Room Service Revenge 2


Well, I said that I never saw the pics or heard from Chad again.  Three months had passed without a peep.  In fact, I had finally been able to completely erase the humiliating ordeal from my mind.  And the new job? Awesome!  Been with the company for just three months and already the number one producer in my region.  Congratulatory notes from senior management are now so frequent that an early promotion into management has got to be coming soon.  Mmmmm, vice-president of the southwest region -- sa-weeeeeet!

Well, could be sweet -- if this week in Palm Springs didn't completely fuck it up.  I had been selected to give a talk at a continuing ed symposium for nurses in southern California -- really a big deal. My bio and pic had been the local papers, in promotional brochures -- damn, you'd think Tony Robbins was coming to talk with these nurses! It was a three day event; I would work our booth at the trade show on Wednesday, mix and mingle and then make my presentation Friday morning.  Rest of the time -- play time baby.  That many hot nurses at a conference -- all thinking "what happens in Palm Springs stays in Palm Springs" -- oh man -- I was planning to make this a sex marathon for the record books boys.   At least until that fucking envelope showed up.  I saw the post mark from Palm Springs and just figured it was more promotional material -- I busted it open and then my blood went cold.  Pictures from that night three months ago -- no ropes, no bondage visible -- just pictures of me chowing down on some dude's cock.  More pics -- my hard dick in the background, two hard cocks resting on either side of my face -- my mouth open like I was in ecstasy waiting for another lick.  Cum dripping from my chin. Sick -- nausea -- I dropped down to the floor and let the rest of the pics spill out of the envelope all over the floor. I just sat there - numb. 

Finally, I got the strength to sift thru the stack looking for what surely would be an explanation. A folded note -

"You really should consider a career in gay porn Jason - that perfectly sculpted body with just enough hair on your bod to make you look tough enough to kick some ass. The tough jock nobody ever would suspect of being queer. I thought I'd never see you again and was content to keep these photos for my own enjoyment, but when I saw that you were going to be the featured speaker at a conference in my own town, how could I pass up the chance?  So here's the deal stud, we're going to play a game.  And if you play by my rules, these pics will remain our secret.  If you don't, they will be distributed as flyers to promote your big speech at the conference center. Instead of checking in at the Hyatt for the conference on Tuesday, you will check in at Casa La David, a nice quite little bed and breakfast. You will be staying there for the week and commuting over to the Hyatt when work necessitates.  If you don't check in by 3pm on Tuesday, these pics will hit the convention floor.  Warm regards, Chad."

Fuck.  That fuck'n bastard --- what had I done to deserve this? I could call the cops.  I could just not show up and dare him to show his hand.  I could show up at that B&B and then kick the living shit out of him.  This is my week, damn it.  I've busted my ass. I got the job -- I am the top rep -- I am the one singled out for this moment in the spotlight and this fag is hell bent on robbing me of it all.

Maybe if I play this little game out for him Tuesday -- hell probably all Tuesday night -- maybe that will be it. Nothing could be worse than what he put me thru last time and I survived that.  I'll have to play along.  I'll do what he wants.  I'll play his game and let him get off on his little kinky power trip.  Just Tuesday -- I'm sure he will be satisfied with just Tuesday. 

My flight arrived in Palm Springs and I decided the smartest thing to do would be to go ahead and check into the Hyatt where the conference would take place -- after all, my company had booked the room and hopefully I would need it for the rest of the week. Besides, it would look suspicious if I wasn't registered for the conference. Checked in, Hyatt room key in my pocket - then off to Casa La David.  It was only about 5 miles from the hotel -- it looked like an old small motor lodge -- single level horseshoe shape around a center pool.  But from the big ass rainbow flags flanking either side of the front entrance, no guessing was needed as to the clientele served.

Chad's deadline was 3pm and I beat it by 15 minutes.  It was hot as fuck as I walked thru the back courtyard to find my room. You know, actually not bad -- a neat little place. Large very nice pool area, hot tub and an outdoor bar - and my room had this huge oversized window facing right into the center.  I mean, if it wasn't a gay motel, it could have been a great place to spend a couple of days relaxing in the sun.

