Punking Mike, Part 2

Max H.  lilperv76@yahoo.com

Chapter 10

This story involves sex between guys.  If you shouldn't be reading stuff like that, move on.

The characters in this fantasy may not always practice safe sex.  In the world we live in everyone should practice safe sex.

It's okay to print this story out or save it to disc, but it remains my property.  Don't transfer it to another website or archive without my permission.

Thanks to TW for doing the beta reading here.

GP = Gage Patrick   MC = Mike Cronin   TL = Terry Lathrop

[In chapter 9, Mike had heard Ravel's "Bolero" on the sound system and freaked out.  When Gage got him calmed down, he explained that that was the piece he and Jason had to dance to the evening he had unknowingly given his father a blowjob.  Gage lovingly calmed him down and promised that piece of music would be banished from their home.]


The next morning Mike seemed himself.  We had a quiet breakfast and took off for the gym.  It was usually crowded on Saturday mornings, so we tried to get there early.  We both wore jeans, sweatshirts, and jackets.  It was cloudy, the temperature in the upper 30's.

We got to the gym around 7:30.  As we walked in, I recognized the guy at this desk.

"Hey, Blake, how ya doing?" I asked.

"Oh, hi, Gage, I'm okay, considering how early it is."

"Hot date last night?"

Blake grinned.  "Yeah, I spent the night with my chick.  Hated to climb out of the nice warm sack to get here at 7:00."

"Bummer.  Oh, Blake, this is Mike Cronin.  Mike, meet Blake Durica."

"Hey, Mike, glad to meet you.  I think I've seen you here before, haven't I?"

They shook hands.

"Yeah, Blake, good to meet you.  I'm usually here without Gage a couple of times a week."

"I thought so."

"You go to Akron?"

"Uh huh.  You must have seen me in my Akron tee."


"What about you?  In school someplace?"


Blake laughed.  "Well, we can't all be lucky, I guess.  Don't let me keep you guys from your workout.  Nice to meet ya, Mike."

"Yeah, Blake."

In the locker room, Mike said, "That's the guy I told you about.  One of the ones that makes me hard every time I see him."

I chuckled.  "Well, Mikey, I can see why.  Blake's a hunk.  But he's obviously straight, so you can just put him right out of your mind."

"Oh, I don't know," he said, grinning at me.  "Six months ago I thought I was straight.  Maybe all Blake needs is the right guy.  Wouldn't it be fun to introduce him to the pleasures of man sex?"

"Down, boy!  Don't make me haul out the butt plug again."  I reached over and tugged on the chain that connected his nip rings.  "Remember who loves you."

After pulling on a tank top, he cupped my balls.  "They guy who belongs to these, I hope."

"That's right, babe."  I put my hand in the small of his back and gave him a push as we left the locker room to go begin our workout.


After we left the gym, Gage and I went to the West Point Market to do our weekly grocery shopping.  We never had to pinch pennies in the Cronin household, but I was always shocked at how much Gage was paying for groceries at WPM.  I had suggested to him that we could do the bulk of our shopping at a regular chain supermarket and just get the specialty items at West Point.

"No, babe.  First of all, weekends are too precious to go two places for food.  Besides, the folks at WPM have the best meat, the best produce, the best specialty items, and the best wine selection in the area.  They've got everything we want.  Why go anywhere else?"

Since he could obviously afford it, I didn't have an answer to his question.  But I always gasped when the cashier totaled our weekly purchases.

We made it home by 11:00.  Since we had showered at the gym, I didn't have to clean up or change clothes.  I did change out of my sneaks, though.  It had begun to snow as Gage and I drove home.  After helping him put away the groceries, I put on some high-top leather shoes with cleated soles.

When I came back downstairs, he said, "The Weather Channel says we could get six inches of snow."  That would be the first significant snowfall of the season.  "Are you comfortable driving, Mike?"

"Hey, Gage, I've been driving for four years.  I used to live in Fort Wayne, where the weather is pretty much like here, so I'm used to snow.  Besides, the Rover is like a tank.  It'll go through anything."

"Okay," Gage said.  "Just asking."

I put my arms around him and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand.  "I won't go if you're going to worry, GP.  But I'd hate to let Gus down.  We'll be okay, I promise."

