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Am I Old Enough For The Razor Strop, Please?


PJ Franklin

Back in the day on the family farm, a boy's march to manhood, strength and honor was judged not by his muscles or farming skills or abilities. Any man or boy who was a success at farm work proved nothing but that he could do what he was supposed to do, nothing more or nothing less.  It was how he faced failure that counted the most and especially how he faced the consequences of that failure.

Boys learned how to grow up from failure to failure, not success to success. Young inexperienced boys faced their failures at the end of their mother's hairbrushes and wooden spoons, not wanting to be seen by their proud older male kin limply laying across the female lap, their bare bottoms forced high up by their mother's strong arm, their small flaccid penises helplessly dangling from hairless prepubescent groins as the rapid stinging strokes forced rivers of bitter tears from their red eyes, their faces pouting without pride, sent to bed early in shame with no recompense of any kind.

Older boys, not yet fully grown and ready for their first trip to the woodshed, could at least finally graduate from their mother's laps to their father or even an older experienced brother sending them out to the Hickory tree with their penknives, to prepare a switch or two and at least take their earned whipping standing up, using that old large tree trunk for support. Then they had a chance to prove their worth, even as their bare feet danced a jig as the switch stung and flayed their naked bare bottoms and the tops of their thighs.

Those boys would still shed some tears for sure, but their faces would no longer pout and they would fight hard to show pride and the worth of their early adolescent growth, penises at least half hard during the whipping and right after the ordeal, fully hard. When a boy seemed close to the next step towards manhood in that instance, his brother or father would then let that boy stand facing the tree and manually loosen his own seed onto the tree bark as a reward for a whipping well taken. Those boys knew that their times were near to the shed, when they too could emulate their older kin and no longer be counted as boys, but more like men. Those boys then strutted proudly away from that tree, well, maybe waddled a bit for the strong afterglow.

* * * * * * * * * *

Outside, Adam squatted on his haunches just aside the woodshed entrance, listening intently, his eyes open, but staring blankly ahead, fingers fiddling absentmindedly with freshly plucked green blades of grass, their delicate white roots shedding brown dirt. The fifteen year old carefully counted each loud and distinctive leathery crack of the hard swung, freshly oiled razor strop cowhide across his older brother's bared buttocks.

After awhile, Adam threw the grass clump aside, stood up and turning, stepped forward and dared to turn his head and carefully pressed his right ear to the outside wooden shed wall. The sounds were now louder and he could also hear his older brother Isaac and father Eli each making sounds, the hard grunting sounds of a punishment given by one and received by the other. Adam's penis was as stiff as a two by four under his blue denim overalls.

Inside, the older boy's strong crimson splotched buttock cheeks could be seen, proudly jutting up from the old saw horse crosspiece, taking each punishment cut with a steady pride, sinewy thighs and strong legs atop high arched feet firmly planted on the old wooden shed flooring. Both man and boy grunted hard from deep inside their guts with each pass, one from full effort given, the other from relentless hard pain taken.

The older boy was naked in total, bent forward and over the saw horse cross piece in an inverted V, his fists clamped solidly onto the base of the horse's front legs, his torso and face sparkling with delicate beads of gathering sweat. The man stood to the side, his blue denim overall top fallen off his shoulders to waist level, naked and sharply defined chest and back muscles glistening generously with his own small sweat beads. The smaller beads on both man and boy would lazily coalesce into heavy larger ones, then drop down to the wooden floor beneath, instantly absorbed into mere dampness by the hot and thirsty wood grain dryness urged on by the heat of that hot summer day.

There was work to be done on the farm outside, but a boy had erred and no boy of Isaac's advanced teenaged years and experience expected anything less than thirty, hard from the shoulder, swooping down like fire and brimstone, each cut meant to make its point that errors made on a farm could be dangerous and bring harm to man or boy, or worse, to their stock, their animals, and that meant food, transportation or assets reduced or denied.

Eli Stone was proud of his seventeen year old son, Isaac. Yes, he had erred, but all boys and many men err, excepting that Isaac was still young enough to learn the easy way, a good old fashioned woodshed tanning, a tanning that would last on the boy's flesh for a good day or two and in his mind for a few weeks or months after. Some boys learned easy and the strop was given less frequent. Some boys learned hard and must bare his buttocks to the dead, humid air in the woodshed more often.

Twenty-five strokes given, Eli paused as he always had. Isaac blew out a grateful breath. Eli looked and smiled. Isaac was truly passing into full manhood. He took his whipping now without tears and his son's penis was long and exceedingly hard as it should be by now. Isaac looked back and Eli's face grew solemn and he slight nodded. More was expected from the boy, more was expected from the father. Isaac looked back down, closed his eyes and concentrated. The last five would be given slower, to give him a little extra time.

Outside, Adam's ear came away from the wall and he turned and squatted down again, ignoring his own empathetic arousal, it was not his time, he would have to wait. His mind was with Isaac, how his older brother must now feel, how his pride was holding up. Adam tried to imagine it was him inside, him feeling his father's strong cuts, the leather burying deeply into his flesh, searing it, sealing it, teaching it that whether by mischief or mistake, a farm is no place to fool about. A farm is serious and so must be those who are given to take care of it. Adam waited at the twenty-fifth stroke's pause. He knew it was time, time for Isaac, but not his time.

Eli started back in, five more to give, five more chances for his son. He gave the first, hard and relentlessly, the sound of the now sweat-damp leather's strike sharply echoing even though the wooden woodshed walls dampened the sound. Isaac's eyes suddenly popped open, the pain intense, his thighs quivering from gathering muscular fatigue and tendonous strain, but he was almost there, just nearly, just one more, yes, just one more! Eli knew, so did Adam. Outside, Adam stood up now, waited, thinking only of Isaac's pride, pride in his big brother.

