Puppy Love: Ryan's Story


The following story is told in the voice of Ryan Connors, a character introduced in the Puppy Love series which was originally posted on the Nifty Archive. It is a sidebar short story which offers a perspective different from the main storyline. The purpose of its publication is not to in any way advance the plot of Puppy Love, but instead to simply offer an entertaining alternative. I promised readers after removing Puppy Love from this website that I would be back to offer them more samples of my writing. I appreciate all of the positive feedback I've received over the years, and I hope you enjoy this story as much as you seem to have enjoyed the original. If so, I will continue to provide more. Thank you, and happy reading!

I just get so tired of all the drama. It's all just a silly game, and frankly it's pretty fucking exhausting. Tiresome. But that's the gay community for ya. These bitches aren't happy unless they are dissing someone, fucking someone else's boyfriend, or creating some sort of commotion to liven their otherwise mundane and meaningless existences.

I'm over it though. I'm so fucking over it. I don't need that kind of bullshit in my life. I absolutely know exactly what I want out of life, and I know what I gotta do to get it. And it's not about being a drama queen, flitting around some fag bar in order to get fifteen seconds of fame. It is about getting the things out of life which are really important. Really meaningful and significant. Things like Matt drop-fucking-gorgeous-and-filthy-rich Porter!

I'd seen Matt around campus, and I'd admired him for months. He has this air of confidence about him that is totally Dom. I chalked it up to the fact that he's a jock. Everyone knows that his family owns some big chain of fitness centers in the Tampa area, so it's no wonder he has so much money. What was really a surprise, though, is the fact that he is attending a community college. I'd have expected that Daddy's money would have gotten Matt into the best of the best universities. From what I've heard, though, Matt's dad never went to college himself. He is a self-made millionaire, and he wants his only son to take over for him some day. Why waste the money on some highfalutin education when you've already got more money than you can spend in five lifetimes?

It isn't just Matt's money that is attractive though. Don't get me wrong, I definitely plan to land myself a man who can provide me the kind of lifestyle I truly deserve, but Matt possesses qualities that cannot be purchased by any amount of cash. For one thing, he's a walking, talking, breathing wet fucking dah-ream! He obviously is an expert on physical fitness, and his body makes him the perfect poster boy for his own business. He also has a deep, resonating voice that booms confidently. Even when he's just speaking casually, there is no question that he is a man of great confidence.

It didn't really occur to me when I first started fantasizing about Matt that there may ever be a real possibility that he had any interest in guys. I think everyone was aware of the fact that he had a bit of a reputation as a womanizer. Back in the beginning of the school year he was dating this chick named Tracey. Real cunt, but also an amazingly hot body--if you are into chicks, that is. When I first started noticing Matt I had pretty much resolved myself to accept the reality that the best I could hope for would be to possibly catch him at a party or something some night when he was drunk and talk him into letting me give him a quick blowjob.

But then early this spring things took a major turn for the better when I happened to bump into the jock stud at a local leather bar. Holy fuck, it was almost too good to be true. There he was, the man of my dreams, in the flesh--and at a gay club! That was the moment I decided that I was gonna have him. Or maybe it'd be more appropriate for me to say, I knew he was gonna have me.

I'm not the type of guy that grew up believing I was submissive. In fact, my history would indicate quite the opposite. Within my circle of friends I always was a bit of a leader. I always seemed to know how to get what I wanted when I wanted it. In some ways I guess you could say I was spoiled in that regard. Whatever. Life's too short to worry about what other people think of me, though.

The thing that sort of led me into this whole Dom/sub lifestyle was that initially I had this spanking fetish. I'm not exactly sure why, but the whole idea of being bent over the knee of some hot Dom guy was a major turn on. I delved a little bit into the whole scene, exploring what I could find on the Internet, and the more I "researched" it, the more turned on I was. I started sneaking into gay clubs as soon as I was old enough to get away with it (which is actually not that old--I was fifteen the first time), and because I happen to blessed with natural boyish charm, I proved to be a big hit.

