Punking Mike, Part 2

This story involves sex between guys.  If you shouldn't be reading stuff like that, move on.

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>From Chapter 2:

Gage narrates:  I went into the great room.  There, kneeling, head down, his hands clasped behind his back, was Mike.  He had a leather slave collar around his neck, and he had shaved off his treasure trail and his pubes!

"Mike, what the fuck is going on?"

Chapter 3

GP = Gage Patrick  MC = Mike Cronin


Without raising his head or looking at me, Mike said, "This is the proper position for a slave, master."

What had I let myself in for?  What did he expect me to do?  What should I do?  Did this kid have real problems?  If so, was I competent to deal with them?

I went over to him.  "Mike, look up at me."  He did.  I held out my hands to him, but he didn't move.

"Stand up, please."  I kept my hands extended toward him.

"Yes, master."  He took my hands to steady himself as he stood.

I put my hands on his shoulders and held him at arms' length, looking down at his shaven body.  Then I took a good look at the collar.  

"Mike, I'm not your master, baby.  What is this shit?  Well, I know what it is, but why?  Did you think I expected this of you?"

"I'm sorry if I've displeased you, mas-- , uh, Gage."

I pulled him to me, wrapped my arms around him, and rocked him back and forth.

"Mike, you break my heart, man.  I can't stand to think of you as anybody's slave, and certainly not mine."

I continued to hold him tight against me.  The fact that I was fully clothed and he was naked, especially naked, given his shaved pubes, wasn't lost on my cock.  Soon it was beginning to grow.  I'm sure he could feel my erection beginning, but he didn't say anything.

"Mike, talk to me!"

He pulled back, so I released him.  I thought I saw the flicker of a smile, but it quickly went away.

"You don't think this is just a little bit hot?  Doesn't it turn you on just a little to have a naked, shaved slave boy, on his knees, wearing his collar, ready for you to command when you get home from work?"  He looked at the growing bulge in my crotch.

"Look, seeing you naked turns me on anytime, stud.  The idea of you being my slave, the idea of having a slave, the idea of you being anybody's slave -- all those are major turnoffs.  Now, will you go get some clothes on so we can talk about this?"

He dipped his head and looked at me through his lashes.  "You sure you wouldn't rather just fuck?"

"If you don't go get some clothes on, I'm going to give you a much better spanking than you had last night."  To show I meant business, I gave him a good whack on the butt.  "Now, get dressed.  I'm going to have some of this wine with the brie.  You want some?  I see you only put out one glass."

"I'd rather have beer, please."

"Okay, it's in the fridge.  Get yourself some after you're decent."

Ten minutes later I was sitting in the great room sipping red, munching brie and crackers with a partly-clothed Mike.  He had pulled on a tee and a pair of cargo shorts and was sipping on a longneck.

"Gage, I'm sorry I upset you.  You don't deserve for me to do anything to piss you off.  I owe you everything, man, for coming along when you did.  You saved my life.  Literally.  And now you've taken me into your life.  I'm so grateful I want to do anything I can to show you.  Please don't be mad at me."

I noticed what beautiful feet he had.  (No, I'm not a foot fetishist.  Mike just has beautiful feet.)

"It's not so much that I'm angry, babe.  I admit I was stunned when I saw you like that.  And I have to tell you that sub/dom stuff just isn't my thing.  I'm not into inflicting pain.  I'm not into making anyone feel subservient.  Anyone, much less you.  Got that?"

"Yeah, I should have known that anyway, but I thought I'd give it a try."

"Why, Mike?  Were you testing me?  Were you hoping that I'd like that kind of kink?"

He took another swallow of beer and seemed to ponder his answer.  "I could live with it if you did. I've learned a lot about how to be a sub and how to please guys."

"I know this isn't the time, but I really think you should tell me what's gone on with you, you know."

"Can we talk about that another time?  I promise that I'll tell you, but let's get back to your question.  You've made me think, and I want to explain.  Okay?"

"Sure," I said.  "Go ahead."

