The first three days of living with Nick were pure heaven! We would get up in the morning, he would fuck my ass, depending on how much time we had we would shower, then head off to work together. Once home, we would fuck again, eat some dinner, drink beer, fuck again and pass out for the night. It wasn't until the 4th day that we started something new. We had come home from work on a really hot day, and I went straight for the shower. When I got out of the shower and was drying off, I heard a chick moaning really loudly, so I threw on a pair of basketball shorts and went out to the living room to see what was going on. There was Nick, sitting on the couch in just a wifebeater, his half hard dick laying down over his always full nutsack. He had both his arms up on the back of the couch and his legs spread wide, while watching some pregnant white check get fucked by 4 black dudes on some porno. Watching the action on the screen immediately got my cock hard. Nick craned his towards me and said "Man I fucking love pregnant bitches, so fucking hot, and always horny. Look at that cunt on the screen, she just beggin for more cock,". "Too bad you can't get me pregnant," I joked. Turning his head back to the action on the screen "Im sure as fuck gunna try," Nick said. "Come on, get yer ass over here bitch," Nick said. I walked around to the front of the couch, and went to sit down. "Nope, on yer knees between my legs cunt, you is gunna learn how to suck daddy's dick," Nick said. I was horny, so I complied. As I crawled between Nicks sweaty legs, I went to reach my hand into my basketball shorts and jerk my cock. Nick immediately kicked my hand away, "Nope, bitches only cum with their daddy's cock in their pussy, the sooner you learn that cunt, the better," he barked. Being a horny teenager, once again I submitted to his request. He grabbed a hold of the back of my head and pulled me into his crotch. It was sweaty, and smelly as he hadn't yet showered. It was a muskey, piss, cum, and sweat smell. It reminded me of the locker room in High School. With my hard cock thinking for me, I leaned into his cock and balls and took a big whiff. It was almost making me high! "Yea, cunt, you like that smell?" he asked. "Mmm hmmm," I replied without taking my face out of his crotch. "Well, get used to it cunt, yer gunna be smelling that a lot from now on. And pretty soon yer gunna be smellin like that too," he said.

I had spent about five minuets just wallowing in the smell of Nicks crotch, when he pulled my head back and looked at me with an evil grin on his face. "Now get to suckin, and watch yer teeth," he said. Not really knowing what to do, I put his fat half hard cock in my mouth, and tried to replicate the motions and feelings he gave me. I must have been doing pretty good, he was moaning and groaning in pleasure. And at one point complimented me on being a natural born cocksucker. And here not 4 days ago, I was the one who thought he was a cocksucker. Nick coached me, and guided my head up and down on his cock. He told me when to work the head, and stick my tongue into his piss slit. He would help me go down as far as I could without gagging, telling me in no time I would be able to take the whole thing. The entire time I was working on his cock, my own cock was straining in my basketball shorts, and I was dying to touch it. I wanted to stroke myself off while I sucked him in the worst way. But I wanted to make him happy, to be the best cocksucker I could for him. So I left my own needs unattended. As I sucked, Nick would verbally abuse the pregnant bitch on the screen, and me in turn. Calling us both whores, sluts, and bitches. That was one of the things that turned me on the most about Nick, his mouth would never stop running no matter the level of pleasure he was experiencing. I had sucked his cock in every way possible for a good half hour when he stood up and pulled me off his cock. "Stay on yer knees cunt," he said. "Imma fire my load off in yer mouth, so open wide," he commanded. Obediently I opened my mouth as wide as I could for him, looking at his sweaty hairy belly as he jerked his cock. "Yea just a few more seconds cunt, dont swallow neither, I wanna see my load in yer mouth," he grunted. He stroked himself a few more times, then aimed his cock at my open mouth. The first shot nearly knocked my head back when it fired out into my open mouth. Then a second equally large shot came screaming out of the end of his cock. 6 huge shots later, I could tell my mouth was full. As he lovingly stroked his spent cock, he looked down at me and said "Yea, you look good cunt. Just like a porn whore. Now swallow daddy's seed like a good bitch,". As I swallowed the salty protien. His words rang true in my head. He had just shot his load in my mouth like the dudes in porn do to chicks. It made me feel almost good. That I could do just as good as the bitches in porn.

Nick grabbed me by the arm, and lifted me up. "Come on cunt, I got something else for ya," he said. He didnt really have to drag me, as I was more than willingly following him around like a puppy. But he pulled me towards the bathroom. Once inside the bathroom, and on the nasty linoleum floor, he looked at me and said, "Now, imma piss on you cunt, and you is gunna like it. You are gunna drink some of it too. Don't worry, its good," and he laughed. He pushed me to my knees once again. At this point, I was so fucking horny, I would have let him do just about anything to let me cum. So I willingly once again opened my mouth and waited. "Yea, here it comes bitch," he said. And out came a torrent of hot piss! he covered my chest first, which ran down into, and soaked my basketball shorts. It ran over my hard cock, and the warmth and softness of the liquid felt amazing. Then he aimed the stream up towards my head and face. After soaking my hair, he squirted some into my mouth and stopped the stream. "Hows that taste cunt," he asked. Oddly, I didn't mind the taste. It was salty, yet sweet, but other than that, it really had no flavor. I of course replied, "I love it man!". "Good well open up bitch,"he said. He stepped right up to me, and put his soft cock into my mouth. It took a few seconds for him to get started again, but once he did, it was like a waterfall inside my mouth. I did my best to swallow as much as I could, but some spilled out of the sides of my mouth. He laughed and said, "Don't worry about spilling bitch, I got plenty more, and yer gunna be doin this all the time now,".

Getting up off the floor, I knew better to ask if I could jerk myself off. But I did ask Nick if he could fuck me now. "Naw, Im hungrym and I want a beer. I'll fuck yer ass later bitch," he said. "Get some jeans and a shirt on," he said walking out of the bathroom. I followed Nick into our bedroom and put on some ratty jeans and a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, while he put his dirty work jeans back on. We drove out to McDonalds and got some drive through, then came back and sat down to watch tv and eat. A good 12 beers later he was ready to fuck, and made it known. "Come on bitch, bedtime, time to take daddy's cock up yer ass," he said. I followed like a lost puppy.

Without any fanfare he got us naked, greased up my hole, and entered me doggy style. He fucked his big dong in and out of my ass with power, and passion. And as always I loved every second, and every inch he gave me. He leaned down on top of me and wrapped his arms around my muscular smooth chest. It was difficult holding both of us up in this position, but I was still a man, and I wanted to prove that to him. He put his face next to mine, and began whispering into my ear as he slowly fucked me. "Yea, yer a good bitch aint ya. Gunna make daddy happy. I'm gunna take good care of ya, dont you worry baby," he cooed. "Yea, yer gunna love life here with me. Gunna get you pregnant to," he said, then lifted back up and began fucking like a stallion in heat. He fucked me good like that for about fifteen minuets, then grunted he was going to cum. After firing off yet another huge load into my hole (I dont know how the hell he produces as much cum as he does), he leaned back into me and said, "Yea, you ARE mine now," then rolled off me. Having once again shot my own load onto the sheets, I was in seventh heaven. I laid down next to him, and thought to myself, how fucking great life was. I had a good job, money, a dude who obviously cared about me (in his own redneck way), and I was getting laid 3 or 4 times a day. Yep, life was good, and the thoughts of pussy were all but gone from my mind!