Punking Mike, Part 2


This story involves sex between guys.  If you shouldn't be reading stuff like that, move on.

The characters in this fantasy may not always practice safe sex.  In the world we live in everyone should practice safe sex.

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>From Chapter 7:

Mike speaks:  I got to the car before Terry, unlocked it, and got inside.  Really curious about what Kim could have wanted me to see, I tore open the envelope.  There was a glossy color print, probably done on his printer.  It was a picture of Jason and me, naked and shaved.  Our hands were tied to something over our heads which didn't show in the picture.  We were kissing and our bodies were pressing together, our hard pricks trapped between them.  

Chapter 8

MC = Mike Cronin   GP = Gage Patrick


Holy Shit!  Kim obviously had a copy of the cd Seth was selling online that summer.  He knew I was on a porn disc, and he'd have had to see the online postings, too, to order the cd.  No wonder he kept giving me that sneaky little smile when he saw me.  And then that week he'd caught me just after I whacked off in the library john.  

Why did he give me the picture?  I couldn't think of any reason except blackmail.  

I saw Terry coming across the parking lot, so I shoved the pic back into the envelope and put it in my book bag.  

As we drove home, he said, "Whatssup, man?  You're awfully quiet this afternoon."

"Oh, nothing, Ter.  Just thinking about this weekend."

"Got something big coming up?"

"Well, tomorrow is my birthday and Gage is taking me out to dinner."

"Yeah?  I didn't know it's your birthday.  Sorry.  I woulda got ya something."

"Hey, thanks, Terry, but that's not necessary.  I feel like every day Is my birthday.  Can't think of anything I want or need."

"How old will you be?"


"Two decades, huh.  I turned twenty over the summer.  Just think.  Next year we'll be legal to drink."

"Yeah."  I was thinking that next year I'd be able to drink in public.  At home Gage had pretty much let me decide whether, what, and how.

"So, is your hunky loverdaddy taking you anyplace special?"

"He hasn't said.  I'm kind of hoping we come home after dinner and celebrate."

"You horn dog!"

"I guess I am.  Anyway, I never seem to get enough of Gage."

"You're lucky, Mike, you know that?"

"I sure do, Ter.  But keep reminding me anyway, so I don't take him for granted."

"I may have to do that, just so you don't go getting all spoiled and bratty."  He popped my shoulder to show he was joking.

The next day Gage and I went to do our workouts at the gym early and then braved the Saturday crowds at the West Point Market for our weekly grocery shopping.  We lay around the house and watched football on television that afternoon.  The Buckeyes, who weren't having as good a season as they'd had the year before, lost.  I razzed Gage a little about that, but like most Ohio State fans, he didn't take teasing about his team very well.  I told him he should be glad he wasn't a Hoosier fan.  We, at least, had gotten used to losing fairly often.

He pulled me over and gave me a noogie.  "Okay, studly, we have an early reservation at Ken Stewart's."

"The Lodge?"

"No, the place on Market Street.  That's more convenient to where we're going afterward."

"Oh, and where would that be, sir?"

He grinned.  "I'll tell you later.  Now, I know we showered after the gym this morning, but we'd both better shave and change clothes.  Wear that black blazer tonight, okay?"

"Oh, must be a dressy occasion."

"It's your birthday, Mikey.  Gotta do something special.  And I'll bet this will be a first for you.  Now, let's go upstairs.  I have something for you."

Upstairs in the bedroom, he went to the closet again and my heart sank.  That's the closet where he kept getting things like butt plugs and cockstraps.  This time, however, there was a package wrapped in black with gold ribbon on it.  

"For you, hunk."

I grinned at him and said the traditional "Oh, Gage, you shouldn't have."  And then I tore into the package.  It was a neck chain with rather large, flat, gold links.  

"Oh, Gage, you REALLY shouldn't have.  It's beautiful."  I put my arms around him and gave him a big, wet kiss.  When we pulled apart, I handed it to him and said, "Put it on me, please.  I'll never take it off.  And I'll remember that it means I'm yours."

"Mine?  Yes, my partner, my lover, Mike.  And I hope you will think of me whenever you look at it or touch it."

I kissed him again.  "You can count on that, sweet man."

