I still can't believe how I ended up here! It's funny where life take us, isn't it? While I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, I am smart enough that I should have seen the signs, and knew what I was in for. But I didn't, I let my need for fun, and a new life fuel my brain. And yeah, I suppose I did most of my thinking with my cock as well. But, I am getting ahead of myself. So let me back up and fill you in on the last three years of my life. And how I ended up here, back in a trailer park, back to being total white trash, and a complete redneck whore.

The Beginning.

My name is Justin Andersen. I am what you could call your typical redneck country boy. I am 18 (when this all began), 5'11" 160 pounds of muscle, nice flat stomach, brown hair and eyes, pretty much smooth, well accept for a short happy trail, my pubes, and pits. I got what I think is a nice dick, 7 inches cut, pretty thick, straight as an arrow, and well, the chicks fucking love it! And topping everything off, I got a nice little patch of fuzz on my chin. Hey, if i can look in the mirror and think I't hot, then I got it going on! I played football, and wrestled in High School, which incidentally, was pretty much the reason I got laid all the time! And, I am totally straight! Or, at least that is what I thought!

My life really isn't all that great, I live with my mom in a shitty run down 1974 trailer, in a trailer park about 30 miles north of Anniston Alabama. Pretty much rednecksville! But, dont get me wrong, this is my life, and I deal with it. My mom is a drunk, has been since her boyfriend (my dad), left when I was 10, so, i fend for myself. I got a decent amount of friends, and was a pretty popular kid in school. Again, the chicks dug me! My pride and joy is my 1996 F250 diesel. God is that fucker sweet! I got a 4 inch lift on it, custom exhaust, and I can fill a ricer with black soot before I hit third gear! As I said, I'm pretty smart, but not what you would call book smart. I didn't get accepted to any colleges, not that it mattered. I am really not the college type! Plus with my party attitude, hell I would have flunked out within the first semester! But, like everyone else who graduates high school I had to do something with my life. So I started the job hunt.

It really only took about a month for me to find a pretty damn decent job. There were a few I had looked at, machinist, welder, day laborer, other types of construction work. And some of those seemed pretty damn cool. But, although I am a gear head, and had considered trying to get a job as a mechanic, I like to drive. That made one ad in particular stand out! *WANTED: Laborers, truck helpers, driver trainees, Valley Refuse Industries, $13.50/hr up to $17.95/hr, call Susan. That was it! I knew that is what I wanted. Granted the thought of tossing garbage wasn't all that great, but I knew Valley Refuse, they had a fleet of about 15 Peterbilt roll-off trucks, and thats what I wanted to be behind the wheel of! So, if I had to work as a garbage man for a year or two until I got my CDL, then that was what I was going to do! I called Susan on a Monday morning, and by 2:30 that afternoon I had been hired! I couldn't believe it! I was going to be making decent money, I could save up to get my own place, the hours weren't bad, and the job came with full benefits. I was going to start out as a truck helper, which as I said wasn't to bad, and I could deal with that. So I was ready to start my new life!

Wednesday morning, my first day, I arrived at the yard around 3:30 am. The route I was going to be working on was to start at 4 am. This was to give me time to get my reflective vest, and to meet the driver I would be working with. I walked down the hall past the locker rooms, and into the employee lounge where I was supposed to meet Susan, and my driver Nick. When I walked in Susan was standing there talking to who I guess was my driver, my assumption was confirmed when Susan waved me over. "Justin, this is your driver Nick Brunner, Nick, this is Justin Andersen," she said. "Nice to meet you Nick, " I said, shaking his hand. We exchanged greetings, and Nick gave me a quick run down of the route, and about how long it would take, before we made our way out to the truck. Now, you all thought I was redneck? Well, Nick was about as redneck as they come. I would have had to guess him at about 32 years old, shaved head, full goatee, two full arm sleeves of tattoos, my height at 5'11" and about 200 pounds. He was missing a few teeth, not that I really cared. Had a small beer belly that stood straight out from his midsection about 6 inches. And was wearing a wife beater and really ratty looking, very stained Levi's 501s. Other than that, he was oddly muscular as hell. His chest looked like he worked out, and both his biceps and forearms were huge! I am guessing that is from throwing garbage. If that is the case, I am really going to love this job! Any chance I get to work out I take it. And if this job is going to add a workout, to my workout, well I am totally down for that!

