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A Prefect's House Caning


PJ Franklin

This is an original PJ Franklin British Schoolboy Story 

Imagine yourself as a seventeen-year-old ordinary sixth former being unexpectedly awoken one Saturday morning by your best friend in the whole world, none other than the school's esteemed Headboy, hurriedly pushed to dress yourself properly then being whisked hurriedly out and down your House stairs, him looking at you with a wide grin. "We're going to Headmaster's office" he smirked with a conspiratorial grin. "What on earth for Wellsley!? I haven't done anything!"

"Oh yes you have!" he gleams back. "What is it then!?" I reply in an understandable panic. "You'll see Townsend! Just shut up and follow me will you!"

I did and was in a state of panic and nerves. I had no idea of what was about to happen. Wellsley took me with no delays over to Administration, up the steps, down the hall and Headmaster's door was already open to receive us. His secretary Ms. Collison gleamed a most pleasant smile at us and waved us inside. Not only were we greeted by a smiling Headmaster, but were offered tea and to sit with him. I was dumbfounded and must have looked thick.

"Very well then, tell him Wellsley." Dr. Hamilton said with a co-conspirator's grin. I looked at Tim anxiously and at first he delayed just to tease me then said, "Anderson has had to leave school, his parents are whisking him off to the States for half a year, his prefect position was open, that is until you just filled it."

I blinked at him and then at Headmaster. I had been holding the teacup and saucer quite steadily and nicely. Suddenly, my hands shook so violently for a moment, the cup went tumbling off the saucer and onto the floor in front of me spilling the contents partially on me and partially on the carpet. Tim's face erupted in this soundless guffaw and terribly chagrined I looked quickly up at Headmaster. He just shook his head briefly and said to me, grinning, "Never mind that Townsend, we need your answer and quickly boy!"

"Yes! Well of course yes!" I said in total shock. That was but ten short weeks ago. I had felt triumph, vindication, joy, ecstasy and a deep satisfying sense of personal accomplishment, not to mention power. Oh yes, I admit it now, now that I was standing and pacing outside Headmaster's closed door, Ms. Collison's face locked in a grim expression. My stomach was in knots, my skin pale and I had not slept a wink. Inside that door, Wellsley and Headmaster Hamilton were deciding my fate.

It seemed to take forever. Suddenly the door burst open and there was Wellsley. He looked grim, even shook. This was bad, this was very bad. He looked at me but briefly then closed the door. I was beginning to tremble, had the worst been handed down to me? Tim took a big breath and then came up to me, grabbed my arm and pulled me down the hallway away from Ms. Collison's ear before we stopped. I was nearly about the throw up,

"I'm gone, aren't I? I've been expelled." I managed to say, almost breaking down at the end of it, the feeling of dread starting to overwhelm me. Tim put his hand solidly on my shoulder and gave it a squeeze of support. He never did that unless there was very bad news to impart, "No thank god, I talked him out of it; but you may wish it after I tell you what you're going to face."

Worse than expulsion? "What" was all I could say in a breathy whisper at that. "A House Caning, permanent suspension of your prefect status …" and he paused as if he was afraid to tell me the rest. The sentence as he had already stated it was making my heart bleed with regret and my countenance fell rapidly from there. " … and, you will be sent down to fourth form status for the remainder of the term, including back into short pants and … you must live and sleep with the fourth formers as well."

I must have looked as if somebody had died. I felt the blood leave my head and all I could do was look down in terrible humiliation and shame and I hadn't even faced any of it yet. I had nothing to say, what could I say?  Then Tim gave me another squeeze and didn't leave my side. Was there more? "Townsend, Hamilton wants me to administer the House Caning. It's … um … customary given you are … sorry, were a prefect, it's part of my job." It wasn't much, more like a moldy morsel tossed at the feet of a convicted felon but it was something. I knew Tim Wellsley as a fair, kind boy who had cautioned and warned me against the very things that had brought me down. It was not his fault and I had to respond,

"Good, I'm glad, I know you'll give me the honor of a proper thrashing Wellsley, not one ounce of mercy." I said and then almost let my emotions overwhelm me. I guess I must have looked faint or about too, Tim took me by the arm over to a small couch that was up against the wall and sat me down, not parting his hand from my shoulder. "I will Townsend, I promise," he said quietly. I just looked at my feet, feeling crushed to the bone and trying to rationalize to myself the how and why I had fallen so far, so quickly.

I finally was able to stand. Moping about like this taking up Tim's time was undignified and wrong. "When?" I asked. "You have to wait, tomorrow after supper, but you're to report to matron this afternoon and shift your gear to the fourth's quarters by before supper, including the shift to short pants." I nodded and looked up at Wellsley, determined to not have him feel badly. "At least I'm not expelled, that's a good thing, I'll be fine." He nodded and we walked out of the building. Somehow the fresh air did nothing to help me and I went back to my prefect's study and sat on my bed unable to not think about how this all had transpired.

* * * * * * * * * *

"You! Thompson! and you too Mandley, stand up, get out of bed this instant! You know the rules, no wanking in your beds at night!" and up they both stood in their pajama tops, their bottoms having been discarded under the sheets prior to my stealthy entrance into their dorm room after lights-out. Their dormmates peeked out from under their covers, any of them that I hadn't caught wanking having stopped their activity.

I walked up to the boys their beds side by side hands on my hips and said nothing at first. Their young erections still stood out proudly and they both looked up at me with those nervous and embarrassed but trusting eyes of theirs begging to not be further humiliated in front of their mates. I had to admit to staring at their bare bottoms and their erections and noted my own full arousal was imminent. How many times as a fourth former had I been caught red-handed as it were and led back to my prefect's study for remonstration. It was in a similar innocent situation at the tender age of fourteen that my prefect Jack Hadley introduced me to the concept of pain and pleasure. He was skilled at it, believe me.

