Room Service Revenge


Finally, my last meeting was over -- I had made it thru the big presentation on Thursday morning and now it was time to kick back, relax and enjoy some beach time.  Not flying home until late in the day Friday was going to be great.

It had been a rough two weeks.  The training had been intense and the test/presentation this morning was a bitch. But I had kicked ass -- and I was in.  It had come down to between me and one other dude for the spot. The others had been eliminated earlier in the week. And now, I was the last guy standing.  The other finalist ---- what a fag.  I mean he looked like a jock, but every time he looked at me during this training, I couldn't tell if he was stripping me in his mind or wishing he could kick my ass. Probably both. He wanted this job as badly as I did and I could tell he hated me for my cockiness and confidence.  Too bad.  I'm smarter, better looking -- and tell me, what nurse/doc wouldn't rather spend quality time with a former All-American quarterback stud as their sales rep than some pretty boy wanna be?

I thought he was going to break down and cry in front of the sales VP when we were called in and he learned that he was going home empty handed.  He didn't shake anyone's hand or anything, just grabbed his stuff and walked out.  Damn.  He was one bitter dude.  Enough of that -- time to celebrate with a day and half perfecting my tan and trying to get laid as a trophy for the big win.

 I'd recently broken up with my girlfriend, so not getting any for the past couple of weeks, combined with this crazy schedule, I'd not even had a good quality jack off session in days. Fuck I was horny. I stripped out of my business suit and grabbed a pair of board shorts. I know I shouldn't be so vain, but damn -- gotta admit, the reflection in the mirror was pretty damn hot.  6 foot one, black hair, blue eyes, deep tank and ripped abs -- not bad for a 27 year old former jock now trying to make it big in pharmaceutical sales.  I gave my crotch a good tug -- later boy, grabbed a t-shirt, some flip flops, one of the hotel's towels and headed out to find some trouble.

Fuck, I had never seen so many beautiful women in one place at the same time in my life.  The beach was swarming with dozens of chicks that looked like they had just stepped out of Maxim magazine.  HOT.  I had to flip over on my stomach a couple of times to keep my raging hard-on from getting me thrown off the beach. After several beers and a couple hours of sun, I realized that I'd gotten so pumped about passing the tests and getting the job earlier, I never had grabbed anything to eat and was getting kinda light headed.  The plan was to grab some fast food, some beer for the mini fridge and head back to the room to wash up and take a power nap so I'd be ready for some South Beach action later tonight. Last night here, I was hell bent on making the most of it. As I walked down the hall trying to juggle my six pack of Bud Light and fish the hotel key out of my pocket, I spotted Chad dragging his bags to check out and head home. I don't know why, but I felt sorry for the dude. Fag or not, he had busted his ass to try to get the job and came up short.  "Hey Chad, come on man -- have a beer with me before you head out.  You worked hard for this gig -- no hard feelings?"  I couldn't believe what I'd just done. Why did I care? I would never even see this guy again in my life -- maybe it was too much sun, or too many drinks on an empty stomach, but I felt sorry for the guy and didn't think he should head home completely rejected.   What the hell, one beer with the dude, then I'd kick his ass out and get back to my agenda for the evening.

Turned out, he'd been a kicker at Notre Dame. No shit - now I remembered where I'd heard his name before.  He was a fag -- got outed and pretty much kicked off the football team. And now I remembered hearing about all that right after we had kicked their ass my senior year. Damn.  I don't know if it was because he saw me smirk or what but I could see his eyes suddenly glare at me with the same hate I saw this morning. This had been a bad idea.  I got up to excuse myself and piss and hoped he'd be gone when I came back in the room.  Instead, he'd helped himself to another beer and handed me one.  "No hard feelings" he said. "Let me down this one and I'll get out of here." "Sure" I replied and took a swig. Damn this one was stale -- tasted flat -- or so I thought.

