Professor Johnson

By Max H.

Chapter 2


The usual warnings apply.  Don't read this if it's not legal for you to do so where you live.  Always practice safe sex. 

I had three classes the next morning, so there wasn't time to worry much about what was going to happen at noon.  But I could never completely forget the upcoming encounter because I was free balling.  The fabric of my pants was a little rougher than the material of my missing boxers, and I couldn't help being aware of all my movements.  Small wonder I was semi- hard all morning.  I might have had a full blown erection if I hadn't been nervous about what would happen at noon, but I was bulging enough to stand behind my lectern most of the time.

As I walked back to my office at noon, I wondered what kind of hold Potts had on Denny.  The kid was a tease, but he didn't seem like a bad sort.  How had he fallen under the control of the odious Fred?

When I got to my office, I unlocked it, went in, took off my sports jacket and hung it behind the door.  I had just sat down when the two came in.  Potts shut the door.  

"Hi, professor, uh, bitch," Denny said.  He'd smiled at first and then, when he realized his mistake, he'd looked at Potts.

"Gentlemen," I said, looking as stern as I could.  Of course, I was probably the youngest looking guy in the room, with my slight build, blond hair, blue eyes, fine features.  I didn't do stern well.

Not surprisingly, it was Potts who answered.  Surprisingly, he was grinning.

"Hey bitch's bitch!  First we're gonna take some more pictures."

He pulled out a digital camera.  No more cell phone pictures, apparently.

"Denny bitch, I want you to get Corey bitch hard.  That should be easy `cause he's had a jones for you since the beginning of the term."

Denny gave me an apologetic grin.  He motioned for me to come to him.  I got up, walked around the desk, and stood facing him.  He put one hand behind my head and pulled me closer so he could kiss me.  With his other hand he began fondling my package.  I went from half hard to full hard instantly.  Despite the situation, I began to get into the kiss.  We continued to suck face and I dropped my hand to squeeze his hard cock.  He wasn't wearing underwear either!

"Okay, boys.  It's not time to come yet.  I want you to face me, with your arms around each other's waists."  

When we complied, he took a picture.  Then he had us face each other but with just enough distance that our tented pants were touching.  He took more pictures.

"Okay, now fish out your packages, dicks and balls, and face me."  More pictures.  I couldn't help wondering what he was planning to do with them all.  Maybe he used them for jacking off.  But then he had Denny, and that was infinitely better than any pictures.

"Now, strip!"  I knew Fred was talking to me because Denny went over and stood next to him.

As I started to take off my tie, Fred commanded, "No.  Loosen your tie, but leave it on.  Take off everything else but your socks."

Soon I was standing there, blushing and erect, facing them, wearing socks and, incongruously, my necktie.

Fred grinned.  "Looks sort of like a boy, doesn't he?  Without his little blond bush he'd really look like a kid."

Denny nodded, but he seemed preoccupied.  The two were standing side by side, facing me.  It looked as if Fred had his hand on Denny's ass.  Suddenly Denny wiggled a little and groaned.

Chuckling, Fred said, "First of all, Corey bitch, from now on you'll be just like that every day during your noon hour.  Some days we'll be here.  Other days we won't.  If we're not, you can get dressed and go to your one o'clock class."

"But what if somebody comes in?"

"You can keep your door locked.  You don't need to let anybody in but us."

"I don't know, Fred, that's pretty risky."

"Bitch!  You don't have to know anything except what we tell you.  Unless you want Denny and me to go to the cops."

"Um, no, don't do that.  I'll be here naked at lunch time each day.  I don't wear a tie to class every day.  What do I do about that?"

"After today you can take off the tie along with everything else.  Oh, and you might want to keep some lube in your desk drawer."

Just then Denny grunted and sort of twitched.

"Okay, cocksucker, jack off for us while I take some pictures."

I wasn't too surprised by that order, and I was still hard from playing around with Denny a few minutes earlier.

As I leaned back against my desk and pumped my crank, which does not look like a boy's, Fred was taking pictures.  He'd tell me to fondle my balls, or play with a nipple as he clicked away, or look at the camera and lick my lips.

I was humiliated, but I was also turned on.  But then Denny had kept me half turned on since the term began.  Nearly every day I'd jacked off to mental images of him.  