"Both of you, just as you are, down to my study at once, you know the drill!" Thompson and Mandley padded quickly out the door. I looked around myself slowly, surveying the room, "Let's be frank boys, I know you're all testing me one way or the other. I don't blame you but be warned, I shall not hesitate to spank any or all of you on your bare bottoms if I find any further irregularities this even, now go to sleep!"

I then turned to leave the room. My erection was now emerging and threatening to tent my trousers. I did not notice at the time, but one especially smart and clever fourth former, Steven Drury had discerned my impending problem as I quickly passed out the door. I quickly sped to my room and walked in. As they should have been, both boys were planted noses to the wall and hands on head. I noted that their raised arms fully exposed their jutting bare bottoms. There is no better sight than a boy's bare posterior and the age of fourteen allows for full flowering in that department. I allowed my eyes to fully drink in the sights and counted all the extra work and hours that my new prefect status had given me as cheap payment for this very moment.

I knew both boys well. Paul Mandley was a good little fellow, studious and well mannered, but there was something about Will Thompson that appealed to me. I had sensed in him some kind of connection between us even during this, my first week as prefect. He had uncommonly sought me out for seemingly mundane questions and matters that led me to believe that he simply wanted to be in my presence. I had experienced a full on boyish crush of one of my prefects, yes Mr. Hadley as prior mentioned and felt Thompson might be on the verge of the same with me. Hadley had done nothing with me that I had not fully desired and he had always been kind to me. Who was I not to pass that onto some admiring younger boy under my care if he wished it.

"Mandley, front and center boy, Thompson, you stay put." Paul came over to me, his eyes downcast, "Chin up boy, you're mistake was in not paying attention to the fact that a new prefect will have a new pattern of patrol after lights-out. I'm not Anderson after all am I?" Paul looked up and a small smile crossed his handsome little face, "No sir."

"Right, a good sound spanking on the bare, over my knees Mandley." I had to admire the round prefect white orbs of his bottom placed perfectly under my care. The boys had maintained their erections without reduction while they had waited. I felt Paul's organ press into the fabric of my trousers but I concentrated on not allowing mine to touch his side. I glanced up ready to spank Paul and noted how Thompson's head turned to the side to listen. Good for him. I would not discourage his enjoying the sounds of another boy's bottom getting spanked.

Most fourteen-year-olds bottoms are very tender and even a modest spanking on the bare will set them to tears and crying. I determined to spank Paul to that level of reaction. I started and noted how soft and tender Paul's bottom really was. I didn't have to spank really hard to affect him. He bravely kept his bottom up for me but soon dissolved into crying. I paused, not sure he was but crying a bit prematurely, "Do you promise to behave yourself Mandley?" I asked him. He looked at me, tears streaming down his young soft face, "Please sir, yes sir!" he said with a look that told me I had better do a little more"

"Ten more hard ones Mandley to make sure that you do, bottom up high boy!" He did and I was struck at the beauteous sight of his young tender pucker coming into sight between his reddened cheeks. I was instantly taken back in my mind to that very moment when my prefect Hadley had let a finger stray into my upturned and splayed red buttocks and brushed my anus. That touched changed my world forever.

I made no such attempt with Mandley and spanked him hard, ten more times. He really cut loose with bawling and I knew I had given him a good punishment. I helped him up and realizing I had whisked both boys into my study sans pajama bottoms, nonetheless instructed Mandley to run along and get to bed.

"Yes sir! Thank you sir!" he said wiping his face. I nodded and watched him leave. I noted that Thompson had really craned his neck about to see Mandley's red bottom but said nothing as he now looked ahead to the wall. I paused and readjusted my erection in my trousers. "Thompson, come here please."

Young Will shuffled over and as he approached my eyes widened at the sight of his erection. The head of it was very red and had a smear of thick opaque liquid. He had pre-cum! I swallowed hard and realized then that I had an opportunity to perhaps be to young Thompson what Hadley had been to me. He saw me observe himself and his brow furrowed and he stood nervously.

"You've no reason to be concerned about your erection Thompson. Lots of boys become very aroused and some even lose control of themselves during a good spanking, did you know that?" Thompson, evidently much more inexperienced than I would have thought, looked up at me as if I had cured a cancer, "No sir! Do they?"

"Yes they do, now turn sideways and come to my side Thompson" I said as casually as I possibly could. My erection was raging now and I knew it to be tenting my trousers and may have adjusted myself without Thompson really noticing, but chose not to. He now stood at my right knee and I could see the fullness of his beautiful bare buttocks. "When was your last spanking or other punishment Thompson?"

"Slippered sir, six from Mr. Soames in gymnasium for horseplay two weeks ago sir."

"Ah yes, Soames can lay it on well with a slipper, I'll wager you didn't even break a sweat." I could tell Thompson was flattered and whether he had been truly stoic or had bawled his eyes out from the slippering didn't matter. I suspected the latter as he looked down a little and with a small sheepish grin said, "Yes sir."

"Over you go Thompson and remember, if you have an accident, don't worry on it, OK?"

"No sir, I won't."