He wiggled his hard butt.  "I'm going to start a fire in the fireplace.  When you get back we'll watch football on the tube and snuggle by the fire."

"Oooh, can we have popcorn?"

He chuckled.  "Absolutely."

"You make it hard to leave."

"Wait'll you get back.  I guarantee I'll make it hard."

I kissed him and went to the closet to get my new parka.

"Give Gus a hug for me."

"I'm not sure he's ready for hugs from me yet, but I'll tell him you said `hello,' okay?"

"Whatever you're comfortable with, babe.  Now, be careful.  It's getting nasty out there."

I was worried that, whatever it was Gus wanted to talk about, we wouldn't have any privacy at BK at noon on a Saturday.  Probably because of the weather, though, the place wasn't crowded, and, after getting our food, we found a corner table away from possible listeners.

We both dug into our Whoppers.  I was hungry from my workout that morning.  Gus, I guess, was just a growing boy and always hungry.  After we'd taken the edge off, I decided to get to the point.

"So, li'l bro, you said you had some kind of problem.  Wanna tell me about it?"

The first thing he did was blush.  Then he took a sip of his cola.  But he seemed to be tongue-tied.

"Something happened at school, I think you said."

He took a piece of French fry, dragged it through a puddle of catsup, and popped it into his mouth.  Then he told me the story of what the three girls had done to him after school.

Wow!  I could see why Gus hadn't wanted to talk with his parents about all that.  No kid wants to talk with his folks about sex, period.  And he was right that they would probably have wanted to go straight to the principal.  But I wasn't sure I knew what to say to him.  In a way, he'd been raped.  If I didn't handle this right, I could make things even worse.  What if I fucked up and the kid was psychologically scarred for life?

"Man, little brother, that's heavy stuff!  How do you feel about it?"  I'd heard shrinks on TV ask that question, so I thought it was safe enough.

He said, "Can I have another Whopper?"  I laughed and handed him a five.  When he got back, he gave me my change, and took a big bite of his burger.

I repeated my question.

"Well, see Mike, that's the thing.  I'm pretty mixed up.  I mean, look, I came for the first time!"  He blushed again and then grinned.

"Yeah, how was that?"

He grinned. "How do ya think it was?  It was amazing!  I've been jacking off at least twice a day since.  Being able to actually come is sooo much better even than all the guys said it would be."

"But you're mixed up, Gus?'

"Yeah, well, sure.  I guess coming for the first time is a big deal for every guy, but those bitches were just doing it to humiliate me."

"How many people know what happened?"

"If they've told anybody, it hasn't gotten back to me.  They just giggle when they see me."

"Have you talked to your buddy yet, what's his name?"

"Simon.  Yeah.  I explained to him what happened."


"He doesn't think I'm a fag, that is, gay, anymore.  In fact he thinks it's cool.  Says he wishes some chicks would jack him off."

"Easy for him to say, right?"


"Have those girls bothered you any more since then?"

"Nope.  I stay away from then, and I'll be sure they never corner me again."

I drank the last of my cola and set the cup down.  "So, Gus, let's assess the situation."


"You don't think they've told anybody.  And they probably won't if they're smart.  They could be in a lot of trouble if the principal found out about what they did.  Do you want them punished?"

"Oh, no, Mike!  Then everyone would know what happened, and I couldn't take that."

"Okay.  If they ever try anything again, fight `em.  Don't worry about them being girls.  That wouldn't be a time for chivalry.  Kick `em in the shins or something and run like hell.  And, if that happens, you HAVE to tell your dad or a counselor at school about it."

"Yeah, I suppose so."  He slurped the last of his drink through his straw and then picked up the cup and took the remaining ice into his mouth.  He chomped on some of the ice.  "You know, Mike, I think the worst part of it all is being so freakin' little.  Most of the girls at school are bigger than the guys, but I know that's only temporary.  But look at me!  I've got my mom's genes, and I'm always gonna be a runt."

He was probably right, but I didn't want to discourage him.  As we walked toward the door, I put my hand on his shoulder.  "Gus, did you know that Napoleon was `vertically challenged'?"