Eli smiled a little and nodded to himself, "Boy's a man," he mumbled now and then swooped the leather toward the lowest and most painful spot across Isaac's already criss-crossed scarlet meeting of buttocks with thighs.  The sound rang out. Outside, Adam expectantly waited for the tell-tale next pause and was soon rewarded as the strop's cuts stopped, Eli observing that  Isaac's sap was now rising hard just after the searing pain had sharply drilled into his flesh, each large oval testicle reacting as sharp and explosive sex feelings rushed up from pelvis and up through his body and down his legs.

Eli heard it first even before he saw his son's semen squirting in a hard spurting thin stream of hot white liquid, hitting the wooden floor below with dull thuds and heavy droplets, the boy's piss slit expanding and shrinking, expanding and shrinking. Isaac's pelvis now involuntarily jerked to and fro and Eli deftly stepped forward and reaching between his son's sweat drenched thighs, milked his boy's erect penis with firm patient strokes from a hardened, farm-worked-calloused palm.

"That's it boy, get all of it now," Eli flatly advised and Isaac made each thrust count in through his Pa's firm palm-tunnel, allowing his throat only to growl with guttural deep sounds until it was done. Eli then stepped back, wiped his gooey palm on his blue dirty overalls, then waited for Isaac to settle.

Outside, Adam smiled proudly for Isaac and for himself. That was his big brother in that woodshed, doing himself and their Pa proud and one day, hopefully soon, it would be him, Adam Stone, making his Pa proud, just like Isaac was presently doing. Adam then sighed, slipped his hands into his overall pockets on each side and squatted, listened and waited again, his finger-tips on one side sorely tempted to tease the sensitive underside at the base of his own long hard phallus-head. But if he did that, he would make a large darker blue damp spot on the front of his overalls. Pa would not be happy if he saw that, neither would Isaac. He must control himself.

Inside, Eli would finish son Isaac's punishment up with only three more hard strop cuts to go. Isaac's nose filled with the scent of his own nearby spent sex musk. He could also see the quickly gelling white puddle as well, but he did not stand up and instead stared proudly at the little white lake of liquid lust. Just because you proved yourself a man just then, doesn't mean it's over, three more hard cuts to go. Put that freshly stropped ass of yours way up there, take those last three cuts proudly and don't let Pa down, give him the best you got, especially now that the spunking has cleared the mind of the built up lusts and now there could be clearer thinking about the mistake that got you there in the first place and to not make it again.

Three, two, then one and it was done, the last three the worst, placed low, then high, then low. The sting was massive, but the lesson was complete. Isaac waited until Eli would speak. Eli waited and looked. He saw his son's strop-ravaged ass cheeks, the lattice work of the criss-crossing and intersected wide red stripes looking artful and leaving little white for the eye.

Eli sniffed the damp woodshed air of the strong familiar male odor representing what he saw of his boy's large and generous pool of spent semen which automatically triggered his own continuously semi-hard penis to finally completely harden with empathetic expectations of himself that he would satisfy later in a private celebratory ritual somewhere alone where his boys and other men could not see.

"Mind yourself now, boy," Eli finally did say and that was the sign. Isaac stood up and turned. Eli lifted and slipped his arms through the loops of his overall's chest top piece then set the strop back up in its place, nodded at his boy, turned and walked out of the woodshed headed for the next chore, expecting both Eli and Adam to join him directly. Eli took but bland notice of son Adam as he passed Adam, his mind already on the chore to be done. Adam saw his Pa's erectile tent, but paid it no heed or importance and instead turned towards the open door to see Isaac's emergence.

Inside and still naked, Isaac stood and gently rubbed his thoroughly tanned and stinging hide. Yes, he was well tanned, perfectly tanned, tanned as should be expected of a boy of his age and abilities. That was thirty? Hell, he might make forty next time and smiled self-prideful at the thought. Isaac then gingerly pulled up his blue overalls and slipped his right arm through just one strap, the other left dangling to ease a portion of the expected fully pressured pain of scratchy denim on naked, throbbing ass-skin.

As it was, his penis was still as rigid as an old wood-shafted garden rake, the tip overly sensitive as it always would be at this point and wanton for it to rub painfully up against the unyielding rough denim fabric causing him to mumble something about the feeling of a kind of extra punishment as if he needed any further reminders. Isaac nonetheless sighed and headed out into the bright sunshine, closing the shed's door, but glancing at the strop as it now harmlessly hung from its short length of wooden hanging dowel, its job presently done.

Adam now stood straight up high, his hands softly at his sides and not in the pockets and faced Isaac, his turgid member now headed on the downslope from complete hardness. He looked for signs of strength and pride in his big brother and saw them and smiled, "Work to be done," and Isaac solemnly nodded, but with a telltale wince in it and said, "Let's get to it." For the rest of the afternoon into evening, one man and two sons toiled to get the work done, go to supper and then rest.

* * * * * * * * * *

Later, as the sun dutifully dipped into the summer sky's evening horizon after a late family supper, Adam and Isaac walked upstairs, headed for their bedroom, Isaac making but one glance back at his Pa as Eli nodded to his wife at the same time the boys headed up the stairs.

"Clean up some chores before bed, "he said to her and headed out alone and into the fast fading daylight and towards the far back of the barn where there was a solitary and very narrow and tall old tool shed, his mind already recalling with pride the details of son Isaac's manfully taken razor stropping of that day.

Now upstairs, Adam and Isaac left their bedroom door open at present, then both stripped themselves to nakedness of their workday's dirty overalls. Isaac turned his backside to Adam, the skin of his tanned hide well chaffed from denim rubbing on the strop's work for most of a day. Adam saw it and blinked, his own penis reacting with instant healthy hardness.