Thompson then stretched himself out fully. He was a leggy boy and that did nothing but stoke my fires as I beheld his beautiful bared bottom and thighs. I could not but put my spanking hand on his bottom and let my fingers kneed gently into their soft white giving surfaces. My left hand slipped up his slender back, the palm feeling the rolling surfaces of his young back muscles. I could then feel his hips and pelvis push up just slightly into my right hand. It made my erection jump and I could feel a small wetness develop in my underwear. "Now, you've never been spanked by me Thompson; I assure you I will make you cry even if Mr. Soames did not, so do your best but expect that I shall give you a very hard spanking." He turned his head, "Yes Mr. Townsend, I'll do my best, shall I put my bottom up now?" My face flushed. What a thing to suggest and I left my hand in place, it was in perfect position, "Yes Thompson, bottom up high please."

Up it came. Even his deep and lush buttock cheeks parted and a finger fell into his cleft and right on top of his young tight rosebud. I could feel his body tense briefly and heard a soft high mewing sound. Without mistaken assumption, I felt Thompson's bottom make a concerted upward motion making his anus press up into my fingertip. My breath quickened and I almost forgot why he was there over my lap in the first place. It took great effort to lift my right hand up and start his spanking but I did.

I did not spare Thompson. My hand fell hard and fast and almost literally bounced off his pliable flesh. At the point that Mandley had broken down for the first time, Thompson remained stoic. His bottom was turning red and I looked, his teeth were clenched and his eyes squeezed shut but his bottom had not moved one inch. He was trying desperately to please me and I knew it.

My heart went out to him, I had done that with Hadley; but my base need was to make him break even if I had to spank longer and harder. I redoubled and he broke quickly then. I let him carry on through another half dozen hard slaps and then stopped. What once was white, was now red. I let my hand settle on his red buttocks, "Have you learned your lesson Thompson?" I said. He sniffed back tears and snot and looked back at me. "I think so sir," in this plaintive voice and his eyes looked at me in this peculiar trusting way that made my chest tight.

I paused and I clearly felt that despite the soreness of his rump, his pelvis once again pushed a bit upwards. I left my fingers as they were and once again one threatened to brush firmly down onto his anus. This time I dared to push my finger-tip back and "communicated" to Thompson. "Thinking so Thompson adds doubt, shall we make sure?" I said and then added the tiniest of pressure to my finger-tip downward. I saw his eyes shut briefly and his chest let out a sigh of breath.

"If you think I need it sir, please yes," he replied. "I do, bottom high Thompson!"

"Yessir," he said quietly and turned his head forward and closed his eyes. I administered the last good hard spanks, twenty more in all. He started to cry again almost immediately but I just let him. Then it was done. I let him lay and gather himself. I did not touch his bottom any further deciding it best not to push anything so soon. Eventually I helped him up. His penis had softened and I was glad it had. I didn't feel in need of adding complications at that point. I stood with him, "Now fly straight young man, next time will be worse!"

"Yes sir, thank you sir," he said and I watched his scorched bottom leave my room. I could not get my trousers off fast enough and barely touching myself, I shot my pent up fluids on my floor.

Yes, that had been the innocent beginnings of my downfall. Tim Wellsley had warned me about Steven Drury, that he was fourteen going on eighteen and I had better be cautious around him. I disregarded Tim's sage advice. My new prefect status was rapidly going to my head urged on by young Will Thompson's innocent attentions. I was literally reliving my own fourth form experiences with Jack Hadley through Will and got lost inside of it until it was too late. Even then, quick thinking could have averted my disaster, but that did not happen and I had several chances to have averted my disaster even so.

Drury strongly suspected that Thompson was quickly becoming my "tart" as the boys sometimes rudely called a boy who willingly gave their sexual-selves to an older boy. Drury then set about to instigate my downfall if for no other reason than he and I did not get along in any way. My mistake of course was to simply have not just ignored Drury's obvious attempts to trip me up or at the least consulted my Headboy about my suspicions of his subterfuge and gained his support and insights. By then my blinders were solidly in place and I wanted desperately to catch Steven Drury at something and punish him severely to teach him who the real boss was. I did not want Wellsley interfering either.

Unfortunately for me, Steven Drury set his trap. I'll say one thing for him, he was a strong, patient and determined adversary. He knew I loved to catch boys wanking in the lue after lights-out. At those times I counted the offence as a double crime calling for a well-earned beating. Being out of bed, out and about in the House after hours particularly the lue for anything other than relief of the bladder was the first and getting caught wanking itself constituted the double jeopardy. Even Will Thompson had never done that. I'll never forget how well Drury played his part, sacrificing his own strong demeanor to suck up to my need to flay his snotty fourteen year old flesh.

There he stood, his pajama bottoms at his ankles right out in the middle of the bogs mockingly not even making any pretense to be using the urinal whatsoever. I just glowered at him with my righteous delight. Finally! "My study now Drury, you are going to pay dearly my boy!" I even got a very nice look at his bare buttocks as he passed by me. Steven Drury took second place to no boy in the looks department from head to toe. It was part of what made me so antagonistic towards him I suppose.

"Yessir," he muttered disdainfully as he past and I almost backhanded his bottom on the way by. I made him stand on the wall, hands on his head for a full fifteen minutes before I called him over to my desk. "A full slippering and a full spanking for you Drury, do you have anything to say for yourself?" I hissed at him.