"I think I'd probably hate it if you were a cruel, dominator type.  If I had suspected that, I would have taken my chances and stayed in Key West.  On the other hand, I confess I think maybe some role playing where you were the master and I was the slave would be pretty hot.  On top of that -- "  He chuckled.  "Bad word choice there.  In addition to that, I really did want to show you how grateful I am to you.  I haven't anything to offer you but my body, Gage.  And here you are taking me in, buying me clothes, giving me a home, trusting me.  I wanted to give you something back.  Maybe the missing pubes and the collar were just a symbol of that.  Is that all fucked up, or do you see what I mean?"

I got out of my chair and went and sat next to him on the sofa.  I hugged him close to me.  Into his hair I said, "Yeah, babe, I see what you mean.  And that's so sad.  And so very sweet.  I can't tell you how touched I am.  I'm so happy to have you in my life.  Just be you.  Live with me.  Let's try to make each other happy.  But nobody's going to dominate anybody.  Partners, isn't that what I said in Key West?"

He looked at me with those incredible green eyes.  "You really mean that?"

"Yup.  Get it through that thick Irish skull of yours, Cronin.  I really mean that."

He grinned.  "Good.  Ready for dinner?"

We both stood.  I slapped his ass.  "Kiddo, I'm glad you put some clothes on that hot bod, because otherwise food is not what I'd be wanting to eat right now."

"Well, Gage, you can have all of me you want.  After dinner, though, okay?  I've got a couple of those steaks we got at the Market ready to throw on the gas grill I found out back, I've got a salad in the fridge, and I've got some of the French bread warming in the oven.  Think that'll do?"

"Sounds great, Mike, so long as you're around for dessert."

"I haven't fixed any dessert, but we got a couple of things at the store."

"No, babe.  You're the dessert."

He grinned again.  "Sir, that would be my pleasure."

"Watch the `sir' stuff."

"Please, Gage, lighten up.  I didn't mean anything by that."

"Sorry, babe.  I'm still a little weirded out by all that, you know."

It wasn't a gourmet meal, but Mike showed he knew how to do steaks.  I was just touched that he had made the dinner.  That wine he had sitting breathing when I got home didn't go to waste, either.  I had a couple of glasses with my meal.  Mike had another beer.  He wasn't old enough yet to drink legally in Ohio, but I figured he was my partner and I'd trust him to be responsible.


After supper, Gage helped me do the cleaning up.  Then we sat out on the patio for a while, just watching it get dark, not saying much at first.  I figured he wanted to relax once he got home from work, so I didn't bring up any of the zillion questions I wanted to ask him.  He was the one who broke the silence.

"Mike, I want to reiterate something to you."


"Yeah.  You are not in any way to think of yourself as a servant here.  You are my friend.  You are here because I want you to be and because, I hope, you want to be."

"But -- "

He held up his hand.  "Let me finish, please."

"Okay.  Sorry."

"You don't have to earn your keep.  On the other hand, I don't suppose you'll just want to sit around here all day either.  I think you'd feel better about yourself if you got a job.  Or, better still, I really wish you'd think about going back to college.  As I said, we've got the University of Akron right down Market Street about twenty minutes, and Kent State isn't far either.  Have you had any chance to give any of that some thought?"

"Yeah, Gage, some.  But wouldn't you rather have me making some money?  I can't pay the tuition, you know.  And I don't think you should have to do that for me."

He reached over and took my hand.  "Mikey, I can spare the money, believe me.  Your tuition isn't going to break me up.  And since you'll be living here, we won't have that expense that your folks had when you were at Indiana last year."

I hesitated to mention the next problem, but it was, to my way of thinking, a problem.  "Uh, Gage, how would I get to campus?"

"Oh, that's simple.  Didn't I tell you?  We're going car shopping for you Saturday.  Whether you get a job or go back to school, you'll need wheels."

"I can't let you do that.  That's too much."

"Look, I've been thinking about getting another car anyway.  I just got the convertible in June, and I never planned to use it much in the wintertime.  They're not all that practical.  So I'd been thinking about getting an SUV of some kind.  You can help me pick one out, so be thinking about what we should get.  When the weather gets really bad, I may need to use it sometimes, too.  But I'm sure we can work that out.  Maybe you could take me to work and pick me up afterward and go to class in between."