He slapped my ass.  "Okay, babe.  Get out of those clothes.  Get shaved.  We have to get spiffed up."

Ken Stewart's Restaurant on Market Street has wonderful food and the ugliest pictures, almost mural size, you've ever seen.  About halfway through the meal I was thinking about the picture Kim had given me and wondering what could happen.  I might lose Gage if Kim wanted to not just out me (I was more or less out anyway) but make a lot of bad publicity for me.  That would affect Gage's reputation, and I was desperate to see that didn't happen.  But I didn't know quite what I could do to forestall Kim if that's what he had in mind.  And the thought that I might have to go through again something like what Seth put me through the previous summer took away my appetite.

"Mike, you've been staring at the picture for five minutes.  It isn't that interesting, is it?"

"Uh, no, sorry, Gage.  I've just been thinking."

He took a sip of his wine, some kind of red, but I don't remember what.  "Want to talk about it?"

I lied.  Well, sort of.  "No, man, not really.  I was just thinking about last summer and how lucky I am to be here now with you.  You're too much.  I don't think I'll ever understand why you are so good to me.  There are lots of guys around better built, better looking, better educated, more interesting."

"Yeah, well," he said grinning, "I guess I just have bad taste."

I had to laugh.  "Bastard!  You weren't supposed to agree with me!"

"Mikey, I know last summer must have been horrible.  Try not to think about it.  Enjoy what we have now.  You ARE happy, aren't you?"

"Oh, yeah, Gage.  You've got to believe me when I say I would never want to do anything to make you unhappy.  Tell me you believe that."

I took a drink from my water glass and then set it down.  He reached across the table and put his hand on mine.  "I believe it, Mike.  I think I know you, babe.  You are not only one hot, hunky dude, not only marvelous company, but also one of the sweetest people I've ever met.  I can't see you intentionally making anyone unhappy."

I thought about that.  "Well, Seth Watkins, maybe."

"That son of a bitch, for sure!" Gage said, frowning.

When the waiter came back to clear away our dishes, he asked if we wanted to see the dessert menu.

"No, Larry, we don't have time for dessert this evening, thanks."

While Larry went to get our check, I asked, "So where are we going in such a hurry?"

"E. J. Thomas Hall."

"That's a concert hall at U of Akron, isn't it?"


"And why are we going there, if I may ask?"

"To help celebrate your birthday, we're going to do something that will, I presume, widen your cultural horizons."

"Oh, man!  Why do I get the feeling I'm not going to like this?"

"Mikey, we're going to see the Chicago Ballet do Stravinsky's `Firebird'."

What was I going to say?  Gage was doing this for my birthday, and I didn't want to hurt his feelings.  But what twenty-year-old male college student wants to go to the ballet?  Come on!

"Yeah, sure, Gage.  That's very generous of you."

He roared.  "Mike, I hope you'll relax and go with the flow.  I had these tickets before I knew it was your birthday, and, frankly, I've been looking forward to it.  Tell you what.  If you don't want to stay, we'll leave at the first intermission.  And next weekend I'll take you bowling or something."

I snorted.  "Bowling?  Oh, that's a low blow.  I'm not a total dork, you know."

"Well, try to lose your preconceptions.  You might like it.  Especially all the cute guys in tights with great asses and big packages."

"Now that I could get interested in."

Believe it or not, I did enjoy the ballet.  The costumes, lighting, and staging were tremendous.  I even liked the music.  And, as Gage said, there were lots of cute guys in tights.

When we got home, I thanked Gage for the beautiful neck chain, the dinner, and even the ballet.

"I'm glad the ballet wasn't a disaster, lover.  But the evening isn't over yet.  Let me take off your clothes."

And he did.  Very slowly.  Taking time to nibble and lick and fondle.  Soon I was standing there naked with my cock up against my belly, wearing nothing but my new gold chain and a silly smile.  I undressed him, and we got into bed.  I was told to lie there and let him take care of everything.  

He surely did that.  In his 35 years Gage, I'd discovered, had learned a lot about how one man can pleasure another.  And I think he just about exhausted his repertoire on me that night.  The best birthday present I could have had was knowing that this man accepted me as I was, loved me, and would do all this to me whenever I wanted him to.  