He haughtily looked at me, "My my Townsend, that should amply give you a lot of wanking speed after you dismiss me, or will you be ejaculating during my punishment? Shall I offer to have you roger me afterwards or is that something you reserve for dear Will, your little tart of a boyfriend?" I could have, should have become properly and righteously incensed and took Drury with my by the scruff to Tim Wellsley's Headboy rooms and reversed the danger. I would not only have had Tim's protection, but been able to use my junior cane on Drury and really beat him soundly so that he would finally understand who really was in charge. Instead I leered back at Drury,

"You keep your mouth shut about Will Thompson and if I thought it would do you any good Drury, I'd shove my prick so far up your bum, it would congest your nose," He just glared back at me. I stood, came around the side of my desk holding my slipper and made no pretense. I grabbed him painfully by his ear, pulled him over to the desk edge that I had cleared and pulled him over my knee. A boy was not supposed to be given more than a dozen of the slipper. I gave Drury's bum a good fifteen before tossing the shoe to the side. I looked at him and my prick was very happy to see his face breaking down into sobs. The mighty Drury was crumbling. What need did I have of help from Tim Wellsley?

"Learning are we that I am in charge Drury, not you!?" He looked back at me in defiance, "Screw you Townsend!" he said and sobbed. "No Drury, screw you!" and I commenced a hard and relentless spanking of his slippered cheeks.

My ire and my libido knew no boundaries, save that Steven Drury would not be receiving any of the kindly attentions I reserved for Will. I tanned Drury's bare bottom so well that at the end all he could do was slink to his knees and holding his bare torched bottom bawl his eyes out for a few moments.

I just sat on the edge of the desk basking in the glow of my triumphant beating of his hot little buns and glowered down at him. I intended on just leaving him there awhile too. My prick was urgently desiring release and it was lewdly tenting my trousers and I could see that Drury could see it. Then, without warning, he rose up and reached out and grabbed my prick through my trousers, "Here Townsend, let me you big bully! Is this what you like?!"

And without being able to stop it, my cock erupted in a torrent of semen that flooded my underwear and wet my trousers with a huge damp dark mark. I became terrified and incensed and yelled at him, "Get out of my study now Drury! You'll be fortunate not to be expelled for that!"

He sneered at me, pulled up his pajama bottoms and left without saying a thing. I was shook badly and even then should have gone immediately to my Headboy and I would have extricated myself from my disaster, but I didn't, such was my inflated ego by then. Had I bullied Drury? Some would say yes, some no. I ignored the warning signs.

To his credit, Steven Drury swallowed the beating I had given him to pursue a more sinister course against me. I didn't know it at the time but he even had sat down with Thompson and craftily encouraged Will to let me have my way with Thompson. Thompson didn't need any encouragement from Drury, he would have done it on his own. Drury had a much more menacing plan to put Thompson against me when the proper time came and even gained poor na´ve Thompson's trust in the process.

Slowly then, over a period of weeks Will came to me innocently and even stopped bringing me lame fake written notes from masters and just openly asked for spankings or slipperings so that we might enjoy each other's hard cocks after. One thing led to the next and he was sucking my erections and then finally I rogered Thompson and once in that pit of desire, there was no stopping. All the while Thompson was sharing his exploits with Drury assured of secrecy against the humiliation of his mates finding out.

Drury did his job all right. Then the rumors started and one day after a prefect's meeting, Tim Wellsley took me aside privately and asked me point blank, "There's a nasty rumor going about that you're rogering fourth formers in your House Townsend, what the bloody hell is going on?" I was livid and put on the defensive. I suspected Drury was the culprit and told Wellsley the same, "You were right about him Wellsley, that boy is a menace. He hates me and I've done nothing to provoke him."

"Fine, but there's no proof of who started it and I require your ironclad word that you have certainly not been doing any such thing for god's sake!"

"Of course not! What do you take me for Wellsley? I'm a prefect and an honorable one!" and I said it with conviction advancing the lie. Oh what a slippery slope. I'll never then forget the moment that it all fell apart. It seemed so random at the time, as if Steven Drury's plan could be sprung anytime in any location as long as the right boys, his fourth form boys were around him. They followed him like puppy-dogs sure that one day he would be their prefect and have real power over them. They would be right.

I was innocently walking along school pathways on a sunny afternoon after noon dinner and saw Drury with Thompson and half a dozen other fourth formers approaching me. I hated seeing Thompson with Drury but could not prevent them from being together for obvious reasons. We walked towards each other and suddenly I saw Drury lean over and whisper something to Thompson. Will got this funny look on his face and looked at me as I approached as if he was hurt by whatever it was that Drury had said to him. Thompson blurted out, "Please Townsend! Say it's not true!"

"What are you talking about Thompson?!" I asked alarmed. "See, I told you Will, some seniors and prefects have no honor … " Then Drury looked up at me daringly, "You shouldn't be going about telling others that you've been taking advantage of Thompson behind closed doors Townsend, he's not your little tart like you say he is, are you Will!?"

Will panicked, "No I'm not!" I was losing control of this ill-advised conversation. Anytime groups of boys looked to be colliding, staff and prefects start to descend. I immediately went into emergency mode, but in doing so did completely the wrong thing. I lost my temper and stepped forward and grabbed at Drury's shirt with my fist, "Shut up you little freak or I'll pound you where you stand!"

"You heard him all of you, he's threatening me, he's bullying me!" Even poor Thompson stepped in, "Stop it Townsend! You're hurting him!" I was confused and angry and I shoved at Drury, sending him backwards. Whether I really had shoved at him that hard or not, he accidentally tripped and we all heard a dull thud on the walkway as Drury's skull tapped the cement. I stood stunned at what I had done. Prefects and staff descended out of nowhere. Drury was OK, but my downfall had arrived.

* * * * * * * * * *

As the new Worster House prefect, Colin Livengood was required to be with me at my side to process me into a fourth former. He escorted me to the matron to get my new clothes. I was to be treated like a fourth former, punished as fourth former, groomed and dressed as one.