I woke up and within half a second, knew that the bastard had drugged me. Fuck. But I couldn't even say it out loud. Something was wadded up in my mouth and there was enough athletic tape wrapped around to gag me so that I couldn't make a sound that would be audible past the end of the bed. Spread eagle, face up, stark naked. I rolled my head around and could see that I was alone. 7 pm I could see on the clock.  Fuck, I thought I remembered it being around 6pm when he handed me that beer saying he'd soon be leaving. I jerked and fought but there was no budging the rope and the knots were out of reach of my fingers. Fuck. What in the hell was that fag thinking? After about 30 minutes of fighting the ropes, I heard the door click and he came back in carrying a duffle bag.   If looks could kill, he'd have dropped right here, but instead he just laughed -- "good to see that you're awake.  This is probably going to be more fun for me than you, but who knows, you may like it."

Like what? I could tell that this wasn't just a prank or even payback for beating him for the job.  It was like a lot of pent up rage was about to be unloaded on me. FUCK!

I couldn't see what all was in the bag, but he pulled out 2 cans of Red Bull and a green box ---- a Fleet enema box. What the fuck? He opened up the box and I could hear him poor the contents out in the sink. Back in front of me, he popped a can and poured the Red Bull in the plastic bottle. Then he showed me 2 pills.  Cialis. Fuck.  He put them on the desk top and crushed them both into a fine powder and dumped it into the enema bottle.  A couple of pillows were wedged under me to raise my ass and then I felt the cold greased up tip of the bottle inserted into my ass.  The fucking fag was loading me up with Red Bull and Cialis. Fuck.  I fought and bucked on the bed but there was no escaping.  He let the bottle empty into me and told me that if I didn't hold it, he'd crush my balls and leave me.  I held it.  After about 5 minutes I was feeling flush all over.  Most of the liquid seemed to be absorbed into my body -- very little was expelled when placed a plastic bowl below my ass.  I don't know what was more humiliating, trying to expel that liquid from my system or recognizing that as he fondled my balls, I was starting to get hard.  Fuck.

Horny or not -- no way a guy fondling me was going to make me throw wood.  But it was happening.  And within a couple of minutes, I was steel hard.  He teased me for a solid hour just by lightly tickling my balls.  I was out of my mind and if it weren't for the gag would've begged him to stroke my cock. Instead, he moved his attention to my nipples and stretched out pits.  My nips are hot wired to my cock.  And I soon found out that my pits are too. Fuck I was horny and he was still ignoring my cock. My whole body was on edge -- hyper sensitive to every touch.  Why was he doing this?  Why didn't he just get his thrill and make me shoot?  He never said a word. Just kept teasing my body and ignoring my fighting the ropes. 

