The next four weeks were pretty much the same. We would obviously go to work. But Nick would fuck me, I would suck his cock, and I would drink his piss! I was doing everything I could to keep Nick happy, as I didnt want the unbelievable orgasms he was giving me to stop. He suggested that I shave my head like him, and I did. He said I should ditch my chin fuzz and just grow a full goatee and I did. And honestly I was loving every minute of it! He also started taking me out to see Cliff, almost every day to get some tattoo work done. At the end of those four weeks, my left arm sleeve was finished. I had a flaming skull on my chest. A cross on my back between my shoulder blades, and we had started work on my right arm sleeve, which was going to be a series of skulls, with skeletons dancing around a flaming 8 ball. I just couldn't get enough. I wanted more tattoos, more cum, more beer, more piss, and more earth shaking orgasms! It was heaven!

It was in the fifth week that I started to notice some changes however. Nick threw out all my underwear, said real man bitches don't wear it. I smelled. No, not like garbage, but we only showered about 3 times a week, so I had a nice manly, musky smell to me, mixed with piss and sex. I was now up to about two packs of smokes a day. My attitude had changed as well, I was all about getting fucked up, serving Nick, and getting off. But it was after one of my showers, while in the bathroom, that I had noticed the changes to my body. Obviously I was admiring the tattoo work that I had gotten over the last 4 weeks. But I noticed that my forearms, and biceps were bigger and thicker. My chest was bigger and more muscular. And that my 6 pack abs were gone. In their place was now a flat smooth stomach. I stepped on the scale in the bathroom and watched as the red numbers stopped at 177. I had gained 17 lbs of muscle in the last 4 weeks! I looked at myself in the mirror and flexed. It was just like in High School. I got a hardon simply looking at myself. I walked into the bedroom, my dick pointing the way, and climbed into bed next to Nick. I rolled onto my stomach and assumed the position, knowing, and wanting what was coming next. He greased up his cock, and slid into me laying himself down on top of me. I cocked my head to the side and began making out with him in-between his telling me what a good slut I was, and how hot I am. As he slow fucked me, I started moaning what I came to realize in the bathroom, and how hot it was to be with him. He slid his hands underneath me and began to massage my pecs. He then slid his hands down to my stomach and began massaging it while he continued to slow fuck me. "Yea baby, feels good don't it," he said. I couldn't muster up more than a moan in response. "Yea, this is just the beginning bitch, I'm gunna knock you up real good! Pretty soon yer gunna feel the baby growin in there, then get a nice pregnant belly goin. Then you aint never gunna wanna leave," he said. Upon those words I shot the biggest load of my life! Nick then lifted up off me and began power fucking me, slamming his dick all the way in, and pulling all the way back out again. He was getting close to shooting his load, and with every thrust he said "Yea, Bitch, Here, It, Comes, Daddy's, Knockin, You, Up,". He then sank all the way in and bred my ass good!

I woke up the next morning, our day off, on my side with Nick spooning me. I guess my rustling in bed woke him up, as not a minute later I felt his rough calloused hand on my pisshard cock. "You like that last night baby?" he asked. "Yeah man, I love being here with you," I replied. "Good, cuz imma make you my pregnant cunt," he said. "Seein as I can't really get you preggo, youz gunna have a lot of work cut out for ya," he added, and with that he rolled over me and out of bed. "Come on out when you wake up, boy," he said. I got out of bed and sauntered into the bathroom to piss. It's a shame to waste it, but I knew that before the day had ended I will have downed at least a gallon of Nicks piss. After finishing up in the bathroom, I walked naked out to the kitchen to find Nick cooking. I had never seen him cook before. He was going nuts in there. He reached into the fridge and grabbed me a beer, and told me to hang out on the couch and watch TV until he was done. Almost a half hour later Nick came out to the living room with a try piled high with food. Pancakes, eggs, sausage, toast, you name it, it was on there. "All for you bitch, eat up," he said. I looked at him with a confused look, and said "I can't eat all that man,". He looked back at me and said in his stern daddy voice "You can and you will baby, you wanna be my pregnant bitch you gotta look the part,". Not wanting to disappoint Nick, I started to eat. I ate until I was ready to explode, the whole time, Nick watching and stroking his cock. When I couldn't take another bite, Nick looked at me and said, "Not bad baby, it will get easier. Now open that pretty mouth and get ready for daddy's desert," and with that he shot his huge load into my waiting mouth! As for me, I had to lay down on the couch I was so bloated. And with that, I passed out for a nap.

About an hour later I woke up. Nick was sitting in the recliner with his shitty jeans and a wifebeater on. "Bout time you woke up, go get dressed, we got an appointment with Cliff to get some work done on you," he said. I got my ass up off the couch, and walked back to the bedroom. I put on a wifebeater, and a pair of baggy sweatpants. When I walked out, Nick had a beer in his hand for me. "Here, one for the road," he laughed. On the way out to the tattoo shop, Nick stopped at the McDonalds. He ordered 3 super size bigmac meals. One for him and two for me. "Eat that baby, and it better be gone by the time we get out to Cliff's," he said. So I chugged the rest of my beer, and started into the food. I had just finished both meals when we pulled up to the shop.

