fic·tion (f¹k"sh...n) n. Abbr. fict. 1.a. An imaginative creation or a pretense that does not represent actuality but has been invented. b. The act of inventing such a creation or pretense. 2. A lie. 3.a. A literary work whose content is produced by the imagination and is not necessarily based on fact. b. The category of literature comprising works of this kind, including novels and short stories. 4. Law. Something untrue that is intentionally represented as true by the narrator. --fic"tion·al adj. --fic"tion·al"i·ty (-sh...-n²l-t) n. --fic"tion·al·ly adv.

Gee I almost forgot to say, I don't know anyone in the story below, and they never would say or do anything I put in their mouths to say.

Ok I need to say something more here. First of all I may use some famous names. IT is not really them. I just use them to let you imagine what my people might look like.

See above for what FICTION means.

.......................................................................By: @ JCW

..............................................................Story: F Poor Boy

.....A young man, really a boy of somewhere between fifteen, and eighteen years old was walking down the grass on the side of country road. The boy had light colored red hair, almost white in the sunlight. He was wearing an ugly orange colored t-shirt with some wild colored logo on both the back, and front. He had on a pair of 501 levies, and old tennis shoes without any socks. He was not paying much attention to his surroundings. He was humming along with his walkman as he almost danced along. He never even noticed the two men that were walking toward him. They split up as they started to pass the boy. One of them nodded to the boy, and spoke softly in greeting as they started to pass him by. Instead of walking on by him the two men grabbed his wrists and jerked them behind his back to force his wrists into a set of handcuffs. The young blond started to scream as load as he can which led one of the men to move to the front of the boy. He drew his arm back, and swing it hard as he slapped the boys cheek with his open hand, His hand slipped by the boys face to swing the back of his hand at him one more time to hit his other cheek. "Shut your mouth kid or I'll beat you till you pass out." There was nothing but silence as the boy had tears rolled down his now blood red cheeks. The man had a grin on his lips as he reached into his butt pack to pull out a ball gag attached to a Velcro strap. He forced the ball into the boy's mouth, and placed the strap together behind his head. "There boy try to make any more noise."

.....A wave of one of the men's arm brought a nondescript van from where it was idling down the road. The driver pulled in beside the three people. One of the men pushed open the sliding side door. The boy was forced into the back of the van.

.....One of the men grabbed the front of the orange t-shirt to lift the front of the shirt over the boy's head. He pushed it down the boy's bound arms to his wrists. The boy was led to a rope hanging from a pulley in the center of the van. One side of the handcuffs was keyed open, and the t-shirt was pulled off his arms. The cuff was placed back on his wrist with his arms in front of his body this time, and the hook on the end of the rope was placed around the chain on the cuffs. He was pulled up till he was just about standing on his tiptoes.

.....The fancy silver belt buckle was loosened, the buttons of the 501's were opened from the top to the bottom. As the pants fall open the man pushed the pants down his legs. The blue boxer-shorts were soon falling after them. The shoes were pulled off his bare feet, and the legs were lifted one after the other to strip the last of his clothes off over his feet. The naked boy was inspected by both the men. They not only used their eyes, but also their hands. the boy had his head turned as they looked him over closely. The arms had a hand ran up, and down them. The arm pits were played with. The hair was felt to see if it was soft or rough to the touch in each pit. The nipples were played with, with both men getting them aroused as they rubbed, or pinched them, pulling them away from his chest as they got hard. They ran hands over his whole body The hands at last moved down to his cock, and balls. He pulled back trying to get away from the inquiring hands. It was useless to try as he could not escape their hands. The men played with him getting him to shoot off at least once to see how much he can cum. He is turned in place so they can see the flip side as well. The back is inspected as closely as the front was. They had their hands all over it. They roughly grabbed the ass cheeks to spread them wide so the ass hole can be inspected. It is seen that it has only had the normal amount of use by shit coming out, and most likely had never had any large object forced into it yet.

.....One of the men used a tube of KY to grease up a fair sized butt-plug before forcing it into the ass-hole. It is not to give the boy pain, it is more in the way to open him up so he will not be bleeding when he gets raped for the first time.

.....One of the men searched thru a box on the floor to find two small glass cups. The opening on them was rubbed with some KY then held onto the skin surrounding the boys nipples. A switch was thrown on that started a suction motor inside the glass cups. The cups were soon held in place by the vacuum, then as it sucked more air out the nipples, the skin around them was pulled away from the body. As it was pulled up into the cups a magnet started running around in a circle on the top of each glass cup. This in turn moved a feather over the sensitive tip of the nipples. The tips hardened as they enjoyed the feeling.