After doing delicious and maddening things to all parts of my bod, he had me pleading with him to I can't say fuck me any more.  That word isn't allowed.  So I whined for him to do me, enter me, make love to me, to stick his nice fat cock up my twitching hole

He did.  He came.  I came.  Then, without ever losing his erection, he kept on pumping in and out of me for another twenty minutes or more.  Not bad for an old guy of 35, huh?

Finally, I collapsed and he collapsed on top of me.  We rolled onto our sides.  I think I went to sleep with his cock still inside me.


Mike's birthday celebration wasn't what I had hoped it would be.  I think he was genuinely pleased with the neck chain.  But his mind wandered off all during dinner.  I knew asking him to go to the ballet was a risk, but that, surprisingly, seemed to work out all right.  I watched him out of the corner of my eye, and he really seemed into it.  And not, whatever he says, just because of the cute guys in the corps de ballet.  

He did exactly what I asked and let me spend a couple of hours just giving him pleasure.  He was putty in my hands, and I had him pleading with me to enter him, join with him, to reaffirm our union.  

But somehow, he wasn't totally with me, even during the sex.

The next day he mentioned that he felt he should go to church sometime.  I offered to take him that morning, but he said he didn't want to go then, but that someday soon he'd like to find a Catholic church and go.  Said he had never been terribly churchy, but that maybe he should make his confession and take the Eucharist one of these days.

He had some school work to do, but he was finished by lunch time.  I fixed us a salad and croques-monsieur.  He watched carefully as I prepared the sandwiches, and he ate his with enthusiasm.

"Wow!  Those are neat!  Who ever thought ham and cheese sandwiches could be so special?"

"Thanks, babe."

"I'm learning so much from you, Gage."  He grinned at me.  "Everything from sexual techniques to French cuisine."

"But, sweetheart, something's wrong, isn't it?"

He looked down at his empty plate.  I set a bowl of fruit on the table from which he selected a pear.

He pulled the stem off the pear and took a bite.  When he had swallowed, he said, "Yeah.  I've been debating whether or not to tell you."

"And why wouldn't you?"

"Because I think maybe I should handle this by myself and not bother you with it."

I wanted to explode, but I controlled myself.  "Bother me with it?  Mikey, haven't you figured out by now that this partnership thing is for real?  If you have a problem, not to share it with me is to shut me out."

"I know, Gage.  But I just don't want to make trouble for you.  You don't deserve to have to keep bailing me out of problems."

"Oh, for Pete's sake, Mike!  I can't imagine that you've got so much of a problem you'd try to hide it from me.  It's not like you were into dealing drugs or something."

He got up and went upstairs, gesturing for me to stay where I was.  Soon he was back with a white envelope, which he handed to me.  

"Go ahead.  Open it."

I was at first fascinated and then appalled by the picture.  It was Mike and someone I assumed was his friend Jason.  Obviously taken last summer when they were under the control of the bastard Seth.  But my cock reacted differently from my brain.  The sight of the two young men kissing, wrists obviously tied on a branch or something above them, their bodies pressed together, their dicks hard, got an instant response from me.  It was admittedly a very sexy picture.  But it was my Mikey.

"Where did you get this, babe?"

"It has to be a print from the cd Seth was selling last summer, obviously."

"Yes, and . . . ?"

"And I guy I hardly know gave this to me Friday."

"A guy you hardly know?"

He told me about Kim and how they had smiled at each other but never actually met several days a week from the beginning of the semester.

"Then, I told you how he followed me to the john the day I had to go in there and jack off."

"Oh, yeah, him."

"He seemed like a nice, quiet, shy guy.  I got a feeling he might be gay when he asked me about the smell of cum that day in the men's room.  But now I don't know.  Why would he have this if he isn't gay?  But why give it to me unless he wants to blackmail me with it?"

"I can understand why that might be your first reaction, Mike.  But we really don't know, do we?"

"As I said, why else?"

"I'm going to come with you to campus tomorrow.  We'll face this little shit together.  Or I could call Barney Gould, my lawyer.  He could go with you, or we could all three go."