"So, how old are ya kid?" Nick asked as we climbed into the truck. "18, soon to be 19 man," I answered. "Well, you picked a good job to work at man, other peoples shit never stops flowing, and this job is going to be around a while," Nick said, laughing at himself. We started out onto the highway, and headed towards the first subdivision we were to pickup at. Nick gave me the rundown of how everything was to work, where I should stand, and what to hold onto on the back as he drove. When to compact the garbage. It was pretty much a crash course with Nick, but he took easy on me that first day, and all went well. By the time we had got back to the yard around noon, I was fucking exhausted! Nick said that I would slowly get used to it, but that the pay and benefits of the job were worth it. So started my new routine. Work Tuesday through Saturday from 4 am until Noon, head home, work out a bit, hunt for pussy, and pass out. On Sundays and Mondays, I would head to friends houses, chill at home, get laid, the usual 18 year old life I guess. Things were going great! I was even putting some money away to get my own place, and get out of the shit hole that my mom and I lived in now!

It was about three months later when, on the way back from the garbage dump at the end of our route when Nick asked, "Hey punk, when is that birthday of yours coming up?" "Next week," I said. "Well, shit man we is just going to have to get you drunk then aint we," Nick said. Now that, that sounded like a fan fucking tastic idea ifin I had ever heard one, I thought to myself. "Sure dude, but you know I'm only going to be 19, where the fuck we going to drink at?," I asked. "Fuck we can drink at my place, my fucking cunt left me two weeks ago," Nick said laughing. So as we were driving we made our plans. Covered what we liked to drink, how fucking fun it was going to be. Nothing at all seemed out of place. Especially since Nick was well aware that now that school had started, most of my friends had gone off to college, or were still in high school. The one friend I had that didn't go off to school, got his dumb ass thrown in jail for selling weed. So that pretty much just left Nick and I. Not that I minded. I got to tell ya'll, Nick has turned out to be one hell of a guy! He is funny, cool to work with, loves to chase the pussy as much as I do, and is an all around great fucking guy! I can't believe how lucky I was to get paired with this dude!

Two days before my birthday, I had climbed into the truck with Nick in the morning, and immediately I started bitching. "Dude, you have no idea how fucking sick I am of my moms shit! On top of that it's been three fucking weeks since I have been laid," I said. Nick just turned and laughed at me. "What the fuck you laughing at," I asked. "Nothing punk, you got no worries, I got shit all planned out for your birthday. We are going to get you laid, and I got two surprises for ya. Just make sure you wear a wifebeater when you come over." Nick said. "Dude you're going to get me laid for my birthday," I asked. "Fuck yeah buddy, why not," Nick said. I was fucking stoked! Not only was dude going to get me drunk, but laid as well! Now thats a real buddy! I spent the rest of the day at work without a care in the world. I knew that this weekend was going to fucking kick ass!

Sunday had rolled around and I got up at 10 am, to be at Nick's house by noon as he asked. As I was getting ready I remembered he had asked me to wear a wifebeater, so I tried to find the cleanest one I could and put it on. I grabbed the paper with his address on it, and jumped in my truck. Turns out Nick lives in a trailer park only about 10 miles from me, but farther out into the sticks. I pulled up to the ratty, but somewhat newer than my moms, trailer and jumped out. As I was walking to the door Nick came out onto the porch and met me with a big ass smile. "You ready to go punk," he asked. "Where we going," I said. "We is going to get you your first tattoo, happy birthday punk," he said. Holy shit, my first tattoo I thought! "Dude, your joking right," I asked. "Fuck no little buddy, we is going to get you into the addiction of getting tatted up, and it starts today," he said. So we hopped into Nicks beat up old chevy truck and headed off out into the sticks. Pretty soon we came up on a pretty shitty looking bar, with a tattoo parlor next door. Walking into the tattoo parlor Nick shouted for the owner, "Cliff, buddy you back there," Out from behind a curtain came one of the baddest looking motherfuckers I had seen in a long time. Dude had every aspect of "outlaw biker" you could think of. He was about 35, shaved head, goatee, wearing a wifebeater and some ratty looking grease stained jeans, completely covered in tattoos, about 6 foot, and easily pushing 260 with the beer belly he had. Another typical Alabama redneck I thought to myself. As Cliff came over to shake my hand I could smell the stale cigarette smoke on him, and thats a lot coming from a smoker! "This is the punk," Nick said with a smile. "Nice to meet ya kid," Cliff said shaking my hand. "Nice to meet you to dude," I said. "So what are you looking for in your first tat man," Cliff asked. I wasn't really sure, and he could tell by the almost blank stare I was giving him. "He wants flames like mine," Nick said. The bottom part of Nicks left arm sleeve was a series of flames, that covered his forearm from his wrist to his elbow. I had always liked the way they looked, and complimented him on that tat a number of times. So, needless to say, about seven hours later, a good case of beer, and 6 joints later, I had the complete outline of flames almost just like Nicks. I was fucking stoked! And, slightly drunk! After saying goodbye to Cliff, and making our next appointment, we hopped back into Nicks truck. "Next stop, pussybar," he said. "I thought you had to be 21 to get into those strip joints,' I asked. "Not with me you dont," Nick said.