.....Meanwhile The other man was wrapping a wet washcloth soaked with soap around the boy's ball sack. He had seen that the sack had some wild hairs all over it. He had it in mind to get the sack ready to shave. He was going to use a straight razor to clean it up. He was also going to trim the crouch hair down to about a quarter inch all over. It is hell to have to get a wild hair out of your teeth when you are having some fun.

.....The driver was driving like hell. He wanted to get as far away from the place the young man joined the gay group. He didn't know if anyone might miss the sweet little thing or not. Anyway he wanted to be far away if they did miss him.

.....The men had been doing more then getting pleasure from feeling the boy up. They were checking out anyplace on his body that would give him any sexual feelings. They were reading his whole body. Tom: that was the leaders name, Well it was the one he was using anyway. Dick was his follower, and the van driver was known as Hairy. Cute Hun. Tom Dick, and Hairy?

.....Well anyway they had a box full of little items that can be used on a helpless body to bring it to a full sexual climax within just a short while, and then do it again, and again. Tom, and Dick place a wide belt around the boys naked waist. Then they start placing small metal objects around on the boys body. They already had some glass cups on his nipples, and only had to string a wire to them from the backup batteries hanging on the belt. One was placed on his bellybutton. It was wired into the belt. One wire was attached to the butt plug, as it also vibrates as part of it's use. The inside of the boy's thighs was sanative as well as some other spots. A larger vibrater was strapped on with some elastic straps to hold it on the inside of the thighs. It had many smaller items that can be ran one at a time, or all at once. As soon as they had placed each little machine in place they started running one after the other in turn. A hand held wand was used to turn them on, speed them up, stop them, or slow them down. Oh yes they didn't forget the hard dick, and the balls. A sleuth was forced down over the hard dick with many little probes all over the inside that vibrate in turn. A thin medal rod was forced into the piss hole, it had a wire attached to the medal ball on it's outside end that ran a low voltage at odd times. It was not really enough to hurt him. But it sure will get his attention.

.....There were many other items in the box as well. It had some contacts that could be taped over a muscle, and the wand can send a low voltage thro them making the person jerk the leg, arm, finger, head, any place they want can be controlled. Some people that had though they can be independent can be wired up to be put thru an exercise from hell. By the time they are cut down they are ready to do as they are told at once.

.....As Tom slid the probe into the piss hole Hairy reminded them that they needed to be sure to take it out before the grease on it was dried off or rubbed off as it would stick in the boy's dick.

.....Tom told him they would be careful. They started taking the junk off and out of his body in somewhat a reverse order of the way they had placed it on the boy. The first item removed was the probe, and the last was the butt plug. Tom held the boy's body still as he replaced the butt plug with his hard dick. He proceeded to work hard on getting his virgin ass used to being fucked. Dick was on his knees in front of the boy sucking him off to get him trained in that end of the sex act as Tom was working on the back end. They switched sides each time one of them shot off. Dick was well named as he was hung rather well. No I will not give you a measurement as I have never seen a man or boy with better then ten inches. J.C.W.

......Hairy was also well named. You might say he was a bear. Well his toenails didn't have any hair on them anyway. When it was his turn to relieve one of the other men it looked like he was wearing a fur coat. They had cut the boy down. Well at least they had undid the handcuffs and placed one of his ankles in a cuff attached to a ring on the floor of the van. Hairy ordered him to bend over, and hold on to his ankles with both hands. As the boy's ass was placed on view Hairy walked his hard dick into his boy pussy. He had a good time lasting quite awhile with the boy bent in half in front of him. He got an idea while he was getting his jollies. The idea was brought on by seeing him bent almost double while he fucked him. He know Pat would get a kick out of seeing the boy suck himself off if they can train him how to do it.

.....As soon as he cum he had the boy stand back up so he can explain what he wants him to do. "Okay kid I want you to bend over, place your hands on your ass, hold on tight, and place your mouth around your prick. Suck it off. You keep sucking till you cum." The men watched the boy close as he had sex with himself. Both of them had suggestions for how to do it differently. Laying on his back with his legs pulled over his head was one way that got his dick right into his mouth. There were three or four other spoke of over the day. The kid was luckily limber enough to get into most positions they demanded of him. He started to ask why? Was told with a slap to the ass to keep his mouth shut if he was not sucking on something. He did remember that a name: Pat was spoken in his hearing once by Hairy.

.....His own dick was not the only dick he learned how to suck. The three men took turns getting him used to sucking them off without using his teeth on their dicks. His ass was soon a bright red from slaps as he learned how to treat a hard dick without causing pain. They alternated with his ass, and mouth as the day passed. His dick got used as well both being sucked, and learning how to fuck with it to give pleasure.