Mike smiled.  "Hey, Gage, I don't want to start World War III here.  Like I said, maybe he had some totally different reason for giving me the pic."

I thought about that for a minute or so.  Taking a deep breath and expelling it, I said, "If blackmail is really what he's up to, he has no leverage at all.  If you won't let Barney or me go with you, then you just tell him he can show that pic or the whole cd to anybody he wants to.  He'll be a sleaze if he does, but we aren't going to give in to any demands of his.  None whatsoever.  If he does, and you want to withdraw from Kent and go to Akron or Hiram or even Cleveland State, that's okay.  Just make sure he understands that we aren't going to capitulate to any of his demands."

"But Gage, this could get embarrassing for you."

"I'm willing to take that risk, but I don't think it will come to that.  If you make it clear that you don't care what he does with the picture or others like it, that you aren't going to allow him to blackmail you, he'll most likely back off."

"You know, he's a lot smaller than me.  I could just lure him somewhere and beat the shit out of him."

"Wow!  That doesn't sound like the Mike I know.  And then he'd have grounds for pressing charges against you.  Not recommended, babe."

"Yeah, I can't believe I just said that.  I'm just so pissed because something from my past that could hurt you has come up so soon."

"Mike, I'm not worried about that.  You shouldn't be either."

He came over, bent down, and kissed the top of my head.  "Gage, you're incredible, ya know that?"

"Incredibly lucky, Mike.  Now, forget about Kim and the picture.  The trees are about at their peak.  Wanna go for a drive?"

He said yes, and we did.  We headed northeast and drove almost to the Pennsylvania border in the Beemer.  It was a little chilly to have the top down, but it was a gorgeous autumn day.  I persuaded him to drive on the way back so he could get used to the stick shift.  He had a little trouble at first as we had to slow down going through the small towns, but soon he was doing it as if he'd been driving that car for years.


When Terry picked me up the next morning, he handed me a wrapped gift.  I could tell it was a cd by the shape.  

"Happy birthday, dude!"

"Thanks, Ter.  You didn't have to do that."

"Well, I wanted to.  Go on, open it up."

He pulled out of the driveway and headed toward campus as I unwrapped the present.  It was a recording of the complete "Firebird" ballet.

"Terry!  You and Gage have been in cahoots, haven't you?  And you said you didn't have anything for me on Friday."

He looked at me for a minute and grinned.  "Yeah, I called him and asked for suggestions.  He told me about the ballet and said not to give it to you until he had seen what your reaction was.  He managed to call me yesterday and told me he thought you had really enjoyed it.  I dunno, Cronin, that's pretty faggy."

"Yeah, well, you'll have to listen to it with me sometime.  Maybe when I can get a knife to open it with, we can listen in the car.  Dontcha just hate trying to open a new cd?"

"Yeah, I'd sure like to talk to the people who package those up."

"As for being faggy, when we listen to the music, I'll tell you about all those hunky guys in their stretchy leotards, showing off the cracks of their fantastic butts.  And most of them had big bulges, too.  Gage says they used to wear cups, but they don't do that anymore.  Shit, if I'd had a pair of those little binoculars, I'll bet I could have told who was cut and who wasn't."  

Then I grinned.  "But, Ter, what would you have done if Gage had said I hated it?"

He reached down beside his seat and handed me another wrapped cd.  "Here.  I had this in reserve."

I quickly ripped it opened.  It was the Josh Groban cd I'd been wanting!  I popped him lightly on the shoulder.  "Cool, man!  Thanks!  But if you think the ballet is faggy, what about liking Groban?"

He chuckled.  "Well, he is cute!"

We both laughed at that.

"Oh, by the way, Mike."


"Gage told me that I was to stay for supper when I brought you home this Friday afternoon."

"Cool.  We've been wanting to do that."

When we got to campus, we separated, agreeing to meet as usual for lunch.  In my soc class, the professor announced that we were going to be working in pairs for the rest of the semester on a project.  He had arbitrarily paired us up.  He told us that he would be assigning us topics the next time the class met.