When we walked in as usual Cliff greeted us with a smile. "What's up guys," he said waiving us in. "Nick, I think its time for some upfront payment," Cliff said as we sat down. Nick then looked at me and said "Ok bitch, the payment fer yer tattoos is yer ass. Treat Cliff here just as good as you treat me,". I was a little taken back by the thought of being used by another man, let alone being used as payment for my own tattoos. But, looking at cliff, and coming to realize that he is just as hot as Nick in a redneck biker way, I had saw no problems with doing what I was about to do. As I walked over to Cliff and got on my knees, I could tell he had been anticipating this, as he was already hard in his dirty jeans. When I reached up under his beergut and unbuttoned his fly, I was greated with the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was cut, easily 9 inches, and as thick as a beercan! I instantly started salivating thinking about sucking on his monster hog! He had the same unwashed manly smell that Nick and I had, which turned me on even more, and his hairy nutsack, which he flopped out over the fly of his jeans, was as big as a small orange! Being the now expert cocksucker that I am, I immediately went to town on Cliffs cock, and I knew from his grunts and groans, that he approved. I reached up with both my hands and began to massage his big beer belly thought his wifebeater. It was strange, it was hard and round like a ball, yet soft and warm. I found myself thinking what it would really be like to carry around a gut like that. How hot it would be to REALLY be a true redneck! Being on my knees in front of this redneck, sucking his cock, and feeling up his gut, it was then than I had decided, this is what I truly want! I was going to let Nick take full control of me, and turn me into what he wanted! I knew now what I was born for!

I was jolted out of my fantasy world, when I felt Nick slide his hand down the back of my sweatpants and start playing with my pussy. With his hand down my pants, fingering my soft inviting hole, he was coaching me, egging me on, telling me to be a good cocksuker and make sure Cliff was nice and wet for my pussy. When Cliff thought his cock was nice and ready he pulled out of my mouth and said, "Ok bitch, stand up and bend over that chair," pointing at the tattoo chair. Without even taking his jeans off, Cliff walked up behind me and pulled my sweatpants down to my knees. "Yeah thats a nice ass you got there baby, and a good lookin pussy," he said. He laid his massive piece of meet on my back above my ass and ground it between my back and his belly. He then grabbed ahold of my hips and lined his hog up to my pussy, and began to push in. I was scared at first, thinking that I wouldn't be able to handle his monster. But I guess being fucked by Nick three or four times a day has loosened me up a bit. "Yeah, nice pussy kid, Im gunna like tearin this up on a regular basis," he said pushing the rest of the way in. At that point Nick had come up in front of me with his cock hanging out of his jeans. Being the good bitch I am, I wasted no time inhaling his dick. I was being stuffed from both ends and loving it! I had Cliff pounding away at my hole, and Nick trying to shove his cock down my throat, I was in pure pig heaven! It didn't take long for my now experienced pussy and mouth to bring the both of them to the brink. And within a few more minuets they were both coming inside of me. Cliff unloaded a monster load up my hole, and Nick one down my throat. My own cock as hard as rock, was left unattended, and I was okay with that. As I now knew, my only purpose in life was to be Nicks whore.

After the three of us had regained our composure, I sat down in the chair and waiting for my nightly tattooing. Once back in Nicks truck, I couldn't help but tell him how unbelievably awesome that was, and that I had hoped that from now on that was going to happen before every tattooing session. "Not to worry baby, you got a lot of ink that needs paid off," Nick laughed. We sat in silence for a few moments, when I could no longer contain myself. "Nick, I am yours man. I am giving myself over to you. Do what you want to me. Turn me into what you want. I want to be your bitch forever," I beamed. Nick laughed for a few minuets, and said. "I hope yer serious baby, cuz I aint never lettin you go. You are perfect."

So began our new routine. All I drank was beer and Nicks piss. I was fucked nonstop by both Nick and Cliff now. It seemed all I did was eat, get fucked, suck cock, drink beer, and work. But it was an easy cycle, and an easy life. I would step on the scale everyday to check out my progress, and it didn't take but a month for the numbers to roll up to 190. My flat stomach had now been replaced with a perfectly round, hard, beer and pizza fattened, albeit still small, beginner pooch. It was not as big as Nicks beergut, and no where close to Cliffs. But I was proud of it none the less. It was like a challenge to me, see how much food I could fit in my belly before I felt like exploding. And Nick was always there to egg me on. Tell me how sexy I was. How I was starting to look pregnant for him. And the sex, fuck, the sex was getting hotter by the day.

It was about a week later, I was standing in the Kitchen of our trailer making myself something to eat, when Nick came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. Massaging my budding belly he whispered in my ear "I think it's about time for some more protein in yer diet baby. And I know just how we gunna do it,". Half an hour later, we pulled up in front of the strip club Nick brought me to on my birthday. "Wait here while I go inside and talk to my buddy," he said. I sat in the passenger seat wondering what was going on. About ten minuets later, Nick came out and got back in the truck. He drove us around to the back of the club and parked. "Come on bitch, you got protein to earn," he said. I followed Nick up to the back door of the club, where his bouncer friend met us. Once inside I was lead down a small hallway to a room. Inside the room was a glory hole cut into the wall, and a pillow on the floor. Nick looked at me and smiled. The bouncer, who I still haven't been introduced to, looked at me and said "This is your spot, every Friday and Saturday night when its busiest, you are to be here on your knees sucking any cock that comes through that hole,". I simply couldn't believe it. I was nervous, excited, and uncontrollably horny all that the same time. My cock was as hard as a brick, and I wanted so badly to just pull it out now and jerk out a load. But I have been holding true to my word to Nick, and I only cum when he fucks me. They closed the door on me, and I heard a lock seal me into my new position as a cum receptacle. It was only 9:30 when I was locked in, and the place was already hopping. And I knew it did not close until 2am. So I got down on my knees on the pillow, and awaited the first cock. It didn't take long for my first customer to appear through the hole. While the cock staring me in the face wasn't huge by any means, it looked tasty as ever. Being a good bitch, I went to work. The dude must have been hard up, as it only took about 5 minuets for him to shoot his load. Once pulled out, his cock was immediately replaced by another. All told that night I sucked 43 cocks, although I think some were repeats, and I easily downed two coffee mugs worth of cum...well...minus what is slopped in my goatee and drying on my wifebeater and jeans.

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