To be honest, I'm surprised there are not more gay guys who are into the BDSM scene than there are. When you think about it, why would a gay man ever be attracted to a nellie-type femme? I am a man who is attracted to men, not women. If I wanted someone who looked, sounded and acted like a girl, I'd just go out and date a damned girl. I want a man who is a man.

I guess it is this basic reality which led me into the lifestyle. You're not gonna find many Doms who act like sissies. And although I myself may not be Mr. Universe, I'm no pansy either. In fact, the real hard-core subs are anything but wimps. The pain pigs, toilet slaves, foot fags, piss drinkers--you name it--they've gotta be at least somewhat tough. There's got to be some inner strength and stamina to be able to endure the amount of abuse and humiliation that is dished out to them. Subs are not girlie-boys, not by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, some of the more extreme subs are the most masculine guys I know.

For me it is about finding a sense of fulfillment. Pleasing my Master provides a sense of gratification unlike anything else in the world. Seeing the lust in his eyes as he uses me for his pleasure in turn fills me with pleasure. And the sweetest of all rewards is simply knowing that he's found favor with me.

What annoys me more than anything though, are these fags like Petey Drinkell and his wimpy college-professor friend Drew. They don't have a clue what it means to truly be submissive. Instead they're too busy playing house. They obviously think they have the world by the tail cause they both have these hot Dom guys. Petey is the exact opposite of the kind of sub I was just describing. Instead of demonstrating toughness and inner strength, he oozes vulnerability. His whole existence is pathetic, and frankly it's nauseating.

Guys like that really do make me sick. He's such a do-gooder, always trying to portray himself as being Mr. Innocent. He tries to use this dependency to manipulate his Master. He tries to get Matt to rush to his defense by acting helpless. Yeah, Matt is Petey's Master. Hard to believe, but I can assure you it's not a permanent arrangement.

That night at the bar when I saw Matt there for the first time, Petey was with him. He had even tried to impress Matt by trying to dress like him. It looked absurd, too. He looked like a little kid who wanted to be a man. I kind of picked up a vibe from Matt right away that he wanted a little more from me than friendship, and I sensed that he was immediately aware of the fact that I was not the sort of wannabe his current boytoy was proving himself to be.

I guess Petey sensed what was going on himself, and he got a little lippy with me. Matt dragged his ass off into the bathroom and apparently set him straight, cause when they returned Petey apologized to me for being such a shit stain. I was laughin my ass off at his humiliation. Well, laughin on the inside. Of course I wasn't about to let Matt see how I really felt. The two of em left together that night, but I knew it would only be a matter of time before I'd have my chance to prove to Matt what a real sub could do for him.

A few weeks later I went down to visit a friend I'd met on the Internet. His name was Adam, and he invited me to this big gay bash over at his friend's house. Adam was also sub, but he had a Dom friend named Eric that he was trying to hook me up with. Eric was kind of new to the whole scene, but it was obvious that the Dom side of him was beginning to emerge. Adam told me that he and Eric had talked at length through instant messaging about what it meant to be a Master. I knew that once I'd served him, he'd never go back to vanilla sex again.

As it turned out Matt and Petey were at that party, and Matt pulled me aside for a little one-on-one. I knew he was about to proposition me, and I couldn't wait to see the look on Petey's face when he learned that his "Master" had dumped him and chose me instead. I was practically cumming in my pants when he asked me where I was staying that night. I told him I'd rented a motel room, and he informed me that he'd be joining me. Fuck yeah! He also said he'd have his "pup" with him.

That's what Matt calls Petey. Who knows why, really. Probably some twisted fetish bullshit that the two of `em have with each other. I wouldn't blame Matt if he kept the little maggot locked up in a dog cage when they weren't in public. I had no problem with the fact that Petey was coming, though. I kinda liked the idea that he'd be seeing me serve his Master.