The partner I was assigned was a guy named Jeff Foster.  I'd noticed him because he showed up about once a week in cammies.  He was obviously in the Marine ROTC unit on campus.  He was about 5' 8", with brown eyes and brown hair which he wore in a high and tight.  I'd noticed that he always stood ramrod straight and sat in class the same way.  Most of us tended to sprawl in our seats, but not Foster.  He practically sat at attention.  I guess I had more or less ignored him because the whole military scene just didn't interest me very much.  So I was surprised and a little concerned when we were paired up.  I wondered why the prof had decided to make the two of us work together.

He stopped by my desk after class.  He stuck out his hand, and I shook it.  "Foster, Jeff.  You're Cronin, right?"

"Yeah.  Looks like we're gonna be working together."

"Right.  Are you free after class on Wednesday?  Maybe we could talk then about times when we can get together to work on this project."

"Relax, Jeff.  It isn't due until the end of term.  There's no rush."

He looked nervous.  "Well, I just want to make sure we do it right, you know.  I'm in trouble with the ROTC faculty if I don't get good grades in all my courses."

"Okay, I usually go to the library for a while after this class and study until lunch time.  Why don't we just get together here after class Wednesday?  We can check our calendars and find when we can find some time when we're both free."

"Great.  After class next time.  Uh, take care, Cronin."

"Yeah, you, too."

I was glad to get rid of him, to tell the truth, because I was about to march myself into the library and confront Kim Lee about his apparent blackmail attempt.

I'd known that cd might surface eventually and that it could make my life difficult, but somehow I'd always managed to suppress the thought.  Out of sight, out of mind, I guess.  As I walked toward the library, my hands were sweating.  In my mind I was sure Gage was right.  We could just tell Kim to "publish and be damned."  But what if he came up with something Gage and I hadn't thought about?  The idea of being back under someone's control as I had been last summer made my stomach queasy.  Yet, I noticed, I had a hardon.

Kim was sitting in his usual place.  As I approached "our" table, he glanced up.  Looking nervous, he licked his lips.  Instead of taking my usual seat across from him and one space down, I walked up behind him, so he had to swivel around to see me.  I stood close so he had to crane his neck to look up at my face.  Yeah, maybe that was a shitty thing to do, but you have to remember I thought this guy might be trying to blackmail me.

"So, Kim, let's go outside and discuss the picture."

He looked even more nervous.  "Uh, outside?"

"Yeah.  This is a library.  We can't very well talk about it in here."

"You seem pissed, Mike.  You aren't going to try to beat me up or anything, are you?"

"Probably not.  I'm not a bully.  But it may depend on why you showed me that picture."

He began putting things back into his book bag.  I stepped back a pace or two so he had room to stand up.  He followed me out the front door of the building.  There was about a two-foot high retaining wall along the sides of the paved open area in front of the library.  We walked over and sat side by side on the wall.  There were lots of people coming and going, but we could talk there without being overheard.

I suppose it was the adrenalin that made me aggressive.  For sure, I wasn't being myself.  "Okay, what's with the picture?"

Turning toward me, Kim put up two hands, palms out, in a gesture intended to calm me down, I think.  "Look, Mike, I never meant to make you mad!"

"You mean you aren't going to try to blackmail me with that picture?  If you have it, you must have the cd it came from."

"Blackmail you?  Jeez, no!  I never thought of anything like that."

I relaxed, feeling like a fool at the same time.  "Then why show me the pic?"

"Well, it was sort of a way to get to know you."


"Yeah.  When I first saw you, I thought what a hunky guy you are.  And you looked familiar.  I wondered where I might have seen you before, but I couldn't think of any place or any occasion when we could have met.  And at that time I had no clue you might be gay.  You always smiled at me, and I thought you seemed like a nice guy.  I don't know many people on this campus since I just transferred this fall from Ohio State, so I was hoping we might be friends.  But I couldn't get up the nerve to talk to you."

My palms had quit sweating.  And my hardon had gone down.  I nodded for Kim to continue.

"It wasn't until last week in the men's room that I made the connection.  That's when I remembered where I had seen you.  First online and then on the cd."  He paused and ran his fingers through his straight black hair.  "You know, when I first hit on that website, I was startled at how much the other guy in the pics looked like me."  He looked over at me.  "I'm running on here.  Do you mind me telling you this?"