"Ought to have salve," Adam said from behind.  Isaac nodded, "Bath first, then salve," Isaac said, his own penis now hardening for knowing for sure that his younger brother was looking at their Pa's handiwork on his naked buttock cheeks as well as  thoughts of what had transpired in the woodshed earlier that day adding their own distinctive hardening tone. This had all happened before up in their bedroom with Adam afterwards, but this time there was an extra dimension that invaded his private reverie.

Adam did not tarry and wait for Isaac to turn around, instead walked out of the bedroom and across the hallway to the upstairs bathroom to start the flow of hot water into the solitary old porcelain bath tub. Isaac remained behind and fetched old tattered cotton drying towels for his and Adam's anticipated baths from the small cubby hole near to their bedroom window to take to the bathroom. But after, he paused to look out of the upstairs window at the last of the day's fading light, his eye unable to see past the front of the farm's reddish painted barn walls across the large yard.

Isaac knew or suspected he knew where Pa was going and what he was about to do or strongly suspected it as well. He had seen Pa's hard tent as he had walked out of the shed earlier and just could feel that Pa was out there somewhere right now, at the back of that barn, likely near to that old rickety tall narrow tool shed, doing something about that adult hardness of his at a location that had special meaning to his father.

A strong empathy filled Isaac's heart just then, wondering what happens to boys who grow to men, have boys of their own, leaving their boy years behind. He had never spoken to Pa about such things, not yet anyway. Do they outgrow the need for trips to the woodshed and hard stinging stroppings? Did Pa miss that from Grandpa Paul who died way before his time, leaving the family without his strong presence? Did that matter to Pa now? Isaac just sighed, turned and walked out of the bedroom and across the hall into the bathroom were Adam waited.

Eli Stone reached inside of the tool shed to behind a tattered and very old and very large canvas tarp that used to cover the engine of an old green tractor during storms. This shed and he had a history for Eli and his father, that was why he was there now.

His fist found the length of old, dry and scarred leather razor strop, the one his father had used on him growing up before the present woodshed was built. His boy's paternal grandfather, Paul, had died after Eli had just married his wife, his boys never knew their grandpa, a fact that still tore at Eli's heart when he allowed himself to think of it.

Eli held the old leather, ran his hands over its un-oiled surface and tried to recall the last vestiges of memory of the last time his father had used that very strop on his own bared backside, standing up with his hands on the side of the narrow tool shed where he now stood near. Eli stopped short however. The memory was too painful, the memory of his father's passing that is, from an unexpected and tragic car crash.

Instead, Eli set the strop aside and disrobed to nakedness. It was fully dark out now, nobody would be disturbing him. He let his mind wander back to just that afternoon with son Isaac and how manfully Isaac emulated his own behaviors with his own father way back when, especially the easy way that Isaac could now pump out a full load of semen and spatter the woodshed floor so completely with his natural fluids just at the right time at the end of a very painful whipping. Eli had done the same with his Pa in his time.

Eli sighed, picked up the old strop again as his manprick came to full hardness and slipped it across the back of his shoulders, the details of son Isaac's whipping that afternoon being interfered with by thoughts of what might have been had his Pa lived. Would he have continued to get stroppings from Pa even after marriage? Does a man really outgrow that need, even as a man, especially when his Pa is still alive? Eli would never know and accepted that fate, though not without a sharp tinge of bitterness.

"Not gonna sit," Isaac said now standing in the hot tub water and reached for an old tattered wash rag. Adam snatched it first, "You just stand," and Isaac did not argue. Adam then patiently rubbed and washed up and down Isaac's long back and longer legs, but did not touch Isaac's tanned buttock flesh. Instead, he wetted and re-soaped the rag and handed it back to Isaac who then gently bathed his own healing bottom flesh with it first, then bathed his own front side including his wagging taut erection.

Adam waited as Isaac toiled, furtively rubbing his erection as he stared at his older brother's buttocks, at the still very red skin. Then Isaac turned and handed the rag back to Adam, noting Adam dropping his hand off of his hard piece. Adam took the rag and started to bath himself as Isaac stepped out of the tub and took up a towel. Adam hurried and finished his bath and then stepped out of the tub and Isaac threw a fresh towel of his own in Adam's face, playfully.

"Get done, I want that salve right now!" Isaac said with fake impatience.  Adam giggled a little, "You have to wait, I'm still sopping wet!" and started to towel himself off. Himself grinning, Isaac stepped forward and tickled at Adam's very sensitive flank, making the boy stop his efforts involuntarily.

"Stop it!" Adam grinned and slithering himself safely away, turned, "Don't tickle me or I'll pop you with this here towel!" and wound it up, pretending to take aim at his big brother's naked front and wagging hard cock, but from a distance.

Isaac still had his moist towel and wound his up now, "Go right ahead little brother and I'll make your tail just about as red in a spot as mine is all over!" and then viciously cut the air with it.

Adam's eyes grew wide and he jumped back, "Holy moses! Let me out of here!" and he quickly scampered passed Adam through the open bathroom doorway towards the bedroom across the hall as the next towel snap barely missed sensitive flesh.

But back in the bedroom, all mischief was laid aside and Adam handed Isaac his towel. Adam went to the cupboard and fetched the healing and soothing jar of salve as Isaac laid out both moist drying towels across the wooden drying rack, then went to their bed and lay down on his tummy, pressing his erection into the soft bed linens and waited. Still nude like his older brother, Adam climbed up on the bed and kneeled at his big brother's side and got a nice gob of salve onto his fingers.

Eli dry-stroked his erection with one hand and fingered the old strop across his shoulders with the other. At some point, you just have to accept that life changes and sometimes those changes are for the best, some not. Some are good, others are just plain painful and never seem to give a man any rest from it. No good to dwell on that now, and Eli Stone's thoughts now came up to the present and son Isaac's magnificent performance of earlier in the day, Eli's sap quickly coming up from his big hairy man-nuts.