The entire staff was so informed as well. Fourth formers were given strict haircuts, very short and not stylish. Fourth form clothing was childish and I had to wear the required beanie-hat as well as short trousers. Colin did the best he could do to afford me dignity. He was not his fault that I had been sent down. He had a job to do and he could ill-afford to give me, a seventeen-year-old, any slack that he would not otherwise give a boy of fourteen years.

Wellsley, after he found out the full extent of my sins was livid with me. The official charge of bullying a younger boy by a prefect was bad enough, but when he found out that I had numerous chances to have come to him for help and assistance on the matter of Drury, he was incensed. He was not stupid and he didn't care about harmless dalliances between boys. He knew prefects had sexual liaisons with each other and even younger boys. That wasn't the point. The point was I had disregarded his warnings and cautions about Drury, I had misused our friendship and trust and betrayed him. The thought of just that nearly threw me into a selfish despondency.

I shall never forget the painful and stinging tongue-lashing I received from him as Colin stood with me. He warned Livengood that I should be given no slack and no excuse for any behavior problems or misconduct. He told Livengood that I was to be spanked and slippered for punishment as per fourth form protocols and in public with my new fourth form mates when appropriate. Other than the House Caning I was to receive the next evening, I was to denied the honor of senior caning and instead Livengood would use a very harsh hairbrush on my backside or the junior cane as per protocols. Any but the smallest mercies would be taken out of Livengood's own hide by a sound senior caning from the Headboy.

I got my haircut, lost my beautiful hair and donned my clothing having already moved my belongings into the very room that Will Thompson, Steven Drury and the other fourth formers occupied. Colin Livengood turned out to be a prince. Whereas he could not offer me anything to salve the base and awful humiliation I was suffering, he could do what he would offer any junior boy and instructed me to report to him after lights-out so that he could check upon my progress and demeanor. He just did that to show he cared. He now knew my nature and what I had been doing with Will Thompson. He did not judge for one moment.

I had to take my academic course work at senior levels with junior masters in the presence of my new junior peers. My new schedule was given to me. No longer would I walk with long pants and seniors. I would be in short pants, a humiliating beanie on my shaved hair and walk with much shorter juniors. I would go out on their field trips looking like a very overgrown and assumed misbehaved older boy. I had much medicine to take.

After supper that evening I attended prep as a fourth former. Livengood patrolled the room and I was hardly in the mood to study at prep. I could not take my mind off the fact of a House Caning the following evening and would have paid a large sum of money to have it over and done even right then.

Wellsley had cautioned me in Livengood's presence that I had better reverse course fast and treat these awful circumstances as a learning experience, study and concentrate all the harder and keep a cheery and helpful outlook and demeanor at all times. Despite my demotion, I would still be looked upon by my new peers as a senior older boy. How I comported myself in front of them could well mean the difference between a minimum sentence well served towards the redemption of my senior status and prolonged and ongoing painful reminders of my sinful past. In any case, my prefect career was gone.

My mind was fluttering and my mood sour as I sat there. My eyes wandered and caught Drury's. While Livengood's back was turned, he stuck his tongue out at me, the little beggar! Drury quickly put nose to book as Livengood turned back in time to see me return Drury's little insult with a very immature imitation of same. Suddenly my ear was on fire, "To the front Townsend, you've been sitting here slacking off and now this!" Oh god! Every fourth former's head in the room popped up. Livengood pulled me by my ear to the front of the room and pulled up the very chair that I had used for the very same purpose, spanking errant junior boys in prep.

"Prep is for study Townsend, not idling about and certainly not for taunting classmates." He reached out and unzipped my shorts and down they went, then down came my underwear. He stood me there a moment baring my senior seventeen-year-old bare bottom to all of my fourteen-year-old prepmates. "You will be spanked bare bottom Townsend then sent to the corner to contemplate your behavior, now over you go!"

I think my chin was quivering from the humiliation already. I had no idea how strong a spanker Livengood was, but I was about to find out wasn't I. He pulled me over and I had a full view of the boys in the room from a very interesting viewpoint, near the floor. I saw hands go to crotches and start to rub. Drury himself was grinning ear to ear. Many boys were smiling knowingly. To see a senior boy's bare bottom taken down for a junior punishment like this was rare and highly coveted theater indeed.

Livengood's hand came crashing down hard and fast like a rabid dog. He was bound to make an example of me both for my peer's sake and mine. I had thought I was beyond reacting to the pain of a spanking but I was wrong. Livengood was a strong boy and he spanked hard. I did all I could to keep still and not verbalize my pain in front of the fourteen year olds but I failed. It was too much. It had all been too much that day.

"Please sir!" I finally gave in and injudiciously threw my hand back to try and protect from his torrid spanks. Bad choice. Livengood was not born yesterday. He had my arm in a strong half nelson in an instant and pushed my poor bum up with his right knee even higher to bring my balance off, "Keep still Townsend or I'll not be afraid to fetch the brush and give you a world class hiding right here and now boy!"

"Sorry sir!" I was forced to say and then kept still and let tears flow as he torched my bottom with a spanking I should not soon forget. Standing up in the corner, hands on head seemed a treat compared to the pain of Livengood's spanking. They wanted me to be with fourteen-year-old boys, well I felt like one now and stood there my red bottom outward for all to see and see they did.

I stood alone and fearful that my tortures would never end, that I would continue to make awful judgments and mistakes and never recover. Worse, I felt I didn't have a friend in the world and didn't deserve any. I had betrayed Tim Wellsley, let all my senior mates and myself down by my behavior. There wasn't one junior in the room including Steven Drury who wasn't more able to keep his cool and behave even in the survival sense better than me. I was at the bottom of the heap to be sure.