"Well, if you were going to get one anyway, that does seem sensible."  I paused a minute.  "You know you're trusting me a lot.  I promise I won't do anything to make you sorry, Gage."

He reached over and took my hand.  "I know you won't, Mike."

At breakfast the next morning he told me to get online and order myself a computer.  He gave me a credit card.  "I spend a lot of time online at home in the evenings, keeping track of the world markets, and I know every guy your age needs a computer.  So, get yourself whatever you think you'll need, and make sure it will be good enough to get you through a couple more years of college, too."

"Wow!"  My folks were always generous with me, but this guy had no obligation to me at all.  He'd just saved my life, made me want to live again.  I couldn't believe it.

Later in the morning I heard a racket outside.  I went out to see what was going on.  It was Gage's yard man.  He cut the grass, bagged the clippings, and edged everything.  I introduced myself, and we shot the shit for a while.  Terry was a guy about my age who did this work during the summer.  He went to Kent State and loved it.  He encouraged me to come and visit the campus and talk to the admissions people.  Then he gave me his phone number and said to give him a call if I enrolled.  He said he'd be glad to show me the ropes, help me find places, and that kind of thing.

I thanked him and told him I'd take him up on it.  Then I stood and watched a while, admiring his tanned, sweaty body as he put his John Deere rider back on the trailer behind his pickup truck.  I thought that maybe next summer I'd ask Terry about working with him.  He was doing pretty much what I did for my dad at home, and he was getting paid for it.  Besides, he seemed like a nice guy.  

Then I went inside and ordered myself a kick-ass computer with all the latest peripherals.  

After lunch I swam a little and then began to think about what to fix for Gage's supper.

And that's pretty much the way the rest of the week went.

Saturday morning I was excited.  I felt guilty that Gage was spending so much money on me, but he did say he was going to get an SUV anyway.  I felt mercenary.  I knew I was undeserving.  But, hey, I'm a young guy and I was about to get a new car.  Who wouldn't be excited?

Gage asked if I had any idea where I wanted to start looking.  

"Well, doesn't that depend on what kind of money you're thinking about?"

"That's not much of an issue.  What you got in mind, stud?"

"Some of my friends at school last year had Jeep Liberties.  They're kind of cool."

"I had something a little more top of the line in mind.  I'm going to be driving it, too, you know.  Interested in an Escalade?"

"Is there a Land Rover dealer in Akron?"

He grinned.  "I like the way you think, Mikey.  There's a dealer on Cedar Street.  Let's roll!"

We started at the Land Rover dealer.  But I wanted to milk the experience a little, so we looked at several other places.  We wound up back at the Land Rover place.  

I had more or less fallen in love with the Range Rover Mark III.

"The Lexus is a lot better looking," Gage said.

"Not to me!

"Well, then, what color do you want?" He asked.

"You mean you're really gonna get this?"

"Well, duh!  That car has your eyes dancing, kiddo.  Of course we're going to get it."

"Then I like the black job over there."

"It looks good now, Mike, but it will look shitty with salt all over it."

"So, I'll keep it washed."

"Okay, take a walk around the lot, and I'll be back in a few minutes."

It took more like a half an hour.  Eventually he called me in to sign some papers.  He was even making me joint owner!  Then, what blew me away is that he handed them plastic!

"They want to do some last-minute tweaking, but they'll bring it around to the house later this afternoon.  I told them we were going out for dinner, and they said that wouldn't be a problem.  They won't be later than 4:30."

I was so excited about the car I had forgotten about our dinner engagement.  I was really nervous about that.  I didn't know how much Gage had told his partner and Mrs. Partner, but it was obvious that he was taking me so they could look me over.  I had picked up on how fond he was of the Crosses.  I could only imagine what they were thinking when he told them he'd picked up this kid on the beach in Key West.  I don't know whether he told them I was a whore or not.  God, I hoped he hadn't!

Before we went home he took me to lunch at Applebee's and then we stopped at the Summit Mall.  He said I needed more clothes.  So we looked in Dillard's and Kauffman's and I came out with bags full of stuff.  He even bought me a black blazer.