"Pa says that old tractor of ours is about done in, need a new one," Isaac said, wincing slightly as Adam started to spread the salve on his sore backside flesh and closed his eyes, the younger fingers softly spreading the cooling ointment.

"Pa got the money?" Adam asked and seeing Isaac's thighs starting to part, scooted himself a bit further up towards Isaac's head but didn't stop the ministration.

Isaac then turned some onto his side, his front side now away from Adam, reached blindly down with his upper hand and directed Adam's fingers to his anus and then turned further onto his side and drew his upper knee far up to his chest, resting his head on a fluffy down bed pillow.

"I think so, but we may have to sell off one of them hogs of ours to make it work," Isaac answered then felt Adam sidle up closer to Isaac, his knees right on Isaac's side.

Adam  put a small sob of salve onto Isaac's exposed anal verge with his right hand as well as more onto his left palm which then reached over Adam's flank and then firmly grasped Isaac's hardened penis into his fist, coating it with the salve. Adam then firmly and slowly drove two of his greased up smaller fingers of his right hand fairly effortlessly and far up into his big brother's rectum, deftly finding the older boy's prostate gland as he did.

"Them hogs is worth a lot at market, guess that'll do if it's called for, "Adam said, then started to work his brother's rectum, smoothly in and out, making sure a soft fingertip rubbed over his big brother's prostate gland just right each time. Isaac's pelvis then got in rhythm and he moved his erection through his younger brother's greasy hand tunnel.

"Yup, outta do just fine. Maybe sell off some parts from the old tractor, make up the difference here and there," and then Isaac stopped talking.

Adam had but to keep his arm and hand still, both hands really, and Isaac did all the work from there. The jerks and grunts came soon enough and Isaac's fluids flowed freely into Adam's hand as his body jerked and moved, Adam having to steady his smaller body over his brother's writhing efforts.

"Whew, " Isaac said calmly and Adam quickly hopped off the bed and finding his overalls on the floor, wiped his hand clean. Isaac turned to his back and moved over and Adam slipped in next to him, his penis pretty riled up and stood up tall towards the ceiling. Isaac turned on his side towards Adam up on one elbow and spat in his hand, reached over and grasped his younger brother's hard prick.

"Don't seem right selling a hog for that old tractor. Hog is food and worth more than we could get right now, ain't it? Adam asked and locked his hands behind his head, pushing his pelvis up and down inside his big brother's hand tunnel.

"Well, you're not far off little brother. You been paying attention haven't you, hog's worth more the longer we keep it, to a point." And then both boys stopped talking as Adam's balls released their pent up fluid and Isaac pointed the tip of his little brother's prick back up towards Adam's chin just a little. Adam's body jerked around a bit and his breath grunted loudly and his eyes kind of rolled back up inside his eyelids for the force of the involuntary good feelings.

Adam first felt then opened his eyes and looked back down at Isaac's mouth and lips covering his penis head and some shaft too, quietly licking up all of the expelled effort in that area, Isaac's fingers gathering up the spunk from Adam's chest and tummy and into his own mouth.  Adam patient waited, his face still showing his mind thinking about that hog and what it might be worth in dollars as Isaac made a pretty good clean sweep of all of his brother's semen into his mouth, smacking his lips at the end for effect.

Finishing up the cleaning job, Isaac then settled back down on his back. Adam now turned to his side up on his elbow towards Isaac, "Pa let me drive the new one you think?"

Isaac chuckled, palmed the loose smaller square pillow besides his older big one and splattered Adam's face softly with it, "What planet do you think you live on?"

Adam flashed a toothy grin, "Just checking. I know Pa would never allow that," then lay back onto the soft bed linens and pillow and sighed, "Nite brother." Isaac sighed and turned his back to Adam, "Nite."

Eli's chest heaved, the strong sexual feelings now starting to fade and he looked at the semen spattered pattern that ran all the way from near the shed a good four foot away and up to just a few inches from his own bare feet. Volume and strength were no problem for Eli, he was still young enough to run with younger bucks if you could think of it that way still.

Eli sighed and stepping forward, his bare feet smashing some of the muddy semen droplets further underfoot and into the dirt below, put the old strop back into his hiding place, until next time, whenever that might be. Then he simply picked up his overalls and carried them and his naked body back around the barn and towards the house, his mind saddled with fatigue. He went to bed after cleaning up.

One month later ….

Adam's stomach clenched hard and he felt a little sick to his stomach. He was watching Isaac help Ma load Pa into their truck  for the trip to the hospital. Ma would drive. Pa was sorely ill in his guts and needed help from the doctor. Just before the door closed, Eli said with pain in his voice, "Isaac, you take care of this farm and your brother, you hear?"

"Yes Pa!" Isaac said with a worried face.

"If he errs, you give him a sound whipping, hear?" and Isaac nodded, "Yes Pa," and then the door closed and the Ma sped off.

Adam looked at Isaac, "Is Pa gonna die?" and Isaac, worried about the same thing, said a solid, "No! He's not gonna die, now get to your chores and do as I say, or I'll whip your skinny ass like Pa says!"

Adam smiled, "Yes Isaac!" and off he sped.

Ma returned later without Pa and told Adam and Isaac that Pa needed a surgery for the "pendix" and he could not work for a month, then disappeared into the kitchen, stoical as always. Later that night in bed, Adam turned onto his tummy and looked at Isaac who was on his back, his hands behind his head, "If I need a whipping, will you let me go to the woodshed for a stropping, I'm almost sixteen?"

Isaac rolled his eyes a little, "No, you'll get a switchin' at the tree like always, Pa's rules. You ain't sixteen yet, now go to bed!" and Isaac rolled away from Adam. Adam persisted, "I'm good enough for sixteen. Pa left you in charge, you can decide for yourself."