Then something remarkable did happen. Prep started up once again. I was standing, my arms aching. I had quite forgotten what a physical strain it was to keep one's hands up on one's head for so long and lamented that I had made boys do that very thing and really had forgotten how tortuous it could be. About that time there was a rustle about the room and then I heard Livengood say, "Stop fooling about Mandley! You boys are simply in the mood tonight aren't you, come up here, you seem also to need a good spanking!"

"Sorry sir," young Paul said. I was shocked. Paul never got into trouble, why now? I blocked the "why" thought and anxiously listened. Had I fallen so far to the fourth form so quickly that I too now longed to hear another boy getting spanked? I was not disappointed. The loud slaps soon rang out and poor Paul was finally forced to emote, but not until my prick was hard as nails. I couldn't help myself could I. I was hooked and obsessed with boy's bottoms and spankings. I was glad for the cover of my larger body and the wall. What if Livengood or the other boys could see me?

Livengood finished Paul's hiding then said, "Over there, next to Townsend, hands on head and you two can commiserate!"

Oh no, Paul would see that my prick was being disrespectful of his pain and I had no way of telling him otherwise. He shuffled just along besides me and his eyes immediately saw my prick. I saw his red bottom and then to my surprise, his younger prick came right up, hard as nails, just like mine. I caught his eye and far from being upset, I saw in his face a little knowing grin and a comfort that I was not alone. I gave Paul a little nod of acknowledgment and gratitude and even enjoyed that we stood on the wall as we were, punished lads, but  with a shared condition.

When I was a real fourth former, any new boy who was placed with us after the start of the year had to endure an initiation of sorts into the pack as it were. He was either spanked by hand or with a small brush but in any case was made to bare his bottom in one or many positions according to the room "boss" or "bosses," usually a fourteen year old who had the strongest leadership potentials. The boy was spanked, paddled and otherwise was made to endure many sexual humiliations.

One could imagine the stir and party atmosphere that my arrival at the fourth form caused. There was no doubt that my former charge and nemesis Steven Drury would be this room's boss. I was the newcomer and that I was seventeen and under a punishment send-down only added to the excitement for all those fourteen year olds. Livengood, our prefect came through early after lights-out to check that we were all in bed, but I knew from experience that prefects would somehow ignore any activity after the check in view of a new arrival so that tradition could hold sway without his interference.

Of a fact, before he left, he leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, "See me after Townsend, no hurry." Part of me was frightened to death at what humiliations and pain Drury would order for me, part of me was excited to be a part, once again, of a very old tradition and of course, my prick was off making its own choices. One thing was certain, I had to take it all without complaint and hopefully with a cheery and accepting attitude.

If I did, I could stand to win the boys to my sympathy, even Drury. I could no longer ignore the fact of his existence, deny him his due or rights and that he had beaten me fair and square in all challenges along the way. I guess I finally found some fortune in that regard. As soon as Livengood closed the door, all ten of the other boys including Drury slowly made their way to my bed and gathered around. I sat up and some of them actually jumped back, but not Steven. He looked at me and I at him. I had to speak first so I did,

"Drury, I apologize for pushing at you. I bullied you and that was wrong. As you all know, I'm going to get a House Caning from Wellsley tomorrow evening and I hope you all can attend … as for right now Drury, I know what is my due and I'll cheerfully participate and welcome the challenge. I am supposed to be a fourth former now and I accept that cheerfully as well," and stopped. The boys all looked at me and then Drury gave this nearly conspiratorial grin,

"Well said Townsend, apology accepted, now off with your pajama bottoms and bare your bottom for all of us to see then lay up on a pillow. I am going to punish you first, then everyone here is going to have a crack at your bare bottom as well. Don't worry about any, shall we say, loss of control you might experience. There's going to be a lot of that I'm afraid and you're simply going to have to accept it."

I nodded and said nothing more and dropped my pajamas off. I suppose I just gave into the sexual feelings I know I would be having. At the least, maybe I would be afforded some good relief, maybe more than once and wouldn't have to think about that awful House Caning to come. Hands shot out and rubbed my bum, pinched it even and Drury grasped my big balls. My prick enlarged quickly and fortunately I was well endowed. There were murmurs of appreciation for sure. Steven gave me a good squeeze and I winced.

"See boys, he's only a boy like us and can be brought down," Steven said and apparently changing his mind said, "Bend over Townsend, grab your ankles and take your medicine." I did and Steven immediately grabbed my balls from back between my thighs and really set to making me squirm and writhe a bit. Oh the ache. When he finally let go, he started a brisk paddling of my bottom with his small brush which stung a lot, then said, "Lay on the pillow, put your cock back too, no hiding it now Townsend."

I did as I was told and the boys set to spanking my bottom with their hands and used Drury's small brush as well. Ten pair of hands eventually has to have an effect and they did. But once Drury saw I was honestly affected he told everyone to stop. "Well done lads, his bottom is nice and red, but he's our mate now and it's our job to take care of him isn't it? I've a candy bar in my things that goes to the first boy that can make his cock shoot off, only one rule, you can't directly touch his cock."

I relaxed and closed my eyes. Finally, something from Drury that didn't involve tricks or subterfuge. One by one including Will Thompson and Paul Mandley, the boys teased my bottom, my balls and even my anus with their hands but only one boy, Drury himself, knew how to make a bigger boy like me cum. I knew he would the instant I felt his fourteen year old mouth start to lick out my anus like an expert. Where had he learned how to do that?