"No, I'm interested, actually.  Go ahead."

"Well, when I got the cd, I was really turned on.  I tried to imagine myself in all those situations that were pictured there.  I don't know how many times I've gotten off looking at them.  And always I'd be the Asian kid in all those situations with the hunky looking Joe College type."

I didn't know what to think.  Whenever I let myself think about that cd, I always thought how humiliating all those pictures were.  I suppose I should have known there were guys out there getting their jollies from them, but I just managed not to think about it.  And Kim thought I was hunky, huh?

"Then," Kim continued, "when I finally realize who you were, I was excited.  I've never been around a real porn star before.  I couldn't bring myself to come up to you and say something like, `Hey, I've got your cd!'  But I wanted to get to know you.  And to do that, I thought I needed to get your attention.  It sounds ridiculous now, but, anyway, that's why I gave you that print.  I just was hoping we could be friends.  Honest.  Just friends.  That's all."

Damn.  How wrong I'd been.  At that moment I was thinking how foolish we'd all have looked if Gage and his lawyer had come along.  

"You're not shitting me, Kim?  That's the truth?"

"Yeah, man.  I'm sorry if you thought I was up to no good."

"Hey, I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions.  There's something I gotta tell you, though."

"What's that?"

"I'm not your typical `porn star.'  My buddy, Jason, and I were blackmailed into doing all that stuff.  And the guy who blackmailed us and made that cd is now in jail in Indiana."

"Oh, shit, Mike.  Then if he was blackmailing you guys, you probably aren't even gay."

I grinned.  "Well, let's just say I'm gay now.  But what about you, Kim?  I saw you one day here by this wall hugging a cute girl."

He looked puzzled for a moment.  Then he smiled.  "Oh, that's Karen.  She's an old friend from high school.  That was the first time we'd seen each other since I transferred here.  She's always known about me being gay.  She's a good friend."

I put my arm around his shoulder.  "Kim, I'm glad we got all that cleared up.  And like I said, I'm sorry I came on all belligerent."

"Does that mean we can be friends?"

"I'd like that."

"Me, too.  I don't know many people here yet, and you're the first gay guy I've met."

"Look, dude, we've just about talked our way through our study time.  I'm meeting a friend at the cafeteria for lunch.  I'd like to introduce you to him.  Wanna come and have lunch with us?"

"Sure, why not?"

Terry had already gotten his lunch and was sitting in our usual spot when Kim and I got there.  As we were going through the line, I pointed out Terry to Kim.  From the way his eyes lighted up, I knew Kim liked what he saw.

Terry watched us as we carried our trays toward where he was sitting.  At first he looked puzzled.  Then, as we got closer, I saw the recognition on his face.

"Mike, this must be the guy from the library.  Hi, I'm Terry Lathrop."  He offered his hand.

"I'm Kim Lee," my new friend said, shaking hands with Terry.

As we ate we talked.  A lot.  Kim seemed to lose his shyness as we got him talking about himself.  He told us he was a music theory major, that he played piano and flute, that he was living in a dorm and hating it.  "I mean, those people are animals, the men and the women, all of them.  And there's no way to get any studying done, so I work in the library a lot.  And I haven't gotten to know very many people yet.  And no gay well, never mind.  It's good to be able to talk with some guys who don't seem to be like the Neanderthals I live with."

Both Terry and I had caught his slip.  "Kim," I said.  "Terry and I have been planning to attend a meeting of the SGA group here on campus one of these days.  Would you like to come with us?"

He looked at Terry.  "I realize that doesn't mean you're gay, and it's not any of my business, but . . . "

Terry laughed.  "Relax, Kim.  Yes, I'm gay."

"So, are you two boyfriends?"

Terry chuckled again.  "Nope.  We're just good friends.  Mike, though, he's got himself one very studly partner."

Kim grinned.  "Really?  So dish!  What's his name?  What's he like?"

I looked at my watch.  "Sorry, Kim.  I've got to get off to English class.  Wouldn't want my cute prof to be mad at me for being late.  I'll have to tell you about Gage some other time."

"Never mind, Kim," Terry said, winking at me.  "When Mikey's gone I'll tell you all about the studly Gage Patrick."

To be continued.