Isaac sighed and rolled back onto his back, "You're not old enough to do it right."

Adam firmed his jaw, "I am too! I can do just like you do."

Isaac looked at Adam, skeptically, "Oh really? I suppose you been practicing?"

Adam thought, "No, but I know I can, give me a chance at it Isaac, please, why can't I be stropped? I'm tired of the switch, it ain't good enough no more."

Isaac grew tired of the argument, "If I say yes, will you let me sleep?"

Adam smiled, "Yes!"

Isaac gave in, "Fine! I'll strop the living daylights out of you then and you better do it right or I won't stop!" and then rolled over to his side and away from Adam.

Adam smiled and lay back down on his back, put his hand down onto his rigid cock and stroked it softly and looked at his older brother's naked back and backside. He looked and looked at it for awhile.

"Isaac?" he asked softly. "What," Isaac said from the other side.

"Will you like to strop my bare butt in the woodshed?" and then there was pause.

"Maybe," Isaac said a little impatiently, his hand now down on his hardened penis, but facing away from Adam still.

Adam saw Isaac's elbow moving in "that way."

"Maybe … maybe we should practice. You send me to the shed tomorrow, make me strip off and I'll go over the sawhorse and you take after me good and hard, see if I can do what I'm supposed," and then Adam's fist started to move harder and faster.

"Ma will see, get us in trouble, especially me," Isaac replied.

Adam smiled, "Nope, she'll be with Pa at the hospital," and then Isaac flipped onto his back, his hard prick still in his hand and saw Adam's fist working away, "You gonna take all night? I'll beat you to it!"

"No you won't!" and the brothers were off to the races. Truth was, they both squirted hard from the base of their balls at the same time that night, spattering up to each chin about the same amount of stuff, except Isaac's got messed in with his chest hairs, not so much for Adam yet.

Unlike some times before, Adam then jumped out of bed, got an old towel that had been left on the floor, wiped himself mostly clean, then tossed it at Isaac who did the same and then yawned, "Now get to sleep," rolled over and did the same.

* * * * * * * * * *

Hard farm work will take it out of man or boy, no matter how young and the heat doesn't help at all either.  Pa was OK, the surgery went well, the inflamed appendix safely removed, but Pa would be laid up for several more weeks in the hospital, doctor's orders. The doctor was only second to God in somebody Pa respected, so the boys knew they would have to take care of the farm in his absence. Ma would spend most of her time sitting next to Pa in the hospital room, knitting or quilting as Pa tried to use those old reading glasses of his to read some old magazines Ma brought him or the Bible maybe.

Meanwhile, Isaac wisely brought in Henry Potts to help with some of the harder work that Pa would have done. Henry was a good ol' boy, a bit older than Isaac and pretty big. Henry did a lot of smiling, but less talking and the day went faster. Things got done a bit early that particular day and soon Adam stood next to Isaac, watching the dust rise off of Henry's truck tires as he drove down the long dirt driveway back to the paved county highway.

"Any reason not to get to the shed, try some stropping?" Adam then asked, watching the last of the artificially created dust-devils off of Henry's truck's back tires.

"Nope, no reason. Never heard nobody so anxious to get his ass all beat up, on account he wants to show off," Isaac said, but in doing so, knew he had done the same, anxious to prove his worth, he had also cajoled their Pa when he was fifteen too. Funny, Pa's rule never did get used proper in that fashion.

Younger followed older closely and all the way into the woodshed, closing the door away from the afternoon heat. The air was a bit dead, but it seemed cooler inside, though it was presently about to get a lot hotter for at least one of them.

"Strip 'em off, naked, no cutting corners now. You gonna do this right or I'm gonna make you go back out and take a switchin', teach you to get all huffy about your abilities before your time."

Adam just smiled. Isaac's sure threat of a hard and painful Hickory switching was enough to get his juices flowing, his mind all set to prove he too could take a good stropping and pop his nut onto the floor below, just like older brother Isaac. Isaac sighed and plucked the razor strop off the dowel, examined it closely for any spots that needed a quick oiling and finding none, turned and watched his younger brother's naked body bravely take up position over the saw horse.

Pride of family goes both ways you know. Isaac saw his younger brother's body and knew he was getting close to being a full physical man, just as he had at Adam's age. The question was, would the strop presently prove Adam to just be an unwise boy on the one hand or just maybe he was as he said, getting to be a full man on the other.

Adam got a bit nervous now as he made sure his bare ass cheeks were up high for his first ever razor stropping. Hickory switching is no fun, it hurts, but he knew that a stropping hurt a lot worse. Maybe this was not a such a good idea after all. Maybe all he would end up with was a very sore backside from a failed stropping and then an even sorer one from a promised Hickory switching for his failure to keep his prick hard and make it do its job at the right time.

Isaac was not na´ve. He saw both his little brother's earnest need to prove his worth in front of his older brother as well as his worry to fail to do so. In many ways, Isaac knew he should just nature take its course and let Adam learn from it, either way.

"Twenty of 'em, hard from the shoulder, right Isaac?" Adam said with a slight quiver of voice, committed but not convinced.

"That's right, twenty, pause at fifteen. Don't you rise up now." Isaac warned.

Then Adam waited and waited and then heard the strop's flight before he felt it, a hard searing pain across his butt cheeks that filled his ears with that loud cracking sound and his body with a deep awful pain. Adam let out a loud grunt. Isaac was satisfied with the effort and did it again and again, watching Adam's younger boy body writhe about and contort. Only five cuts into it, tears coursed down from Adam's eyes, enough to drip, too much of them to just streak.

The pain was awful and the next five cuts made Adam's legs buckle. His voice was starting to want to yell. The third set of five towards a count of fifteen did make him yell and Adam cried out, "Ouuuuupleaseee!"