I shot my load easily then and Drury triumphantly claimed his own candy bar. After that, it was my turn to satisfy several boys. I was bidden to give several hands jobs and blowjobs but at the end Steven Drury made me lay down bottom up and he mounted me. He mounted me for real and drove his prick up into my bottom. I saw some justice in it, I felt his seed penetrate my insides and had to admit deep down that I enjoyed it. I might as well have, it was likely my destiny for a number of weeks to come.

As instructed, I left the room after Drury and the others went to bed. I went to the lue first and looked at my bum. It was red, but not awfully so. I went directly to Livengood's study, my former study and entered after he asked me in. He was at his desk as I had often been at mine and I waited. He looked up and called me over, himself remaining seated.

I walked over and stood respectfully and humbly in front of his desk, hands clasped behind my back. "So Townsend, how did it go in there?" he asked. "Fine sir, no problems, the boys were just having their fun and no harm in it."

"Good, do you want me to examine your bottom Townsend?" I then experienced a shudder. Imagine a boy my age, now my prefect, him having spanked me earlier in the evening in prep, him now sitting behind my former study desk on my former study desk chair asking me the very question that I would have asked any boy in my position.

Livengood had been decent to me and could I help it now after all I had been through that day and with the juniors that evening that I no longer cared about hiding myself from myself or him? I rather wanted him to examine me if for no other reason that the only thing I had to feel good about right now was another boy's kind touch or his affirmation of my desirability.

"Please yes Livengood," I said as flatly as possible. "All right, take your pajamas down and bend over the side of the desk." I did so easily. I was very tired and was already thinking about my House Caning for the next day and wanted to not think about it. I felt like a junior now in the presence of an adored and trusted older boy. Livengood came around his desk and using his hands and fingers, examined my bottom and anus. "A little swollen there Townsend, did the boys, um … " he hesitated, but did so respectful of my feelings.

"Yes Livengood, they did, but it's all right," I responded with positive energy. "OK, you can stand now," and I did and my prick was rock hard right in front of Livengood. I blushed a little. He smiled warmly, "Not unexpected and I don't fault you at the least Townsend. You've been through hell and taken some lumps even still and you've a lot to face tomorrow. Would you like some release?"

His offer surprised me and then didn't. Who was I to think that Colin Livengood was not a boy or rather a man of the world. He was not na´ve, he was not inhuman and not stupid. "Frankly Livengood, I would yes!" I said with an honest and grateful smile. He smiled again and nodded, "Wait here," got up and fetched himself a small white towel. He came back to me and skillfully placing the towel near my prickhead,  said, "I'll give you some help, you have a good wank."

My hand went to my prick, the first time since my disastrous fall that I really had permission to have done so. He put his hand up on my shoulder to support me, then reached down and carefully rubbed my somewhat sore bumhole. It felt wonderful and did wonders. I shot my load effusively, quickly and gratefully and then thanked him.

"Not a problem Townsend and Townsend, I would be remiss to not caution you to be very careful about messing about with the juniors. If you feel like you need release in any manner at all, please, please come to me with it. I'm not na´ve about you, or of boys, or of their needs. Despite Tim Wellsley's anger with you earlier, he too knows that it would be best to keep these things among friends, do you understand me Townsend?"

I did and was supremely grateful. In fact I thanked him and kept my mind on his generous offer as the only possible way for me to get to and through the morrow. I went back to bed then and fell asleep.

* * * * * * * * * *

Everyone knew about my House Caning, every staff, every boy. It was a requirement at our school that every boy attend as well. I have to say that I was totally robotic all day and didn't care about my class work and my teachers allowed me just to sit quietly and did not disturb me or ask me any questions. All the boys at all levels were polite and to an extent I realized that getting a House Caning, if I could do it well, would help to restore my reputation. I was ready, dressed only in gym kit and  felt rather good about things until I finally had to walk into the gymnasium filled with boys and faced Headmaster and  my Headboy. Dr. Hamilton repeated my crime to the audience and announced my punishment,

"Mr. Townsend shall therefore receive a full dozen of the senior cane upon his bare bottom across the caning horse delivered by our Headboy Tim Wellsley, please proceed." I started to shake and had to get a grip. All the junior boys were staring intently as did all the boys. Tim stepped up to me and whispered, "You're good for it Townsend, I know you are, make us and yourself proud now." I nodded and appreciated his words. "Disrobe Townsend," Wellsley commanded and this was the beginning of the terror of a House Caning. I had to make myself naked in front of all these boys and attending staff. It was required. I just did it. They were all in back of me and could see my bare bum, that was all. "Straddle the horse Townsend," Wellsley commanded.

The horse stood not parallel to but perpendicular to the audience so that its butt-end faced them and it's head faced away from us all. I was to stretch myself its length and bend forward jutting up my bare buttocks. My thighs would have to spread and my balls and cock would dangle for all to see. Separate of the pain of the caning, the humiliation itself was awful as was intended. I got myself down and Wellsley tapped my bottom with the senior cane.

"Twelve, no need to count Townsend," and I was grateful for that small favor.

All I would remember about the caning was that my knees trembled, my bottom was on fire in a way unimaginable to me and I could not prevent myself from softly sobbing and crying through nearly all of it. I wanted to do better, but I could not. Wellsley's technique and the Headmaster's desire to make an example of me robbed me of that on purpose. Each cut was misery and the ones crossing the others worse so. At the end I had managed to keep my position and slowly rose up when commanded.

