The reader is strongly encouraged to read part 1 which explains in greater detail that I am a heterosexual guy who is farmed out for discipline by his spouse.

My spouse has directed me to write this second story as I was sent out for male discipline again last Saturday.

Following the publication of the first story, there was overwhelming response and my e mail as well as that of my spouse were flooded with comments from people who greatly enjoyed my punishment. One such person is a man who manufactures custom punishment tools as his hobby and sent four of them which arrived on Friday afternoon. They consisted of a rubber paddle; tawse with 4 fingers made of quarter inch rubber; thick wooden paddle; and braided leather flogger.

I really thought I was going to escape this one as the fellow she had arranged to punish me disappeared 2 days before the appointed time and did not respond to her e mails. However, I found out on Saturday morning that she had made alternative arrangements.

I was sent off with the hairbrush, tawse, and wooden paddle this time. The man who had volunteered to punish me was in his early 50s I suppose. When I arrived at his place, he took me inside and sat me down and explained that I would not be injured, but would be thoroughly spanked and that any failure to follow directions would lead to further punishment.

With that he ordered "Take of all your clothes" which I did, folding them neatly inside the doorway. He then stood behind me and placed a hand on my shoulder, taking me through the house to a back bedroom which consisted of a queen sized bed desk, and chair. He opened up the bag with which I had been sent and laid out the hairbrush, wooden paddle, rubber tawse, and rubber paddle,

"Bend over the desk" he ordered which I quickly did, not so much as I was anxious to be spanked but to hide my 7 inch erection which, despite my willing it to go down, was bobbing up and down with each heartbeat.

He began by feeling up my ass, then reached down between my legs and grasped my hard dick, milking the end of it a bit. Then the hand spanking began.

I was pleasantly surprised as the first 25 or so smacks were not even remotely painful, but were spread out from my ass to about half way down my thighs. Little did I know that this was just the warm up, done to reduce marking.

The next 25 got my flinching a bit as each resounding "SMAACK" hit first the right left cheek, then thee right, then the right thigh, then the left thigh. It was as if he were performing a methodical clockwise spanking.

At the end of this he ordered me to stand up and turn around. He again played with my still hard dick, squeezing some precum out of the tip of it and sliding the tip of his thumb around my now lubricated dickhead. Despite myself, I moaned a bit as it really felt good.

I was then taken over to the bed and had to kneel on it, chest on the surface of the bed, ass high in the air, and thighs spread wide. It was time for the hairbrush.

He began at a moderate intensity but rapid pace; perhaps 6 or 8 smacks a minute. He again worked my ass and thighs clockwise, with the thigh smacks of course hurting a lot more. About 5 minutes into this I was really having trouble:


"Oh, Oh fuck that hurts Sir" I said.

"Did you say fuck?" he replied, then not waiting for an answer he increased both the speed and intensity of the hairbrushing by at least 50%.

"Smaaack, Smaack, Smaaack, Smaaack" rained down the hairbrush at perhaps a blow every 3 seconds or so.

"Oh... AAAAH... PLEASE SIR...OOOOH..." came the all to familiar mantra from my mouth as I struggled to keep my ass in place.

This hairbrushing continued for at least an additional 3 minutes, and I was hyperventilating by the end of it.

"Get in the corner boy" he ordered, which I did, grateful for a break from the hairbrush.

I was probably in the corner for 10 minutes while he walked in and out of the room, feeling my ass, cock, and balls at times, then walking out again. I remained hard throughout all of this, and was really dripping precum, just like when my wife spanks me.

He then returned and picked up the wooden paddle, smacking it in the palm of his hand. This new paddle was not all that big (the business end was probably 10 inches) but was thicker than the paddle used on me at home.

"Back over the desk boy" he ordered.

I went back and assumed the same position I had been in for the hand spanking, but I knew that this was not going to be a warmup.

"WHAAACK" came the first blow.

"OOOH" I grunted.

"WHAACK, WHAACK, WHACK, WHAACK" came the next 4, as he hit my right thigh, left thigh, left cheek, and right cheek at about 10 second intervals.

"AAAH...OOOOH... PLEASE..." I replied as this was pretty intense stuff.

He gain reached between my legs, played with my balls and jacked my still hard cock for a minute or so, then resumed with the paddle.


As he rounded each of the 4 spots he was spanking for the fourth time I was really not doing well at holding still as my ass was dancing around, particularly when he hit my sensitive thighs.

He took no notice of this, instead continuing my methodical paddling.

