After the strip club, Nick put me into the truck and took me home. He was talking about how hard it was not to come back and have his bitch suck him off after watching all the hot pussy on stage. But he said he wanted to save it for my ass. We weren't two steps in the door and Nick was unbuttoning my now tight jeans. "Bend over the couch cunt, I need to get this load off now," he commanded. I, as always, obliged. I could feel the cum sloshing around in my bloated belly as he fucked. I was almost proud of myself for what I had done that night. And I was looking forward to going back out tomorrow night and doing it all over again.

Summer was now coming to a close. It had been a month since I began my position as a cum dumpster at the strip club. And I was there faithfully every Friday and Saturday night, only to return home bloated with the cum of men I have never seen. By this point, my dick was in an almost constant state of either half or full hard. And the changes to my body were becoming more noticeable. Throwing garbage at work kept my arms and chest pumped. But below that was a different story. The weight was coming faster now, and the scale rolled all the way up to 210, I now weighed as much as Nick. I and 50 pounds heavier than when I met him. My gut was a perfectly round ball. There was no sag to it whatsoever. My chest and legs were thicker, along with my neck. And I was starting to get a small double chin behind my goatee. My face had filled out a little bit, but I could tell almost all the weight I was gaining was going straight to my gut. And to tell you the truth. I loved it! It was so sensitive now, I loved how Nick would rub it and play with it as he fucked me. He would ask how his baby is doing, and tell me I was getting so hot! And he could never get enough. He would fuck me with as much gusto as the very first time. Even Cliff loved it. He told me how hot I was getting, turning into a real redneck just like him and Nick.

Another month went by, its starting to get a little chilly outside. Not that I notice it all that much. My weight has rolled up another 10 pounds to 220. I'm not sure if these 10 pounds are more food, or cum, but I have loved adding every last one of them. The only cloths I own that fit anymore are my couple pairs of basketball shorts, and sweatpants, both of which are noticeably tight now. I have pretty much taken to wearing Nicks old ratty baggy jeans and hoodies, that fit me perfectly now. While I have added a little bit of muscle to my arms and chest, the last 10 pounds have gone straight to my gut. Even hard I can no longer see my cock, there is a slight arch to my back now, and when I walk it sways from side to side. I also noticed in the mirror, that with the added weight, my cock has gotten thicker. It looks a little shorter now, with the small pad of fat that has formed where my pubes are. But at this point I really don't care. Nick told me the other day that with the way things are shaping up, I will look perfect at a nice round 240. So only another 20 pounds to go. He also told me that when I hit 240, he has a big surprise planned for me.

Cliff has started coming over on a daily basis now. So when one is fucking me, the other is taking a break. Or they simply tag team me. During our most recent fuckfest, Nick was behind me pounding away, while I was sucking on Cliff's monster hog, when Nick leaned down into me and said "Yea baby, you like that? You like feelin yer big belly slosh around while yer gettin fucked?" And he was right, I did love the feeling of my heavy middle slosh around. Hell, even walking makes it feel good, swaying from side to side. My cliental at the strip joint has increased as well. It seems everyone loves the cocksucker in the back room. And seeing as the girls there don't put out, I get the brunt of all that built up testosterone. And living with Nick is as great as I could have ever hoped it would be. On top of the sex, I don't have to worry about impressing anyone. He likes me being a slob, and I can be a real man around him. No worries about burping or farting. I can drink beer and sit on the couch anytime I want. I can be a total pig in a sty, and he gets off on it just as much as I do. I could not have asked for a better life. Would I go back to being a popular Jock? Fuck no! I was now a tattooed up, beer bellied, white trash redneck...and damn proud of it!

With my dick now leading the way, I began to fantasize about different things I wanted to try sexually. I had really let my lower brain control take over my life. And some of the things that I had come up with were pretty twisted. So I sat Nick down one evening in the living room, and began to go over some of the shit I have been thinking about. I told him about wanting to be gang banged. How I wanted to be on my knees and have my face covered in as much cum as possible. That I wanted to lay in a bathtub and as many guys as possible try and fill it with piss. The whole time he just sat there and smiled, and when I was finished he said "Well bitch, I guess we just gunna have to make all that happen,".

The next day Nick and I took our own vehicles to work rather than riding together as we usually did. I wanted to head off to Wal-Mart after work to get some basketball shorts and sweatpants that fit, maybe some new jeans, and a couple t shirts and wifebeaters. As much as Nick loved watching me stretch my shirts and beaters over my pregnant beer ball, they were all way to small now. And im only able to button the bottom two buttons on Nicks old 501s, and be comfortable. I still cant believe how big my gut has gotten. I really do look pregnant!

It was a typical fall day, cold as fuck in the morning. However, by the time we got back to the yard and had the truck parked, I had stripped out of my hoodie and down to the t shirt I was wearing underneath. Nick liked this shirt, he said it fit me just right. It stretched nice and tight across my beer ball and highlighted my now deeper belly button. We said our goodbyes, and he headed home, and I to Wal-Mart. Once in my truck, I pulled my sweatpants down below my balls, and let my hard cock rub against my under belly. I loved that feeling, it was like having someone rubbing my cock, and every bump my truck hit was like a mini-orgasm. I pulled into the parking lot of Wal-Mart and sat in my truck for a few minuets to let my dick deflate. Once readjusted, I hopped out of my truck and sauntered into the store. I loved my new look, and build. I felt so powerful and masculine, my gut leading the way, taking up extra space wherever I went. As I walked into the store, I took notice of my surroundings. I started looking at the other patrons, and found myself drawn to pretty much just the rednecks. Don't get me wrong, there was a fair share of Jocks, and preppy pretty boys there. And god knows some very hot chicks. But I was looking for the trash. The working men who enjoyed their beer. Short, tall, bellied, or skinny, I was constantly turning my head looking at all of the local redneck dudes! How their asses and cocks filled out their jeans, wanting so badly to see them naked, or, get them in bed...hell even the fucking mens room would work!!! But, I knew that although I was living out my fantasy, some things never change, and the chances any of those guys would be down for some man fucking were slim to none. So, although I had enough eye candy to last me a lifetime, I made my way to the mens department and starting picking out what I came for.

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