When I walked into the room there was a note and a small plastic bag waiting for me. "Jason -- glad you could make it. In the bag you will find a pair of handcuffs and a hood. Open the curtains to your window and place the desk chair in front of it. Strip. Stand on the chair facing out, put the spandex hood on and cuff your wrists behind. If you're not fully visible like a cuffed Greek statue in the window as directed when I arrive, the photos will hit the convention floor. No need to leave the door open, I have my own key."  This guy really is fucking twisted! This is crazy. I opened up the curtains -- at least no one was out in the pool area. No choice, so I stripped down and did as instructed. Once hooded and cuffed, I realized this hood was different from the last one -- I could see thru it. Barely, but I could see the sun reflecting off the pool -- faint outlines of the deck furniture and the back fence.  This was stupid. I just stood there like an idiot.  I cussed myself for not having thought to just cuff one wrist and hold the other link behind, pretending to comply so I could jump him and beat the shit out of him when he arrived. Hell, he probably thought of that though and had some back up plan to fire off the pics. Thinking thru every scenario I realized that a shape had moved in front of the window. Fuck! How long had he been standing there and I didn't realize it?  The voyeur moved over to the door -- click -- "Well aren't you a pretty sight?" as Chad entered the room laughing. "OK man, you had your fun. I did what you asked and stood in front of this fucking window. Now lets be done with this -- I never did anything to deserve this from you."  "Sorry stud -- no way I can pass up an opportunity to have such a perfect and willing specimen as a participant in some of my hottest jack off fantasies come to life. Step down from the chair and shut the fuck up."

He started rubbing his hands on my shoulders, down over my chest -- he started swirling his fingers thru the hair around my nipples.  He trailed his fingers down the hair on my torso, down my abs, tickling my pubes, now my balls -- fucking disgusting. "Not too hairy -- but bet you'd even be hotter with it gone." "Fuck no man, what are you talking about -- no way you're trimming up my body hair." "Trim? I can do better than that." He walked a way from me and I heard him shaking a bottle of something. He moved in front of me and thru the hood, I could barely see that he was pouring something from a bottle onto a rag. Now behind me again, he grabbed my face and covered it up with the rag. I struggled to breath in -- sweet smelling -- fuck -- chloroform? Lights out.

I woke up on the bed but couldn't move an inch. I mean literally couldn't move anything -- not even my fingers. I looked down my body and I was completely wrapped up -- like a mummy or something. From my neck down to my toes -- I couldn't see any skin -- just what looked like silver duct tape. There was a ball gag strapped into my mouth, but with a tube or something thru it that I could breathe through.  "Hey, he's awake." Who the fuck was that? Some dude was sitting over at the table with Chad and saw that I had come to.  "Mornin' sunshine. Or I guess still afternoon. And still some good tanning sun left. Hey, this is my friend Steve. We've been waiting for you to wake back up so we could head out to the pool.  But I wanted to fill you in on what's happening right now. You see, underneath all that duct tape, you're wrapped up in nice wide strips of plastic wrap. But under that, we rubbed you down with a really nice lotion.  Your chest, under your arms, that little happy trail on your abs, your pubes, your legs -- your whole body from your neck down has been lubed up with this really nice moisturizing cream. Neat thing though, not only does it soften your skin, it removes all hair. In fact, its heat activated and the longer it stays in contact with those pesky follicles, the more long term a solution it will provide us. The bottle says that a 1 hour application should keep a spot hair free for a month.  Well if it's that good, just imagine what 3 hours could do?"

Oh my gosh -- no fucking way! I started to feel tingling spots under the wrap.  I fought and rocked on the bed but there wasn't any way to budge.  I was trapped and that fucking lotion was melting away all my body hair. 

"Oh yea, you'll be smooth as a 4 month old.  Not a hair left anywhere on your body for months.  Those sexy hairy legs -- those strong arms -- baby smooth.  And those pubes that were thick and black -- all gone in about an hour.  And 3 hours just to make sure you'll be smooth for the rest of the summer."