Poor little Petey was almost crying already when Matt told him I was leaving with them. I could see his big brown eyes welling with tears, and I just wanted to smack the little bitch. Now tell me, how pathetic is that? The kid knows that his Master is Dom. He knows that Matt has the right to do anyone or anything he chooses, so why would he get all pouty cause Matt wanted to spice things up a bit? If I'd been Matt, I'd have made the little faggot sit in the corner and watch. That woulda been hilarious.

It's not exactly how it worked out though. When we got to the motel room, Matt instantly ordered me to strip, and of course I obeyed without question. I dropped to my knees before him, expecting that the pup would do the same. Matt had other plans, though, and ordered Petey to remain standing at his side.

Then Matt ordered me to lick that little twit's feet! Every fiber of my being wanted to spit on them. Fuck, I was tempted to bite off his big toe, but I had no choice in the matter. If I wanted to please Matt and ever get a chance at serving him, I had to do what he said. I had to kneel there and submissively worship that little runt. The way he sat there giggling, trying to act all modest about the whole thing, it was nauseating.

When Matt reminded Petey that he was of higher status than me, that's when I really wanted to bail from the scene altogether. Again, though, I had to just accept what Matt said. It was not like I could protest under the present circumstances. There I was naked, licking the boy's feet. What was I supposed to do? Jump up and say, "Wait just a minute!" I just kept telling myself throughout the whole ordeal that it would all be worth it in the end. I knew that when I was done serving his bitch, Matt was gonna wanna fuck someone, and most likely it was gonna be me. Then it would be Petey's turn to sit back and watch.

The worse part of the experience was when Matt ordered Petey to use me like a jack-off toy. First he undressed Petey and laid him on the bed, then he made me assume a submissive position between the fag's legs. I had to lie there and lick his nuts while Matt French kissed him. Talk about degrading! Come to find out, the little bitch had never even been blown before. He had literally no idea what it felt like to have a wet mouth around his cock! If I'd `ve been his Master, I'd a made sure he never, ever did. I'd a locked that bitch up in a chastity and thrown away the key.

It surprised me, really, once Petey got hard. I was amazed how big he actually was. Judging by his physical size, I expected him to have a teeny tiny toothpick sized dick. He had nothing to be ashamed of, though. The size of his cock was actually pretty huge when you took into consideration the size of his small body. Proportionately speaking, he was built. Had it not been for the fact that his dick happened to be attached to his body, I might have actually enjoyed the whole sordid experience.

The only way that I was even able to force my way through the ordeal was by imagining that I was actually sucking Matt instead of Petey. As any skilled sub will tell you, you have to be able to turn off your feelings when you're placed in an unpleasant situation. You have to learn how to think about something else. You have to be able to block out pain, or embarrassment, or even fear.

When Petey grabbed hold of my head and began rammin himself deep into my throat, I almost lost it. I started gagging for a second. It was Matt's voice which brought me back, though. Matt was laughing. He was telling Petey it was okay, and he told him not to stop. He told him I was nothing but a hole. Use me like he was home alone in his bedroom jacking off.

After what seemed an eternity, Petey finally was ready to cum, and of course Matt ordered him to shoot his load down my throat. I could handle it. Been there, done that. In fact, I was looking forward to it. It would mean the whole experience was finally over. And even though Petey would never have been someone I'd have chosen to service, I knew that he would never have gotten better head than what he received from me. I'm good at what I do, and I was not about to do give a half-assed blowjob while a Master like Matt was standing there watching.

Petey had such an incredible orgasm I thought for a second he was gonna literally pass out. His whole body was trembling and shaking, and he shot his load like it was a cannon firing. He was screaming and crying, and Matt was all over him, kissing him and shoving his tongue down the little bitch's throat.

Then instantly Matt shoved me aside. He threw me to the ground and climbed on top of Petey. I was right about the fact that Matt would want to get his rocks off after watching Petey, but to my horror, he chose Petey to use instead of me! The very thing I was certain Matt would do to Petey, he instead did to me. He made me just sit there and watch!