When we got home he suggested a swim, which sounded great, especially since we knew we wouldn't be having much more swimming weather and it'd soon be time to drain the pool.  We swam naked.  The back yard had total privacy.  Then we lay in the sun for a while.  He told me I needed to even up my tan.  

After a while, I couldn't stand it.  He was lying face down on a chaise.  He didn't have any hair on his back, but his ass had all these fine little gold hairs on it.  I got up, went over, knelt down beside him, and began to lick his butt.

"Hey, babe!  What a nice surprise.  I almost dozed off there for a while.  Got tired of sunning yourself, did you?"

"I couldn't just lie there and look at this butt," I said.  "And every time I closed my eyes I could see it anyway.  Just had to get at it."

"Mmmm!" he exclaimed as I began to lick his crack.  I began to rim him in earnest then.  He lay there, groaning with pleasure.  After a little of that, he stuck his ass in the air and reached underneath himself to adjust his cock, which must have been getting pretty hard by then.

"Need some relief for that cock?"

He rolled over on his back, pulled me down on top of him, and began to kiss me.  By that time I was hard, and we were grinding our cocks together.  I was a little afraid we'd fall off the chaise, which wasn't all that big, but I was too hot to worry much about it.

"Gage, fuck me, please!"

Just then we heard the doorbell ring.  We had left the sliders open because we were expecting the delivery of the car.  "Shit!" Gage said.  He jumped up, pulled on his trunks, and went through the house to the front door.  He was back in about five minutes.

He grinned at me and asked, "Okay, Mike, you want to go look at the new car, or you want to get fucked?"

"The car can wait.  I can't."

I took the cushions off the chaise and put them on the patio pavers.  Then I got on all fours on the cushions.  "Take me, daddy!"

Gage chuckled and slapped my upturned ass.  "Mikey, you're too much.  But we don't have any rubbers out here."

"Spoilsport!  I hadn't thought of that."

"Okay, you want to keep that delicious butt right where it is while I go for a condom, or shall we take this inside?"

"I like the idea of doing it here.  But don't be long, please.  I need you in me."

While he was gone I humped the cushions under me.  Fortunately he came back soon with a condom packet and a tube of KY.  Evidently he was as aroused as I was, for his cock was sticking straight out in front of him.  I loved the way it wagged from side to side as he walked toward me.  Covered with his down of gold, he looked so great in the sun I almost came on the spot.

He wasted no time in getting himself sheathed and both of us slicked up.  He wasn't as gentle as sometimes, either.  I think maybe the idea of doing it outdoors beside the pool turned him on.  Maybe Gage was beginning to loosen up a little.  At any rate, we were soon going at it.  He reminded me that the neighbors might be able to hear us even if they couldn't see us, so we had to keep our voices down.  I shoved my eager ass back to meet his strokes, and way before either of us wanted him to, he came.  I collapsed on the pads under me and he collapsed on top of me, his softened dick coming out with a sexy-sounding slurp.  

After he had caught his breath, he got up, made me roll over, and sucked me off.  I loved Jason and loved it when he gave me a blowjob.  Lots of the johns on Key West wanted to blow me, and some of them were better than others.  But nobody did that as well as Gage.  His tongue and mouth were magic, and he could bring me to the edge and then ease off, seeming to know just how far he could go before I'd come.  Of course, he had me pleading with him to let me come, and, finally, he did.  He took it all in his mouth.  Then he lifted his head, opened his mouth to show it to me, and then swallowed it.

Then, looking at his watch, he said, "Shit, babe.  We've got to get ready to go to dinner."

Gage shaved while I showered and then he showered.  I asked what to wear.  He said just a button-up shirt and a pair of the dress slacks we'd just bought, along with my loafers, would do fine.

When it was time to go, he tossed me the keys. "You may as well take it on its maiden voyage."

"Great!  But you'll have to give me directions."

"No problem.  We'll have to get you an Ohio driver's license soon, too."

"Yeah, and you'd better call your insurance agent Monday."

"Done that.  I called her from the dealership this morning so everything was taken care of from the get-go."