With that he turned the clock around so I could clearly see it. "Yeah, if we unwrapped you now and washed you down, probably every hair would still be in tack. But if you would, keep an eye on the clock for us. By 4:30 you should be loosing most of it. And hell, but by 6 or so, you'll be baby smooth.  We're heading pool side with some beers, but we can see you thru the window. Don't go anywhere now."  With that they laughed and walked out.

Fuck fuck FUCK! I tried not to panic but I couldn't help it.  I just kept staring at that clock. Every minute, more hair was being destroyed. I was also really starting to sweat. Heat activated he said. FUCK.   . . . . .

7 PM

I had tried to thrash around on the bed for hours -- I don't know what I thought I could do. Maybe the sweat would loosen the tape and I could get just one hand free. No way. Nothing budged for hours. And all the rocking back and forth just wore me down and drove me even crazier as I watched the clock.  At 7 the guys came back into the room.  I didn't even try to grunt at them -- I just glared at the door with as much hate as I could muster thru my eyes.  Instead of releasing me, he gathered up all my clothes that I had worn earlier, put them in my suit case and left the room leaving me with the new guy Steve.  "We just want to make sure that as we cut you loose, you don't decide to bolt on us.  All your clothes and shoes, wallet and ID -- hidden away for the time being.  We'll get you outfits as they are needed. Man, when Chad told me about this set up, I never dreamed you'd show up man.  Sorry about your luck, but this is going to be one hell of a week for me dude." Chad came back in, grabbed a pair of scissors and stood at the foot of the bed.  "I'm going to start unwrapping you Jason. You aren't to move.  After you're cut loose, we'll help you into the shower so you can rinse down."  I was soaked with sweat and matted up with hair. Maybe the shit didn't work? Maybe he was bluffing -- everything still looked pretty normal.  Into the shower though and I wanted to cry. As the water hit my body, every hair was washed off and down and into the tub floor. Not even stubble was left -- I had never seen skin so smooth. And my cock and balls looked deformed.  They looked oversized for my body.  Just weird -- like some alien life form instead of the stud package that had entered the room earlier in the afternoon. "Come on man, hurry the fuck up -- staring at it won't make it grow back. We've gotta get out of here and get something to eat. Dry off and get your ass out here."  I came out into the main room and Chad and Steve were waiting. "Drop the towel, hands behind your head."

"Damn Chad, that stuff really worked." "Yeah, I know Steve, check it out -- not even stubble -- nothing -- anywhere." "Man, his cock looks huge, look at that thing."