"Yeppers.  And let me tell you about my favorite professor.  He can't be more than 5'7", and he's so cool . . . "

When I dropped Gus off at home, he popped me on the shoulder and said, "Thanks, Mike.  I think I feel okay about all that stuff now.  It was good to be able to tell somebody about it."

"Remember what I said, stay away from those harpies.  And be sure to tell a counselor or your dad or somebody if they act like they're gonna bother you again, okay?"

"Yeah.  They just took me by surprise.  It's hard to say no when a chick is feeling you up, isn't it?"

I chuckled.  "I seem to remember that it is, yes."

He blushed again.  "Oh, sorry about that.  Well, thanks again, Mike.  And thanks for lunch.  You're really cool, ya know."

"Well, I'm just so glad to have a little brother.  You're pretty cool, too, ya know?"

He grinned.  "Yeah, I guess I am."  And with that, he got out of the Rover and ran for the door.  He gave me a quick wave, and then went inside.  I hoped to hell I'd said the right things.

It was still snowing pretty hard, and it looked like we'd get the predicted six inches at least.  But I wasn't at all nervous.  The Rover is a great machine for winter driving.  

When I got home and put the car away, I went into the house through the garage.  I took off my snowy shoes in the laundry/mud room and padded inside.  I hung up my parka in the closet and went into the great room.  A nice fire was going in the fireplace and there was a football game on television.  Gage, wearing rust-colored corduroys and a green cable-knit sweater, was asleep on one of the sofas.

He looked younger when he was asleep, and, well, vulnerable.  I felt this great urge to protect him.  His beautiful blond hair was tousled, and he had a boyish look that I never noticed when he was awake.  As I stood there looking at him, I wondered again what he had ever seen in me to take me into his home and his bed and his heart as he had.  I knew he loved me, I just didn't understand why.  One thing I did know, however, was that I never wanted to hurt him.  I understood that, though he was very easy going and generous with me, I could hurt him if I wasn't really careful.

I knelt and kissed him on the cheek.  Then I pulled off my sweater and sat in one of the big chairs and looked at the fire.  So much had happened in my life in six months.  I'd managed to lose both my parents, I'd made a good friend in Jason and then lost him.  But here I was with Gage, happier than I'd ever been in my life.  I had a great new friend in Terry, and it looked as if Kim and I might be friends.  And there was Gus!  What a great kid he was!  Smart enough to scare me sometimes.  It was cool that he felt he could come to me for advice, but it was scary, too.  Puberty is a tough time for everybody, and he's got this extra problem because he thinks he's always going to be shorter than everybody else.  And he may be right.  I was thinking how it sucks that most of the people in the world seem to judge others by appearances, by superficial things.  They want to put them into categories, make them fit stereotypes and then they decide whether they like them or not by the categories they've forced them into.  Gays and lesbians have to put up with that.  And, I'd suddenly realized, so do short people.

"Mikey, when did you get home?  I'm sorry I dozed off."

I went over and knelt beside the sofa again.  "You looked so cute there, I wasn't about to wake you up.  But now that you're awake, I'm afraid you'll just have to take the consequences."


I laughed.  "Yeah, sexy, consequences."  I put my hand under his chin with the fingers on one cheek and the thumb on the other and forced his lips into a pucker.  "Kiss me, you gorgeous hunk, you."  I attacked his lips with mine.  Soon tongues were involved, dueling, probing, exploring.  Finally, Gage pulled back and said, "Lover, between you and that fire, I feel like I'm way overdressed."

He sat up and pulled off his sweater.  He had just a tee underneath.  I pulled off my tee and then, when he held his arms up, took his off, too.  I sat next to him on the sofa, slipped an arm behind his back, and pulled him toward me.  

"What ya got in mind, babe?" he asked.

"Shaddup, sweetheart, and you'll see."  I began to lick his neck.

"Oooh, Mikey, that's sooo nice!"

"Then relax."

"If I were any more relaxed, I'd be asleep again."

With my free hand I rubbed the bulge in his cords.  "Part of you doesn't seem to be so relaxed."

"Well, yeah.  He's rarin' to go."

I chuckled.  "He'll have to be patient then, `cause it'll be a while before he gets any more attention from me."  I went back to licking, moving slowly from Gage's shoulder down toward his pects.  The gold hair on his chest had a coppery glint from the fire, and I loved running the tip of my nose and then my tongue through it.  I didn't neglect his nipples, bathing each one as I licked it.  The hair where my tongue had been was matted down with my saliva.  