And as if to add insult to injury, when they were done, Matt threw me a fifty dollar bill and said to use it for the motel room. It was as if he was saying I was nothing more than a cheap whore. Then he threw me his boxer shorts as a souvenir and left with Petey. They took off before I'd even had a chance to cum. Matt had said to Petey I was nothing but a hole, and I totally felt that way after it was over.

It's not so different than I'd felt on a number of occasions, actually. I just sat there on the floor, still naked, and wrapped my arms around my knees. I cried like a baby. It wasn't fair, just like Petey had said. He was concerned when the whole scene started, and he'd told his Master, "It's not fair". Matt's response to him was that it wasn't supposed to be fair. I was beneath them, and therefore I existed for the purpose of being used by them. I just remained there, curled up in that fetal-like position for a couple hours until there was a knock on the door.

At first I didn't answer. I was a mess, and I didn't want anyone to see me this way. I quickly grabbed the fifty dollar bill from the table, and headed for the door, still stark naked. It was probably Matt coming back. I looked around the room to see if he might have accidentally left something behind. I was gonna rip the fifty into tiny pieces and throw it in his fucking face. Master or not, he had no right to be so mean to me!

As I peered through the peephole, I realized it wasn't Matt on the other side of the door. It was Adam's friend Eric. Fuck! "Just a minute!" I hollered. "Hold on!" I turned around and grabbed my pants, quickly jumping into them. I was still zipping up as I unlatched the door lock. "Sorry," I said as I swung the door open. "I must've fallen asleep."

Eric stood there smiling patiently. He shrugged. "It's okay, dude. It's like the middle of the night. Of course you're sleeping." Then the smile slowly faded from his face as he looked at me. "Hey, what's wrong?" He could apparently tell that I'd been crying. "Can I come in?"

"Oh yeah... or I mean, Yes sir." I stepped aside to let him by.

"You're crying," he stated.

I shook my head and grinned. "Nah... I'm all right. I must've been having a dream or something."

"You sure?" he asked. "Is everything all right?" He scanned the room and took in the condition of the bed and the floor. My clothes were strewn across the room. The bed was a mess with a very obvious wet spot on the dark-colored bedspread.

"Yes sir, everything's fine. I just... well, um... I had a little company earlier."

He looked disappointed. "Sorry to hear that," he said as he looked me sternly in the eye. I lowered my gaze instinctively. "I thought after our conversations that you planned to spend the evening with me, but you decided to just take off. You left without even telling me." I could hear the anger in his voice.

"I'm sorry, sir," I answered meekly. "I meant no disrespect. It was another Master... he asked if he could come over and use my room..."

"Use your room, boy? Or use you?"

I'm not sure why, but his words just suddenly struck a chord in my heart. All of the emotions I'd been feeling welled up inside me and the tears again began to flow. "Both," I whispered.

For a few seconds he was silent, and then he placed his hand on my shoulder. "Why?" he asked. "Ya know, I ought to beat you for this!"

I continued to look down at the floor. "Yes sir," I whimpered.

"Answer me boy!" he demanded. "Why did you leave the party with another Master? Who was it!"

I sobbed. "I'm sorry!" I cried. "I'm so sorry! I wish I'd stayed with you sir! I really, really do."

"Tell me," he said. He now had both hands on my shoulders. "Tell me who it was. Is it someone I know?"

I nodded. "It was Matt, sir. Matt Porter."

He slid his hand under my chin and forced me to look up at him. "Really?" he asked. "Matt, the one who has Petey?"

"Matt wanted to reward Petey. He wanted another sub to ... well... to service him. To give him head." I felt embarrassed by even saying it.

Eric smiled. "Really?" he asked, and then he nodded approvingly. "Well I can understand that. Petey did an amazing job this morning--or well, it was yesterday. He saved a woman's life."

"Yeah, that's what Matt said," I admitted.

