I woke up the next morning sometime around noon. It took me a few minuets to remember where I was. My arm hurt, my hear hurt, but I do remember getting the best blowjob of my life. The best blowjob of my life, that is when I remembered it was Nick that gave me that blowjob. "God what the fuck do I do now." I thought to myself. I laid there in Nicks bed for a few more minuets, before the urge to piss forced me out of his bed. I got up and found my jeans, and stumbled down the narrow hallway to the bathroom. As I, was standing in the bathroom I noticed how dirty it was an laughed to myself "Wow, dude really does need a new bitch,". There were dirty ratty jeans on the floor, towels wherever they landed, a ratty wifebeater hanging from the shower curtain rod. Once I finished, and shook my dong. I mustered up the energy to head out to the living room, praying to myself that Nick wasn't home. I hadn't heard any noise when I woke up, so I figured he might have gone out for some reason. Wrong! When I passed the end of the hallway, there was Nick sitting on the couch. "What's up punk? How you feelin?, He asked. I wasn't sure what to say, so I more or less just kinda stood there. "Hey, what's the matter punk? Come on over here and sit down lil buddy, I got some beer. We can talk about it," he said. Not really knowing what else to do, I went and sat down on the recliner as he went to the fridge. When Nick came back and handed me a beer, it was then I noticed his whole demeanor, his stance, his attitude, nothing had changed. He didn't look like a cocksucker, and definitely didn't act like one. "So you have a good time last night lil buddy." he asked. "I know you did, fuck you passed right out after the finally," he laughed. "Hey, don't be gettin all pussified on me punk, dudes do shit like that all the time, I is just introducin ya to the better things in life," he said. It was at that point I finally opened up, and told Nick that it was the best blowjob I had ever had. But I was honestly freaked out about it. I never done anything with a guy before. And I didn't want the whole world to know I let a dude suck my hog. As Nick got up to get me another beer, he just laughed at me. "You think I want the whole world knowin I blew some dude," he laughed. I guess he was right.

It was about two hours, and a good ten beers later when the conversation slowed. By that time, we were both pretty opened up, and I was feeling much more comfortable with the situation. I just couldn't let the fact that Nick was one of the greatest people I had met. And that he really seemed to care if I was ok with everything that had happened. I'm sure it helped matters that I was also, yet again, somewhat drunk. We sat there in silence for about a minute, when Nick started just randomly talking about his "ex cunt" as he called her. He starting going on and on about how much they used to fuck, what they would do, how awesome her pussy was, and to tell you the truth, it was getting me mad horny! Nick must have noticed, because at one point he looked at me, smiled, and said "What's that punk? You gettin hard from me talkin bout the cunt.". And I was. He stood up off the couch, and walked over to me. I was feeling comfortable with everything, so if he wanted to give me another one of his fucking fantastic blowjobs, who was I going to argue with. He reached down with his grubby calloused hands, and started massaging my cock through my jeans. God it felt good. "Here lets get you more comfortable punk," he said as he unbuttoned the fly of my jeans. "Stand up, lil buddy and get them jeans off," he said. I willingly complied, before I could sit back down however, he had wrapped his hand around my dick and started pulling at it. As he was doing this he leaned in, put his mouth to mine, and his other arm around my back all in one swift motion. He was so forceful, I wasn't sure what to do. But, I was drunk, and he wasn't taking no for an answer. I willingly allowed him to invade my mouth with his tongue. It was weird to say the least, but not in a bad way. It was different than kissing a chick. There was power behind it. A different taste, like beer and cigarettes. His rough goatee. It all made it so much...well...better! I was really starting to get into it when he pulled away "Lets get back in the bedroom punk, what you say," he said. It was more an order than a question. So I willingly let him pull me by the cock back to his bedroom. On the way back the ratty hallway, it was then that I realized I had not yet seen him without cloths on. Once back in the bedroom, feeling bold, I asked him if I could see him naked. "I was thinkin you would never ask lil buddy," he said. He stepped back and pulled his wifebeater up over his little beerbelly, and off. Then unbuttoned and shucked his stained jeans. As I looked him over, I couldn't help but think that he looked like an ex con. He had tattoos everywhere, on his chest, his sides, his belly, and his legs had almost as many has his arms. He was just hairy enough, but harrier than I was. I hated to admit this to myself, let alone anyone else. But, he was hot! I wasn't sure why I would ever think that about any man, let alone someone like him! He was the epitome of redneck, blue collar, backwoods, white trash. And here I was drooling over him. It was at that point I finally noticed his dick. It was about the same length as mine, 7 inches, cut with a perfectly shaped head. But it was thicker. I guess you could say, it was perfect! No wonder his cunt liked it!