I blew on the wet chest hair, and he jumped.  "Babe, what ARE you doing to me?"

"Anything I want to, daddy?"

"Oh, yeah.  Don't stop!"

Some of the johns I'd been with liked to have their pits licked, but I knew that didn't turn Gage on, so after sucking and nibbling on his tits until he was moaning and wiggling around, I went back to licking.  Below his pects the hair narrowed into a trail that led to his belly button.  I worked my way down that golden trail very slowly, using both the tip of my nose and the blade of my tongue alternately, until I got to his navel, which I began to tongue-fuck.

"Oh, God, Mikey!  What a way to spend a snowy afternoon.  You're fantastic, lover!  What did I ever do to deserve you?"

He reached over and began to play with my nip rings and the chain connecting them.  He set the disc on the chain to swinging, and that caused my already straining cock to push out more precum.  I took his hand away.  "You're messing up the agenda, Patrick.  Like I said, just relax."

He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me close for a kiss.  When we finished, he grinned and said, "Yessir, boss.  Anything you say, boss.  Back to your agenda, boss.  But I have to warn you I may come in my pants.  Boss."

"I'll keep that in mind," I said, giving him my most evil leer.  Then I unbuckled his belt and opened the button on his cords.  I had to slide off the couch onto my knees and get between his legs in order to pull down the zip of his fly with my teeth.  Gage kept ruffling my hair with his hands as I did that.  Then I had him raise his hips so I could pull off his pants.  He wasn't wearing any underwear.

"You were expecting this, weren't you, you horndog?"

He grinned.  "Well, yeah, I thought I may as well be prepared."

I began to use my tongue to lap the inside of his right thigh, where I knew he was very sensitive.  He laced his fingers behind his head and stared at the ceiling as be began thrusting his hips off the sofa.

"Are you trying to tell me something there, Gage?"

"Sorry, Mikey. But you ARE getting me pretty hot, you know."

"Nah, it's just the fireplace."

Just then there was a particularly loud gust of wind.  We both looked out the window that ran along the end of the great room and the breakfast area.  The snow seemed to be blowing horizontally, and we couldn't see the trees at the back of the yard.  It didn't look as if that snow would touch ground until it hit some mountains in Pennsylvania.

After licking inside his left thigh from knee to crotch, I began to nuzzle his balls.  He liked me to keep my balls shaved, though I'd let my pubes grow back at his request.  I also kept my asshole and crack shaved because I knew he liked things smooth back there.  But I loved using my nose and my tongue on his hairy balls.  He just seemed so much of a man.  My man.  My great, blond, gorgeous man.

Though I was shirtless, I still had on my jeans, boxers, and socks.  My dick was really uncomfortable from being trapped in my pants, and it was leaking pretty heavily.  I looked down and saw a wet spot.

But Gage was in much worse shape than I was.  He couldn't keep still.  He was moaning and writhing, wiggling around so hard I had to grab and steady his cock to get it in my mouth.  

"Damn, babe!  You sure know how to turn me on.  Please suck me.  This has been fantastic, but I don't think I can stand any more foreplay."

With his cock in my mouth and on its way down my throat, I began to hum the tune from Jeopardy.  As aroused as he was, that made Gage laugh.  "Oh, Christ, what else can you do to stoke my fire?"

I pulled off completely and said, "An apt image, Mr. Patrick."

"I'll Mr. Patrick you if you don't get back on there and suck me!"


Well, it didn't take long after that.  I think it may have been a bit of a disappointment for Gage.  It was for me.  I love sucking his dick.  I suppose our mutual regret that he came so soon was alleviated some by the pleasure we both took in his orgasm.  He flooded my mouth with his jizz.  I couldn't keep up with it, so some of it ran out the corners of my mouth and down my chin.  Gage was muttering mostly unintelligible stuff between his moans of pleasure.  

When he had finished coming, I cleaned up his cock with my tongue as he watched.  With his finger he scraped the cum off my chin.  Then he offered me the finger, which I duly licked clean.  Then he pulled me up beside him on the sofa and we just held each other for a while, listening to the crack of the fire and the occasional shrieks of the wind.