That was on the fifteenth cut. Isaac was dripping wet with sweat and shaking a bit all over and not from the physical effort, it was the mental strain, cursing himself for having allowed Adam to talk him into this ordeal. Isaac checked. Adam's penis was shriveled up and as soft as a ten year old's over his Mama's knees for a hairbrush smacking. Not good, not good at all.

Adam was dripping wet with sweat, but also with disappointment and regret. He was failing and it wasn't even close. He would get his twenty over with and then gladly march himself to the Hickory tree, cut two switches and take his punishment switching standing up facing the old Hickory tree truck with his hands extended onto it for support for having been so presumptuous as to think he was yet old enough to be a real man like big brother Isaac.

Adam was but thirteen when Isaac begged his Pa for his first stropping to prove his worth and Adam happened to be elsewhere and off the farm and never knew what really happened, but Isaac remembered like it had happened even that very day. Vowing to himself to save his brave but foolish little brother in just the same way that Pa had saved his tender ego needs, Isaac sighed, stepped forward and reaching between Adam's shaking thighs, the tops cherry red from the strop's easy way with him, firmly grasped at Adam's limp penis and scrotum sack and started to rub and tease it with a purpose.

Adam felt the ministration, "What're you doing?! Ain't supposed to help me! I'm all done in, just finish me up and make me go cut switches!" Adam said bitterly. Isaac listened but said nothing a moment and kept rubbing and felt Adam's penis start to harden pretty good now, it was on its way.

"Now you keep your trap shut and do as you're told and concentrate, make it happen!" and then stepped back! Sure enough, it was taking hold, Adam was getting a good hard bone and then the heat from his stropping was starting to be useful to it as well.

"Here comes!" Isaac warned and let the strop fly again. Oh, it hurt badly enough, but this time, Adam let it have its way and found a way to make the nasty pain go to his dick and balls and by golly it worked for a bit. The next cut came, just three more to go, but now it was getting soft again! No!! Adam closed his eyes and tried like hell to keep himself hard, but he couldn't! Just then, Adam felt Isaac's hand again, stroking him, helping him and he realized that Isaac knew what it was like, the first time being so difficult and he said nothing, he just let Isaac help.

Finally, on the next to the last stroke, Adam's testicles got the message, loud and clear and exploded, his penis pumping out long hard draughts of young spunk onto the woodshed's floor, the air filling with his distinctive musk now and for the first time too!

Isaac smiled, waited, sniffed the air and watched as his little brother's body jerked a bit, spunk flying out kind of random like, then Isaac stepped forward and fully milked the rest of Adam's semen out using his fist on Adam's rigid young organ, just like Pa always did at that stage.

"There ya go brother, you did it, one more cut to go, steady yourself now!"

Adam had never known such elation and pride for himself, but it was properly tempered with a deep love for big brother Isaac and the knowledge that Isaac had seen to it that he would not fail and would spare him to have to go to the Hickory tree, ever again. He put up his tortured buttocks high and waited.

The last cut crashed down full force and Adam had to squeeze every muscle he had on his face to prevent from screaming. Nobody had told him that cuts after you spunk in the woodshed were the worst yet. But he did not scream or even yell.

Isaac grinned, his penis in full flower under his overalls, feeling both a full and boisterous pride in his little brother's efforts as well as a tender and steady brotherly love for Adam as well.

"OK boy, you get up. You did it, you passed. Hope you're happy with it. You gonna tell Pa when the time comes what we did?"

Adam stood up, feeling different now, his hands rubbing gently over the wondrous solid swath of hot red and swollen boy rump.

"Yup, I am. Not gonna turn back to that Hickory any more. Think Pa will be OK with us doing this and will strop me from now on?"

"I think so yes," Isaac replied and then felt distracted, worried about their father and his healing up and all in the hospital still, hoping he would be as fit both for farm work and for razor stropping his sons after healing, as before he got sick.

Adam followed Isaac out of the woodshed side by side and seeing his big brother's tent, said, "You want to get rid of that sooner than later?"

"Yea, I do, come on, follow me. I want to show you something," and Isaac led Adam to the back of the barn and opened up the small narrow tool shed door.

"What are we doing here anyway? What's in there except useless crap and spider webs?" Adam said squinting, kind of excited about being allowed to help Isaac have a good spunk.

"You'll see. I think something has to be in here," Isaac said, finally pulling back the old musty, smelly tarp and finding the old un-oiled strop, brought it out for close inspection.

"That's what I thought, I think it's Pa's from when Grandpa Paul used it on him," Isaac said, wincing as he examined the leather's awful dry shape and discoloration.

"How'd you suspect it was here? Why you getting it out?"

"Never mind for now, you gonna help me get off or what?"

Adam grinned, "Anything you want brother!"

Isaac set the strop aside for the moment and dropped off his overalls to his ankles and looked at Adam, whose eyes were pretty intent on taking a good look at his older brother's hardness.

"Don't just stare, do your thing like you do in bed sometimes. Just use spit too."

Adam grinned, this would be fun! Adam spat large gobs of saliva onto both palms, stepped forward and jamming two spit covered fingers of his left hand up in between his older brother's deep buttocks cleft, found Isaac's manhole and pushed the fingers inside, while the spit on his right palm now mixed with a goodly amount of Isaac's easy and generous pre-cum and lubricated Adam's strong stroking efforts.  Ample results were not far behind. The dirt between Isaac's feet and the tool shed was well moistened.

The boys left the area, Isaac holding the old dried strop and took it with him, his instincts about their Pa, giving him an idea.

Two weeks later …

Isaac started up the truck's engine in the small town's parking lot, Eli sitting right next to him, feeling the fresh humiliation of his doctor sternly lecturing that early morning appointment about his doing too much work too soon after his appendectomy. Eli had nearly caused the wound to dehisce which could have caused infection and delayed healing as well as excessive scar tissue. So much for doctors being near to godly in his respect for their opinions, especially when there was a farm to tend.