I was enjoying driving the Rover so much we arrived at the Cross's long before I wanted to.  They lived in a pretty little village called Hudson.  Like Gage's, their house was in a woods outside of town, but the lot was flatter and the house was a red brick Georgian with white trim and green shutters.  It looked like an accountant's house.  Then, I realized, that's exactly what it was.

Brent greeted us.  He was about 5'10" with dark hair.  He had a little bald spot in the back.  His eyes were pale blue.  He had a mustache and goatee that had a fair amount of grey in them.  He wore rimless glasses.  And he had a sort of permanently worried look.

When Gage introduced us, Brent smiled and shook my hand.  He didn't seem unfriendly, but he was reserved.  I guessed I couldn't blame him.  I was very much on trial that evening, as my sweaty palms kept reminding me.  He led us into a big family room.  The furnishings were all period stuff, I don't really know what.  Chippendale or Queen Anne or something like that.  

"Hey, guys, Bev's in the kitchen and Gus is upstairs.  Gage, we're having salmon for dinner, and I've opened the first bottle of chardonnay.  Would you like some of that or something stronger?"

Gage opted for the wine.  Then Brent asked me what I'd have and I said I'd pass.  I've never liked soft drinks before a meal.  I would have liked a beer, but I didn't think I should ask.

As Brent went into the kitchen, Bev came out.  She came up and gave Gage a hug.  "Welcome home, Gage.  We've missed you."

Gage grinned.  "Yeah, I'll bet all you've heard is complaints about how hard Brent had to work while I was living the good life in Florida."

She returned his smile.  "Well, now that you mention it . . . ."

I have to describe this woman.  She was a petite redhead, about 5'5" with green eyes.  She wore her curly hair short.  She had on a green silk shirt which she wore untucked over slacks that were a khaki color but made of some dressier material than cotton.  And sandals.  So far as I was concerned, she was sex on wheels.  Not that there was anything about her in bad taste.  She was just one very hot woman.  I wondered how Brent had ever got her.  Then I noted that I was attracted to her.  It was the first time since I lost my girlfriend that I'd gotten that feeling down there because of a woman.

Just then a kid came into the room.  He was the spitting image of his mother.  Green eyes.  Curly hair.  About 12 and small for his age.  He looked like a real imp.  He ran up to Gage and almost jumped into his arms.  Gage picked him up and swung him around.

"Gus!  How's my guy?"

"I'm great, Gage.  I missed you, though.  Didja have a good time on Key West?"

"Yeah, big guy, I did.  And I found a friend."  He set Gus down and turned to me.  "Beverly and Gus, this is Mike Cronin."

Beverly smiled her devastating smile and shook my hand.  "Welcome, Mike.  It's good to have you with us.  We've been eager to meet you."

Then Gus pulled himself up to his full four feet ten and offered me his hand.  He seemed serious all of a sudden.  He gave me a perfunctory "Hi, Mike.  Glad to meet ya."  I wondered if maybe he was a little jealous.  Obviously he and Gage had a special thing going.


I knew Mike was nervous.  Well, why wouldn't he be?  It was obvious that this dinner was so he could meet my business partner and best (straight) friend and his family.  I was a little nervous, too, to tell the truth.  I'd known and loved Brent and Bev since our university days, and Gus, well, Gus was something else.  My chances of having a son were zilch, of course, but Gus came pretty close.  

So it was important that Brent, Bev, and Gus should like Mike.  And he clearly sensed that.  There was also the problem that we couldn't tell the Crosses too much about Mike's history.  (I didn't yet know anything about Mike's history before Key West, after all.)  

I have to say that they all acquitted themselves well.  Mike had obviously had lots of experience at dinner parties like this.  He made conversation with each of them, especially making an effort to pay attention to Gus.  He complimented Bev on the salmon enthusiastically without going overboard.  

I must also say that the Crosses were gracious to Mike, Brent a little less so than his wife and son.  They asked things like his interests and tastes.  He and Gus discussed rock groups and sports teams.  Mike was a Colts fan, so he and Gus had a friendly disagreement about the Browns' chances for the coming season.  Bev asked about Mike's education to date.  When she learned that he had been a student last year at IU, she mentioned someone she knew on the faculty there.  Brent asked what Mike's major was and wanted to know if he had any career goals yet.