"When you come, catch it in your hand."

Since he had no more stage directions, I looked steadily at Denny as I worked on my drooling cock.  Soon I was breathing through my mouth as my heart rate increased.  I couldn't help groaning, but I was aware that people were passing in the hallway, just on the other side of the office door.  Then I could feel the sensation in my balls and taint, that burning that lets you know your balls are about to erupt.  With a loud grunt I came, catching my load in my left hand.

"Okay.  Now, put your tongue to it so I can take a picture, but don't eat any of it."

After he'd taken the picture, he said, "Now, rub it all over your chest and abs.  That's it!  Work it in.  You're gonna smell like cum all afternoon."

I hadn't thought of that, but the sadistic bastard was absolutely right.  

When I finished smearing myself, I bent to pick up my pants.

"No, stay that way.  You can dress after we leave.  Right now Denny and I want to show you something."  To Denny he said, "Turn around and bend over, boy."

Denny faced the door and put his hands around his ankles.  It was a great butt, but I wasn't sure what was going on.

"Look here," Potts said.  He put his finger on the seam of Denny's cargo shorts and pulled.  About an inch of the seam had been cut, allowing just room for Potts to stick his finger into the ass crack inside.  Somehow that struck me as incredibly sexy.  It also explained what had been going on earlier.  Fred had been finger fucking Denny while I was getting undressed.

"I want you to cut a pair of jeans, a pair of khakis, a pair of shorts, and a pair of dress pants just that way.  Use a razor blade and be careful.  No one is going to see the little gap there.  But it will let Denny or me get at your pussy hole.  And you'd better keep that clean, `cause you're gonna have to lick off any finger that's up there.  Got it?"

"Jesus!  Yes, I've got it."

"Watch your smart mouth, boy!"

"Yeah, yeah."

Potts came over and grabbed my balls.  He'd never offered to hurt me before, and I squealed from the pain.

"Shh!  You don't want one of your faculty neighbors to come see what's goin' on in here, do you?"

I shook my head, biting my lower lip to keep from groaning.

"You've got to behave with more respect, bitch.  You're Denny's boy.  You're a cocksucker.  You've already given up your pussy to other guys, haven't you?"  Without waiting for an answer, he continued, "And you're gonna be giving it up a lot more to me and Denny.  Any time you're home we may drop by.  And one or the other or both of us will probably stop in during the noon hour.  Got that?"

He gave my balls another squeeze.  I stifled a scream and nodded.

"Just remember who's got who by the balls, boy."  He snickered.  "Now, put your hand in the right front pocket of Denny's shorts."

Of course I was puzzled by that strange command, but I knew better than to say anything.  Denny turned to his left to make it easier for me.  Imagine my surprise to find no pocket there.  It had been cut out, and I found myself with my hand on a semi-hard cock.  Despite my nervousness, I did enjoy holding that rod and feeling it stiffen.

"Neat, huh?" Fred asked, grinning.

I didn't say anything.

"So here's what's gonna happen.  You can get dressed now.  We'll slip out, and `cause we're so nice we'll make sure no one sees us leave your office.  Now my boy here is in your class coming up.  And what he's gonna do is jack off.  He's been naughty, so this is his punishment.  You're gonna keep an eye on him and tell me all about it later.  If he doesn't come, he knows he's in big trouble.  Right, Denny boy?"

"Uh, right."  

Denny looked worried.  I was almost sympathetic until I remember that this was the guy who'd played with himself and otherwise teased me in just about every class since the term began.  

As I walked to my classroom, I thought how much these two guys were taking over my life and wondered if I'd ever have a life of my own again.  I worried that eventually if I couldn't get them to back off they'd do something or make me do something that would cost me my job.

When I got to there, I saw Denny sitting in his usual place, to my extreme left in the front row, by the window.  I didn't know whether to feel sorry for him or not.  My feelings for him had been ambivalent from the previous afternoon when he and Potts had presented their blackmail scheme and their ultimatum.

I was happy, at least, that I could conduct my class that day as I wanted.  Though very much aware of the smell of cum rising from my chest, at least I didn't have a tent in my pants.  I'd planned to lead a class discussion that day.  I knew I could go to the blackboard without having to worry about an erection.  I had just emptied my balls, after all.