Fuck this was humiliating. They both circled my body, rubbing and stroking the smooth newly exposed skin. "All right stud, time to get dressed for dinner."  With that, Chad grabbed a bag from the floor and emptied it on the table next to me. He picked up a hinged heavy steel ring and clamped it around my cock and balls.  With a hex screwdriver, he locked the thing down. Damn it was tight -- and heavy. It made my cock jut straight out obscenely.  With my hands still up behind my head, Steve started stroking my nipples and pits as Chad fiddled around with the cock ring lock.   Chad tossed Steve a bottle of baby lotion and told him to grease me up. As hard as I tried not to get hard, within a minute I was at full mast.  "That won't be going down for a while" Chad laughed.  He tossed me a pair of nylon Umbro soccer shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt that had been cut off at mid-abs. "Get these on and let's get out of here." "No way man, you've got to give me a jock or something." "I don't have to give you anything -- in fact, I think its pretty nice of me to be willing to get you something to eat instead of strapping you down to the bed hungry for the night. Now get your ass in gear."  I pulled up the shorts and it was fucking obscene -- an 8 inch tent -- straight out front -- and the t-shirt was so short, it barely covered my chest. Flip flops were thrown at me and I was dragged out the door to get in the car.  "Front seat Jason -- Steve you hop in the back." Once we pulled out of the parking lot, Chad ordered me to put my hands back behind my head and not to move them. With that, Steve reached up from behind and started to tease the hell out of my nipples and pits. My body was still slick from the oil. Chad had told him the secret he had discovered about what body parts were hot wired to my cock.  Within a couple of minutes, the front of those red soccer shorts were soaked with dark spots of pre-cum.   We eventually pulled into the parking lot of a Hooter's restaurant. "No fucking way guys -- no way I'm going in there dressed like this."  "Yes you will Jason.  In fact, here is a $20 bill and you're going to walk in ahead of us and sit by yourself at the bar. Order whatever you want to eat that 20 bucks will cover. When you're done, meet back here at the car. We're going to grab something to eat opposite you on the other side of the bar and watch you squirm stud.  Don't act like you recognize us or do anything outside of what I just told you or we're going to leave your ass and deliver photos to the convention center. Hold on -- wait a minute. Before you get out, drop your shorts down and jack your cock. Count out loud 50 strokes but you better not shoot."  "1,2,3,4,5 . . ." I counted and stroked -- fuck, I was really getting close -- I had to slow down -- Steve reached back up and started playing with my nipples again. "46,47,48,49,50" "Stop" Chad shouted.  "Pull your fucking shorts up and walk straight into the restaurant. GO!"  I opened the car door and stumbled out. My gosh, I might as well have been naked. The t-shirt barely covered my nipples and the shorts looked like I had a Louisville slugger in my pocket -- except there were no pockets in these nylon shorts, just flimsy slick material that further teased my cock head with every step.   Once inside, a gorgeous young hostess greeted me and laughed out loud. "What the hell are you doing guy? -- you can't come in here dressed like that?"  "I'm sorry -- I lost a bet and this is the dare I had to do. Can I just get something to eat quickly at the bar so I can get this done and over with?" "Sure stud, follow me."

I tried to pretty much inhale that hamburger.  Guys watching the game laughed their asses off when I sat down at the bar -- I told them that I'd lost a bet but they didn't let up on asking me why I'd come into a bar with a practically dripping boner. I tried to ignore them, but they had been drinking and they weren't going to leave me alone.  One of the guys walked over and stroked my bare leg, "looky here boys, this fag's legs are as smooth as our pretty little waitresses." That was it -- nobody was going to call me a fag. I jumped up from the bar stool and had the guy thrown up again the bar before he could blink. "Hey hey hey boys -- what the hell is going on here" the manager yelled out. "This prick just called me faggot and I'm going to kick his ass." "No you're not, you're going to settle down and finish that hamburger and then get out of my restaurant. If you don't want to be called a fag, don't come in here dressed like one."  I let the dude go, slammed the $20 bill down and walked out.  I didn't even look back to see if the guy I had slammed up against the bar was following or not. I had never been so fucking humiliated in my life.  I got out to car and just paced around it until Chad and Steve walked up laughing their asses off. "Get in the car Jason, time to get you to bed."