"Hey, I thought we were going to have popcorn!" I said.

"Later, dude.  We have unfinished business."

"We do?" I asked, trying to look innocent.

"Yep."  He grabbed my still-throbbing cock.  "This!"

"Oh, yeah, that."

He reached under the sofa.  "I told you I was prepared."  He handed me a bottle of lube.  "Stand up."

When I did, he unfastened my jeans, button by button, and pulled them down.  My dick had made a mess of my boxers and was sticking out the fly.  Gage kissed the tip of it and then pulled my boxers down to my ankles.  I stepped out of jeans and boxers together and stood there naked except for my socks, with my purple cock pointing at his face.  He squeezed some lube into his left hand, set the bottle down, and then rubbed his hands together.  When he wrapped both hands around my dick, the lube felt cool, wonderfully cool.  

Then Gage stood up, pushed the coffee table back out of the way, and got on his knees with his body resting on the sofa.  "Grab that lube and get me ready, stud."

Even though the cool lube had felt good on my hot cock, I didn't think it would on his pucker, so I warmed it in my hands a minute before rubbing it around his opening.  Then I coated my fingers and used them to get him oiled and loosened up.  Topping wasn't usually my activity of preference, but by the time he told me he was ready, I was shaking.  I loved this man so much and he turned me on so, I was ready to use my cock to make him feel good.  Oh, I knew that I was going to reach nirvana (yeah, I learned about that in comp religions last year), but this was about a lot more than just me getting off.

While servicing all those johns in Key West, I'd learned a trick or two about prolonging sex, and I used them all that afternoon.  On the one hand, I'd been about to explode for an hour, but on the other, I wanted this wonderful feeling that Gage and I were connected in the deepest, most beautiful way to last forever.  

I don't know how long that connection lasted, but it was, as I said, incredible.  Finally, I ran out of tricks and I couldn't hold back any longer, so I had a mind-boggling orgasm.  Gage told me later he was dribbling my stuff for hours.  Right after I came, however, I collapsed on his back and gave him a hicky on his neck.

"Wow, Mike!  That was intense!"

"For sure?  You liked that?"

"Come on, sweetheart.  Couldn't you tell?"

I got off him and stood up.  "Yeah, well, you did seem to enjoy it."

"Oh, yeah.  You're da Man!  Now, reach under the sofa and hand me that towel."  He had put a hand towel there when he had hidden the lube there.  Clapping the towel to his butt, he scurried to the bathroom off the laundry.  He looked so funny I couldn't help laughing.  I went to the kitchen, dampened a paper towel, and cleaned up my dick.  Then I found a package of Orville Redenbacher's and put it in the microwave.

Soon Gage and I were sitting, still naked, on the sofa, munching popcorn, our sock-clad feet propped on the coffee table.

"Weren't we going to watch football?" I asked.

"Are you really sorry we didn't?"

"No way!"

Gage grabbed the remote and turned on the plasma TV monitor on the wall to the right of the fireplace.  We got a bunch of talking heads giving scores.  Indiana had lost a tight one to Purdue in a snowy mess at Bloomington.  Ohio State was slated to play Florida State that evening.  Since we had no plans for the evening, we decided we'd watch that one.

Gage opened a bottle of cabernet which we sipped while we worked together chopping vegetables for a beef stir-fry.  

After supper, which we had eaten while still naked, we loaded the dishwasher and washed the wok.  Then Gage suggested we should shower.  Together, of course.

Once we did that, we pulled on sweat pants, socks, and tees and went back downstairs.  He put another log on the fire, and we were sitting there snuggling, waiting for the OSU game to come on when the phone rang.

I answered it.  

"Hello, Mike.  This is Bev Cross.  How are you?"

"I'm really good, Bev, how about you?"

"I'm fine, too, thanks."

"You folks aren't going out on a hot date this evening?"

"Well, even if we had been inclined to, I think we might have cancelled our plans in view of the weather.  This looks like a good night to stay in."

"Yeah, Gage and I are about to watch a football game.  How's that for a wild Saturday night?"

She laughed.  She had a beautiful laugh.  "You two sound as domestic as Brent and I are."

"Well, domesticity ain't all that bad, especially on a night like this."