I could feel my ass on fire and knew it must be redder than hell, However there was nothing I could do but take it so I held position, hoping it would be over soon.

Finally he stopped, tossed the paddle across the room onto the bed, and told me to stand up and turn around.

As I did so, a long slow strand of precum dripped out of my cock and made it 2/3 of the way to the floor before it snapped off.

"Nice Cock boy" he said, which for me was a very embarrassing thing to hear a male say.

"Go sit on the bed" he ordered, which I did.

He then walked over to be bedside stand and pulled out a condom. Returning, he knelt in front of me and peeled it open. I knew what he had in mind.

"Please, don't mess with my cock" I asked imploringly. "I'm straight".

He laughed and said "I can suck your cock or punish you some more".

Feeling my masculinity was at stake I bravely (falsely) said "I would rather have my ass beat".

"Your choice boy" he said, and stepped to the side of the bed to make a stack of pillows about 1/3 of the way from the bottom of the bed. I was then told to lie across them, but to keep my legs together and my balls out of the way. I reached down and pulled them up, burying them in the pillow beneath me.

He then walked over and grabbed the rubber tawse. This was what I had feared most. It is quarter inch thick, has four wide fingers, and is affixed to a walnut handle. It must weigh 3/4 of a lb anyway. Further, I had never been hit with rubber before and was reticent about that.

He then tapped it on his hand a few times, then to my surprise slapped his own ass with it 3 times at different intensities, apparently to get the feel of it. It was clear from the surprised expression on his face that this was a severe instrument.

He then stood beside the bed and gave me the first smack, using what I suppose was mostly wrist action.

That damned tawse burned my ass with the very first blow. It was a sting quite unlike leather, more of a bit really. Further, it was long enough that it hit both cheeks or both thighs on each blow.

"WHAACK" came the second blow. "OOOW" I exclaimed almost instantly.

I willed myself to not beg or cry, though to me it felt like he was taking a blowtorch to my ass.

"WHAAACK... WHAAACK... SMAAACK..." Came the next 3, resulting in my kicking me legs a bit each time my tender thighs were struck.

I had a brief respite as he put down the tawse and felt my ass, obviously checking how much damage he was doing. He then walked to the other side of the bed and began from that side.


"OOOOW...AAAAAUGH" I responded, like a little kid getting his ass beat.

I could feel some tears welling up in my eyes, but buried my head in the bed to hide that fact.

The Tawsing continued for I would imagine 30 or 40 more smacks, with it ending with me kicking my thighs and struggling to maintain position on the bed. Finally it was over.

He then stood me up in the corner, while he took out the camera I had been sent with and a tripod he had. He set up the camera and tripod, aiming it at the desk, and then called me over and told me to bend over the desk.

"Your wife wanted a short video of you getting the tawse. Says she will make you give it to the guy who made these things, and maybe to other men who ask too".

I then had to bend over the desk and he aimed the camera at my ass, in movie mode . He shot a couple of 10 to 15 second video clips of my ass getting smacked with the tawse (complete with sound). When I later saw this I was amazed that he was not swinging the tawse all that hard. It is just so heavy that even mild use is extremely painful.

Finally, he told me to sit on the bed again and asked me if I would prefer to have my dick sucked or prefer to get the tawse again.

"My Dick Sir" I replied.

He went back to the bedside stand and removed another condom, unwrapped it, and knelt between my legs. He teased my dick until it was hard again (It went soft sometime during the tawsing). Slipping a condom on, he proceeded to blow me. This guy was really much better at this than any of my female partners over the years, and I shot a load within a few minutes.

Then, he told me to get dressed, pack up my things, and leave.

Upon getting home, my spouse viewed the tape and the pictures that had been taken of my spanked butt. She made me put it up on my yahoo 360, but then by the next am the pictures were gone, I presume removed by yahoo. My 360 contacts began asking where they were so I had to e mail them pics and the video for their review. As you might imagine, this made an already humiliating situation worse, as does my having to write this account.

At this point I am directed to state that my spouse is entertaining requests from men who visit San Diego and want to provide additional punishment. She has let me know that I am likely to see a number of different disciplinarians as they become available. She also placed a remark on my yahoo 360 seeking a college age guy or couple to do a session with me. She has previously done this on craigslist and gotten no one and I am hoping she doesn't. Getting my ass whipped by some kid would really suck.

Comments or contact may be made through pwhipped2@yahoo.com I am required to answer all notes unless my spouse determines that they should not be answered which so far she has done just once.