Nick walked up to me and pushed me back onto the bed. This time without any foreplay, he went to town on my dick. I don't know what it was about his mouth, but I can tell you that I could never get tired of his blowjobs. I thought to myself, if I take him up on his offer to move in, I could get this everyday! "Man, I can't wait to move in here," I blurted out. Nick pulled up off my dick and smiled at me. "You likin that punk," Nick said, then dove back down on my cock. All I could muster up was a grunt. He sucked me for a few more minuets then pulled up off my cock once again. This time he reached for the drawer in the table next to the bed. I watched as he pulled out a tube of Petroleum Jelly Cream from the Dollar general. "This is gunna make you feel real good," he said. H squeezed some of the cream onto his finger and started lubeing up my asshole. I knew it was weird, and not right at all. But after last night, if he wanted to play with my ass while he sucked me, then I had no problem with it. Once he got his finger in there and started hitting that magic spot again, I was in heaven. There was nothing in the world that could stop this blowjob. Hell, the cops could bust in and it wasn't going to kill my mood. Nick would work me up, and bring me to edge. It was like he knew when to stop and relax for a minute. I was so far gone by this point that I never realized that he had almost three fingers in my ass. "Roll over on your stomach punk," Nick said. Being so fucking horny, wanting to cum more than anything, and thinking with nothing more than my cock, I never hesitated. "Yea, thats a good punk, you is really gunna like this," Nick said. "Yea, now im gunna make you feel real good," he said as he climbed on top of me. I felt his hot breath in my ear "Yea, stay loose bitch. Stay loose, and let daddy in," he whispered. As I felt the head of his cock at the entrance to my hole, I realized how perfect of a fit he was. The curve of his beerbelly in the arch of my back, his furry body pressed on top of mine. It was like we were made for each-other. There was almost no pain at all as he entered me with a grunt. "Yea, thats it cunt. Let daddy make you feel real good," he moaned in my ear. And within a few seconds, I felt his pubes on my ass. I had him all now. He had his entire cock in my hole, and I could feel it on my magic spot. I couldn't believe how great it felt, but it was only going to get better. He started fucking me slow at first, with gentle bucks of his hips. Whispering dirty shit in my ear. After a few minuets of what I could only call love making, he pushed himself up off my back "Here it comes cunt, daddy is goin to own this ass," he said. He then started to pound away at my hole, long strong strokes, short fast jabs, and I was totally loving every moment! I started screaming out in pleasure, egging on every thrust. I didn't give two shits and a fuck if the neighbors could hear or not. I was getting my ass fucked for the first time, and it felt amazing! To make matters worse for me, was Nicks constant verbal abuse. He called me his cunt, bitch, little slut, whore, every fucking name in the book! Telling me how good my hole felt, how soft and smooth it was, how much he needed my pussy. And I was encouraging every word of it! Telling him to fuck me like a whore, fuck me like he did his cunt!

For what turned out to me forty-five minutes, Nick fucked my ass. The whole time my cock rubbing on the dirty bed sheet below me. "You ready cunt," he said. "Im going to cum in that nasty pussy of yours, and make you mine," he grunted. "Oh fuck yeah! Fucking cum in my hole daddy," I screamed. Never once did the thought of consequences run through my head. All I wanted at that point was his cum inside me. I wanted him to mark his territory. But most of all, I was seconds away from cumming myself. And if him shooting his load in my hole meant I was going to cum, then so be it! "Yeah bitch, here it comes," he grunted. And with one last thrust, he pushed all the way in. The second I felt the first scalding hot jet of his load, I fired off below myself onto the sheets. It was truly the greatest orgasm I had ever had. Topping even the one he gave me last night! Once Nick had finished firing off his massive load in my hole, he collapsed onto my back. "You like that bitch," he asked. "Oh fuck yeah dude," I said. And with that, I passed out once again.

I woke up about an hour later, to Nick on top of me once again, pounding away at my hole. This time, totally sober, there was no doubt in my mind that this was the best feeling in the world. He fucked me on my stomach, then doggy style. The whole time, again, verbally abusing me, and calling me his whore and his new cunt. And again, this time totally sober, I was just as into it as I was before, each time shooting a monster load myself, simply from getting fucked. I couldn't believe myself. I had not a day ago, been a totally hot, uber masculine, alpha jock. And now here I was, getting fucked up the ass by a sweaty, smelly, redneck white trash, garbage truck driver. In total that day, Nick fucked me five times! Each time just as good as the first! And while I had some mental issues with the fact that I thought I was straight. My 19 year old, perpetually hard cock kept me begging for more!

What made matters worse, or better. Was that throughout the day, in-between fucks, Nick and I showered, went to McDonalds, ordered pizza, and guzzled beer like it was water. It was as if nothing else was going on. Just two work buds hanging out together. It made the whole scene very comforting to me. We talked about waiting until my mom was at the bar that night, and getting my shit so I could move in. We talked about work. Hell we even talked about the Atlanta Falcons. It really was the strangest, yet best day of my life!

It was about 11pm that night when Nick suggested that we head over to my moms place and pick up my shit. I was fishing in my pocket for my truck keys, when Nick asked "What you need them for, punk,". I said that it would probably help if we had two trucks, then we wouldn't have to make two trips. "Dude, we could fit my bed and my dresser in my truck, and throw all my shit in yours," I said. "Fuck that bitch, ifin you is gunna live here with me, you is sleepin in my bed. I wan't easy access to that ass. And I dont wanna ask for it," he said. "I want to be able to stick my dick in my new cunt anytime I please," he said. And with just those words, my cock was rock hard again. "Ok man, then we can just grab my cloths and shit," I said. Never once noticing the domineering attitude that Nick had now taken on. I was once again thinking with nothing more than my cock. So, off we went in Nicks truck. I left a note for my mom, not that she would care. And by midnight we were home. I was ready to start my new life. For better, or worse!