"Hand me your shorts Jason." "Fuck off man." I was too pissed to continue playing this game. "Listen here stud boy, I've still got you by the balls. The bar was hilarious for us.  You didn't know anyone in there and they didn't know you so quit your pouting and get your head back in the game.  Do what I say for the next couple of days and this will all be over and you'll never see or hear from me again.  Now give me the fucking shorts."  I stripped them off and threw them at him in the driver's seat.  "Now the shirt, throw it back to Steve." Fuck.  I stripped it off and sat there in the car in a pair of flip flops and a heavy steel cock ring locked around my shaft. "Now if that cock isn't fully hard again within 3 minutes, you're going to walk back to the motel naked. Now stroke it." Fuck. I grabbed my cock and without much effort got it back to its full 8 inches. When we pulled back into the motel parking lot, Steve strapped a ball gag into my mouth.  Chad had me rise up and he cuffed my wrists behind me.  They walked around, opened my door and led me back into the motel courtyard and into the pool area.  Several guys were hanging out in the bar area and in the hot tub.  All conversation stopped when we walked into view.  Finally somebody from behind the bar let out a yell at Chad, "So this is the boy you've been planning to host this week huh Chad? Fuck, what a hunk of meat.  Damn boys -- you all listen up, let me introduce you to some good friends of mine, Chad and Steve and uhhh, what's your other friend's name Chad?"  "His name is Jason, and he's going to be staying here a couple of days with us as our entertainment. We hope you will find him entertaining as well." The guys took that as a green light to circle around my body and start feeling me up.  With the ball gag and wrists cuffed behind, there was nothing to do but stand there and take it. That damn cock ring wasn't going to let me retreat now that I was fully hard again. "Play with him all you want guys, but we don't want him cumming yet, so take it easy."  So here we go again, his intention was to keep me horny and on edge again until I begged him to shoot.  Fucking bastard. Over the next hour I was passed around from like a toy. Guys were tweaking my nipples and teasing my balls.  I was by now producing a steady stream of precum and really needed to shoot -- my balls were killing me. "All right guys, this young man has to work in the morning so we've got to get him to bed. Now as a part of our entertainment though, he is staying in room 7, that one right there facing us.  We'll put him to bed in a way that you'll still find entertaining and leave enough lights on that you'll be able to enjoy his display as long as you care to stay up and watch."

Back in the room as was uncuffed and allowed to hit the john. The cock ring was removed and I was ordered to lie on the bed face up.  With locking cuffs, I was strapped down spread eagle but with enough slack I could at least move a bit. The blue Velcro straps were pulled out and I started fighting at the bonds. "Guys, I have to work the booth at the trade show in the morning. You've got to let me get some sleep.  Even if you're not going to let me cum, you've got to let me sleep."  "We're not going to stop you from sleeping Jason -- do what you want."

I was wired back up to the same damn electro device as last time. "You remember the setting Jason? 4 seconds on and 4 seconds off. But this time I'll give you a break. I've set it up to tingle that monster piece of meat of yours only for 5 minutes at a time. Then a 30 minutes rest. Then she'll kick back in for you. That should give you plenty of sleep tonight." He pushed the button and the million little ants started at my balls, crawled up my shafts, danced around the heads for a second and then nothing. The cycle had started.  I wasn't gagged but I was again blindfolded with the dark spandex hood.  He reminded me that all the lights were going to be left on so that the guys poolside could enjoy my squirming show as long as I was performing. "Good night and pleasant dreams."  As they were walking out, I could hear a round of applause from the pool guys as the door shut. 

For what seemed like hours, that first five minutes was awful. I was so horny and it felt like if it would just cycle for a few seconds longer, I'd be able to get a nut and shoot. But 4 seconds at a time just wasn't enough. My cock would point straight up at the ceiling for just a few seconds and then drop back down to my abs for the next four.  I couldn't see a clock because of the damn hood but when the 5 minutes were up, believe it or not it was even more frustrating.  My dick was still rock hard but no stimulation at all now. Out of frustration I started fucking up into the air. Nothing.  Then I realized that I was playing right into Chad's fucking hands -- I could feel the eyes of all those half drunk guys outside the window checking me out like a displayed desert in a glass case. I could flex my muscles and still make my cock pulse up -- but no stimulation. I was exhausted. 30 minutes is a long time when you're physically worn out and strapped down. I think I was finally starting to drift off to sleep when the ants came back.  Fuck. 

All night -- I would wake up with a start realizing that my cock was back at full mast and dripping.  The whole night wondering if this was the last cycle before I'd have to get to work. What if those guys over slept or something? I couldn't miss this opening of the trade show.  As I was now starting to panic more about work than needing to cum, I heard the door click open.

"Let me out of here fucker, I've got to get to work." "Yeah, I know you need to be there at 9 am. But it's only 7:30 and that will give me and Steve enough time to make sure your pump is primed for the day."  