.....The van was drove over the high pass into California. They were soon driving into a garage of a large pleasant house. Well really a mansion. It was set in a few acres of ground fenced of course. Woods around the house, pool in the back, very private. A handsome young man met the truck as it was being parked he looked over the young man as the three men spoke of his training. He answered to Pat. The three men were ordered to clean the boy up as he looked kind of scruffy. After all he had been well used, and misused for a few days. The boy was dragged to the pool house. He was pushed into the shower to be scrubbed clean inside, and out. The three men led him to the basement of the large house to a set of rooms that would be his home. He had no clothes, and would not need them as he was going to be a slave to Pat who had wanted to have his own sex slave for years, and hired the men to get him one for his own use. He was the son of a move star, turned political hack, and was now back in the movie business. His mother had left them after she found out they liked sex with men. Queer fags: as she called them as she left the house to go back to her family. She never let on to the world as she would be laughed out of her family if they found out. This was a joke as there was more then one of them that loved the gay life.

.....Jeez 1, Pat you just fucked up a good cleanup Tom told him as he watched him work his new slave over with one of the new type whips: that gave a lot of pain, but never broke the skin. It was used on the young slave from the shoulders to the bottom of his feet, and then after he was turned over from the chin to his toes. Tom was told to clean him up again, and then his new master placed his hard dick into his ass with one hard shove. He loved the tight feel of the ass as he cum into it for the first of many times to come.

.....Tom was told to fit the boy with the restraints. A medal collar was secured around his neck. It was a fancy silver color with fancy scroll work all over it. That was only on the surface. There was much more to it then was seen on the surface. Each wrist had a medal sliver cuff locked in place on it. A leg iron was placed on each ankle. The five of them formed a matching group. As the last restraint was placed on the boy Tom pushed a button concealed in the scroll work on the fancy collar. This was a one time use for the button: it turned on a connection between the five items that was always on. As a demonstration to the young slave he was led to a room in the center of the apartment. He was told to open the unlocked door. as he opened the door a tickle of electric current started running thro his body from all five of the restraints. Not much, just a warning. The boy was told this was just the first warning, and it would get higher as he went into the room. It was not really a room, just a large closet. A computer with a group of attachments around it. The boy was pushed into the closet He screamed as he was shocked with pain from all the restraints at once. Tom yelled at him to spread out his arms, and legs to get the medal as far apart as he can. the boy did as he was told. It turned off the pain at once. The boy looked like a scarecrow standing there. Tom touched a wand on his belt that shut off the restraints for long enough for the boy to move out of the closet. Okay kid you now know what will happen if you enter an area that is forbidden. You know how to turn it off. If you move any two of the restraints near each other it turns on at a higher setting each time.

.....They took a tour of the house, and the grounds with the new slave in tow letting him memorize all the places he got the tickle in his restraints. He didn't have to suffer the shock all the way to make him turn away. The closet was the only place in the house that was completely off limits. There was a walkway about a hundred feet from the house. Ten feet outside the circle of cement was a buried cable that carried the power to control the restraints. The young slave was turned loose to enjoy a few hours of freedom before dinner. He spent most of it in the swimming pool getting some relief from the pain of the whipping.

.....Ok some of you are setting their thinking the young slave will be setting around all day waiting to be used by his master. He waits to be fed watered but to bed. Bull shit. He is woke early. Set down at the computer to start his lessons, he has been entered in an advanced class in a computer school. The boy answers the questions on a CD that is checked over by the butler before it is sent on to the school, no bull shit like, HELP I'M A SLAVE. He is taught how to use the exercise room, and put thro a set exercise each day. It is followed by a five mile run on the circle walkway around the house. A shower is followed by swimming laps in the large swimming pool. After all that he can look forward to training in how to be a better whore if you want to call being trained how to have good sex a whore. He is just never paid for any sex. In some down time the youngest is taught the art of massage, he learns both the vanilla and the red hot type. For the few that don't know the difference I well explain it. Plain old vanilla is when the prick gets hard, and it is ignored till it just goes away on it's own. On the other hand the red hot kind of massage teaches the person doing it all the places on the body that might cause sex to enter the victims mind, and how to encourage them to get hard so you can take advantage of them. A partial list of these places follows, Nipples, Ears, Feet maybe, Inside of the thighs. The dick, and balls are the goal post that is the aim of all the forgoing, oh yes lets not forget the buns.

.....Pat liked to have a massage often as he was somewhat of a sportsman liking many sports. He also uses the gym as his father had always kept up with the bodybuilding junk all his life. He almost had to follow along with what his father wanted to do. He was in the gym one afternoon while Jerry his young slave was heading out for his five mile naked run when there was one hell of a noise. It was what in some places was used to warn of wind storms. In California most of the time around there it was used to warn of an earthquake. I always thought that was silly as when the whole place is shaking you might think they would know it was going on. This time it was warning of a helicopter invading the airspace over the home. Some fool was out trying to get some pictures of the family. It was rumored that they liked to swim as nature made them, and the fool wanted to sale the pictures for a pile of money.