Mike answered everything he honestly could with a smile and gracefully parried the others.  I was proud of him and a little ashamed of myself that I had let him in for all of this inquisition before I even knew the answers to most of the questions he was asked.  It was, though, very informative for me.  One thing that did come out was that Mike's dad was, or had been, the district attorney in Fort Wayne.  He'd never told me that.  Then I began musing about how a person in that position could have let his son become what Mike had become in Key West.  I was intensely curious to know Mike's story, but I also knew that I shouldn't press him, that he'd tell me when he was ready.

"Don't you agree, Gage?"

"What?  Pardon?"

"Yeah," Brent said, grinning at me, "I think you went away somewhere for a minute."

"I apologize, Brent, Bev.  I did have something on my mind.  Forgive me for losing track of the conversation?"

Bev smiled understandingly and said, "Gage, it's okay, dear.  Mike told us he thought he might major in English, and Brent asked what use an English major was.  He suggested that he should major in something that would lead to a, what was it you said, dear, a decent career?"

"Yeah," Brent said.  "And I'm sure you'd agree with me.  That's what I was asking."

Mike had never told me he was interested in majoring in English.  "What about it, Mike?"

"Well, my counselor last year told me that an English major could lead to lots of things.  He said the analytical skills and the command of the language I'd acquire would be useful for a number of careers.  He specifically mentioned law.  But I really think I'd like to teach English somewhere, at some level."

Before the explosion that we knew would come from Brent, Bev jumped in and said, "That's wonderful, Mike.  Stick to you guns.  I majored in English and I loved it."

"Yeah, it's fine," Brent said, "if you want to be a housewife."

Bev and I looked at him and said, simultaneously, "Brent!"

She continued, "You are in big trouble for that remark, mister!"  Then she grinned and we all relaxed.  

The rest of the evening went without incident, and I was relieved when the time came that we could reasonably thank them and leave.  Mike found his way back to our place with a minimum of direction from me.  I was thinking how well he had acquitted himself.

"Mike, I'm so proud of you!"

He kept his eyes on the road.  "Yeah, for what?"

"That had to be tough for you, baby.  And you were perfect."

"Well, they're nice people.  I love Gus.  Bev's one gorgeous lady, and really sweet."

"And Brent?"

"Well, Gage, Brent obviously cares about you.  And he must think that I'm some sort of  gold-digger who's wormed his way into your affections.  He doesn't trust me, and there's no reason why he should.  I'll just have to prove to him that I'm not like that.  You've got to promise me that the first time you think I'm after your money, you'll throw me out with nothing more than I had in Key West."  He paused.  "Oh, yeah, and you promised an airplane ticket."  He glanced sideways at me and grinned.

I couldn't think of an answer, so I didn't say anything.  I wasn't ready to deal with the possibility that at some point Mike might want to leave because I was so completely enjoying having him in my house, in my life.  But the more I learned about him, the more curious I became about his past.  There was the bit about his dad being district attorney, and there was the fact that he thought he wanted to major in English, which he'd never told me.   When he mentioned on the drive home that he thought Bev was "one hot lady," I was surprised again.  Bev was undeniably attractive, and I could see how a straight guy could find her sexy.  But Mike?"

We arrived home, pulled the car into the garage next to the Beemer, and without saying a word, headed for the second floor.  

Soon we were naked and in bed, even though it was only 11:00 on a Saturday night.  I certainly wasn't in the mood for television.  I was in the mood for Mike.  Our activity poolside that afternoon had merely whetted my appetite for my randy young companion.

We lay on our sides, facing each other.  He put his arms around me and kissed me long, hot, and deep.  My cock, which had been hard with anticipation got even harder and began to leak and throb.  I could feel Mike's pressing against my belly.  Then, after the kiss, he pulled away, scooted toward the foot of the bed, and began to suck on my nips, alternating between them.  In that position I couldn't do much but put my fingers in his curls and moan about how good it felt.  