Eric slid his arm around my shoulder. "So why are you crying, boy? You should be happy. You served a Master, and you took care of your friend..."

"Petey's not my friend, sir. He hates me!"

Eric then smiled at me affectionately, looking a bit puzzled as he thought about my comment. "Well, he doesn't really seem like the hateful type to me, and even if he did hate you, he probably hates you a lot less now...", and then he laughed.

I pulled away from him and turned toward the wall. "He told Matt to pay me! He made his Master pay me, as if I was some sorta cheap prostitute. A whore!" My voice cracked as I dramatically delivered this not-entirely-true recounting of Matt and Petey's departure. "Matt threw down this fifty dollar bill along with a pair of his used boxer shorts, and then they just left me! They left me here alone, crying on the floor!" I waved the bill which I'd been clutching in my hand, holding it up for Eric to see. The smile was now again gone from Eric's face as he stared at me sympathetically. "Petey is not the sweet, innocent little boy everyone thinks he is. He's cruel and spiteful and mean. He gossips about everyone; he steals, he lies; he cheats. He'd do anything to get what he wants! And he's insanely jealous of me!"

Eric stood there listening to my rant. "But why? Why would he be jealous of you, Ryan? Not that there's anything wrong with you. You're a hot sub yourself, but Petey has Matt. Isn't Matt like every sub's wet dream?"

"That's why he hates me, sir! He knows that Matt likes me, and it makes him feel threatened. He's jealous every time Matt so much as speaks to me. He probably talked Matt into this whole thing just to humiliate me, and yet he tries to act so innocent..."

"Well if that's the case, then Matt's not the type of Dom I thought him to be. I can't see Matt allowing his sub to manipulate him."

"Oh no, I don't mean it like that, sir. But Petey shouldn't be underestimated. He is very deceptive. It's not just Matt that he has fooled. Everyone thinks he's this sweet little angel, but believe me, he's not!"

"Well come here," Eric said, as he grabbed my wrist and walked me over to the bed. We sat down together, side-by-side. "I want you to listen to me, okay? No more crying. No more worrying about Petey or Matt or any of that bullshit. Just sit here and listen to me. Understand?"

"Yes, sir," I nodded. "I'm sorry sir. I'm listening."

"Okay, first of all, I want you to take that money tomorrow and go buy yourself something very special. I'm gonna cover the cost of the motel for tonight. I just want you to take some time to think about yourself. I want you to pamper yourself a little. Got it?"

I smiled at him sweetly. "Oh thank you, sir," I said. "It means a lot to me that you'd say that."

"All right, are you tired? Do you need to go to bed just yet, or are you up for a little bit of adventure?"

"I'm not tired sir. I just woke up."

"Okay, now get dressed. We're goin for a ride."


As I was In the bathroom getting cleaned up, I heard Eric call to me through the door. "Hey, I'm gonna wait for ya outside. Take your time, I'm gonna have a smoke."

It always seems ironic to me that so many EMTs smoked. They're in the business of saving other people's lives, yet they are killing themselves. I didn't bother to mention to Eric that I'd gotten a smoking room, because I sometimes like a cigarette myself, especially after sex. "Okay, sir. I'll be out in a minute," I said, and I heard him leave.

As I stood there in front of the mirror I thought about the things I'd told him concerning Matt and Petey. I knew they weren't exactly truthful, but what was I supposed to do? If I hadn't been at least a little dramatic and hadn't let him see me cry a little, he might not have forgiven me for leaving him at the party earlier. I knew that if he'd been a more experienced Master, I'd never have gotten away with it.

I also knew that unless I started doing something about that fuck stain Petey Drinkell that I'd never really get my shot at serving Matt. As long as that bitch was in the picture I'd have no chance. The truly sad thing about it was that Petey really was this innocent, sweet little guy just like everyone thought. It made me sick. I can't stand guys like that. I honestly couldn't understand why Matt was attracted to him in the first place. To me Petey just seemed like a kid. Emotionally he was so immature, always whining and fretting and acting like a little lost puppy. I guess that was probably why Matt called him his pup.