I was allowed to stand facing the horse and not the audience and the audience was dismissed quickly. I now stood only with Tim and Dr. Hamilton. Hamilton came up to me, "Well taken Townsend, you're a credit to yourself, I hope it speeds you forward out of this awful affair."

"Thank you sir," I said swallowing very hard through my dry throat. Wellsley then came around, "Get dressed now Townsend," and he waited patiently for me as I did so and then when I had my clothes back on, he offered me his hand to shake,

"Please Townsend, I'll resign my position before I ever do that sort of thing to you ever again, so please … " and he stopped. I could tell it had been as much an ordeal for him as for me. I shook his hand tightly, "No worries there and thank you Wellsley, you were magnificent."

He nodded and said, "Livengood, get over here please, take him back to your study and attend to him and threaten the life of any junior in his sleeping dorm who may be tempted to lay a hand on him this evening."

"Yes sir," Livengood replied and looked at me with a very kind and empathetic smile. I slowly walked with Colin, my bottom was aching and burning and stinging. Still, I received joy both from the fact that the pain of my punishment was over and receding and as we walked boys, both junior and senior including Steven Drury who took the time to say things like, "Well done Townsend, " or "You were magnificent Townsend!"

We got back to Livengood's study and he told me to undress. In fact, he had been thoughtful enough to have my pajamas folded neatly on his bed. I put on the top, not the bottom. He had me lay on a pillow and carefully applied a soothing cream on my deep red and purplish welts. He commented that I would have good bruising. I relaxed and just let myself feel good for having survived and feel good from Livengood's very nice touch. I let myself get aroused and Livengood just naturally helped me with a nice slippery finger inserted up into my anus, slowly in and out. In due time, he got me off and it had never felt better.

* * * * * * * * * *

What can I say, life went on. After awhile, actually within a week of my House Caning, my external appearance no longer caused any stir among the boys. I must say however the effect on me was telling. I could not get over the fact that I felt younger and immature in short trousers, bare legs, long knee socks and that beanie-hat. Just seeing my mates in long trousers, handsome shirts and ties with longer and stylish hair was a constant reminder of why I was in these clothes and kept me focused.

Witnessing my House Caning had its affects on my junior peers, even Steven Drury. They had all rushed over asking to see my stripes after I had returned from Livengood's ministrations that evening. I could have refused but didn't. You should have seen their eyes and none of them asked to touch my hard-earned symbols of school authority and returned solemnly and silently to their beds.

About ten days after, things started to normalize in my posterior and I actually had gone without release since Livengood's application of cream. I could no longer stand it. All I could think about was Livengood himself. Handsome and strong, a perfect personality for a prefect and I wondered why he hadn't been chosen ahead of me in the first place. I recalled his offer and decided to boldly ask him for what it was I really wanted from him. What could he say, no? That would be OK with me, at least I finally was asking an appropriate authority as was now my job.

He asked me into his study after lights-out that night, sitting behind his desk working on senior class work as always. He sat back, "Townsend, how are you?" and smiled. "I'm very well Livengood, but I've a problem," I boldly stated. "Oh? How can I help?" he said and sat back. I was already in a state of arousal and had managed to keep my hands off of it all day. It was quite obvious to Livengood now as the thing tented my pajama bottoms out quite obscenely so he responded without further prompting, "Ahh, yes, OK. Well then!" he replied.

"It's OK if you say no Livengood, I know you're busy and …" I offered, but he held his hand up, "No Townsend, you are quite right to come to me with this," and he closed his book and set his papers aside, "Believe it or not Townsend, I am still a boy under this prefect uniform and not na´ve or stupid and certainly not a prude. It's my belief that at present in school, the only thing we boys can do is to take care of each other when the opportunities present themselves. Now, what have you in mind?"

I looked hesitant, but he was patient, "Have you ever … you know, um … beaten a boy, just because he wanted it?" I shuddered after I actually verbalized my thoughts in front of him. A mischievous smile crossed his face, "If I have, I would never tell you Townsend would I? Let's just say that if that is what you want, be careful. I have my needs too Townsend and as you may be quite familiar with, giving a boy who wants a thrashing likely guarantees to make the boy giving the thrashing want to satisfy himself rather expensively."

I swallowed and smiled and nodded, "I don't care what you do to me Livengood, have your way with me please, just don't be too gentle OK?" He grinned, "Go lock the door."

Livengood warned me that it would be my responsibility to explain my beaten bottom to any boy who might see it in the future and then let down his formality and showed me a side of him heretofore unknown. He was an animal. He beat my bare bottom with his junior cane fiercely and in stages, intermittently and wantonly teasing my anus with the cane tip, his tongue and his prick all the way along. I got off twice or was it three times? Livengood rogered me in a manner that shocked even my strong sensibilities, but at the end, I felt like a new man with a million dollars for pocket change and so did he.

After that, I swore off juniors completely. Steven Drury tried to threaten me just once and I turned him into my prefect. Livengood tanned his hide so well in front of me that Drury turned into a soft spoken and proper little gentlemen from then on out. I met with Colin once a week and we had at it properly. I never left his study without a very sore and red bottom and no boy ever questioned it or made any comment.

My demotion to the junior ranks ended after the term ended and I was restored back to my long pants, stylish hair and never to wear that damn beanie ever again. A prefect has the right to have or not have a roommate live with him. Shortly after regaining my senior status, Colin asked me to move in with him and be his roommate. I had a ringside seat to a long and satisfying series of junior and some senior boys coming through for bare bottomed spankings, slipperings and canings. Naturally, there was a price to pay for such privilege wasn't there, but who was I to complain. When it was time to lock the study door and "go over," I did it, and gladly and was never sorry, ever again.

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