Steve pulled the hood off and Chad started unwiring my cock. He strapped the ball gag back in and for the next hour they teased the fuck out of me.  While Steve was toying with my nipples, Chad kept his entire focus on keeping me trigger close to cumming but just short of shooting. I nervously watched the clock -- I needed to cum so bad -- I was out of my mind -- my balls ached like crazy -- but my career was also on the line -- I needed to make a good showing today on the trade show floor. At 8:30, Chad pulled some weird ass looking contraption out of his bag -- it was clear acrylic -- rings and a cage looking front end. "Bet you're wondering what the hell this is for, huh stud?" He went to say it was a CB something thousand - a fucking chastity device! "And I bet you're also wondering how in the hell this little cage is going to fit over that big ass cock of yours. Time to ice that baby down to size."  With that he pulled the lid off an ice bucket that I didn't even realize was in the room.  Hand towels from the bathroom were soaked and then wrapped around my cock and balls.  You could have heard me scream in the next state if it hadn't been for the ball gag.  Oh my gosh -- I thought I was going to have a stroke and die -- I had been horned up since yesterday afternoon -- it took a few minutes but finally my hard on shrunk down enough that Chad could manipulate the cage and locking ring into place. I've never seen anything so fucking weird looking -- all my pubes were gone and now my cock was starting to plump back up -- or at least as much as the device would allow. Chad removed the ball gag - "What are you supposed to wear to work today to that trade show so I can send Steve to get it out of your bag?"  "Blue logo golf shirt and the white tennis shorts." He sent Steve out and started to unlock me from the restraints.  "All right man, you've got about 5 minutes to shower and clean up. I'll drive you to the conference center. Your clothes will be on the bed when you get out of the shower -- meet me at the car and you better hurry up or you're going to be late."

In the shower I tried like hell to get that damn device off my cock -- no way -- and the more I tried the hornier it made me. Fucking ass holes -- this was fucking ridiculous.  I quickly shaved and ran out into the room to get dressed. Shirt, shorts, loafers, belt -- fuck, no fucking underwear. No fucking way I could wear these white shorts and no jock or briefs and this damn cock lock. I slammed open and shut every drawer -- nothing. Fuck.  10 `til 9 -- I had to get out of here.  Looking in the mirror -- there was no mistaking that something was up with my cock -- the shorts weren't that tight, but the package was way too pronounced to not be noticed. FUCK and no body hair anywhere. I'd have to make something up like I'd started serious weight lifting, or competitive biking -- or swimming -- fuck -- no one was going to buy why I'd shaven every hair off my body -- and now wearing these fucking shorts with my cock jutting at the fabric up front. FUCK.

2 p.m.

What a miserable way to work.  I kept catching people staring at me -- I could tell they were trying to figure out what was up with the bulge.  Even though my full balls were distracting me all day, I was able to work the room and line up some potential deals.  Finally though, the show ended and everyone scurried away for their continuing ED workshops.  I didn't have to be back on deck until my speech on Friday morning. And Chad knew that.  He had ordered that I meet him back out front at 2.  He was late and it was probably 105 degrees out. Dry heat or not -- it was hot. 30 minutes late, Chad pulled up -- Steve in the back seat -- that couldn't be good. "Strip and put these on instead." It was a pair of shorts -- grey jersey sweats that had been cut off but they were too big in the waist.  A couple or 3 inches too big and he'd pulled the damn drawstring out.  Steve threw my running shoes up to me.  Then he reached up and locked a heavy chain around my neck with a pad lock. Loose like a big ass necklace but too tight for me to slip off over my head.  No shirt, just the padlocked chain, the sweat shorts and running shoes -- and of course, that cock lock. "Remember how to get back to the B & B?" "Yeah, why?" "Because it's exercise time stud. I know you jog everyday -- it's about 5 miles back to the motel. See you there. Now get out."