Well I'm not a lost little puppy. I might be sub, but I'm not a rube like Petey is. I know eventually I'm gonna get the things I want. There's nothing gonna stop me from getting Matt Porter. Nothing. Although there are moments when I do sort of feel sorry for pathetic little Petey, I also know it's a jungle out there. It's survival of the fittest. His loss will be my gain.

As I finished styling my hair and brushing my teeth, I picked up the pair of boxers that were with my clothes. They were Matt's. I stared at my reflection in the mirror, looking myself directly in the eyes. "Matt Porter," I said, "you're gonna want me some day. You're gonna want me worse than you ever wanted Petey!" Then I pressed the fabric of his shorts up to my face and inhaled deeply, breathing in Matt's masculine scent. Instant hardon. I tossed the shorts on the counter and turned to head out the door.

As soon as I stepped outside I saw him. It was Eric, but he looked a lot different. He'd apparently changed clothes, and was now wearing his work uniform. He was a paramedic. I stopped instantly in my tracks as I took in the sight of the hot EMT standing under the streetlamp. He was wearing form-fitting blue work pants, the kind the paramedics always wear with lots of pockets. He had on high-top Magnum boots, spit polished to a perfect shine. His neatly pressed pale blue uniform shirt was snugly tucked into his very narrow 29 inch waist, and the short sleeves accentuated his bulging biceps.

"Well hell-o, Sir!" I said enthusiastically. "I think I'm having a heart palpitation." Dramatically I placed my hand on my chest. "I just might need CPR in a minute!"

"You like it?" he said, a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

"No, sir. I love it!" I answered honestly. "But are you sure you still want to go for a ride? We could go back inside..."

"We're goin for a ride," he answered, cocking his head slightly and nodding to the vehicle parked beside him. It was an ambulance. I smiled even more broadly.

"Nice," I said.

"Get in," he said, and quickly I did as instructed, heading immediately for the passenger-side door. As I climbed into the cab, I took in the sight of all the gadgetry and buttons on the dashboard. I noted that there was one long, bench-style seat that extended across the cab. It was like the inside of a pickup truck.

"I've never ridden in one of these before," I said to him as he crawled behind the wheel.

"Shut up," he said calmly. "You've done enough talking for the night." Quickly I looked down at my lap and realized what was happening. He was putting me in my place. He was establishing himself as being superior. I guess he'd had enough drama and was ready to get down to business. "So you like the uniform, huh?" he asked.

I didn't know if I was allowed to answer or not since he'd just told me to shut up, but I figured since it was a direct question I'd better reply. "Yes sir," I said quietly, "very much."

He laughed. "You fags are all alike. You have a thing for a guy in uniform. Especially a guy that looks as hot as me." Normally I'd find such a statement to be extremely conceited and narcissistic, but in his case there was no denying that it was true. The way he looked sitting there with his legs spread apart, the tight smoothness of those navy blue pants stretched over his legs and crotch, it was all I could do to keep from sliding my hand across the seat to touch him. I knew I'd better not though. I knew it was not my place to make such a bold move.

As he put the vehicle in gear and pulled out of the parking lot, I watched his every move. His face was illuminated by the lights from the dashboard. The sound of the radio was a bit distracting, as the dispatcher continued to make her announcements. I wondered how Eric had gotten the ambulance while off duty. It seemed to me that it would have been in use by others who were currently working. Maybe he wasn't off duty, though. Maybe he was on call or something, but if that were the case, it seems he'd have had a partner with him.

As if he were reading my thoughts, he offered an explanation. "This is my truck," he said. "I've gotta take it in tomorrow morning for maintenance, so I drove it home. I'm not actually working tonight."