I looked back at the clock. 9 o'clock.  Almost two hours of teasing and my cock had never been touched.  He fished back around in the bag and started pulling out some wires and now I really started to freak.  He put a blue Velcro looking strap just below my cock head and another one around the whole base of my cock and around my balls. He was going to fucking electrocute my balls!  I've never gotten into this kinky shit before, and I was scared to death.  He attached a couple of wires to a control unit, made some adjustments and then I felt it start. Like a million ants crawling from my balls, up to my cock head and then nothing. Then it started again.  Each time it would start in my balls and tingle up to the head. My cock would stand straight up like a flag pole, hold for a second or two and then drop back down to my abs.  Over and over the charge would slowly pulse from my balls up my shaft, linger at the head and then disappear. This was fucking crazy.  Without a word, he pulled out a black spandex looking hood and tugged it over my head. Total darkness.  He turned the TV on. ESPN but it was too loud.  Too loud for a hotel room.  People are going to complain. Oh fuck -- what if they do? He spoke in my ear and scared the hell out of me.  "I'm going out for a while.  You know that steel bar that keeps a door from completely closing on your hotel door? I'm flipping it.  That's right; the door is not going to lock.  In fact, I'm not even taking the room key with me. Looks like you're enjoying your new little electrical friend so I'm going to leave you to it. By the way, in case you haven't figured it out, I've set your buddy for a 4 second pulse and then a 4 second rest. Not enough for you to cum but certainly enough to keep your attention. Have fun stud." Then he tweaked each nipple and left. I heard the door do a double bounce against the bolt. Fuck!  The damn TV was too loud, somebody was going to complain -- somebody was going to open the door, somebody was bound to walk in and see me -- even if they knocked on the door first I couldn't yell for them not to enter because of the damn gag ----- and fuck my cock was so damn hard. I needed to cum so bad I would've sacrificed my left nut just to be able to shoot. Pulse from my balls, up my shaft, a rock hard throb, hold, then nothing. Over and over. One game over on ESPN and another one starting. I could feel the pre-cum now pouring down my cock with each cycle.  The air shifted in the room. Suddenly a cool brief breeze -- like someone had walked by. But I never heard anything. That funny feeling you have when someone is staring at you.  Fuck.  The hair in my left arm pit feels like something just lightly brushed thru it. Now the right pit. Fuck ---- I've not felt any movement on the bed.  There has to be someone in here. Wait a minute -- there has to be two people in here. The hair in both pits feels like something is crawling.  The breeze again. Nothing.  Alone again? Sports Center is blaring, my cock is being charged from edge to rest and back again.  "Bottom of the 7th inning" I hear the announcer say -- my gosh, how long have I been here?  Then I smell it -- a woman's perfume.  Someone is in here again.  I can smell a woman.  A light hand strokes my chest. Fuck.  Now a rough callused hand more roughly follows the same path.  Oh my gosh -- and that wasn't Chad's faggy hand.  There was a couple -- a chick and a dude in the room.  I could hear giggling --- weight shifted on the bed.  They were on the fucking bed. They're making out right here next to me! Every now and then a bump of naked flesh against me -- fuck, this dude is fucking a chick right here next to me!  4 seconds on, 4 seconds off ---- I'm kept teetering on the edge.  The couple stops and I can feel them move around.  Soft skin, smooth thighs straddle my chest.  The sweet smell of pussy -- fuck, she's rubbing her clit all over my nose, the juices soaking the spandex hood.  Ouch -- fuck --- my nuts just got smacked. The dude is down between my legs thumping my balls. Fuck.  After completely soaking my face, the chick moved off me.  Body weight shifting -- fuck, the dude switched places.  He started rubbing his cock on the front of my hood.  He holds my head in place with his knees and I can tell that he is jacking off. He's going to shoot his fucking load all over my face.  I can hear them kissing loudly and then he tensed up ----- and shot.  I could feel jet after jet hitting the front of the hood. The spandex all ready soggy with pussy juice now was soaking thru with jizz. I could smell it -- I could feel it soaking thru the fabric and running down my nose and face.  He moved off -- I got one more smack on my balls and I could sense that I was again alone. The electric pulse didn't let up -- 4 on, 4 off.  I had never smelled another dude's cum before. Damn, I needed to cum. Why didn't they let me shoot when they were having their fun? Fuck fuck fuck.

4 on -- 4 off.

4 on -- 4 off.

"What the fuck man? Look at that, there's jizz on his face!"  "You didn't do that before you left him?" "No man ---- somebody came in." "Hot!"

Huh? I recognize Chad's voice -- but fuck, there's another dude with him.  The buzzing stopped. The TV is turned down.  I feel the bands coming off my cock. 2 nice strokes then nothing. Fuck!  I feel the hood being removed.  2 guys plus Chad. Fuck! 

"I found some boys at the bar. Jason, meet Scott and Brad."  The dudes looked like they were probably in college -- looked like they worked at Abercrombie in the mall and lived off their daddy's allowance. "Don't mind us" Chad said just as he started feeling up the other two guys.  5 o'clock in the morning. Fuck. I had been boned up non-stop since 7.  A couple had had sex practically on top of me and now these dudes were stroking their cocks and mine was being completely ignored. I had never seen guys go at it with each other before but I was so damn horned up, that seeing them stroke their shafts was making mine ache even more.  By six o'clock they each seemed like they were ready to explode -- they climbed up on the bed around me. "Sorry you can't participate in our little circle jerk Jason." As they teased my cock, nips and pits, each one shot his load completely soaking my chest and abs. Fuck.  Fuck. Fuck. Chad leaned down and started unwinding the duct tape holding my gag.  I was too tired to fight or scream -- I just needed to cum. "Please let me cum." "Please untie me so I can get off -- I can't take this any more."  "Tell you what Jason, if you can suck off my new friends here and get one more load out of them, I'll untie you and end this little fun session."  "Anything man -- I'll do anything."