Isaac wasn't sure he should say anything, but decided to take a chance.

"You tellin' Adam and me all the time we need to respect authority, especially yours Pa. What made you disobey the doctor in the first place?"

Eli did not bat an eyelash. Isaac was right and even though it embarrassed his mind some to have his own son point out the obvious, neither was Eli was really ashamed to admit his error in front of his son.

"Impatience I suspect. Worried over my fitness for working the farm, too much pride I suspect. Why do you ask son?"

Isaac put the truck in gear, "Tell you later after we call in Henry Potts to help us and I show you something back at the farm."

* * * * * * * * * *

Much later that same afternoon, Adam, Isaac and Eli stood together and waved good-bye to Henry Potts again. Henry was called out that afternoon even to come and ease Eli's need to not be doing a lot of heavy things for farm work quite yet and had done a good job as always.

"Come on Pa, Adam, follow me please," and Isaac led the two other males into the woodshed. This really surprised Eli especially, but Adam as well, but nothing like when Isaac unveiled Eli's Pa's old razor strop, now all freshly oiled and save for some discoloration, ready for business.

Eli's eyes lit up at the first moments of seeing time turned back in the form of the rejuvenated strop, then narrowed with instant suspicion in those second moments and looked at Isaac, "How did you know about this?"

"Suspected its existence for awhile Pa. Thing is, I also been wondering what happens to a boy, when he becomes all grown up and all. Does he, that is … will I need stroppings from time to time from you even when I grow up and have sons?"

Adam could not believe his ears, much less Eli, but now Eli understood all of what Isaac had been talking about earlier in the truck after the embarrassing doctor's visit. He sighed and figured apples never drop far from their trees. He took the strop from Isaac's hands and felt its renewed vigor and felt a great deal of shame for not having taken care of it after his own Pa's death. He now figured to have double shame now.

"Yes, you will. Your grandpa died too soon and … " Eli's voice trailed off in emotion. Adam's throat tightened, so did Isaac's.

Isaac bravely reached for and took the strop back, "I got it all renewed. Wondered why you let it go Pa."

Eli's emotions took a new swing, his older son reading his mind so well like that and so bravely and thoroughly, his younger son standing right there to hear it too!

"Two wrongs don't make anything right, do they Isaac, Adam?" Eli rhetorically asked his sons, his stomach clenching up, though not enough to disturb his healing appendectomy wound.

"No Sir," Isaac said, his heart going out to his father; Adam not verbally answering, but his eyes widening in awe as he observed the elder members of his male clan work out the problem together in front of him.

Eli suddenly felt a calmness in his mind, his mind made up, a decision made. But there was also a letting go of something that needed to move on, as well as a pride in himself for having raised such a fine boy, strong not only of body, but of strong tradition and values and unafraid to apply them fairly to any family situation.

One month later …

Isaac got out of the truck passenger seat side after father Eli parked the truck around back by the barn, the two just back from town and Eli's doctor's official release for full work ability for Eli back on the farm. Henry Potts came excitedly up to Eli's side window looking worried,

"I tried to tell him to not help me lift up that damn axle Eli, but he wouldn't listen. He slipped and it fell down and almost broke his leg!"

Henry, Isaac and Eli then saw Adam slowly approaching, a picture of pure sheepish chagrin that often follows foolishly applied enthusiastic pride. He had been warned to not do things that Henry had asked him not too and had clearly disobeyed. Eli got out of the truck and Adam came right up to him,

"Am I gonna get punishment for disobeying Henry Pa?

Eli looked at his youngest, not sorry that Adam wanted to take on the world with his ever expanding physical abilities, just miffed that he had given the boy a simple order to obey Henry and that he had failed miserably at it.

"Yes Adam, punishment, go get yourself to the Hickory now," Eli said calmly.

Adam anxiously swallowed through a dry mouth, "Pa … I can take a stropping in the shed … Isaac, well he tested me just after you went to the hospital the first time on account I pestered him about it. I passed, didn't I Isaac?"

Eli looked at Isaac, not at all surprised at what his boys had done behind his back, neither disappointed, "That true Isaac?"

"Yes Pa, he done good, proved himself worthy."

Eli nodded, "OK Adam, woodshed."

Adam grinned, then suddenly remembered that the woodshed meant a world of awful pain and he had to perform or else! His grin went away, replaced with a worried determination, "Yes Pa!" and ran off towards the place of impending punishment.

Isaac and Eli made good with Henry and as they waved him good-bye and watched the dust devils fly back from the truck's rear tires, Eli said to Isaac without looking at him, "Well Isaac, time to deal with your brother."

"Yes Pa," Isaac replied, also looking at the fun little devils settle back into the dirt driveway.

"You'll be in there with me this time," Eli said with a small sigh, turning to walk towards the woodshed.

Isaac turned with Eli and quietly smiled, but not because of being allowed to witness Adam's punishment. It had been a month since his and his Pa's righteous confrontation after the prior doctor's appointment. Nothing had been said since, but Isaac knew his father about as well as any boy and son could know his father and knew this moment was coming.

"Yes Pa," was all Isaac said and the two made their way to and then inside of the woodshed one after the other. Adam was already naked, in fact was already bent over the saw horse, his penis hard as the nails in the woodshed's walls and flooring. Eli smiled and snatched his well oiled strop from its wooden dowel hook, but not before a good looking over of his own father's rejuvenated razor strop, the one that his eldest son, Isaac, had so thoughtfully rescued. He strode beside Adam's ready naked body and slipped off his overall straps, revealing his strong naked chest muscles and back.

"OK boy, you know the rules. Twenty, pause at fifteen and you better be ready!" Eli instructed Adam as Isaac looked on, both the older son's and father's  penises two steel poles of energy for several good reasons this time. In fact, Isaac peeled off the top of his overalls now too, just to emulate his father.