I smiled as I looked over at him, realizing fully that his conversation was not necessarily an invitation for me to respond. He'd already told me to shut my mouth. I watched him intently as he slowly reached up under the dash and pulled a lever which allowed him to adjust the steering wheel. He repositioned it a bit, pulling it upwards. Then without a word he pointed to floorboard at my feet. "Down!" he commanded, and immediately I slid off my seat and crouched under the dash.

On my knees I inched my way closer to him, as he continued to drive. He reached for the button of his fly, and ineptly attempted to unzip himself one-handed. I quickly slid over beside him and came to his aid. Cautiously I reached up with both my hands and finished the job, peeling open the tempting package that was right in front of my eyes. I grinned to myself when I discovered he was going commando. He shifted a bit in his seat, pressing his shoulders back while at the same time thrusting his groin slightly forward. This allowed me to pull his tight pants down a bit in order to fully expose him. He spread his legs apart, and I inhaled his scent for the first time.

There in front of me was the most perfect piece of cock flesh I'd ever seen, at least eight fat inches in length. I didn't waste a second, and quickly bowed my head as I made contact with his ballsac for the first time. My tongue slid expertly across his plump, sweaty testicles as he moaned enjoyably at the pleasant feel of that first contact. "Yeah, lick em, bitch" he said. "Lick my nuts!"

As hot as it was to be kneeling there beside him in the confines of the tight-spaced Ambulance cab, I wished the damned steering wheel had not been in the way. I had to do a bit of maneuvering to position myself just right so as not to interfere with his driving yet also remain in my submissive kneeling position. With his right hand Eric then reached down and grabbed the back of my head, pressing me firmly into his throbbing erection. "Lick it, I said! Lick those nuts, bitch!"

His aggressiveness was turning me on, and I continued to lap at his balls all the more eagerly. "Yes sir!" I moaned. "Oh god, sir!" When I felt his grip loosen just a little, I began to inch my way up his shaft. As I did so, I slid my left hand between his legs and cupped his balls. With my right hand I grabbed hold of the base of cock. I pulled it towards myself so that it was sticking straight up, and then I wrapped my lips around the fat bulbous head.

As soon as Eric felt the warmth of my lips around his cockhead, he shoved me down, forcing me to take it all in one smooth thrust. "Oh yeah!" he moaned. "Swallow it!" He firmly held me in place as he impaled my head mercilessly with his rigid spear. I wasn't about to gag this time, not like I'd done with Petey. He held me in place for a few seconds, and I made virtually no attempt to pull away. When I felt his grip on my head loosen just a bit, I began to bob up and down. I kept the suction nice and tight, and I concentrated on salivating enough to keep it slick and smooth. His moans of pleasure convinced me that he was enjoying the sensation.

Another indicator that his pleasure was heightening was the fact that all of a sudden he reached over and flipped a switch. Instantly the lights began flashing and the siren started to blare. "Fuck yeah!" he declared. "Suck my cock, slut!" It was just as the siren reached a blaring crescendo that he bucked in his seat and thrust his hips forward. He pumped his load straight down my hungry and eager throat!

I waited a few seconds, gulping every last drop of his man seed, before sliding away from him. I then slowly and casually resumed my position on the seat beside him, a little closer to him than where I'd originally been sitting. He had turned off the lights and siren and was staring straight ahead at the road. Calmly he stated, "We were going through a major intersection when I came," he laughed to himself. "It was a climax so hot that it literally stopped traffic."

"Wow, sir," I smiled. "I guess it really was hot then."

He didn't say any more for awhile, and I still was unsure whether or not I should try to converse with him. I noticed we seemed to be heading out of town, away from the main roads. It soon became clear that we were headed out somewhere in the country, out in the middle of nowhere. When he finally turned onto a dirt road and drove through a wooded area, I started to feel a bit spooked, simply because it was so dark away from all the streetlights.

Finally he pulled the truck off the path into a clearing. Obviously he knew where we were and had been here before, but I had no idea. He killed the ignition, and as he did so also turned off the lights. We were sitting in complete darkness. The red lights on the radio provided the only illumination. Then he reached up on the dash and pressed a button. The lights in the camper section of the ambulance came on. I turned and looked through the tiny window behind my head.