I tried to run, but it was nearly impossible to keep the shorts up.  If I held the front with one hand, the ass would drop down -- hold up the back and the front would drop. And there's no way to run with both hands at your waist. By the time I got to the motel I was exhausted. The shorts were on the longer side and they were soaking wet, but at least as the sun was hitting me, it wasn't fucking up my tan. I had that ballplayer's tan -- you know, creamy white ass and thighs -- super dark from low waist up and knees down. I've always thought a tan line from short shorts was faggy looking and I would never be caught out in anything less than board shorts.  And that's what Chad decided to remedy next.  When I got to the pool courtyard to go into my room, they met me at the door. Once inside, wrists were cuffed behind -- shorts removed and that damn chastity device was unlocked. I immediately sprang back to full throttle. They lubed my whole body up with tanning lotion. "Shorts guys, come on -- you're having fun for a couple of days -- you've already stripped all the hair off all my body, but give me some damn shorts so I don't burn my ass." Chad just ignored me. He locked that heavy hinged cock ring back around my dick and then fished out a white jockstrap.  It was my swimming jock -- they must have dug it out of my suitcase. I stepped into it thinking shorts would follow. Instead I was led out the door to the pool.  There were two upright posts between the pool and the bar -- I don't know what they were supposed to be for but I figured out pretty quickly what they were going to be used for today. My wrists were stretched out to each -- arms spread and secured and that was it -- nothing on ankles. The ball gag was strapped back in and spandex hood was dropped back over my head. "All right jock boy -- let's get to work on that new jock tan line." Fuck -- they intended for me to stand out here in the full sun greased up and have the jockstraps on my ass create a new tan line.  Over the next hour or so, other guys came out to the pool area to hang out with Chad and Steve -- and to check me out.  They kept me oiled up -- and of course continued to tease the hell out of my nips and locked up balls. Somebody pulled a chair up and the dude just kept massaging my balls thru the jock. I could feel the sun baking my skin -- I was horrified by what I imagined the new tan lined jock straps would look like.

Eventually I was unlocked and taken back into the room.  The chastity device was locked back on. I was allowed to shower and grab something to eat and then strapped back down to the bed. No electricity, no weird stimulation -- just the hood. "Nap time -- you've got a big night to rest up for." And he left. And I slept soundly until they woke me up around 8pm.

"Alright -- wake up stud. It's show time." He unlocked me, threw me a pair of shorts and had me follow him out to a little fitness room in the motel.  "You've got an hour.  Every muscle better be pumped up when I come back for you."  That damn chastity device was still locked on. Well, at least there were some decent weights in here and I could get some frustration out by throwing some weights around.  As pissed off as I was by this whole scene, the privacy in the weight room actually allowed me to vent and I had a hell of a work out.  I couldn't believe it, but the definition of my muscle groups even popped more with all the hair gone. My upper body and legs -- ripped. No wonder these dudes couldn't keep their hands off me -- I was fucking hot. Halfway thru my hour workout, Steve came in with a bottle of water and told me to pop a pill -- it was a damn Cialis again. "Trust me, you really want to take this pill. >From what Chad has told me, you're going to be pretty damn miserable if you don't." 

A little after 9 Chad came and got me -- had me rinse off and then took me back out to the pool/bar area -- stark naked except for the chain collar and the chastity device.  There were at least a dozen guys out there drinking at the bar. I was taken to those same up right posts and secured this time spread eagle at the wrists and ankles. Straps were even secured at my knees this time and pulled out to the posts -- there was no way I was moving.  Chad produced the key to the chastity device and unlocked my cock. Of course I was instantly rock hard.  And to make sure I stayed that way, as if the Cialis wasn't enough, he locked a cock ring in place. No blind fold, no hood, no gag -- just the cock ring and strung up between the post as the center of attention for the bar guests.  "I promised you entertainment my friends -- here you go.  This stud has been kept horny and on edge for 2 days now. Let's see how long it takes for him to beg one of you guys to help him shoot a load."  I couldn't believe it -- nobody touched me! Nothing. They went back to drinking and chatting with one another. This was crazy.  No, I didn't want any dude messing with my stuff, but fuck -- I was so horny -- I needed to shoot a load.  I was still dripping hard and with each heart beat, it seemed like my cock would bounce up and drip a little more.