Slowly, tantalizingly, he lapped his way to my navel, which he nuzzled. The feeling of his nose and his hot breath on that sensitive spot nearly sent me through the roof.  "Oh, Mikey, that's incredible, babe, but it tickles!"

He giggled and moved south.  He slid the tip of his nose from side to side on my belly.  He had to hold my rigid cock out of the way to do that.  I thought I was going to come, but it felt so good I couldn't tell him to stop.  It was a shock when he got to my pubes and then got out of bed.  

"Hey, babe, what's . . . ?"

"Easy, Gage, I'm just getting the lube and a rubber."  He put a dollop of lube on my cock and then unrolled the condom down it.  Then he lubed up his ass.  It seemed to take a while.

"Hey, boy, are you just playing with yourself, or is something going to happen here?"

He chuckled.  "Patience, old man.  Just want to make sure everything's as it should be.  Now are you ready for entry?"

"Oh, yeah."

He straddled my hips, facing me, and, after using his hand to line my desperate cock up with his hole, sat.  Nothing gradual about it.  He just sat down on me.  I went "oooof!"  

Grinning down at me, he said, "You like that, do you?"

"Yeah, babe, I like that."

"Well, fasten your seat belt.  The ride could get bumpy."

"That's a misquotation, junior.  And you want to be an English major!"

"I didn't say I wanted to be a film major.  Now, here goes!"

He began to move himself up and down slowly on my cock.  Deliciously slowly.  Keeping my eyes on his beautiful face, I watched as he concentrated on what he was doing.  Then he looked directly at me and smiled, and I wanted to cry.  I'm not sure why.  I guess you can cry from happiness.  I sure as hell was happy.  I didn't just feel good.  I wasn't just having good sex.  I was happy.  Happier than I'd been since I was a kid.  I knew I should try to figure out why, but I was feeling too good.

About then Mike began to bounce himself up and down faster.  I watched, fascinated, as his cock bounced up and down and little drops of precum flew all over, hitting both our bodies.  The rings in his nipples were bouncing, too.  He broke out into a sheen of sweat from his exertions, and I was glad we hadn't turned off the lights.  He looked so magnificent.  I loved his smooth body.  Even his shaved pubes looked sexy to me at that moment.  He glowed from the sweat and from the heat his body was generating.

I'd had other sex partners, and they were all good-looking men.  But Mike was exceptional.  His physical beauty, his youthful stamina, and, with all that, his vulnerability, made me want to hang on to him forever.  About then, he looked into my eyes and smiled.  I tensed, feeling my balls churning, and exploded into the condom in his gut.  I don't know when I had had an orgasm that strong, and I must have gone limp afterward.  When I was aware of him again, he was kissing my face very gently.

"Are you okay, Gage?"

"Baby, I'm so much more than okay! That was magnificent!  You are magnificent!"

Gently pushing him off me, I got up and went to the bathroom where I got rid of the condom and cleaned myself up a little.  Then I went and got back on the bed.  Putting him on his back, I began to kiss the space where his pubes should have been.  Then I licked it.  He was still hard, not having come.  I detoured around his leaking, twitching cock and began to lick his hairless balls.  Then I sucked them in turn into my mouth.  By that time Mike was writhing on the bed and groaning.

"Get me off, Gage, please, babe!"

I think that was the first time he'd ever called me "babe," though I called him "babe" often enough.  I didn't take time at the moment to wonder if it meant anything because I was too into what I was doing.  I stuck my finger up his hole, which was still loose and slick from the lube.  As I touched his nut, I swallowed his dick all the way to his pubis.  He literally shrieked, and I chuckled.  

"Ohmygod, that's fantastic.  And when you laughed it did something I've never felt before."

Apparently he'd never figured out why it is called a "hummer."  So I fingered his prostate and hummed while I sucked him off.  Before long my mouth was full of his cum and I had one spent boy in my bed.  I shared the cum with him in a long snowballing kiss.

Later, when I thought he might have gone to sleep in my arms, he rolled onto his back and laced his hands behind his head.  "Gage?"

"Yeah, babe?"

"How's about you and I take Gus to see a Browns' game this fall?"

"Great idea, Mikey."

To be continued