"Get out!" he said, "and get in the back." Quickly I fumbled for the door handle and slid out as the door opened. I felt my way down the back of the ambulance by pressing my hand against the wall. The light seemed so bright, as I reached up and opened the door, jumping up quickly. Eric was right behind me, having come around from the other side.

"Strip!" he commanded, "and get on the gurney." I stared straight ahead at the bed-on-wheels that lay before me.

"Yes sir, " I said, as I began unbuttoning my shirt. Impatiently Eric grabbed hold of me and spun me around. He reached for the tail of my shirt with one hand while pulling my head toward him with the other. His lips suddenly were pressed against my own. Savagely he kissed me, driving his tongue deep into my mouth. I pressed my body against his, all the while continuing to try unbuttoning my shirt. Finally he pushed me away from him, forcing me against the gurney. I fell backwards, landing sideways on the makeshift bed.

He was then on top of me, and by this time I had the shirt completely unbuttoned. His hands were rubbing against my chest. He was tweaking my nipples, burying his face into my neck. I moaned loudly, writhing against him. My hands moved down to undo the button of my jeans. Within seconds his hands were there to assist. He tore off my pants as I simultaneously kicked off my shoes. He pushed himself back up, away from me, and again unbuttoned his fly. As he exposed himself to me again, I now was finally completely naked on the cot before him.

He reached up onto a shelf and grabbed a tube of something. Hastily he flipped open the lid and squeezed out of glob of lubrication into his palm and started to stroke his fat, already-hard prick. In anticipation, I was already spread out before him, my legs stretched wide apart. He lowered himself over me, and slid his greasy, lubricated fingers between my legs. He found my pucker, and slowly slid his finger inside. I moaned.

Oh god! This hot paramedic had me pinned beneath him, drilling his finger straight up my tight hole. It was just too fucking good to be true. I wanted him so badly. I had to have him inside me! "Oh sir! Oh god sir please!" I begged him.

As he lowered the full weight of his body against my own, I felt his hot fuck-rod press against my hole. Then without hesitation, he slid in. Slowly at first, he eased into me, staring intently into my eyes as he did so. Then right at the moment he impaled me, he leaned in and kissed me once more. It was paradise! I was in a state of ecstatic bliss. The painful pleasure of his thrust tore through me, and I bucked wildly beneath him, wrapping my legs completely around his torso.

"Fuck me sir! Oh god, please fuck me hard!"

Eric wasted no time in obliging my request, as he began to drill my ass mercilessly. For the next ten minutes he pounded me, having far more stamina than he would have had he not just cum only minutes previously. As he continued to grind deeply into me, the forcefulness of his thrusts jabbed repeatedly against my prostrate, and I knew I would not be able to hold off orgasm myself.

"I'm gonna cum, sir! Oh god, I'm gonna shoot!"

"Shoot it boy! Do it!"

"Oh sir, fuck the cum outta me! Oh god! Oh please! Ahh! Ahhh!" I was so close. I couldn't hold back one second longer.

As I cried out in delirious pleasure, I felt the hot paramedic on top of me tighten his buttocks muscles as he drove himself all the way into me. He moaned loudly, "Ahhh, Fuck!" and he threw his head back and trembled just slightly. We both shot our loads at the exact same moment, mine erupting all over my chest and onto his crisply-pressed, pale blue uniform shirt.

"Oh god, oh sir! Thank you sir! I love you sir! I love you Matt!"

Did I just call my new Master by the wrong name?


Jeff Erno currently lives in southern Michigan and works as a retail store manager. His writing originally began as a hobby, and most of his erotic material was published on the Nifty Archive. Currently he writes gay-themed, young-adult, and erotica novels. His website is located at http://www.jefferno.net and he can be contacted through Facebook, Myspace, and email (jeffaerno@gmail.com).