"You really want to cum don't you stud?" It was Steve. He was whispering in my ear and he reached up and started playing with my left nipple. "Beg me to fuck you and I'll let you shoot." I was whimpering by now. No way -- I couldn't be fucked -- I couldn't beg for that.  Steve left me to stew but came back in a few minutes with what looked like a little curved dildo.  "Alright, I won't fuck you, but if you beg me to plug you with this little toy, I'll let you shoot." I whispered back. "Ok, use the toy, just please let me cum." "Louder, beg me to fuck you with the dildo." "OK, fuck me with the dildo, please, just let me cum!"  Well, that got everybody's attention.  He stuck it up to my mouth and made me suck it first to make it slick. Then he moved behind and slowly started working it in. I'd never had anything up my ass but my doctor's finger.  It wasn't much bigger than a finger but it had a weird curve to it. I jerked to attention though when I felt the head of the thing hit something inside that made my cock slurp out a fresh supply of pre-cum. "Looks like we found his magic button boys!" They all laughed. Chad had come back with the ball gag.  He strapped it in tight. "He begged to cum fella's, now it's time to make him." Chad turned back to Steve. "Why don't you turn on the little buzzer in that thing and let him warm up to it for about 20 or so minutes. Then we'll begin."

Begin what? Fuck.  I did what they asked. I begged to cum and to get plugged by that stupid thing.  Now the vibrator switch was flipped and it was rocking my world.  Just a low pulsing buzz. I didn't know what it was hitting against up in there but I'd never been so hard in my life.  All the guys went back to drinking and again I was ignored and left to stew. It wasn't long before I was whimpering loud thru the gag and trying to thrust into the air.  I'm sure I looked fucking ridiculous but I didn't care anymore. My cock was now doing all the thinking for me -- I had to shoot.

Chad addressed the group again. "Show time. He's all yours. Make him cum guys. He's got 2 full days of cum boiling in those balls. Let's drain him dry. I don't want a drop left in him.  After his second or third dry orgasm, then we'll put him to bed.  But until then, enjoy milking him dry." 

Now all those guys that had been ignoring me put their drinks down and swarmed me. Dudes were sucking my nipples, licking my pits, slurping at my balls -- it was disgusting but electrifying all at the same time. I don't know how many tongues were working my body. Fuck -- I was really getting close.  I thought it might be a trick, but I finally felt my balls pull up and I started shooting. If I wasn't tied in a standing spread eagle, I would've dropped to the ground. Volley after volley --- guys were cheering and with each stroke another spurt of jizz shot across the deck.  I was shaking.  That was the most intense load I'd ever shot.  "Who's ready for another round?"  I thought it was the bartender asking about drinks at first. It wasn't.  It was the dude still slowly stroking my cock. He meant another round from me!  I started shaking my head back and forth and screaming thru the ball gag.  Fresh hands and tongues took over and started to tease me up into full cum production mode. They didn't give me a break.  They were intent on forcing another load out of me within minutes.  As I started to tense back up and my balls started to rise again, they sped up the rhythm and forced me over the edge again. Fuck -- I had never done that before. I shot another huge load all over the place and it had probably only been 5 or 6 minutes. And it was just as intense as the first load. Unbelievable. More applause. The guys all walked away and got their drinks.  All but one. He pulled a chair up right in front of me -- took my cock in hand and started stroking.  "Take your time stud, I'm in no hurry." I wanted to cry. I was pleading with him thru the gag. My cock was crazy sensitive after that second load. The head especially -- and he was taking long slow strokes. My whole body shook every time his grip pulled down the full shaft to the head. "I'm in no hurry at all." He took another sip from his beer with his left hand but never missed a stroke with his right.

Over the next several hours, I really was drained dry. Literally. I mean those dudes kept stroking and sucking me to two painful dry orgasms as they tried in vain to get one more drop.

Released from the posts I dropped to the ground in exhaustion. They carried me into my room, strapped me down, shut off the lights and left me.  I think I was asleep before the door closed.

(Thanks reading. Jason.)