Tony in the other room as he was chewing on the cold Pizza. He looked so sexy setting on the edge of the couch with his big cock and balls hanging over the front of the cushion. I sat down besides him and reached for the Pizza. When I pulled back with the Pizza I felt an urge coming on. I saw a small stream of clear cum dripping from his cock. I put my Pizza underneath his hanging cock and milked down his love juices causing a small amount to land on my Pizza. He looked at me and smiled as I took a bite of the Pizza now covered with a small amount of his sperm. Then he softly laughed and hit my leg.

"You are something else." Tony said to me. I guess you know we will not make it to the movies tonight as we had planned.

End of NY Policeman, Tony. If you like this story let me know. EyeMrich1@hotmail.com Sir Richard