While I was giving the first blow job of my life, Chad started taking pics with his camera phone. Careful just to get my face sucking the cocks, he avoided any shots that would reveal the ropes keeping me tied down.  He moved back to my cock, keeping me on edge still the whole time.  Scott and Brad eventually came -- pulling out just in time to soak my face with their second load of cum each.

7 o'clock in the morning.  I saw the clock but couldn't believe it. Had I been hard all night? My balls ached and I begged again to cum.  "Then go ahead, cum. I'm not going to stop you."  "You fucker, you said you'd let me cum -- now do it fag!"  "You're the faggot Jason, and I've got the pics to prove it.  How about I email these to your new boss? Naw, this is what we're going to do instead.  I'm going to order room service for you."

Chad walked the other two dudes out and then came back and picked up the hotel room phone. "Yes, room service please. Room 210, your breakfast special #4.  How long do you think that will take? 15 to 20 minutes? Perfect -- thanks."

"Man, we've got to hurry then don't we?" "What the fuck man, let me go. What the hell are you doing?" "You said you wanted to cum didn't you?" "Yes, but room service will be here any minute -- fucking untie me."

"Well, actually I'm leaving. Sorry I can't stay for breakfast, but I've got some pictures to go edit and upload.  I want to be out of here in 5 minutes but I'd like to help you cum. I'm going to play with your nipples and balls for 5 minutes, you shoot whenever you're ready. Then I'll untie you. Ready? Go."

And there was no way -- I frantically begged him to stroke me. Instead I fucked and thrust into the empty air as he manipulated my balls and nips.

With every minute elapsed on the clock, my heart beat louder, faster -- the adrenaline was in overload.  After the 5 minutes, Chad quickly grabbed the roll of athletic tape and wrapped it around my head as a gag. He took a shoe string and tied off my already hard cock trapping the blood in my engorged cock and balls. He put a cheap looking vibrating cock ring just under the head but didn't turn it on yet. He went to the corners of the bed and loosened my left wrist and then my right. I rose up on the bed but before I could react he cuffed my wrists behind my back. What the fuck.  Ankles still tied spread wide, but now wrists cuffed behind and gagged. He showed me the key to the cuffs, winked at me and then started wrapping my hard cock shaft with the athletic tape and the damn cuff key. He flipped the switch and the vibrating cock ring came to life -- fuck, right back on edge! I nervously looked at the clock, it had been 15 minutes! He took a marker and wrote on my chest -- "Initiation. Key on Cock"

"Good luck with the new job. It was fun getting to know you."

The door double bounced against the steel bar -- fuck, it didn't lock.  I frantically tried to work my wrists around to get at the tape on my cock -- couldn't reach it.  That vibrator wouldn't let up. Fuck fuck fuck.  It'd now been 20 minutes.  I had to get that damn key! My cock was soaked again with the constant stream of precum.

Knock knock -- "Room service."

Mmmmmmm thru the gag.

Knock knock -- "Room service" and the door swung open. The young Latino man pushed the cart in -- looked up and the second we locked eyes, the vibrator and all night of edging was too much -- I started shooting cum like a canon. Volley after volley of pent of jizz went everywhere.

"Fuck" I heard him say under his breath.  "That is some twisted shit man."

Finally the guy reached for my gag and peeled it off.  I barely had the energy to speak. "The vibrator -- please turn it off. Please."

The guy found the control and shut it down. He asked me if I was ok and if he needed to call the police. "Was this really some kind of initiation?" as he read my chest and started to unwrap my cock to get to the key. Remembering the pics, "No, no -- no police. It was just a prank -- no harm done -- sorry if it embarrassed you. Please just help me get loose and keep this our secret."

I never saw the pics -- I never again heard from Chad.

(My first published story. Like it? Drop me a line. Jason)