So after checking the roll I did my usual thing, moving about the front of the room as I asked questions or responded to student comments.  The model professor, right?  Not quite.  I stayed closer to the blackboard, further from the students most of the time in hopes no one could smell me.  But there was always the smell of the cum rising from my chest.  I couldn't help glancing at Denny from time to time.  After all, Potts had told me I had to verify that he'd come.  I figured I could tell when that happened.

Every time I looked, Denny had his hand in his right pocket.  Or, rather, had his hand on his cock which he'd reached through the pocket opening.  Obviously he couldn't make any radical, noticeable movements without attracting attention.  Neither of us wanted that.  But I could see the slight movement of his hand as he stroked the pretty rod I'd sucked the evening before.

Whoa!  Bad thought!  The memory of having that sweet tool in my mouth caused stirrings down below.  I quickly forced my mind back to the guy in the back who was holding forth about something the girl two rows in front of him had said.

Then, just to be mean, I went over and stood by the window.  Actually I put my hands in my pockets and leaned against the window sill.  Right beside Denny.  He looked up at me, rolled his eyes, and then looked down at the open but blank notebook on his desk.  When I got the chance, I asked him a question.  I really felt bad when he gave me such a wounded look, but he stammered something.  As he did so, I stuck my hand in my pocket and adjusted myself.  He didn't miss that.

I moved away, someone a couple of rows behind Denny had a comment, and he was free to go back to what he was doing.  

I couldn't help thinking about what he was doing, however.  And though it had only been 45 minutes since I'd spilled a load into my hand, I began to get hard.  That was my cue to sit on the front of my desk, legs dangling off.  With my loose fitting khakis, my partly stiff tool was hidden for the moment.  Then I looked down.  One of the problems of wearing no underwear, I realized, was going to be that pre-cum spots were going to show up when my pants were tented.  I walked behind my desk, pulled the chair out, and sat down.

As the discussion continued, I glanced at Denny from time to time.  Poor guy.  You know how hard it is to bring yourself off silently.  If you haven't tried, see if you can do it!  Fortunately no one was sitting beside him.  Earlier in the term the girl who used to sit there had moved, I assume to distance herself from the guy who sat there playing with himself most of the time.  I don't know whether she told anyone else or not, but no one moved into that spot.  But then, most students don't want to sit on the front row anyway.

As Denny got closer and closer to coming, I had more and more trouble concentrating on the class discussion I was supposedly leading.  Fortunately, it was a topic that several of the students had strong opinions about, so mostly all I had to do was to point to the next person to speak.

Denny seemed to stiffen and a series of grimaces passed across his face.  While his body was rigid, I assume he was cumming.  Then he relaxed and took a deep breath.  Kevin Foster, who sat directly behind Denny looked puzzled, then smirked and looked at me.  I hastily looked away, not wanting to appear to have anything to do with what was going on with Denny.

I wondered what he was going to do with the cum.  I couldn't help looking back.  He was sitting there with his eyes closed, taking slow, deep breaths.  Then he looked at me, grinned, and nodded his head.

His timing was perfect.  It was time to dismiss the class.  He waited until the others were gone and then came to the desk.

"You know, Denny, Potts said I'd have to be sure you actually came.  Why don't you stop by the office for just a minute?  You don't have another class, do you?"  I didn't see any cum stains on his pants.  I could smell cum, but then that might have been the stuff that by now had dried on my chest.

We walked silently together until we go to my office.  Once inside, I said, "That must have been intense."

He grinned.  "Yeah, it was."

"What did you do with the cum?"

"I just rubbed it into my abs.  Wanna check?'

"I guess I'd better."  Actually, I didn't mind at all.  So I stuck my hand through his pocket opening.  His belly was still sticky.  When I pulled my hand out, he grabbed my wrist and put my hand to my mouth.

"Lick it off for me."

Even though I'd jacked off a little over an hour before, my cock was rigid again.  Licking my sticky, cum-flavored hand was just too hot.  Maybe it was a combination of how sexy I found the kid and my subordinate position, I dunno.  I should have been furious, righteously indignant.  But I wasn't.  