"That's certainly true.  It's a nasty night out there.  Mike, the reason I'm calling is to thank you for whatever you said to Gus today."

"What I said?"

"Yes, dear.  Gus had been acting pretty strange for several days.  He told us nothing was wrong, but we could tell something was bothering him.  Since he has been back from having lunch with you, we've got our little spark plug back.  So, I assume that he talked about whatever was bothering you and you helped him with it."

"Well, I hope I did.  He still hasn't told you anything?"

"No.  Should I pressure him to?"

"No, Bev, I don't honestly think you should.  It's probably all over now.  I hope it is, and he thinks it is.  And I've made him promise to talk to you if the, uh, problem comes back."

"I'll trust you on this, Mike.  And, as I said, I'm really grateful.  It's so wonderful for Gus to have a young man like you to confide in.  He seems to think his `big brother' is really `super cool.'"

I chuckled.  "Well, Gus is a pretty cool little dude himself, Bev.  I enjoyed our outing today, and I'm glad if I helped with his problem."

"Thanks again, Mike.  Be sure to give Gage a hug for me."

"With pleasure, Bev."

I went back to the sofa and gave Gage a hug.  "That's from Bev.  I'm just the messenger."

He laughed.  "Well, she sure picked a hot messenger.  What was that all about?"

"Oh, she was just thanking me for taking Gus to BK today.  Said he really enjoyed it."

"Yeah, he was a little stand-offish at first, but he's really warmed up to you, hasn't he?"

"Uh huh.  And I'm glad he has.  It's great to have a little brother."


When Mike came to pick me up on Monday morning for the drive to Kent, he was pretty surprised to find Kim Lee with me.

After Mike introduced Kim and me, it didn't take me long to think Kim was a guy I'd like to hook up with.  He was hot.  I've always been attracted to smaller men, for some reason.  I don't think I want to dominate them.  Maybe I want to protect them.  I'm not sure what the reason is, but a well put together shorter guy gets my eye every time.  Kim and I got together on campus just to talk several times that week we were introduced, and we hit it off perfectly.  He seemed to like me as much as I liked him.

When my folks told me they were going to Penn State for a football weekend (they are both alumni) and asked if I wanted to come along, they seem relieved when I begged off.  I knew right away what I wanted to do.  I told them I had met a friend and wanted to have him over.  They were cool with that.  I'm really lucky because my parents know I'm gay and are okay with it.  I think they are sad because I won't be giving them grandkids, but they have gotten used to that idea.  And they have always trusted me.  So when I said I wanted to have Kim over, they knew what was going to happen, but they said it was okay.  Like I said, they trust me.

Kim lives in a dorm, so there was no problem about him being away for the weekend.  My folks left about 3:00 on Friday afternoon.  I went back to campus and picked up Kim soon after Mike and I got home.  I didn't tell Mike about it.  Don't know why.  I knew he'd find out Monday morning.  Just didn't want to have to explain in case he'd think . . .  Well, I didn't know what he'd think.

On Friday evening we didn't go out.  We ordered in pizza.  We drank beer and told each other the story of our lives.  I had thought that Lee was probably a Korean name.  Actually, his father was distantly related to Robert E. Lee.  His mother was from Seoul originally, however, and she named her son Kim.  He and I are both only children.

We talked about being teens knowing we were gay.  His folks, especially his dad, had a hard time with it at first, but now they had resigned themselves to him being gay and things were cool with them.  

We talked about how lonely it is to grow up being an only child.  I mentioned that Mike was in that situation, too.  I still didn't know what the story was with his parents, but Mike had told me he didn't have any sibs.

I've read stories on the Nifty Archive about how guys order pizza and are naked when the pizza dude arrives.  Then they invite him in for fun and games.  I'm glad Kim and I didn't do that.  The pizza dude was a chick.  A big chick, taller than me.  We giggled about that after we paid her and she left.  We had pizza with more beer.

Kim had brought a carryon type bag with some extra underwear, socks, etc.  After we finished our pizza, he reached in the bag and pulled out some DVD's.

"What ya got there, dude?" I asked.

"Oh, just something to get the party started.  You do have a DVD player, don't you?"

"Is Dubyah a Republican?"

We kicked off our shoes and settled on the couch.