Eli paused and looked over at Isaac, so proud of him. Then he looked at grandpa Paul's strop and nodded to Isaac, "Fetch it and hold it son, no use making airs, it's gonna get used next after your brother."

Adam looked over from his head low position. He wasn't na´ve anymore. He knew what was going to happen next after his whipping. If anything, it was more pressure to perform, because he knew the next man after him was going to shame him if he didn't!

Isaac's throat tightened as he plucked the strop and held it carefully with both hands, looked up and nodded to his father, no boy ever so proud of his own family line as just then.

Eli let his strop fly into Adam's awaiting high buttocks. Fifteen fully hard stropping cuts is a lot for a boy of still fifteen, so just like he had done with son Isaac two years before, Eli eased up a bit on his potential power, not really needing to prove anything to Adam, but to show him how much he loved his son's needing to grow up and be a part of the adult Stone males before the age of sixteen.

Isaac looked on, but not at Adam really. He watched Eli his father and admired his Pa's more gentle way and judgment, fixing it all in his mind for when he had sons to punish for the first time some day.

Adam reached his fifteenth stroke and by golly, his penis was hard and ready to finish properly. Eli grinned at Isaac who grinned and nodded back.

"You ready Adam?" Eli asked his youngest turning his attention back.

"Yes Sir Pa!" Adam bravely said, his mind wishing he had kept his big mouth shut, his ass hurting like a devil had shoved his pitch fork all over the place back there, but his prick sure seemed to like it!

Eli gave the last five strokes, hard and slowly and on the third, Adam exploded, oh yes! Isaac even gave a war-whoop and Eli just chuckled, "Sure is my son, he is!" and Eli proudly fisted Adam's young hard prick off to help him finish.

The last two strokes were given, albeit Adam yelped a bit, on account of having just spunked.

Adam was stood up and asked to watch from the side, Eli handing him the strop to hold, then dropping off his own denims, Eli stood naked a moment, his prick still hard and looked at his sons, then at the saw horse and put himself right over it, his mind going back years now to when he last felt that razor strop that Isaac was about to use on him.

Adam swallowed hard. Seeing his Pa like that was something he might have imagined in some fashion, but the reality of it was quite unnerving. Isaac was a bit unnerved as well, but strode up and concentrated on the fact that his Pa was still young in his adult age and his ass looked just like his and Adam's and looked just as needful of a good whipping as well.

In fact, Isaac already felt his testicles start to want to boil up as he took up position.

"For not obeying your doctor and allowing grandpa's strop to dry up, forty cuts Pa, pause at thirty-five!" Isaac said.

Funny, it wasn't Isaac that Eli heard just then, it was his father, Paul Stone, "Yes Sir Pa, forty, pause at thirty-five."

Isaac looked at Adam, but both had to look away from each other for fear of tearing up. They very much sorely missed having never known their grandpa Paul.

Isaac started in and did so full power. Strop cut after strop cut criss-crossed across Eli's buttocks and thighs, each one making Eli feel younger and younger, the pain was awful but it made him dredge up old memories of the many stroppings that his Pa had given him. Eli's penis stood up strong for it however and seeing that made Adam and Isaac grin and feel proud of their Pa.

At thirty-five, Isaac paused. Eli's ass was a mass of throbbing hard regret. He had quite forgotten just how wearing-out painful the process was.

"Ready to do it Pa?" Isaac asked excitedly, seeing Eli's penis was almost as hard as at the beginning.

"Ready son, "Eli said, mostly back to full reality.

Isaac smiled at Adam and went for it, each slowly given stroke really hard and powerful. Eli could feel his sap raise up now just after the third cut! "Thank you Isaac!" he said loudly in his mind and then his manly testicles exploded.

Isaac lurched forward and pumped on his father's prick with a firm grip of his hand and helped Eli finish up. Feeling Isaac's strong hand on his pole was the most wonderful thing for Eli, like some kind of circle was complete and he kind of felt a voice inside of him say, "Good job Eli, good job son."

The last two strokes were given and the punishment complete. Eli waited however, respecting his son's position.

"OK Pa, you can get up now," and Eli did.

By now Adam was beside himself in so many ways and full of emotion. He had just had his first woodshed whipping from his own father and watched his own father display uncommon humility and family trust in both he and his older brother. And yes, his prick was on the prowl again, but he just waited, still naked by the way.

Eli saw both of his sons' conditions and this spurred one last family memory of his own father.

"After awhile when I was about your age Isaac, grandpa would ask me to join him afterwards for a good release, side by side. In those days, I took my whippings at the old tool shed, then we would loosen seed together right there too. Come on boys, it's high time we all three pay tribute to Grandpa Paul."

And so they did. Adam proudly stood between his big brother Isaac and father Paul in front of the old tool shed and they handled their own pricks on this occasion and liberally spattered the dirt all around the front of the old tallish narrow tool shed in back of the barn.

In the days, weeks and months that followed, Eli cleaned out that old tool shed in back of the barn and hung up his Pa's well-oiled and maintained strop where it had always been from its very beginnings years before, this time unhidden from his sons, gladly casting aside the musty tarp covering onto the farm's trash heap.

Isaac and Adam continued to get their periodic whippings in the main woodshed as would be usual, but every once in awhile and not because of cause, Eli would ask eldest son Isaac to favor him with a well laid on razor strop whipping on his father's naked buttocks, him standing up for it as he used to back then, his hands on the side of the old tool shed in back of the barn, just so grandpa Paul's presence could be felt in Eli's heart.  Adam would be asked to solemnly watch his father's whippings and afterwards, in that way, all three would celebrate Grandpa Paul's life as well as enjoy each other's happy male company each and every time, father and sons together for years to come.

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