About twenty minuets later we arrived at the strip club, and I was already slightly chubbed in my jeans thinking about all the hot pussy I was going to see. I cursed myself for not wearing underwear. But I knew it was going to be worth it. It seemed to me that no matter where we had gone, Nick knew someone. Upon walking in, Nick told me to wait by outer door while he want in and talked to the bouncer. Not five minuets later Nick popped through the inner door and waved me in. He put his arm around me and told me that the bouncer was a good friend of his, and so long as I followed the rules, and could hold my alcohol, I was good to go for the night. Well, another five hours, almost a quarter bottle of Jack, and almost ten lap dances later, Nick thought I had had enough. So he helped me up, carried me out to his truck and poured me into the passenger side. The whole way back to his place, I don't think I shut up once. I was thanking him left and right for the awesome birthday, talking about how weird, but good my arm felt, how awesome it looked. I was talking about how hot the chicks were at the strip club, and how I couldn't wait for my other presents. When we got back to Nicks trailer, he helped me inside and said he had something to show me. As he helped me back the hall towards the bedrooms, he stopped at the empty spare room and said "It's all yours if you want it punk, I know how much you can't stand yer mom, so ifin you want to be my roomate, yer welcome to it,". At that point I was so drunk I think I almost cried at the offer. "Dude, you fucking bet I want it, your so awesome man, I dont know how I can ever thank you. You made this the best fucking birthday I ever had," I managed to get out. At that point I sorta stumbled into Nicks arms. "I got one more surprise for ya kid," he said. With that he helped me back to his bedroom and kinda just let me flop on my back onto the bed.

Nick left me there on the bed for a few minuets, and through my drunken haze I was thinking about how much I couldn't wait to get laid. He came back a few minuets later and said "Ok kid, now its really party time." Nick then sorta leaned over me, and went to undo my pants. I half heartedly threw up my hand and slurred "Hey man what are you doing," He told me that I had nothing to worry about and that he didn't think I could do it on my own. And how was I supposed to get laid with my pants on, all while laughing. At was at that point I sorta passed out a bit. When I woke up, the feeling I was experiencing on my cock was amazing. I have had blowjobs in the past, from chicks in High School, but this...this was fucking unbelievable. It was then that I reached down to put my hand on the head blowing me, and felt Nicks shaved head. I was shocked! I didn't know what to do! I had my hand on his head, helping him bob up and down on my dick. I was getting the best blowjob of my life. I was hard as a rock. And of all the people to be blowing me, it was Nick! It was at that point that he pulled up off my cock and said, "What ya think punk,". I couldn't do anything more than groan. So he simply went back to town on my cock. Working his mouth up and down slowly, then faster. Stopping every once in a while to work on the head. He would bring me close, then somehow he could sense I was almost there, pull off and go to town on my nuts. He had done that about five times, when he pulled up off my balls and said "ok kid its time to show you the best orgasm of your life," At the exact moment he went back down on my dick, I felt his finger enter my asshole. Now, keep in mind I am totally straight. I have never had anything go into my asshole. But once his finger was in there, he hit something inside of me that caused my already hard cock, to turn into steel! I don't know what the fuck he was doing, but I never wanted it to end. He was working my cock all the way down his throat, fingering my hole, and rubbing my balls all at the same time. At this point, there was nothing else in the world that mattered to me, other than blowing my load. I didn't care that it was in the mouth of a dude, let alone a dude I worked with. I just needed to blow my load. After about five minuets of the most extreme pleasure I had ever had in my life, I managed to gurgle that I was going to shoot. Half expecting Nick to pull off my cock, he instead jammed his finger harder into my hole, and swallowed my cock to the hilt. And I started to shoot! Holy fuck what a load. I was honestly afraid I was going to drown Nick in my cum! I fired off about seven big thick chunky shots down his throat, and he took everyone like a champ. I simply couldn't believe it. After my orgasm subsided, Nick removed his finger from my hole, and said "How was that punk, you like that," and I passed out.

*Editors Note: I apologize for the lack of sex in this first chapter, but I needed to give a little bit of buildup. From this point on things will get much better. I welcome your thoughts and feedback. And I hope you enjoyed!!!! You are welcome to contact me at Tahoeboi99@yahoo.com