When I had finished licking his hand, he put both hands around me, grabbed my butt, sticking both middle fingers into my crack, and kissed me until I was ready to pass out.  He ground his cock against mine.  I'd been hard for half an hour, but he'd just come ten minutes earlier, and he was hard again.  I think I must have whimpered.

"Yeah. Me too," he said, letting me go and stepping back.

"Look, I probably shouldn't tell you this, but I don't think we're gonna bother you this evening.  Fred's got other plans for me and him.  But we'll both be here at noon tomorrow.  You might want to have some lube in your desk."

"Thanks."  I wanted so much to ask him what Fred was using to coerce him into to doing the things he was doing, but I knew he liked me, and I needed him as an ally.  Besides that, I couldn't help liking him.  Okay, I wanted to fuck his brains out.  But I liked him, too.  Go figure.

As he said, they let me alone that evening.  I was able to do some laundry and work on preparations for a while.  Oh, and take the razor blade to the pants and shorts as Potts had ordered.

I did get a phone call from Potts that evening.  He wanted me to confirm that Denny had indeed jerked off "all the way" in my class that afternoon.  When I assured him he had, the next question was how I knew.  I told him I'd watched him, but to make sure he wasn't faking, I'd felt the cum on his belly right after class.  

"That's what Denny said.  He also said he laid a pretty good kiss on you and you seemed to like it.  That right?"

"Well, um, er, I, uh, yeah."

"It's okay for you to have the hots for my boy.  Just remember that you're his bitch.  See ya tomorrow.  You're gonna earn your new name.  And don't forget to be bareass when we get there."

My stomach was queasy at the thought of sitting in my office naked for an hour every day.  But then if they were going to be there, I'd probably need to be naked anyway.  I wondered what he meant by saying I was going to earn the name of bitch.  It seemed to me I'd already earned the title, having sucked them both off at my house and then stripped and jacked off for them in my office.

As I lay in bed that night, I couldn't help worrying about my future.  But then there was also that great kiss from Denny.  I figured he must really like me.  But he obviously couldn't do anything about controlling Potts.  What a fucked up mess!

I got through my morning classes.  They passed quickly, in fact.  I felt a mixture of dread and anticipation, worried of course but also excited because I was guessing that Denny was going to fuck me.  I had been fucked a few times, though most of my previous experience with guys was oral.  But Denny, the little bastard, made me have different feelings.  The thought of having his beautiful cock inside me made me cringe a little, yet I was also tingling just thinking about it.

I shut the door of my office.  I didn't turn on the ceiling light or the desk lamp, not wanting anyone to see the light under the door.  I undressed, hanging my jacket and slacks on a coat hanger and folding the rest, which I put on top of my file cabinet.  The fake leather of my desk chair was cold on my butt and balls when I sat down.  I took a couple of breaths to try to calm myself down.

And then first Denny and then Fred came through the door.  Fred locked it behind him.

"Bet you never thought you'd be sitting there bareass, did ya, professor?"

"Of course not!"

"Watch the attitude, bitch!"

I bit my lip but didn't say anything.  

"Okay, come around here and put your hands on the desk."  

When I was in position, butt thrust backward and exposed, Fred said, "You ever been rimmed, bitch?"

I said no.

"Den, why don't you show him what it's like?"

Denny put a hand on each of my cheeks, spreading them apart.  I could feel his hot breath on my most private of places, and a wave of tingling ran all over my body.  When he started lapping my crack, I squeaked.

"Quiet, bitch," Fred warned.  "You don't want anyone to hear you, do you?"

I tried to be quiet, but it took a lot of effort.  The feelings of Denny's tongue concentrating on my pucker were driving me crazy.  I'd read about rimming, but never had an occasion to try it out from either perspective.  Denny obviously knew what he was doing, too. When he began tongue fucking me, I began to mutter, "Ohmygod, ohymygod!"

"Okay," Potts said.  "He's had enough of that.  It's our turn now.  Bitch, did you bring some lube?"

"Yeah, let me get it."  I walked back around the desk, my drooling cock swaying from side to side.  I took the bottle out of the bottom drawer and handed it to Potts.

"I don't want that shit yet.  Den's gonna get you ready.  Come back around here and take the position again."

Soon I was stifling moans as Denny loosened up my opening with his fingers.  Occasionally he'd deliberately stroke my prostate, and he and Fred would both chuckle as I twitched.  