In one of the DVD's, a young blond guy about our age named Chip Noll is kidnapped, supposedly for his birthday, tied to the roof of an SUV, and taken somewhere.  When they get where they're going, he's confronted by about ten guys in black leather pants.  In the course of the story, he sucks off all ten of them and is fucked by a bunch of them.  I thought it was interesting that he was the only blond in the room.  He was also a little shorter than anybody else in the cast.  I'm no porn expert, but it seems to me that it's usually the shorter guys or the blonds or redheads who wind up being the bottoms or the subs.

In another there were these guys in LA.  They looked like they were barely legal.  You know, just eighteen, but with great bodies.  The lead "actor" had a body to die for, a magnificent butt, bleached blond hair with dark pubes, and, unusual in porn vids, a personality.  He seemed like a guy you'd enjoy knowing.  But the thing about him that got to me was that he seemed to love cum.  There were three different places in the vid where his face was just simply covered with cum.  And he was grinning like he loved it.

By that time, you can guess what happened.  I was sitting there rubbing on the big boner under my jeans, and Kim was doing the same thing.  I looked at him.  He looked at me.  We tore each other's clothes off and fucked like bunnies.  

The next morning, we slept late, ate a huge breakfast of pancakes and sausage, and went to the Summit Mall.  We messed around there, spent some time in the arcade, had lunch in the food court, and came home.  By that time it was snowing pretty hard, so we went back to my place.  That afternoon we watched the Indiana/Purdue game on TV, though neither one of us was all that interested in those teams.  I did think of Mike, though, and wonder if he and Gage were watching.

There was a Stouffer's family sized frozen lasagna in the freezer.  We baked that and ate it all.  We had a few beers while it was in the oven and a few more while we ate it.  

Cleanup up was no problem.  I'd used paper plates, paper cups, and plastic forks.  

After supper we watched a DVD of mine called "Trick."  It was about two young gay guys in New York City who were trying to find a place where they could get it on.  They tried several places but never managed to do the dirty.  It was cute, poignant, sad, and typical.

As we watched, Kim and I sat on the sofa and had our arms around each other or in each other's crotches.  When that one was over, Kim hauled out another.  It was about a mattress and the people who fucked on it, starting with a furniture store and ending in an alley.  The final scene turned me on.  An army sergeant, drunk and angry because his woman wouldn't put out, stops to take a leak by the mattress in a dark alley.  He's slugged by a couple of guys.  They strip him and fuck him.  Then they leave him naked with his wrists tied to his ankles, a gag in his mouth.

The camera is above him.  As he wriggled around and grunts, his dick, balls, and asshole showing (the asshole is dripping cum), I got carried away.  

I leaned over and grabbed Kim's crotch.  "Oh, man, that's hot!"

He giggled.  "You like that kind of thing?  You a sub at heart, Terry?"

"No, I don't think so.  I wanted to fuck him while he was tied up."

"Well, you could tie me up and fuck me."

"Oh, hell, let's forget the bondage and just fuck!"

He laughed.  "Whatever turns you on, stud.  Let's do it!"

So we did.

Sunday was a lot like Saturday.  We slept late, ate a lot, watched football in the afternoon (the pros this time), watched porn in the evening, and fucked a lot.  We should have found some time in there to study in preparation for Monday, but we didn't.

When Mike came to pick us up on Monday morning, I jumped in the front, as usual, and Kim got in the back.

"Hey, dudes.  You two have a weekend together?"

"Well, duh.  Why else would Kim be here?"

"Yeah," Mike said, "dumb question.  I guess what I meant to say was I didn't know you knew each other that well."

Kim giggled.  "Mike, I think it's safe to say that Terry and I know each other VERY well."

I turned around in my seat enough to high five with Kim.

"That's great, guys.  I'm surprised by how soon you two have connected, but I'm glad you've hooked up.  So you had a good weekend, huh?"

"Oh, yeah," Kim said.

"How about you, Mike?  You have a good weekend?" I asked.

"Terry, I have good evenings, good nights, and good weekends.  I'm incredibly lucky.  But this weekend was especially nice."

"Wanna tell us about it?"

"No.  Wanna tell me about what you two did?"

"No," I said.

"No!" Kim added.

To be continued