.....Well Jerry did as he had been taught, and dived under the low hanging branches of one of the many pine trees scattered around the area. He rolled into a small pile against the trunk of the tree out of sight. The butler pushed a trolley that was setting near one of the outside doors out onto the patio. He opened it up to display trays of flare guns. The man picked out his first choice, and fired it into the path of the chopper. He fired more then one to bracket the ship. The chopper ignored the flares so he switched to a larger gun. When it was fired it placed a shell directly over the top of the blades. when it exploded the blades drew the silver paint down over the ship, giving it one fine paint job. The windows that had been transparent become mirrors. The pilot hasty pushed down the paint covered side windows so he could see out them. This was needed but left him open for the butlers next shot which was a smoke bomb. The pilot was on the radio by this time yelling for help as he tried to save his ship. He was calmly informed that he was in a no-fly zone, and told he will be arrested on landing. He was told to land at once, and all of them must lay down on the ground as they will be shot down if they try to escape. The cameras were destroyed on landing, and the three men were hauled off to jail on charges. The nice silver helicopter was left on the grounds as his father though it made a nice trophy for the butler. There lawyer thought so to, and demanded it be given to the man as part of the settlement.

.....After quite a long time the young slave was well trained. He learned that disobeying his master can be very painful. He also learned that he can enjoy the sex with master Pat as well. One night Pat had his driver drive the two of them out for a tour of the area in his limo. He warned the boy that there was a restraint surrounding the car that would disable him if he tried to escape from it. He told the driver to pull into the McDonalds so they can order some food to eat on the way home. The slave never thought about escape on any of their trips outside the home, He was well trained by now. One day Pat was working on a movie set with his father, and he decided to put his slave in front of the camera. There was a need for an extra that called for an almost naked boy with some extra medal body parts that cover anything that might disturb the censers. Some quick shots of the buns might get by them, but not the balls or dick. The face had many patches of medal glued on his face that hid any place that someone might recognize. The boy played the part in the background, and died in a fake explosion as ordered. It left many bloody body parts behind. Gee movie magic can do so much. It can look like a person died, and he can go home for supper afterwards.

.....Gee wiz I fucked up again. I forgot that Pat had decreed that his slave could not have his hair cut, trimmed maybe but never cut. It was so long that he can set on the ends when he left it out of the braids he had it in most days.

.....The reason I fucked up is that a designer of men's clothing saw the boy in the movie, and fell in lust with his body. Well he liked it enough to start a search for the young slave to get him to resents him as the main model for his clothes line. He was not ready to take no as an answer. Pat swore for days as he saw no way to stop the man's hunt. His father was asked what they can do to save themselves? After much thought he came up with a way to let the man have his way with the boy. A crimson close fitting mask was made to cover the boys face. It was locked in place and he was ordered to never speak a word, or try to remove the mask. It was known that the man wanted the body, the hair, and had never seen the face. The hope was that he would except the mask as being needed by the boy. If not he can get f----.

.....The boy was soon in every kind of pictures in print, and on television. He was wearing anything from underwear, swimwear, to full suits. The boy's body was made to display most anything that was put on it. His red hair was a trade mark it was lighter as he spent lots of time in the sun. it showed up as red, gold, sliver, white depending on the lighting. The mask left him be the man of mystery as he was never seen without it. He never spoke a word, always with a guard nearby. Some of the people that made bodybuilding equipment found out he used there junk, and asked, hell demanded that he be seen using it in pictures. It was learned that he was a nudist when he was exercising. Oh boy was there a feeding frenzy when they heard this wee thing. The pictures were in good taste, they had to be to get by the censers. But he was seen using all the junk as he still thought of it. Pat was never involved in any of the modeling stuff so the boy was rich in his own right. He had over time fell in love with the man he though of as his master. The nut doctors had a batch of names for why a prisoner might do this. Really it is not unusual it just happens. The boy had over time been able to let his folks know he was alive, and doing well. He never let them know what he was doing or what was being done to him.

.....I think I well leave the rich bitch live out the rest of his life in private.

.....................goodbye all


...........................................................................The END.

PS 1 Oh yes by the way Jeez© is by Neal from one fine group of stories at the ADDRESS below. It is called Haven. The author goes by the name str8maybe

....."A lawyer let me know my last living relative isn't." is how he starts the story. The jokes continue thru out the story's. I hate to say it but I missed the joke at first. I refuse to say how many times I had to read it to get it.


......................................................................By: @ JCW

.........................................................Story: F Poor Boy

Ps I sign some of my stories as Jack-off or JCW now a days It sounds more grown up. As far as Jack-off I meant Jack-gone or going no matter what people think. That is what I meant and I stand by that.