I confess I really liked that.  I'd forgotten all about being naked in my office with faculty members in their offices on either side of us and people going up and down the hall outside my door.  I was too caught up in good feelings.  When Denny took his fingers out, I was disappointed.  

I heard the sound of a buckle being undone and of pants dropping.  "Okay, get me ready," Fred muttered.  I could hear the sounds of Denny slurping on Potts' dick.  A few moments later, I felt the head of Potts' cock against my anal opening.  I was glad it was Fred who was doing me, since his tool wasn't as big as Denny's.  

"Look, bitch, I'm not trying to hurt you here.  You have done this before, haven't you?"

"Yes, but it's been a while.  Please go easy."

"We don't want you making noise and attracting attention.  Den, wad up one of his socks and put it in his mouth."

I'd had a shower that morning and put on clean clothes.  It was more the idea than the fact that bothered me about being gagged with my own sock.

As much as I disliked Potts, he gave me a good fuck.  He took his time getting his prick all the way in me, and then he started off gently.  Once he got started, he had a way of gyrating his hips that made his dick hit my nut, making me want to scream.  I couldn't help it.  Soon I was wiggling my hips and grunting.

"I think your bitch loves this, Den!  Just wait till he feels that big schlong of yours!"

`Bring it on!' I thought.  If Potts could give me that much pleasure, I couldn't wait to feel Denny inside me.  When Potts had shot his load and pulled out, I looked over my shoulder to see what was happening.  I needn't have bothered.  He turned me around and made me clean off his cock with my tongue.  Then Denny dropped his pants to reveal his own tool in its full glory.  He coated it with lube, so I got back into position.  He tried to be gentle, but I had some pain as he penetrated me. That didn't last long, though, and I was happy as a pig in slop, wiggling my ass to encourage him.  The irony was that I'd been dreaming of fucking Denny since the beginning of the term, wanting to get in his cute little ass.  I never thought of him doing me.  But he was, and, despite the location and the circumstances, I loved it.

When Denny had added his load to Fred's in my colon, he was about to pull up his pants when Fred reminded him to have me clean up his cock.  I could taste cum, but not much else, which made me glad I'd douched that morning.  I realized I'd have to do that everyday for the foreseeable future.

When they were dressed, Fred slipped out of my office.

"You liked that, didn't you, Corey?" Denny asked.

I was about to protest his using my first name, but then at least he didn't call me bitch.

"Yeah, especially when you were doing it.  If only we didn't have to do it here," I added plaintively.

"I know, but that's Fred's idea.  He think's is so cool to be plowing a prof in his office with people on the other side of the walls and the door."

Again I was about to ask him what hold Fred had on him, but he said, "We'd better not be seen coming to class together.  I imagine kids are already wondering about us."

After looking at the clock, I realized I had to throw on my clothes, grab my notes, and get to class myself.  Big mistake.  I was still hard as a steel pipe, still leaking, and I had two loads of cum up my ass.  Oh, and one of my socks was squishy from all of my drool while it was in my mouth.

Even though I realized what was happening and sat behind the desk again that day, when I was ready to leave I had a big wet spot in the front of my still tented pants, and I knew there was an even bigger spot of cum that had leaked out of my bung hole.  When the class left, I stayed in the chair.

"What's wrong?" Denny asked, grinning.

"I've got cum spots fore and aft," I said.

"Stand up so I can see."

When I did, he snickered.  

"It's not funny.  What will people think?"

"Okay, you hold your notes in front of you, and I'll walk right behind you back to your office."

I was so grateful I could have kissed him.  We made it back to the office without anybody saying anything.  When I opened my door, he stepped inside, closed the door, and grabbed me.  After a long kiss, during which he fondled my package, he said, "Thanks for the fuck."  He grinned and added, "Bitch."

Then he grabbed my dick, gave it a pump or two, and left.

And there I was.  Still hard.  Still leaking.  Wet spots in the front and back of my pants.  And I was supposed to be having office hours.

I wrote "No Office Hours Today" and my initials on a piece of notepad and Scotch taped it to my door.  Then I locked it.  I dropped trou, grabbed the lube, and gave my poor neglected cock the relief it was begging for.  What a slut I'd become!

To Be Continued

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